Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Leverage

Logline: A second generation CEO ROBERT MURDOCK, allows a series of terrorist type acts to play out, in a desperate attempt to pull his corporation out of the red.

Synopsis: With a plan of redemption, three missions are planed against various commodity markets to give the struggling corporation leverage to earn income and keep shareholders happy. A diverse group of mercenaries are recruited to complete the missions. After the second mission a federal investigation is launched due to the dramatic increase in revenue and attention to the corporation. As the third domestic mission is played out, an ambush takes place from different perspectives. The pursuit is on with a vengeance to tie up loose ends. In an effort towards prosecution, some participants are eliminated, while others are rescued. The strong and skilled, survive to live another day.

Title: Bajadores

Logline: An embattled Sheriff is forced to lead a group of inexperienced deputies against a sophisticated Mexican crime syndicate in order to save a once peaceful town in middle-America.

Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Jacob Burke has got it all: a great job, a gorgeous wife, and a new baby on the way. But his poor judgment has led to the ultimate loss. Unable to cope, Jacob quits the Bureau and moves back to where he and his wife grew up, Redemption County, Iowa. Three years later, Jacob is a recovering alcoholic shuffling through life as a self-pitying Sheriff in a dull small town. Meanwhile, Marcos, a charming sociopath who heads a drug syndicate, is released from prison. Eager to revolutionize the future of smuggling, he devises an ingenious plan to move his operation into the largely defenseless heartland. Unfortunately for Redemption County, where go the drugs, so go the vicious home invasion rip crews. Determined to make right his wrongs and save his town, Jacob sets off on a mission to take down Marcos and his entire crew.

Title: Fugue

Logline: Felix Dehaven is an under cover cop who has been injured in the line of duty. During his tenure at the hospital, Felix dissapears without a trace. Felix family and friends are worried sick.

Synopsis: Felix is a victim of a mental disorder called Fugue. Felix leaves Philadelphia and wanders to another city. He has no memory of who he is while under the spell of Fugue. Later on he snaps out of it and returns back to Philadelphia. He has no recollection of what took place while he was in Detroit. He will soon find out the hard way. Dean blames Felix for the death of his brother. Other members of his crew have warned him that Felix is a cop, and they should leave Felix be. Dean doesn't care and has other plans. Richard Stern was Philadelphia's biggest drug dealer, until Felix ruined everything for him in a drug bust. Richard was lucky to get away, and is now a fugitive of the Law. Despite the disadvantage he has, Richard wants Felix to pay for his betrayal. He too will stop at nothing to kill Felix. Gloria Valdez is a female member of the Detroit Mafia. She has to track down the theives that robbed her boss. Felix is number one on her list of suspects.

Title: Women's War I : Death to Marriage/Free the Jacks

Logline: A war between women erupts when Gracie and her rebels start kidnapping married men. L.T. and her rag-tag platoon cross the Phoenix desert to track down Gracie and "free the jacks."

Synopsis: Gracie and her successful, single friends grow tired of complaining "all the best men are taken." Instead, they decide to take all the best men. Their motto: "Death to marriage." The Gracies track down athletes, doctors, actors, firemen - grabbing the best of the bunch and hustling them off to "Jack Ranches." Just when it seems nothing can stop the AK-47-wielding outlaw ladies, a rag-tag Army of "good girls" forms. The L.T., a hardened, tight-lipped warrior, sets out to track Gracie in the deserts outside Phoenix. The L.T.'s platoon: Google, the resident genius; Doc, plastic surgeon-turned-cokehead; tough stoner Screech; poet Meg/Peg/Egg; musclehead Mango; biker Hardly Davidson; and Scallion, the lone male in the company. Things get personal when Carlo - the L.T.'s man - is taken. Can the L.T. and her looney desert rats to stop the Gracies, save Carlo and free the jacks?

Title: Whack Job

Logline: This screenplay is a breakout. It's a hip ACTION-COMEDY that combines the momentum of a Robert Rodriguez flick with the homespun characterizations of the Coen Brothers.

Synopsis: Detective John Isher is notorious for 2 things: his famous undercover disguises and his stamp of being solely responsible for the coup d'etat in Zebraville, a nightmarish island in Florida that now boils in limbo. When an overlooked stash of new wave narcotics there is brought to In-Land Police's attention, Detectives McKennon and Joia conspire to send Isher back to Zebraville. His mission: recover the drugs without a single shot fired. But when Isher's cover is blown, McKennon's only hope becomes his biggest mistake. Now Isher is pitted against a bevy of hilariously violent criminals and the elusive Mr. Nero Pedaggi -- the rightful owner of the narcotics who is expected by In-Land Police to be on the same mission. Toward the end of this action-drenched story there is a twist... And just when we think all is well in Zebraville again, a new mission is unveiled.

