Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Freak of Nature(TV Series)

Logline: Andy and Jason have just graduated high school, they have their whole lives ahead of them, what are they going to do? Think "Friends" meets "How I met your Mother"

Synopsis: Andy and Jason are finally at their graduation day. They are about to embark on a grand journey of becoming an adult. All they have to do is make it through graduation. For most people this wouldn't be a problem, except Andy is a freak of nature. He is detached from most other humans, and has no control over what he says. Some of it is smart, some of it offensive, and some of it is just plain awkward. Jason is a little more attached to humanity and has a quick wit. These two often get themselves into trouble, with Andy calling a girl fat, and Jason telling a girl she is a five out of ten. The series will follow their journey from their late teens to being a twenty something, and the relationships and their trying to find their place in this world. It's a comedy about growing up.

Title: Prescription Refills

Logline: An intellicually gifted young woman self-exiled from her psychotic, selfish, yet hilarious family searches for the prescription to happiness

Synopsis: Serephina is a young woman ashamed of her family's psychiatric disorders. After Serephina's family inevitably disappoints her again, by unintentionally missing her high school graduation Serephina is sent over the edge. She disowns her family and leaves her home without a trace in search of normalcy only to find out normal doesn't exist. Later, we find out Serephina is harboring the biggest secret of them all. Is Serephina more like her family then first meets the eye? WGAW#1459100

Title: The Ad Lib

Logline: A middle-aged suburbanite and his show-biz-obsessed wife kidnap a TV star, along with a delusional fan.

Synopsis: Not long ago, Gordon and Rita were a typical Long Island couple. Then he got downsized. These days, you'll find them robbing hair salons and convenience stores like the title characters in the box-office hit Sally & Joe. Sean Phelps (better known as TV detective Sid Flynn) fresh off his Broadway debut, tells his manager he's had enough of his top-rated TV show and its one-dimensional character. Next season will be his last. That will be devastating news for Serena. She's just been discharged from a hospital where she was treated for an unhealthy fixation. During her stay, Serena found a new obsession - TV detective Sid Flynn. These four lives intersect at 18th and Broadway. After botching a cinema hold-up, Gordon ad libs, kidnapping Sean and his new biggest fan. They head to Gordon's childhood home, now tended by his shiftless brother Cal, where Gordon begins negotiations with Sean's manager, who hires a real-life detective to find out who's taken his star client.

Title: Don't Ask

Logline: This comedy chronicles the hillarious experiences of an openly gay man who is inspired by Obama's elimination of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy to enlist in the army.

Synopsis: The film's central character has suffered from a traumatic past of exclusion from the Boy Scouts and ostracism by his college peers. As a soldier he shows his true colors, detailing his hairstyling history to a boot camp barber and returning his platoon mates' sophomoric digs at his homosexuality with quick-witted repartee. Throughout his military service the protagonist tirelessly pursues his ambition to bridge the gap between his own culure and that of the people of Garounistan, the fictional country to which he is assigned. Finally, he shows his courage in his daring escape from captivity and his unlikely contribution to the success of a military raid.

Title: The Blessing

Logline: Helen Drumkee desperately seeks her family's blessing to marry her latin lover. Unfortunately, Nicholas Drumkee, Helen's elderly father is hospitalized in a semi-catatonic condition.

Synopsis: Helen Drumkee desperately seeks her family's blessing to marry. The Drumkee's adhere to "Old Country" traditional family values pertaining to courtship. Unfortunately, Nicholas Drumkee, Helen's elderly father is hospitalized in a semi-catatonic condition. Helen also has a secret. Helen needs to confront her own personal insecurities, when introducing her fiance, Dominic Coqmin, to her family. Dominic, the audacious latin lover, appears to be up to the challenge. Yet, his act isn't fooling everyone; the kids are suspicious. May the games begin. Throughout, ongoing melodramatic sibling rivalry resurfaces between Helen and her older sister, Gloria. Somehow, the sisters are able to "work things out", for now. This time receiving help from an unsuspecting holiday spirit, a homeless man, who only seeks to gain warmth from the cold city streets. WGA # I245772

Title: Grilled Cheese Virgin

Logline: When a hooker and a pre-op tranny fry a grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the VIRGIN MARY seared into the bread, one imagines a business opportunity while the other sees her salvation.

