Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Paul's Diary

Logline: Misunderstandings and confusion captivate the Wilson family after a note is discovered suggesting one of their sons is gay.

Synopsis: The Wilson family will have to endure some changes. Paul, a senior in high school, has only a short time left to let everyone know who he truly is before graduation. Paul's fraternal twin siblings, Joey and Becca, are the rulers of the school, or so they think, being in the top grade of the middle school; they fight for independence from each other, but are always seen as a pair. Becca gets stuck in a love triangle when Joey falls for her nemesis, Kelly, and Kelly has her eyes on Jason, Becca's crush since second grade. Alex, the youngest, enters middle school not knowing what to expect; his free-spirited personality and passion being on the dance team might just make him the target of bullies.


Logline: A father tells his son a story of his wild fraternity days. His frat house is threatened, and the misfit brothers' all get their acts together and save the one thing they take seriously.

Synopsis: Ever reminisce about the bacchanal times you had back in college? Ever want to show your kid that you're not the anal-retentive loser that he thinks you are, but were once -- one righteous dude? While taking his son to college for the first time, our "loser", Rob, reveals his dissipated, darker days in a fraternity. The only thing his frat brothers cared about was beer, bud, boobs and brawls. When the house fails its fire inspection, this group of misfits is threatened with expulsion unless they can raise enough money to exact repairs in two weeks. Our gang of social retards gets their act together and saves the one thing they take seriously. In the end, Rob gets the money, the girl and, best of all, the respect of his son.

Title: The Family Inheritance

Logline: An incompetent, inept waiter suddenly becomes the Boss of New York's most powerful mafia family.

Synopsis: With a deathbed confession, the dying Boss names the families new Boss his son Tommy, who he put up for adoption as a child is to become the Top Wise guy. The shock of this news causes dissention among the ranks, especially for Raimo Primavera, the overlooked underboss. Tommy gets a crash course in Mob 101, while trying not to get himself killed along the way. Madness culminates as Tommy's first order of business is to sabotage Raimo's daughters' wedding day.


Logline: A young woman (Susan) a gold digger marries an older top Hollywood movie producer (Charley). Shortly after their marriage Charley passes away. Susan thinks she is now filthy rich.

Synopsis: At the reading of the well things change, Samuel, Charley's younger retarded brother, is introduced as the beneficiary of Charley's trust. Susan is only the Executor. As long as Susan cares for Samuel she will receive a small annual income and continue living in the Beverly Hill mansion, driving the Rolls Royce. But, if Samuel predeceases Susan she inherits the trust. Susan sets out to accomplish this goal without being accused of murder. From the book SAMUEL by Keith Quincy.

Title: STILL

Logline: Sent to the country from Belfast to avoid authority, trouble and a girl, Wayne finds all three.

Synopsis: Wayne, a tearaway Belfast city teenager, is sent to his Uncle Sammy's farm to carry out a community service cleaning order for his misdemeanours. Sammy has a lucrative poteen manufcture sideline. Becky, his late wife's teenage niece, expertly invests the finances from his nefarious activities. Wayne inadvertently discovers that the poteen helps in his cleaning and starts a business. He wins the contract for cleaning the large government headquarters at Stormont but this turns it pink after a rainstorm. He and Becky fall in love but she leaves after a fight, only returning when Sammy has a crippling accident. They are brought together despite Sammy's accident and cat and mouse games with the authorities.

Title: Agora

Logline: Ryan Coutt's survives a carjacking, which causes him to become agoraphobic. He researches his condition on line and meets three unlikely friends who help him save his business, fiance and himself.

Synopsis: Twenty eight year old, Ryan Coutts, is an all around success. He has a growing business, a beautiful girlfriend that he wants to propose to and the ultimate bachelor pad. When Ryan's car-jacked at gunpoint, his world quickly changes. Doctors orders of only a few days of rest turn into Ryan's incapability to leave his home and his refusal to admit that he has a problem. When he's told by Bryn that she thinks he's becoming agoraphobic he disagrees and researches the topic when alone. While doing so, he stumbles on a chat group consisting of three dysfunctional members: Stephen, Lester and Amy, which results in his life becoming that much more interesting. After making several false promises to his business partner, Tim, and his girlfriend, Bryn, plus ticking off his grocery delivery man, Rajil, Ryan confesses to the group that he has issues and is suddenly reliant upon their support. With a clever plan in tact, Ryan begs the group to help him save his world before it's too late

Title: Wasted Time

Logline: Logline: Two old high school friends attempt to escape their economically depressed hometown and dull lives through a series of misadventures that parody a wide variety of films.

