Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: The Mattice

Logline: Something Wicked In The Air

Synopsis: Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing seeking agent representation for a film screenplay I have recently completed entitled "The Mattice." Lighthearted yet serious, groundbreaking but traditional, the film is made to star George Clooney and Kristin Chenoweth as Craig and Mary Harper, an aging Wyoming ranch couple that is forced to adopt their five year old grandson when his parents die suddenly in a car accident. The couple's problems, however, compound when there appears on their farm a giant supernatural vampire-like bird - glittering green and holographic, that takes advantage of both people and cattle alike on the farm. After some time of grappling difficulty with this issue, the couple fortunately meets two overintellectual dropout-types who are experts in paranormal activity, and who assist the couple in getting rid of the huge menace. Complete at 114 pages, the script also features a full-length rock soundtrack I have mixed together to accompany it featuring U2 and Coldplay.

Title: Fraidies

Logline: This is a time when people try to avoid contact with others. The violated go underground becoming fraidies. There is a bounty on their heads while the ones who do the crimes go unpunished.

Synopsis: Women wear a Victorian dress so as to not draw any attention to themselves. There is mistrust. Everyone seeks solitude for protection. It is in our future. Enforcers, are corrupt. Crimes against people are abundant. The men and women who have been hurt tend to go underground. These are the Fraidies. They have basically become wild. They come out only at night to scavenge for food. They are desperate and will do anything to survive. They are terrified of contact with a world that might harm them again. There is a curfew on the city, for good reason. These fraidies are desperate enough to kill for food. They are not evil, they are desperate. A bounty is placed upon bringing in a fraidie which makes the enforcers more interested in catching fraidies than the real perpetrators. Victor, a nabber, who catches the fraidies and tries to reestablish them in society, falls in love with one. Most people are very prejudiced against any of the reformed fraidies.

Title: Galaxy Scouts - Ready For Anything

Logline: In 2509, five boys and three girls travel through space to a Scout Jamboree. Waylaid by pirates, the scouts escape, landing on a planet chased by pirates. By their wits, they learn how to prevail.

Synopsis: Ben (15) takes command over seven other Scouts after their adult leader is killed helping them escape a pirate attack. Ben manages their few resources with the skills of the Scouts to set traps and kill the pirates who pursue them as they trek through the wilderness of a lost planet in search of help. One of the Scouts, Peter (14), has a shameful secret which may betray the Scouts when they are most counting on him. The Scouts make spears for defense and seek food as wild animals create problems for the scouts as well. As the Scouts are about to find civilization and help, the last pirate intercepts them. In a final showdown, Ben is shot but Peter overcomes paralyzing fear and attacks the pirate with his spear, killing him. The Scouts are safe, but their heroic, inspiring leader is dying. They are stricken with grief after such a harrowing adventure. The young Scouts are all heroes who banded together and used their talents to prevail over great adversity.

Title: Spanish Lessons

Logline: A movie about an aging american, working in the real estate business, who comes to Latin America to resell a big house and falls in love with his Spanish teacher.

Synopsis: This adventure/melodrama film tells the story of the adventures of two Americans in Uruguay. Facing a new reality, new approach to life, love and money, they both change and make unexpected decisions in life. Mark is a crafty real estate businessman who buys old property, renovates it and sells it with considerable profit. He knows life and is very sure of himself and his cynical ways of dealing with people. Jim comes to Uruguay for two months as an investor to finance one of Mark's projects. Although almost 60, he is a very local, shy and naive person who has not had the chance or desire to experience life outside of his little world in the American suburbs. After the tragic loss of his family in a car crash he does not know what to do with himself and decides on traveling in an attempt to fill the emptiness of his existence. Jim starts taking Spanish language lessons in the local school rather out boredom.

Title: Winter Of The Dragon

Logline: In the mystical Snow Mountains of the future, a young boy is forced to confront his worst nightmare: rescue his mother and lose the world, or save the world and lose his mother.

Synopsis: In a night of treachery in the city of Gol, Zara the Guardian, is sucked into the Dragon Stone - a crystal that has power over all nightmares. The traitor, Ripho, flees into the Snow Mountains. Eight years later, he invades Gol with his dreaded SnowLander army, seizes the Dragon Stone (temporarily protected by a small forcefield) and kidnaps Gol's children. They all vanish into the Snow Mountains - except for Zara's son, Corbin, 13. Corbin has to become the new Guardian. But is he up to it? Forced into the Snow Mountains, he's a city kid who's scared. Can he call on the powers of the long-gone Dragon Stone's creators? Somewhere ahead of Corbin are the SnowLander army, the Dragon Stone imprisoning his mother and Ripho determined to open it, releasing its nightmares to control the world. And now Corbin confronts his worst nightmare: To rescue his mother, he also has to open the Dragon Stone. But the world will be lost. And if he saves the world he will lose his mother.

