Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Looking Back

Logline: A scientist and a reporter use a high tech camera in an attempt to stop an ancient prophesy of doom from coming true.

Synopsis: Jess Masters is a young UCLA physics professor who admires older women, loves to quote famous movie lines, and claims to be disinterested in applications of his invention of a camera that can look back in time. However, he does use the camera as bait to snag his fantasy woman, Willis Travis, a middle-aged newspaper reporter and avid recreational athlete. Jess's clever camera wouldn't allow him to change history but, with it, he can learn from the past and use that knowledge to anticipate the future more accurately. When a disastrous accident strikes his family, Jess and Willis use the camera to investigate and, in the process, uncover a plot that could ravage Los Angeles. The authorities doubt Jess's scientifically-based prediction that an ancient prophesy of doom for the City of Angels is at hand. In response, Jess, inspired by an attack of the "bird flew", sets a trap and enlists his students in trying to prevent a potential holocaust.


Logline: Two unlikely lovers bound together in a patriotic adventure. A white man on an unexpected vacation, finds his dull life changed forever by a chance meeting with a gorgeous, black actress.

Synopsis: an original screenplay by James R. Sanzo WGA NUMBER 130424-00 Could a white, laboring country boy, and a black hollywood starlet, possibly have anything in common? They can when their rendezvous leads to an unintended love, and then becomes a last obstacle between death and chaos for countless thousands of Americans. Reena Watson, a talented, but intolerant beauty, reluctantly agrees to a much needed time away at a newly opened resort in remote Ecuador. Sandy, a disillusioned hourly worker, too, finds himself attending the same resort after being chosen by lottery. Together, they become immersed in an international plot to bring America to its knees by way of its Golden Oldies Music. As commoners and blue-bloods, the young and the elderly, reminisce and move to their favorite tunes from the past, deadly action is programmed to occur in chosen targeted areas. Armed with only their savvy, affection for each, and love of their country, they fight to disarm the devlish plan.

Title: The Legend Of Zelda

Logline: I've completed my screenplay, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, a high fantasy-adventure epic based on the classic video game series; a hugely successful franchise with consistent world wide sales profits.

Synopsis: The story follows Link on his time sensitive puzzle solving quest to rescue the Land of Hyrule and its Princess from the evil overlord Ganon. The three characters share a sacred power that gives balance to the land. Ganon finds a way to tip this balance in his dark favor, while Link, aided by his fairy guide Navi, journeys to unlock an ancient tool to defeat him and restore equilibrium to the world. My research and dedication to keeping this story true to its nature is unmatched. Not only have I played every game and been one of the cult followers myself, I have ensured that this screenplay incorporates only the best elements of all the series, creating a cinematic version of the experience that captured the imagination of its initial followers and setting a new standard for playable video adaptations. I look forward to your response in order to send you my screenplay, which I know will please both fans and newcomers to the Zelda universe.

Title: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy

Logline: Logline: Overcome the impossible.

Synopsis: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy A seriously meaningful martial arts comedy By Philosopher Stephan Pacheco Huntington Beach, CA 775-354-7458 WGA Registration Number: 1219508 (Secondary (College) Logline: Let's get Retarded!) Synopsis: A mysterious neurologically challenged assassin, Retarded Boy, abducts his latest target by blinding him and giving him minor amnesia. While in Retarded Boy's "care" the newly dubbed Blind Boy portrays unusual abilities that interest the masochistic Retarded Boy. These abilities trigger numerous scenes of hilariously violent training. As the duo hones its skills they reach towards solving the mystery of why Retarded Boy was hired to kill a seemingly innocent Blind Boy. The course of their discoveries will lead them into a battle for their lives, and towards a secret technique that could Free them both, at least from their dysfunctional bodies.

Title: Life

Logline: Biviana watches a flamenco dancer until she realizes it is her lost childhood friend from Guatemala, Aurora, a girl with a mysterious and exciting personal journey.

Synopsis: Aurora roams Latin America after the death of her parents. She escapes an orphanage due to fear of being picked up by soldiers. Aurora finally arrives in Argentina, is intrigued by Flamenco and becomes part of an organization that aims to close down the school that trains military men to kill indigenous people. Through this, Aurora becomes more informed about her catastrophic childhood events, becomes friends with some activists and entertainers, falls in love and practices the flamenco dance. She thinks she has it all until the economic recession in Argentina leads her to New York. She is unhappy in New York until she bumps into her lost childhood friend, Biviana, who had gone missing before Aurora's kidnap. Other events unfold such as Occupy Wall Street and Aurora's re-union with her old friends who go on a mission in Honduras to protect innocent civilians from soldiers.

