Submission Samples from the Action Genre


Logline: When ruthless human traffickers kidnapped a daughter he didn't know he had, a recently released killer must confront the demons from his past in order to save her.

Synopsis: Tommy Justice is a tough as nails killer who spent 22 years behind bars after committing double murder. After half his life behind bars, he now tries to start a new life. It all changes when a run in with an ex-girlfriend, Daniela Biaz. The one face that has haunted him for years is asking for help to find her missing daughter who disappeared the night before. After a visit to the hotel she stayed at and the night club partied in. He learns his quest will take him halfway around the world to see a surprising place and a familiar face. A face he hoped he’d never see again, his father’s. He soon gains allies to take on a band of cutthroats and sex traffickers in the Russian Mob to find the girl and bring her home. How can a man be so ruthless and deadly for a girl he’s never met? He’s not hunting Daniela’s daughter, he’s hunting his own. How does a father measure a love for a daughter he never knew he had? With pure, blinding, violence.

Title: Anna's - Legacy

Logline: A private island seemingly nothing more than exotic and secluded, holds but one deep, dark secret. A play ground for a wanted scientist's deadly tournaments and haven for his merciless creatures.

Synopsis: Called upon by the CIA, Bill, a former special forces operative and one of the best card players in Las Vegas, is asked to infiltrate and stop a crazed scientist calling himself "The Man". "The Man", who's Private Island seems nothing more than exotic and secluded, holds but one deep, dark secret. It is merely a play-ground for the most deadly yet richly rewarding Texas Hold'em tournaments and games of chance. Unparalleled and merciless creatures prey upon unsuspecting players in this deadly tournament, while buyers for the creatures watch on in luxury from inside the scientist's elegant mansion. logline: Bill returns in part 2 & entering into the front lines of a new legacy of evil that unfolds before his very eyes! 8 years pass after the successful but deadly infiltration of the island. Bill, in hiding, witnesses a brutal war break out. With the arrival of a beautiful woman and a shared mysterious past, Bill finds himself again on the front lines of a new deadly legacy!

Title: Dalton's Harvest

Logline: In a race to an early death, father and son are neck and neck.

Synopsis: In this action-drama, a suicidal vintner seizes an unexpected chance to save his failing vineyard, the marriage he destroyed, and -- his only child's life. Corrupt lawyers, hired assassins, and drug-running motorcycle gangs are no match for a rugged hero with compelling new reasons to live.

Title: Warrior Under the Sun

Logline: The brutal,sensual and thrilling saga of Samson, the most powerful man in the world.

Synopsis: The Hebrews are defeated on the battle field in the valley of Sorek by the brutal, pagan and exotic Philistines. The Hebrews cry out to God and he appoints Samson at birth to begin their deliverance. Samson is seen first in a whore house where he throws a four hundred pound Philistine warrior through a brick wall. He then kills his entire wedding party because his Philistine wife was given to another man. He goes on a one man rampage against the Philistines which ends in the greatest battle in biblical history. In the battle of Rameth-Lehi he shouts "Philistine! The angel of death is upon you." He slaughters a thousand warriors and sends a message to their their King. "With the jawbone of an ass I have slain your army of a thousand. With the jawbone of an ass I have made an ass of thee, for all the world to see". After that he is betrayed, eyes put out and taken to the pagan temple where he detroys it killing himself, the rulers and three thousand Philistines.

Title: First and Second Assignments (screenplay)

Logline: FIRST AND SECOND ASSIGNMENTS It's a journey through elusive world of criminals by a hit man using guts, tact and ruthlessness in tension filled escapades to rid society of them.

Synopsis: Ike the hit man in high paced actions rids society of her criminal scum. In the first assignment he is hired by Mafia don Nicholai to eliminate his uncle don Marino. Marino also hires him to kill Nicholai. He ends up killing both and wiping out their entire organizations. In the second assignment he is kidnapped by a clandestine organization that planned to control and dominate the world. They wanted to utilize his expertise, but he takes out all the members from don Callisto to top government officials and high ranking military officers from various countries. Their final encounter took place in the north pole. The government hat trained him before and they sanctioned all his assignments.


Logline: Hired on a high profile case to track down a ruthless serial killer,Slone finds himself ducking and dodging bullets.Now on the wrong side of the law,Slone vows to brings this killer to justice .

