Submission Samples from the Action Genre


Logline: when a plastic surgeon's brother is killed by the leader of a dangerous motorcycle gang called the Disciples, he takes the law into his own hands to avenge his brother's death.

Synopsis: I'm Eugene Williams and I'm currently seeking representation for my script, I am my Brother's Keeper. My script is a futuristic frenetically-paced action packed movie about when a plastic surgeon's (Duke Nelson's) brother (Matt Nelson) is killed during a motorcycle race by Keavin Wade the leader of a dangerous jet flying motorcycle gang, he gangs up with two detectives and a martial artist in order to avenge his brother's death. In the pursuit of their vengeance, Duke Nelson and company discover that the Disciples have introduced a new street drug into the streets, called the stone. The stone, when taken, makes a person feel invincible. In the end, the Disciples are killed and Candice Nelson (one of the detectives) awakens from her deep coma. If you are interested in my script I am able to send you the script in Microsoft Word format. Sincerely,

Title: The Anarchist

Logline: In a world freefalling into anarchy, a young woman barters her humanity for the power to hunt down the man who slaughtered her friends, family, and fiance on her wedding day.

Synopsis: The Anarchist is an action-adventure, fantasy story in the vein of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. It is primarily set in a mythologized version of England from 1132-1135. This is a period known as The Anarchy. Templar Loring de Troyes embodies the brutality of the age. Loring kills Xifra's father during the Crusades. She is then captured and shipped to Sanctushire, a fortified city. Once there, she begins tutoring Robert FitzPhilip, the city's future-ruler. The two of them fall in love. Loring arrives in Sanctushire and swears to level the city. On Xifra and Robert's wedding day, Loring makes good on his promise. He and his army barricade the Sanctustrians in the church and set it on fire. Xifra is the city's sole survivor. She seeks out Juliana, a shape-shifting sorceress. Juliana helps transform Xifra into something more than human. This gives Xifra the power to avenge her loved ones. Xifra ultimately becomes a vampire to save her world from a fiery end at Loring's hands.

Title: The Watchers

Logline: Jonathon develops a microchip to help save the animal kingdom from extinction. With the world in chaos, he must now stop the anti-christ from using it to destroy the earth.

Synopsis: JONATHON CHRISTI, President of Beast Watchers, Inc, has developed a microchip tracking system that will prevent the animal kingdom from extinction. The U.S. is losing the war on terrorism and the U.N. appoints a peace minister to lead a task force to help. Meteors begin raining down on earth causing immense damage. Tidal waves pound coast lines and volcanoes erupt worldwide with increasing velocity leveling countries and killing entire populations. Some say Christ has returned to select his chosen ones and that the disasters that have come upon the earth are from the book of revelations. The peace minister appoints himself world leader and wants to inject the microchip into the remaining population as a tracking device. While being hunted by Major Van Johnson, the peace minister's security chief, Jonathon discovers the truth and must tell the world that the peace minister is actually the anti-christ and the microchip he created is the mark of the beast from bible prophecies.

Title: Leverage

Logline: A second generation CEO ROBERT MURDOCK, allows a series of terrorist type acts to play out, in a desperate attempt to pull his corporation out of the red.

Synopsis: With a plan of redemption, three missions are planed against various commodity markets to give the struggling corporation leverage to earn income and keep shareholders happy. A diverse group of mercenaries are recruited to complete the missions. After the second mission a federal investigation is launched due to the dramatic increase in revenue and attention to the corporation. As the third domestic mission is played out, an ambush takes place from different perspectives. The pursuit is on with a vengeance to tie up loose ends. In an effort towards prosecution, some participants are eliminated, while others are rescued. The strong and skilled, survive to live another day.

Title: Xochitl

Logline: A young innocent girl discovers her inner sexual seductiveness in order to infiltrate a drug cartel responsible for the murder of her parents.

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of Mexico's drug wars,XOCHITL is the story of an innocent young girl who becomes an alluring temptress. Forced to flee for her life after her family is murdered by a notorious drug cartel, Xochitl[pronounced So-chee] discovers that her sex appeal and wits are the tools of survival in the underworld of a Mexican border town where life is cheap. Her journey involves a diverse cast of characters who are instrumental in shaping her destiny-a dramatic confrontation with the Capo who ordered the killing of her parents. A coming of age story of a modern day femme fatale. WGA 1417915.

