Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Underestimated

Logline: A group of handicapped men, locked up in a high security facility since birth, start to question the real reaosn they are there when one of the men finds out he has super human powers.

Synopsis: JASON, a palsied man that shakes uncontrollably, and three other handicapped men, have lived their entire lives in a high security facility ran by a dark and secretive DOCTOR. Their daily routine is interupted when JASON accidentally discovers he has the ability to move at super human speeds. The DOCTOR, in an attempt to clear JASON's head of any thought of being "special", utilizes the torture skills of his security captain, MATHESON. BETH, a nurse in the fcility that has been lead to believe the men she cares for are too dangerous to be set free into the world, starts to question the real reason these men have been locked up. JASON and BETH have to figure out a way to get them and the three other men out of the facility. In order to do that JASON needs to learn to control his super powers and find out what secrets are hidden inside his three life long friends and roommates. But locked away deep in the facility, the DOCTOR has a secret of his own. WGA Reg#1292983

Title: Shelter

Logline: A local environmentalist team up with Bhalli slum dwellers to stop a greedy corporation from demolishing their jungle

Synopsis: The script based on real events involving a builder's conspiracy to invade and demolish a reserved land in India's jungle. The story centers on a brave environmentalist who risks her life to team up with local villagers in an effort to stop corrupt leaders from destroying trees and rare species in the jungle. And as usual routine, we find how animals and birds were driven out of their original homes in jungle, owing to large scale of deforestation. My writing is based my life experiences as a civil engineer in Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute. Shelter is a unique script with an important environmental message that today's movie going crowd will realily connect and find gripping.

Title: The Dream Machine

Logline: A non-believing man discovers a Chinese plot to brain wash the American people and sets out to expose it. His girl friend and war buddy, get murdered. But he is saved by divine intervention.

Synopsis: The Chinese government is funding a secret project in the United States that seeks to combine an under development dream injection system with voice to skull technology for the purpose of brain washing the American people in preparation for a political take over. The forces of good and evil collide leaving a trail of death, rape, barbarism and devastation. A powerful angel is sent to help the non-believer. In the end, good wins out, but at a heavy cost. America is saved from a sinister plot to usurp the will and minds of the people.

Title: Shoe Room

Logline: Two young men in financial straits commit a crime and then must face imprisonment and death.

Synopsis: One young man who has a very good family in his father and mother and love each other very much. The young man's name is Patrick his father and him are very close. His father dies unexpected and shatters Patrick and his mother's heart. They struggle to make ends meet so Patrick's mother tells him she has talked to her sister in New York who is also having financial troubles and her and her son Sean are moving to California to live with them. The two boy's look for work but can't find any so Sean tells Patrick he will show him how to make money. They get into trouble with the law and wind up in prison. In prison they have to fight or be killed so they fight. Many bad things happen to them in prison but they get out. Sean winds up back in prison and gets killed. Patrick has a plan to have justice done and get even with the warden.

Title: Warrior Under the Sun

Logline: The brutal,sensual and thrilling saga of Samson, the most powerful man in the world.

Synopsis: The Hebrews are defeated on the battle field in the valley of Sorek by the brutal, pagan and exotic Philistines. The Hebrews cry out to God and he appoints Samson at birth to begin their deliverance. Samson is seen first in a whore house where he throws a four hundred pound Philistine warrior through a brick wall. He then kills his entire wedding party because his Philistine wife was given to another man. He goes on a one man rampage against the Philistines which ends in the greatest battle in biblical history. In the battle of Rameth-Lehi he shouts "Philistine! The angel of death is upon you." He slaughters a thousand warriors and sends a message to their their King. "With the jawbone of an ass I have slain your army of a thousand. With the jawbone of an ass I have made an ass of thee, for all the world to see". After that he is betrayed, eyes put out and taken to the pagan temple where he detroys it killing himself, the rulers and three thousand Philistines.


Logline: Three highly-trained assassins unite to quash their former employer's mind control conspiracy - which has turned humanity into a bunch of unsuspecting "puppets."

Synopsis: US Copyright # PAu 3-642-741 I've written a fast-paced action/thriller that's the first of a trilogy. Below is a short synopsis: "A large covert organization has built a subliminal mind control network that is connected to every human's mind, allowing them to instantly make anyone do anything they wish - and CAROLINA, her sister and her lover are the only ones who can enlighten the world to this conspiracy, therefore rendering the network useless." Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration. Best,

Title: Finding Serenity

Logline: Are Kevin and his autistic companions really assassins, predators, or framed innocent victims who are merely trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter from human trafficking?

Synopsis: Kevin's journey to a casino on a fictional Atlantic island initially appears to be a noble attempt to rescue his nine year old daughter from a human trafficking ring, run by the top executive ruler of the island. Aided by the ten year old sister of another alleged kidnap victim, three autistic boys, and Kevin's bitterly angry younger brother; Kevin's actual intensions and integrity soon become highly questionable. Was his daughter's kidnapping actually staged; and if so, who staged it, and why? Where is she, now? The mysterious characters and plot twists are sure to intrigue the viewers, generating all kinds of varying predictions. This motion picture script was largely influenced by my teaching experience with autistic children, and was written with intensions of helping raise appreciation and awareness of the unique blessings found in such children. If you are interested in representing me, please contact me. Thank you for your time.

Title: The Berzerkers

Logline: An ensemble action comedy from Will Hare, a 2013 Nicholl Semifinalist and a top-rated Black Lister that proclaimed his writing is "evocative of early Shane Black." (Fantastic roles for women!)

Synopsis: A team of disabled veterans reluctantly reunite when their former commander shows up after six years drops a bombshell on them: The terrorist who gave them their disabilities is in America to pull off a devastating attack on the Fourth of July weekend, and they're the only ones that can stop it. Let the wild, violent, and unpredictable mission begin!

Title: First and Second Assignments (screenplay)

Logline: FIRST AND SECOND ASSIGNMENTS It's a journey through elusive world of criminals by a hit man using guts, tact and ruthlessness in tension filled escapades to rid society of them.

Synopsis: Ike the hit man in high paced actions rids society of her criminal scum. In the first assignment he is hired by Mafia don Nicholai to eliminate his uncle don Marino. Marino also hires him to kill Nicholai. He ends up killing both and wiping out their entire organizations. In the second assignment he is kidnapped by a clandestine organization that planned to control and dominate the world. They wanted to utilize his expertise, but he takes out all the members from don Callisto to top government officials and high ranking military officers from various countries. Their final encounter took place in the north pole. The government hat trained him before and they sanctioned all his assignments.

Title: Great Game: 21st Century

Logline: A CIA operative works with a local KGB agent in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan to fight an armed Islamic rebellion backed by Iran. A high-stakes military and intelligence services action

Synopsis: I have written an action thriller script about a high-stakes geopolitical game between the US/Israel and Iran played out in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. I am very familiar with the current situation in the region and believe that the script reflects a real possibility. Iranians are using religious groups to incite a coup in Azerbaijan, and the US and Israel help the secular and pro-western forces in Azerbaijan fight these elements. The story revolves around three dynamic characters: Ted, a CIA operative, Eldar, his Azeri counterpart and Aysel, Ted's former girlfriend and a political activist. It is up to this trio to prevent the establishment of another Islamic republic. I believe this will be a very relevant theme for the current geopolitical situation because of Iran's nuclear ambitions and their continuous support for religious extremists, the tense relations between Russia and US , Israel-Iran animosity and the real possibility of such a scenario in Azerbaijan.