Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: East Of Egypt

Logline: Logline: Caught up in the CIA's secret drug wars in Asia two ex-CIA agents become drug lords who struggle to survive a turf war with the Hong Kong triads.

Synopsis: East Of Egypt begins with an explosive combat scene where CIA agent Bill Murphy is rescued by Special Operations Assassin Captain David Anderson. A trust is forged and the two become involved in the CIA's secret war funded by heroin produced in the Golden Triangle. After leaving the CIA the two become drug lords who use contacts in Laos, Burma, Thailand and Hong Kong to make millions in the heroin trade. The story spins in a new direction when a turf war is begun by Hong Kong's triad societies, leading to a violent conclusion. Historical accuracy and graphic military encounters keep the excitement action packed and moving in every sequence.

Title: The Anarchist

Logline: In a world freefalling into anarchy, a young woman barters her humanity for the power to hunt down the man who slaughtered her friends, family, and fiance on her wedding day.

Synopsis: The Anarchist is an action-adventure, fantasy story in the vein of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. It is primarily set in a mythologized version of England from 1132-1135. This is a period known as The Anarchy. Templar Loring de Troyes embodies the brutality of the age. Loring kills Xifra's father during the Crusades. She is then captured and shipped to Sanctushire, a fortified city. Once there, she begins tutoring Robert FitzPhilip, the city's future-ruler. The two of them fall in love. Loring arrives in Sanctushire and swears to level the city. On Xifra and Robert's wedding day, Loring makes good on his promise. He and his army barricade the Sanctustrians in the church and set it on fire. Xifra is the city's sole survivor. She seeks out Juliana, a shape-shifting sorceress. Juliana helps transform Xifra into something more than human. This gives Xifra the power to avenge her loved ones. Xifra ultimately becomes a vampire to save her world from a fiery end at Loring's hands.

Title: Whack Job

Logline: This screenplay is a breakout. It's a hip ACTION-COMEDY that combines the momentum of a Robert Rodriguez flick with the homespun characterizations of the Coen Brothers.

Synopsis: Detective John Isher is notorious for 2 things: his famous undercover disguises and his stamp of being solely responsible for the coup d'etat in Zebraville, a nightmarish island in Florida that now boils in limbo. When an overlooked stash of new wave narcotics there is brought to In-Land Police's attention, Detectives McKennon and Joia conspire to send Isher back to Zebraville. His mission: recover the drugs without a single shot fired. But when Isher's cover is blown, McKennon's only hope becomes his biggest mistake. Now Isher is pitted against a bevy of hilariously violent criminals and the elusive Mr. Nero Pedaggi -- the rightful owner of the narcotics who is expected by In-Land Police to be on the same mission. Toward the end of this action-drenched story there is a twist... And just when we think all is well in Zebraville again, a new mission is unveiled.

Title: Scan Eagle

Logline: When a sailor's girlfriend is exposed to be associated with the nation's most wanted fugitive he finds himself in the middle of a CIA operation gone astray.

Synopsis: A scan eagle aircraft takes off from a U.S. destroyer as Will, a Navy sailor, drives a small boat along side the destroyer. CIA agents watch Adam through the scan eagle's camera. Will and Mara take four civilians ashore but soon find out they are CIA when one of them, Chase, returns to the boat with a gun shot wound. Will, Mara and Chase trace the previous day's events leading them to a woman. As Chase talks with the woman he receives a call informing him Mara works for Adam. The woman on the boat is assasinated and Will, Mara and Chase are forced to flee to Rome to meet with Adam. Enroute Chase devises a plan to catch Adam but is trick and Adam leaves Rome with Mara. Will and Chase track Adam and Mara to Nassau where they are attending a charity dinner. Adam talks with an Arabian man as Will discovers Mara is on his side. Adam discovers Mara's betrayal and takes her to his yacht. Will and Chase track Adam to his yacht where they rescue Mara and kill Adam.

Title: The Rival

Logline: A rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death.

Synopsis: I recently completed a final polishing of my original screenplay entitled The Rival, and would like to submit it for your consideration. Logline: In Nero's Rome, Christians are being persecuted and the rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death. A new gladiator champion emerges and seeks revenge against Nero. She becomes one woman against the Roman Empire. It is an original story that touches on every human emotion and involves faith, action, and beauty.