Synopsis: Private investigator Thomas Slone arch nemesis ,Franklin Gruber was released from prison three days ago,Slone working on a high profile case, received a phone call from Gruber declaring war against him for killing his brother. Slone returns home to find his house completely destroyed,with sensitive case files missing form his computer.Gruber killed everyone that was involved with locking him four years ago. Slone feared that he's next on the hitlist and takes off. Gruber kidnaps his girlfriend, holding her for ransom, while killing everyone close to him.Tired of running , Slone once a law bidding citizen ,must get down and dirty to stop a psychopathic killer.Diaz the leader of the cortez cartel, who issued the bounty on Slone ordered, another hit this time on his girlfriend. Diaz made Slone, watch as they tortured her in front of him . Now indispensable,seeking retribution,Slone a "loose cannon" is determine to kill everyone involved.


Logline: “A MISSIONARY AND A REVOLUTIONARY” is the story of a Colombian missionary becoming a revolutionary fighter to save his society from armed drug criminals, using only a few trained animals.

Synopsis: Colombian army's war with the drug Mafia fails as the criminals went on hiding inside the forests and start guerrilla attack. The criminals unleash terror on local people to prevent them from helping army. As the military fail to protect, the people seek asylum in the church to escape from the criminals. The missionary of the church vows to protect his parish. As a Christian missionary he didn’t want to resume to violence. He recruits an animal trainer to train scores of dogs, monkeys and other forest animals to fight armed men. He fights the criminals with the help of the trained animals and capture their leader. About the author Books:TIGER IN THE TOILET,POSSIBILITIES,THE INVISIBLE DESTROYER,JESA Screenplays:JAALIM, THE CRUEL–Action,completed shooting.DAGA, THE DITCH–Family saga-being made in Bombay.MAGICIAN MANDRAKE–Comedy-being made.THE GENTLEMAN CRIMINAL–Action-currently with a LA based agent.AN OLD GENT IN LAS VEGAS–Family saga.

Title: Whack Job

Logline: This screenplay is a breakout. It's a hip ACTION-COMEDY that combines the momentum of a Robert Rodriguez flick with the homespun characterizations of the Coen Brothers.

Synopsis: Detective John Isher is notorious for 2 things: his famous undercover disguises and his stamp of being solely responsible for the coup d'etat in Zebraville, a nightmarish island in Florida that now boils in limbo. When an overlooked stash of new wave narcotics there is brought to In-Land Police's attention, Detectives McKennon and Joia conspire to send Isher back to Zebraville. His mission: recover the drugs without a single shot fired. But when Isher's cover is blown, McKennon's only hope becomes his biggest mistake. Now Isher is pitted against a bevy of hilariously violent criminals and the elusive Mr. Nero Pedaggi -- the rightful owner of the narcotics who is expected by In-Land Police to be on the same mission. Toward the end of this action-drenched story there is a twist... And just when we think all is well in Zebraville again, a new mission is unveiled.

Title: Master of the 7 Disciples of Bruce Lee

Logline: A vengeful Martial Arts master whose older brother was beaten by Bruce on the set of Enter the Dragon, sets out to destroy the 7 men associated with him on the 40 year anniversary of the movie.

Synopsis: Jackie Chan, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, and four other legends train Maxine Castro, a sixteen year old student to get to the title match of the LONG BEACH INTERNATIONALS against a rival student named Lance Arrington during the 40 year anniversary tour of Enter the Dragon, while being stalked by vengeful Chonglin Chen, the younger brother of a background actor who was embarrassed and beaten by Bruce Lee on the set, and died in shame. I studied writing at L.A. City College, and I'm a published novelist of 3 books, and 8 screenplays. I would like to submit this screenplay for your consideration, and can be contacted as listed below. Thank you. M. Anthony Phillips 9105 glen garden drive st. louis, mo. 63136 314-867-4543 314-378-7095

Title: East Of Egypt

Logline: Logline: Caught up in the CIA's secret drug wars in Asia two ex-CIA agents become drug lords who struggle to survive a turf war with the Hong Kong triads.

Synopsis: East Of Egypt begins with an explosive combat scene where CIA agent Bill Murphy is rescued by Special Operations Assassin Captain David Anderson. A trust is forged and the two become involved in the CIA's secret war funded by heroin produced in the Golden Triangle. After leaving the CIA the two become drug lords who use contacts in Laos, Burma, Thailand and Hong Kong to make millions in the heroin trade. The story spins in a new direction when a turf war is begun by Hong Kong's triad societies, leading to a violent conclusion. Historical accuracy and graphic military encounters keep the excitement action packed and moving in every sequence.