Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Mind Control USA

Logline: An Intelligence Officer at the Pentagon's mind control facility, which uses satellites and invisible rays to cause bombings in Iraq and worldwide, controls his zombie into stopping the evil Generals.

Synopsis: Evil Generals run a mind control facility at the Pentagon using satellites and magical, high-tech invisible rays to cause mishaps, bombings and brutal wars around the world. In Iraq, gangs of terrorists have their thoughts and actions mind controlled by the program and are induced to plant bombs and commit war crimes. The hero, an Intelligence Officer, works at the facility and has enlisted his mind controlled zombie to shut down the program and stop the evil Generals outright. This is essentially a true, action-adventure political war story.


Logline: A former Marine is trained by 'The School of Assassins' to protect a businessman. When the Marine assassinates the wrong target, 'The School' is hired to destroy the former Marine and his family.

Synopsis: THE SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS is a dramatic action screenplay about Ciro, a former US Marine Sniper who has trouble finding work to support his family. A job is offered to protect a wealthy business owner, whose life is targeted by a former partner turned rival. Ciro is sent to 'The School of Assassins'- a group of mercenary instructors, and trained to assassinate the rival businessman. When Ciro assassinates the wrong target, 'The School of Assassins' is hired to destroy Ciro and his family. Director Mark Nicholson read this script and replied: "Flows very nicely from start to finish, I'm a fan. Perfect ending." Mark has directed viral films which receive approx. 1.2 million views per month on YouTube and Vimeo. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. Thank you for your consideration.

Title: North of Baghdad

Logline: Four Canadians travel to Iraq during the war. They accidentally uncover secrets of Saddam's WMD's and immediately become targets of various intelligence agencies and terrorists groups.

Synopsis: April 2003, bombs fall on Baghdad; four young Canadian academics (a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim and a beautiful blonde) arrive in Iraq where they start work as university teachers. The blonde receives a gift of a used laptop captured during a raid on the base of a radical Islamic group. The computer contains evidence of saddam's hidden biological weapons programs and their location. Overnight, the Canadians become targets of terrorists and various intelligence services. Knowing they are pursued, the Canadians split up and embark on three separate routes to escape Iraq, each with a CD containing the information they have discovered.


Logline: STAY OF EXECUTION A disgraced US Operative is forced to pay for his many past transgressions, when he assaults the wrong man.

Synopsis: James Desmond is on the lam.He has more money than he should because of things he should have never done. His safety depends on keeping a low profile, but when he uncharacteristically stops into a club for a drink, his safe life comes crashing down. When a cocky patron provokes, Desmond flies into a fit of rage, beating the man to within an inch of his life. It turns out the victim's father is a powerful man with revenge on his mind and a method to exact it. When the dust settles, James Desmond is behind bars with nobody to blame but himself. Over the course of the following months, Desmond becomes worn down from the violence that surrounds him. Only now will James learn the difference between good and evil, and take stock of all his past sins, with his life hanging in the balance.

Title: 10 Days in Paradise

Logline: A sister's childhood dream turns into a nightmare when she becomes entangled with a vicious drug lord, and is forced to smuggle drugs out of Colombia to pay off a debt.

Synopsis: Since childhood Carol and Christy have planned to have princess weddings and the two made a pact to help each other if necessary to make their dream come true. Now Christy's big day was being threatened. In order to save her sister's dream, Carol offers to provide the needed funds to her sister. However, she will not have the money in time for the wedding deadline. She decides to borrow the money knowing that she can repay it with the funds from a company sale bonus she is sure to receive within a month. Carol's only challenge now is where she can borrow the money on such short notice. While talking about her dilemma with her good friend Goldie Morris, a part time waitress at Jakes Diner, Goldie recommends a friend of a friend that might help her. The only problem is that he's a loan shark. Not wanting her sister to be disappointed, Carol agrees to take out the loan.

Title: Barca

Logline: One man's childhood oath to destroy the Roman Republic results in a death toll unsurpassed in the history of the empire, sealing the fate of his family, his country, and himself.

