Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Super Humans

Logline: After cataclysmic solar flares leave the world crippled, Major Sinclair finds himself part of a select group of Super Humans.

Synopsis: Major Sinclair is a comic book store owner, in a bad relationship, who's dream is to become a cop and follow in his late fathers footsteps. But Major has asthma and is unable to pass the Academies physical. His sleep is haunted by nightmares of his families brutal murder at the hands of Edmund Redmur- the BRICK, and his days filled with rejection letters from the academy. All this pressure does nothing to help his strained relationship with Tiffany, a twenty-eight year old lawyer on the fast track to success, who has very little patience for his meager earnings from the comic book store. Life on Earth is about to change forever as the world is suddenly bombarded by a series of unexpected and devastating solar flares, that leave Major part of a select group of "enhanced" humans. Major must come to grips with his life as it falls apart around him, and figure out if he has what it takes to stand up to the man who is hunting Super Human. The same man who murdered his family.

Title: The Rough

Logline: A retired full-term U.S. President, unpopular for having started an overseas war, is hunted and stalked on the grounds of his plush Texas ranch.

Synopsis: Set primarily at ex President Gene Valor Hedge's rural ranch estate, the script begins with two assassination attempts, each one getting closer to ending his life. After the second attempt, wherein the President's agents kill a would-be assassin on ranch grounds, Hedges decides to bury the body without reporting it. His reason is to stop any further attempts inspired by media scrutiny. In the wake of this cover-up an old trusted ranch-hand is murdered, and it is highly suspected that one of Hedge's own Secret Service agents is responsible - and that he, the former President himself, might be next. By the time the actual killer is revealed, former President Hedges - who had never been in a war himself but sent other men to fight - must escape the wrath of this man whose job it'd been to protect his life and who will now stop at nothing to end it.


Logline: A troubled undercover FBI agent looking to bust a money laundering scheme, infiltrates a violent drug gang in Chicago, only to find out his younger brother is one of the prime suspects.

Synopsis: "Young Money" takes you inside the crime world of Chicago's south side. Juicy is a crime lord and leader of the violent gang called Young Money. This million-dollar-a-week generating drug trafficking organization, also deals with money laundering. The FBI sends Special Agent Dallas Hill undercover to take down Juicy and his team. As Hill becomes part of Juicy's life and gets involved with his crew, Dallas finds out that his younger brother, Mayer, is also a member of the Young Money...which forces Dallas to make the hard choice between family or the law.


Logline: A four man Seal Team in the Hindu Kush mountains takes a runaway child bride under their wing, only to be threatened by a murderous Jinn(Genie).

Synopsis: LT. JOHN TIERNAY is a killer by training. He leads a four man Seal Team active in the mountains outside Kandahar, where they find a beaten runaway child bride. The choice to help this girl, KHADIGA, alone in the world, without protectors, leads Tiernay and his men into a terrifying Arabian Nights fantasy, where a powerful Jinn threatens to kill them all. As they are picked off, one by one, Tiernay comes to realize the creature cannot be killed directly. Instead, he must kill Khadiga's husband, who is the Jinn's master, and set the beast free. This is a great risk, but Khadiga tells him that Jinns, though all powerful, are fundamentally stupid. Tiernay must somehow trick it, talk it back into the bottle from where it came, if they are to have any chance of surviving. WGA #1450998

Title: Underestimated

Logline: A group of handicapped men, locked up in a high security facility since birth, start to question the real reaosn they are there when one of the men finds out he has super human powers.