Title: Underestimated

Logline: A group of handicapped men, locked up in a high security facility since birth, start to question the real reaosn they are there when one of the men finds out he has super human powers.

Synopsis: JASON, a palsied man that shakes uncontrollably, and three other handicapped men, have lived their entire lives in a high security facility ran by a dark and secretive DOCTOR. Their daily routine is interupted when JASON accidentally discovers he has the ability to move at super human speeds. The DOCTOR, in an attempt to clear JASON's head of any thought of being "special", utilizes the torture skills of his security captain, MATHESON. BETH, a nurse in the fcility that has been lead to believe the men she cares for are too dangerous to be set free into the world, starts to question the real reason these men have been locked up. JASON and BETH have to figure out a way to get them and the three other men out of the facility. In order to do that JASON needs to learn to control his super powers and find out what secrets are hidden inside his three life long friends and roommates. But locked away deep in the facility, the DOCTOR has a secret of his own. WGA Reg#1292983

Title: Assassination

Logline: When diagnosed with a terminal illness, a hard-working man is forced to make a decision: die and leave his family with insurmountable bills or perform an assassination for the government.

Synopsis: I'd like to bring to your attention a hot action screenplay entitled Assassination - the story of a hard-working man who finds himself in an impossible situation. While going for a routine company physical, Charlie Kisner, a former US Army marksman, learns that he has inoperable cancer and will be dead in months. Unsure of how to provide for his wife and two young children, he is approached by the NSA to perform an assassination of a "threat to national security" - kill one man and his family will be secure forever. With seemingly no other option, Charlie accepts. The story is filled with twists and turns that have Charlie shocked at the identity of his target and who is behind the conspiracy. If you would like to read Assassination, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the script (either as a PDF or a hard copy) at your request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Title: Hitmen

Logline: "I am not an evil man. But I am far from a good one. You will not like me, nor should you. I am a hitman." -The Assassin

Synopsis: A hitman, known only as The Assassin, is hired by an English gun-runner to kill one of the top assassins in the world. The job seemed simply enough. Go in, silently dispense of the target, and get out. But when the terrorist hires his own hitman, the one who killed The Assassin's wife and daughter, to kill him, the two assassin's are forced into car chases, gun battles and a final confrontation in a fiery night club. As if that was not bad enough, a third assassin seeks to kill both The Assassin and The Turk, for his own personal reasons. It is a story about death, betrayal, and greed. It is a story about Hitmen.

Title: Raged Innocence

Logline: After witnessing the brutal rape and murder of his mother, an 11 year old boy grows into the ultimate underground fighter and waits 14 years to confront his mother's attacker.

Synopsis: In 1996, 11 year old TY COOPER, witnesses the brutal rape and murder of his mother. The killer, JACOB, a psychotic leader of a ruthless biker gang preying on small surrounding towns, is planning to mover his operation into the big city and take over the local drug ring. His plan, though, is put on hold when he is captured and sentenced to 14 years in a maximum security prison for murder. 14 years later, Jacob walks out of prison a free man and picks up where he left off, moving his drug operation into the city. Ty, lives in the city making his living as one of the best underground fighters on the circuit. Soon, Ty begins wreaking havoc on Jacob's operation in order to confront his sworn enemy. With Ty's persistent disruptions, dissension grows and Jacob begins to lose control of himself and his gang. In the end, Ty and Jacob faceoff in the ultimate fight for power and revenge leaving one man dead and an outlaw biker gang unraveling.

Title: PriestBots

Logline: PriestBots, the Vatican's robot priests, get hijacked by a thief and a computer hacker duo, and it's up to a cop posing as priest to stop the PriestBots before their crime spree goes international.

Synopsis: The arrival of a new PriestBot at a church in Brooklyn, New York, stokes the criminal imagination of Vinny, a thief who attends Mass weekly with his mother for the sole purpose of stealing from the collection money. Meanwhile, Father Perry, suspecting foul play at the root of the consistently low collection money amounts, gets Detective Truman Charles to pose as a priest and snoop around the church. Vinny teams up with a computer hacker, Rambi, who, upon seeing the technological capabilities of the PriestBot, has broader financial ambitions than stealing wallets and poor box money. Rambi commandeers all the PriestBots in Brooklyn and is poised to sell them to unsavory international characters. Truman's determination to save a man before he gets caught in the crossfire of the situation pits Truman against a computer hacker with a killer instinct and twelve deadly PriestBots.