Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Fugue

Logline: Felix Dehaven is an under cover cop who has been injured in the line of duty. During his tenure at the hospital, Felix dissapears without a trace. Felix family and friends are worried sick.

Synopsis: Felix is a victim of a mental disorder called Fugue. Felix leaves Philadelphia and wanders to another city. He has no memory of who he is while under the spell of Fugue. Later on he snaps out of it and returns back to Philadelphia. He has no recollection of what took place while he was in Detroit. He will soon find out the hard way. Dean blames Felix for the death of his brother. Other members of his crew have warned him that Felix is a cop, and they should leave Felix be. Dean doesn't care and has other plans. Richard Stern was Philadelphia's biggest drug dealer, until Felix ruined everything for him in a drug bust. Richard was lucky to get away, and is now a fugitive of the Law. Despite the disadvantage he has, Richard wants Felix to pay for his betrayal. He too will stop at nothing to kill Felix. Gloria Valdez is a female member of the Detroit Mafia. She has to track down the theives that robbed her boss. Felix is number one on her list of suspects.

Title: Field of Play

Logline: A school teacher goes undercover inside the country's largest drug operation - Professional Football.

Synopsis: Former Drug Enforcement Agent, Alex Robinson has been drowning her demons in alcohol since the tragic death of several students in an explosion and the untimely suicide of her mother. That was a year ago. Both incidents appear to be unrelated, but when Alex investigates the overdose of a student at her new school, she learns otherwise. The world of professional football brings in millions of dollars, but for Philip Hewitt, owner of the Texas T-Men, greed is the game of choice. Unlimited customers and a genius distribution system allow Philip and his team to deal an endless flow of drugs to their fans. After shooting a police officer and a deadly confrontation with two undercover agents, Alex becomes the newest T-Men cheerleader where she discovers that her former agency boss and estranged father are at the heart of the operation. The situation becomes more intense when Alex learns that the only person she can trust in a city saturated with drugs is a man obsessed with her.

Title: Enduring Freedom

Logline: Marine officer, Jack Williams, is sent to free US soldiers from a ruthlessTaliban prison. He falls in love with a beautiful rebel trying to free hersister from the Taliban and together they fight.

Synopsis: Marine officer, JACK WILLIAMS,is sent to Afghanistan to free his fellow soldiers from a Taliban prison. Travelling through the Afghan mountains, he meets, MINA, a beautiful and intelligent rebel who is fighting to rescue her captive sister from the Taliban. The two are suddenly caught in the crossfire of a bloody Taliban raid and escape to pursue their missions together. A local villager guides Jack and Mina to the Taliban command base in Pashmool. Jack explodes the weapons warehouse to cause a massive distraction. While the Taliban guards run to the explosion, Jack and Mina rush to free the prisoners from the black holes called prison. Jack frees his soldiers while Mina finally frees her beloved sister and the three rush out to make their escape. A Taliban guard returns to the prison just in time to see the three running from the prison. He takes aim and fires one last fatal shot as the three friends run for their lives and for freedom.

Title: The Anarchist

Logline: In a world freefalling into anarchy, a young woman barters her humanity for the power to hunt down the man who slaughtered her friends, family, and fiance on her wedding day.

Synopsis: The Anarchist is an action-adventure, fantasy story in the vein of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. It is primarily set in a mythologized version of England from 1132-1135. This is a period known as The Anarchy. Templar Loring de Troyes embodies the brutality of the age. Loring kills Xifra's father during the Crusades. She is then captured and shipped to Sanctushire, a fortified city. Once there, she begins tutoring Robert FitzPhilip, the city's future-ruler. The two of them fall in love. Loring arrives in Sanctushire and swears to level the city. On Xifra and Robert's wedding day, Loring makes good on his promise. He and his army barricade the Sanctustrians in the church and set it on fire. Xifra is the city's sole survivor. She seeks out Juliana, a shape-shifting sorceress. Juliana helps transform Xifra into something more than human. This gives Xifra the power to avenge her loved ones. Xifra ultimately becomes a vampire to save her world from a fiery end at Loring's hands.

Title: The Terrorist

Logline: Deke Slater, a senior Midshipman about to flunk out at the U.S. Naval Academy,is given a last chance, but his ship is hijacked by terrorists who plan to explode a dirty bomb in Washinton, D.C.

