Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Fugue

Logline: Felix Dehaven is an under cover cop who has been injured in the line of duty. During his tenure at the hospital, Felix dissapears without a trace. Felix family and friends are worried sick.

Synopsis: Felix is a victim of a mental disorder called Fugue. Felix leaves Philadelphia and wanders to another city. He has no memory of who he is while under the spell of Fugue. Later on he snaps out of it and returns back to Philadelphia. He has no recollection of what took place while he was in Detroit. He will soon find out the hard way. Dean blames Felix for the death of his brother. Other members of his crew have warned him that Felix is a cop, and they should leave Felix be. Dean doesn't care and has other plans. Richard Stern was Philadelphia's biggest drug dealer, until Felix ruined everything for him in a drug bust. Richard was lucky to get away, and is now a fugitive of the Law. Despite the disadvantage he has, Richard wants Felix to pay for his betrayal. He too will stop at nothing to kill Felix. Gloria Valdez is a female member of the Detroit Mafia. She has to track down the theives that robbed her boss. Felix is number one on her list of suspects.

Title: Maccabeus

Logline: The true story of the fight for Jewish independence under Judas Maccabeus.

Synopsis: In 160 B.C., Antiochus Epiphanes, king of the Seluecid Empire, enters Jerusalem under a flag of truce. Once inside the city, however, he unleashes his army and a massacre begins. Those not killed are enslaved. The Jewish people are once again a captive nation. Antiochus conquers Judea and makes the inhabitants throw aside their religion and customs, and makes them worship his gods and follow Greek customs. Those few who do not obey Antiochus are killed. In the village of Modin, a priest named Mattathias refuses to worship Antiochus' god, Zeus. When a general in Antiochus' army is killed attempting to force Mattathias into offering a sacrifice to Zeus, Mattathias and his five sons, now renegades, flee into the hills and start a rebellion to free Judea from Antiochus. Upon the death of Mattathias, his son, Judas Maccabeus - "The Hammerer" - becomes leader of the rebellion. He leads his army against foe after foe for one objective: freedom.

Title: Guns and Angels-The Queen of Oceans

Logline: May the winds be your wings; To prevent his girlfriend`s death, a man is forced to draw her closer to her death

Synopsis: Curtis, a hip hop superstar, finds himself soaking in memories concerning the death of his true love, a death that he caused. He meets Jack, a sagacious old man, sent by a Higher Authority, who takes him back in time; with music, in ten days, Curtis must rescue Tanya from emotional wreckage before commits suicide. Love must flow from his heart, into the microphone, and make its way to Tanya`s heart. If he succeeds, they will live happily ever after. Tough love defines his mission. Should his shady past catch up with him, guns will come in handy Curtis is not told that Tanya is now the Ocean Queen, God`s promise to the Oceans, overriding the darkness caused by lost souls. From her breath, the ocean creatures now live. She however had an immature death and came to the oceans with a broken heart, which got heavy until she sank to the floor. She is dying, only a song, deep, can heal her wounds. Angels have no rest, Curtis` past catches up, high school dramas jeopardize the mission

Title: JeanDo

Logline: An FBI agent,handpicked by the US President to investigate the assassination of journalist Jean DOMINIQUE,is caught in a dangerous love triangle,political intrigues and a family affair:his family.

Synopsis: Jean DOMINIQUE is the journalist whom Johnathan DEMME(Silence of the Lambs) worked with for his 2003 film (The Agronomist). The story begins in November 1987 on the eve of the massacre of the first post-Duvalier elections. Dominique accuses,condemns the Haitian military and their accomplices. He helps his American friends,a childless couple adopt the miracle newborn of a dying wounded voter. Leopold grows up in luxury and in the love of the couple as DOMINIQUE continues to denounce the corruption and crimes of the rich and powerful few. On April 3rd,2000, two young men are roommates when Dominique is assassinated and they later become US President and President-elect of Haiti in 2017 by which time Leopold McLintaugh is well established as a fourth generation FBI agent. The US President handpicks him to investigate the journalist's assassination. The young agent uses an unorthodox method and finds out,in the aftermath,who his biological father really is...was? WGAw: 1629554

Title: Road Damage

Logline: JP is running a nice little business investigating insurance fraud and the odd marital indiscretion when he's sucked into a world of sex, drugs, rock & roll and murder.

