Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Black Sunday: The Ploesti Raid

Logline: An Airborne Charge of the Light Brigade

Synopsis: 1,700 American airmen fly a politically motivated suicide mission against Hitler's oil refinery: the most heavily defended target in Europe, more heavily defended than Berlin. Flying from Africa to Bucharest in 178 B-24s, the men of the Army Air Force bomb at 50 feet off the ground. 53 planes don't come back. In the tradition of 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Letters from Iwo Jima'--Black Sunday: The Ploesti Raid--a gripping story of planning, courage, cowardice, humor and horror in the air and on the ground--one pilot even becomes the captive of a royal princess. The most amazing fact--everything in the story is true. One author is a first lieutenant in the United States Air Force flying B52s. The other is a published author having just completed 'Goliad-The Other Alamo' with a previous screenplay read by Castle Rock. wga# 1174559

Title: Second Place Hero

Logline: (A Nicholl Semifinalist) A bipolar theater geek heads to school and gets thrust into a role he never expected to play: a real-life hero who must stop a band of goons from kidnapping a fellow classmate

Synopsis: It is my privilege to share with you my 2013 Nicholl Semifinalist (and Top-Rated Black List) script, Second Place Hero. If I had to describe my script in seven words, it would be: "Imagine if John Hughes wrote Die Hard." A Black List reader called Second Place Hero "evocative of early Shane Black: pitch black comedy and high-octane action," with villains that "rank right up there with Hans Gruber." From another Black List reader: "This is a strongly imagined script that creates a unique and highly visual world that feels fully fleshed out and consistent, which speaks to the author's unique voice and vision. The script has a great sense of wit and a dark comic streak that makes for an exciting plot whose direction is difficult to predict." I thank you for a piece of your busy time, and for your consideration, and I hope you'll agree with the Black List reader who declared: "this (Second Place Hero) deserves to be seen." Sincerely,

Title: Great Game: 21st Century

Logline: A CIA operative works with a local KGB agent in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan to fight an armed Islamic rebellion backed by Iran. A high-stakes military and intelligence services action

Synopsis: I have written an action thriller script about a high-stakes geopolitical game between the US/Israel and Iran played out in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. I am very familiar with the current situation in the region and believe that the script reflects a real possibility. Iranians are using religious groups to incite a coup in Azerbaijan, and the US and Israel help the secular and pro-western forces in Azerbaijan fight these elements. The story revolves around three dynamic characters: Ted, a CIA operative, Eldar, his Azeri counterpart and Aysel, Ted's former girlfriend and a political activist. It is up to this trio to prevent the establishment of another Islamic republic. I believe this will be a very relevant theme for the current geopolitical situation because of Iran's nuclear ambitions and their continuous support for religious extremists, the tense relations between Russia and US , Israel-Iran animosity and the real possibility of such a scenario in Azerbaijan.

Title: Hard to Swallow

Logline: An impassive upright police officer in the heart of Las Angeles tries to incarcerate a troubled antisocial who shows clarity for both through the chase.

Synopsis: Once Officer Bryan Freeland arrives back from vacation, the hard nosed individual encounters his toughest dilemma in the force. Going after a heavily confused character named Philip North. Both arriving back from the same resort and both being rookies in their roles as criminal vs. lawman, the battleground appears to be equal. Bryan at first wants to bring in Philip with no hidden remorse. Philip on the other hand tries to get Bryan to listen with irrelevant dialogue about society's behaviors. Throughout the way, Mr. North displays acts of vandalism which gets the attention of Bryan's boss Richard who in turn wants to sentence Philip to death by lethal injection. Seeing this as an unfair punishment for Philip's actions, Bryan tries to help Philip in this catch 22. In the end, the two discover why they wake up in the morning.

Title: 10 Days in Paradise

Logline: A sister's childhood dream turns into a nightmare when she becomes entangled with a vicious drug lord, and is forced to smuggle drugs out of Colombia to pay off a debt.

