Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Great Game: 21st Century

Logline: A CIA operative works with a local KGB agent in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan to fight an armed Islamic rebellion backed by Iran. A high-stakes military and intelligence services action

Synopsis: I have written an action thriller script about a high-stakes geopolitical game between the US/Israel and Iran played out in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. I am very familiar with the current situation in the region and believe that the script reflects a real possibility. Iranians are using religious groups to incite a coup in Azerbaijan, and the US and Israel help the secular and pro-western forces in Azerbaijan fight these elements. The story revolves around three dynamic characters: Ted, a CIA operative, Eldar, his Azeri counterpart and Aysel, Ted's former girlfriend and a political activist. It is up to this trio to prevent the establishment of another Islamic republic. I believe this will be a very relevant theme for the current geopolitical situation because of Iran's nuclear ambitions and their continuous support for religious extremists, the tense relations between Russia and US , Israel-Iran animosity and the real possibility of such a scenario in Azerbaijan.

Title: The 5 Ravens

Logline: The creation of and final plan for AIDS as revealed and perpetrated by five female assassins.

Synopsis: Sam Foster, Las Vegas detective, investigates a multiple murder at a gas station that seems to have been perpetrated by a barefoot woman. When her identity becomes known, a conspiracy is revealed dating back to the early 1950's. The existence of a government organization collapsed and rebuilt outside governmental control dedicated to spy technology and bioweapons becomes known. The two men dedicated to preserving and destroying it both lead Sam on a wild ride in the company of five women who have been remade as the tools of the final plan of this organization. WGA# 1061606

Title: Black Sunday: The Ploesti Raid

Logline: An Airborne Charge of the Light Brigade

Synopsis: 1,700 American airmen fly a politically motivated suicide mission against Hitler's oil refinery: the most heavily defended target in Europe, more heavily defended than Berlin. Flying from Africa to Bucharest in 178 B-24s, the men of the Army Air Force bomb at 50 feet off the ground. 53 planes don't come back. In the tradition of 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Letters from Iwo Jima'--Black Sunday: The Ploesti Raid--a gripping story of planning, courage, cowardice, humor and horror in the air and on the ground--one pilot even becomes the captive of a royal princess. The most amazing fact--everything in the story is true. One author is a first lieutenant in the United States Air Force flying B52s. The other is a published author having just completed 'Goliad-The Other Alamo' with a previous screenplay read by Castle Rock. wga# 1174559

Title: Hitmen

Logline: "I am not an evil man. But I am far from a good one. You will not like me, nor should you. I am a hitman." -The Assassin

Synopsis: A hitman, known only as The Assassin, is hired by an English gun-runner to kill one of the top assassins in the world. The job seemed simply enough. Go in, silently dispense of the target, and get out. But when the terrorist hires his own hitman, the one who killed The Assassin's wife and daughter, to kill him, the two assassin's are forced into car chases, gun battles and a final confrontation in a fiery night club. As if that was not bad enough, a third assassin seeks to kill both The Assassin and The Turk, for his own personal reasons. It is a story about death, betrayal, and greed. It is a story about Hitmen.

Title: Women's War I : Death to Marriage/Free the Jacks

Logline: A war between women erupts when Gracie and her rebels start kidnapping married men. L.T. and her rag-tag platoon cross the Phoenix desert to track down Gracie and "free the jacks."

Synopsis: Gracie and her successful, single friends grow tired of complaining "all the best men are taken." Instead, they decide to take all the best men. Their motto: "Death to marriage." The Gracies track down athletes, doctors, actors, firemen - grabbing the best of the bunch and hustling them off to "Jack Ranches." Just when it seems nothing can stop the AK-47-wielding outlaw ladies, a rag-tag Army of "good girls" forms. The L.T., a hardened, tight-lipped warrior, sets out to track Gracie in the deserts outside Phoenix. The L.T.'s platoon: Google, the resident genius; Doc, plastic surgeon-turned-cokehead; tough stoner Screech; poet Meg/Peg/Egg; musclehead Mango; biker Hardly Davidson; and Scallion, the lone male in the company. Things get personal when Carlo - the L.T.'s man - is taken. Can the L.T. and her looney desert rats to stop the Gracies, save Carlo and free the jacks?

