Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: A group of college girls from the past join forces with a gang of political dissidents from the present in order to save humanity from a technocratic future.

Synopsis: In the present day, three cheerleaders from the 1980s - Kate, Amanda and Sarah - are rescued from cryogenic stasis by a vigilante named Saverio. When Kate is abducted and eventually brainwashed, the girls enlist Saverio to help get her back. With the aid of his friends - Yuri and Hans - Saverio makes a discovery revealing the truth behind Kate's capture and the genesis of the girls' original stasis-freezing: Project Gladiator - a 30-year-long experiment to advance the Human Race by creating a race of cyborg troops based on captured and frozen test-subjects. Saverio must now rescue Kate and save the World from a Techno-Fascist dictatorship.

Title: Winter Of The Dragon

Logline: In the mystical Snow Mountains of the future, a young boy is forced to confront his worst nightmare: rescue his mother and lose the world, or save the world and lose his mother.

Synopsis: In a night of treachery in the city of Gol, Zara the Guardian, is sucked into the Dragon Stone - a crystal that has power over all nightmares. The traitor, Ripho, flees into the Snow Mountains. Eight years later, he invades Gol with his dreaded SnowLander army, seizes the Dragon Stone (temporarily protected by a small forcefield) and kidnaps Gol's children. They all vanish into the Snow Mountains - except for Zara's son, Corbin, 13. Corbin has to become the new Guardian. But is he up to it? Forced into the Snow Mountains, he's a city kid who's scared. Can he call on the powers of the long-gone Dragon Stone's creators? Somewhere ahead of Corbin are the SnowLander army, the Dragon Stone imprisoning his mother and Ripho determined to open it, releasing its nightmares to control the world. And now Corbin confronts his worst nightmare: To rescue his mother, he also has to open the Dragon Stone. But the world will be lost. And if he saves the world he will lose his mother.

Title: The Lightbringers

Logline: Three European agents are caught up in a war between Heaven and Hell while investigating a mysterious cult in the US.

Synopsis: Three detectives from various ends of the legal spectrum - discharged Marine Donato, discredited police officer Viktor and reformed ex-prison convict Declan - travel to the US to determine the existence of a dark religious cult and its connection to the media. Donato falls in love with Sarah, a strong-willed college student, endangering himself and his friends. When Sarah and her friends - Kate and Natasha - are captured by a race of mutant cultists, Donato is forced to confront his personal demons and rescue the woman he loves, leading to a shocking discovery which could determine the Ultimate Fate of the Universe. It is up to the three heroes to rescue the girls and prevent a Worldwide Armageddon.

Title: Buccaneers Of Brig O'Doon

Logline: Heaven and Hell will collide in the land of dreams, unless two Scottish brothers on the run and against the clock can prevent armageddon...

Synopsis: On Earth, there is only one time, one place and one life or is there...Man has always dreamed, searched the seas and sought the answers from the Heavens for the wisdom of the ages. Michael and Danny McLachan are brothers. Michael, an ex-rock musician, happily runs his craft shop in the Highlands of Scotland until his brother Danny, an escaped con now on the run, turns up in pursuit of their Father's last wish. From an old family journal Danny has discovered a long lost Templar secret that Brig O'Doon, the fabled place of myth actually exists. Now with both on the run and in disguise Danny and Michael race toward this lost land but what they discover inside is a virtual ticking clock for humanity and the ultimate battle of good against evil. Now they have to salvage not only the hopes and dreams of the ages but also the very existence of mankind. In fighting the battle of their lives they discover that what matters cannot be found in all the riches of the world but within themselves


Logline: An alien orphan girl with superhero powers and five alien hobbits go on a dangerous adventure to capture a magic wand, to save their race from a deadly plague.

Synopsis: PANDAMONA has two unique traits: she has the ability to stretch her body like Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four, and she can use her red hair as a weapon, or transforms it to any shape she desires. Along with her five alien hobbit friends, DARASSA, MARASSA, ZARASSA, BARASSA and SHARASSA, who possess telekinetic powers and the ability to form weapons from eyes embedded in their palms; and HANGTREE and FALOME, her golden pet monkey and eagle tho have telepathic powers, they are members of an extraterrestrial race called Tragons, that lives on the planet Teres. When a deadly disease threatens the survival of the race, they go on an adventure to a mystical land called Karkardian, to retrieve a magic wand called a Valadone, containing an antidote. Along way, they use their special powers to battle natural disasters, strange creatures and other formidable foes, leading to an ultimate showdown with a fire-breathing sorcerer called the DJIIN, to capture the Valadone.


Logline: Dear,I am film writer.I have sent you a film script.If you are interested in it,I am ready to sell(the full screenplay are available)your request to improve them based of your needs is welcomed,too.

