Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: 1965

Logline: A true story of a 23 year old from the East coast moves to Hollywood, then onto New Orleans, back to Hollywood and finally back to Philadelphia with interesting adventure throughout.

Synopsis: It's 1965, Young Steve, native to Philadelphia, has a serious travel itch. His Travels will bring him labels that he can't fathom how he earned. In Hollywood, as soon as his Mexican romantic interest learns enough English she tells him she does not want to raise her children no Jew, soon he leaves for New Orleans. Along the way he is interviewed and searched several times by the police before he understands what they take him for: Possible Outside Agitator. Physical strenth apparently make him a hero with southerners, but all too soon he gets scorned for being a Yankee. Back in Hollywood he happily alternates between a hard-hat on movie sets to parking stars' cars at night. After losing the day job he returns to Philadelphia. A girl who's way out of his league suddenly asks if he will meet her on her opening night singing in Las Vegas. While he's still reflecting on his unbelievable luck, he meets another girl, which will lead to two more labels: married and bitterly divorced.


Logline: An alien orphan girl with superhero powers and five alien hobbits go on a dangerous adventure to capture a magic wand, to save their race from a deadly plague.

Synopsis: PANDAMONA has two unique traits: she has the ability to stretch her body like Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four, and she can use her red hair as a weapon, or transforms it to any shape she desires. Along with her five alien hobbit friends, DARASSA, MARASSA, ZARASSA, BARASSA and SHARASSA, who possess telekinetic powers and the ability to form weapons from eyes embedded in their palms; and HANGTREE and FALOME, her golden pet monkey and eagle tho have telepathic powers, they are members of an extraterrestrial race called Tragons, that lives on the planet Teres. When a deadly disease threatens the survival of the race, they go on an adventure to a mystical land called Karkardian, to retrieve a magic wand called a Valadone, containing an antidote. Along way, they use their special powers to battle natural disasters, strange creatures and other formidable foes, leading to an ultimate showdown with a fire-breathing sorcerer called the DJIIN, to capture the Valadone.

Title: Spruce Lake

Logline: A map hidden in a mirror frame leads to a quest for buried gold in the Adirondacks , and a family determined to protect its property.

Synopsis: For over 100 years the Belton family mined gold in a remote part of the Adirondacks. After converting the gold to coins, they would bury it in the area around Spruce Lake, marking the location on a map possessed by Red Belton. When Mark, an installer at a small glass shop, discovers the map behind a mirror he is working on, he convinces a friend to go with him to find the gold. Many obstacles stand in his way including betrayal and a determined Belton family who will stop at nothing to protect their property.

Title: Fraidies

Logline: This is a time when people try to avoid contact with others. The violated go underground becoming fraidies. There is a bounty on their heads while the ones who do the crimes go unpunished.

Synopsis: Women wear a Victorian dress so as to not draw any attention to themselves. There is mistrust. Everyone seeks solitude for protection. It is in our future. Enforcers, are corrupt. Crimes against people are abundant. The men and women who have been hurt tend to go underground. These are the Fraidies. They have basically become wild. They come out only at night to scavenge for food. They are desperate and will do anything to survive. They are terrified of contact with a world that might harm them again. There is a curfew on the city, for good reason. These fraidies are desperate enough to kill for food. They are not evil, they are desperate. A bounty is placed upon bringing in a fraidie which makes the enforcers more interested in catching fraidies than the real perpetrators. Victor, a nabber, who catches the fraidies and tries to reestablish them in society, falls in love with one. Most people are very prejudiced against any of the reformed fraidies.


Logline: South of US 1933. A man enters a town & brings chance to the town affected by depression & draught. Priest & others try to utilize the situ. Sherriff finds bad records of him and tries to tell people

Synopsis: Fall 1933, a stranger comes to a small town in south of the US affected by draught and economic depression, faces two men trying to rape a girl and kills them, but becomes injured. People note his face, very much like the Jesus, and traces of studs' wounds. The Catholic priest of the town tries to utilize the arrival of the stranger, by which there is rain after several years, the state capital agrees with construction of railway station. The stranger dies and the sheriff finds out that the stranger has escaped the prison after killing the priest of the prison and being crucified by other prisoners and his hostility toward the church roots from his past. He had been raped by a bishop in an orphanage managed by the church. The priest argues that the sheriff shouldn't talk about the issue for the sake of people's faith. The sheriff accepts and resigns and starts digging a grave in front of the cross in the cemetery and faces with the backpack of the stranger filled with money.

Title: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy

Logline: Logline: Overcome the impossible.

