Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: X-Men: Rise from Ashes

Logline: When confusion and fear lead to anger and revenge, tremendous forces will breed a new line of defense.

Synopsis: Two years have passed since the war at Alcatraz when the X-Men discover another mutant who quickly proves to be a valuable asset. Magneto is slowly regaining his rise to power with the assistance of an ally of his own, Scrier, whose origins date back to the mid 18th century. Past mutants resurface and keep us questioning their intentions as this twist and turn of events, adrenaline rushing rollercoaster of entertainment unfolds and the X-Men saga continues, all while Mystique stealthily plots her revenge against Magneto only to be faced by Xavier's champions and Spider-Man.

Title: Katana

Logline: A young martial arts student stumbles across an antique Japanese samurai sword that begins to take possession of him, and lead him into deadly conflict.

Synopsis: Kai Yoshida, a teen-ager living in a modern day US city, is a descendant of ancient samurai warriors. His passion for martial arts leads him to acquire a very old samurai sword, and he soon finds himself being drawn into fighting for his very life against deadly manifestations from the past in the form of ancient warriors sent to test his battle skills with the katana. More and more he is drawn toward some sort of unknown, mystic destiny.

Title: I'm Going to Ibiza

Logline: A modeling agent from New York goes to party in Europe and help two of the models from the agency find their dad's.

Synopsis: The Pineapple Agency opens up a high fashion division in New York. Two of the models discover that their fathers are living in southern Europe. After much persuasion, the two models convince their agent Giovanni to take them to Europe to search for their fathers. They decide to go with a group of freinds and encounter many adventures along the way. They end up going to a new hotel in Milan and end up getting mixed up with a couple missing bodies. After finding their fathers in Ibiza, their fathers are able to help them obtain some fake passports and help them get some money so that they can go to Alaska to hide out. They make it to Alaska but their luck runs out when Giovani and Heidi end up dying in a tragic bear attack.

Title: Leverage

Logline: A second generation CEO ROBERT MURDOCK, allows a series of terrorist type acts to play out, in a desperate attempt to pull his corporation out of the red.

Synopsis: With a plan of redemption, three missions are planed against various commodity markets to give the struggling corporation leverage to earn income and keep shareholders happy. A diverse group of mercenaries are recruited to complete the missions. After the second mission a federal investigation is launched due to the dramatic increase in revenue and attention to the corporation. As the third domestic mission is played out, an ambush takes place from different perspectives. The pursuit is on with a vengeance to tie up loose ends. In an effort towards prosecution, some participants are eliminated, while others are rescued. The strong and skilled, survive to live another day.

Title: The North Woods Adventure

Logline: Three teenage boys find action, adventure, and young love in Michigan's far-north woods.

Synopsis: With an abandoned gold mine as their base camp, three boys are confronted not only by storms and wild animals, but also by middle-eastern terrorists who crossed Lake Superior from Canada. With the help of their keen hunting skills, towns-people, U.S. Marines, and the Michigan Air National Guard, the terrorists are neutralized, and the boys receive Presidential Medals and the admiration of the United States of America.

Title: The Blacklist

Logline: A ragtag bunch of criminal has-beens and wanna-bees band together to take on Philadelphia's most notorious thief.

Synopsis: Art thieves, Austin Black and Nick Elling thought that they were ready for prime time. But their first solo score ended in debacle and a lengthy prison sentence. When they learn that they were set up by their former boss - a strong-armed tactician known as The Ghost - they piece together a group of blacklisted crooks to attempt the unthinkable: highjack The Ghost's big score.

Title: Search For Madness

Logline: An engineer rescues a ten year old girl with amnesia. He becomes a reluctant participant in the search for her parents. Along the way, he befriends a psychopath with a secret that can destroy them.

Synopsis: Luke finds Amy unconsious on a rainy night. He meets her spinster aunt Lizzie and sparks fly. He is reluctant to search for Amy's parents. They are forced to spend the night in the woods. They find a burning car that belongs to Amy's parents. Luke hitches a ride with Larry. But Larry is hiding a secret that could kill them. Luke and the others struggle for survival with a killer on their heels.

Title: Endurance

Logline: Two years after a computer virus cripples the world economy, a peaceful man reunites with his gunslinger brother to hunt down the bandits who murdered his wife.

Synopsis: On October 7th, 2009, a dormant computer virus came to life, disabling every network computer worldwide. The group responsible for the attack, the Western Gate, seized the opportunity and targeted existing energy, food and water supplies. Amid the ensuing panic, JAKE and MADDY CONNORS, newlyweds, sought refuge in a remote cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Two winters later, the United States population stands at its lowest level since the time of the Great Frontier. Jake returns from a trip to town and finds his wife raped and strangled by bandits. Vowing revenge, he recruits his brother, SEVERIN, a cold-blooded gunslinger. Together, they chase the bandits through the treacherous, frozen terrain of the Northwoods. BRODY, the man who strangled Maddy, tells a lie that turns an entire village against the brothers. After the shootout, Jake, wounded and feverish, pursues Brody alone and ultimately catches him on a bridge overlooking a broken city for the final showdown.

Title: Bajadores

Logline: An embattled Sheriff is forced to lead a group of inexperienced deputies against a sophisticated Mexican crime syndicate in order to save a once peaceful town in middle-America.

Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Jacob Burke has got it all: a great job, a gorgeous wife, and a new baby on the way. But his poor judgment has led to the ultimate loss. Unable to cope, Jacob quits the Bureau and moves back to where he and his wife grew up, Redemption County, Iowa. Three years later, Jacob is a recovering alcoholic shuffling through life as a self-pitying Sheriff in a dull small town. Meanwhile, Marcos, a charming sociopath who heads a drug syndicate, is released from prison. Eager to revolutionize the future of smuggling, he devises an ingenious plan to move his operation into the largely defenseless heartland. Unfortunately for Redemption County, where go the drugs, so go the vicious home invasion rip crews. Determined to make right his wrongs and save his town, Jacob sets off on a mission to take down Marcos and his entire crew.

Title: WW II-K

Logline: Generation X meets the Greatest Generation and learns that war isn't a game when a mysterious CD-ROM transports a group of teeenage computer-players into the middle of World War II.

Synopsis: Finalist in 2004 Scriptapalooza. Recommended by Forced to move to D.C. and care for his ailing veteran grandfather, 18-year-old SCOTT bides his time playing on-line war games. Memorial Day finds grandfather WALTER trying to get Scott to visit some monuments. But Scott can't be bothered, so Walter sits alone and sadly reminisces about his war days. A mysterious package arrives for Scott: a CD-ROM promising the most intense war game ever. Lightning flashes as he installs it, and he finds himself parachuting into the middle of 1944 France! Dodging German bullets, he and other terrified teens run for their lives. Walter finds he can communicate with Scott via a headset and manages to lead him through the ensuing battles; during which Scott discovers the realities of war. Swapping roles, Walter works the keyboard while Scott fights in the trenches. Scott learns that war isn't a game and finds a new appreciation for his grandfather.