Submission Samples from the Action Genre


Logline: Bond at his best, the pace picks up from the first moment and never falters. An ominous and mysterious Asian terrorist group threatens unparalleled nuclear devastation.

Synopsis: In a world beset with the threat of terrorism and the scourge of organized crime, a group headed by the enigmatic man called The Red Dragon, unleash their evil on a weary world. An ultimatum is sent to the British Prime Minister to pay a fortune in gold bullion or suffer the same fate as the Russian port of Magadan where a nuclear device was detonated by the group. The Chinese Mafia are suspected, along with disgruntled Chinese military men. The truth however is not what it seems. James Bond who has just thwarted a black market arms deal in the Himalayas involving Al Qaida faces one of his greatest challenges. Joining forces with his tough, but beautiful Russian counterpart, Vanja Kroutikhin, they unravel a trail that leads to the mysterious Red Dragon, who will stop at nothing to acheive his secret political aims.

Title: Enduring Freedom

Logline: Marine officer, Jack Williams, is sent to free US soldiers from a ruthlessTaliban prison. He falls in love with a beautiful rebel trying to free hersister from the Taliban and together they fight.

Synopsis: Marine officer, JACK WILLIAMS,is sent to Afghanistan to free his fellow soldiers from a Taliban prison. Travelling through the Afghan mountains, he meets, MINA, a beautiful and intelligent rebel who is fighting to rescue her captive sister from the Taliban. The two are suddenly caught in the crossfire of a bloody Taliban raid and escape to pursue their missions together. A local villager guides Jack and Mina to the Taliban command base in Pashmool. Jack explodes the weapons warehouse to cause a massive distraction. While the Taliban guards run to the explosion, Jack and Mina rush to free the prisoners from the black holes called prison. Jack frees his soldiers while Mina finally frees her beloved sister and the three rush out to make their escape. A Taliban guard returns to the prison just in time to see the three running from the prison. He takes aim and fires one last fatal shot as the three friends run for their lives and for freedom.

Title: Jaxx

Logline: In the near future, the corrupt Mayor of a major metropolis sends the legendary J.J. Jaxx into the nightmarish world of the feral gangs to rescue his kidnapped wife.

Synopsis: The Mayor's wife has been kidnapped by the most feared gang in the city. His own armed forces sent in to rescue her have not returned. With no option left to him, the Mayor reluctantly enlists the aid of legendary bad-ass J.J. Jaxx and promises him anything if he can safely return her to him. Alone and unarmed, Jaxx makes his way into the nightmarish area of the city known as 'Hell-Town' and though vastly outnumbered, he still manages to raid the gang's hide-out and flees into the night with the Mayor's wife Alexandra in tow. But when the Mayor retrieves the damning evidence of his illegal dealings his wife had hidden before her abduction, he realizes he no longer needs her alive and posts a bounty on both their heads. And the chase is on. It is now open season on Jaxx and Alexandra with every gang and civilian in Hell-Town vying for the reward. Dead or alive.

Title: Bullet Wound

Logline: An assassin is given the assignment of murdering a woman who resembles that of his late mother

Synopsis: In the corrupt slums of New York, where the difference between life and death is within inches, Gabriel Lee fits in perfectly. His identity is unknown, his bullets are fatal and his heart is as dark as the night sky. He is a true assassin with no empathy and no feelings of regret. It's no wonder the streets refer to him as "Ghost". With such proficient skill in both gun and hand-to-hand combat, the cost of his bullets seems like top priority. However, when he is forced to kill a woman resembling that of his deceased mother, the bullets become a little more valuable. A beautiful maiden and a deadly assassin. Raven. The name of the bird he last saw when witnessing his mother's death 7 years ago. Unable to pull the trigger, he is forced to face himself as never before. Feeling the effects of heated combat, Gabriel's heart rises up and now he must choose his stand in this fight.

Title: Search For Madness

Logline: Amy comes face to face with a psychopath who had tried to kill her once before. Amy doesn't recognize him. She has amnesia. Can she stop him before her whole family is destroyed?

