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To greatly increase your chances of selling your screenplay, submit your query letter to screenplay agents and managers first. Equery Direct is the fastest way for new and experienced writers to submit their query letter to screenplay agents and managers. This service submits your query letter individually to over 300 Screenplay Agents and managers instantly via email. Each equery letter contains your logline, genre, title, synopsis, and writers contact information and replies come directly to you!

What are Equeries?

Equeries are the new and preferred method of screenplay submission and more new writers are found by this method than any other. Many agents and managers no longer accept unsolicited query letters via fax or snail mail. Instead, they are requesting screenplay writers to submit their query letter via email only. If you are a screenplay writer and want to sell your screenplay, submit your query letter with Equery Direct today!

A Recent Equery Letter Submission:

Title: 96 Hours

Logline: How brutal can a four day weekend be?

Synopsis: During the course of a four day weekend a career Navy man, Bill Johnson has misadventures with several women, an altercation with an Oakland Gang Banger and magic mushrooms slipped to him by a friend. He also gets into the illegal gambling business, has a bizarre episode with four midgets, accidentally sets a deaf strippers pubic hair on fire, has his 1966 Mustang towed twice, fantasizes about doing away with his professional nemeses, raises his kids and sees that one of the two women that he has been dating deserves more than he has been giving her. Accompanying him are two friends. Rickey a work subordinate with an intestinal gas problem and Benny / MDWT an erstwhile rapper / body builder who cannot develop his legs. His love interests are Lori, a stunning African American bisexual lady with whom he has trouble hooking up and Tama, a beautiful Asian lady who wants more from the relationship. 96 hours is autobiographical. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Equery Direct Benefits:

  • Submit your equery letter to over 300 Screenplay Agents and Managers instantly!
  • Equery submissions display only one screenplay agent email address just like a personalized individual email.
  • Your email address is displayed as the From address.
  • Replies are sent directly to your email Inbox.
  • You get a list of all screenplay agencies that received your e-query so you can track responses.