Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: The Destroyer

Logline: A feeble mental patient learns that he alone has the power to stop the antichrist from enacting the apocalypse, but to realize his true potential he must first overcome his crippling self doubt.

Synopsis: The world looms closer to absolute destruction with each passing day. The antichrist has taken the form of a powerful oil company CEO and covertly plays puppet master over the leaders of various warring nations as he secretly sets the stage for his coming apocalypse. Meanwhile, an aged prophet recues a young mental patient from an insane asylum and teaches him that what are perceived as symptoms of his disorder are actually unharnessed supernatural abilities and that he is the only one on earth with the power to stop the antichrist and save the human race. However, his inability to believe in himself continually prevents him from realizing his true potential and with every passing second the apocalypse becomes increasingly inevitable. It is only with the help of a serendipitous love interest that he is finally able to break the bonds of his self-imposed doubt and not only save the world but usher in a new golden age for mankind.

Title: Deadly Circle

Logline: FERDINAND MAGELLAN, a 16th century explorer,risks his life and naval career, and eventually dies on a tropical island, in an attempt to prove that the world is round.

Synopsis: 16TH CENTURY EUROPEČ. The widespread belief is that the world is flat and that at the end of which there is an abyss inhabited by monsters. In an attempt to prove that it is round, FERDINAND MAGELLAN is dishonorably discharged from the Portuguese Navy. With intent to test his theory, he goes to Spain and convinces the Spanish King to back an expedition to find the Spice Islands. Since the known route to the East passes through Portuguese territory, Magellan proposes to sail west on the other side of the globe. The expedition is assailed by Portuguese assassins, mutinous Spanish officers, and a devastating storm. Magellan is killed by hostile natives in the Philippines but the fleet reaches the Spice Island and returns to Spain, thus proving that the world is indeed round.

Title: WizardsQuest: The Princess Queen

Logline: When a princess from their favorite role playing game appears in Chicago, it's up to Ronnie, a gaming nerd in search of more, and his nerdy friends to rescue her and save the world.

Synopsis: Ronnie is a 20 year old gamer who spends most of his time playing WizardsQuest, a role playing game, in the basement of one of his friends. Markas a man claiming to be a wizard meets with Ronnie and reveals to him that the world of WizardsQuest is an actual place and that Ronnie himself is a descendant of its royal guard. Markas charges Ronnie with the rescue of the lost princess Nerina, before the evil General Uthudor finds her. Markas, Ronnie, and his friends eventually find Nerina after numerous skirmishes with Uthudor's forces and hide in a WizardsQuest convention, where they make their final stand against Uthudor. Victorious, Ronnie and his friends are able to return Nerina to her own world. A fantasy action comedy that places the fate of the world in the hands of nerds.

Title: Nuclear War

Logline: George (a college student from Tennessee) and his closest friends are caught up in a "Nuclear War". Can they all survive and escape safely to the radiation free Caribbean island of Trinidad?

Synopsis: The story begins with George, a college student from Knoxville Tennessee, playing American Football in a crowded stadium. Soon after, a new eco-terrorist cult, called "Mother Earth", blows up a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. Later, a global "Nuclear War" breaks out when unknown computer hackers are said to trigger a planted computer virus in the world's nuclear defense computer systems that intentionally causes a world wide nuclear missile exchange. George, his girl friend Melinda and his black college teacher assistant Katherine initially seek shelter inside George's best friend Arthur's old underground nuclear bunker. Later, when Katherine informs them that radiation poisoning alone could kill them soon if they elected to remain in the severely hit U.S., they deside to take Katherine's hydrogen fuel cell powered car and journey to George's family wind powered sailing boat in Miami and then sail off to his family's home is the radiation free Caribbean island of Trinidad...

Title: On The Reef

Logline: A naive sailor is double-crossed when he reluctantly decides to run drugs into Florida to save his yacht after it is stranded on a reef in the Bahamas.

Synopsis: It's the 1980s. Sailor Frank Lane and Laura his girlfriend crew split up after their yacht is stranded on a reef in the Bahamas and she feels responsible. Towed off by an unscrupulous boatyard operator and presented with a salvage bill he is unable to pay, Frank reluctantly decides to deliver a boatload of drugs to Florida, not knowing that Laura is now involved with the drug boss who has his own reasons for seeing that this particular drug run gets busted. Laura manages to warn Frank who is already at sea. With his two crew he concocts and carries out a daring plan which enables him to evade arrest and deliver the goods only to find there is another betrayal waiting for him when he finally gets back to his boat.... WGA Reg.# 1372381.

