Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Karaoke Kab

Logline: A failed, businessman, forced to drive cab in Las Vegas to survive, finds personal and financial redemption, and rediscovers his boyhood love of singing, by putting a karaoke machine in his taxi.

Synopsis: Bill Tiernan has what appears to be a very nice life. A family, a nice home, and a successful career. Yet he suffers with the obscure longing for a more authentic life that afflicts most of us. He gets caught cheating, goes bankrupt, gets divorced, and ends up driving a cab so he can eat. Hookers, drug deals, horny Japanese businessmen, battered women and helpless drunks bare his soul to the losses of his life, until he finds his voice, singing for tips in his cab. Until The Grand Idea! Then his life takes off. Karaoke Kab franchises pop up all over the world and he ends up on The Tonight Show and the cover on Entrepreneur magazine. But his billionaire investor/partner has other ideas, and they settle their score in a high stakes poker game, and an old act of kindness rewards him with the most important thing he ever lost. RedInkworks Finalist 2002, Austin Film Festival 2nd round, both before rewrite as a comedy.

Title: T'Body Snatcher

Logline: An elderly homeless man learns to move into other people bodies Desperate to get a woman's affection he switches bodies by error with a mobster. At end two hit men are send by gangsters to kill him

Synopsis: An elderly homeless man named Sam witness a man gets murdered and now he must run out of the city or he too will be killed. But Sam is in despair, sick and old and about to give up on life, he is ready to meat his maker when a miracle lightening strikes him and changes his life. Sam finds himself capable of moving in and out of people's bodies. Sam must leave town, so he moves to Miami where he meets a beautiful young woman and falls in love with her. Desperate to get hers affection Sam switch bodies with several peoples in which it creates a commotion, then chaos and confusion. Out of this confusion Sam desperately enters into a mobster's body by error, at a restaurant ware he was just about to meet his new Mafia boss. And so Sam gets pulled down into a violent life. Finally those gangsters mistrust Sam and as a result they are after him, and after a Jamaican and a New Yorker hoodlum from the black ghetto. The underworld Mafia sends a couple of hit men to find Sam and kill him.

Title: Runaway Aliens

Logline: Two teen brother and sister gray aliens run away from their home on Mars, and create comedic havoc on Earth.

Synopsis: I wrote a very funny and cute comedy screenplay called, Runaway Aliens. After Bax and Larna arrive to Earth from their home on Mars they visit many of our monuments where comedic disaster takes place. Then they visit Sea World, Four Corners and Area 51 in NV. As they are enjoying the ocean floor they accidentally get caught in a fisherman's net. They are promptly arrested, but soon breakout finding out their spaceship is at Area 51. So they hitch hike there seeing their alien comrads dissected in tubes in liquid. Seeing their spaceship they manage to escape hovering. Talking about going home NASA picks them up on radar, and soon a bizarre aerial fight incurs. Their spaceship gets damaged, and they crashland in Creekwood, CO. They end-up living with a nurse and her two children until they can fix their ship. In a funny way it is three days of hell for the family. However love and friendship ensues between Bax and Larna and the family. It is a tearful ending.


Logline: "Country Corner" depicts over a dozen human-interest stories set in fast-paced Silicon Valley centered around a family friendly store that serves as the community "oasis."

Synopsis: This comedy is based true-life stories of neighbors, traveling businessmen and contractors, and customers of the Country Corner Deli and family-owned store. It is unusual in this modern age to find a safe, welcoming place where people are positive, friendly, genuinely neishborly, and supportive. Audiences will discover that such a general store still exists, interesting enough in a busy metropolitan area. On the face of it, laughter, satire and irony are contained in both the plot and setting of the screenplay (that was originally written as a 3-Act play). Plot: The story-line develops into entertaining episodes full of humor. Setting: Country Corner is located in a suburban area between SF and San Jose - among the fast and high-pressure environment of Silicon Valley. This script comes at a time when America could use more comedy. All ages of character personalities are developed. The production is suitable to becoming a musical comedy. If only every town had a C.C.

Title: Ms. Right

Logline: If women do it, why not men, too? Four womanizing friends infiltrate high society to secure their financial futures, but stumble onto something more lucrative. MS. RIGHT. 109 page comedy.

Synopsis: Chris Edwards is always looking for the next best thing, especially when it comes to women. It all finally catches up with him and he loses his girlfriend, his job, and his dignity all in one day. While drowning his sorrows in alcohol he sees an infomercial for an internet dating service and concocts a revolutionary scheme. Women date men for money, why can't it be the other way around? Chris enlists the help of his friends; Jake, Curtis, and Seth, to infiltrate high society women, in hopes to secure their financial futures. Through various contrived encounters, starting with the dognapping of Cupcake, an ex-police narcotic K-9; they soon have their targets eating out of the palms of their hands. However, nothing is ever that simple and Chris soon realizes he is in love with the girlfriend he lost. Chris' friends aren't going to let him go down without a fight and they put their scheming abilities to work one last time to help him win back his true love.

