Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: The Boykin Boy

Logline: Think Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Jon Heder as Pest Inspectors!

Synopsis: Pest Inspector by day, pizza delivery man by night--hilarious situations throughout. Meet The Boykin Boy as he takes on devious critters, clueless customers, odd co-workers, & 2 teen-age daughters, all the while living in his ex-wife's garage & sharing his bathtub with a tub of kitty litter. Climax includes the ultimate pest control training site: The Crawlspace From Hell, where every unspeakable pest control nightmare is lurking. Written by a humorous Orkin Man.

Title: I Hate Old People

Logline: A twenty-something's hatred for old people causes him to learn a painful life lesson at the hands of those he hates.

Synopsis: Mike Carter's hatred for old people is visceral and mean-spirited and unhealthy. He refers to them derisively as FOPS, Old People, and never passes up an opportunity to harass or belittle them. Mike's behavior spirals out of control, until a weight lifting accident sends him hobbling to the doctor, who happens to be his Uncle. Uncle John has always known of Mike's hatred old people, but it's not until his Nana bust him with porn on his cell phone at church, that he decides to take action. He sells his medical practice, and retires and buys a Bed and Breakfast on the beach, where his mother grew up. It's here, with the help of a retired Medal of Honor winner and Nana's best friend from childhood, that he puts in motion an elaborate plan to humble Mike, changing his attitude for the rest of his days. When it's over, Mike pleads tearfully for forgiveness from his knees, and then utters pathetically, "You punked me, Nana?"

Title: Work: A Four Letter Word

Logline: A politically INCORRECT comedic Improv artist joins a very "P.C." Corporate HR department where corporate misfits provide fodder and material while in search of his true passion, his own audience.

Synopsis: WORK - A Four Letter Word is a story following the comedic misadventures in corporate America as seen through the eyes of a human resources manager. As a frustrated comedic improvisation artist who joins corporate America, the most politically incorrect adventures happen to the most politically correct department of a company. The story follows SCOTT through the internal turmoil of holding a steady job versus chasing his dreams of performing on stage. Given the current downtrodden labor market, and individuals who struggle daily to manage relationships and work-life balance, it has never been more fun to watch the hiring and firing of misfit employees.


Logline: A young woman (Susan) a gold digger marries an older top Hollywood movie producer (Charley). Shortly after their marriage Charley passes away. Susan thinks she is now filthy rich.

Synopsis: At the reading of the well things change, Samuel, Charley's younger retarded brother, is introduced as the beneficiary of Charley's trust. Susan is only the Executor. As long as Susan cares for Samuel she will receive a small annual income and continue living in the Beverly Hill mansion, driving the Rolls Royce. But, if Samuel predeceases Susan she inherits the trust. Susan sets out to accomplish this goal without being accused of murder. From the book SAMUEL by Keith Quincy.

Title: Roller Balls

Logline: It's The Karate Kid...on roller skates

Synopsis: When Chico Marquez and his mother move to the big city, Chico sees the move as an opportunity to pursue his life long dream: competing for a spot on the hit TV show, Big City Roller - a variety show featuring the top roller skaters in the country. Unfortunately for Chico, the neighborhood bullies - ace skater Chip McNally and his gang - take an instant dislike to him, and set out to make Chico's life a living hell. Until one day Chico is taken under the reluctant wing of Delroy - once a star skater himself, whose checkered past has forced him to put that part of his life behind him...until now. As Chico's talent develops under Delroy's tutelage, he attracts the attention of Cara, the prettiest girl in the hood and the apple of Chip's eye. This is the last straw for Chip, who sets out to stop Chico once and for all. Will Chico get the girl and reach his Big City dreams? Or will Chip McNally thwart him in his tracks?

Title: The Misfits of Mishawaka

Logline: Four losers in a small Indiana town with an addiction to golf, no common sense, an allergic reaction to responsibility and the humor of LSD infested pinheads sucking on crack-cocaine lollipops.

