Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Women's War I : Death to Marriage/Free the Jacks

Logline: A war between women erupts when Gracie and her rebels start kidnapping married men. L.T. and her rag-tag platoon cross the Phoenix desert to track down Gracie and "free the jacks."

Synopsis: Gracie and her successful, single friends grow tired of complaining "all the best men are taken." Instead, they decide to take all the best men. Their motto: "Death to marriage." The Gracies track down athletes, doctors, actors, firemen - grabbing the best of the bunch and hustling them off to "Jack Ranches." Just when it seems nothing can stop the AK-47-wielding outlaw ladies, a rag-tag Army of "good girls" forms. The L.T., a hardened, tight-lipped warrior, sets out to track Gracie in the deserts outside Phoenix. The L.T.'s platoon: Google, the resident genius; Doc, plastic surgeon-turned-cokehead; tough stoner Screech; poet Meg/Peg/Egg; musclehead Mango; biker Hardly Davidson; and Scallion, the lone male in the company. Things get personal when Carlo - the L.T.'s man - is taken. Can the L.T. and her looney desert rats to stop the Gracies, save Carlo and free the jacks?


Logline: A new generation of weapons of mass destruction will be created unless a CIA agent can retrieve stolen classified documents.

Synopsis: FISSION asks the question: What if stolen classified documents fall into the wrong hands? It is about powerful people, betrayal, love, and clandestine operations. TONY SAMUELS, a CIA agent, haunted by the death of his partner, embarks on a high stakes job to honor him; he must destroy stolen classified documents that can create a WMD capable of annulation of half of the world. He is tortured, betrayed by lovers, colleagues and friends. But he never forgets that he must stop the impending genocide. After tremendous struggles, setbacks and dead ends he finds and destroys the stolen papers. The mixture of action, intrigue, betrayal, humor and sensuality will appeal to a wide audience.

Title: JeanDo

Logline: An FBI agent,handpicked by the US President to investigate the assassination of journalist Jean DOMINIQUE,is caught in a dangerous love triangle,political intrigues and a family affair:his family.

Synopsis: Jean DOMINIQUE is the journalist whom Johnathan DEMME(Silence of the Lambs) worked with for his 2003 film (The Agronomist). The story begins in November 1987 on the eve of the massacre of the first post-Duvalier elections. Dominique accuses,condemns the Haitian military and their accomplices. He helps his American friends,a childless couple adopt the miracle newborn of a dying wounded voter. Leopold grows up in luxury and in the love of the couple as DOMINIQUE continues to denounce the corruption and crimes of the rich and powerful few. On April 3rd,2000, two young men are roommates when Dominique is assassinated and they later become US President and President-elect of Haiti in 2017 by which time Leopold McLintaugh is well established as a fourth generation FBI agent. The US President handpicks him to investigate the journalist's assassination. The young agent uses an unorthodox method and finds out,in the aftermath,who his biological father really is...was? WGAw: 1629554

Title: Agent Zero

Logline: Agent Zero is sent on a mission to save her father and stop a terrorist organization from poisoning the water supply and gaining world domination.

Synopsis: I would appreciate your taking a look at my recently completed screenplay, Agent Zero, which is based upon my published novel, Amber Stone, Agent Zero the Ultimate Spy. This original story tailored for the huge spy genre box office market pays homage to the classic James Bond films - but it turns the genre on its head by featuring a glamorous but deadly female superspy, Amber Stone, doing battle with an over-the-top female super-villain, Queen Niarb, and her lackeys. The evil ones have captured Amber's scientist father and plan to use his breakthrough discoveries to poison the world's water supplies and then demand billions of dollars for the antidote. Will Amber succeed in her effort to stop Queen Niarb and rescue her father, or will she die trying? Throw in a hijacked Trident submarine, a killer female android/ clone, plus a British agent who along the way falls desperately in love with Amber, and the audience is in for a heck of a ride.

Title: Straight Line

Logline: Costa, A captain in a crime family, plots to take over his boss's, Montgomery, rackets. Using not only law enforcement, but prostitutes & psychopaths.

Synopsis: Costa appear to be one of Montgomery's loyal soldiers, as he willingly do Montgomery's biding. With the heat of a cop drawing close, & a kid with a revenge mindset, Costa's true plan uncovers.


Logline: A former Marine is trained by 'The School of Assassins' to protect a businessman. When the Marine assassinates the wrong target, 'The School' is hired to destroy the former Marine and his family.

