Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Second Place Hero

Logline: (A Nicholl Semifinalist) A bipolar theater geek heads to school and gets thrust into a role he never expected to play: a real-life hero who must stop a band of goons from kidnapping a fellow classmate

Synopsis: It is my privilege to share with you my 2013 Nicholl Semifinalist (and Top-Rated Black List) script, Second Place Hero. If I had to describe my script in seven words, it would be: "Imagine if John Hughes wrote Die Hard." A Black List reader called Second Place Hero "evocative of early Shane Black: pitch black comedy and high-octane action," with villains that "rank right up there with Hans Gruber." From another Black List reader: "This is a strongly imagined script that creates a unique and highly visual world that feels fully fleshed out and consistent, which speaks to the author's unique voice and vision. The script has a great sense of wit and a dark comic streak that makes for an exciting plot whose direction is difficult to predict." I thank you for a piece of your busy time, and for your consideration, and I hope you'll agree with the Black List reader who declared: "this (Second Place Hero) deserves to be seen." Sincerely,


Logline: Three highly-trained assassins unite to quash their former employer's mind control conspiracy - which has turned humanity into a bunch of unsuspecting "puppets."

Synopsis: US Copyright # PAu 3-642-741 I've written a fast-paced action/thriller that's the first of a trilogy. Below is a short synopsis: "A large covert organization has built a subliminal mind control network that is connected to every human's mind, allowing them to instantly make anyone do anything they wish - and CAROLINA, her sister and her lover are the only ones who can enlighten the world to this conspiracy, therefore rendering the network useless." Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration. Best,

Title: "Revenge & Redemption"

Logline: Mexican-American heart surgeon's life is suddenly and tragically shattered during a Cancun vacation after punching out a drunken Mexican official who gropes his wife.

Synopsis: Genius heart surgeon, attending an AMA conference in Cancun, punches out a drunken government official trying to grope his wife who has ties to a notorious drug cartel. The surgeon is sent to a brutal jungle prison. His family disappears. He escapes not because of U.S. intervention but is broken out by a rival rebel and cartel leader whose dying son desperately needs the surgeon's skills. The leader is a former Mexican general whose anti-cartel command was betrayed by corrupt government insiders, ambushed, and forced to flee to the jungles of Chiapas. The surgeon saves his son's life, and the rebel leader helps him find his family but a rescue attempt turns tragic and they are murdered. The devastated surgeon vows revenge and gets it, aided by the rebel leader and a mercenary assassin. Afterward, with nothing to go home to, he decides to join the rebels and use his medical skills for the poor in the area only to find his world once again suddenly shattered.

Title: WW II-K

Logline: Generation X meets the Greatest Generation and learns that war isn't a game when a mysterious CD-ROM transports a group of teeenage computer-players into the middle of World War II.

Synopsis: Finalist in 2004 Scriptapalooza. Recommended by Forced to move to D.C. and care for his ailing veteran grandfather, 18-year-old SCOTT bides his time playing on-line war games. Memorial Day finds grandfather WALTER trying to get Scott to visit some monuments. But Scott can't be bothered, so Walter sits alone and sadly reminisces about his war days. A mysterious package arrives for Scott: a CD-ROM promising the most intense war game ever. Lightning flashes as he installs it, and he finds himself parachuting into the middle of 1944 France! Dodging German bullets, he and other terrified teens run for their lives. Walter finds he can communicate with Scott via a headset and manages to lead him through the ensuing battles; during which Scott discovers the realities of war. Swapping roles, Walter works the keyboard while Scott fights in the trenches. Scott learns that war isn't a game and finds a new appreciation for his grandfather.

Title: Women's War I : Death to Marriage/Free the Jacks

Logline: A war between women erupts when Gracie and her rebels start kidnapping married men. L.T. and her rag-tag platoon cross the Phoenix desert to track down Gracie and "free the jacks."

Synopsis: Gracie and her successful, single friends grow tired of complaining "all the best men are taken." Instead, they decide to take all the best men. Their motto: "Death to marriage." The Gracies track down athletes, doctors, actors, firemen - grabbing the best of the bunch and hustling them off to "Jack Ranches." Just when it seems nothing can stop the AK-47-wielding outlaw ladies, a rag-tag Army of "good girls" forms. The L.T., a hardened, tight-lipped warrior, sets out to track Gracie in the deserts outside Phoenix. The L.T.'s platoon: Google, the resident genius; Doc, plastic surgeon-turned-cokehead; tough stoner Screech; poet Meg/Peg/Egg; musclehead Mango; biker Hardly Davidson; and Scallion, the lone male in the company. Things get personal when Carlo - the L.T.'s man - is taken. Can the L.T. and her looney desert rats to stop the Gracies, save Carlo and free the jacks?

