Submission Samples from the Action Genre


Logline: Friday, November 22, 1963: that was the day, hours earlier, when Dallas Detective Harry Radic's partner informed him of a plot to kill President Kennedy.

Synopsis: The Zapruder film of the president being shot became famous. But Harry Radic did not become famous - at least not for a long time and that was when, unlike the martyred president, he came back from the dead. Or so it seemed. That unforgettable 22nd was a warm sunny day in Dallas. Forecasters had predicted cooler weather but the weather got hot. For Harry, too hot. Before Kennedy's plane landed, Harry Radic had it made: he was a tough, rugged Dallas detective with a beautiful wife, two wonderful kids and a nice comfortable home in the suburbs. Yes, Harry had it made until President Kennedy came to town and got shot. Then Harry's happy-go-lucky world was turned upside down! A Time for Dying is Canadian playwright John Yeo's take on how it could have happened. It is a "what if?" scenario, an exciting 140 page (28,000 word) script about how a plot to kill President Kennedy went awry. Rod Drown is pleased to act as Agent for John. You can read Jo

Title: Necessary Action

Logline: Two friends get more than they expect when they take a job from a car salesman who

Synopsis: Mitch and Kevin are at the end of their ropes. Or are they? They run across a man who claims to be the answer to their problems and are offered a job working for him on the wrong side of the law. Pressured by cheating wives and financial trouble, they reluctantly accept his offer. When the two decide they want out, they must face the inevitable, a showdown with the man who hired them.


Logline: Three highly-trained assassins unite to quash their former employer's mind control conspiracy - which has turned humanity into a bunch of unsuspecting "puppets."

Synopsis: US Copyright # PAu 3-642-741 I've written a fast-paced action/thriller that's the first of a trilogy. Below is a short synopsis: "A large covert organization has built a subliminal mind control network that is connected to every human's mind, allowing them to instantly make anyone do anything they wish - and CAROLINA, her sister and her lover are the only ones who can enlighten the world to this conspiracy, therefore rendering the network useless." Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration. Best,

Title: Freedom Lost

Logline: After an unexpected and devastating attack on America, two experienced veterans are given the task of locating the enemy's military headquarters hidden on a Caribbean Island.

Synopsis: This is a suspenseful story full of chaos and adventure. America as we know it has been utterly and viciously destroyed. The unknown attacker's weapons are terror driven rumors of a plague, bio and chemical bombs, nuclear sabotage, and an undefeatable army of ordinary Americans who have been brainwashed to perform certain acts of war when activated. Brownie, 40, black and serious minded, and his friend, good-time Charley, 40 and white, dodge roving bands of looters and murderous foreign solders as they travel across devastated Florida on horseback, the only transportation available. They are hoping to find Susie, Charlie's fiancee in Miami, but they are too late. Then they race against the clock to a Caribbean Island before the bloodthirsty invaders activates Phase Two, which will assure the enemy's victory. Other than FREEDOM LOST, I've written several other spec scripts of different genres, and I'm the author of the LagOOnieville action adventure novel series.

Title: Great Game: 21st Century

Logline: A CIA operative works with a local KGB agent in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan to fight an armed Islamic rebellion backed by Iran. A high-stakes military and intelligence services action

Synopsis: I have written an action thriller script about a high-stakes geopolitical game between the US/Israel and Iran played out in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. I am very familiar with the current situation in the region and believe that the script reflects a real possibility. Iranians are using religious groups to incite a coup in Azerbaijan, and the US and Israel help the secular and pro-western forces in Azerbaijan fight these elements. The story revolves around three dynamic characters: Ted, a CIA operative, Eldar, his Azeri counterpart and Aysel, Ted's former girlfriend and a political activist. It is up to this trio to prevent the establishment of another Islamic republic. I believe this will be a very relevant theme for the current geopolitical situation because of Iran's nuclear ambitions and their continuous support for religious extremists, the tense relations between Russia and US , Israel-Iran animosity and the real possibility of such a scenario in Azerbaijan.

Title: The Spirit of Chi

Logline: As a world famous kung fu master and one of Bruce Lee's teachers, Master Gin Foon Mark realizes his true inner power after releasing anger and pride when he remembers his Buddhist roots.

