Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Long Way from Texas

Logline: Three on-the-run Filipino teenagers embark on a hair-raising cross country road trip to pursue their dreams of becoming professional musicians in this gritty adventure comedy.

Synopsis: My screenplay, "Long Way from Texas" is an emotionally compelling coming-of-age adventure that combines the humor and pathos of "Slumdog Millionaire" with the kinetic gravity of "Bonnie and Clyde". When three teenage musicians unwittingly commit a vicious assault they must flee their rural Philippine village. Traveling in a souped-up pedicab, their journey carries them from the rice terraces of Luzon's mountains to a music competition on the paradise island of Bohol. From rigging cockfighting competitions to petty theft to impersonating nuns to hair-raising chases, they fall into one predicament after another as they flee a vengeful and psychotic stepfather. Exotic setting and high concept story provide "Long Way from Texas" strong international appeal on a small budget. Please visit for a promotional presentation of a previous (undistributed) narrative feature than I wrote, produced and directed in the Philippines in 2008-2009.

Title: Sheer Obsession

Logline: Famous female mountaineer avalanched in Himalayas,presumed dead.Survives with amnesia,rescued by monk. Attends own memorial service.Reunited with husband in drama on Everest.

Synopsis: A famous female mountaineer is avalanched in the Himalayas and presumed dead. She survives with amnesia and is rescued by a monk who takes her to his monastery.She is disguised as a male monk in order not to attract attention.Whilst at the monastery she makes a daring rescue of a leading native climber.In gratitude he invites her to accompany him on an visit to the USA as guests of the Alpine Club.One of the functions they attend is her own memorial service.Her disguise as a male monk prevents recognition except for a brief encounter with her husband.He half believes what he has seen.She returns to the monastery. Her husband accepts a film assignment on Everest with a hidden agenda. They pass like ships in the night.On Everest he rescues her close companion and whilst they are attending a ceromony she runs into the arms of this friend.The husband turns away devastated but as he retreats she undergoes flashbacks and recognises him, she calls out, he turns and they are reunited.

Title: The Rose of the Winds

Logline: A young traveler in Old Mexico is awakened by local police on Ash Wednesday to find that he is a suspect in a rape that occurred the night before.

Synopsis: Jake Burgundy is a young American traveler enjoying Carnival season on a Caribbean island resort just off the coast of Mexico. That is until he is hauled in by the local police and accused of a rape because he closely resembles the perpetrator. Jake is cleared of the crime, but still ends up as a key figure in a manhunt that traverses several Latin American countries, some of which are in the throes of revolutionary fever. Working with Jake is Francis LaRue, a French archaeology buff and militiaman. Together, they track the wanted man across some of Central America's poorest and most spectacular places.


Logline: The story of how one man, Ronald Leeks, became so obsessed with Einstein's Theory of Relativity, he sends his unknowing son-in-law into outer space to prove it.

Synopsis: Ronald Leeks' road to Chief of NASA is littered with casualties. In the 4th grade, he destroys winning science projects, in high school, he's resposible for the death of a student who embarrassed him, in reform school, although he meets his hero, Albert Einstein, he remains unchanged and is resposible for the disfigurement of four students. He appears to have matured and eventually becomes Chief NASA. When he learns one of his astronauts gets his daughter, Linda, pregnant, he sends him into deep space, under false pretenses,to test Relativity. When the astronaut comes back to earth, he has aged just two years, but the rest of Earth has aged 40 years. Leeks is dead, the astronaut (who married Linda before blast off) is 27 and Linda is 65.

Title: Spinners

Logline: A story within a story giving it the structure and edge of PULP FICTION and the thought-provoking spirit in FIELD OF DREAMS.

Synopsis: A weird tale involving many individuals unrelated to each other and on their own personal quests. Somehow all these lives cross one another at the very end of the story. A hundred pages are devoted to them but they're not real people. They are fabricated by a group of friends who play a game called Spinners. We drift in and out of time, lives, and events on this spinning ride of action and black comedy. Each friend takes a turn, or spin, at telling a story. By degrees eccentric characters are introduced ranging from serial killers to an all-American couple with kids. We also have gangsters, a CPA, twins, a caretaker for a neon junkyard, and a babe. Circumstances and situations blossom from this brew of characters that flash flood into a river of surprises and quirks. As we get to know them we get to know the spinners as well. We become commodious with them and their quiet conversations like the soft comfort of a cozy campfire.


Logline: An archaeologist saves Noah's Ark from the Russians and an ancient tome from Nazis.