Synopsis: Hannibal Barca, a Carthaginian general, swore an oath as a child to finish the campaign started by his father and destroy what he could not, the might of Rome. Hannibal takes us, with an army of hired mercenaries and war elephants, over tribe infest lands, across raging waters, and through mountain peaks. The obstacles are vast, the resources are few, but Hannibal becomes the greatest foe that Rome will ever face, and his life is consumed by his duty, his dedication, and his family's fate to obliterate all that Rome stands for. He wins major battles on Italian soil for sixteen undefeated years, driving Rome to the brink of collapse, until the great antagonist-Scipio-cuts a devastating swath of destruction from the shores of Spain to the heart of Africa. Hannibal is recalled from Italy and the collision between these two military giants boils over onto the field of Zama where victory decides the fate of the Western World! WGAW# 1247736

Title: Bajadores

Logline: An embattled Sheriff is forced to lead a group of inexperienced deputies against a sophisticated Mexican crime syndicate in order to save a once peaceful town in middle-America.

Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Jacob Burke has got it all: a great job, a gorgeous wife, and a new baby on the way. But his poor judgment has led to the ultimate loss. Unable to cope, Jacob quits the Bureau and moves back to where he and his wife grew up, Redemption County, Iowa. Three years later, Jacob is a recovering alcoholic shuffling through life as a self-pitying Sheriff in a dull small town. Meanwhile, Marcos, a charming sociopath who heads a drug syndicate, is released from prison. Eager to revolutionize the future of smuggling, he devises an ingenious plan to move his operation into the largely defenseless heartland. Unfortunately for Redemption County, where go the drugs, so go the vicious home invasion rip crews. Determined to make right his wrongs and save his town, Jacob sets off on a mission to take down Marcos and his entire crew.

Title: Shelter

Logline: A local environmentalist team up with Bhalli slum dwellers to stop a greedy corporation from demolishing their jungle

Synopsis: The script based on real events involving a builder's conspiracy to invade and demolish a reserved land in India's jungle. The story centers on a brave environmentalist who risks her life to team up with local villagers in an effort to stop corrupt leaders from destroying trees and rare species in the jungle. And as usual routine, we find how animals and birds were driven out of their original homes in jungle, owing to large scale of deforestation. My writing is based my life experiences as a civil engineer in Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute. Shelter is a unique script with an important environmental message that today's movie going crowd will realily connect and find gripping.


Logline: In a post war world of the future, a man, falsely convicted of murder, struggles to reclaim his freedom and family, but he must overcome his greatest adversary first - The Triad Dragons

Synopsis: It is thirty one years after the great recession and ten years after World War III. Nuclear strikes carried out by the U.S. and Great Britain upon China and Russia accelerated the end of the great war, forever changing civilization. America becomes a dystopian society as unprecedented waves of Chinese refugees swell the population. Matthew Williams, a successful businessman and married father of two, works for the world's largest Chinese owned consumer home products company. After being falsely convicted of murdering his boss, Meili Chen, Matthew seeks to clear his name and get revenge against the criminals he suspects of framing him. But before he can get revenge, Matthew must first uncover the dark secrets of the Triad Dragons, a Chinese terror cell. As Matthew follows a danger ridden trail to freedom, he uncovers the Triad Dragon's sinister plot to win the Presidency and destroy America. WGAw Registration # 1494110

Title: Mortality Rate

Logline: A New York senator becomes obsessed with a surgeon's ground breaking technology in the wake of her daughter's death.

Synopsis: I'm seeking representation for my latest draft of "Mortality Rate", a science fiction action thriller. The screenplay centers on a New York surgeon who works feverishly to perfect a machine that can combat any foreign invader that harms the human body. When a senator's daughter sacrifices her life to stop the experiments, her grief stricken mother becomes obsessed with the technology and takes matters into her own hands. I invite you to read a copy of the script if you're interested in the material. Thank you for your time.