Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Search For Madness

Logline: An engineer rescues a ten year old girl with amnesia. He becomes a reluctant participant in the search for her parents. Along the way, he befriends a psychopath with a secret that can destroy them.

Synopsis: Luke finds Amy unconsious on a rainy night. He meets her spinster aunt Lizzie and sparks fly. He is reluctant to search for Amy's parents. They are forced to spend the night in the woods. They find a burning car that belongs to Amy's parents. Luke hitches a ride with Larry. But Larry is hiding a secret that could kill them. Luke and the others struggle for survival with a killer on their heels.

Title: "Revenge & Redemption"

Logline: Mexican-American heart surgeon's life is suddenly and tragically shattered during a Cancun vacation after punching out a drunken Mexican official who gropes his wife.

Synopsis: Genius heart surgeon, attending an AMA conference in Cancun, punches out a drunken government official trying to grope his wife who has ties to a notorious drug cartel. The surgeon is sent to a brutal jungle prison. His family disappears. He escapes not because of U.S. intervention but is broken out by a rival rebel and cartel leader whose dying son desperately needs the surgeon's skills. The leader is a former Mexican general whose anti-cartel command was betrayed by corrupt government insiders, ambushed, and forced to flee to the jungles of Chiapas. The surgeon saves his son's life, and the rebel leader helps him find his family but a rescue attempt turns tragic and they are murdered. The devastated surgeon vows revenge and gets it, aided by the rebel leader and a mercenary assassin. Afterward, with nothing to go home to, he decides to join the rebels and use his medical skills for the poor in the area only to find his world once again suddenly shattered.

Title: The Porampo

Logline: Would you put your life on the line to film a "killer" documentary? To ride on a mission with the porampo--pirates who take no prisoners?

Synopsis: In Southeast Asia, filmmaker Nick Lakewood is joined by ex-SEAL Bobby "BK3" Kahrl and young cameraman Lucky Bunnell. Nick wants to tell the world that piracy still exists, that it's more than "Johnny Depp and eye patches." BK3 cuts a secret deal with a crime lord to split the loot from a pirate raid. He stuns his partners by pulling a mask over his head and becoming a porampo, the Indonesian word for pirate. A malaria-stricken Lucky clings to a floating cushion in the middle of the ocean. Nick escapes and returns to Asia in a revenge-fueled quest to hunt down the man who double-crossed him. This story is inspired by true events during the filming of "Porampo: Pirates of the Malacca Straits," a documentary I directed.

Title: Katana

Logline: A young martial arts student stumbles across an antique Japanese samurai sword that begins to take possession of him, and lead him into deadly conflict.

Synopsis: Kai Yoshida, a teen-ager living in a modern day US city, is a descendant of ancient samurai warriors. His passion for martial arts leads him to acquire a very old samurai sword, and he soon finds himself being drawn into fighting for his very life against deadly manifestations from the past in the form of ancient warriors sent to test his battle skills with the katana. More and more he is drawn toward some sort of unknown, mystic destiny.

Title: The Rival

Logline: A rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death.

Synopsis: I recently completed a final polishing of my original screenplay entitled The Rival, and would like to submit it for your consideration. Logline: In Nero's Rome, Christians are being persecuted and the rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death. A new gladiator champion emerges and seeks revenge against Nero. She becomes one woman against the Roman Empire. It is an original story that touches on every human emotion and involves faith, action, and beauty.

Title: Dalton's Harvest

Logline: In a race to an early death, father and son are neck and neck.

Synopsis: In this action-drama, a suicidal vintner seizes an unexpected chance to save his failing vineyard, the marriage he destroyed, and -- his only child's life. Corrupt lawyers, hired assassins, and drug-running motorcycle gangs are no match for a rugged hero with compelling new reasons to live.

Title: Sinthesis

Logline: Ex-Master S.I.N. assassin Damien Stone and investigative reporter Rebecca Chase race to stop the global order, Ordo Asmodeus and their weapon, a virus that exterminates the genetically unworthy.

Synopsis: "And the meek shall not inherit the Earth." These are the words that guide Ordo Asmodeus, a worldwide order of businessmen, scientists and politicians dedicated to control of humanity through advanced science, political manipulation and murder. DAMIEN STONE was one of their agents, called S.I.N assassins(Special Intelligence Nonentity), upon learning the truth, Stone now fights them. But one man can only do so much. Enter REBECCA CHASE, an attractive investigative reporter who works to expose them. DENTON BANKS, head of US Operations and European Master S.I.N. assassin, SANGRIA, arrange a meeting between Stone and Rebecca, to consolidate their two problems and eliminate them both. When Stone is framed for murder and Rebecca slandered, they team up to discover the scope of Ordo Asmodeus's plot-and time is running out. From Costa Rica to New York, with mind-bending action and riveting suspense, two people race to stop Sinthesis-the ultimate transition of power.

Title: Maccabeus

Logline: The true story of the fight for Jewish independence under Judas Maccabeus.

Synopsis: In 160 B.C., Antiochus Epiphanes, king of the Seluecid Empire, enters Jerusalem under a flag of truce. Once inside the city, however, he unleashes his army and a massacre begins. Those not killed are enslaved. The Jewish people are once again a captive nation. Antiochus conquers Judea and makes the inhabitants throw aside their religion and customs, and makes them worship his gods and follow Greek customs. Those few who do not obey Antiochus are killed. In the village of Modin, a priest named Mattathias refuses to worship Antiochus' god, Zeus. When a general in Antiochus' army is killed attempting to force Mattathias into offering a sacrifice to Zeus, Mattathias and his five sons, now renegades, flee into the hills and start a rebellion to free Judea from Antiochus. Upon the death of Mattathias, his son, Judas Maccabeus - "The Hammerer" - becomes leader of the rebellion. He leads his army against foe after foe for one objective: freedom.

Title: PriestBots

Logline: PriestBots, the Vatican's robot priests, get hijacked by a thief and a computer hacker duo, and it's up to a cop posing as priest to stop the PriestBots before their crime spree goes international.

Synopsis: The arrival of a new PriestBot at a church in Brooklyn, New York, stokes the criminal imagination of Vinny, a thief who attends Mass weekly with his mother for the sole purpose of stealing from the collection money. Meanwhile, Father Perry, suspecting foul play at the root of the consistently low collection money amounts, gets Detective Truman Charles to pose as a priest and snoop around the church. Vinny teams up with a computer hacker, Rambi, who, upon seeing the technological capabilities of the PriestBot, has broader financial ambitions than stealing wallets and poor box money. Rambi commandeers all the PriestBots in Brooklyn and is poised to sell them to unsavory international characters. Truman's determination to save a man before he gets caught in the crossfire of the situation pits Truman against a computer hacker with a killer instinct and twelve deadly PriestBots.

Title: Road Damage

Logline: JP is running a nice little business investigating insurance fraud and the odd marital indiscretion when he's sucked into a world of sex, drugs, rock & roll and murder.

Synopsis: David Mayron is a music superstar and people are dying all around him. The police say accidents but Mayron says murder and he's sure he's on the list. He hires JP Ortiz to do what the police won't. The music loving PI finds his peaceful life turned upside down as he tracks clues from the desert to the sea. When he questions the mysterious and sexy Jennifer things spin out of control and he ends up in her bed. Chased by armed thugs on ATV's, the target of an assassin on the Ferris wheel high above the Santa Monica Pier and framed for murder, JP must gather his wits in a desparate battle as he finds himself targeted between killer and client. WGAw#1031320