Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre


Logline: Pushing forty and his career on the skids, LA's biggest porn star discovers newfound vitality in the idea of crossing over to the big screen.

Synopsis: Set in 1989 Los Angeles, out of shape porn star Rod Burley soon realizes his fantasy lifestyle is not all it's cracked up to be. Visions of Woodstock flash back in his head and the lines between real-life and movie-life become blurred. When young newcomer Rock Hardson threatens to dethrone him, Rod must find a way to pump up his flaccid career, earn the respect of his peers and deal with a strange new feeling called love.

Title: Cart Boys

Logline: A group of social misfists come of age while working in a grocrey store.

Synopsis: Mikie a young slacker, comes to a cross road in his life does he stay in a job that he loathes simply for the money or does he take a chance on his dream job. With the help of his childhood friend Casey and trainee Patrick, Mikie navigates the choices of adulthood while solving a mysterious crime and vying for the love of his long time crush with plenty of hi-jinx sure to ensue.-I think whis would be a commercial success because it would connect with today's youth like American pie or Animal House before it.

Title: Learning for Tomorrow

Logline: Dave Wilson revisits his social and academic journey throughout his years at college while contemplating his current place in life. The experience beckons the question was college worth it all?

Synopsis: Dave Wilson was excited at the prospect of going to college, receiving a top-flight education, and moving on to an outstanding, high-paying career in the workforce. Now frustrated and tired with his place in life, Dave looks back on his experience while enrolled at Filmore State University and wonders about its relevance. His recollections take him through the humorous and odd events that occur during his tenure there. Dave finds that things and people are not always what they seem and that the classroom experience is not what he had envisioned. This comedy/drama is entertaining and also questions the value of a college education in today's time. This film has great potential in generating interest due to the fact most people are very passionate (positive and negative) in regards to his/her college experience. Many people will also be able to relate to the events that occur in the film and it prompts the creation of the viewer's own opinion on Dave's experience.


Logline: What if two hapless brother bank robbers steal a getaway car with a pregnant woman inside and zany hijinks ensues?

Synopsis: Claire is about to go in to labor. Her husband, Earl, is panicking trying to get everything ready. Mikey and Bruno two hapless brother bank robbers drive up to a bank to rob it. Earl and Claire drive in a hurry to the hospital. Earl gets out and goes and gets Claire a wheelchair. At the same time Mikey and Bruno run out of the bank after robbing it. They decide to steal Earl and Claire's minivan. As they do this they accidently knock Claire in to the back. They take off with the police chasing them. The next day Mikey and Bruno go and visit the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police is being black mailed for having fornicated with sheep. Mikey and Bruno give the Chief half the money they stole for the Chief's silence. Everything seems fine until Earl, Claire's husband, shows up. Mikey and Bruno in comedic ways foil Earl and the local deputy's attempts to find his wife. In the end they find his wife while canvassing the neighborhood.

Title: Quarterly Report

Logline: A smartass slacker inadvertently becomes the focal point of an absurd global crisis.

Synopsis: To Whom It May Concern, After receiving a screenwriting grant from the University of Chicago, placing as a quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival's teleplay competition, working with Tim Kazurinsky (writer, actor: Saturday Night Live) and Ed Ferrara (producer: Weird Science: The TV Show), and beginning option/production talks with several entertainment companies, I have realized the time has come to seek representation. "Quarterly Report" is a comedy for the Age of Terrorism without being about terrorism. During a job interview at a bank, a smartass slacker with a Harvard diploma claims to be a prince of a foreign nation. When that foreign nation is blamed for an absurd attack on America and his erroneous claim goes public, he must fight off negative national publicity, save the family-owned bank from a corporate takeover, and prevent global chaos. I am available for meetings at your convenience. Regards, Scott E. Sherman

Title: Aliens vs the NFL

Logline: Seven foot alien predators patrol the skies of earth, protecting it from other aliens trying to fix sporting events. An alien casino is located at a stealth location in the Nevada desert.