Title: Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams

Logline: THE STORY OF YOUR DREAMS. Elysia is the world where our dreams live, battle, and even die. Elysian Kings is a franchise of stories depicting the realms and kingdoms of a boundless imagination.

Synopsis: My name is Nashid Ibn Ali and I have recently finished writing and polishing a screenplay entitled "Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams". The screenplay's premise is based upon ELYSIA, a world we exist in during our dreams. It is a boundless reality, with franchise potential, that unfolds from the imagination of a dreamer. The plot of "Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams" portrays an oppressive monarchy that gives birth to a prince, BILYON DREAMS, who is destined to overthrow his parents and free their slaves. What ensues is a collaboration of dynamic characters and action that unfolds within a setting of dreams. I know the script has potential to be marketed successfully because it has youthful heart and it taps into the human struggle to believe in something powerful. I know if you review my work that it will make you a believer in my talent as well. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you in the future.

Title: Dragonfist : The Destined Alliance

Logline: Five Friends. Two Worlds. One Destiny. WGA # 1069761

Synopsis: Kagero Onimaru, the last descendant to the Onimaru Empire and master of the Macabre Flame was released from his five hundred year imprisonment in a tiny crystal. When a man is gunned down before his eyes, he found his purpose in this new world. "This is what the world has come to? Relying on metal and electricity to live?" . Unhappy, moreover unaccustomed to the developments the world had undergone, Kagero would return the world to the way he saw fit. When news of a martial arts tournament being hosted by two struggling companies, hits the now depreciated OUTSIDE WORLD, A renowned strategist, a tech-savvy air pirate, a tough as nails mercenary, a powerful mystic-psychic and a young warrior born to a legendary family are drawn together. While competing, they realize that their destinies are for more than just competition and cheers. They find that they have become a "Destined Alliance." for a far greater cause.

Title: Lazarus Eternal

Logline: Follow Lazarus and Jesus on one hilarious adventure after another through time. Nonstop action and laughs.

Synopsis: Finding that he cannot die, Lazarus and his friend Jesus(in different bodies) embark on many grand adventures. They battle another eternal(evil) along the way, save the apostles scrolls,escape the roman collesium,escape from slavery,fall in love, rescue Lazarus' true love and save the city from attacking Persians. Hailed as heroes they have a grand wedding and then depart on a grand cart with much treasure,ready for their next adventure. Lazarus Eternal is a fun romp with non stop action and humor.Although it is based on characters from Bible, it never preaches.

Title: The Lightbringers

Logline: Three European agents are caught up in a war between Heaven and Hell while investigating a mysterious cult in the US.

Synopsis: Three detectives from various ends of the legal spectrum - discharged Marine Donato, discredited police officer Viktor and reformed ex-prison convict Declan - travel to the US to determine the existence of a dark religious cult and its connection to the media. Donato falls in love with Sarah, a strong-willed college student, endangering himself and his friends. When Sarah and her friends - Kate and Natasha - are captured by a race of mutant cultists, Donato is forced to confront his personal demons and rescue the woman he loves, leading to a shocking discovery which could determine the Ultimate Fate of the Universe. It is up to the three heroes to rescue the girls and prevent a Worldwide Armageddon.

Title: Bikel's Folly

Logline: Logline: To teach his grandchildren a few lessons about American History and selflessness, an entrepreneur has them participate in a series of outlandish adventures.

Synopsis: Kailey and David Bikel are coerced by their grandfather to partake in several historical adventures that will hopefully create in them a strong character and a better appreciation for their good fortune. Beginning with the Mayflower and ending at Guadalcanal, these adventures are staged with authentic sets and actors who are well-versed in their roles. In each adventure the teenagers are put to the test to see how they would react to calamitous situations. Slowly they exhibit a vitality of mind and body that their grandfather believes is akin to the youth of past generations. To his satisfaction Kailey and David have gone beyond his expectations. By the final adventure they are deeply entrenched in their character, perhaps a little too deeply. Because when the conditions become overly perilous, a dilemma is created. Just how far they travel out of the realm of reality is found in the unraveling. (WGA #1184150)