Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Evenflow

Logline: Two friends fight to save the river they love from destruction by developers.

Synopsis: David and Ben discover the sport of whitewater kayaking. They realize that it is more than a sport as they challenge themselves to think counter intuitively in order to master whitewater skills and learn to work and play in harmony with the river. They find new respect for the wonder and power of nature, and in their humility are able to love and be loved. They journey to Chile to paddle some of the most pristine rivers in the world, but instead witness the imminent damming of a river which will not only destroy the ecosystem, but also the way of life of the indigenous people. They take a stand and fight.


Logline: The story of how one man, Ronald Leeks, became so obsessed with Einstein's Theory of Relativity, he sends his unknowing son-in-law into outer space to prove it.

Synopsis: Ronald Leeks' road to Chief of NASA is littered with casualties. In the 4th grade, he destroys winning science projects, in high school, he's resposible for the death of a student who embarrassed him, in reform school, although he meets his hero, Albert Einstein, he remains unchanged and is resposible for the disfigurement of four students. He appears to have matured and eventually becomes Chief NASA. When he learns one of his astronauts gets his daughter, Linda, pregnant, he sends him into deep space, under false pretenses,to test Relativity. When the astronaut comes back to earth, he has aged just two years, but the rest of Earth has aged 40 years. Leeks is dead, the astronaut (who married Linda before blast off) is 27 and Linda is 65.

Title: Atlantis

Logline: Myth... Legend... Swallowed by the Earth, Forgotten to History, and now the greatest tale never told... will be. Atlantis!

Synopsis: Worshippers of the thirteen Crystal Skulls of the Ancients, the great civilization of Atlantis was highly advanced in all fields of study; reaching across the sea to other civilizations including the people known as, The Pangeans. Civilizations enjoying a time of great peace, but peace is fragile. Cade is a young man with adventure in his heart and a destiny still unknown to him. Returning from Pangaea, the Queen falls ill; angering the ruler of Atlantis, King Pharaoh. Syn, the King's most trusted advisor, kills the man who returned the Queen; a Pangean Prince, triggering the Pangeans to declare war. Cade and his friend, Tyson witness Syn fire the first shot against the Pangeans, a mighty laser created by using only seven crystal skulls. Hearing of Syn's nefarious plot to overthrow the King; uniting all thirteen skulls to attack the Pangeans, and then turning them on King Pharaoh. Cade and Tyson must recruit help to steal the skulls, and save the only home they know, Atlantis!

Title: The Anointed

Logline: A broke and desperate man suddenly finds himself thrust into the role of hero. An evil dictator and a drug-addicted sociopath stand in his way as he attempts to liberate an oppressed race of beings.

Synopsis: Joe, broke and desperate, accepts an offer to work with a charlatan healer. His life abruptly takes a surreal detour culminating in his abduction by an alien spacecraft. Weriq, one of the two beings on board the ship, is a sociopath who has become obsessed with usurping the tyrannical warlord Haden who rules over the planet Korasia. Weriq murders his partner on the ship but Joe manages to escape after they land on Korasia. Weriq impresses the natives by using his technology to defeat Cheonis, a female who is widely regarded as the most powerful sorcerer in the land. Joe is taken in by a village and after engaging in a series of heroic actions, he is chosen to be their new leader. Joe subsequently teams up with Cheonis and Voltric, a humongous, lone rebel, and they begin to unite all of the villages for an uprising. Joe leads the army of villagers into an epic battle for their freedom as a final showdown occurs between Cheonis and Weriq.

Title: Winter Of The Dragon

Logline: In the mystical Snow Mountains of the future, a young boy is forced to confront his worst nightmare: rescue his mother and lose the world, or save the world and lose his mother.

Synopsis: In a night of treachery in the city of Gol, Zara the Guardian, is sucked into the Dragon Stone - a crystal that has power over all nightmares. The traitor, Ripho, flees into the Snow Mountains. Eight years later, he invades Gol with his dreaded SnowLander army, seizes the Dragon Stone (temporarily protected by a small forcefield) and kidnaps Gol's children. They all vanish into the Snow Mountains - except for Zara's son, Corbin, 13. Corbin has to become the new Guardian. But is he up to it? Forced into the Snow Mountains, he's a city kid who's scared. Can he call on the powers of the long-gone Dragon Stone's creators? Somewhere ahead of Corbin are the SnowLander army, the Dragon Stone imprisoning his mother and Ripho determined to open it, releasing its nightmares to control the world. And now Corbin confronts his worst nightmare: To rescue his mother, he also has to open the Dragon Stone. But the world will be lost. And if he saves the world he will lose his mother.

