Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Fail-Safe

Logline: A young spy, along with a group of operatives, must put his genius mind to the test in order to rescue a kidnapped biochemist and his daughter and prevent the release of a deadly virus in a week.

Synopsis: Michael, a young twenty-two year old agent working for the IFSTF(Intelligence Fail-Safe Task Force) is given another dangerous mission to complete. When a biochemist and his daughter are kidnapped, he and his team of misfits are assigned the job of rescuing them. But he's hesitant to take the mission, citing a lack of information as a serious barriet to completing the job. They rescue the biochemist and learns that his daughter is still missing, not to mention that the kidnappers are global terrorist plotting to release a fatal virus--one created by the biochemist accidentally. The mission becomes impossibly dangerous when Michael is kidnapped by the terrorist. Now he must rescue the daughter as well as find a way to rescue himself all before the quickly approaching release date of the virus.

Title: X-Men: Rise from Ashes

Logline: When confusion and fear lead to anger and revenge, tremendous forces will breed a new line of defense.

Synopsis: Two years have passed since the war at Alcatraz when the X-Men discover another mutant who quickly proves to be a valuable asset. Magneto is slowly regaining his rise to power with the assistance of an ally of his own, Scrier, whose origins date back to the mid 18th century. Past mutants resurface and keep us questioning their intentions as this twist and turn of events, adrenaline rushing rollercoaster of entertainment unfolds and the X-Men saga continues, all while Mystique stealthily plots her revenge against Magneto only to be faced by Xavier's champions and Spider-Man.

Title: World Champion

Logline: An All-American racing team sets out to challenge Formula One.

Synopsis: Pablo Cruz and Derek Grier are two American pilots who live out their dream by driving in Formula One. Backed by real estate mogul, Lawrence Stein and famed car builder, Frank Moreau, the two teammates and friends will share the passion, courage, and horror that is Formula One. The heart of the pure racer is shown in this story through the pits, helmets, and fans of every F1 circuit across the globe.

Title: Bajadores

Logline: An embattled Sheriff is forced to lead a group of inexperienced deputies against a sophisticated Mexican crime syndicate in order to save a once peaceful town in middle-America.

Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Jacob Burke has got it all: a great job, a gorgeous wife, and a new baby on the way. But his poor judgment has led to the ultimate loss. Unable to cope, Jacob quits the Bureau and moves back to where he and his wife grew up, Redemption County, Iowa. Three years later, Jacob is a recovering alcoholic shuffling through life as a self-pitying Sheriff in a dull small town. Meanwhile, Marcos, a charming sociopath who heads a drug syndicate, is released from prison. Eager to revolutionize the future of smuggling, he devises an ingenious plan to move his operation into the largely defenseless heartland. Unfortunately for Redemption County, where go the drugs, so go the vicious home invasion rip crews. Determined to make right his wrongs and save his town, Jacob sets off on a mission to take down Marcos and his entire crew.

Title: The Process of Elimination

Logline: Seven prisoners must compete with one another to gain their freedom. The losers face death.

Synopsis: Gerald Ryan is one of the many prisoners abducted and imprisoned in an underground prison no one has ever heard of. He has no contact with his family, friends, or lawyer. He has not even been judged in a court of Law. Gerald believes all hope is gone, until one day he receives a proposition. The Warden offers Gerald, along with six other inmates a chance to regain his freedom in a contest against one another. Gerald has a hard decision to make. Either spend the rest of his life behind bars, or risk getting killed to gain his freedom.

Title: Mortality Rate

Logline: A New York senator becomes obsessed with a surgeon's ground breaking technology in the wake of her daughter's death.

Synopsis: I'm seeking representation for my latest draft of "Mortality Rate", a science fiction action thriller. The screenplay centers on a New York surgeon who works feverishly to perfect a machine that can combat any foreign invader that harms the human body. When a senator's daughter sacrifices her life to stop the experiments, her grief stricken mother becomes obsessed with the technology and takes matters into her own hands. I invite you to read a copy of the script if you're interested in the material. Thank you for your time.

Title: Search For Madness

Logline: An engineer rescues a ten year old girl with amnesia. He becomes a reluctant participant in the search for her parents. Along the way, he befriends a psychopath with a secret that can destroy them.

Synopsis: Luke finds Amy unconsious on a rainy night. He meets her spinster aunt Lizzie and sparks fly. He is reluctant to search for Amy's parents. They are forced to spend the night in the woods. They find a burning car that belongs to Amy's parents. Luke hitches a ride with Larry. But Larry is hiding a secret that could kill them. Luke and the others struggle for survival with a killer on their heels.

Title: Hard to Swallow

Logline: An impassive upright police officer in the heart of Las Angeles tries to incarcerate a troubled antisocial who shows clarity for both through the chase.

Synopsis: Once Officer Bryan Freeland arrives back from vacation, the hard nosed individual encounters his toughest dilemma in the force. Going after a heavily confused character named Philip North. Both arriving back from the same resort and both being rookies in their roles as criminal vs. lawman, the battleground appears to be equal. Bryan at first wants to bring in Philip with no hidden remorse. Philip on the other hand tries to get Bryan to listen with irrelevant dialogue about society's behaviors. Throughout the way, Mr. North displays acts of vandalism which gets the attention of Bryan's boss Richard who in turn wants to sentence Philip to death by lethal injection. Seeing this as an unfair punishment for Philip's actions, Bryan tries to help Philip in this catch 22. In the end, the two discover why they wake up in the morning.

Title: The Rival

Logline: A rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death.

Synopsis: I recently completed a final polishing of my original screenplay entitled The Rival, and would like to submit it for your consideration. Logline: In Nero's Rome, Christians are being persecuted and the rivalry between two daughters of privilege turns deadly when, through a twist of fate, they're forced to become female gladiators and ultimately face one another in a fight to the death. A new gladiator champion emerges and seeks revenge against Nero. She becomes one woman against the Roman Empire. It is an original story that touches on every human emotion and involves faith, action, and beauty.

Title: Christian's War

Logline: A LAPD detective has the gift of seeing demons and angels among criminals and victims alike. Caught in the middle of a spiritual warfare, he learns that prayer is more powerful than a gun.

Synopsis: CHRISTIAN YOUNG is a former seminary student who has lost his belief in the power of prayer and has turned to the power of the gun as a LAPD detective. After a bloody shootout, Christian is left lying on death's door, but is revived by medics on the scene. As he regains consciousness, he glances over at his dying suspect. When the suspect breathes his last breath, his wretched soul comes out of his body and plummets into the pits of hell. From that point on, Christian is blessed and cursed with the ability to see angels and demons among people who have recently died or will die soon. In the hospital, Christian sees a demon hovering around a doctor. ANDY, a pastor and Christian's friend from seminary school, tries to help the doctor through religion. The doctor has been helping CARLOS, a drug lord, to smuggle drugs. Christian and his partner NICK investigate the doctor and find out that Carlos wants Christian dead. This is the pilot episode of a weekly television series.