Title: Contest - WGA #1077950

Logline: Adam is accepted for a TV show that promises to be the "mother of all reality shows". Things get ugly quickly when contestants start dying. It's a game to the death.

Synopsis: Seven contestants are selected over thousands and flown to a remote island for an "extreme" reality show. Once there, they learn it's a game to the death with the last one standing winning $10 million. It's a sham. Only Adam, a bored criminal defense lawyer and Bobbie, a clinically-depressed large animal vet are real contestants. The other five contestants are shills, there to drive the action. Show's goal: document Adam's and Bobbie's reactions to extreme and deadly circumstances. Carlos, one of the shills, goes berserk and starts killing for real. What was meant to be fake has become terribly real. HBO yanks the show but the website showing live webcasts becomes the top hit site on the Net as a violence hungry world watches in real time.

Title: The Anarchist

Logline: In a world freefalling into anarchy, a young woman barters her humanity for the power to hunt down the man who slaughtered her friends, family, and fiance on her wedding day.

Synopsis: The Anarchist is an action-adventure, fantasy story in the vein of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. It is primarily set in a mythologized version of England from 1132-1135. This is a period known as The Anarchy. Templar Loring de Troyes embodies the brutality of the age. Loring kills Xifra's father during the Crusades. She is then captured and shipped to Sanctushire, a fortified city. Once there, she begins tutoring Robert FitzPhilip, the city's future-ruler. The two of them fall in love. Loring arrives in Sanctushire and swears to level the city. On Xifra and Robert's wedding day, Loring makes good on his promise. He and his army barricade the Sanctustrians in the church and set it on fire. Xifra is the city's sole survivor. She seeks out Juliana, a shape-shifting sorceress. Juliana helps transform Xifra into something more than human. This gives Xifra the power to avenge her loved ones. Xifra ultimately becomes a vampire to save her world from a fiery end at Loring's hands.

Title: Mind Control USA

Logline: An Intelligence Officer at the Pentagon's mind control facility, which uses satellites and invisible rays to cause bombings in Iraq and worldwide, controls his zombie into stopping the evil Generals.

Synopsis: Evil Generals run a mind control facility at the Pentagon using satellites and magical, high-tech invisible rays to cause mishaps, bombings and brutal wars around the world. In Iraq, gangs of terrorists have their thoughts and actions mind controlled by the program and are induced to plant bombs and commit war crimes. The hero, an Intelligence Officer, works at the facility and has enlisted his mind controlled zombie to shut down the program and stop the evil Generals outright. This is essentially a true, action-adventure political war story.

Title: Road Damage

Logline: JP is running a nice little business investigating insurance fraud and the odd marital indiscretion when he's sucked into a world of sex, drugs, rock & roll and murder.

Synopsis: David Mayron is a music superstar and people are dying all around him. The police say accidents but Mayron says murder and he's sure he's on the list. He hires JP Ortiz to do what the police won't. The music loving PI finds his peaceful life turned upside down as he tracks clues from the desert to the sea. When he questions the mysterious and sexy Jennifer things spin out of control and he ends up in her bed. Chased by armed thugs on ATV's, the target of an assassin on the Ferris wheel high above the Santa Monica Pier and framed for murder, JP must gather his wits in a desparate battle as he finds himself targeted between killer and client. WGAw#1031320

Title: I'm Going to Ibiza

Logline: A modeling agent from New York goes to party in Europe and help two of the models from the agency find their dad's.

Synopsis: The Pineapple Agency opens up a high fashion division in New York. Two of the models discover that their fathers are living in southern Europe. After much persuasion, the two models convince their agent Giovanni to take them to Europe to search for their fathers. They decide to go with a group of freinds and encounter many adventures along the way. They end up going to a new hotel in Milan and end up getting mixed up with a couple missing bodies. After finding their fathers in Ibiza, their fathers are able to help them obtain some fake passports and help them get some money so that they can go to Alaska to hide out. They make it to Alaska but their luck runs out when Giovani and Heidi end up dying in a tragic bear attack.