Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Butch Brunson

Logline: A reluctantly retired cage fighter and an undersized waiter, who make extra money standing up to bullies, accidently knock out the son of a famous New Jersey mob boss.

Synopsis: BUTCH BRUNSON is a fast paced comedy about a washed up cage fighter and a fast talking waiter who make extra money by standing up to bullies. For a modest fee you could hire Butch Brunson, a legendary New Jersey fighter, and a monster of a man, (think Brock Lesnar) to talk some sense into your bully. Butch is working in a bar as a bouncer when he is forced to defend his loud mouthed coworker Herbert from two drunken, and violent, patrons. Since Herbert has an inability to keep his mouth shut, and is about as physically intimidating as the Olsen twins, he has found himself in this position many times in his life. This gives him the idea to persuade Butch to be a bully for hire, the guy that can bully your bully. Business is going good until Butch, unknowingly, knocks out the hot tempered son of Jersey's most famous mob boss, sending them on a desperate quest for survival.

Title: Yikes! An Internet Audio Book

Logline: "Survivor" meets the cast of "Weeds" when a group of deranged individuals gather in the desert to participate in a reality TV show. Try before you buy in this fully produced audio book called Yikes!

Synopsis: Yikes! Something strange is happening in the desert. Yikes! An Internet Audio Book has been produced using a cast of 11 actors to give potential buyers of the manuscript the chance to hear how the project sounds. Please visit to get a taste of this succulent story. Written in first person narratives, the cast of Yikes! describe what happened when a group of whackos gathered in the desert to participate in a reality TV show. This kooky cast includes Randall Smoot, a member of the Gay Mafia, Iris Borrman, a burned out hemp grower, and Stillman Walker, a Native American mannequin who can't manage to stand still. Set against a backdrop of a haunted oasis and a bunch of orange trees, this quirky satire keeps the listener wondering what will happen next! Find out for yourself in Yikes! An Internet Audio Book.

Title: The Christmas Vet

Logline: "Doctor Dolittle" meets Santa Claus meets "An Affair to Remember." Romantic Comedy for the holiday season. Features love, animals, and a number of humorous subplots suitable for family viewing.

Synopsis: Jerry Bloch is the only NYC veterinarian who makes house calls on Christmas. Shortly before Christmas, on the day he receives the ASPCA "Vet of the Year" award, he meets & falls in love with Susan Lansing. The two go out after the ASPCA dinner, where Susan reveals she is about to become engaged. Jerry asks that she call him on Christmas if she changes her mind. On Christmas Eve day, Jerry witnesses Susan's fiance (Brock) & her dog Lucky getting hit by a bus. Neither is seriously hurt, but Jerry rescues Lucky & Susan rushes to the hospital to see Brock. Santa Claus meets Jerry at the clinic & whisks Jerry and Lucky off to the North Pole to help with an injured reindeer. Jerry encounters hostility from the elves who feel Santa is outsourcing their jobs. Brock feigns serious injury, while Susan is conflicted; in love with Jerry, & concerned about Lucky. In time, Brock is revealed unworthy of Susan; she rushes to the clinic to find Jerry isn't there. Jerry, Santa & Lucky arrive at last.


Logline: The spoiled host of a popular survival TV show, who lives in the shadow of his famous naturalist father, discovers its not easy to keep a secret - that he has no survival skills at all.

Synopsis: The spoiled host of a popular survival TV show discovers it's not easy to keep a secret - that he has no survival skills at all - when he's forced to go on a real nature challenge to win the girl he loves and get his show renewed. Trouble comes into Ted's life when he runs into a sincere woman who believes in his fake persona, and a rival who wants to take the girl for his own and run Ted's show into the ground as well. Ted has to gear up to face the yearly Survival Challenge to win the Peary Cup before his rival does. The problem is that the contest is judged all the way down the line, so Ted has to face the wild on his own, without his crew and support team. When tragedy strikes and lives are on the line, Ted pulls it together at the last minute, and finds that he really does have the power to not be a fake after all.

Title: Wall Street Idiot

Logline: Set in modern day New York City, Wall Street Idiot follows the tribulations of 24 year trading admin Aaron Sachs, whose penchant for exaggeration drags him and others into adverse/awkward situations.

Synopsis: 30 minute sitcom. A Wall Street Idiot is, in its essence, a satirical look at the mid twenty year old New York lifestyle. It focuses on Aaron Sachs, a 24 year old trading assistant whose compulsive lying and image inflation often lead to unfortunate and uncomfortable situations for himself and his friends. The absurdities of life on Wall Street play a supporting role, but the show's focus is on the interaction of a group of young 20-somethings, fresh out of college and living on their own in New York City. We believe that this demographic is underrepresented on television and will have broad appeal. Furthermore, few shows have had the temerity to poke fun at the dense fortress of life on modern day Wall Street. We have completed the pilot and have already begun to draft up a growing list of potential story arcs, conflicts, and ludicrous solutions for the protagonists to implement. If you are interested, let me know and I'll send over a full treatment and pilot. Thank you.

