Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Bajadores

Logline: An embattled Sheriff is forced to lead a group of inexperienced deputies against a sophisticated Mexican crime syndicate in order to save a once peaceful town in middle-America.

Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Jacob Burke has got it all: a great job, a gorgeous wife, and a new baby on the way. But his poor judgment has led to the ultimate loss. Unable to cope, Jacob quits the Bureau and moves back to where he and his wife grew up, Redemption County, Iowa. Three years later, Jacob is a recovering alcoholic shuffling through life as a self-pitying Sheriff in a dull small town. Meanwhile, Marcos, a charming sociopath who heads a drug syndicate, is released from prison. Eager to revolutionize the future of smuggling, he devises an ingenious plan to move his operation into the largely defenseless heartland. Unfortunately for Redemption County, where go the drugs, so go the vicious home invasion rip crews. Determined to make right his wrongs and save his town, Jacob sets off on a mission to take down Marcos and his entire crew.

Title: Guns and Angels-The Queen of Oceans

Logline: May the winds be your wings; To prevent his girlfriend`s death, a man is forced to draw her closer to her death

Synopsis: Curtis, a hip hop superstar, finds himself soaking in memories concerning the death of his true love, a death that he caused. He meets Jack, a sagacious old man, sent by a Higher Authority, who takes him back in time; with music, in ten days, Curtis must rescue Tanya from emotional wreckage before commits suicide. Love must flow from his heart, into the microphone, and make its way to Tanya`s heart. If he succeeds, they will live happily ever after. Tough love defines his mission. Should his shady past catch up with him, guns will come in handy Curtis is not told that Tanya is now the Ocean Queen, God`s promise to the Oceans, overriding the darkness caused by lost souls. From her breath, the ocean creatures now live. She however had an immature death and came to the oceans with a broken heart, which got heavy until she sank to the floor. She is dying, only a song, deep, can heal her wounds. Angels have no rest, Curtis` past catches up, high school dramas jeopardize the mission


Logline: A former Marine is trained by 'The School of Assassins' to protect a businessman. When the Marine assassinates the wrong target, 'The School' is hired to destroy the former Marine and his family.

Synopsis: THE SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS is a dramatic action screenplay about Ciro, a former US Marine Sniper who has trouble finding work to support his family. A job is offered to protect a wealthy business owner, whose life is targeted by a former partner turned rival. Ciro is sent to 'The School of Assassins'- a group of mercenary instructors, and trained to assassinate the rival businessman. When Ciro assassinates the wrong target, 'The School of Assassins' is hired to destroy Ciro and his family. Director Mark Nicholson read this script and replied: "Flows very nicely from start to finish, I'm a fan. Perfect ending." Mark has directed viral films which receive approx. 1.2 million views per month on YouTube and Vimeo. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. Thank you for your consideration.

Title: The Real Maverick

Logline: This is the exciting - True story of a "regular guy" who made it against all odds in the grueling, demanding, and often dangerous world of flying US Navy fighter jets.

Synopsis: We follow our protagonist from his childhood of athletic endeavor through winning of his US Navy "Wings of Gold" and the ups and downs along the way. This is a "Rudyesque" story whereby our main character must continually fight uphill to achieve the success he dreams of because he is not one of the "chosen". He is an outsider (a modern day "Bruno Stachel" from the 1960's move "The Blue Max") but all he wants to do is fit in and be himself as well as perform as well as or maybe better than anybody else. Unfortunately, he often finds it hard to be accepted personally by his peers even though he tries to be a good guy. He achieves his goal in the end - or does he?

Title: The Outcasts

Logline: After being turned into freaks of evolution, four boys finally escape from a lab and into a country dictated by corrupt governments.

Synopsis: For decades, corrupt governments, searching for power, have destroyed many lives with experimentation in their attempt to reach seven formulas that will evolve man into a powerful being. They called it Project Nemesis. Finally, in the year 2054, the governments proceed to create their last four formulas of evolutions after Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl survive new antigen solutions. But the boys escape just before Project Nemesis is completed. Now, rewards are offered for the capture of Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl as they try to return to their normal lives.


Logline: A new generation of weapons of mass destruction will be created unless a CIA agent can retrieve stolen classified documents.

Synopsis: FISSION asks the question: What if stolen classified documents fall into the wrong hands? It is about powerful people, betrayal, love, and clandestine operations. TONY SAMUELS, a CIA agent, haunted by the death of his partner, embarks on a high stakes job to honor him; he must destroy stolen classified documents that can create a WMD capable of annulation of half of the world. He is tortured, betrayed by lovers, colleagues and friends. But he never forgets that he must stop the impending genocide. After tremendous struggles, setbacks and dead ends he finds and destroys the stolen papers. The mixture of action, intrigue, betrayal, humor and sensuality will appeal to a wide audience.

Title: Sinthesis

Logline: Ex-Master S.I.N. assassin Damien Stone and investigative reporter Rebecca Chase race to stop the global order, Ordo Asmodeus and their weapon, a virus that exterminates the genetically unworthy.

Synopsis: "And the meek shall not inherit the Earth." These are the words that guide Ordo Asmodeus, a worldwide order of businessmen, scientists and politicians dedicated to control of humanity through advanced science, political manipulation and murder. DAMIEN STONE was one of their agents, called S.I.N assassins(Special Intelligence Nonentity), upon learning the truth, Stone now fights them. But one man can only do so much. Enter REBECCA CHASE, an attractive investigative reporter who works to expose them. DENTON BANKS, head of US Operations and European Master S.I.N. assassin, SANGRIA, arrange a meeting between Stone and Rebecca, to consolidate their two problems and eliminate them both. When Stone is framed for murder and Rebecca slandered, they team up to discover the scope of Ordo Asmodeus's plot-and time is running out. From Costa Rica to New York, with mind-bending action and riveting suspense, two people race to stop Sinthesis-the ultimate transition of power.

Title: The Rival

Logline: A rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death.

Synopsis: I recently completed a final polishing of my original screenplay entitled The Rival, and would like to submit it for your consideration. Logline: In Nero's Rome, Christians are being persecuted and the rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death. A new gladiator champion emerges and seeks revenge against Nero. She becomes one woman against the Roman Empire. It is an original story that touches on every human emotion and involves faith, action, and beauty.

Title: Dalton's Harvest

Logline: In a race to an early death, father and son are neck and neck.

Synopsis: In this action-drama, a suicidal vintner seizes an unexpected chance to save his failing vineyard, the marriage he destroyed, and -- his only child's life. Corrupt lawyers, hired assassins, and drug-running motorcycle gangs are no match for a rugged hero with compelling new reasons to live.


Logline: A man discovers who was behind the JFK assassination and is mortally wounded, brought back to life, and then finds out he is now a hunted man!

Synopsis: Harry Redic is one tough Dallas detective who usually plays by his own rules. Two hours before the assassination of JFK, Harry gets a call from his partner whose life is in peril because he found out who is behind it. He leaves saying goodbye to his 8 yr. old son, Bobby. His partner tells Harry the story and then is killed. Harry escapes to his brother-in-law's house where he is mortally wounded by a rogue faction of the FBI! His brother-in-law, who is into cryonics, gets him to South America where he immeadiately freezes him. In 1997, Harry is brought back to life and given a successful liver transplant--but one of doctors informs the FBI and a deadly manhunt begins that also involves Harry's son who is now a tough Dallas detective himself. And everyone wants to know what Harry knows! Among all the subplots there is a unique twist here when the older son finally meets his younger father!