Synopsis: Joe is a foul-mouthed, angry and bitter man with the temper of Jack the Ripper. He once tried to pass off a jar of brown liquid on Ebay as the Diarrhea of Anne Frank. Bob is a disgusting fat ass with uncontrollable bowels due to a botched surgery to remove a cyst from his rectum. Frank once purchased pecker pills from a stranger on the street and is now inflicted with a permanent boner. He's also convinced that Abe Vigoda is a former Nazi war criminal. Ken is the leader of the group. Highly intelligent, and a phenomenal golfer with no tolerance for women who don't appreciate golf. Mix together these four imbeciles and their addiction to golf and you've got a recipe for non-stop laughter with rapid-firing, outlandish dialogue. Throw in a botched bank robbery, a stint in prison and the twisted thoughts of these borderline psychos and you've got a movie that will have the audience in stitches. Move over Caddyshack. These misfits are in a class all by themselves.

Title: Vampire Academy

Logline: Vampire Academy is a "mockumentary" set in the religiously fundamentalist town of Fishkill, which is thrown into turmoil when a mysterious outsider opens a school for aspiring vampires.

Synopsis: You may be surprised to learn that evangelical Christians share a number of tastes and interests with the modern vampire, among them softball, pickled eggs and music by The Doobie Brothers. But, sadly, these commonalities are often overshadowed by rash judgment and misunderstanding ... In Vampire Academy, Edgar KlopKlophenhoffen opens a school that teaches personal and professional growth through the modern vampire lifestyle. His good intentions are vehemently challenged by Reverend Bonaventure, the fire and brimstone spouting preacher who worries the Vampire Academy will damage the souls of those who might otherwise be saved. Vampire Academy was written in response to the proven demand for mockumentaries like Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman - and the current lack of competition (with Christopher Guest) in this sub-category. We'd appreciate you considering representation of our script.

Title: Cart Boys

Logline: A group of social misfists come of age while working in a grocrey store.

Synopsis: Mikie a young slacker, comes to a cross road in his life does he stay in a job that he loathes simply for the money or does he take a chance on his dream job. With the help of his childhood friend Casey and trainee Patrick, Mikie navigates the choices of adulthood while solving a mysterious crime and vying for the love of his long time crush with plenty of hi-jinx sure to ensue.-I think whis would be a commercial success because it would connect with today's youth like American pie or Animal House before it.


Logline: A would-be hitman falls in love with his first assignment.

Synopsis: WGA registraton #994323 Charlotte's best friend Eileen overhears her husband relate a Charlotte sex fantasy to his best friend and takes it for the real thing. Outraged, she orders a hit on Charlotte. Stefan must comply when his cousin's mafioso boss calls in the loan he used to complete his veterinarian education. A "one time hit" will erase the loan, he says, or else. Stefan reluctantly scopes out his intended victim. Pinky the dog wants revenge on the man who shot him and left him for dead. He bides his time in snarly loyalty at Stefan's side. Stefan is love-struck. Too late; he discovers she is his hit. Charlotte overhears her new love interest on the phone. Is he some kind of mafia hitman? Pinky is elated. He has found a familiar scent that may put him on the trail of his assassin. This whimsical romantic comedy can be uploaded, or I can send a hard copy. Best regards, Elfi. 011 52 998 885 0525

Title: Whitebites

Logline: A pudgy, pouting former ace newspaper reporter gets his wife and life back thanks to his inventive hobby -- and a little push from an upwardly mobile prostitute.

Synopsis: Overweight. Under-motivated. Past his best-before date. Once-prolific feature writer and would-be inventor Larry Sorensen just can't seem to finish anything he starts. He doesn't have a clue what he wants anymore. It's only after his unsympathetic wife tells him goodbye that he eventually finds something he DOES want: he wants her back. And a young "escort" who had come oh-so-close to waylaying him during his newfound freedom agrees to help out, putting the squeeze on a few well connected clients in exchange for a piece of Wally's invention.