Title: Student Athletes

Logline: The bawdy adventures of two members of a perverted college lacrosse team who struggle to deal with expectations on and off the field, while they attempt to prepare for the real world.

Synopsis: Sam and Chris prepare for their senior lacrosse season, only they find there is much more to deal with than simply college classes and sports. Their perverted teammates, including a roommate addicted to masturbation, ensure that nothing goes normally when a bunch of overly competitive 18-22 year olds are thrown together to try and win a national championship. Sam is the first of his family to go to college, and is intent upon actually getting his engineering degree, not simply staying eligible like most of his teammates. Chris is a seemingly typical fun loving, entitled lacrosse player with a beautiful girlfriend. Chris sets a goal of a sexual nature for the year with his rich daddy's girl, while Sam meets the girl of his dreams who is way out of his league. Eventually Chris surprises everyone, especially himself, with a level of maturity he did not know he possessed, and Sam must decide if he wants to make his parents happy, or himself.


Logline: "Country Corner" depicts over a dozen human-interest stories set in fast-paced Silicon Valley centered around a family friendly store that serves as the community "oasis."

Synopsis: This comedy is based true-life stories of neighbors, traveling businessmen and contractors, and customers of the Country Corner Deli and family-owned store. It is unusual in this modern age to find a safe, welcoming place where people are positive, friendly, genuinely neishborly, and supportive. Audiences will discover that such a general store still exists, interesting enough in a busy metropolitan area. On the face of it, laughter, satire and irony are contained in both the plot and setting of the screenplay (that was originally written as a 3-Act play). Plot: The story-line develops into entertaining episodes full of humor. Setting: Country Corner is located in a suburban area between SF and San Jose - among the fast and high-pressure environment of Silicon Valley. This script comes at a time when America could use more comedy. All ages of character personalities are developed. The production is suitable to becoming a musical comedy. If only every town had a C.C.

Title: The Rufus Fagalicious' Variety Hour.

Logline: THE RUFUS FAGALICIOUS' VARIETY HOUR is the first animated variety show, based with a 1970's appearance, while following the simple traditional 1970's variety show format.

Synopsis: Monday, November 28, 2011 Below is a teleplay query for, THE RUFUS FAGALICIOUS' VARIETY HOUR. A regular THE RUFUS FAGALICIOUS' VARIETY HOUR episode has a musical act, an educational short, and several hilarious skits...but unlike other variety shows, and animated programs, Variety Hour is also full of hilarious "hidden-camera public acts". Using "hidden-camera public acts and pranks" in an animated program is brand new tactic. But using feel-real reality, and realistic settings, the advantages from live-action takes place. Musical acts are also musical skits - which tells a story with the lyrics of the famous song covers. Using real songs will open the borders for more audiences. R.F.V.H. never states what time period it is taking place; current events, celebrities, songs, and more, are all fair game...with a 1970's twist of course. If you are interested in anyway, please e-mail me. Sincerely,

Title: Vampire Academy

Logline: Vampire Academy is a "mockumentary" set in the religiously fundamentalist town of Fishkill, which is thrown into turmoil when a mysterious outsider opens a school for aspiring vampires.

Synopsis: You may be surprised to learn that evangelical Christians share a number of tastes and interests with the modern vampire, among them softball, pickled eggs and music by The Doobie Brothers. But, sadly, these commonalities are often overshadowed by rash judgment and misunderstanding ... In Vampire Academy, Edgar KlopKlophenhoffen opens a school that teaches personal and professional growth through the modern vampire lifestyle. His good intentions are vehemently challenged by Reverend Bonaventure, the fire and brimstone spouting preacher who worries the Vampire Academy will damage the souls of those who might otherwise be saved. Vampire Academy was written in response to the proven demand for mockumentaries like Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman - and the current lack of competition (with Christopher Guest) in this sub-category. We'd appreciate you considering representation of our script.

Title: Whatsamatta U

Logline: When a powerful Crime Boss' son runs away and enrolls at University in hopes of finding himself, all he finds is that college can be even more dangerous than the world he left behind.

Synopsis: Upon graduating top of his class in high school, Donny, the son of high-powered East Coast Mob Boss Frank Giardello runs away from his family and secretly enrolls at Western University against the wishes of his father. There, Donny meets the beautiful Ashley Brennan, daughter or Senator Brennan, chairman of the Senate organized crime committee. Despite trying to to make friends, make the grade, and keep his identity hidden, Donny is settling nicely into his new life at college. But when trouble brews at home, and a contract is put out on Donny's life, Frank must scramble to find Donny and keep him safe before the keg stands, the class load or the hitman kills him.