Submission Samples from the Action Genre

Title: Search For Madness

Logline: Amy comes face to face with a psychopath who had tried to kill her once before. Amy doesn't recognize him. She has amnesia. Can she stop him before her whole family is destroyed?

Synopsis: One rainy night, LUKE nearly runs over AMY. Amy doesn't remember the events leading to her parent's disappearance. Luke reluctantly joins the search for Amy's parents along with Amy's spinster aunt LIZZIE. Lizzie and Luke are complete opposites. They find themselves drawn to each other against their nature. In there midst arrives LARRY. Larry's presence makes Amy feel a sudden inexplicable fear. Larry recognizes Amy as the only witness to his crime. Before Amy realizes his true identity, Larry takes her and her family hostage. WGA Registration No.WGAw 1292238


Logline: In a post war world of the future, a man, falsely convicted of murder, struggles to reclaim his freedom and family, but he must overcome his greatest adversary first - The Triad Dragons

Synopsis: It is thirty one years after the great recession and ten years after World War III. Nuclear strikes carried out by the U.S. and Great Britain upon China and Russia accelerated the end of the great war, forever changing civilization. America becomes a dystopian society as unprecedented waves of Chinese refugees swell the population. Matthew Williams, a successful businessman and married father of two, works for the world's largest Chinese owned consumer home products company. After being falsely convicted of murdering his boss, Meili Chen, Matthew seeks to clear his name and get revenge against the criminals he suspects of framing him. But before he can get revenge, Matthew must first uncover the dark secrets of the Triad Dragons, a Chinese terror cell. As Matthew follows a danger ridden trail to freedom, he uncovers the Triad Dragon's sinister plot to win the Presidency and destroy America. WGAw Registration # 1494110

Title: Raged Innocence

Logline: After witnessing the brutal rape and murder of his mother, an 11 year old boy grows into the ultimate underground fighter and waits 14 years to confront his mother's attacker.

Synopsis: In 1996, 11 year old TY COOPER, witnesses the brutal rape and murder of his mother. The killer, JACOB, a psychotic leader of a ruthless biker gang preying on small surrounding towns, is planning to mover his operation into the big city and take over the local drug ring. His plan, though, is put on hold when he is captured and sentenced to 14 years in a maximum security prison for murder. 14 years later, Jacob walks out of prison a free man and picks up where he left off, moving his drug operation into the city. Ty, lives in the city making his living as one of the best underground fighters on the circuit. Soon, Ty begins wreaking havoc on Jacob's operation in order to confront his sworn enemy. With Ty's persistent disruptions, dissension grows and Jacob begins to lose control of himself and his gang. In the end, Ty and Jacob faceoff in the ultimate fight for power and revenge leaving one man dead and an outlaw biker gang unraveling.

Title: The Dream Machine

Logline: A non-believing man discovers a Chinese plot to brain wash the American people and sets out to expose it. His girl friend and war buddy, get murdered. But he is saved by divine intervention.

Synopsis: The Chinese government is funding a secret project in the United States that seeks to combine an under development dream injection system with voice to skull technology for the purpose of brain washing the American people in preparation for a political take over. The forces of good and evil collide leaving a trail of death, rape, barbarism and devastation. A powerful angel is sent to help the non-believer. In the end, good wins out, but at a heavy cost. America is saved from a sinister plot to usurp the will and minds of the people.

Title: Domestic Threat

Logline: After a series of callous attacks, a new chief of police struggles to protect his cozy community against a barbaric sleeper cell, in spite of the greedy and narrowminded town administration.

Synopsis: The story begins with the local drunk being poisoned by a faceless killer in the town park. When the victim's distorted body is discovered, newly appointed Police Chief Howie Winter suspects the worst. Unfortunately the narrowminded mayor refuses to put out an adequate warning due to the fact that it may cancel the upcoming town fair or close the campus of the local college - both important sources of the town's revenue. As the victims pile up Winter finds himself on a collision course with a mercilous and brutal sleeper cell.

Title: Sinthesis

Logline: Ex-Master S.I.N. assassin Damien Stone and investigative reporter Rebecca Chase race to stop the global order, Ordo Asmodeus and their weapon, a virus that exterminates the genetically unworthy.

