Submission Samples from the Adventure Genre

Title: The Rose of the Winds

Logline: A young traveler in Old Mexico is awakened by local police on Ash Wednesday to find that he is a suspect in a rape that occurred the night before.

Synopsis: Jake Burgundy is a young American traveler enjoying Carnival season on a Caribbean island resort just off the coast of Mexico. That is until he is hauled in by the local police and accused of a rape because he closely resembles the perpetrator. Jake is cleared of the crime, but still ends up as a key figure in a manhunt that traverses several Latin American countries, some of which are in the throes of revolutionary fever. Working with Jake is Francis LaRue, a French archaeology buff and militiaman. Together, they track the wanted man across some of Central America's poorest and most spectacular places.


Logline: South of US 1933. A man enters a town & brings chance to the town affected by depression & draught. Priest & others try to utilize the situ. Sherriff finds bad records of him and tries to tell people

Synopsis: Fall 1933, a stranger comes to a small town in south of the US affected by draught and economic depression, faces two men trying to rape a girl and kills them, but becomes injured. People note his face, very much like the Jesus, and traces of studs' wounds. The Catholic priest of the town tries to utilize the arrival of the stranger, by which there is rain after several years, the state capital agrees with construction of railway station. The stranger dies and the sheriff finds out that the stranger has escaped the prison after killing the priest of the prison and being crucified by other prisoners and his hostility toward the church roots from his past. He had been raped by a bishop in an orphanage managed by the church. The priest argues that the sheriff shouldn't talk about the issue for the sake of people's faith. The sheriff accepts and resigns and starts digging a grave in front of the cross in the cemetery and faces with the backpack of the stranger filled with money.


Logline: To sustain his family through a grave winter, an exiled Norseman joins mercenaries investigating the abandonment of a secluded outpost only to become prey to an unknown breed of apex predator.

Synopsis: "Fenris" is a dark and vicious accounting of personal honor and redemption during the Pre-Viking Age world that incorporates the myth of Beowulf. The hyper realistic violence in this take on this classic tale is heightened by the introduction of a breed of apex predator far superior to any man. Vidar, a once feared and admired Norse warrior is called out of exile by his brother to investigate an abandoned outpost with an offer allowing for the return of his family to civilization. But, after living a life of laconic religious morality, Vidar is no longer the same hardened warrior of a decade previous. He is forced to reconcile between his new ethics and his suppressed brutal nature. As the legend of Beowulf alludes to Christianity's encroachment on the old world religions, "Fenris" examines man's instincts and his eternal struggle to subdue them through belief and will. This unflinching narrative reveals the difference between man and beast is not intelligence but morality.


Logline: Based on true events two brothers lead a Viking voyage to America and leave their story carved in stone.

Synopsis: Norway... 1362. Nicholas, a Catholic friar, returns from religious studies in England to accompany his brother, Paul, on a voyage of discovery. Torn between his duty to the King and a growing love for a childhood sweetheart the handsome young man soon finds himself thrust to the far side of the world. Beyond any maps, Nicholas, Paul, and crew venture deep into wilderness, while a gathering menace of strange brown men, 'skraelings', shadows their expedition. In a desperate last stand the men fight a climactic battle in hope of returning to loved ones in their far-off home. An inscribed stone telling of such a journey was discovered in Minnesota in 1898.

Title: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy

Logline: Logline: Overcome the impossible.

Synopsis: Blind Boy and Retarded Boy A seriously meaningful martial arts comedy By Philosopher Stephan Pacheco Huntington Beach, CA 775-354-7458 WGA Registration Number: 1219508 (Secondary (College) Logline: Let's get Retarded!) Synopsis: A mysterious neurologically challenged assassin, Retarded Boy, abducts his latest target by blinding him and giving him minor amnesia. While in Retarded Boy's "care" the newly dubbed Blind Boy portrays unusual abilities that interest the masochistic Retarded Boy. These abilities trigger numerous scenes of hilariously violent training. As the duo hones its skills they reach towards solving the mystery of why Retarded Boy was hired to kill a seemingly innocent Blind Boy. The course of their discoveries will lead them into a battle for their lives, and towards a secret technique that could Free them both, at least from their dysfunctional bodies.

Title: Icarus Rising

Logline: Dr.Ged Flynn was not convinced by the Global Warming theorists,but things were certainly getting hotter for him by the day.