Synopsis: JASON, a palsied man that shakes uncontrollably, and three other handicapped men, have lived their entire lives in a high security facility ran by a dark and secretive DOCTOR. Their daily routine is interupted when JASON accidentally discovers he has the ability to move at super human speeds. The DOCTOR, in an attempt to clear JASON's head of any thought of being "special", utilizes the torture skills of his security captain, MATHESON. BETH, a nurse in the fcility that has been lead to believe the men she cares for are too dangerous to be set free into the world, starts to question the real reason these men have been locked up. JASON and BETH have to figure out a way to get them and the three other men out of the facility. In order to do that JASON needs to learn to control his super powers and find out what secrets are hidden inside his three life long friends and roommates. But locked away deep in the facility, the DOCTOR has a secret of his own. WGA Reg#1292983

Title: uniasone

Logline: A Bio-Defense Federal Agent is assigned to solve the mystery of a gaseous cloud advancing on the Earth. He finds himself facing an unraveling plot suggesting the end of the world.

Synopsis: Year 2067. The world is recovering from the ravages of WWIII. Bio-Defense Federal Agent, JOSH TENNANT, is investigating radioactive samples for THE CENTER, with the help of ION, his highly advanced personal assistant device. When strange atmospheric conditions develop over Middle East, Sector 9. Meanwhile, terrorists launch a massive bio-nuclear attack against Earth when they inadvertently download a mysterious virus that initiates the attack. The team is briefed by the PRESIDENT and recruited to get to the bottom of what is going on and determine the nature/purpose of a mysterious cloud mass advancing on Earth from deep space. In space, the terrorist's hubs are swamped by the advancing cloud, which is now giving off a gaseous light. The light engulfs and disables the hubs and their advancing missiles are frozen in space and time. They also meet Q, a deaf, mute girl who seems somehow linked to the gaseous light. The Earth inhabitants must choose a new way to live... or else.

Title: The North Woods Adventure

Logline: Three teenage boys find action, adventure, and young love in Michigan's far-north woods.

Synopsis: With an abandoned gold mine as their base camp, three boys are confronted not only by storms and wild animals, but also by middle-eastern terrorists who crossed Lake Superior from Canada. With the help of their keen hunting skills, towns-people, U.S. Marines, and the Michigan Air National Guard, the terrorists are neutralized, and the boys receive Presidential Medals and the admiration of the United States of America.

Title: Grappling Game

Logline: A pro wrestler must reinvent himself after being blackballed by a corrupt, wealthy promoter.

Synopsis: "The Unstoppable Force" Tim Suffern is poised and ready to take his rightful place as the heir apparent to the World heavyweight crown, but his dream quickly turns into his worst nightmare when he discovers that the mat sport is merely a front for the unsavory activities of wealthy wrestling promoter, William Gantry. Refusing to participate in any illicit ventures, Tim is blackballed. After this crushing defeat, he struggles to reinvent himself. One obstacle the grappling great may not be able to overcome is William Gantry, who has deemed Tim Suffern a liability to his worldwide operations and must therefore be stopped once and for all. WGA # R27173

Title: Straight Line

Logline: Costa, A captain in a crime family, plots to take over his boss's, Montgomery, rackets. Using not only law enforcement, but prostitutes & psychopaths.

Synopsis: Costa appear to be one of Montgomery's loyal soldiers, as he willingly do Montgomery's biding. With the heat of a cop drawing close, & a kid with a revenge mindset, Costa's true plan uncovers.

Title: The Watchers

Logline: Jonathon develops a microchip to help save the animal kingdom from extinction. With the world in chaos, he must now stop the anti-christ from using it to destroy the earth.

Synopsis: JONATHON CHRISTI, President of Beast Watchers, Inc, has developed a microchip tracking system that will prevent the animal kingdom from extinction. The U.S. is losing the war on terrorism and the U.N. appoints a peace minister to lead a task force to help. Meteors begin raining down on earth causing immense damage. Tidal waves pound coast lines and volcanoes erupt worldwide with increasing velocity leveling countries and killing entire populations. Some say Christ has returned to select his chosen ones and that the disasters that have come upon the earth are from the book of revelations. The peace minister appoints himself world leader and wants to inject the microchip into the remaining population as a tracking device. While being hunted by Major Van Johnson, the peace minister's security chief, Jonathon discovers the truth and must tell the world that the peace minister is actually the anti-christ and the microchip he created is the mark of the beast from bible prophecies.