Synopsis: Deke Slater,23 year-old senior Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, is about to flunk out. He is the veteran of two Marine combat tours in Iraq, but a poor student. He is given a last chance by commanding a YP cruise. Deke's best friend, Juan Perez is his XO. As soon as they are underway, a near collision causes the ship's officer to relieve Deke of command. Deke decides he will resign from the Academy at the end of the cruise. Meanwhile, Ali Al-Mukhtar, number one terrorist operative for Osama bin Laden, has just launched a plot to detonate a dirty bomb in Washington. Mukhtar and team hijack Deke's boat, kill the officer, and take the Mids prisoner. Deke gets word to the Academy. President of the U.S. gives the Navy 1 hour to rescue the Mids. A SEAL team, Deke and Juan take back the boat and kill the terrorists. But the Secretary of Defense has already ordered the attack. The ship is sunk, but the good guys survive, Washington is saved, Deke and Juan are heroes.


Logline: Three highly-trained assassins unite to quash their former employer's mind control conspiracy - which has turned humanity into a bunch of unsuspecting "puppets."

Synopsis: US Copyright # PAu 3-642-741 I've written a fast-paced action/thriller that's the first of a trilogy. Below is a short synopsis: "A large covert organization has built a subliminal mind control network that is connected to every human's mind, allowing them to instantly make anyone do anything they wish - and CAROLINA, her sister and her lover are the only ones who can enlighten the world to this conspiracy, therefore rendering the network useless." Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration. Best,

Title: Pocket Aces

Logline: Hustler Nick the Greek tries to execute an international gem heist in order to pay off the ransom for his brother who was kidnapped by a Colombian drug lord after an emerald deal goes bad.

Synopsis: NICK, a genius college dropout turned outlaw, lives in the fast lane turning scam after scam into gold. In a poker game against Colombian drug lord JORGE MENDOZA, NICK wins the right to bid on emeralds from Mendoza's mine. After Nick and his brother XENON buy $2 million worth of stones, Mendoza kidnaps XENON and demands $11 million in ransom. To get his brother back alive, Nick must devise the heist of his life. Nick carefully hires a crew including a military black-ops specialist, an electronics whiz kid, a sexy Latina rally car expert, a butch lesbian and her Asian lipstick girlfriend. Together, they attempt to steal a 20 carat pigeon blood Burma ruby from a warlord's villa in Thailand. Nick's luck finally runs out and the plan goes awry. The crew decides on a long-shot backup plan to cheat the Las Vegas World Series of Poker. With time running out, can Nick pull off the impossible scam or will they get one more shot at the 20 carat Burma ruby and save Xenon from his demise?

Title: The Enemies Among us

Logline: An international chase ensues when a new form of terrorism pits Interpol and CIA agents against a seasoned terrorist in a race against time

Synopsis: Set in present day London, Los Angeles, Somalia and India. Former British Commando turned Interpol terrorist investigator Jack Wells uncovers a new terrorist threat that is more unthinkable than car bombings. When this new form of terrorism kills Jack's wife, Jack makes it personal and the chase is on to track down and stop the mysterious and deadly terrorist Zahid Abasin who developed and employs this new terrorist threat. Jack tracks Zahid through Zahid's London connections but Zahid slips away as he is a master of disguise. Interpol discovers Zahid's new identity and finds that he is off to Los Angles. Jack continues the chase in LA with his American counterpart former Army Ranger turned CIA agent Nathan (Nat) Wilson who served with Jack in Afghanistan. Jack and Nat track Zahid in Los Angeles but once again Zahid slips away. Jack and Nat engage in a race against time to stop the Zahid from taking his new terrorist method to the next level and making a global statement.

Title: World Champion

Logline: An All-American racing team sets out to challenge Formula One.

Synopsis: Pablo Cruz and Derek Grier are two American pilots who live out their dream by driving in Formula One. Backed by real estate mogul, Lawrence Stein and famed car builder, Frank Moreau, the two teammates and friends will share the passion, courage, and horror that is Formula One. The heart of the pure racer is shown in this story through the pits, helmets, and fans of every F1 circuit across the globe.


Logline: Bond at his best, the pace picks up from the first moment and never falters. An ominous and mysterious Asian terrorist group threatens unparalleled nuclear devastation.

Synopsis: In a world beset with the threat of terrorism and the scourge of organized crime, a group headed by the enigmatic man called The Red Dragon, unleash their evil on a weary world. An ultimatum is sent to the British Prime Minister to pay a fortune in gold bullion or suffer the same fate as the Russian port of Magadan where a nuclear device was detonated by the group. The Chinese Mafia are suspected, along with disgruntled Chinese military men. The truth however is not what it seems. James Bond who has just thwarted a black market arms deal in the Himalayas involving Al Qaida faces one of his greatest challenges. Joining forces with his tough, but beautiful Russian counterpart, Vanja Kroutikhin, they unravel a trail that leads to the mysterious Red Dragon, who will stop at nothing to acheive his secret political aims.