Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: The Outcasts

Logline: After being turned into freaks of evolution, four boys finally escape from a lab and into a country dictated by corrupt governments.

Synopsis: For decades, corrupt governments, searching for power, have destroyed many lives with experimentation in their attempt to reach seven formulas that will evolve man into a powerful being. They called it Project Nemesis. Finally, in the year 2054, the governments proceed to create their last four formulas of evolutions after Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl survive new antigen solutions. But the boys escape just before Project Nemesis is completed. Now, rewards are offered for the capture of Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl as they try to return to their normal lives.


Logline: Battling for rescue, the antagonism between Jack and Gala gives them an edge against cartel gunmen after their sloop is deliberately sunk.

Synopsis: Jack and Gala, polar opposites, meet for the first time on a weekend cruise aboard a sloop in the Gulf of Mexico. They take an instant dislike to each other. The sloop sails into forbidden waters and is attacked and sunk by a rogue military fighter. Jack and Gala, the lone survivors, drift for days in the ship's dinghy but their antagonism eventually changes into feelings for each other. The pair washes up on an island thought to be desolate but they discover the island is infested with crime cartel mercenaries. After a failed escape attempt aboard a yacht, they are unexpectedly rescued by U.S. Marines. Their passion for each other wanes and they part only to be reunited through a magazine interview. Their relationship again snags when Gala drags Jack into her gambling addiction. With her personal possessions repossessed, Jack nearly goes broke settling her gambling debt - a futile expression of his love. Then, remembering what it was like against the odds, she opens her heart.

Title: The Ark

Logline: I submit this logline for your consideration: A billionaire creates a floating city to preserve mankind but when his focus shifts to saving the world his followers take action

Synopsis: The year 2025. Natural resources have nearly been depleted. Overused nuclear factories fail, and produce huge amounts of waste which finds its way into the wrong hands. The resulting pollution, nuclear attacks and poverty have changed the world considerably. One city remains unaffected by the sign of the times: Eden, a floating city created by a billionaire Samuel. But paradise is a front. When Agent Michael Barret receives an anonymous call for help from Eden he goes undercover. Posing as a cameraman he joins Vicky, a famous reporter and the only one allowed to interview Samuel. He discovers secret laboratories where workers and soldiers are cloned, and a new weapon: A huge Antenna Array capable of creating powerful ELF-waves that can make people go mad or that can cause earthquakes and Tsunamis. It's with this weapon that Rainard, the captain of the ship, is destroying mankind. With the help of Samuel's daughter, who sent the call for help, Michael has to find a way to destroy it

Title: I'm Nobody

Logline: When a heartless inmate is approached by an ex-girlfriend to find her missing daughter, his struggles to bring her home forces him to wage war against the man that took her.

Synopsis: After almost twenty-two years in prison. Tommy Justice is up for parole again. On the way to the hearing he has an altercation with another prisoner that causes the parole board to deny him one more time. Later that night, Mandy Edwards, a spoiled little girl, slip away to a club in San Francisco without telling her mother. She soon meets the man of her dreams, who is also the man that makes her disappear. Her mother Deanna, who happens to be Tommy's ex-girlfriend, not wanting to go to the police calls upon an old family friend, Hubert Raymond the head of the parole board to have Tommy released. Tommy is not willing to help until Raymond informs him to go or get ten years added on. His efforts to find Mandy takes him half way around the world where he uncovers a town of sex trades and human trafficking. With the help of a few old friends, he wages war against the man and the town where she's being held.


Logline: When ruthless human traffickers kidnapped a daughter he didn't know he had, a recently released killer must confront the demons from his past in order to save her.

Synopsis: Tommy Justice is a tough as nails killer who spent 22 years behind bars after committing double murder. After half his life behind bars, he now tries to start a new life. It all changes when a run in with an ex-girlfriend, Daniela Biaz. The one face that has haunted him for years is asking for help to find her missing daughter who disappeared the night before. After a visit to the hotel she stayed at and the night club partied in. He learns his quest will take him halfway around the world to see a surprising place and a familiar face. A face he hoped he’d never see again, his father’s. He soon gains allies to take on a band of cutthroats and sex traffickers in the Russian Mob to find the girl and bring her home. How can a man be so ruthless and deadly for a girl he’s never met? He’s not hunting Daniela’s daughter, he’s hunting his own. How does a father measure a love for a daughter he never knew he had? With pure, blinding, violence.


