Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: Bikel's Folly

Logline: Logline: To teach his grandchildren a few lessons about American History and selflessness, an entrepreneur has them participate in a series of outlandish adventures.

Synopsis: Kailey and David Bikel are coerced by their grandfather to partake in several historical adventures that will hopefully create in them a strong character and a better appreciation for their good fortune. Beginning with the Mayflower and ending at Guadalcanal, these adventures are staged with authentic sets and actors who are well-versed in their roles. In each adventure the teenagers are put to the test to see how they would react to calamitous situations. Slowly they exhibit a vitality of mind and body that their grandfather believes is akin to the youth of past generations. To his satisfaction Kailey and David have gone beyond his expectations. By the final adventure they are deeply entrenched in their character, perhaps a little too deeply. Because when the conditions become overly perilous, a dilemma is created. Just how far they travel out of the realm of reality is found in the unraveling. (WGA #1184150)

Title: Spinners

Logline: A story within a story giving it the structure and edge of PULP FICTION and the thought-provoking spirit in FIELD OF DREAMS.

Synopsis: A weird tale involving many individuals unrelated to each other and on their own personal quests. Somehow all these lives cross one another at the very end of the story. A hundred pages are devoted to them but they're not real people. They are fabricated by a group of friends who play a game called Spinners. We drift in and out of time, lives, and events on this spinning ride of action and black comedy. Each friend takes a turn, or spin, at telling a story. By degrees eccentric characters are introduced ranging from serial killers to an all-American couple with kids. We also have gangsters, a CPA, twins, a caretaker for a neon junkyard, and a babe. Circumstances and situations blossom from this brew of characters that flash flood into a river of surprises and quirks. As we get to know them we get to know the spinners as well. We become commodious with them and their quiet conversations like the soft comfort of a cozy campfire.

Title: "City of Gold", 1st of a trilogy

Logline: In 16th century Central America, a teenage boy outgrows his farming life to heed an inner call. War, invaders, and greed teach him to rely on the Great One and to forge dormant powers of his legacy.

Synopsis: Tetoca envisions himself a great warrior. Lacking in weaponry skill, he chances across Coytull - an exiled, enemy prince who will exchange Tetoca's marksman training for a favor. Estranged from his kingdom, he asks Tetoca to deliver a message to his sister, Meyah. Tetoca sets out for forbidden Atua with his loyal companion, Eeke the Iguana, who has a knack for adding to trouble. Tetoca's favors for Coytull multiply as Atua's King Zeetal ruthlessly attacks his village. A resolve to serve and protect grows and he turns to the 'Great One'. The emerging warrior is endowed with strength and self-assurance to meet the enemy. Tetoca, Coytull and their band of loyal men plot to save Atua when Spanish invaders threaten. In the midst of the conflict, the Earth convulses beneath them. Buildings topple as the volcano rages. King Zeetal is killed by falling debris, and the invaders are scattered. Coytull vows to rule the kingdom by the unseen powers that guided Tetoca and forged his new identity.

Title: Genesis

Logline: A prequal to the story of the Garden of Eden

Synopsis: With the help of Moses, Basteet struggles to save his childhood love turned fallen-angel (Eden) from eternal damnation while safely escorting the last perfect humans, Adam and Eve, into the fortress surrounding the Garden of Eden. WGA#1109328

Title: Long Way from Texas

Logline: Three on-the-run Filipino teenagers embark on a hair-raising cross country road trip to pursue their dreams of becoming professional musicians in this gritty adventure comedy.

Synopsis: My screenplay, "Long Way from Texas" is an emotionally compelling coming-of-age adventure that combines the humor and pathos of "Slumdog Millionaire" with the kinetic gravity of "Bonnie and Clyde". When three teenage musicians unwittingly commit a vicious assault they must flee their rural Philippine village. Traveling in a souped-up pedicab, their journey carries them from the rice terraces of Luzon's mountains to a music competition on the paradise island of Bohol. From rigging cockfighting competitions to petty theft to impersonating nuns to hair-raising chases, they fall into one predicament after another as they flee a vengeful and psychotic stepfather. Exotic setting and high concept story provide "Long Way from Texas" strong international appeal on a small budget. Please visit for a promotional presentation of a previous (undistributed) narrative feature than I wrote, produced and directed in the Philippines in 2008-2009.

Title: Galaxy Scouts - Ready For Anything

Logline: In 2509, five boys and three girls travel through space to a Scout Jamboree. Waylaid by pirates, the scouts escape, landing on a planet chased by pirates. By their wits, they learn how to prevail.