Synopsis: Alien predators, Zak and Max are directed to find two 12" invisible creatures (Brad and Mia)who have been sent to earth to fix the super bowl. Zak and Max must enlist a human (Ace) to help them capture the two creatures. Ace is handicapped and works for the Baltimore Ravens. He has access to the games and his wheelchair can be equipped with a device that can capture Brad and Mia. Ace refuses at first, but after meeting Zippy, a spider sent to earth to kill Max and Zak, he agrees. He travels to Oakland with his girlfriend (Liz) and they meet up with Max and Zak. Liz meets Mia and Brad and they tell her that they want to stay on earth. In Oakland, they encounter a transformer sent to disable Max and Zak. The two predators are saved by Ace. Max and Zak go to the Oakland game dressed as Raider fans. They sit in the Black Hole, but no one recognizes them. Mia and Brad end up in Maine doing a kids TV show. Ace and Liz get married in Area 51 Hotel Casino while an alien Elvis sings.


Logline: A would-be hitman falls in love with his first assignment.

Synopsis: WGA registraton #994323 Charlotte's best friend Eileen overhears her husband relate a Charlotte sex fantasy to his best friend and takes it for the real thing. Outraged, she orders a hit on Charlotte. Stefan must comply when his cousin's mafioso boss calls in the loan he used to complete his veterinarian education. A "one time hit" will erase the loan, he says, or else. Stefan reluctantly scopes out his intended victim. Pinky the dog wants revenge on the man who shot him and left him for dead. He bides his time in snarly loyalty at Stefan's side. Stefan is love-struck. Too late; he discovers she is his hit. Charlotte overhears her new love interest on the phone. Is he some kind of mafia hitman? Pinky is elated. He has found a familiar scent that may put him on the trail of his assassin. This whimsical romantic comedy can be uploaded, or I can send a hard copy. Best regards, Elfi. 011 52 998 885 0525

Title: Someone Like Me

Logline: Three poor, uneducated, and ugly home-schooled kids are forced into entering a public school where they find out exactly how different "real school" is.

Synopsis: Paw teaches his kids to be like him--a chauvinistic pig. But Paw gets a rude awakening when "real school" opens some eyes and turns his family against him. Mumma is the quiet, passive house wife, who's scared to speak her mind on anything. But when they have little time to get cash for their house or be evicted, she does the impossible: she enters a cooking contest to win money. Cole is eighteen and after being humiliated for half a year, he gets a wish and is transformed into a stud. However, he is still not smart enough to know that he is dating the hottest gal in school. Shimmy is Paw's reflection. But little Shimmy is forced to swallow his disgusting ways and ask his sister for help in school. Jinny enters the second grade and then advances into Shim's grade half-way through the year. She teaches her mother how to read and write and cook, constantly proving her father wrong. SOMEONE LIKE ME is pregnated with high school hi-jinx where the underdogs win!

Title: Your Very Own Ricky Rubato

Logline: Ricky Rubato is a fading nightclub crooner and Greta Sharp is the most ruthless woman in Wall Street. But their offbeat love affair makes a little town rich.

Synopsis: Seeking representation for this feel-good romantic comedy. It is set in a small town in present-day America, where fading nightclub idol Ricky Rubato is filling in for the star attraction, Beppo The Wonder Dog, who has gone into rehab. His opening night is watched by Greta Sharp, a ruthless corporate raider. She is visiting the town only to close down its last remaining major business. But listening to Ricky's tired nightclub standards she melts and rediscovers her past, growing up in a similar small town. And they make her weep for her long-dead fiance. She falls in love with Ricky and together they restore Beppo. Then with the dog's crucial help, they save the little town. There is a secondary romance, which turns the world's most boring book (called Metallurgy In Turkestan) into a smash hit musical. The movie also reveals the Queen of England's secret life as a rock music fan. WGA registered 1295505, available in PDF.

Title: Bullet Holes And Bear Guts

Logline: Fulfilling a dead friend's dream is a lot harder when you're being perused by an eccentric, gay mob boss.

Synopsis: After his friend's death in a mysterious house fire, pizza delivery man, Guy Fisher comes into a lump sum of money. Determined to fulfill his dead friend's dream, he sets out for Mexico only to find that the original owner of the money, Bruno Bracco, the eccentric, gay mob boss of the mid-west, wants it back and aims to pursue Guy at all costs, leaving him in a situation of meeting new people that will change the course of his life forever.