Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Straight Line

Logline: Costa, A captain in a crime family, plots to take over his boss's, Montgomery, rackets. Using not only law enforcement, but prostitutes & psychopaths.

Synopsis: Costa appear to be one of Montgomery's loyal soldiers, as he willingly do Montgomery's biding. With the heat of a cop drawing close, & a kid with a revenge mindset, Costa's true plan uncovers.

Title: Maccabeus

Logline: The true story of the fight for Jewish independence under Judas Maccabeus.

Synopsis: In 160 B.C., Antiochus Epiphanes, king of the Seluecid Empire, enters Jerusalem under a flag of truce. Once inside the city, however, he unleashes his army and a massacre begins. Those not killed are enslaved. The Jewish people are once again a captive nation. Antiochus conquers Judea and makes the inhabitants throw aside their religion and customs, and makes them worship his gods and follow Greek customs. Those few who do not obey Antiochus are killed. In the village of Modin, a priest named Mattathias refuses to worship Antiochus' god, Zeus. When a general in Antiochus' army is killed attempting to force Mattathias into offering a sacrifice to Zeus, Mattathias and his five sons, now renegades, flee into the hills and start a rebellion to free Judea from Antiochus. Upon the death of Mattathias, his son, Judas Maccabeus - "The Hammerer" - becomes leader of the rebellion. He leads his army against foe after foe for one objective: freedom.


Logline: when a plastic surgeon's brother is killed by the leader of a dangerous motorcycle gang called the Disciples, he takes the law into his own hands to avenge his brother's death.

Synopsis: I'm Eugene Williams and I'm currently seeking representation for my script, I am my Brother's Keeper. My script is a futuristic frenetically-paced action packed movie about when a plastic surgeon's (Duke Nelson's) brother (Matt Nelson) is killed during a motorcycle race by Keavin Wade the leader of a dangerous jet flying motorcycle gang, he gangs up with two detectives and a martial artist in order to avenge his brother's death. In the pursuit of their vengeance, Duke Nelson and company discover that the Disciples have introduced a new street drug into the streets, called the stone. The stone, when taken, makes a person feel invincible. In the end, the Disciples are killed and Candice Nelson (one of the detectives) awakens from her deep coma. If you are interested in my script I am able to send you the script in Microsoft Word format. Sincerely,

Title: The Watchers

Logline: Jonathon develops a microchip to help save the animal kingdom from extinction. With the world in chaos, he must now stop the anti-christ from using it to destroy the earth.

Synopsis: JONATHON CHRISTI, President of Beast Watchers, Inc, has developed a microchip tracking system that will prevent the animal kingdom from extinction. The U.S. is losing the war on terrorism and the U.N. appoints a peace minister to lead a task force to help. Meteors begin raining down on earth causing immense damage. Tidal waves pound coast lines and volcanoes erupt worldwide with increasing velocity leveling countries and killing entire populations. Some say Christ has returned to select his chosen ones and that the disasters that have come upon the earth are from the book of revelations. The peace minister appoints himself world leader and wants to inject the microchip into the remaining population as a tracking device. While being hunted by Major Van Johnson, the peace minister's security chief, Jonathon discovers the truth and must tell the world that the peace minister is actually the anti-christ and the microchip he created is the mark of the beast from bible prophecies.

Title: Xochitl

Logline: A young innocent girl discovers her inner sexual seductiveness in order to infiltrate a drug cartel responsible for the murder of her parents.

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of Mexico's drug wars,XOCHITL is the story of an innocent young girl who becomes an alluring temptress. Forced to flee for her life after her family is murdered by a notorious drug cartel, Xochitl[pronounced So-chee] discovers that her sex appeal and wits are the tools of survival in the underworld of a Mexican border town where life is cheap. Her journey involves a diverse cast of characters who are instrumental in shaping her destiny-a dramatic confrontation with the Capo who ordered the killing of her parents. A coming of age story of a modern day femme fatale. WGA 1417915.

Title: Endurance

Logline: Two years after a computer virus cripples the world economy, a peaceful man reunites with his gunslinger brother to hunt down the bandits who murdered his wife.