Synopsis: In 1949, after his travel funds are vetoed, an angry Indiana Jones joins his father on a vacation willed to them by Marcus. Their first stop: London. The two join a tour bus of seniors, a Russian priest and a nun. Soon bored out of his boxers, Indy escapes only to encounter the clergy with an ugly Nazi. That night the priest disappears; the sister is nunnapped; and Indy, attempting a rescue, gets slobberknockered by two Russians. The next day, Henry confesses- Marcus had vetoed Indy's travel funds, so Indy would work for the Underground Church. Pissed, but broke, Indy takes the job. He travels to Moscow, France, and Turkey. He battles Russians, Nazis, Kurds, a corrupt Cardinal, and nature. He uncovers secrets, romances the nun, and survives an NDE. And, in the end, his anger at God subsides. I have been a professional writer for 20 years. Noting both Ford and Connery's age (plus Lucasfilm's lack of a script), I believe now is is the time for an outside IJ5 script.

Title: Winter Of The Dragon

Logline: In the mystical Snow Mountains of the future, a young boy is forced to confront his worst nightmare: rescue his mother and lose the world, or save the world and lose his mother.

Synopsis: In a night of treachery in the city of Gol, Zara the Guardian, is sucked into the Dragon Stone - a crystal that has power over all nightmares. The traitor, Ripho, flees into the Snow Mountains. Eight years later, he invades Gol with his dreaded SnowLander army, seizes the Dragon Stone (temporarily protected by a small forcefield) and kidnaps Gol's children. They all vanish into the Snow Mountains - except for Zara's son, Corbin, 13. Corbin has to become the new Guardian. But is he up to it? Forced into the Snow Mountains, he's a city kid who's scared. Can he call on the powers of the long-gone Dragon Stone's creators? Somewhere ahead of Corbin are the SnowLander army, the Dragon Stone imprisoning his mother and Ripho determined to open it, releasing its nightmares to control the world. And now Corbin confronts his worst nightmare: To rescue his mother, he also has to open the Dragon Stone. But the world will be lost. And if he saves the world he will lose his mother.

Title: Buccaneers of Brig O'Doune

Logline: Dying man passes on a long lost, Knights Templar secret-the existence of Brig O'Doune. One man, his daughter and brother are on the run to the bridge of time and the mythical treasure of the ages...

Synopsis: On Earth, there is but only one time, one place and one life, or is there... Michael McLachan a forty Seven year old Scottish ex-rock musician runs his craft shop in the Highlands of Scotland and awaits the arrival of his daughter, Julia to join him for the weekend. A weekend which will change their lives forever...for his older brother Danny, is on now on the run and undertaken to carry out a dying old man's last find the wealth which has proved elusive throughout the years. For the old man has seen it with his own eyes in...Brig O'Doune. He divulges a long lost Templar secret that mythical Brig O'Doune-the bridge that sleeps, holds the riches of human history... They set out on an age old quest over the mountains of Scotland. But they are on the run with many people hot on their trail...A comic tale unfolds of adventure and the search for treasure but the world is waiting and time is finally running out. Will our future hopes and dreams disappear with Brig O'Doune forever...

Title: Moonstone: Timeless Ascension

Logline: A metaphysical theologian and a larger-than-life magical dragon transforms to universal immortality through a mystical gemstone and ascend to heaven

Synopsis: What if a mortal man, living in twenty-first century Los Angeles, could achieve immortality? What would he do? Where would he go? Vincent "Sage" Woolfolk, a silver-haired theologian/wizard of Welsh wit, is one such character. One night at his Victorian home (from where he runs an all-things-spiritual shop), Sage is up in a candlelit alcove inspecting a small rusty tin box. Opening it, he discovers a treasure map containing 'Old world' Hebrew text and rune markings. Helping his grandson -a twentysomething student scientist, Sage performs a tarot card reading and finds himself intertwined with the lad. Navigating a labyrinth of relationship, Sage visits a former lady lover at Catalina Island and learns the map's whereabouts are in Scandinavia. Trekking to Norway, high above the Arctic Circle, Sage enters a fjord mountain filled with colorful gemstones and he confronts and befriends a gargantuan dragon named Zendor. Thus, the witty seer's journey turns to a dazzling whirlwind...

Title: Lazarus Eternal

Logline: Follow Lazarus and Jesus on one hilarious adventure after another through time. Nonstop action and laughs.

Synopsis: Finding that he cannot die, Lazarus and his friend Jesus(in different bodies) embark on many grand adventures. They battle another eternal(evil) along the way, save the apostles scrolls,escape the roman collesium,escape from slavery,fall in love, rescue Lazarus' true love and save the city from attacking Persians. Hailed as heroes they have a grand wedding and then depart on a grand cart with much treasure,ready for their next adventure. Lazarus Eternal is a fun romp with non stop action and humor.Although it is based on characters from Bible, it never preaches.