Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Dragonfist : The Destined Alliance

Logline: Five Friends. Two Worlds. One Destiny. WGA # 1069761

Synopsis: Kagero Onimaru, the last descendant to the Onimaru Empire and master of the Macabre Flame was released from his five hundred year imprisonment in a tiny crystal. When a man is gunned down before his eyes, he found his purpose in this new world. "This is what the world has come to? Relying on metal and electricity to live?" . Unhappy, moreover unaccustomed to the developments the world had undergone, Kagero would return the world to the way he saw fit. When news of a martial arts tournament being hosted by two struggling companies, hits the now depreciated OUTSIDE WORLD, A renowned strategist, a tech-savvy air pirate, a tough as nails mercenary, a powerful mystic-psychic and a young warrior born to a legendary family are drawn together. While competing, they realize that their destinies are for more than just competition and cheers. They find that they have become a "Destined Alliance." for a far greater cause.

Title: Atlantis

Logline: Myth... Legend... Swallowed by the Earth, Forgotten to History, and now the greatest tale never told... will be. Atlantis!

Synopsis: Worshippers of the thirteen Crystal Skulls of the Ancients, the great civilization of Atlantis was highly advanced in all fields of study; reaching across the sea to other civilizations including the people known as, The Pangeans. Civilizations enjoying a time of great peace, but peace is fragile. Cade is a young man with adventure in his heart and a destiny still unknown to him. Returning from Pangaea, the Queen falls ill; angering the ruler of Atlantis, King Pharaoh. Syn, the King's most trusted advisor, kills the man who returned the Queen; a Pangean Prince, triggering the Pangeans to declare war. Cade and his friend, Tyson witness Syn fire the first shot against the Pangeans, a mighty laser created by using only seven crystal skulls. Hearing of Syn's nefarious plot to overthrow the King; uniting all thirteen skulls to attack the Pangeans, and then turning them on King Pharaoh. Cade and Tyson must recruit help to steal the skulls, and save the only home they know, Atlantis!

Title: The Three Wimps

Logline: Three boys discover a book of magic and go on a perilous journey to rescue a friend from certain death.

Synopsis: My name is Sean McKenzie. I am pushing an old screenplay of mine due to the current market for fantasy. A few years ago I worked with Monarex on an independent film. Currently I have 21st Century optioning a comedy script while I am finishing my latest novel. THE THREE WIMPS: Three teenage boys lacking courage and self-esteem discover a book of magic. A friend of theirs uses the book and disappears. Now the boys are on a mission to rescue their friend before she is lost forever. Chad, Leon, and Orlo rush to the Witch. She tells the boys that the must rescue Sara before dawn, or she will remain in stone forever. Sara's brother Lewis and his friend Jason tag along. In another world they search for Sarah. They are hunted by Skeleton Warriors and other nightmarish creatures. But with the book's magic to aid them, the small group finds the Garden of Statues where Sara is slowly turning into stone. Then the evil sorcerer finds them. Contact me. Thank you.


Logline: A young woman realizes she is the last of a holy order devoted to saving the world from evil, must find the artifacts hidden by her ancestors that are the only things standing between Hell and Earth.

Synopsis: The H2N2 virus has ravaged the planet, killing millions, inciting civil wars and bringing civilization to the brink of collapse. But there is hope: NINA DA OLIVEIRA is sent on a mission to Istanbul to follow up on rumors that a cure for H2N2 has been discovered. At the airport, she's picked up by JOHN WARD, a mysterious man of few words. Nina and John kill time by exploring a local holy site. While there, Nina encounters a handicapped boy who sees a glowing halo around her, and is moved to grab her hand. Nina's touch cures the boy. The story of the boy's healing gets media attention. John tells Nina they have to immediately flee - in these dark times, anyone who offers supernatural hope can because become a messiah or a target. Nina and John smuggle themselves into a tiny village between Spain and Portugal. Once there, Nina discovers there is more to John than meets the eye... He is actually working for LUZ, a member of the Illuminati, an ancient society of powerful devil worshippers.


Logline: Two unlikely lovers bound together in a patriotic adventure. A white man on an unexpected vacation, finds his dull life changed forever by a chance meeting with a gorgeous, black actress.

Synopsis: an original screenplay by James R. Sanzo WGA NUMBER 130424-00 Could a white, laboring country boy, and a black hollywood starlet, possibly have anything in common? They can when their rendezvous leads to an unintended love, and then becomes a last obstacle between death and chaos for countless thousands of Americans. Reena Watson, a talented, but intolerant beauty, reluctantly agrees to a much needed time away at a newly opened resort in remote Ecuador. Sandy, a disillusioned hourly worker, too, finds himself attending the same resort after being chosen by lottery. Together, they become immersed in an international plot to bring America to its knees by way of its Golden Oldies Music. As commoners and blue-bloods, the young and the elderly, reminisce and move to their favorite tunes from the past, deadly action is programmed to occur in chosen targeted areas. Armed with only their savvy, affection for each, and love of their country, they fight to disarm the devlish plan.