Title: Fugue

Logline: Felix Dehaven is an under cover cop who has been injured in the line of duty. During his tenure at the hospital, Felix dissapears without a trace. Felix family and friends are worried sick.

Synopsis: Felix is a victim of a mental disorder called Fugue. Felix leaves Philadelphia and wanders to another city. He has no memory of who he is while under the spell of Fugue. Later on he snaps out of it and returns back to Philadelphia. He has no recollection of what took place while he was in Detroit. He will soon find out the hard way. Dean blames Felix for the death of his brother. Other members of his crew have warned him that Felix is a cop, and they should leave Felix be. Dean doesn't care and has other plans. Richard Stern was Philadelphia's biggest drug dealer, until Felix ruined everything for him in a drug bust. Richard was lucky to get away, and is now a fugitive of the Law. Despite the disadvantage he has, Richard wants Felix to pay for his betrayal. He too will stop at nothing to kill Felix. Gloria Valdez is a female member of the Detroit Mafia. She has to track down the theives that robbed her boss. Felix is number one on her list of suspects.

Title: Katana

Logline: A young martial arts student stumbles across an antique Japanese samurai sword that begins to take possession of him, and lead him into deadly conflict.

Synopsis: Kai Yoshida, a teen-ager living in a modern day US city, is a descendant of ancient samurai warriors. His passion for martial arts leads him to acquire a very old samurai sword, and he soon finds himself being drawn into fighting for his very life against deadly manifestations from the past in the form of ancient warriors sent to test his battle skills with the katana. More and more he is drawn toward some sort of unknown, mystic destiny.


Logline: Friday, November 22, 1963: that was the day, hours earlier, when Dallas Detective Harry Radic's partner informed him of a plot to kill President Kennedy.

Synopsis: The Zapruder film of the president being shot became famous. But Harry Radic did not become famous - at least not for a long time and that was when, unlike the martyred president, he came back from the dead. Or so it seemed. That unforgettable 22nd was a warm sunny day in Dallas. Forecasters had predicted cooler weather but the weather got hot. For Harry, too hot. Before Kennedy's plane landed, Harry Radic had it made: he was a tough, rugged Dallas detective with a beautiful wife, two wonderful kids and a nice comfortable home in the suburbs. Yes, Harry had it made until President Kennedy came to town and got shot. Then Harry's happy-go-lucky world was turned upside down! A Time for Dying is Canadian playwright John Yeo's take on how it could have happened. It is a "what if?" scenario, an exciting 140 page (28,000 word) script about how a plot to kill President Kennedy went awry. Rod Drown is pleased to act as Agent for John. You can read Jo

Title: Xochitl

Logline: A young innocent girl discovers her inner sexual seductiveness in order to infiltrate a drug cartel responsible for the murder of her parents.

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of Mexico's drug wars,XOCHITL is the story of an innocent young girl who becomes an alluring temptress. Forced to flee for her life after her family is murdered by a notorious drug cartel, Xochitl[pronounced So-chee] discovers that her sex appeal and wits are the tools of survival in the underworld of a Mexican border town where life is cheap. Her journey involves a diverse cast of characters who are instrumental in shaping her destiny-a dramatic confrontation with the Capo who ordered the killing of her parents. A coming of age story of a modern day femme fatale. WGA 1417915.

Title: The Cajun Sniper

Logline: One of the CIA's best snipers unleashes his wrath on organized crime in New Orleans.

Synopsis: Jacques Boudreaux protects an old friend and her daughter from the mob after she is a victim of a botched hit job. He hides them among his friends in a small fishing community in the beautiful southeast Louisiana swamps. After he nurses her back to health, he transforms into a predator and begins the hunt for her assassins. He stalks and savagely eliminates the men who attacked her, but the fight of his life still awaits him. Unknowingly, his private war destroys the lucrative revenue source of a corrupt FBI Supervisor. The table turns, and Boudreaux becomes the prey. With the help of his local friends and his knowledge of the local terrain, he evades the FBI's snare. He then lures them into a trap where they discover that they underestimated this simple Cajun. Registered WGAw No. 1048323