Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre


Logline: In search of ephemeral truth, an accomplished man of science is forced to suspend life and love on the wings of a child-like sense of wonder. Harrowing consequences ensue, willy-nilly helping him.

Synopsis: Wonder is the essence of dreams. It propels imagination as it realizes a dream. 'Wonder' follows Ken Armstrong, 63 - a renowned professor of aerospace science - for 12 days and nights as he is forced to deal with unexpected circumstances. Little does he realize that the inexplicable events he experiences are intertwined with imaginative tales of exploration and discovery he had made up for his 7 year old nephew. Ken can't explain why his travails intersect the lives of his sister Audrey McKey, 27, an account executive at a magazine for men or Tiara Rawlins, 23, a chic, brilliant but flawed colleague-in-arms. As the story unfolds, Ken's rationality is challenged, drawing him into a quagmire of deceit against his will. He loses valuable opportunities that would have ensured a retirement he always wanted. He is implicated on charges of involuntary manslaughter. He becomes a dispensable pawn in a game of ruthless ambition. Wonder, Ken realizes, opens a vista out of his predicament.

Title: Bikel's Folly

Logline: Logline: To teach his grandchildren a few lessons about American History and selflessness, an entrepreneur has them participate in a series of outlandish adventures.

Synopsis: Kailey and David Bikel are coerced by their grandfather to partake in several historical adventures that will hopefully create in them a strong character and a better appreciation for their good fortune. Beginning with the Mayflower and ending at Guadalcanal, these adventures are staged with authentic sets and actors who are well-versed in their roles. In each adventure the teenagers are put to the test to see how they would react to calamitous situations. Slowly they exhibit a vitality of mind and body that their grandfather believes is akin to the youth of past generations. To his satisfaction Kailey and David have gone beyond his expectations. By the final adventure they are deeply entrenched in their character, perhaps a little too deeply. Because when the conditions become overly perilous, a dilemma is created. Just how far they travel out of the realm of reality is found in the unraveling. (WGA #1184150)

Title: The Destroyer

Logline: A feeble mental patient learns that he alone has the power to stop the antichrist from enacting the apocalypse, but to realize his true potential he must first overcome his crippling self doubt.

Synopsis: The world looms closer to absolute destruction with each passing day. The antichrist has taken the form of a powerful oil company CEO and covertly plays puppet master over the leaders of various warring nations as he secretly sets the stage for his coming apocalypse. Meanwhile, an aged prophet recues a young mental patient from an insane asylum and teaches him that what are perceived as symptoms of his disorder are actually unharnessed supernatural abilities and that he is the only one on earth with the power to stop the antichrist and save the human race. However, his inability to believe in himself continually prevents him from realizing his true potential and with every passing second the apocalypse becomes increasingly inevitable. It is only with the help of a serendipitous love interest that he is finally able to break the bonds of his self-imposed doubt and not only save the world but usher in a new golden age for mankind.

Title: Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams

Logline: THE STORY OF YOUR DREAMS. Elysia is the world where our dreams live, battle, and even die. Elysian Kings is a franchise of stories depicting the realms and kingdoms of a boundless imagination.

Synopsis: My name is Nashid Ibn Ali and I have recently finished writing and polishing a screenplay entitled "Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams". The screenplay's premise is based upon ELYSIA, a world we exist in during our dreams. It is a boundless reality, with franchise potential, that unfolds from the imagination of a dreamer. The plot of "Elysian Kings: Flight of a Bilyon Dreams" portrays an oppressive monarchy that gives birth to a prince, BILYON DREAMS, who is destined to overthrow his parents and free their slaves. What ensues is a collaboration of dynamic characters and action that unfolds within a setting of dreams. I know the script has potential to be marketed successfully because it has youthful heart and it taps into the human struggle to believe in something powerful. I know if you review my work that it will make you a believer in my talent as well. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you in the future.

Title: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy

Logline: Logline: Overcome the impossible.

Synopsis: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy A seriously meaningful martial arts comedy By Philosopher Stephan Pacheco Huntington Beach, CA 775-354-7458 WGA Registration Number: 1219508 (Secondary (College) Logline: Let's get Retarded!) Synopsis: A mysterious neurologically challenged assassin, Retarded Boy, abducts his latest target by blinding him and giving him minor amnesia. While in Retarded Boy's "care" the newly dubbed Blind Boy portrays unusual abilities that interest the masochistic Retarded Boy. These abilities trigger numerous scenes of hilariously violent training. As the duo hones its skills they reach towards solving the mystery of why Retarded Boy was hired to kill a seemingly innocent Blind Boy. The course of their discoveries will lead them into a battle for their lives, and towards a secret technique that could Free them both, at least from their dysfunctional bodies.

