Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Another Go Around

Logline: Having missed his senior season of high school football, Mac and his friend Roger, college seniors to be, sneak back into a local high school to live out their football dreams

Synopsis: Mac entering his senior year of college wonders, with reluctance, what could have come of his high school football career. His fraternity brother and best friend, Roger, responsible for Mac missing his last chance and optimistic about the opportunity to return and play football, convinces Mac. Once back in high school, they find football success beyond expectations. Off the field, however, they quickly recall the misery of being eighteen. Mac finds himself in love with a high school senior. Finally, leading dual lives catches up with Mac and Roger. In this comedy of errors, they are, at long last caught. The principal, wishing to save face, and in the midst of a successful football season offers Mac and Roger the option of not going to the police on the condition that they stay eighteen. This forces Mac and Roger to choose between staying in their nightmarish high school world forever or to face the consequences. Thank you

Title: Anniversa Happary!

Logline: An offensive comedy about a very very very very very very very dysfunctional family that will leave you hating yourself for laughing.

Synopsis: HENRY, aspiring Chef and stay-at-home-dad, finds out his 43-year old working wife, BETTY, not only wants a divorce, but also dates the Miami Hurricanes' quarterback who himself realizes that his eyes are not on the ball or BETTY, but are fastened with longing on HENRY. Our hero, 44-year old HENRY has to endure his 9-year old spoiled track star, genetically freak son, HENRY JR and his daughter, MILLY, who is extremely mature (physically) for her age, 7. Testing HENRY is sleazy, self-promoting sketch artist UNCLE JAKE who enters MILLY in Jon-Benet Ramsay-style pageants and gives HENRY JR energy pills for track. Overseeing the household, the real matriarch, BIG MAMA resolves to find the good in people. She is a twisted/flipped version of BIG MAMA in Raisin in the Sun(still black). But can she hold strong with the pending closing of her Church or will HENRY save the day by beating his crazy, evil idol CHEF CERPICO in a final cooking showdown that renders you breathless...Or hungry?

Title: Divine Intervention

Logline: The Virgin Mary gets her first Earth-bound assignment to bring young Dominic back to Heaven's side and stop Armageddon.

Synopsis: Dominic is obsessed with sex, alcohol and cigarettes. When his girlfriend, Paige, breaks up with him, God is not a happy camper. You see, Dominic and Paige are supposed to be the parents of the second coming of Christ. If Dominic stays on his current path, Satan will use him to release Armageddon. In order to stop this from happening, Jesus assigns his mother, the Virgin Mary, to head down to the surface where she goes undercover as a counselor at Dominic's high school. It is now up to Mary to convince Dominic that Paige is his true love, but cannot be with her unless he changes his ways. It turns out to be harder than she thinks when Satan finds out and begins his own push to keep Dominic. It all comes down to the power of love, sacrifice, friendship and the ultimate in Divine Intervention to bring Dominic back to Paige and stop Satan from destroying the world.

Title: Look Who's Stalking

Logline: She didn't have stars in her eyes...she had one on her back.

Synopsis: Pam, a young advertising copywriter, is thrilled that Alex Bannister, a star of stage and screen, has agreed to do the voiceover for her television commercial. At the recording session, Pam is not pleased with how Alex is reading the script. When she corrects him, things get ugly. Apparently Alex has anger management issues. Shortly after the commercial airs, Pam is fired from her job. She interviews at other advertising agencies, but doesn't get the job offers she expects. Soon other strange things are happening. Pam spots Alex several times on the street; she has mysterious hang-ups on her answering machine, and receives a nasty letter and a suspicious package with no return address. Pam thinks Alex Bannister is behind the bad things happening to her. But since when do stars stalk ordinary people? Pam then hatches an elaborate plan to get revenge, involving Alex, embarrassing footage, YouTube and blackmail.

Title: The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

Logline: An offended stranger seeks revenge on an entire town by hatching a scheme that produces hilarious and disturbing after-shocks. From Mark Twain's short story; has added romantic angles.

Synopsis: Tossed off of a riverboat, Howard Stephenson washes up on the shore of Hadleyburg, the most self-righteous town on the Mississippi. Stephenson needs assistance but instead receives abuse from the town. Befriended and informed by the town's outsider, Stephenson devises a plot to teach the town a lesson. Stephenson later meets Sarah Robinson, the servant "girl" who longs to escape Hadleyburg but is trapped by her circumstances. The town hall scene is Twain at his most cinematic. Almost all of the town principals are snared by Stephenson's trap, much to the unbridled delight of the other townspeople. Mr. and Mrs. Richards are allowed to escape the trap, but because they deserve to be punished as much as the others, they suffer severe guilt repercussions, paranoid delusions, and their ultimate demise. This sets Sarah free to finally escape the confines of Hadleyburg and to pursue happiness in the larger world, which happens to be where Stephenson is going as well.