Synopsis: "And the meek shall not inherit the Earth." These are the words that guide Ordo Asmodeus, a worldwide order of businessmen, scientists and politicians dedicated to control of humanity through advanced science, political manipulation and murder. DAMIEN STONE was one of their agents, called S.I.N assassins(Special Intelligence Nonentity), upon learning the truth, Stone now fights them. But one man can only do so much. Enter REBECCA CHASE, an attractive investigative reporter who works to expose them. DENTON BANKS, head of US Operations and European Master S.I.N. assassin, SANGRIA, arrange a meeting between Stone and Rebecca, to consolidate their two problems and eliminate them both. When Stone is framed for murder and Rebecca slandered, they team up to discover the scope of Ordo Asmodeus's plot-and time is running out. From Costa Rica to New York, with mind-bending action and riveting suspense, two people race to stop Sinthesis-the ultimate transition of power.


Logline: A four man Seal Team in the Hindu Kush mountains takes a runaway child bride under their wing, only to be threatened by a murderous Jinn(Genie).

Synopsis: LT. JOHN TIERNAY is a killer by training. He leads a four man Seal Team active in the mountains outside Kandahar, where they find a beaten runaway child bride. The choice to help this girl, KHADIGA, alone in the world, without protectors, leads Tiernay and his men into a terrifying Arabian Nights fantasy, where a powerful Jinn threatens to kill them all. As they are picked off, one by one, Tiernay comes to realize the creature cannot be killed directly. Instead, he must kill Khadiga's husband, who is the Jinn's master, and set the beast free. This is a great risk, but Khadiga tells him that Jinns, though all powerful, are fundamentally stupid. Tiernay must somehow trick it, talk it back into the bottle from where it came, if they are to have any chance of surviving. WGA #1450998

Title: Necessary Action

Logline: Two friends get more than they expect when they take a job from a car salesman who

Synopsis: Mitch and Kevin are at the end of their ropes. Or are they? They run across a man who claims to be the answer to their problems and are offered a job working for him on the wrong side of the law. Pressured by cheating wives and financial trouble, they reluctantly accept his offer. When the two decide they want out, they must face the inevitable, a showdown with the man who hired them.

Title: Scan Eagle

Logline: When a sailor's girlfriend is exposed to be associated with the nation's most wanted fugitive he finds himself in the middle of a CIA operation gone astray.

Synopsis: A scan eagle aircraft takes off from a U.S. destroyer as Will, a Navy sailor, drives a small boat along side the destroyer. CIA agents watch Adam through the scan eagle's camera. Will and Mara take four civilians ashore but soon find out they are CIA when one of them, Chase, returns to the boat with a gun shot wound. Will, Mara and Chase trace the previous day's events leading them to a woman. As Chase talks with the woman he receives a call informing him Mara works for Adam. The woman on the boat is assasinated and Will, Mara and Chase are forced to flee to Rome to meet with Adam. Enroute Chase devises a plan to catch Adam but is trick and Adam leaves Rome with Mara. Will and Chase track Adam and Mara to Nassau where they are attending a charity dinner. Adam talks with an Arabian man as Will discovers Mara is on his side. Adam discovers Mara's betrayal and takes her to his yacht. Will and Chase track Adam to his yacht where they rescue Mara and kill Adam.

Title: Road to Honor

Logline: A betrayed police officer, trapped in a deadly conspiracy and framed with murders he didn't commit, struggles to prove his innocence in a fight that could compromise his life.

Synopsis: The genre of our screenplay is action adventure/thriller. The story centers on a Hong Kong detective - Li Tian Lone. When Li is sent to Tokyo to help capture two notorious drug lords, he becomes trapped in a deadly conspiracy when the person he has gone to help betrays him. Framed with murders he didn't commit, forced on the run in a city he doesn't know, he enlists the aid of a Japanese woman - a witness to the murder - to clear his name. Ultimately, they will discover an even bigger conspiracy; find more cunning and ruthless adversaries, in a fight that could compromise their careers, and even their lives. We are film students at UC Riverside. We would appreciate it if you could consider our project. We are very dedicated, hardworking, and we just hope that we could be given a chance to prove ourselves. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to receiving your response. Alex Liu, Darrell Cheng 1147 Linden St., Apt 2 Riverside, CA 92507