Synopsis: Since childhood Carol and Christy have planned to have princess weddings and the two made a pact to help each other if necessary to make their dream come true. Now Christy's big day was being threatened. In order to save her sister's dream, Carol offers to provide the needed funds to her sister. However, she will not have the money in time for the wedding deadline. She decides to borrow the money knowing that she can repay it with the funds from a company sale bonus she is sure to receive within a month. Carol's only challenge now is where she can borrow the money on such short notice. While talking about her dilemma with her good friend Goldie Morris, a part time waitress at Jakes Diner, Goldie recommends a friend of a friend that might help her. The only problem is that he's a loan shark. Not wanting her sister to be disappointed, Carol agrees to take out the loan.

Title: First and Second Assignments (screenplay)

Logline: FIRST AND SECOND ASSIGNMENTS It's a journey through elusive world of criminals by a hit man using guts, tact and ruthlessness in tension filled escapades to rid society of them.

Synopsis: Ike the hit man in high paced actions rids society of her criminal scum. In the first assignment he is hired by Mafia don Nicholai to eliminate his uncle don Marino. Marino also hires him to kill Nicholai. He ends up killing both and wiping out their entire organizations. In the second assignment he is kidnapped by a clandestine organization that planned to control and dominate the world. They wanted to utilize his expertise, but he takes out all the members from don Callisto to top government officials and high ranking military officers from various countries. Their final encounter took place in the north pole. The government hat trained him before and they sanctioned all his assignments.


Logline: A former Marine is trained by 'The School of Assassins' to protect a businessman. When the Marine assassinates the wrong target, 'The School' is hired to destroy the former Marine and his family.

Synopsis: THE SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS is a dramatic action screenplay about Ciro, a former US Marine Sniper who has trouble finding work to support his family. A job is offered to protect a wealthy business owner, whose life is targeted by a former partner turned rival. Ciro is sent to 'The School of Assassins'- a group of mercenary instructors, and trained to assassinate the rival businessman. When Ciro assassinates the wrong target, 'The School of Assassins' is hired to destroy Ciro and his family. Director Mark Nicholson read this script and replied: "Flows very nicely from start to finish, I'm a fan. Perfect ending." Mark has directed viral films which receive approx. 1.2 million views per month on YouTube and Vimeo. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. Thank you for your consideration.

Title: Road Damage

Logline: JP is running a nice little business investigating insurance fraud and the odd marital indiscretion when he's sucked into a world of sex, drugs, rock & roll and murder.

Synopsis: David Mayron is a music superstar and people are dying all around him. The police say accidents but Mayron says murder and he's sure he's on the list. He hires JP Ortiz to do what the police won't. The music loving PI finds his peaceful life turned upside down as he tracks clues from the desert to the sea. When he questions the mysterious and sexy Jennifer things spin out of control and he ends up in her bed. Chased by armed thugs on ATV's, the target of an assassin on the Ferris wheel high above the Santa Monica Pier and framed for murder, JP must gather his wits in a desparate battle as he finds himself targeted between killer and client. WGAw#1031320

Title: East Of Egypt

Logline: Logline: Caught up in the CIA's secret drug wars in Asia two ex-CIA agents become drug lords who struggle to survive a turf war with the Hong Kong triads.

Synopsis: East Of Egypt begins with an explosive combat scene where CIA agent Bill Murphy is rescued by Special Operations Assassin Captain David Anderson. A trust is forged and the two become involved in the CIA's secret war funded by heroin produced in the Golden Triangle. After leaving the CIA the two become drug lords who use contacts in Laos, Burma, Thailand and Hong Kong to make millions in the heroin trade. The story spins in a new direction when a turf war is begun by Hong Kong's triad societies, leading to a violent conclusion. Historical accuracy and graphic military encounters keep the excitement action packed and moving in every sequence.

Title: Hitmen

Logline: "I am not an evil man. But I am far from a good one. You will not like me, nor should you. I am a hitman." -The Assassin

Synopsis: A hitman, known only as The Assassin, is hired by an English gun-runner to kill one of the top assassins in the world. The job seemed simply enough. Go in, silently dispense of the target, and get out. But when the terrorist hires his own hitman, the one who killed The Assassin's wife and daughter, to kill him, the two assassin's are forced into car chases, gun battles and a final confrontation in a fiery night club. As if that was not bad enough, a third assassin seeks to kill both The Assassin and The Turk, for his own personal reasons. It is a story about death, betrayal, and greed. It is a story about Hitmen.