Title: VoiceMale

Logline: A popular college freshman joins the school's underdog a cappella group, VoiceMale. He helps them unseat their rival and, surprisingly, they're the key to winning his dream girl.

Synopsis: See the Trailer (2m56s): VoiceMale is an all-male a cappella group at Brown University that lives in the shadow of their rival, the popular AcaFellas. During auditions at the beginning of the year, VoiceMale catches a break and lands a popular freshman, Josh, giving the group new hope. During initiation, they learn this year's national competition will be televised on TV. Josh is recruited by the AcaFellas to switch groups and his loyalty is tested. He also falls for Sara, a member of the popular all-female group on campus, The Decibelles. One of the members of VoiceMale steals Sara's phone and puts Josh's number in it. But he doesn't put the number in under Josh's name - he puts it in as... "Destiny". Josh then begins to court Sara in real life as well as secretly as her "Destiny". Will Josh win the girl and can VoiceMale get campus recognition? It all comes to a head when VoiceMale meets the AcaFellas in the national competition.

Title: Going Together

Logline: Two hapless lovers in L.A. think common ground might be at Forest Lawn in this quirky romantic comedy adapted from the acclaimed novel, Going Together.

Synopsis: Paul and Helen meet on an L.A. subway platform and, later, on the Santa Monica Pier. Each suspects the other of planning to take the big, final jump. But as they warily become acquainted, they reveal what is actually an odd fascination with ending it all, and can come up with a list of excuses why not to. She finds the bay far too filthy to jump into; he hates heights, which precludes tall buildings. A quirky romance slowly builds as they engage in some serious approach avoidance across the Los Angeles landscape, even in a helicopter above it. When the relationship heads for the rocks, it looks like one or both might take the plunge after all. The Washington Times called the novel on which the film is based, "one of the funniest books yet." And the conclusion demonstrates that all's well that doesn't necessarily end well.

Title: Slippery Bananas

Logline: Four lifelong buddies band together to save their beloved water park from being demolished by a local mayoral candidate with connections to greedy developers.

Synopsis: Johnny, Dean, Charlie, and Fred are buddies in their early 20's who work at Slippery Bananas waterpark. Johnny's dad, a powerful Congressman and Mayoral candidate, promises to pad the pockets of himself and his friends through a construction deal which would knock down the waterpark and Main Street. Johnny declares, and his buddies agree, that they will do everything in their power to keep Slippery Bananas open. Hilarity ensues, and Johnny uses the contacts of his love interest, Kara, to force his powerful father to back down on his plans to destroy local landmarks.

Title: Paging Ambassador Steel

Logline: Stan Steel pays to be paged at global events. Big business and Government hijack his conflict resolution method to avert global catastrophe. In the process Stan goes from oblivionaire to billionaire.

Synopsis: Stan Steel of Ambassador Steel has himself paged in high places becoming famous but mysterious. He wins a grand Vegas holiday. A parcel addressed to Ambassador Steel alerts the Casino Boss, a friend of The President. A union-led industrial crisis looms and "Ambassador Steel's" opinion is solicited. He pitches his conflict resolution method - taking adversaries to exotic locations and wining/dining them into agreeable consensus. A hijacked Stan uses his venue/menu method to save Vegas from ruin. Enriched, Stan heads home. He never arrives. The President intercepts, enlisting Stan to solve a worsening oil-crisis. A middle-eastern version of "the method" helps avert a global recession. Grateful America contracts Stan to supply Steel Starved China with unlimited scrap steel, of military origin. Stan makes a billion. Establishing "Ambassadors of Steel", a training school for famous and connected gentlemen - the world eventually becomes one - at peace.


Logline: "BUTCH BRUNSON" is a face paced comedy about a washed up cage fighter and a fast talking waiter who go into the business of sticking up to bullies.

Synopsis: "BUTCH BRUNSON" is about a fast talking waiter named Herbert Hoover and former New Jersey "Bad Man Contest" winner Butch Brunson's business start-up as bullies for hire. For a small fee you can hire the intimidating Butch to talk some much needed sense into your bully. The business takes off like a rocket and all is going well until Butch's long lost niece returns to hire them to do a job for her. Unbeknownst to Herbert and Butch, that job will lead them to a confontation with one of New Jersey's dirtiest cops. It is undeniable that "BUTCH BRUNSON" will suprise you with it's nonstop humor and incredibly entertaining plot. You will find yourself cheering for these characters to succeed.