Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Warrior Under the Sun

Logline: The brutal,sensual and thrilling saga of Samson, the most powerful man in the world.

Synopsis: The Hebrews are defeated on the battle field in the valley of Sorek by the brutal, pagan and exotic Philistines. The Hebrews cry out to God and he appoints Samson at birth to begin their deliverance. Samson is seen first in a whore house where he throws a four hundred pound Philistine warrior through a brick wall. He then kills his entire wedding party because his Philistine wife was given to another man. He goes on a one man rampage against the Philistines which ends in the greatest battle in biblical history. In the battle of Rameth-Lehi he shouts "Philistine! The angel of death is upon you." He slaughters a thousand warriors and sends a message to their their King. "With the jawbone of an ass I have slain your army of a thousand. With the jawbone of an ass I have made an ass of thee, for all the world to see". After that he is betrayed, eyes put out and taken to the pagan temple where he detroys it killing himself, the rulers and three thousand Philistines.

Title: Snow Bird

Logline: An ex-con mechanic convinces a hobby racer in Northern Wisconsin to rob banks on a souped-up snowmobile during bad weather to thwart police.

Synopsis: In the harsh, snow-laden winters of northern Wisconsin, snowmobiles are a way of life but, ironically, law officers drive cumbersome SUV's to hunt down criminals. Troy Conners is uncatchable.until his partner tries to pull off the mother-of-all-heists and rob the U.S. Bank of Minneapolis on snowmobiles. I am an optioned writer and would like to submit my screenplay, "Snow Bird," for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Carl Ames E-Mail:

Title: Shelter

Logline: A local environmentalist team up with Bhalli slum dwellers to stop a greedy corporation from demolishing their jungle

Synopsis: The script based on real events involving a builder's conspiracy to invade and demolish a reserved land in India's jungle. The story centers on a brave environmentalist who risks her life to team up with local villagers in an effort to stop corrupt leaders from destroying trees and rare species in the jungle. And as usual routine, we find how animals and birds were driven out of their original homes in jungle, owing to large scale of deforestation. My writing is based my life experiences as a civil engineer in Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute. Shelter is a unique script with an important environmental message that today's movie going crowd will realily connect and find gripping.

Title: Leverage

Logline: A second generation CEO ROBERT MURDOCK, allows a series of terrorist type acts to play out, in a desperate attempt to pull his corporation out of the red.

Synopsis: With a plan of redemption, three missions are planed against various commodity markets to give the struggling corporation leverage to earn income and keep shareholders happy. A diverse group of mercenaries are recruited to complete the missions. After the second mission a federal investigation is launched due to the dramatic increase in revenue and attention to the corporation. As the third domestic mission is played out, an ambush takes place from different perspectives. The pursuit is on with a vengeance to tie up loose ends. In an effort towards prosecution, some participants are eliminated, while others are rescued. The strong and skilled, survive to live another day.

Title: The Outcasts

Logline: After being turned into freaks of evolution, four boys finally escape from a lab and into a country dictated by corrupt governments.

Synopsis: For decades, corrupt governments, searching for power, have destroyed many lives with experimentation in their attempt to reach seven formulas that will evolve man into a powerful being. They called it Project Nemesis. Finally, in the year 2054, the governments proceed to create their last four formulas of evolutions after Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl survive new antigen solutions. But the boys escape just before Project Nemesis is completed. Now, rewards are offered for the capture of Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl as they try to return to their normal lives.

Title: Finding Serenity

Logline: Are Kevin and his autistic companions really assassins, predators, or framed innocent victims who are merely trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter from human trafficking?

Synopsis: Kevin's journey to a casino on a fictional Atlantic island initially appears to be a noble attempt to rescue his nine year old daughter from a human trafficking ring, run by the top executive ruler of the island. Aided by the ten year old sister of another alleged kidnap victim, three autistic boys, and Kevin's bitterly angry younger brother; Kevin's actual intensions and integrity soon become highly questionable. Was his daughter's kidnapping actually staged; and if so, who staged it, and why? Where is she, now? The mysterious characters and plot twists are sure to intrigue the viewers, generating all kinds of varying predictions. This motion picture script was largely influenced by my teaching experience with autistic children, and was written with intensions of helping raise appreciation and awareness of the unique blessings found in such children. If you are interested in representing me, please contact me. Thank you for your time.

Title: The Terrorist

Logline: Deke Slater, a senior Midshipman about to flunk out at the U.S. Naval Academy,is given a last chance, but his ship is hijacked by terrorists who plan to explode a dirty bomb in Washinton, D.C.

Synopsis: Deke Slater,23 year-old senior Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, is about to flunk out. He is the veteran of two Marine combat tours in Iraq, but a poor student. He is given a last chance by commanding a YP cruise. Deke's best friend, Juan Perez is his XO. As soon as they are underway, a near collision causes the ship's officer to relieve Deke of command. Deke decides he will resign from the Academy at the end of the cruise. Meanwhile, Ali Al-Mukhtar, number one terrorist operative for Osama bin Laden, has just launched a plot to detonate a dirty bomb in Washington. Mukhtar and team hijack Deke's boat, kill the officer, and take the Mids prisoner. Deke gets word to the Academy. President of the U.S. gives the Navy 1 hour to rescue the Mids. A SEAL team, Deke and Juan take back the boat and kill the terrorists. But the Secretary of Defense has already ordered the attack. The ship is sunk, but the good guys survive, Washington is saved, Deke and Juan are heroes.

Title: Barca

Logline: One man's childhood oath to destroy the Roman Republic results in a death toll unsurpassed in the history of the empire, sealing the fate of his family, his country, and himself.

Synopsis: Hannibal Barca, a Carthaginian general, swore an oath as a child to finish the campaign started by his father and destroy what he could not, the might of Rome. Hannibal takes us, with an army of hired mercenaries and war elephants, over tribe infest lands, across raging waters, and through mountain peaks. The obstacles are vast, the resources are few, but Hannibal becomes the greatest foe that Rome will ever face, and his life is consumed by his duty, his dedication, and his family's fate to obliterate all that Rome stands for. He wins major battles on Italian soil for sixteen undefeated years, driving Rome to the brink of collapse, until the great antagonist-Scipio-cuts a devastating swath of destruction from the shores of Spain to the heart of Africa. Hannibal is recalled from Italy and the collision between these two military giants boils over onto the field of Zama where victory decides the fate of the Western World! WGAW# 1247736

Title: Search For Madness

Logline: An engineer rescues a ten year old girl with amnesia. He becomes a reluctant participant in the search for her parents. Along the way, he befriends a psychopath with a secret that can destroy them.

Synopsis: Luke finds Amy unconsious on a rainy night. He meets her spinster aunt Lizzie and sparks fly. He is reluctant to search for Amy's parents. They are forced to spend the night in the woods. They find a burning car that belongs to Amy's parents. Luke hitches a ride with Larry. But Larry is hiding a secret that could kill them. Luke and the others struggle for survival with a killer on their heels.


Logline: The past finally catches up with three guys living the high life down in the Florida Keys.

Synopsis: This Action - Big Screen Flic of Three Modern Day Pirates takes you on a roller coaster ride from Connecticut down to the Keys - and was written with the possibility of a sequel. These guys live on the "edge" and are spoiled on adrenaline and prey on unsuspecting yachters. Two FBI agents from the North make their way down South to investigate these pirating villains as the possible previous US bank robbery suspects.