Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: The Ark

Logline: I submit this logline for your consideration: A billionaire creates a floating city to preserve mankind but when his focus shifts to saving the world his followers take action

Synopsis: The year 2025. Natural resources have nearly been depleted. Overused nuclear factories fail, and produce huge amounts of waste which finds its way into the wrong hands. The resulting pollution, nuclear attacks and poverty have changed the world considerably. One city remains unaffected by the sign of the times: Eden, a floating city created by a billionaire Samuel. But paradise is a front. When Agent Michael Barret receives an anonymous call for help from Eden he goes undercover. Posing as a cameraman he joins Vicky, a famous reporter and the only one allowed to interview Samuel. He discovers secret laboratories where workers and soldiers are cloned, and a new weapon: A huge Antenna Array capable of creating powerful ELF-waves that can make people go mad or that can cause earthquakes and Tsunamis. It's with this weapon that Rainard, the captain of the ship, is destroying mankind. With the help of Samuel's daughter, who sent the call for help, Michael has to find a way to destroy it

Title: Hard to Swallow

Logline: An impassive upright police officer in the heart of Las Angeles tries to incarcerate a troubled antisocial who shows clarity for both through the chase.

Synopsis: Once Officer Bryan Freeland arrives back from vacation, the hard nosed individual encounters his toughest dilemma in the force. Going after a heavily confused character named Philip North. Both arriving back from the same resort and both being rookies in their roles as criminal vs. lawman, the battleground appears to be equal. Bryan at first wants to bring in Philip with no hidden remorse. Philip on the other hand tries to get Bryan to listen with irrelevant dialogue about society's behaviors. Throughout the way, Mr. North displays acts of vandalism which gets the attention of Bryan's boss Richard who in turn wants to sentence Philip to death by lethal injection. Seeing this as an unfair punishment for Philip's actions, Bryan tries to help Philip in this catch 22. In the end, the two discover why they wake up in the morning.

Title: Scan Eagle

Logline: When a sailor's girlfriend is exposed to be associated with the nation's most wanted fugitive he finds himself in the middle of a CIA operation gone astray.

Synopsis: A scan eagle aircraft takes off from a U.S. destroyer as Will, a Navy sailor, drives a small boat along side the destroyer. CIA agents watch Adam through the scan eagle's camera. Will and Mara take four civilians ashore but soon find out they are CIA when one of them, Chase, returns to the boat with a gun shot wound. Will, Mara and Chase trace the previous day's events leading them to a woman. As Chase talks with the woman he receives a call informing him Mara works for Adam. The woman on the boat is assasinated and Will, Mara and Chase are forced to flee to Rome to meet with Adam. Enroute Chase devises a plan to catch Adam but is trick and Adam leaves Rome with Mara. Will and Chase track Adam and Mara to Nassau where they are attending a charity dinner. Adam talks with an Arabian man as Will discovers Mara is on his side. Adam discovers Mara's betrayal and takes her to his yacht. Will and Chase track Adam to his yacht where they rescue Mara and kill Adam.

Title: The Anarchist

Logline: In a world freefalling into anarchy, a young woman barters her humanity for the power to hunt down the man who slaughtered her friends, family, and fiance on her wedding day.

Synopsis: The Anarchist is an action-adventure, fantasy story in the vein of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. It is primarily set in a mythologized version of England from 1132-1135. This is a period known as The Anarchy. Templar Loring de Troyes embodies the brutality of the age. Loring kills Xifra's father during the Crusades. She is then captured and shipped to Sanctushire, a fortified city. Once there, she begins tutoring Robert FitzPhilip, the city's future-ruler. The two of them fall in love. Loring arrives in Sanctushire and swears to level the city. On Xifra and Robert's wedding day, Loring makes good on his promise. He and his army barricade the Sanctustrians in the church and set it on fire. Xifra is the city's sole survivor. She seeks out Juliana, a shape-shifting sorceress. Juliana helps transform Xifra into something more than human. This gives Xifra the power to avenge her loved ones. Xifra ultimately becomes a vampire to save her world from a fiery end at Loring's hands.


Logline: A four man Seal Team in the Hindu Kush mountains takes a runaway child bride under their wing, only to be threatened by a murderous Jinn(Genie).