Synopsis: One rainy night, LUKE nearly runs over AMY. Amy doesn't remember the events leading to her parent's disappearance. Luke reluctantly joins the search for Amy's parents along with Amy's spinster aunt LIZZIE. Lizzie and Luke are complete opposites. They find themselves drawn to each other against their nature. In there midst arrives LARRY. Larry's presence makes Amy feel a sudden inexplicable fear. Larry recognizes Amy as the only witness to his crime. Before Amy realizes his true identity, Larry takes her and her family hostage. WGA Registration No.WGAw 1292238

Title: Contest - WGA #1077950

Logline: Adam is accepted for a TV show that promises to be the "mother of all reality shows". Things get ugly quickly when contestants start dying. It's a game to the death.

Synopsis: Seven contestants are selected over thousands and flown to a remote island for an "extreme" reality show. Once there, they learn it's a game to the death with the last one standing winning $10 million. It's a sham. Only Adam, a bored criminal defense lawyer and Bobbie, a clinically-depressed large animal vet are real contestants. The other five contestants are shills, there to drive the action. Show's goal: document Adam's and Bobbie's reactions to extreme and deadly circumstances. Carlos, one of the shills, goes berserk and starts killing for real. What was meant to be fake has become terribly real. HBO yanks the show but the website showing live webcasts becomes the top hit site on the Net as a violence hungry world watches in real time.

Title: Necessary Action

Logline: Two friends get more than they expect when they take a job from a car salesman who

Synopsis: Mitch and Kevin are at the end of their ropes. Or are they? They run across a man who claims to be the answer to their problems and are offered a job working for him on the wrong side of the law. Pressured by cheating wives and financial trouble, they reluctantly accept his offer. When the two decide they want out, they must face the inevitable, a showdown with the man who hired them.


Logline: A four man Seal Team in the Hindu Kush mountains takes a runaway child bride under their wing, only to be threatened by a murderous Jinn(Genie).

Synopsis: LT. JOHN TIERNAY is a killer by training. He leads a four man Seal Team active in the mountains outside Kandahar, where they find a beaten runaway child bride. The choice to help this girl, KHADIGA, alone in the world, without protectors, leads Tiernay and his men into a terrifying Arabian Nights fantasy, where a powerful Jinn threatens to kill them all. As they are picked off, one by one, Tiernay comes to realize the creature cannot be killed directly. Instead, he must kill Khadiga's husband, who is the Jinn's master, and set the beast free. This is a great risk, but Khadiga tells him that Jinns, though all powerful, are fundamentally stupid. Tiernay must somehow trick it, talk it back into the bottle from where it came, if they are to have any chance of surviving. WGA #1450998


Logline: The past finally catches up with three guys living the high life down in the Florida Keys.

Synopsis: This Action - Comedy/Drama (WGA Registered) of Three Modern-Day Pirates takes you on a roller coaster ride from Connecticut down to the Florida Keys. The weather is beautiful, the water is calm, and things begin to heat up for these rough necks. These so called "Pirates" live on the edge, taking advantage of unsuspecting yachters. Two FBI agents from Connecticut, resemble the comedic duo of "Lethal Weapon", and link the Pirating Villains to previous bank robberies, leading themselves down to the sunny tropical playground of Key West to further investigate their hunch.

Title: The Porampo

Logline: Would you put your life on the line to film a "killer" documentary? To ride on a mission with the porampo--pirates who take no prisoners?

Synopsis: In Southeast Asia, filmmaker Nick Lakewood is joined by ex-SEAL Bobby "BK3" Kahrl and young cameraman Lucky Bunnell. Nick wants to tell the world that piracy still exists, that it's more than "Johnny Depp and eye patches." BK3 cuts a secret deal with a crime lord to split the loot from a pirate raid. He stuns his partners by pulling a mask over his head and becoming a porampo, the Indonesian word for pirate. A malaria-stricken Lucky clings to a floating cushion in the middle of the ocean. Nick escapes and returns to Asia in a revenge-fueled quest to hunt down the man who double-crossed him. This story is inspired by true events during the filming of "Porampo: Pirates of the Malacca Straits," a documentary I directed.