Synopsis: David Mayron is a music superstar and people are dying all around him. The police say accidents but Mayron says murder and he's sure he's on the list. He hires JP Ortiz to do what the police won't. The music loving PI finds his peaceful life turned upside down as he tracks clues from the desert to the sea. When he questions the mysterious and sexy Jennifer things spin out of control and he ends up in her bed. Chased by armed thugs on ATV's, the target of an assassin on the Ferris wheel high above the Santa Monica Pier and framed for murder, JP must gather his wits in a desparate battle as he finds himself targeted between killer and client. WGAw#1031320

Title: Jaxx

Logline: In the near future, the corrupt Mayor of a major metropolis sends the legendary J.J. Jaxx into the nightmarish world of the feral gangs to rescue his kidnapped wife.

Synopsis: The Mayor's wife has been kidnapped by the most feared gang in the city. His own armed forces sent in to rescue her have not returned. With no option left to him, the Mayor reluctantly enlists the aid of legendary bad-ass J.J. Jaxx and promises him anything if he can safely return her to him. Alone and unarmed, Jaxx makes his way into the nightmarish area of the city known as 'Hell-Town' and though vastly outnumbered, he still manages to raid the gang's hide-out and flees into the night with the Mayor's wife Alexandra in tow. But when the Mayor retrieves the damning evidence of his illegal dealings his wife had hidden before her abduction, he realizes he no longer needs her alive and posts a bounty on both their heads. And the chase is on. It is now open season on Jaxx and Alexandra with every gang and civilian in Hell-Town vying for the reward. Dead or alive.

Title: Road to Honor

Logline: A betrayed police officer, trapped in a deadly conspiracy and framed with murders he didn't commit, struggles to prove his innocence in a fight that could compromise his life.

Synopsis: The genre of our screenplay is action adventure/thriller. The story centers on a Hong Kong detective - Li Tian Lone. When Li is sent to Tokyo to help capture two notorious drug lords, he becomes trapped in a deadly conspiracy when the person he has gone to help betrays him. Framed with murders he didn't commit, forced on the run in a city he doesn't know, he enlists the aid of a Japanese woman - a witness to the murder - to clear his name. Ultimately, they will discover an even bigger conspiracy; find more cunning and ruthless adversaries, in a fight that could compromise their careers, and even their lives. We are film students at UC Riverside. We would appreciate it if you could consider our project. We are very dedicated, hardworking, and we just hope that we could be given a chance to prove ourselves. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to receiving your response. Alex Liu, Darrell Cheng 1147 Linden St., Apt 2 Riverside, CA 92507


Logline: When ruthless human traffickers kidnapped a daughter he didn't know he had, a recently released killer must confront the demons from his past in order to save her.

Synopsis: Tommy Justice is a tough as nails killer who spent 22 years behind bars after committing double murder. After half his life behind bars, he now tries to start a new life. It all changes when a run in with an ex-girlfriend, Daniela Biaz. The one face that has haunted him for years is asking for help to find her missing daughter who disappeared the night before. After a visit to the hotel she stayed at and the night club partied in. He learns his quest will take him halfway around the world to see a surprising place and a familiar face. A face he hoped he’d never see again, his father’s. He soon gains allies to take on a band of cutthroats and sex traffickers in the Russian Mob to find the girl and bring her home. How can a man be so ruthless and deadly for a girl he’s never met? He’s not hunting Daniela’s daughter, he’s hunting his own. How does a father measure a love for a daughter he never knew he had? With pure, blinding, violence.

Title: Snow Bird

Logline: An ex-con mechanic convinces a hobby racer in Northern Wisconsin to rob banks on a souped-up snowmobile during bad weather to thwart police.

Synopsis: In the harsh, snow-laden winters of northern Wisconsin, snowmobiles are a way of life but, ironically, law officers drive cumbersome SUV's to hunt down criminals. Troy Conners is uncatchable.until his partner tries to pull off the mother-of-all-heists and rob the U.S. Bank of Minneapolis on snowmobiles. I am an optioned writer and would like to submit my screenplay, "Snow Bird," for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Carl Ames E-Mail:

Title: North of Baghdad

Logline: Four Canadians travel to Iraq during the war. They accidentally uncover secrets of Saddam's WMD's and immediately become targets of various intelligence agencies and terrorists groups.

Synopsis: April 2003, bombs fall on Baghdad; four young Canadian academics (a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim and a beautiful blonde) arrive in Iraq where they start work as university teachers. The blonde receives a gift of a used laptop captured during a raid on the base of a radical Islamic group. The computer contains evidence of saddam's hidden biological weapons programs and their location. Overnight, the Canadians become targets of terrorists and various intelligence services. Knowing they are pursued, the Canadians split up and embark on three separate routes to escape Iraq, each with a CD containing the information they have discovered.