Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: A group of college girls from the past join forces with a gang of political dissidents from the present in order to save humanity from a technocratic future.

Synopsis: In the present day, three cheerleaders from the 1980s - Kate, Amanda and Sarah - are rescued from cryogenic stasis by a vigilante named Saverio. When Kate is abducted and eventually brainwashed, the girls enlist Saverio to help get her back. With the aid of his friends - Yuri and Hans - Saverio makes a discovery revealing the truth behind Kate's capture and the genesis of the girls' original stasis-freezing: Project Gladiator - a 30-year-long experiment to advance the Human Race by creating a race of cyborg troops based on captured and frozen test-subjects. Saverio must now rescue Kate and save the World from a Techno-Fascist dictatorship.

Title: Moonstone: Timeless Ascension

Logline: A metaphysical theologian and a larger-than-life magical dragon transforms to universal immortality through a mystical gemstone and ascend to heaven

Synopsis: What if a mortal man, living in twenty-first century Los Angeles, could achieve immortality? What would he do? Where would he go? Vincent "Sage" Woolfolk, a silver-haired theologian/wizard of Welsh wit, is one such character. One night at his Victorian home (from where he runs an all-things-spiritual shop), Sage is up in a candlelit alcove inspecting a small rusty tin box. Opening it, he discovers a treasure map containing 'Old world' Hebrew text and rune markings. Helping his grandson -a twentysomething student scientist, Sage performs a tarot card reading and finds himself intertwined with the lad. Navigating a labyrinth of relationship, Sage visits a former lady lover at Catalina Island and learns the map's whereabouts are in Scandinavia. Trekking to Norway, high above the Arctic Circle, Sage enters a fjord mountain filled with colorful gemstones and he confronts and befriends a gargantuan dragon named Zendor. Thus, the witty seer's journey turns to a dazzling whirlwind...

Title: Icarus Rising

Logline: Dr.Ged Flynn was not convinced by the Global Warming theorists,but things were certainly getting hotter for him by the day.

Synopsis: An environmental thriller about Dr.Ged Flynn,a brilliant but contrarian scientist.His research into global warming points to the chief culprit being,not man,but the undersea venting of huge methane deposits;but he has little supporting evidence.Then he meets Claire Wardle,a beautiful and gifted marine biologist,who provides him with an amazing record of evidence linked to historic sightings of sea serpents. Together,they travel to the deep ocean off Bermuda to find the proof they have predicted,but they are attacked by sinister forces whose interests are threatened. They analyse their findings and Flynn realises that global warming is a function of both nature and man,and that the two drivers are combining to move the earth towards an imminent tipping point of no return. Encouraged by the mysterious Professor Stirling,he realises that he alone can avert the coming crisis and he travels to the wastes of Antarctica to find the solution in a lake two miles below the ice cap.

Title: Sheer Obsession

Logline: Famous female mountaineer avalanched in Himalayas,presumed dead.Survives with amnesia,rescued by monk. Attends own memorial service.Reunited with husband in drama on Everest.

Synopsis: A famous female mountaineer is avalanched in the Himalayas and presumed dead. She survives with amnesia and is rescued by a monk who takes her to his monastery.She is disguised as a male monk in order not to attract attention.Whilst at the monastery she makes a daring rescue of a leading native climber.In gratitude he invites her to accompany him on an visit to the USA as guests of the Alpine Club.One of the functions they attend is her own memorial service.Her disguise as a male monk prevents recognition except for a brief encounter with her husband.He half believes what he has seen.She returns to the monastery. Her husband accepts a film assignment on Everest with a hidden agenda. They pass like ships in the night.On Everest he rescues her close companion and whilst they are attending a ceromony she runs into the arms of this friend.The husband turns away devastated but as he retreats she undergoes flashbacks and recognises him, she calls out, he turns and they are reunited.

Title: 1965

Logline: A true story of a 23 year old from the East coast moves to Hollywood, then onto New Orleans, back to Hollywood and finally back to Philadelphia with interesting adventure throughout.