Title: The Discovery of Phuong

Logline: Ship’s navigator catches fleeting glimpse of missing Vietnamese friend in refugee boat and begins search at Singapore and in nearby jungle

Synopsis: Ship officer, Cole Parson, and engineer Kate Shepard, drop food to a Vietnam refugee boat. Cole sees his missing friend from college, Phuong, who had returned to Vietnam. Cole has orders to avoid such boats so he starts a search when they reach Singapore. He tells Kate how Phuong asked him to give a book and a note in Vietnamese to his sisters in Boston but he hadn’t. The pirates sell boat people into servitude so Cole and Kate pose as a couple looking for a servant. Contact is made. They are told to return in a week with money. Cole and Kate are now lovers so he tells her he’s had a failed love affair with one of Phuong’s sisters. They buy the servant. A friend bugs the canoe. They track the pirates and overhear Phuong’s sisters are hostages and when the next boat is leaving. They try to head off the boat. Their ship and the British Navy join in. Mortally wounded, Cole apologizes for not delivering the note. An officer says the sisters are now free.


Logline: To sustain his family through a grave winter, an exiled Norseman joins mercenaries investigating the abandonment of a secluded outpost only to become prey to an unknown breed of apex predator.

Synopsis: "Fenris" is a dark and vicious accounting of personal honor and redemption during the Pre-Viking Age world that incorporates the myth of Beowulf. The hyper realistic violence in this take on this classic tale is heightened by the introduction of a breed of apex predator far superior to any man. Vidar, a once feared and admired Norse warrior is called out of exile by his brother to investigate an abandoned outpost with an offer allowing for the return of his family to civilization. But, after living a life of laconic religious morality, Vidar is no longer the same hardened warrior of a decade previous. He is forced to reconcile between his new ethics and his suppressed brutal nature. As the legend of Beowulf alludes to Christianity's encroachment on the old world religions, "Fenris" examines man's instincts and his eternal struggle to subdue them through belief and will. This unflinching narrative reveals the difference between man and beast is not intelligence but morality.

Title: The Odyssey

Logline: Odysseus and his men overcome monsters, temptresses, and the wrath of an angry god to return home.

Synopsis: After Odysseus blinds the cyclops, Poseidon becomes bent on keeping him and his men from ever returning from Troy. The crew is propelled out over the seas, encountering dangers such as the song of the sirens, the beautiful witch (Circe), and the undead at the edge of the world. Only a few loyal comrades and the goddess, Athena, stand by Odysseus' side. Meanwhile, a rowdy group of suitors plague his house. They demand that his wife, Penelope, take one of them and marry him in Odysseus' place. The suitors plot to murder his son, Telemachus, who journeys abroad for news of his father's fate. During the course of his journey, and against his will, he becomes his father's son. He returns in time to reunite with Odysseus after 17 years and bring the suitors' stay to a permanent end. The Odyssey is one of the greatest tales ever told. It's a story that we can all relate to, because, sooner or later, everybody wants to go home. It's about never giving up.

Title: Nuclear War

Logline: George (a college student from Tennessee) and his closest friends are caught up in a "Nuclear War". Can they all survive and escape safely to the radiation free Caribbean island of Trinidad?

Synopsis: The story begins with George, a college student from Knoxville Tennessee, playing American Football in a crowded stadium. Soon after, a new eco-terrorist cult, called "Mother Earth", blows up a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. Later, a global "Nuclear War" breaks out when unknown computer hackers are said to trigger a planted computer virus in the world's nuclear defense computer systems that intentionally causes a world wide nuclear missile exchange. George, his girl friend Melinda and his black college teacher assistant Katherine initially seek shelter inside George's best friend Arthur's old underground nuclear bunker. Later, when Katherine informs them that radiation poisoning alone could kill them soon if they elected to remain in the severely hit U.S., they deside to take Katherine's hydrogen fuel cell powered car and journey to George's family wind powered sailing boat in Miami and then sail off to his family's home is the radiation free Caribbean island of Trinidad...

Title: Spanish Lessons

Logline: A movie about an aging american, working in the real estate business, who comes to Latin America to resell a big house and falls in love with his Spanish teacher.

Synopsis: This adventure/melodrama film tells the story of the adventures of two Americans in Uruguay. Facing a new reality, new approach to life, love and money, they both change and make unexpected decisions in life. Mark is a crafty real estate businessman who buys old property, renovates it and sells it with considerable profit. He knows life and is very sure of himself and his cynical ways of dealing with people. Jim comes to Uruguay for two months as an investor to finance one of Mark's projects. Although almost 60, he is a very local, shy and naive person who has not had the chance or desire to experience life outside of his little world in the American suburbs. After the tragic loss of his family in a car crash he does not know what to do with himself and decides on traveling in an attempt to fill the emptiness of his existence. Jim starts taking Spanish language lessons in the local school rather out boredom.