Synopsis: My screenplay has placed in the following competitions: Nicholl Fellowship - sponsored by the Academy Awards: SemiFinalist (top 1% -2005) Red Inkworks: Third Place Page International: Finalist FadeIn: SemiFinalist FilmMakers: SemiFinalist 20/20: SemiFinalist

Title: Fireworks

Logline: Watch an up-and-coming fireworks crew navigate the sordid and ultracompetitive world of fireworks shows, battling rivals, the local fire department, and themselves with equal intensity and indecency.

Synopsis: The fireworks crew of "C4" can handle the annual firefight with rival crew The Paisas and manages to fend off the sabotage attempts of Dutch Diamond and his crew, Diamondworks. But the gang has no response when an old rejected crew member resurfaces to destroy their stockpile of fireworks. On the edge of disaster, the crew is contacted by the mysterious Mexican fireworks honcho Johnny Juarez, who invites them to his villa. After being forced to sell drugs to obtain the money, they buy the exotic fireworks and also gain a valuable friend. C4 gets past the sabotage attempts and monetary issues to respond to their invitation to Bottle Rocket Alley, a fireworks competition in Montana designed to crown the newest performers of the most prestigious fireworks show in the country. Diamondworks, The Paisas, and C4 compete in front of thrilled crowds and a worldwide webcam audience to determine the champion. Don't miss out on Fireworks!

Title: Mr. Stone

Logline: Story of Jason Carlson duped into buying his first home site-unseen. Taken prisoner in his new home. Jason's hopes rely on a wel-mannered statue to provide some assistance.

Synopsis: Jason seeks out more to life when his boss encourages him to buy a home. Taken in by an agent, his dreams don't match up to his experiences. Enslaved in a child's playhouse by a gang that refuses to leave his home. His only hope lies in the assistance of a well-mannered statue called Mr. Stone. W.G.A. 1284678

Title: Muddling Through

Logline: An aimless young man must contend with an acid-casualty uncle who has just moved in with him, and a low-paying record store job, while trying to improve his lot in life.

Synopsis: Austin is a recent college graduate who finds himself still working at his low-paying record store job, and putting up with one crazy customer after another. He also must contend with his manager, a sexist egomaniac who plays mind games with the customers. If this weren't bad enough, Austin's acid-casualty uncle has just moved in with him, and is making a nuisance of himself. However, his uncle gets along great with his roommates, a couple of burn-outs from the record store. He also has a sexy European neighbor who is trying her best to seduce him, while his noncommittal girlfriend looks on. Will Austin find what it takes to stop floundering and make something of his life? I would appreciate the opportunity to submit my screenplay, MUDDLING THROUGH, for your review. Thank you.

Title: Quarterly Report

Logline: A smartass slacker inadvertently becomes the focal point of an absurd global crisis.

Synopsis: To Whom It May Concern, After receiving a screenwriting grant from the University of Chicago, placing as a quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival's teleplay competition, working with Tim Kazurinsky (writer, actor: Saturday Night Live) and Ed Ferrara (producer: Weird Science: The TV Show), and beginning option/production talks with several entertainment companies, I have realized the time has come to seek representation. "Quarterly Report" is a comedy for the Age of Terrorism without being about terrorism. During a job interview at a bank, a smartass slacker with a Harvard diploma claims to be a prince of a foreign nation. When that foreign nation is blamed for an absurd attack on America and his erroneous claim goes public, he must fight off negative national publicity, save the family-owned bank from a corporate takeover, and prevent global chaos. I am available for meetings at your convenience. Regards, Scott E. Sherman