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: A group of college girls from the past join forces with a gang of political dissidents from the present in order to save humanity from a technocratic future.

Synopsis: In the present day, three cheerleaders from the 1980s - Kate, Amanda and Sarah - are rescued from cryogenic stasis by a vigilante named Saverio. When Kate is abducted and eventually brainwashed, the girls enlist Saverio to help get her back. With the aid of his friends - Yuri and Hans - Saverio makes a discovery revealing the truth behind Kate's capture and the genesis of the girls' original stasis-freezing: Project Gladiator - a 30-year-long experiment to advance the Human Race by creating a race of cyborg troops based on captured and frozen test-subjects. Saverio must now rescue Kate and save the World from a Techno-Fascist dictatorship.

Title: Buccaneers Of Brig O'Doon

Logline: Heaven and Hell will collide in the land of dreams, unless two Scottish brothers on the run and against the clock can prevent armageddon...

Synopsis: On Earth, there is only one time, one place and one life or is there...Man has always dreamed, searched the seas and sought the answers from the Heavens for the wisdom of the ages. Michael and Danny McLachan are brothers. Michael, an ex-rock musician, happily runs his craft shop in the Highlands of Scotland until his brother Danny, an escaped con now on the run, turns up in pursuit of their Father's last wish. From an old family journal Danny has discovered a long lost Templar secret that Brig O'Doon, the fabled place of myth actually exists. Now with both on the run and in disguise Danny and Michael race toward this lost land but what they discover inside is a virtual ticking clock for humanity and the ultimate battle of good against evil. Now they have to salvage not only the hopes and dreams of the ages but also the very existence of mankind. In fighting the battle of their lives they discover that what matters cannot be found in all the riches of the world but within themselves

Title: Ho Ho Ho Claus

Logline: Three strippers, two towns, one holiday season, Christmas will never be the same again!

Synopsis: Britney, April and Sierra are three exotic dancers, who find themselves unemployed, during the Christmas holiday season. They hatch a plot to fight off the holiday blues, and earn some real cash by heading out to Las Vegas for a big time New Years Eve bash. They end up being stranded in a small dying town called, Silver Creek, by a major snow storm. Life is changed forevermore, not only for Britney and her girlfriends, but for the entire town of Silver Creek, when Britney is given the mission of saving Christmas for the town's kids.

Title: Fraidies

Logline: This is a time when people try to avoid contact with others. The violated go underground becoming fraidies. There is a bounty on their heads while the ones who do the crimes go unpunished.

Synopsis: Women wear a Victorian dress so as to not draw any attention to themselves. There is mistrust. Everyone seeks solitude for protection. It is in our future. Enforcers, are corrupt. Crimes against people are abundant. The men and women who have been hurt tend to go underground. These are the Fraidies. They have basically become wild. They come out only at night to scavenge for food. They are desperate and will do anything to survive. They are terrified of contact with a world that might harm them again. There is a curfew on the city, for good reason. These fraidies are desperate enough to kill for food. They are not evil, they are desperate. A bounty is placed upon bringing in a fraidie which makes the enforcers more interested in catching fraidies than the real perpetrators. Victor, a nabber, who catches the fraidies and tries to reestablish them in society, falls in love with one. Most people are very prejudiced against any of the reformed fraidies.

Title: Galaxy Scouts - Ready For Anything

Logline: In 2509, five boys and three girls travel through space to a Scout Jamboree. Waylaid by pirates, the scouts escape, landing on a planet chased by pirates. By their wits, they learn how to prevail.

Synopsis: Ben (15) takes command over seven other Scouts after their adult leader is killed helping them escape a pirate attack. Ben manages their few resources with the skills of the Scouts to set traps and kill the pirates who pursue them as they trek through the wilderness of a lost planet in search of help. One of the Scouts, Peter (14), has a shameful secret which may betray the Scouts when they are most counting on him. The Scouts make spears for defense and seek food as wild animals create problems for the scouts as well. As the Scouts are about to find civilization and help, the last pirate intercepts them. In a final showdown, Ben is shot but Peter overcomes paralyzing fear and attacks the pirate with his spear, killing him. The Scouts are safe, but their heroic, inspiring leader is dying. They are stricken with grief after such a harrowing adventure. The young Scouts are all heroes who banded together and used their talents to prevail over great adversity.