Title: Buccaneers Of Brig O'Doon

Logline: Heaven and Hell will collide in the land of dreams, unless two Scottish brothers on the run and against the clock can prevent armageddon...

Synopsis: On Earth, there is only one time, one place and one life or is there...Man has always dreamed, searched the seas and sought the answers from the Heavens for the wisdom of the ages. Michael and Danny McLachan are brothers. Michael, an ex-rock musician, happily runs his craft shop in the Highlands of Scotland until his brother Danny, an escaped con now on the run, turns up in pursuit of their Father's last wish. From an old family journal Danny has discovered a long lost Templar secret that Brig O'Doon, the fabled place of myth actually exists. Now with both on the run and in disguise Danny and Michael race toward this lost land but what they discover inside is a virtual ticking clock for humanity and the ultimate battle of good against evil. Now they have to salvage not only the hopes and dreams of the ages but also the very existence of mankind. In fighting the battle of their lives they discover that what matters cannot be found in all the riches of the world but within themselves

Title: Icarus Rising

Logline: Dr.Ged Flynn was not convinced by the Global Warming theorists,but things were certainly getting hotter for him by the day.

Synopsis: An environmental thriller about Dr.Ged Flynn,a brilliant but contrarian scientist.His research into global warming points to the chief culprit being,not man,but the undersea venting of huge methane deposits;but he has little supporting evidence.Then he meets Claire Wardle,a beautiful and gifted marine biologist,who provides him with an amazing record of evidence linked to historic sightings of sea serpents. Together,they travel to the deep ocean off Bermuda to find the proof they have predicted,but they are attacked by sinister forces whose interests are threatened. They analyse their findings and Flynn realises that global warming is a function of both nature and man,and that the two drivers are combining to move the earth towards an imminent tipping point of no return. Encouraged by the mysterious Professor Stirling,he realises that he alone can avert the coming crisis and he travels to the wastes of Antarctica to find the solution in a lake two miles below the ice cap.

Title: Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams

Logline: THE STORY OF YOUR DREAMS. Elysia is the world where our dreams live, battle, and even die. Elysian Kings is a franchise of stories depicting the realms and kingdoms of a boundless imagination.

Synopsis: My name is Nashid Ibn Ali and I have recently finished writing and polishing a screenplay entitled "Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams". The screenplay's premise is based upon ELYSIA, a world we exist in during our dreams. It is a boundless reality, with franchise potential, that unfolds from the imagination of a dreamer. The plot of "Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams" portrays an oppressive monarchy that gives birth to a prince, BILYON DREAMS, who is destined to overthrow his parents and free their slaves. What ensues is a collaboration of dynamic characters and action that unfolds within a setting of dreams. I know the script has potential to be marketed successfully because it has youthful heart and it taps into the human struggle to believe in something powerful. I know if you review my work that it will make you a believer in my talent as well. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you in the future.

Title: Looking Back

Logline: A scientist and a reporter use a high tech camera in an attempt to stop an ancient prophesy of doom from coming true.

Synopsis: Jess Masters is a young UCLA physics professor who admires older women, loves to quote famous movie lines, and claims to be disinterested in applications of his invention of a camera that can look back in time. However, he does use the camera as bait to snag his fantasy woman, Willis Travis, a middle-aged newspaper reporter and avid recreational athlete. Jess's clever camera wouldn't allow him to change history but, with it, he can learn from the past and use that knowledge to anticipate the future more accurately. When a disastrous accident strikes his family, Jess and Willis use the camera to investigate and, in the process, uncover a plot that could ravage Los Angeles. The authorities doubt Jess's scientifically-based prediction that an ancient prophesy of doom for the City of Angels is at hand. In response, Jess, inspired by an attack of the "bird flew", sets a trap and enlists his students in trying to prevent a potential holocaust.

Title: One Day Too Late

Logline: A storm puts two couples relationships in jeopardy as it separates them from each other. One pair must move on with their life, while the other must struggle for survival on an uninhabited island.

Synopsis: Anthony, an overworked owner of an Italian delicatessen is told he needs a vacation. His wife, best friend Frank, and fiance convince him to plan a romantic getaway to Barbados. While out to sea a storm unexpectedly rolls in. During the chaos Anthony gets separated from his wife and Frank from his fiance. Shaken Frank and Jenna make it to the safety of the island. Anthony and Virginia are lost out to sea. Days after the storm, Anthony and Virginia are pronounced dead. Frank and Jenna move on with their lives. Anthony and Virginia make it to a small island; a graveyard for sunken yachts. There are ominous signs of piracy that foreshadow danger in the future. They adjust to the joys of island life, while preparing for the pirates' return. Over time, they form an unbreakable bond. Back in New York, Frank and Jenna have a sexual encounter. On the island, Anthony and Virginia fight the marauding pirates and make it home. In the end, both couples express their new feelings to each other.