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To greatly increase your chances of selling your screenplay, submit your query letter to screenplay agents and managers first. Equery Direct is the fastest way for new and experienced writers to submit their query letter to screenplay agents and managers. This service submits your query letter individually to over 300 Screenplay Agents and managers instantly via email. Each equery letter contains your logline, genre, title, synopsis, and writers contact information and replies come directly to you!

What are Equeries?

Equeries are the new and preferred method of screenplay submission and more new writers are found by this method than any other. Many agents and managers no longer accept unsolicited query letters via fax or snail mail. Instead, they are requesting screenplay writers to submit their query letter via email only. If you are a screenplay writer and want to sell your screenplay, submit your query letter with Equery Direct today!

A Recent Equery Letter Submission:

Title: Grow With the Flow

Logline: Sam Sharpe's seemingly happy, mundane life is sent awry by the sudden onslaught of family and career upheaval.

Synopsis: With no other viable option, Sam concedes to allowing his long divorced parents to move in after his skirt chasing father is duped out of his life's savings. While also attempting to deal with a rebellious daughter, a disrespectful father-in-law, and unappreciative superiors at work, he abandons his usual meek and passive nature, and finally grows a pair. "Grow with the Flow" is a humorous presentation of individuals discovering the importance of family, and how a little flexibility overcomes disfunctionality. It's witty dialog, touching situations, and emotional volitility make this script marketable to a wide range of audiences, and will provide a number of actors excellent opportunities to showcase their talents.

Equery Direct Benefits:

  • Submit your equery letter to over 300 Screenplay Agents and Managers instantly!
  • Equery submissions display only one screenplay agent email address just like a personalized individual email.
  • Your email address is displayed as the From address.
  • Replies are sent directly to your email Inbox.
  • You get a list of all screenplay agencies that received your e-query so you can track responses.