Synopsis: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy A seriously meaningful martial arts comedy By Philosopher Stephan Pacheco Huntington Beach, CA 775-354-7458 WGA Registration Number: 1219508 (Secondary (College) Logline: Let's get Retarded!) Synopsis: A mysterious neurologically challenged assassin, Retarded Boy, abducts his latest target by blinding him and giving him minor amnesia. While in Retarded Boy's "care" the newly dubbed Blind Boy portrays unusual abilities that interest the masochistic Retarded Boy. These abilities trigger numerous scenes of hilariously violent training. As the duo hones its skills they reach towards solving the mystery of why Retarded Boy was hired to kill a seemingly innocent Blind Boy. The course of their discoveries will lead them into a battle for their lives, and towards a secret technique that could Free them both, at least from their dysfunctional bodies.

Title: Toadstool

Logline: Toadstool McClowskey, eccentric rogue, is in search of his true love and a quiet cubicle amidst a hailstorm of bullets and a seemingly endless adventure amongst the exotic locales of the world.

Synopsis: Toadstool McClowskey, eccentric rogue and man of the world, wanted by everyone he doesn't want to know; terrorists, old lovers, the French mob, and even the U.S. Government. All Toadstool wants, besides a nice quiet cubicle next to a water cooler, is to meet the beautiful woman he sees in a photograph. "Does she shave?" is a sign that Toadstool is raising his standards. However, for that mysterious woman, matters are a tad more complicated. As Toad's overseer at CIA headquarters, Athena is given the dangerous task of obtaining a precious and mysterious elixir. Toad's boyish ambition to pursue his new love through endless exotic locales is the one constant that has his bosses confused, the enemy frustrated, and Athena smiling. Our story travels backwards and forwards in time as we explore Toadstool's unique childhood, how Athena ended up in a cold dank cell in Tibet, and why it is every dangerous character he comes into contact with can't ever seem to best the wily Toadstool.

Title: The Three Wimps

Logline: Three boys discover a book of magic and go on a perilous journey to rescue a friend from certain death.

Synopsis: My name is Sean McKenzie. I am pushing an old screenplay of mine due to the current market for fantasy. A few years ago I worked with Monarex on an independent film. Currently I have 21st Century optioning a comedy script while I am finishing my latest novel. THE THREE WIMPS: Three teenage boys lacking courage and self-esteem discover a book of magic. A friend of theirs uses the book and disappears. Now the boys are on a mission to rescue their friend before she is lost forever. Chad, Leon, and Orlo rush to the Witch. She tells the boys that the must rescue Sara before dawn, or she will remain in stone forever. Sara's brother Lewis and his friend Jason tag along. In another world they search for Sarah. They are hunted by Skeleton Warriors and other nightmarish creatures. But with the book's magic to aid them, the small group finds the Garden of Statues where Sara is slowly turning into stone. Then the evil sorcerer finds them. Contact me. Thank you.

Title: Pandoria : The Destined Alliance

Logline: Five Friends. Two Worlds. One Destiny

Synopsis: The year is 21 Z... Kagero Onimaru, the last descendant to the Macabre Clan and master of the Macabre Flame was released from his five hundred year imprisonment in a tiny crystal. When a man is gunned down before his eyes, he found his purpose in this new world. "This is what the world has come to? Relying on metal and electricity to live?" . Unhappy, moreover unaccustomed to the developments the world had undergone, Kagero would return the world to the way he saw fit. In the present year, 1Z... The Legionnaires have been at battle with the Macabre Confederacy for liberation of the OUTSIDE WORLD. When a new batch of recruits enter into the ranks, A renowned strategist, a tech-savvy air pirate, a tough as nails mercenary, a powerful mystic-psychic and a young warrior born to a legendary family are drawn together. Through it all, they realize that their destines are for more than battle. They find that they have become a "Destined Alliance." for a far greater cause.

Title: Winter Of The Dragon

Logline: In the mystical Snow Mountains of the future, a young boy is forced to confront his worst nightmare: rescue his mother and lose the world, or save the world and lose his mother.

Synopsis: In a night of treachery in the city of Gol, Zara the Guardian, is sucked into the Dragon Stone - a crystal that has power over all nightmares. The traitor, Ripho, flees into the Snow Mountains. Eight years later, he invades Gol with his dreaded SnowLander army, seizes the Dragon Stone (temporarily protected by a small forcefield) and kidnaps Gol's children. They all vanish into the Snow Mountains - except for Zara's son, Corbin, 13. Corbin has to become the new Guardian. But is he up to it? Forced into the Snow Mountains, he's a city kid who's scared. Can he call on the powers of the long-gone Dragon Stone's creators? Somewhere ahead of Corbin are the SnowLander army, the Dragon Stone imprisoning his mother and Ripho determined to open it, releasing its nightmares to control the world. And now Corbin confronts his worst nightmare: To rescue his mother, he also has to open the Dragon Stone. But the world will be lost. And if he saves the world he will lose his mother.