Synopsis: A Scholar whose theories in Physics leads world to achieve new and modern technologies in respect to industry as well as provide welfare for human life. He affected by blood cancer and doctors lost hope to cure.But the world is currently changing to the best condition due to his theories and the loss of that scholar would be a disaster. Thus, some scholars suggested that the mentioned scholar should be frozen and in future he will be melted due to discover of cancer drug and cured.................. Scholars waken up after a long sleep and he found himself alone in a room. After minutes a robot came in the room and spoke to scholar in his language. Finally the scholar found out that he was frozen nearly 500 years. He found out few number of humans left. Also, he understood that a huge war will occur between earth and other planets. He contemplated that he is able to utilize his experience and science to end the war and leading earth to triumph over the enemy.

Title: Atlantis

Logline: Myth... Legend... Swallowed by the Earth, Forgotten to History, and now the greatest tale never told... will be. Atlantis!

Synopsis: Worshippers of the thirteen Crystal Skulls of the Ancients, the great civilization of Atlantis was highly advanced in all fields of study; reaching across the sea to other civilizations including the people known as, The Pangeans. Civilizations enjoying a time of great peace, but peace is fragile. Cade is a young man with adventure in his heart and a destiny still unknown to him. Returning from Pangaea, the Queen falls ill; angering the ruler of Atlantis, King Pharaoh. Syn, the King's most trusted advisor, kills the man who returned the Queen; a Pangean Prince, triggering the Pangeans to declare war. Cade and his friend, Tyson witness Syn fire the first shot against the Pangeans, a mighty laser created by using only seven crystal skulls. Hearing of Syn's nefarious plot to overthrow the King; uniting all thirteen skulls to attack the Pangeans, and then turning them on King Pharaoh. Cade and Tyson must recruit help to steal the skulls, and save the only home they know, Atlantis!


Logline: An archaeologist saves Noah's Ark from the Russians and an ancient tome from Nazis.

Synopsis: In 1949, after his travel funds are vetoed, an angry Indiana Jones joins his father on a vacation willed to them by Marcus. Their first stop: London. The two join a tour bus of seniors, a Russian priest and a nun. Soon bored out of his boxers, Indy escapes only to encounter the clergy with an ugly Nazi. That night the priest disappears; the sister is nunnapped; and Indy, attempting a rescue, gets slobberknockered by two Russians. The next day, Henry confesses- Marcus had vetoed Indy's travel funds, so Indy would work for the Underground Church. Pissed, but broke, Indy takes the job. He travels to Moscow, France, and Turkey. He battles Russians, Nazis, Kurds, a corrupt Cardinal, and nature. He uncovers secrets, romances the nun, and survives an NDE. And, in the end, his anger at God subsides. I have been a professional writer for 20 years. Noting both Ford and Connery's age (plus Lucasfilm's lack of a script), I believe now is is the time for an outside IJ5 script.


Logline: In search of ephemeral truth, an accomplished man of science is forced to suspend life and love on the wings of a child-like sense of wonder. Harrowing consequences ensue, willy-nilly helping him.

Synopsis: Wonder is the essence of dreams. It propels imagination as it realizes a dream. 'Wonder' follows Ken Armstrong, 63 - a renowned professor of aerospace science - for 12 days and nights as he is forced to deal with unexpected circumstances. Little does he realize that the inexplicable events he experiences are intertwined with imaginative tales of exploration and discovery he had made up for his 7 year old nephew. Ken can't explain why his travails intersect the lives of his sister Audrey McKey, 27, an account executive at a magazine for men or Tiara Rawlins, 23, a chic, brilliant but flawed colleague-in-arms. As the story unfolds, Ken's rationality is challenged, drawing him into a quagmire of deceit against his will. He loses valuable opportunities that would have ensured a retirement he always wanted. He is implicated on charges of involuntary manslaughter. He becomes a dispensable pawn in a game of ruthless ambition. Wonder, Ken realizes, opens a vista out of his predicament.


Logline: The countdown to the end of the world begins as an unlikely hero discovers that his destiny is to find the only weapon able to stop the Darkness; and become its bearer.

Synopsis: As Chima exits a diner with his friend, Ini he receives a call from John, who screams for help. They rush over to John's house but instead of his colleague, they discover a supernatural staff which radiates power and light. Meanwhile, Gyori, monsters sent by the Darkness, attack them. Ini solves the riddle of the staff just in time and it transports them to another world with two kingdoms: Chima to Rulethion and Ini to Karymon. Chima meets the Fileri from Rulethion but is attacked again by the Gyori. A power takes control of Ini and she invokes the Body of Fire on Chima making him invincible. Even though both friends are miles apart, they hear a prophecy which states that they have to find the stolen staff or the Darkness would overrun both kingdoms within days. While Chima struggles with the prophecy, he is attacked by a serial killer who murders him, against the play of the prophecy. In the end, a strange sword brings him back to life, setting him up for the ultimate quest.