Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: The Legend Of Zelda

Logline: I've completed my screenplay, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, a high fantasy-adventure epic based on the classic video game series; a hugely successful franchise with consistent world wide sales profits.

Synopsis: The story follows Link on his time sensitive puzzle solving quest to rescue the Land of Hyrule and its Princess from the evil overlord Ganon. The three characters share a sacred power that gives balance to the land. Ganon finds a way to tip this balance in his dark favor, while Link, aided by his fairy guide Navi, journeys to unlock an ancient tool to defeat him and restore equilibrium to the world. My research and dedication to keeping this story true to its nature is unmatched. Not only have I played every game and been one of the cult followers myself, I have ensured that this screenplay incorporates only the best elements of all the series, creating a cinematic version of the experience that captured the imagination of its initial followers and setting a new standard for playable video adaptations. I look forward to your response in order to send you my screenplay, which I know will please both fans and newcomers to the Zelda universe.

Title: The Plant Dynasty

Logline: A scientist discovers a method to make humans photosynthetic. He is pursued to a private Caribbean island by corporations trying to steal and control his secret.

Synopsis: While working at an agricultural research facility, Mark discovers a method to make humans photosynthetic. The intensity of his work, causes his divorce. He realizes his discovery can upset the natural order of the entire planet. Being pursued by those wishing to control him and his secret, he retreats to a private island in the Caribbean to perfect his methods and slowly convert others. He becomes romantically involved with a geneticist who helps him in his quest to put his discovery beyond the control of corporate mobsters. It is a race against time to the benefit of all mankind.

Title: WizardsQuest: The Princess Queen

Logline: When a princess from their favorite role playing game appears in Chicago, it's up to Ronnie, a gaming nerd in search of more, and his nerdy friends to rescue her and save the world.

Synopsis: Ronnie is a 20 year old gamer who spends most of his time playing WizardsQuest, a role playing game, in the basement of one of his friends. Markas a man claiming to be a wizard meets with Ronnie and reveals to him that the world of WizardsQuest is an actual place and that Ronnie himself is a descendant of its royal guard. Markas charges Ronnie with the rescue of the lost princess Nerina, before the evil General Uthudor finds her. Markas, Ronnie, and his friends eventually find Nerina after numerous skirmishes with Uthudor's forces and hide in a WizardsQuest convention, where they make their final stand against Uthudor. Victorious, Ronnie and his friends are able to return Nerina to her own world. A fantasy action comedy that places the fate of the world in the hands of nerds.

Title: Galaxy Scouts - Ready For Anything

Logline: In 2509, five boys and three girls travel through space to a Scout Jamboree. Waylaid by pirates, the scouts escape, landing on a planet chased by pirates. By their wits, they learn how to prevail.

Synopsis: Ben (15) takes command over seven other Scouts after their adult leader is killed helping them escape a pirate attack. Ben manages their few resources with the skills of the Scouts to set traps and kill the pirates who pursue them as they trek through the wilderness of a lost planet in search of help. One of the Scouts, Peter (14), has a shameful secret which may betray the Scouts when they are most counting on him. The Scouts make spears for defense and seek food as wild animals create problems for the scouts as well. As the Scouts are about to find civilization and help, the last pirate intercepts them. In a final showdown, Ben is shot but Peter overcomes paralyzing fear and attacks the pirate with his spear, killing him. The Scouts are safe, but their heroic, inspiring leader is dying. They are stricken with grief after such a harrowing adventure. The young Scouts are all heroes who banded together and used their talents to prevail over great adversity.


Logline: South of US 1933. A man enters a town & brings chance to the town affected by depression & draught. Priest & others try to utilize the situ. Sherriff finds bad records of him and tries to tell people

Synopsis: Fall 1933, a stranger comes to a small town in south of the US affected by draught and economic depression, faces two men trying to rape a girl and kills them, but becomes injured. People note his face, very much like the Jesus, and traces of studs' wounds. The Catholic priest of the town tries to utilize the arrival of the stranger, by which there is rain after several years, the state capital agrees with construction of railway station. The stranger dies and the sheriff finds out that the stranger has escaped the prison after killing the priest of the prison and being crucified by other prisoners and his hostility toward the church roots from his past. He had been raped by a bishop in an orphanage managed by the church. The priest argues that the sheriff shouldn't talk about the issue for the sake of people's faith. The sheriff accepts and resigns and starts digging a grave in front of the cross in the cemetery and faces with the backpack of the stranger filled with money.