Synopsis: The True story of Master Gin Foon Mark begins in the temples of pre-communist China where he learns kung fu, chi gong and spiritual healing techniques at an early age. During WWII, at age 16, he serves as a body guard to his uncle the general, armed only with needles in his sleeves. After the war, Gin Foon escapes to New York City where he fights his way to the top of the martial arts community, even teaching the young Chinese to fight the Italian gangs. After he badly injures a challenger with his dim mak (chi/ energy) abilities, Gin Foon's master takes him on a journey through the underdog history of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Then Gin Foon realizes the greater importance of helping rather than hurting others as his training excels into the art of shin kung (spirit work). Exciting, touching, mystical, and true!


Logline: Bond at his best, the pace picks up from the first moment and never falters. An ominous and mysterious Asian terrorist group threatens unparalleled nuclear devastation.

Synopsis: In a world beset with the threat of terrorism and the scourge of organized crime, a group headed by the enigmatic man called The Red Dragon, unleash their evil on a weary world. An ultimatum is sent to the British Prime Minister to pay a fortune in gold bullion or suffer the same fate as the Russian port of Magadan where a nuclear device was detonated by the group. The Chinese Mafia are suspected, along with disgruntled Chinese military men. The truth however is not what it seems. James Bond who has just thwarted a black market arms deal in the Himalayas involving Al Qaida faces one of his greatest challenges. Joining forces with his tough, but beautiful Russian counterpart, Vanja Kroutikhin, they unravel a trail that leads to the mysterious Red Dragon, who will stop at nothing to acheive his secret political aims.


Logline: Hired on a high profile case to track down a ruthless serial killer,Slone finds himself ducking and dodging bullets.Now on the wrong side of the law,Slone vows to brings this killer to justice .

Synopsis: Private investigator Thomas Slone arch nemesis ,Franklin Gruber was released from prison three days ago,Slone working on a high profile case, received a phone call from Gruber declaring war against him for killing his brother. Slone returns home to find his house completely destroyed,with sensitive case files missing form his computer.Gruber killed everyone that was involved with locking him four years ago. Slone feared that he's next on the hitlist and takes off. Gruber kidnaps his girlfriend, holding her for ransom, while killing everyone close to him.Tired of running , Slone once a law bidding citizen ,must get down and dirty to stop a psychopathic killer.Diaz the leader of the cortez cartel, who issued the bounty on Slone ordered, another hit this time on his girlfriend. Diaz made Slone, watch as they tortured her in front of him . Now indispensable,seeking retribution,Slone a "loose cannon" is determine to kill everyone involved.

Title: Scan Eagle

Logline: When a sailor's girlfriend is exposed to be associated with the nation's most wanted fugitive he finds himself in the middle of a CIA operation gone astray.

Synopsis: A scan eagle aircraft takes off from a U.S. destroyer as Will, a Navy sailor, drives a small boat along side the destroyer. CIA agents watch Adam through the scan eagle's camera. Will and Mara take four civilians ashore but soon find out they are CIA when one of them, Chase, returns to the boat with a gun shot wound. Will, Mara and Chase trace the previous day's events leading them to a woman. As Chase talks with the woman he receives a call informing him Mara works for Adam. The woman on the boat is assasinated and Will, Mara and Chase are forced to flee to Rome to meet with Adam. Enroute Chase devises a plan to catch Adam but is trick and Adam leaves Rome with Mara. Will and Chase track Adam and Mara to Nassau where they are attending a charity dinner. Adam talks with an Arabian man as Will discovers Mara is on his side. Adam discovers Mara's betrayal and takes her to his yacht. Will and Chase track Adam to his yacht where they rescue Mara and kill Adam.


Logline: There's something in the water

Synopsis: An unknown creature rises from the depths and attacks a major U.S. city. Our goverment is doing everything in their power to find and eradicate this man eating creature before it strikes again. Despite our military's efforts Godzilla attacks again, this time in Indonesia. In a race against time our military finds themselves in epic battles. Following his beloved wifes demise. Our hero and main character SGT. Jack Tuller is on a mission for revenge. Our goverment eventually locates Godzilla on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. We send our most highly trained marines and seals to get the job done. An aspiring testament to the will power and dedication of the United States military and its citizens. Hang on for this action packed, edge of your seat thriller that will keep you guessing untill the end.