Synopsis: Ben (15) takes command over seven other Scouts after their adult leader is killed helping them escape a pirate attack. Ben manages their few resources with the skills of the Scouts to set traps and kill the pirates who pursue them as they trek through the wilderness of a lost planet in search of help. One of the Scouts, Peter (14), has a shameful secret which may betray the Scouts when they are most counting on him. The Scouts make spears for defense and seek food as wild animals create problems for the scouts as well. As the Scouts are about to find civilization and help, the last pirate intercepts them. In a final showdown, Ben is shot but Peter overcomes paralyzing fear and attacks the pirate with his spear, killing him. The Scouts are safe, but their heroic, inspiring leader is dying. They are stricken with grief after such a harrowing adventure. The young Scouts are all heroes who banded together and used their talents to prevail over great adversity.

Title: Buccaneers Of Brig O'Doon

Logline: Heaven and Hell will collide in the land of dreams, unless two Scottish brothers on the run and against the clock can prevent armageddon...

Synopsis: On Earth, there is only one time, one place and one life or is there...Man has always dreamed, searched the seas and sought the answers from the Heavens for the wisdom of the ages. Michael and Danny McLachan are brothers. Michael, an ex-rock musician, happily runs his craft shop in the Highlands of Scotland until his brother Danny, an escaped con now on the run, turns up in pursuit of their Father's last wish. From an old family journal Danny has discovered a long lost Templar secret that Brig O'Doon, the fabled place of myth actually exists. Now with both on the run and in disguise Danny and Michael race toward this lost land but what they discover inside is a virtual ticking clock for humanity and the ultimate battle of good against evil. Now they have to salvage not only the hopes and dreams of the ages but also the very existence of mankind. In fighting the battle of their lives they discover that what matters cannot be found in all the riches of the world but within themselves

Title: The Odyssey

Logline: Odysseus and his men overcome monsters, temptresses, and the wrath of an angry god to return home.

Synopsis: After Odysseus blinds the cyclops, Poseidon becomes bent on keeping him and his men from ever returning from Troy. The crew is propelled out over the seas, encountering dangers such as the song of the sirens, the beautiful witch (Circe), and the undead at the edge of the world. Only a few loyal comrades and the goddess, Athena, stand by Odysseus' side. Meanwhile, a rowdy group of suitors plague his house. They demand that his wife, Penelope, take one of them and marry him in Odysseus' place. The suitors plot to murder his son, Telemachus, who journeys abroad for news of his father's fate. During the course of his journey, and against his will, he becomes his father's son. He returns in time to reunite with Odysseus after 17 years and bring the suitors' stay to a permanent end. The Odyssey is one of the greatest tales ever told. It's a story that we can all relate to, because, sooner or later, everybody wants to go home. It's about never giving up.


Logline: The story of how one man, Ronald Leeks, became so obsessed with Einstein's Theory of Relativity, he sends his unknowing son-in-law into outer space to prove it.

Synopsis: Ronald Leeks' road to Chief of NASA is littered with casualties. In the 4th grade, he destroys winning science projects, in high school, he's resposible for the death of a student who embarrassed him, in reform school, although he meets his hero, Albert Einstein, he remains unchanged and is resposible for the disfigurement of four students. He appears to have matured and eventually becomes Chief NASA. When he learns one of his astronauts gets his daughter, Linda, pregnant, he sends him into deep space, under false pretenses,to test Relativity. When the astronaut comes back to earth, he has aged just two years, but the rest of Earth has aged 40 years. Leeks is dead, the astronaut (who married Linda before blast off) is 27 and Linda is 65.

Title: Deadly Circle

Logline: FERDINAND MAGELLAN, a 16th century explorer,risks his life and naval career, and eventually dies on a tropical island, in an attempt to prove that the world is round.

Synopsis: 16TH CENTURY EUROPEČ. The widespread belief is that the world is flat and that at the end of which there is an abyss inhabited by monsters. In an attempt to prove that it is round, FERDINAND MAGELLAN is dishonorably discharged from the Portuguese Navy. With intent to test his theory, he goes to Spain and convinces the Spanish King to back an expedition to find the Spice Islands. Since the known route to the East passes through Portuguese territory, Magellan proposes to sail west on the other side of the globe. The expedition is assailed by Portuguese assassins, mutinous Spanish officers, and a devastating storm. Magellan is killed by hostile natives in the Philippines but the fleet reaches the Spice Island and returns to Spain, thus proving that the world is indeed round.