Title: Payback

Logline: Viewers watch the reality show Payback to discover the clues to $100,000 in cash and prizes hidden in a new city each week.

Synopsis: When interior decorator Little Dickie gets bumped on the head by a chandelier he suffers amnesia and a personality transformation. Now a lawless biker, Little Dickie and his Gang of Four rob countless establishments across the country with impunity, using Black Ops hypnosis to make their victims see giant pink bunnies instead of their faces. Undergoing hypnosis himself, Little Dickie remembers his previous honest self and decides to pay back his ill-gotten booty to America via his reality show, Payback. Viewers get their chance at $100K in cash and prizes by unraveling clues hidden in the show as to the treasure's whereabouts. Dickie further supports the show from advertisers who happily pay a premium for their ads, which are no longer ignored but watched hundreds of times as they also contain clues to the treasure. In this pilot episode we follow a colorful collection of characters as they search for their big pay day in the city of Pittsburgh with fun and heartwarming results.

Title: Reading Between the Lines

Logline: Imagine what would have happened if you had indeed signed that damn "secret admirer" letter.

Synopsis: Laney Barfaloft has just recieved her first assignment as a television writer to furnish the next greatest American drama. Only problem is it's about a time and place she'd rather soon forget...high school. With the help of her whimsy co-writer, or possibly against her will, Laney uses her own embarrassing, torturing experiences from high school to launch the next greatest craze in teen drama. But to her dismay, not even good writing can erase the feelings her best friend, Mitch, and herself have always had, but denied for one another. Between remembering family trials, the re-emergence of an old crush, changes in the script, and the ironical fate of one scrap of paper that changes her life forever, Laney realizes that when it comes to love it's all about reading between the lines.

Title: Your Very Own Ricky Rubato

Logline: Ricky Rubato is a fading nightclub crooner and Greta Sharp is the most ruthless woman in Wall Street. But their offbeat love affair makes a little town rich.

Synopsis: Seeking representation for this feel-good romantic comedy. It is set in a small town in present-day America, where fading nightclub idol Ricky Rubato is filling in for the star attraction, Beppo The Wonder Dog, who has gone into rehab. His opening night is watched by Greta Sharp, a ruthless corporate raider. She is visiting the town only to close down its last remaining major business. But listening to Ricky's tired nightclub standards she melts and rediscovers her past, growing up in a similar small town. And they make her weep for her long-dead fiance. She falls in love with Ricky and together they restore Beppo. Then with the dog's crucial help, they save the little town. There is a secondary romance, which turns the world's most boring book (called Metallurgy In Turkestan) into a smash hit musical. The movie also reveals the Queen of England's secret life as a rock music fan. WGA registered 1295505, available in PDF.

Title: Some People Are Just Like That

Logline: A group of small town students at a Historically Black College learn life lessons from the peculiar, sometimes hilarious customers that come into the urban grocery store where they work part time.

Synopsis: A group of students are desparately in need of money to go home for the holidays, and begin working at the local grocery store against the wishes of their parents. The parents know only too well about the ongoing unfriendly attitude of the local residents against "college people." The students themselves have come from different backgrounds and have had little interaction with each other until they start working with Mr. Carter; a long time graduate of the college; at his grocery store. They then form an unlikely friendship, and learn life lessons from peculiar and humorous shoppers who come into the store. Mr. Carter who takes on the role as a somewhat father figure, helps them understand how the neighborhood has become so diversified. From time to time little reminders of resentment toward the students is displayed. At the end, a near death experience changes the hearts of the towns people and the students as well.

Title: What's Not To Like?

Logline: Shakespeare's romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, set in a modern high school. While Ben and Beatrice war on each other with words, Kevin wins Julia and then loses her.

Synopsis: Ben and Beatrice wage a battle of the sexes, but they're tricked into believing each is desperately loved by the other. To be kind, they begin acting romantically and absurdly. Kevin, enlists Casey to help win Julia. Lurking in the background is Casey's stepbrother, DJ, hoping to humiliate them. After a comedy of errors at the Senior Masquerade Ball, Kevin wins Julia, but demonstrates a short fuse and quickness at jumping to false conclusions. DJ finds a way to fool Kevin into believing that Julia deceives him, leading Kevin to insult and denounce her. Beatrice, Julia's cousin, is furious and gets Ben to challenge Kevin to a boxing match for the sake of Julia's honor. At the boxing match, Kevin realizes he was fooled into thinking Julia cheated on him as Ben knocks Kevin out. Kevin and Julia are reconciled just as Ben and Beatrice learn they aren't loved by the other, yet their previous attempts at affection make them realize they might like each other after all.