Synopsis: THE SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS is a dramatic action screenplay about Ciro, a former US Marine Sniper who has trouble finding work to support his family. A job is offered to protect a wealthy business owner, whose life is targeted by a former partner turned rival. Ciro is sent to 'The School of Assassins'- a group of mercenary instructors, and trained to assassinate the rival businessman. When Ciro assassinates the wrong target, 'The School of Assassins' is hired to destroy Ciro and his family. Director Mark Nicholson read this script and replied: "Flows very nicely from start to finish, I'm a fan. Perfect ending." Mark has directed viral films which receive approx. 1.2 million views per month on YouTube and Vimeo. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. Thank you for your consideration.


Logline: Bond at his best, the pace picks up from the first moment and never falters. An ominous and mysterious Asian terrorist group threatens unparalleled nuclear devastation.

Synopsis: In a world beset with the threat of terrorism and the scourge of organized crime, a group headed by the enigmatic man called The Red Dragon, unleash their evil on a weary world. An ultimatum is sent to the British Prime Minister to pay a fortune in gold bullion or suffer the same fate as the Russian port of Magadan where a nuclear device was detonated by the group. The Chinese Mafia are suspected, along with disgruntled Chinese military men. The truth however is not what it seems. James Bond who has just thwarted a black market arms deal in the Himalayas involving Al Qaida faces one of his greatest challenges. Joining forces with his tough, but beautiful Russian counterpart, Vanja Kroutikhin, they unravel a trail that leads to the mysterious Red Dragon, who will stop at nothing to acheive his secret political aims.

Title: Enduring Freedom

Logline: Marine officer, Jack Williams, is sent to free US soldiers from a ruthlessTaliban prison. He falls in love with a beautiful rebel trying to free hersister from the Taliban and together they fight.

Synopsis: Marine officer, JACK WILLIAMS,is sent to Afghanistan to free his fellow soldiers from a Taliban prison. Travelling through the Afghan mountains, he meets, MINA, a beautiful and intelligent rebel who is fighting to rescue her captive sister from the Taliban. The two are suddenly caught in the crossfire of a bloody Taliban raid and escape to pursue their missions together. A local villager guides Jack and Mina to the Taliban command base in Pashmool. Jack explodes the weapons warehouse to cause a massive distraction. While the Taliban guards run to the explosion, Jack and Mina rush to free the prisoners from the black holes called prison. Jack frees his soldiers while Mina finally frees her beloved sister and the three rush out to make their escape. A Taliban guard returns to the prison just in time to see the three running from the prison. He takes aim and fires one last fatal shot as the three friends run for their lives and for freedom.


Logline: Average Americans compete against each other to win a pro sport contract.

Synopsis: My name is Dino Aragona and I have written a treatment for a reality television show entitled PUT ME IN COACH. PUT ME IN COACH is like American Idol meets pro sprots. Regular Americans are given a chance to win a professional contract by first trying out for the show, then competing for a coveted spot on the "Dream Team," which will ultimately play against a pro team. One competitor is then award the pro contract. This show is designed to work with Basketball, Football or Baseball- the three most popular sports in America today. Since pro sports are responsible for billions of income, I believe this show will appeal to the mass audience of sports fans. How many fans have dreamed of becoming a pro ball player? The intensity of the competition, drama, conflict between competitors, as well as the bonding of new firends, will really tap into emotions of the audience and keep them coming back for more. WGA registration number and treatmnet are available upon request. Thank you

Title: The Porampo

Logline: Would you put your life on the line to film a "killer" documentary? To ride on a mission with the porampo--pirates who take no prisoners?

Synopsis: In Southeast Asia, filmmaker Nick Lakewood is joined by ex-SEAL Bobby "BK3" Kahrl and young cameraman Lucky Bunnell. Nick wants to tell the world that piracy still exists, that it's more than "Johnny Depp and eye patches." BK3 cuts a secret deal with a crime lord to split the loot from a pirate raid. He stuns his partners by pulling a mask over his head and becoming a porampo, the Indonesian word for pirate. A malaria-stricken Lucky clings to a floating cushion in the middle of the ocean. Nick escapes and returns to Asia in a revenge-fueled quest to hunt down the man who double-crossed him. This story is inspired by true events during the filming of "Porampo: Pirates of the Malacca Straits," a documentary I directed.