Title: The Recoded

Logline: A Jiu Jitsu expert finds himself marked for murder when he gets too close to a corporate secret involving nanotechnology.

Synopsis: The Recoded" is written along the lines of films in the "Aliens" franchise. Protagonist Peyton Roberts is in turmoil after his wife's shuttle explodes. Officially an accident, Roberts discovers clues to sabotage leading to the nanotechnology giant Premium Corp., which seeks to control the populace by releasing a nano- swarm of body- invading microscopic robots. An anti- Premium resistance movement called "The Faction" steals from Premium, only to launder the money into Robert's account, making him a target. This ploy is used to recruit Roberts as a pawn in The Faction's fight against Premium. Gina Bennet, an employee of Premium, receives a stolen chip from a dying Faction member. When she takes the chip to Peyton for analysis, the couple is hunted by Premium's head of security, Alan Kincaid. Reluctant to get involved with Gina, Peyton is eventually convinced by his Sensei Noriaki to pursue a relationship.

Title: First and Second Assignments (screenplay)

Logline: FIRST AND SECOND ASSIGNMENTS It's a journey through elusive world of criminals by a hit man using guts, tact and ruthlessness in tension filled escapades to rid society of them.

Synopsis: Ike the hit man in high paced actions rids society of her criminal scum. In the first assignment he is hired by Mafia don Nicholai to eliminate his uncle don Marino. Marino also hires him to kill Nicholai. He ends up killing both and wiping out their entire organizations. In the second assignment he is kidnapped by a clandestine organization that planned to control and dominate the world. They wanted to utilize his expertise, but he takes out all the members from don Callisto to top government officials and high ranking military officers from various countries. Their final encounter took place in the north pole. The government hat trained him before and they sanctioned all his assignments.

Title: 3rd Wave

Logline: A government agent gets assigned to apprehend a former college buddy who's involved in computer warfare and has set up a deadly game the agent must complete to keep a disaster from happening.

Synopsis: When Bruce and Andrew, college chums and old nemesis, resume a long-standing game of computer chicken, but this time for real stakes, 3rd Wave is set in motion. Bruce has staged his own death to throw off the authorities but lets Andrew, an FBI agent who's used to the desk and not the field, in on the prank. Things get complicated when Jennifer, Bruce's wife and whom Andrew always had eyes for, joins the fray. Some Cuban thugs who Bruce sold out to are also in the mix, as they are after the secret password that is the key to causing havoc and are willing to kill anyone in their path to get it. That includes Andrew and Jennifer who team up to find Bruce, retrieve the password and disable the computer bug. Stock thriller ensues over many European cities.


Logline: The past finally catches up with Three Guys from Connecticut, now living the high life down in the Florida Keys.

Synopsis: This Action-Comedy Drama of Three-Modern Day Pirates takes you on a roller coaster ride from Connecticut down to the Florida Keys. The weather is beautiful, the sea is calm and things begin to heat up for these rough necks. These so called "Pirates" live on the edge, taking advantage of unsuspecting yachters in the Carribean. Two FBI Agents from Connecticut, resemble the comedic-duo of "Lethal Weapon", and link the Pirating Villains to previous bank robberies, leading themselves down to the sunny tropical playground of Key West to further investigate their hunch. (The Ending is left open to a possible Sequel)


Logline: A man discovers who was behind the JFK assassination and is mortally wounded, brought back to life, and then finds out he is now a hunted man!

Synopsis: Harry Redic is one tough Dallas detective who usually plays by his own rules. Two hours before the assassination of JFK, Harry gets a call from his partner whose life is in peril because he found out who is behind it. He leaves saying goodbye to his 8 yr. old son, Bobby. His partner tells Harry the story and then is killed. Harry escapes to his brother-in-law's house where he is mortally wounded by a rogue faction of the FBI! His brother-in-law, who is into cryonics, gets him to South America where he immeadiately freezes him. In 1997, Harry is brought back to life and given a successful liver transplant--but one of doctors informs the FBI and a deadly manhunt begins that also involves Harry's son who is now a tough Dallas detective himself. And everyone wants to know what Harry knows! Among all the subplots there is a unique twist here when the older son finally meets his younger father!