Synopsis: Synopsis: When Joel Stanton gets fired from his job as a custodian and catches his longtime girlfriend cheating on him, he decides enough is enough: It is time to stop making excuses and leave his dead-end hometown and fulfill his dream of becoming a successful writer. With his old high school friend Chet Tromble by his side, the two engage in a series of misadventures that parody a wide range of films from "The Village" to "Seven" in pursuit of the money needed to leave town for good. This unique and original screenplay mixes movie parodies, intelligent dialogue and serious themes into a comedy that looks at what happens when dreams don't come true and what we're left with afterwards. Thank you for your consideration.

Title: Designs On Her

Logline: Mitch, a clothes designer, is asked to make a dress for the first lady, but his estranged wife and her two evil girlfriends steal the dress, holds it for ransom and heads out for Barbados.

Synopsis: Mitch Tomlin, a clothes designer is asked to make a dress for the first lady. Mitch and his wife,Tara, start having problems and he kicks her out of the house. She stays with her two evil friends and they concoct a plan to steal the dress and hold it for ransom. All Tara wants is to get revenge on Mitch for kicking her out of the house. They get in head over heels when they rob Mitch's bank account. They get scared and high tail it to Barbados too wait for the heat to die down. Mitch and the first ladies two bodyguards find out where they went and follow them. Not only does Tara have it in for Mitch, one of the bodyguards does also. He never liked Mitch from the start and always calls him a pansy designer. The bodyguard plays pranks on him along with the three girls. He just can't win until he finally gets his Wife back along with a baby that is on the way.

Title: America's Next Top Video Vixen

Logline: Americas Next Top Model and Flavor of Love Charm School meets Video Vixens. Fifteen aspiring Video Vixens from across the country are chosen to stay in one luxurious house while competing to be ANTVV.

Synopsis: The Hip Hop culture is under pressure with terms such as "Video Vixen" being given a negative image over the past few years, by America and the entertainment industry. Video Vixen's are treated unequally and often misunderstood at times due to lack of respect until now. "America's Next Top Video Vixen" will change the way these women in videos are viewed, by showing America and the Entertainment Industry how intelligent and hard working these females can be in a positive setting. ANTVV will bring hope to other aspiring video girls around the world by showing them that there is a positive side to being a Video Vixen. All fifteen contestants will be enrolled in Video Vixen School which is a Ten Commandment program that will build character, leadership skills, self-esteem and ensure a stable foundation that will prepare them for the world of entertainment, not only as a Video Vixens but as well respected individuals.

Title: The Crooked Stick

Logline: Deviant Archbishop Morlan Fadesti thinks his escort to Rome, Paulo, is a Franciscan Monk. Paulo is anything but a holy man, and intends to bring down this wicked priest with wit and help from friends

Synopsis: In the year 1517, a crafty convict, who is sentenced to death, swaps places with his twin brother after he suddenly dies. Yet, when Paulo steps into Peto's shoes, he must also step into his robes - as Peto was a Franciscan Monk assigned to escort an Archbishop to the Vatican for his ordination as Cardinal. Just like Paulo, not everything is as it seems with Archbishop Morlan Fadesti. It is not long before Paulo realizes that Fadesti is actually a predator in priest's clothing, preying on young altar boys; not to mention his involvement in a deadly French plot to assassinate the Pope. So, Paulo conspires with his friends, the Players, a traveling actors troop, and they concoct a plan that will involve many sins, and hilarious hijinx, but all in the good name of stopping a corrupt Archbishop. Thus answering the question: "Cannot God draw a straight line with a Crooked Stick?"