Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Evenflow

Logline: Two friends fight to save the river they love from destruction by developers.

Synopsis: David and Ben discover the sport of whitewater kayaking. They realize that it is more than a sport as they challenge themselves to think counter intuitively in order to master whitewater skills and learn to work and play in harmony with the river. They find new respect for the wonder and power of nature, and in their humility are able to love and be loved. They journey to Chile to paddle some of the most pristine rivers in the world, but instead witness the imminent damming of a river which will not only destroy the ecosystem, but also the way of life of the indigenous people. They take a stand and fight.

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: A group of college girls from the past join forces with a gang of political dissidents from the present in order to save humanity from a technocratic future.

Synopsis: In the present day, three cheerleaders from the 1980s - Kate, Amanda and Sarah - are rescued from cryogenic stasis by a vigilante named Saverio. When Kate is abducted and eventually brainwashed, the girls enlist Saverio to help get her back. With the aid of his friends - Yuri and Hans - Saverio makes a discovery revealing the truth behind Kate's capture and the genesis of the girls' original stasis-freezing: Project Gladiator - a 30-year-long experiment to advance the Human Race by creating a race of cyborg troops based on captured and frozen test-subjects. Saverio must now rescue Kate and save the World from a Techno-Fascist dictatorship.

Title: The Mattice

Logline: Something Wicked In The Air

Synopsis: Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing seeking agent representation for a film screenplay I have recently completed entitled "The Mattice." Lighthearted yet serious, groundbreaking but traditional, the film is made to star George Clooney and Kristin Chenoweth as Craig and Mary Harper, an aging Wyoming ranch couple that is forced to adopt their five year old grandson when his parents die suddenly in a car accident. The couple's problems, however, compound when there appears on their farm a giant supernatural vampire-like bird - glittering green and holographic, that takes advantage of both people and cattle alike on the farm. After some time of grappling difficulty with this issue, the couple fortunately meets two overintellectual dropout-types who are experts in paranormal activity, and who assist the couple in getting rid of the huge menace. Complete at 114 pages, the script also features a full-length rock soundtrack I have mixed together to accompany it featuring U2 and Coldplay.

Title: Moonstone: Timeless Ascension

Logline: A metaphysical theologian and a larger-than-life magical dragon transforms to universal immortality through a mystical gemstone and ascend to heaven

Synopsis: What if a mortal man, living in twenty-first century Los Angeles, could achieve immortality? What would he do? Where would he go? Vincent "Sage" Woolfolk, a silver-haired theologian/wizard of Welsh wit, is one such character. One night at his Victorian home (from where he runs an all-things-spiritual shop), Sage is up in a candlelit alcove inspecting a small rusty tin box. Opening it, he discovers a treasure map containing 'Old world' Hebrew text and rune markings. Helping his grandson -a twentysomething student scientist, Sage performs a tarot card reading and finds himself intertwined with the lad. Navigating a labyrinth of relationship, Sage visits a former lady lover at Catalina Island and learns the map's whereabouts are in Scandinavia. Trekking to Norway, high above the Arctic Circle, Sage enters a fjord mountain filled with colorful gemstones and he confronts and befriends a gargantuan dragon named Zendor. Thus, the witty seer's journey turns to a dazzling whirlwind...

Title: Pandoria : The Destined Alliance

Logline: Five Friends. Two Worlds. One Destiny

Synopsis: The year is 21 Z... Kagero Onimaru, the last descendant to the Macabre Clan and master of the Macabre Flame was released from his five hundred year imprisonment in a tiny crystal. When a man is gunned down before his eyes, he found his purpose in this new world. "This is what the world has come to? Relying on metal and electricity to live?" . Unhappy, moreover unaccustomed to the developments the world had undergone, Kagero would return the world to the way he saw fit. In the present year, 1Z... The Legionnaires have been at battle with the Macabre Confederacy for liberation of the OUTSIDE WORLD. When a new batch of recruits enter into the ranks, A renowned strategist, a tech-savvy air pirate, a tough as nails mercenary, a powerful mystic-psychic and a young warrior born to a legendary family are drawn together. Through it all, they realize that their destines are for more than battle. They find that they have become a "Destined Alliance." for a far greater cause.

Title: Atlantis

Logline: Myth... Legend... Swallowed by the Earth, Forgotten to History, and now the greatest tale never told... will be. Atlantis!