Synopsis: LT. JOHN TIERNAY is a killer by training. He leads a four man Seal Team active in the mountains outside Kandahar, where they find a beaten runaway child bride. The choice to help this girl, KHADIGA, alone in the world, without protectors, leads Tiernay and his men into a terrifying Arabian Nights fantasy, where a powerful Jinn threatens to kill them all. As they are picked off, one by one, Tiernay comes to realize the creature cannot be killed directly. Instead, he must kill Khadiga's husband, who is the Jinn's master, and set the beast free. This is a great risk, but Khadiga tells him that Jinns, though all powerful, are fundamentally stupid. Tiernay must somehow trick it, talk it back into the bottle from where it came, if they are to have any chance of surviving. WGA #1450998

Title: Search For Madness

Logline: Amy comes face to face with a psychopath who had tried to kill her once before. Amy doesn't recognize him. She has amnesia. Can she stop him before her whole family is destroyed?

Synopsis: One rainy night, LUKE nearly runs over AMY. Amy doesn't remember the events leading to her parent's disappearance. Luke reluctantly joins the search for Amy's parents along with Amy's spinster aunt LIZZIE. Lizzie and Luke are complete opposites. They find themselves drawn to each other against their nature. In there midst arrives LARRY. Larry's presence makes Amy feel a sudden inexplicable fear. Larry recognizes Amy as the only witness to his crime. Before Amy realizes his true identity, Larry takes her and her family hostage. WGA Registration No.WGAw 1292238

Title: The Rival

Logline: A rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death.

Synopsis: I recently completed a final polishing of my original screenplay entitled The Rival, and would like to submit it for your consideration. Logline: In Nero's Rome, Christians are being persecuted and the rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death. A new gladiator champion emerges and seeks revenge against Nero. She becomes one woman against the Roman Empire. It is an original story that touches on every human emotion and involves faith, action, and beauty.

Title: Contest - WGA #1077950

Logline: Adam is accepted for a TV show that promises to be the "mother of all reality shows". Things get ugly quickly when contestants start dying. It's a game to the death.

Synopsis: Seven contestants are selected over thousands and flown to a remote island for an "extreme" reality show. Once there, they learn it's a game to the death with the last one standing winning $10 million. It's a sham. Only Adam, a bored criminal defense lawyer and Bobbie, a clinically-depressed large animal vet are real contestants. The other five contestants are shills, there to drive the action. Show's goal: document Adam's and Bobbie's reactions to extreme and deadly circumstances. Carlos, one of the shills, goes berserk and starts killing for real. What was meant to be fake has become terribly real. HBO yanks the show but the website showing live webcasts becomes the top hit site on the Net as a violence hungry world watches in real time.

Title: Enduring Freedom

Logline: Marine officer, Jack Williams, is sent to free US soldiers from a ruthlessTaliban prison. He falls in love with a beautiful rebel trying to free hersister from the Taliban and together they fight.

Synopsis: Marine officer, JACK WILLIAMS,is sent to Afghanistan to free his fellow soldiers from a Taliban prison. Travelling through the Afghan mountains, he meets, MINA, a beautiful and intelligent rebel who is fighting to rescue her captive sister from the Taliban. The two are suddenly caught in the crossfire of a bloody Taliban raid and escape to pursue their missions together. A local villager guides Jack and Mina to the Taliban command base in Pashmool. Jack explodes the weapons warehouse to cause a massive distraction. While the Taliban guards run to the explosion, Jack and Mina rush to free the prisoners from the black holes called prison. Jack frees his soldiers while Mina finally frees her beloved sister and the three rush out to make their escape. A Taliban guard returns to the prison just in time to see the three running from the prison. He takes aim and fires one last fatal shot as the three friends run for their lives and for freedom.

Title: Road to Honor

Logline: A betrayed police officer, trapped in a deadly conspiracy and framed with murders he didn't commit, struggles to prove his innocence in a fight that could compromise his life.

Synopsis: The genre of our screenplay is action adventure/thriller. The story centers on a Hong Kong detective - Li Tian Lone. When Li is sent to Tokyo to help capture two notorious drug lords, he becomes trapped in a deadly conspiracy when the person he has gone to help betrays him. Framed with murders he didn't commit, forced on the run in a city he doesn't know, he enlists the aid of a Japanese woman - a witness to the murder - to clear his name. Ultimately, they will discover an even bigger conspiracy; find more cunning and ruthless adversaries, in a fight that could compromise their careers, and even their lives. We are film students at UC Riverside. We would appreciate it if you could consider our project. We are very dedicated, hardworking, and we just hope that we could be given a chance to prove ourselves. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to receiving your response. Alex Liu, Darrell Cheng 1147 Linden St., Apt 2 Riverside, CA 92507