Title: The Rose of the Winds

Logline: A young traveler in Old Mexico is awakened by local police on Ash Wednesday to find that he is a suspect in a rape that occurred the night before.

Synopsis: Jake Burgundy is a young American traveler enjoying Carnival season on a Caribbean island resort just off the coast of Mexico. That is until he is hauled in by the local police and accused of a rape because he closely resembles the perpetrator. Jake is cleared of the crime, but still ends up as a key figure in a manhunt that traverses several Latin American countries, some of which are in the throes of revolutionary fever. Working with Jake is Francis LaRue, a French archaeology buff and militiaman. Together, they track the wanted man across some of Central America's poorest and most spectacular places.

Title: Spinners

Logline: A story within a story giving it the structure and edge of PULP FICTION and the thought-provoking spirit in FIELD OF DREAMS.

Synopsis: A weird tale involving many individuals unrelated to each other and on their own personal quests. Somehow all these lives cross one another at the very end of the story. A hundred pages are devoted to them but they're not real people. They are fabricated by a group of friends who play a game called Spinners. We drift in and out of time, lives, and events on this spinning ride of action and black comedy. Each friend takes a turn, or spin, at telling a story. By degrees eccentric characters are introduced ranging from serial killers to an all-American couple with kids. We also have gangsters, a CPA, twins, a caretaker for a neon junkyard, and a babe. Circumstances and situations blossom from this brew of characters that flash flood into a river of surprises and quirks. As we get to know them we get to know the spinners as well. We become commodious with them and their quiet conversations like the soft comfort of a cozy campfire.

Title: Long Way from Texas

Logline: Three on-the-run Filipino teenagers embark on a hair-raising cross country road trip to pursue their dreams of becoming professional musicians in this gritty adventure comedy.

Synopsis: My screenplay, "Long Way from Texas" is an emotionally compelling coming-of-age adventure that combines the humor and pathos of "Slumdog Millionaire" with the kinetic gravity of "Bonnie and Clyde". When three teenage musicians unwittingly commit a vicious assault they must flee their rural Philippine village. Traveling in a souped-up pedicab, their journey carries them from the rice terraces of Luzon's mountains to a music competition on the paradise island of Bohol. From rigging cockfighting competitions to petty theft to impersonating nuns to hair-raising chases, they fall into one predicament after another as they flee a vengeful and psychotic stepfather. Exotic setting and high concept story provide "Long Way from Texas" strong international appeal on a small budget. Please visit for a promotional presentation of a previous (undistributed) narrative feature than I wrote, produced and directed in the Philippines in 2008-2009.

Title: Atlantis

Logline: Myth... Legend... Swallowed by the Earth, Forgotten to History, and now the greatest tale never told... will be. Atlantis!

Synopsis: Worshippers of the thirteen Crystal Skulls of the Ancients, the great civilization of Atlantis was highly advanced in all fields of study; reaching across the sea to other civilizations including the people known as, The Pangeans. Civilizations enjoying a time of great peace, but peace is fragile. Cade is a young man with adventure in his heart and a destiny still unknown to him. Returning from Pangaea, the Queen falls ill; angering the ruler of Atlantis, King Pharaoh. Syn, the King's most trusted advisor, kills the man who returned the Queen; a Pangean Prince, triggering the Pangeans to declare war. Cade and his friend, Tyson witness Syn fire the first shot against the Pangeans, a mighty laser created by using only seven crystal skulls. Hearing of Syn's nefarious plot to overthrow the King; uniting all thirteen skulls to attack the Pangeans, and then turning them on King Pharaoh. Cade and Tyson must recruit help to steal the skulls, and save the only home they know, Atlantis!

Title: Spanish Lessons

Logline: A movie about an aging american, working in the real estate business, who comes to Latin America to resell a big house and falls in love with his Spanish teacher.

Synopsis: This adventure/melodrama film tells the story of the adventures of two Americans in Uruguay. Facing a new reality, new approach to life, love and money, they both change and make unexpected decisions in life. Mark is a crafty real estate businessman who buys old property, renovates it and sells it with considerable profit. He knows life and is very sure of himself and his cynical ways of dealing with people. Jim comes to Uruguay for two months as an investor to finance one of Mark's projects. Although almost 60, he is a very local, shy and naive person who has not had the chance or desire to experience life outside of his little world in the American suburbs. After the tragic loss of his family in a car crash he does not know what to do with himself and decides on traveling in an attempt to fill the emptiness of his existence. Jim starts taking Spanish language lessons in the local school rather out boredom.