Synopsis: An environmental thriller about Dr.Ged Flynn,a brilliant but contrarian scientist.His research into global warming points to the chief culprit being,not man,but the undersea venting of huge methane deposits;but he has little supporting evidence.Then he meets Claire Wardle,a beautiful and gifted marine biologist,who provides him with an amazing record of evidence linked to historic sightings of sea serpents. Together,they travel to the deep ocean off Bermuda to find the proof they have predicted,but they are attacked by sinister forces whose interests are threatened. They analyse their findings and Flynn realises that global warming is a function of both nature and man,and that the two drivers are combining to move the earth towards an imminent tipping point of no return. Encouraged by the mysterious Professor Stirling,he realises that he alone can avert the coming crisis and he travels to the wastes of Antarctica to find the solution in a lake two miles below the ice cap.

Title: Going Government

Logline: Two young civilian oceanographers are befriended by Smoot, the smooth operator, and have numerous outlandish and intriguing adventures culminating in them having to rescue the smooth operator.

Synopsis: Not since MASH or Charlie Wilson's War has a screenplay delved into this type of unique storyline with this much insight. After Jenny Wilson inherits her grandparents beach cottage she discovers her grandfather's, Monty Wilson, record books he kept when he worked as a civilian oceanographer. Monty Wilson's best friend, Wiley Hanson, is a fellow oceanographer whose grandson, Jimmy, is now engaged to Jenny. Jimmy and Jenny relive their grandfathers lives by reading Monty's record books. Going Government is a story of freindship and romance coupled with evil and humor all set against exotic backgrounds. The story is told as a series of recorded accounts during the Cold War era. It is a fast pace multifaceted series of adventures that are told by moving back and forth in time from the 1980s to 2003.

Title: Toadstool

Logline: Toadstool McClowskey, eccentric rogue, is in search of his true love and a quiet cubicle amidst a hailstorm of bullets and a seemingly endless adventure amongst the exotic locales of the world.

Synopsis: Toadstool McClowskey, eccentric rogue and man of the world, wanted by everyone he doesn't want to know; terrorists, old lovers, the French mob, and even the U.S. Government. All Toadstool wants, besides a nice quiet cubicle next to a water cooler, is to meet the beautiful woman he sees in a photograph. "Does she shave?" is a sign that Toadstool is raising his standards. However, for that mysterious woman, matters are a tad more complicated. As Toad's overseer at CIA headquarters, Athena is given the dangerous task of obtaining a precious and mysterious elixir. Toad's boyish ambition to pursue his new love through endless exotic locales is the one constant that has his bosses confused, the enemy frustrated, and Athena smiling. Our story travels backwards and forwards in time as we explore Toadstool's unique childhood, how Athena ended up in a cold dank cell in Tibet, and why it is every dangerous character he comes into contact with can't ever seem to best the wily Toadstool.

Title: Moonstone: Timeless Ascension

Logline: A metaphysical theologian and a larger-than-life magical dragon transforms to universal immortality through a mystical gemstone and ascend to heaven

Synopsis: What if a mortal man, living in twenty-first century Los Angeles, could achieve immortality? What would he do? Where would he go? Vincent "Sage" Woolfolk, a silver-haired theologian/wizard of Welsh wit, is one such character. One night at his Victorian home (from where he runs an all-things-spiritual shop), Sage is up in a candlelit alcove inspecting a small rusty tin box. Opening it, he discovers a treasure map containing 'Old world' Hebrew text and rune markings. Helping his grandson -a twentysomething student scientist, Sage performs a tarot card reading and finds himself intertwined with the lad. Navigating a labyrinth of relationship, Sage visits a former lady lover at Catalina Island and learns the map's whereabouts are in Scandinavia. Trekking to Norway, high above the Arctic Circle, Sage enters a fjord mountain filled with colorful gemstones and he confronts and befriends a gargantuan dragon named Zendor. Thus, the witty seer's journey turns to a dazzling whirlwind...

Title: Spanish Lessons

Logline: A movie about an aging american, working in the real estate business, who comes to Latin America to resell a big house and falls in love with his Spanish teacher.

Synopsis: This adventure/melodrama film tells the story of the adventures of two Americans in Uruguay. Facing a new reality, new approach to life, love and money, they both change and make unexpected decisions in life. Mark is a crafty real estate businessman who buys old property, renovates it and sells it with considerable profit. He knows life and is very sure of himself and his cynical ways of dealing with people. Jim comes to Uruguay for two months as an investor to finance one of Mark's projects. Although almost 60, he is a very local, shy and naive person who has not had the chance or desire to experience life outside of his little world in the American suburbs. After the tragic loss of his family in a car crash he does not know what to do with himself and decides on traveling in an attempt to fill the emptiness of his existence. Jim starts taking Spanish language lessons in the local school rather out boredom.