Logline: To sustain his family through a grave winter, an exiled Norseman joins mercenaries investigating the abandonment of a secluded outpost only to become prey to an unknown breed of apex predator.

Synopsis: "Fenris" is a dark and vicious accounting of personal honor and redemption during the Pre-Viking Age world that incorporates the myth of Beowulf. The hyper realistic violence in this take on this classic tale is heightened by the introduction of a breed of apex predator far superior to any man. Vidar, a once feared and admired Norse warrior is called out of exile by his brother to investigate an abandoned outpost with an offer allowing for the return of his family to civilization. But, after living a life of laconic religious morality, Vidar is no longer the same hardened warrior of a decade previous. He is forced to reconcile between his new ethics and his suppressed brutal nature. As the legend of Beowulf alludes to Christianity's encroachment on the old world religions, "Fenris" examines man's instincts and his eternal struggle to subdue them through belief and will. This unflinching narrative reveals the difference between man and beast is not intelligence but morality.

Title: Dragonfist : The Destined Alliance

Logline: Five Friends. Two Worlds. One Destiny. WGA # 1069761

Synopsis: Kagero Onimaru, the last descendant to the Onimaru Empire and master of the Macabre Flame was released from his five hundred year imprisonment in a tiny crystal. When a man is gunned down before his eyes, he found his purpose in this new world. "This is what the world has come to? Relying on metal and electricity to live?" . Unhappy, moreover unaccustomed to the developments the world had undergone, Kagero would return the world to the way he saw fit. When news of a martial arts tournament being hosted by two struggling companies, hits the now depreciated OUTSIDE WORLD, A renowned strategist, a tech-savvy air pirate, a tough as nails mercenary, a powerful mystic-psychic and a young warrior born to a legendary family are drawn together. While competing, they realize that their destinies are for more than just competition and cheers. They find that they have become a "Destined Alliance." for a far greater cause.

Title: Lazarus Eternal

Logline: Follow Lazarus and Jesus on one hilarious adventure after another through time. Nonstop action and laughs.

Synopsis: Finding that he cannot die, Lazarus and his friend Jesus(in different bodies) embark on many grand adventures. They battle another eternal(evil) along the way, save the apostles scrolls,escape the roman collesium,escape from slavery,fall in love, rescue Lazarus' true love and save the city from attacking Persians. Hailed as heroes they have a grand wedding and then depart on a grand cart with much treasure,ready for their next adventure. Lazarus Eternal is a fun romp with non stop action and humor.Although it is based on characters from Bible, it never preaches.

Title: The Destroyer

Logline: A feeble mental patient learns that he alone has the power to stop the antichrist from enacting the apocalypse, but to realize his true potential he must first overcome his crippling self doubt.

Synopsis: The world looms closer to absolute destruction with each passing day. The antichrist has taken the form of a powerful oil company CEO and covertly plays puppet master over the leaders of various warring nations as he secretly sets the stage for his coming apocalypse. Meanwhile, an aged prophet recues a young mental patient from an insane asylum and teaches him that what are perceived as symptoms of his disorder are actually unharnessed supernatural abilities and that he is the only one on earth with the power to stop the antichrist and save the human race. However, his inability to believe in himself continually prevents him from realizing his true potential and with every passing second the apocalypse becomes increasingly inevitable. It is only with the help of a serendipitous love interest that he is finally able to break the bonds of his self-imposed doubt and not only save the world but usher in a new golden age for mankind.


Logline: An alien orphan girl with superhero powers and five alien hobbits go on a dangerous adventure to capture a magic wand, to save their race from a deadly plague.

Synopsis: PANDAMONA has two unique traits: she has the ability to stretch her body like Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four, and she can use her red hair as a weapon, or transforms it to any shape she desires. Along with her five alien hobbit friends, DARASSA, MARASSA, ZARASSA, BARASSA and SHARASSA, who possess telekinetic powers and the ability to form weapons from eyes embedded in their palms; and HANGTREE and FALOME, her golden pet monkey and eagle tho have telepathic powers, they are members of an extraterrestrial race called Tragons, that lives on the planet Teres. When a deadly disease threatens the survival of the race, they go on an adventure to a mystical land called Karkardian, to retrieve a magic wand called a Valadone, containing an antidote. Along way, they use their special powers to battle natural disasters, strange creatures and other formidable foes, leading to an ultimate showdown with a fire-breathing sorcerer called the DJIIN, to capture the Valadone.