Title: Moonstone: Timeless Ascension

Logline: A metaphysical theologian and a larger-than-life magical dragon transforms to universal immortality through a mystical gemstone and ascend to heaven

Synopsis: What if a mortal man, living in twenty-first century Los Angeles, could achieve immortality? What would he do? Where would he go? Vincent "Sage" Woolfolk, a silver-haired theologian/wizard of Welsh wit, is one such character. One night at his Victorian home (from where he runs an all-things-spiritual shop), Sage is up in a candlelit alcove inspecting a small rusty tin box. Opening it, he discovers a treasure map containing 'Old world' Hebrew text and rune markings. Helping his grandson -a twentysomething student scientist, Sage performs a tarot card reading and finds himself intertwined with the lad. Navigating a labyrinth of relationship, Sage visits a former lady lover at Catalina Island and learns the map's whereabouts are in Scandinavia. Trekking to Norway, high above the Arctic Circle, Sage enters a fjord mountain filled with colorful gemstones and he confronts and befriends a gargantuan dragon named Zendor. Thus, the witty seer's journey turns to a dazzling whirlwind...

Title: Life

Logline: Biviana watches a flamenco dancer until she realizes it is her lost childhood friend from Guatemala, Aurora, a girl with a mysterious and exciting personal journey.

Synopsis: Aurora roams Latin America after the death of her parents. She escapes an orphanage due to fear of being picked up by soldiers. Aurora finally arrives in Argentina, is intrigued by Flamenco and becomes part of an organization that aims to close down the school that trains military men to kill indigenous people. Through this, Aurora becomes more informed about her catastrophic childhood events, becomes friends with some activists and entertainers, falls in love and practices the flamenco dance. She thinks she has it all until the economic recession in Argentina leads her to New York. She is unhappy in New York until she bumps into her lost childhood friend, Biviana, who had gone missing before Aurora's kidnap. Other events unfold such as Occupy Wall Street and Aurora's re-union with her old friends who go on a mission in Honduras to protect innocent civilians from soldiers.

Title: Evenflow

Logline: Two friends fight to save the river they love from destruction by developers.

Synopsis: David and Ben discover the sport of whitewater kayaking. They realize that it is more than a sport as they challenge themselves to think counter intuitively in order to master whitewater skills and learn to work and play in harmony with the river. They find new respect for the wonder and power of nature, and in their humility are able to love and be loved. They journey to Chile to paddle some of the most pristine rivers in the world, but instead witness the imminent damming of a river which will not only destroy the ecosystem, but also the way of life of the indigenous people. They take a stand and fight.

Title: Sheer Obsession

Logline: Famous female mountaineer avalanched in Himalayas,presumed dead.Survives with amnesia,rescued by monk. Attends own memorial service.Reunited with husband in drama on Everest.

Synopsis: A famous female mountaineer is avalanched in the Himalayas and presumed dead. She survives with amnesia and is rescued by a monk who takes her to his monastery.She is disguised as a male monk in order not to attract attention.Whilst at the monastery she makes a daring rescue of a leading native climber.In gratitude he invites her to accompany him on an visit to the USA as guests of the Alpine Club.One of the functions they attend is her own memorial service.Her disguise as a male monk prevents recognition except for a brief encounter with her husband.He half believes what he has seen.She returns to the monastery. Her husband accepts a film assignment on Everest with a hidden agenda. They pass like ships in the night.On Everest he rescues her close companion and whilst they are attending a ceromony she runs into the arms of this friend.The husband turns away devastated but as he retreats she undergoes flashbacks and recognises him, she calls out, he turns and they are reunited.

Title: Lazarus Eternal

Logline: Follow Lazarus and Jesus on one hilarious adventure after another through time. Nonstop action and laughs.

Synopsis: Finding that he cannot die, Lazarus and his friend Jesus(in different bodies) embark on many grand adventures. They battle another eternal(evil) along the way, save the apostles scrolls,escape the roman collesium,escape from slavery,fall in love, rescue Lazarus' true love and save the city from attacking Persians. Hailed as heroes they have a grand wedding and then depart on a grand cart with much treasure,ready for their next adventure. Lazarus Eternal is a fun romp with non stop action and humor.Although it is based on characters from Bible, it never preaches.