Title: I'm Nobody

Logline: When a heartless inmate is approached by an ex-girlfriend to find her missing daughter, his struggles to bring her home forces him to wage war against the man that took her.

Synopsis: After almost twenty-two years in prison. Tommy Justice is up for parole again. On the way to the hearing he has an altercation with another prisoner that causes the parole board to deny him one more time. Later that night, Mandy Edwards, a spoiled little girl, slip away to a club in San Francisco without telling her mother. She soon meets the man of her dreams, who is also the man that makes her disappear. Her mother Deanna, who happens to be Tommy's ex-girlfriend, not wanting to go to the police calls upon an old family friend, Hubert Raymond the head of the parole board to have Tommy released. Tommy is not willing to help until Raymond informs him to go or get ten years added on. His efforts to find Mandy takes him half way around the world where he uncovers a town of sex trades and human trafficking. With the help of a few old friends, he wages war against the man and the town where she's being held.

Title: X-Men: Rise from Ashes

Logline: When confusion and fear lead to anger and revenge, tremendous forces will breed a new line of defense.

Synopsis: Two years have passed since the war at Alcatraz when the X-Men discover another mutant who quickly proves to be a valuable asset. Magneto is slowly regaining his rise to power with the assistance of an ally of his own, Scrier, whose origins date back to the mid 18th century. Past mutants resurface and keep us questioning their intentions as this twist and turn of events, adrenaline rushing rollercoaster of entertainment unfolds and the X-Men saga continues, all while Mystique stealthily plots her revenge against Magneto only to be faced by Xavier's champions and Spider-Man.

Title: I'm Going to Ibiza

Logline: A modeling agent from New York goes to party in Europe and help two of the models from the agency find their dad's.

Synopsis: The Pineapple Agency opens up a high fashion division in New York. Two of the models discover that their fathers are living in southern Europe. After much persuasion, the two models convince their agent Giovanni to take them to Europe to search for their fathers. They decide to go with a group of freinds and encounter many adventures along the way. They end up going to a new hotel in Milan and end up getting mixed up with a couple missing bodies. After finding their fathers in Ibiza, their fathers are able to help them obtain some fake passports and help them get some money so that they can go to Alaska to hide out. They make it to Alaska but their luck runs out when Giovani and Heidi end up dying in a tragic bear attack.

Title: Whack Job

Logline: This screenplay is a breakout. It's a hip ACTION-COMEDY that combines the momentum of a Robert Rodriguez flick with the homespun characterizations of the Coen Brothers.

Synopsis: Detective John Isher is notorious for 2 things: his famous undercover disguises and his stamp of being solely responsible for the coup d'etat in Zebraville, a nightmarish island in Florida that now boils in limbo. When an overlooked stash of new wave narcotics there is brought to In-Land Police's attention, Detectives McKennon and Joia conspire to send Isher back to Zebraville. His mission: recover the drugs without a single shot fired. But when Isher's cover is blown, McKennon's only hope becomes his biggest mistake. Now Isher is pitted against a bevy of hilariously violent criminals and the elusive Mr. Nero Pedaggi -- the rightful owner of the narcotics who is expected by In-Land Police to be on the same mission. Toward the end of this action-drenched story there is a twist... And just when we think all is well in Zebraville again, a new mission is unveiled.

Title: Snow Bird

Logline: An ex-con mechanic convinces a hobby racer in Northern Wisconsin to rob banks on a souped-up snowmobile during bad weather to thwart police.

Synopsis: In the harsh, snow-laden winters of northern Wisconsin, snowmobiles are a way of life but, ironically, law officers drive cumbersome SUV's to hunt down criminals. Troy Conners is uncatchable.until his partner tries to pull off the mother-of-all-heists and rob the U.S. Bank of Minneapolis on snowmobiles. I am an optioned writer and would like to submit my screenplay, "Snow Bird," for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Carl Ames E-Mail: