Submission Samples from the Action Genre


Logline: when a plastic surgeon's brother is killed by the leader of a dangerous motorcycle gang called the Disciples, he takes the law into his own hands to avenge his brother's death.

Synopsis: I'm Eugene Williams and I'm currently seeking representation for my script, I am my Brother's Keeper. My script is a futuristic frenetically-paced action packed movie about when a plastic surgeon's (Duke Nelson's) brother (Matt Nelson) is killed during a motorcycle race by Keavin Wade the leader of a dangerous jet flying motorcycle gang, he gangs up with two detectives and a martial artist in order to avenge his brother's death. In the pursuit of their vengeance, Duke Nelson and company discover that the Disciples have introduced a new street drug into the streets, called the stone. The stone, when taken, makes a person feel invincible. In the end, the Disciples are killed and Candice Nelson (one of the detectives) awakens from her deep coma. If you are interested in my script I am able to send you the script in Microsoft Word format. Sincerely,

Title: Jaxx

Logline: In the near future, the corrupt Mayor of a major metropolis sends the legendary J.J. Jaxx into the nightmarish world of the feral gangs to rescue his kidnapped wife.

Synopsis: The Mayor's wife has been kidnapped by the most feared gang in the city. His own armed forces sent in to rescue her have not returned. With no option left to him, the Mayor reluctantly enlists the aid of legendary bad-ass J.J. Jaxx and promises him anything if he can safely return her to him. Alone and unarmed, Jaxx makes his way into the nightmarish area of the city known as 'Hell-Town' and though vastly outnumbered, he still manages to raid the gang's hide-out and flees into the night with the Mayor's wife Alexandra in tow. But when the Mayor retrieves the damning evidence of his illegal dealings his wife had hidden before her abduction, he realizes he no longer needs her alive and posts a bounty on both their heads. And the chase is on. It is now open season on Jaxx and Alexandra with every gang and civilian in Hell-Town vying for the reward. Dead or alive.

Title: Agent Zero

Logline: Agent Zero is sent on a mission to save her father and stop a terrorist organization from poisoning the water supply and gaining world domination.

Synopsis: I would appreciate your taking a look at my recently completed screenplay, Agent Zero, which is based upon my published novel, Amber Stone, Agent Zero the Ultimate Spy. This original story tailored for the huge spy genre box office market pays homage to the classic James Bond films - but it turns the genre on its head by featuring a glamorous but deadly female superspy, Amber Stone, doing battle with an over-the-top female super-villain, Queen Niarb, and her lackeys. The evil ones have captured Amber's scientist father and plan to use his breakthrough discoveries to poison the world's water supplies and then demand billions of dollars for the antidote. Will Amber succeed in her effort to stop Queen Niarb and rescue her father, or will she die trying? Throw in a hijacked Trident submarine, a killer female android/ clone, plus a British agent who along the way falls desperately in love with Amber, and the audience is in for a heck of a ride.

Title: The Rough

Logline: A retired full-term U.S. President, unpopular for having started an overseas war, is hunted and stalked on the grounds of his plush Texas ranch.

Synopsis: Set primarily at ex President Gene Valor Hedge's rural ranch estate, the script begins with two assassination attempts, each one getting closer to ending his life. After the second attempt, wherein the President's agents kill a would-be assassin on ranch grounds, Hedges decides to bury the body without reporting it. His reason is to stop any further attempts inspired by media scrutiny. In the wake of this cover-up an old trusted ranch-hand is murdered, and it is highly suspected that one of Hedge's own Secret Service agents is responsible - and that he, the former President himself, might be next. By the time the actual killer is revealed, former President Hedges - who had never been in a war himself but sent other men to fight - must escape the wrath of this man whose job it'd been to protect his life and who will now stop at nothing to end it.

Title: The Dream Machine

Logline: A non-believing man discovers a Chinese plot to brain wash the American people and sets out to expose it. His girl friend and war buddy, get murdered. But he is saved by divine intervention.

Synopsis: The Chinese government is funding a secret project in the United States that seeks to combine an under development dream injection system with voice to skull technology for the purpose of brain washing the American people in preparation for a political take over. The forces of good and evil collide leaving a trail of death, rape, barbarism and devastation. A powerful angel is sent to help the non-believer. In the end, good wins out, but at a heavy cost. America is saved from a sinister plot to usurp the will and minds of the people.

Title: I'm Nobody

Logline: When a heartless inmate is approached by an ex-girlfriend to find her missing daughter, his struggles to bring her home forces him to wage war against the man that took her.