Logline: Three highly-trained assassins unite to quash their former employer's mind control conspiracy - which has turned humanity into a bunch of unsuspecting "puppets."

Synopsis: US Copyright # PAu 3-642-741 I've written a fast-paced action/thriller that's the first of a trilogy. Below is a short synopsis: "A large covert organization has built a subliminal mind control network that is connected to every human's mind, allowing them to instantly make anyone do anything they wish - and CAROLINA, her sister and her lover are the only ones who can enlighten the world to this conspiracy, therefore rendering the network useless." Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration. Best,

Title: Fail-Safe

Logline: A young spy, along with a group of operatives, must put his genius mind to the test in order to rescue a kidnapped biochemist and his daughter and prevent the release of a deadly virus in a week.

Synopsis: Michael, a young twenty-two year old agent working for the IFSTF(Intelligence Fail-Safe Task Force) is given another dangerous mission to complete. When a biochemist and his daughter are kidnapped, he and his team of misfits are assigned the job of rescuing them. But he's hesitant to take the mission, citing a lack of information as a serious barriet to completing the job. They rescue the biochemist and learns that his daughter is still missing, not to mention that the kidnappers are global terrorist plotting to release a fatal virus--one created by the biochemist accidentally. The mission becomes impossibly dangerous when Michael is kidnapped by the terrorist. Now he must rescue the daughter as well as find a way to rescue himself all before the quickly approaching release date of the virus.


Logline: A troubled undercover FBI agent looking to bust a money laundering scheme, infiltrates a violent drug gang in Chicago, only to find out his younger brother is one of the prime suspects.

Synopsis: "Young Money" takes you inside the crime world of Chicago's south side. Juicy is a crime lord and leader of the violent gang called Young Money. This million-dollar-a-week generating drug trafficking organization, also deals with money laundering. The FBI sends Special Agent Dallas Hill undercover to take down Juicy and his team. As Hill becomes part of Juicy's life and gets involved with his crew, Dallas finds out that his younger brother, Mayer, is also a member of the Young Money...which forces Dallas to make the hard choice between family or the law.

Title: Assassination

Logline: When diagnosed with a terminal illness, a hard-working man is forced to make a decision: die and leave his family with insurmountable bills or perform an assassination for the government.

Synopsis: I'd like to bring to your attention a hot action screenplay entitled Assassination - the story of a hard-working man who finds himself in an impossible situation. While going for a routine company physical, Charlie Kisner, a former US Army marksman, learns that he has inoperable cancer and will be dead in months. Unsure of how to provide for his wife and two young children, he is approached by the NSA to perform an assassination of a "threat to national security" - kill one man and his family will be secure forever. With seemingly no other option, Charlie accepts. The story is filled with twists and turns that have Charlie shocked at the identity of his target and who is behind the conspiracy. If you would like to read Assassination, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the script (either as a PDF or a hard copy) at your request. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Logline: Fate forces a former soldier from the normal routine he has created into a life-and-death race to find a mysterious briefcase and exchange it for the woman he loves.

Synopsis: Greg Burns thought his old life was in the past. He was a former Special Ops soldier who traded in that life for normal routine of an everyday businessman. As Greg leaves work through a parking garage and prepares for a week-long vacation with his fiance, he is shocked to watch an old friend gunned down in cold blood. Greg finds himself thrust into a lethal race against the clock to recover a mysterious briefcase. Unfortunately, everyone Greg encounters along his way is after the same thing and more than happy to kill him to obtain it. In order to save the life of the woman he loves, Greg must return to a life he thought he buried and deliver the case, but will that really end this bizarre series of events and keep his love alive? Even when his task is completed, Greg finds his agony is not. When he faces his tormentor, Greg learns that sometimes the truth is worse than even his darkest imagination. WGA Registered #1061913