Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Hitmen

Logline: "I am not an evil man. But I am far from a good one. You will not like me, nor should you. I am a hitman." -The Assassin

Synopsis: A hitman, known only as The Assassin, is hired by an English gun-runner to kill one of the top assassins in the world. The job seemed simply enough. Go in, silently dispense of the target, and get out. But when the terrorist hires his own hitman, the one who killed The Assassin's wife and daughter, to kill him, the two assassin's are forced into car chases, gun battles and a final confrontation in a fiery night club. As if that was not bad enough, a third assassin seeks to kill both The Assassin and The Turk, for his own personal reasons. It is a story about death, betrayal, and greed. It is a story about Hitmen.


Logline: In a post war world of the future, a man, falsely convicted of murder, struggles to reclaim his freedom and family, but he must overcome his greatest adversary first - The Triad Dragons

Synopsis: It is thirty one years after the great recession and ten years after World War III. Nuclear strikes carried out by the U.S. and Great Britain upon China and Russia accelerated the end of the great war, forever changing civilization. America becomes a dystopian society as unprecedented waves of Chinese refugees swell the population. Matthew Williams, a successful businessman and married father of two, works for the world's largest Chinese owned consumer home products company. After being falsely convicted of murdering his boss, Meili Chen, Matthew seeks to clear his name and get revenge against the criminals he suspects of framing him. But before he can get revenge, Matthew must first uncover the dark secrets of the Triad Dragons, a Chinese terror cell. As Matthew follows a danger ridden trail to freedom, he uncovers the Triad Dragon's sinister plot to win the Presidency and destroy America. WGAw Registration # 1494110

Title: Mind Control USA

Logline: An Intelligence Officer at the Pentagon's mind control facility, which uses satellites and invisible rays to cause bombings in Iraq and worldwide, controls his zombie into stopping the evil Generals.

Synopsis: Evil Generals run a mind control facility at the Pentagon using satellites and magical, high-tech invisible rays to cause mishaps, bombings and brutal wars around the world. In Iraq, gangs of terrorists have their thoughts and actions mind controlled by the program and are induced to plant bombs and commit war crimes. The hero, an Intelligence Officer, works at the facility and has enlisted his mind controlled zombie to shut down the program and stop the evil Generals outright. This is essentially a true, action-adventure political war story.

Title: Shelter

Logline: A local environmentalist team up with Bhalli slum dwellers to stop a greedy corporation from demolishing their jungle

Synopsis: The script based on real events involving a builder's conspiracy to invade and demolish a reserved land in India's jungle. The story centers on a brave environmentalist who risks her life to team up with local villagers in an effort to stop corrupt leaders from destroying trees and rare species in the jungle. And as usual routine, we find how animals and birds were driven out of their original homes in jungle, owing to large scale of deforestation. My writing is based my life experiences as a civil engineer in Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute. Shelter is a unique script with an important environmental message that today's movie going crowd will realily connect and find gripping.

Title: 3rd Wave

Logline: A government agent gets assigned to apprehend a former college buddy who's involved in computer warfare and has set up a deadly game the agent must complete to keep a disaster from happening.

Synopsis: When Bruce and Andrew, college chums and old nemesis, resume a long-standing game of computer chicken, but this time for real stakes, 3rd Wave is set in motion. Bruce has staged his own death to throw off the authorities but lets Andrew, an FBI agent who's used to the desk and not the field, in on the prank. Things get complicated when Jennifer, Bruce's wife and whom Andrew always had eyes for, joins the fray. Some Cuban thugs who Bruce sold out to are also in the mix, as they are after the secret password that is the key to causing havoc and are willing to kill anyone in their path to get it. That includes Andrew and Jennifer who team up to find Bruce, retrieve the password and disable the computer bug. Stock thriller ensues over many European cities.

Title: The Outcasts

Logline: After being turned into freaks of evolution, four boys finally escape from a lab and into a country dictated by corrupt governments.

Synopsis: For decades, corrupt governments, searching for power, have destroyed many lives with experimentation in their attempt to reach seven formulas that will evolve man into a powerful being. They called it Project Nemesis. Finally, in the year 2054, the governments proceed to create their last four formulas of evolutions after Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl survive new antigen solutions. But the boys escape just before Project Nemesis is completed. Now, rewards are offered for the capture of Jack, Jake, Kevin, and Carl as they try to return to their normal lives.

Title: The Royal We

Logline: In 16th century England, a group of gifted young nobles with supernatural abilities join together to protect Europe's royal families and pull the continent from the brink of war.

Synopsis: Off the coast of England in the year 1588, a Spanish armada threatens to invade the country. Desperate, QUEEN ELIZABETH sends in ALEXANDER SHEPHERD, a young courtier with a troubled past who has the ability to create and control fire. After Alex single-handedly destroys the armada he and Elizabeth are summoned to a secret meeting of Europe's royal families. At the meeting, which turns into a trial against Alex and the Queen, a band of assassins attempt to murder all of Europe's royals in one fell swoop, but Alex and a small group of other super-powered young nobles defeat their attackers. Reluctantly united, Alex and the other "gifted" young nobles from around the kingdoms look past their differences and join forces. As they track their common enemy across Europe, Alex and the royals uncover a vast and ancient conspiracy with ties to the Catholic Church. Together, Alex and the others must fight to defeat their true enemy, before Europe falls into chaos.

Title: Christian's War

Logline: A LAPD detective has the gift of seeing demons and angels among criminals and victims alike. Caught in the middle of a spiritual warfare, he learns that prayer is more powerful than a gun.

Synopsis: CHRISTIAN YOUNG is a former seminary student who has lost his belief in the power of prayer and has turned to the power of the gun as a LAPD detective. After a bloody shootout, Christian is left lying on death's door, but is revived by medics on the scene. As he regains consciousness, he glances over at his dying suspect. When the suspect breathes his last breath, his wretched soul comes out of his body and plummets into the pits of hell. From that point on, Christian is blessed and cursed with the ability to see angels and demons among people who have recently died or will die soon. In the hospital, Christian sees a demon hovering around a doctor. ANDY, a pastor and Christian's friend from seminary school, tries to help the doctor through religion. The doctor has been helping CARLOS, a drug lord, to smuggle drugs. Christian and his partner NICK investigate the doctor and find out that Carlos wants Christian dead. This is the pilot episode of a weekly television series.

Title: Dalton's Harvest

Logline: In a race to an early death, father and son are neck and neck.

Synopsis: In this action-drama, a suicidal vintner seizes an unexpected chance to save his failing vineyard, the marriage he destroyed, and -- his only child's life. Corrupt lawyers, hired assassins, and drug-running motorcycle gangs are no match for a rugged hero with compelling new reasons to live.

Title: The Cajun Sniper

Logline: One of the CIA's best snipers unleashes his wrath on organized crime in New Orleans.

Synopsis: Jacques Boudreaux protects an old friend and her daughter from the mob after she is a victim of a botched hit job. He hides them among his friends in a small fishing community in the beautiful southeast Louisiana swamps. After he nurses her back to health, he transforms into a predator and begins the hunt for her assassins. He stalks and savagely eliminates the men who attacked her, but the fight of his life still awaits him. Unknowingly, his private war destroys the lucrative revenue source of a corrupt FBI Supervisor. The table turns, and Boudreaux becomes the prey. With the help of his local friends and his knowledge of the local terrain, he evades the FBI's snare. He then lures them into a trap where they discover that they underestimated this simple Cajun. Registered WGAw No. 1048323