Synopsis: After almost twenty-two years in prison. Tommy Justice is up for parole again. On the way to the hearing he has an altercation with another prisoner that causes the parole board to deny him one more time. Later that night, Mandy Edwards, a spoiled little girl, slip away to a club in San Francisco without telling her mother. She soon meets the man of her dreams, who is also the man that makes her disappear. Her mother Deanna, who happens to be Tommy's ex-girlfriend, not wanting to go to the police calls upon an old family friend, Hubert Raymond the head of the parole board to have Tommy released. Tommy is not willing to help until Raymond informs him to go or get ten years added on. His efforts to find Mandy takes him half way around the world where he uncovers a town of sex trades and human trafficking. With the help of a few old friends, he wages war against the man and the town where she's being held.


Logline: Hired on a high profile case to track down a ruthless serial killer,Slone finds himself ducking and dodging bullets.Now on the wrong side of the law,Slone vows to brings this killer to justice .

Synopsis: Private investigator Thomas Slone arch nemesis ,Franklin Gruber was released from prison three days ago,Slone working on a high profile case, received a phone call from Gruber declaring war against him for killing his brother. Slone returns home to find his house completely destroyed,with sensitive case files missing form his computer.Gruber killed everyone that was involved with locking him four years ago. Slone feared that he's next on the hitlist and takes off. Gruber kidnaps his girlfriend, holding her for ransom, while killing everyone close to him.Tired of running , Slone once a law bidding citizen ,must get down and dirty to stop a psychopathic killer.Diaz the leader of the cortez cartel, who issued the bounty on Slone ordered, another hit this time on his girlfriend. Diaz made Slone, watch as they tortured her in front of him . Now indispensable,seeking retribution,Slone a "loose cannon" is determine to kill everyone involved.

Title: Field of Play

Logline: A school teacher goes undercover inside the country's largest drug operation - Professional Football.

Synopsis: Former Drug Enforcement Agent, Alex Robinson has been drowning her demons in alcohol since the tragic death of several students in an explosion and the untimely suicide of her mother. That was a year ago. Both incidents appear to be unrelated, but when Alex investigates the overdose of a student at her new school, she learns otherwise. The world of professional football brings in millions of dollars, but for Philip Hewitt, owner of the Texas T-Men, greed is the game of choice. Unlimited customers and a genius distribution system allow Philip and his team to deal an endless flow of drugs to their fans. After shooting a police officer and a deadly confrontation with two undercover agents, Alex becomes the newest T-Men cheerleader where she discovers that her former agency boss and estranged father are at the heart of the operation. The situation becomes more intense when Alex learns that the only person she can trust in a city saturated with drugs is a man obsessed with her.

Title: Underestimated

Logline: A group of handicapped men, locked up in a high security facility since birth, start to question the real reaosn they are there when one of the men finds out he has super human powers.

Synopsis: JASON, a palsied man that shakes uncontrollably, and three other handicapped men, have lived their entire lives in a high security facility ran by a dark and secretive DOCTOR. Their daily routine is interupted when JASON accidentally discovers he has the ability to move at super human speeds. The DOCTOR, in an attempt to clear JASON's head of any thought of being "special", utilizes the torture skills of his security captain, MATHESON. BETH, a nurse in the fcility that has been lead to believe the men she cares for are too dangerous to be set free into the world, starts to question the real reason these men have been locked up. JASON and BETH have to figure out a way to get them and the three other men out of the facility. In order to do that JASON needs to learn to control his super powers and find out what secrets are hidden inside his three life long friends and roommates. But locked away deep in the facility, the DOCTOR has a secret of his own. WGA Reg#1292983


Logline: In a post war world of the future, a man, falsely convicted of murder, struggles to reclaim his freedom and family, but he must overcome his greatest adversary first - The Triad Dragons

Synopsis: It is thirty one years after the great recession and ten years after World War III. Nuclear strikes carried out by the U.S. and Great Britain upon China and Russia accelerated the end of the great war, forever changing civilization. America becomes a dystopian society as unprecedented waves of Chinese refugees swell the population. Matthew Williams, a successful businessman and married father of two, works for the world's largest Chinese owned consumer home products company. After being falsely convicted of murdering his boss, Meili Chen, Matthew seeks to clear his name and get revenge against the criminals he suspects of framing him. But before he can get revenge, Matthew must first uncover the dark secrets of the Triad Dragons, a Chinese terror cell. As Matthew follows a danger ridden trail to freedom, he uncovers the Triad Dragon's sinister plot to win the Presidency and destroy America. WGAw Registration # 1494110