Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Lie Down With Dogs

Logline: "If you lie with dogs, sooner or later you'll get bit."

Synopsis: Lie Down With Dogs Synopsis: Nick Ramius , is a successful New York City attorney who has everything; success, wealth, and influence. His newest client, a mafia boss, is being held on charges for murder. When Nick loses his case, Tony Masola unleashes his vengeance. A phone call changes Nick's life forever. His ex-girlfriend is found dead, and Nick is at the scene; with the gun in his hand, unconscious. After the realization he has been set up, Nick proclaims his innocence. The NYPD charges Nick with her murder, and he makes a break for freedom. On the run from the FBI and the police, Nick Ramius must face a killer who is bent on shattering his life and extracting vengenance for the Mafia Lord. Nick must prove his innocence and survive a killer, while he eludes the authorities. Lie down with Dogs is an action packed thriller that takes the viewer on a wild ride from the mean streets of New York to to Mardi Gras of New Orleans.

Title: Leverage

Logline: A second generation CEO ROBERT MURDOCK, allows a series of terrorist type acts to play out, in a desperate attempt to pull his corporation out of the red.

Synopsis: With a plan of redemption, three missions are planed against various commodity markets to give the struggling corporation leverage to earn income and keep shareholders happy. A diverse group of mercenaries are recruited to complete the missions. After the second mission a federal investigation is launched due to the dramatic increase in revenue and attention to the corporation. As the third domestic mission is played out, an ambush takes place from different perspectives. The pursuit is on with a vengeance to tie up loose ends. In an effort towards prosecution, some participants are eliminated, while others are rescued. The strong and skilled, survive to live another day.

Title: The North Woods Adventure

Logline: Three teenage boys find action, adventure, and young love in Michigan's far-north woods.

Synopsis: With an abandoned gold mine as their base camp, three boys are confronted not only by storms and wild animals, but also by middle-eastern terrorists who crossed Lake Superior from Canada. With the help of their keen hunting skills, towns-people, U.S. Marines, and the Michigan Air National Guard, the terrorists are neutralized, and the boys receive Presidential Medals and the admiration of the United States of America.


Logline: There's something in the water

Synopsis: An unknown creature rises from the depths and attacks a major U.S. city. Our goverment is doing everything in their power to find and eradicate this man eating creature before it strikes again. Despite our military's efforts Godzilla attacks again, this time in Indonesia. In a race against time our military finds themselves in epic battles. Following his beloved wifes demise. Our hero and main character SGT. Jack Tuller is on a mission for revenge. Our goverment eventually locates Godzilla on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. We send our most highly trained marines and seals to get the job done. An aspiring testament to the will power and dedication of the United States military and its citizens. Hang on for this action packed, edge of your seat thriller that will keep you guessing untill the end.

Title: WW II-K

Logline: Generation X meets the Greatest Generation and learns that war isn't a game when a mysterious CD-ROM transports a group of teeenage computer-players into the middle of World War II.

Synopsis: Finalist in 2004 Scriptapalooza. Recommended by Forced to move to D.C. and care for his ailing veteran grandfather, 18-year-old SCOTT bides his time playing on-line war games. Memorial Day finds grandfather WALTER trying to get Scott to visit some monuments. But Scott can't be bothered, so Walter sits alone and sadly reminisces about his war days. A mysterious package arrives for Scott: a CD-ROM promising the most intense war game ever. Lightning flashes as he installs it, and he finds himself parachuting into the middle of 1944 France! Dodging German bullets, he and other terrified teens run for their lives. Walter finds he can communicate with Scott via a headset and manages to lead him through the ensuing battles; during which Scott discovers the realities of war. Swapping roles, Walter works the keyboard while Scott fights in the trenches. Scott learns that war isn't a game and finds a new appreciation for his grandfather.

Title: Contest - WGA #1077950

Logline: Adam is accepted for a TV show that promises to be the "mother of all reality shows". Things get ugly quickly when contestants start dying. It's a game to the death.

Synopsis: Seven contestants are selected over thousands and flown to a remote island for an "extreme" reality show. Once there, they learn it's a game to the death with the last one standing winning $10 million. It's a sham. Only Adam, a bored criminal defense lawyer and Bobbie, a clinically-depressed large animal vet are real contestants. The other five contestants are shills, there to drive the action. Show's goal: document Adam's and Bobbie's reactions to extreme and deadly circumstances. Carlos, one of the shills, goes berserk and starts killing for real. What was meant to be fake has become terribly real. HBO yanks the show but the website showing live webcasts becomes the top hit site on the Net as a violence hungry world watches in real time.

Title: The Enemies Walk Free

Logline: Harry and John have an assignment to steal some documents, which provide important evidence in the defense of a person, who is accused of genocide by Hague prosecutors.

Synopsis: The action begins when among the stolen documents, they find a folder with numbers. The folder is actually bank account numbers for war profiteers from the war in the former Yugoslavia. Without knowing what they have, they are surprised by the fact that everyone who hears about the folder wants to possess it. Harry and John becomes a target for a lot of interested groups and individuals, including the European secret services and the mafia, which are ready to take whatever they want, no matter the cost.

Title: Super Humans

Logline: After cataclysmic solar flares leave the world crippled, Major Sinclair finds himself part of a select group of Super Humans.

Synopsis: Major Sinclair is a comic book store owner, in a bad relationship, who's dream is to become a cop and follow in his late fathers footsteps. But Major has asthma and is unable to pass the Academies physical. His sleep is haunted by nightmares of his families brutal murder at the hands of Edmund Redmur- the BRICK, and his days filled with rejection letters from the academy. All this pressure does nothing to help his strained relationship with Tiffany, a twenty-eight year old lawyer on the fast track to success, who has very little patience for his meager earnings from the comic book store. Life on Earth is about to change forever as the world is suddenly bombarded by a series of unexpected and devastating solar flares, that leave Major part of a select group of "enhanced" humans. Major must come to grips with his life as it falls apart around him, and figure out if he has what it takes to stand up to the man who is hunting Super Human. The same man who murdered his family.

Title: Amado (Beloved)

Logline: Nobody is perfect, the re-telling of King David story set in our times

Synopsis: Amado (Beloved), a free adaptation of the books of Samuel I and II, an apology. Gerardo Belender, our David in the story, is the son of Ana Estela Escandon, a known prostitute, and Jesse Belender, a known drug chief, one of his mother's patrons. More significant for us, he is former FBI supervisory special agent Gerardo Belender, head of a little known but powerful heroine cartel doing business in large scale with the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Using the books of Samuel's characters and narrative as a loose guideline, and covering a generation of wars, failed states, drug economies, old empires, new empires and world events, the story challenges our moral values and questions the nature of God. As in David's story, Gerardo's path to power is rooted in strategic thinking, careful grounding of allies, ruthless politicking, convenient deaths and an absolute lack of moral values. And that is really the story: The man we call "a man after God's own heart" is really such a man.

Title: X-Men: Rise from Ashes

Logline: When confusion and fear lead to anger and revenge, tremendous forces will breed a new line of defense.

Synopsis: Two years have passed since the war at Alcatraz when the X-Men discover another mutant who quickly proves to be a valuable asset. Magneto is slowly regaining his rise to power with the assistance of an ally of his own, Scrier, whose origins date back to the mid 18th century. Past mutants resurface and keep us questioning their intentions as this twist and turn of events, adrenaline rushing rollercoaster of entertainment unfolds and the X-Men saga continues, all while Mystique stealthily plots her revenge against Magneto only to be faced by Xavier's champions and Spider-Man.