Synopsis: On October 7th, 2009, a dormant computer virus came to life, disabling every network computer worldwide. The group responsible for the attack, the Western Gate, seized the opportunity and targeted existing energy, food and water supplies. Amid the ensuing panic, JAKE and MADDY CONNORS, newlyweds, sought refuge in a remote cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Two winters later, the United States population stands at its lowest level since the time of the Great Frontier. Jake returns from a trip to town and finds his wife raped and strangled by bandits. Vowing revenge, he recruits his brother, SEVERIN, a cold-blooded gunslinger. Together, they chase the bandits through the treacherous, frozen terrain of the Northwoods. BRODY, the man who strangled Maddy, tells a lie that turns an entire village against the brothers. After the shootout, Jake, wounded and feverish, pursues Brody alone and ultimately catches him on a bridge overlooking a broken city for the final showdown.

Title: Fugue

Logline: Felix Dehaven is an under cover cop who has been injured in the line of duty. During his tenure at the hospital, Felix dissapears without a trace. Felix family and friends are worried sick.

Synopsis: Felix is a victim of a mental disorder called Fugue. Felix leaves Philadelphia and wanders to another city. He has no memory of who he is while under the spell of Fugue. Later on he snaps out of it and returns back to Philadelphia. He has no recollection of what took place while he was in Detroit. He will soon find out the hard way. Dean blames Felix for the death of his brother. Other members of his crew have warned him that Felix is a cop, and they should leave Felix be. Dean doesn't care and has other plans. Richard Stern was Philadelphia's biggest drug dealer, until Felix ruined everything for him in a drug bust. Richard was lucky to get away, and is now a fugitive of the Law. Despite the disadvantage he has, Richard wants Felix to pay for his betrayal. He too will stop at nothing to kill Felix. Gloria Valdez is a female member of the Detroit Mafia. She has to track down the theives that robbed her boss. Felix is number one on her list of suspects.

Title: Scan Eagle

Logline: When a sailor's girlfriend is exposed to be associated with the nation's most wanted fugitive he finds himself in the middle of a CIA operation gone astray.

Synopsis: A scan eagle aircraft takes off from a U.S. destroyer as Will, a Navy sailor, drives a small boat along side the destroyer. CIA agents watch Adam through the scan eagle's camera. Will and Mara take four civilians ashore but soon find out they are CIA when one of them, Chase, returns to the boat with a gun shot wound. Will, Mara and Chase trace the previous day's events leading them to a woman. As Chase talks with the woman he receives a call informing him Mara works for Adam. The woman on the boat is assasinated and Will, Mara and Chase are forced to flee to Rome to meet with Adam. Enroute Chase devises a plan to catch Adam but is trick and Adam leaves Rome with Mara. Will and Chase track Adam and Mara to Nassau where they are attending a charity dinner. Adam talks with an Arabian man as Will discovers Mara is on his side. Adam discovers Mara's betrayal and takes her to his yacht. Will and Chase track Adam to his yacht where they rescue Mara and kill Adam.

Title: The Rough

Logline: A retired full-term U.S. President, unpopular for having started an overseas war, is hunted and stalked on the grounds of his plush Texas ranch.

Synopsis: Set primarily at ex President Gene Valor Hedge's rural ranch estate, the script begins with two assassination attempts, each one getting closer to ending his life. After the second attempt, wherein the President's agents kill a would-be assassin on ranch grounds, Hedges decides to bury the body without reporting it. His reason is to stop any further attempts inspired by media scrutiny. In the wake of this cover-up an old trusted ranch-hand is murdered, and it is highly suspected that one of Hedge's own Secret Service agents is responsible - and that he, the former President himself, might be next. By the time the actual killer is revealed, former President Hedges - who had never been in a war himself but sent other men to fight - must escape the wrath of this man whose job it'd been to protect his life and who will now stop at nothing to end it.

Title: The 4 DEVILS

Logline: The world is shocked when four men with amazing powers launch an all out war on the world's militaries. They are The 4 DEVILS and they will not rest until the world is demilitarized.

Synopsis: Is world peace possible? The 4 DEVILS believe so, and that is why they volunteered to have their mind and body enhanced with a treatment known as: Direct EVolution Involving Life-like Simulations. The DEVILS treatment was created by a rouge scientist who plans on demilitarizing the world, so that man-kind is no longer plagued by its "necessary evil". The 4 DEVILS are young enough to be in college, yet they are facing off against the world's military machine. Will the treatment allow them to overcome their adversaries? Will they be mature enough to handle the situation? And what dark secret does the Secretary of Defense have in store for them? The 4 DEVILS mixes fast-paced action that incorporates an all-too-real apocalyptic theme. The film world needs a unique super-hero that appeals to a universal audience. The 4 DEVILS will create not only a new era in super-hero based films, but a genre all to its own. The world does not need heroes... It needs saviors. WGA #: 1082680