Frequently Asked Questions

The query letter is made up of three primary sections: Title, Logline, Synopsis.  The recommended maximum length for each of these is: Title - 50 characters, Logline - 300 characters, Synopsis - 1,000 characters

Due to our current workload, we are unable to offer our Equery Edit service at this time.

Agents and managers add or remove their email addresses from our submission list at various times due to their existing workload so our list of recipients does vary from time to time.  Currently, we have a list of 230 recipients that will receive your submission.

The services provided by agents and managers are similar and will vary according to each individual. Generally speaking, agents focus their time more on selling completed scripts while managers also invest a significant amount of time in developing the writers' skills by helping them rewrite their scripts as needed.

As a general rule of thumb, screenplay agents charge a 10% commission of the sale price of your screenplay and managers will charge a 15% commission. We do not recommend that you use agents or managers that charge up front fees.

Your query letter will be delivered via email instantly when you submit it through our website. The process of how long it may take to receive reponses from screenplay agents will vary. We have had success stories from writers who received a response from an agent within only a few hours and others where an agent responded three months later.  Naturally, the average lies in the middle within days to a few weeks.  Similar to writing a screenplay, the process of connecting with an agent does require some patience.  The important thing to remember is that you have to get your query letter out there to Hollywood first so register with us and submit your equery today!

Yes.  When your equery is sent, the FROM address will only include the agent's email address so it will appear as it was sent directly from you.  Likewise, when the agent clicks REPLY, their response will be sent directly back to you as a normal email.

Yes. After your equery is sent, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your query letter as it was sent to our list of agents.

Yes. While we do not publish our list of agents or agencies on our public website, you will be able to view our complete list of recipients from within your account on our website after your query letter has been submitted.

For any other support issues, please Contact Us.