Synopsis: It's 1965, Young Steve, native to Philadelphia, has a serious travel itch. His Travels will bring him labels that he can't fathom how he earned. In Hollywood, as soon as his Mexican romantic interest learns enough English she tells him she does not want to raise her children no Jew, soon he leaves for New Orleans. Along the way he is interviewed and searched several times by the police before he understands what they take him for: Possible Outside Agitator. Physical strenth apparently make him a hero with southerners, but all too soon he gets scorned for being a Yankee. Back in Hollywood he happily alternates between a hard-hat on movie sets to parking stars' cars at night. After losing the day job he returns to Philadelphia. A girl who's way out of his league suddenly asks if he will meet her on her opening night singing in Las Vegas. While he's still reflecting on his unbelievable luck, he meets another girl, which will lead to two more labels: married and bitterly divorced.

Title: Spanish Lessons

Logline: A movie about an aging american, working in the real estate business, who comes to Latin America to resell a big house and falls in love with his Spanish teacher.

Synopsis: This adventure/melodrama film tells the story of the adventures of two Americans in Uruguay. Facing a new reality, new approach to life, love and money, they both change and make unexpected decisions in life. Mark is a crafty real estate businessman who buys old property, renovates it and sells it with considerable profit. He knows life and is very sure of himself and his cynical ways of dealing with people. Jim comes to Uruguay for two months as an investor to finance one of Mark's projects. Although almost 60, he is a very local, shy and naive person who has not had the chance or desire to experience life outside of his little world in the American suburbs. After the tragic loss of his family in a car crash he does not know what to do with himself and decides on traveling in an attempt to fill the emptiness of his existence. Jim starts taking Spanish language lessons in the local school rather out boredom.

Title: Lazarus Eternal

Logline: Follow Lazarus and Jesus on one hilarious adventure after another through time. Nonstop action and laughs.

Synopsis: Finding that he cannot die, Lazarus and his friend Jesus(in different bodies) embark on many grand adventures. They battle another eternal(evil) along the way, save the apostles scrolls,escape the roman collesium,escape from slavery,fall in love, rescue Lazarus' true love and save the city from attacking Persians. Hailed as heroes they have a grand wedding and then depart on a grand cart with much treasure,ready for their next adventure. Lazarus Eternal is a fun romp with non stop action and humor.Although it is based on characters from Bible, it never preaches.

Title: Spruce Lake

Logline: A map hidden in a mirror frame leads to a quest for buried gold in the Adirondacks , and a family determined to protect its property.

Synopsis: For over 100 years the Belton family mined gold in a remote part of the Adirondacks. After converting the gold to coins, they would bury it in the area around Spruce Lake, marking the location on a map possessed by Red Belton. When Mark, an installer at a small glass shop, discovers the map behind a mirror he is working on, he convinces a friend to go with him to find the gold. Many obstacles stand in his way including betrayal and a determined Belton family who will stop at nothing to protect their property.


Logline: Dear,I am film writer.I have sent you a film script.If you are interested in it,I am ready to sell(the full screenplay are available)your request to improve them based of your needs is welcomed,too.

Synopsis: A Scholar whose theories in Physics leads world to achieve new and modern technologies in respect to industry as well as provide welfare for human life. He affected by blood cancer and doctors lost hope to cure.But the world is currently changing to the best condition due to his theories and the loss of that scholar would be a disaster. Thus, some scholars suggested that the mentioned scholar should be frozen and in future he will be melted due to discover of cancer drug and cured.................. Scholars waken up after a long sleep and he found himself alone in a room. After minutes a robot came in the room and spoke to scholar in his language. Finally the scholar found out that he was frozen nearly 500 years. He found out few number of humans left. Also, he understood that a huge war will occur between earth and other planets. He contemplated that he is able to utilize his experience and science to end the war and leading earth to triumph over the enemy.

Title: The Three Wimps

Logline: Three boys discover a book of magic and go on a perilous journey to rescue a friend from certain death.

Synopsis: My name is Sean McKenzie. I am pushing an old screenplay of mine due to the current market for fantasy. A few years ago I worked with Monarex on an independent film. Currently I have 21st Century optioning a comedy script while I am finishing my latest novel. THE THREE WIMPS: Three teenage boys lacking courage and self-esteem discover a book of magic. A friend of theirs uses the book and disappears. Now the boys are on a mission to rescue their friend before she is lost forever. Chad, Leon, and Orlo rush to the Witch. She tells the boys that the must rescue Sara before dawn, or she will remain in stone forever. Sara's brother Lewis and his friend Jason tag along. In another world they search for Sarah. They are hunted by Skeleton Warriors and other nightmarish creatures. But with the book's magic to aid them, the small group finds the Garden of Statues where Sara is slowly turning into stone. Then the evil sorcerer finds them. Contact me. Thank you.