Synopsis: Worshippers of the thirteen Crystal Skulls of the Ancients, the great civilization of Atlantis was highly advanced in all fields of study; reaching across the sea to other civilizations including the people known as, The Pangeans. Civilizations enjoying a time of great peace, but peace is fragile. Cade is a young man with adventure in his heart and a destiny still unknown to him. Returning from Pangaea, the Queen falls ill; angering the ruler of Atlantis, King Pharaoh. Syn, the King's most trusted advisor, kills the man who returned the Queen; a Pangean Prince, triggering the Pangeans to declare war. Cade and his friend, Tyson witness Syn fire the first shot against the Pangeans, a mighty laser created by using only seven crystal skulls. Hearing of Syn's nefarious plot to overthrow the King; uniting all thirteen skulls to attack the Pangeans, and then turning them on King Pharaoh. Cade and Tyson must recruit help to steal the skulls, and save the only home they know, Atlantis!

Title: Deadly Circle

Logline: FERDINAND MAGELLAN, a 16th century explorer,risks his life and naval career, and eventually dies on a tropical island, in an attempt to prove that the world is round.

Synopsis: 16TH CENTURY EUROPEČ. The widespread belief is that the world is flat and that at the end of which there is an abyss inhabited by monsters. In an attempt to prove that it is round, FERDINAND MAGELLAN is dishonorably discharged from the Portuguese Navy. With intent to test his theory, he goes to Spain and convinces the Spanish King to back an expedition to find the Spice Islands. Since the known route to the East passes through Portuguese territory, Magellan proposes to sail west on the other side of the globe. The expedition is assailed by Portuguese assassins, mutinous Spanish officers, and a devastating storm. Magellan is killed by hostile natives in the Philippines but the fleet reaches the Spice Island and returns to Spain, thus proving that the world is indeed round.


Logline: In search of ephemeral truth, an accomplished man of science is forced to suspend life and love on the wings of a child-like sense of wonder. Harrowing consequences ensue, willy-nilly helping him.

Synopsis: Wonder is the essence of dreams. It propels imagination as it realizes a dream. 'Wonder' follows Ken Armstrong, 63 - a renowned professor of aerospace science - for 12 days and nights as he is forced to deal with unexpected circumstances. Little does he realize that the inexplicable events he experiences are intertwined with imaginative tales of exploration and discovery he had made up for his 7 year old nephew. Ken can't explain why his travails intersect the lives of his sister Audrey McKey, 27, an account executive at a magazine for men or Tiara Rawlins, 23, a chic, brilliant but flawed colleague-in-arms. As the story unfolds, Ken's rationality is challenged, drawing him into a quagmire of deceit against his will. He loses valuable opportunities that would have ensured a retirement he always wanted. He is implicated on charges of involuntary manslaughter. He becomes a dispensable pawn in a game of ruthless ambition. Wonder, Ken realizes, opens a vista out of his predicament.

Title: Life

Logline: Biviana watches a flamenco dancer until she realizes it is her lost childhood friend from Guatemala, Aurora, a girl with a mysterious and exciting personal journey.

Synopsis: Aurora roams Latin America after the death of her parents. She escapes an orphanage due to fear of being picked up by soldiers. Aurora finally arrives in Argentina, is intrigued by Flamenco and becomes part of an organization that aims to close down the school that trains military men to kill indigenous people. Through this, Aurora becomes more informed about her catastrophic childhood events, becomes friends with some activists and entertainers, falls in love and practices the flamenco dance. She thinks she has it all until the economic recession in Argentina leads her to New York. She is unhappy in New York until she bumps into her lost childhood friend, Biviana, who had gone missing before Aurora's kidnap. Other events unfold such as Occupy Wall Street and Aurora's re-union with her old friends who go on a mission in Honduras to protect innocent civilians from soldiers.

Title: The Next Dragon King

Logline: Three generations of dragon-fighters race around the globe to keep an ancient secret away from a sinister villain, battling a dazzling array of fantastic dragons.

Synopsis: Pepper Drake raised his son Wyatt in the family business: dragon hunting. Under the facade of a regular coastal California family, the Drake's have travelled the globe, sniffing out and exterminating what remains of these ancient and malevolent beasts, keeping the world safe, and the continued existence of dragons hidden. But Pepper has something else to hide, even from his family: he is one of the remaining guardians of a powerful secret, a deep mystery from long ago that holds the key to controlling all dragons; a secret that enables the knower to wield the dragons of the world as a terrible and unstoppable weapon. But it is a mystery no longer. The Drakes stumble upon a new threat from a surprising place, bent on uncovering the secret and taking over the world. The chase is on, as three generations of Drake's race around the globe to beat this sinister villain to the secret, all while doing battle with a gang of monstrous henchmen, and a dazzling dragons.