Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Paul's Diary

Logline: Misunderstandings and confusion captivate the Wilson family after a note is discovered suggesting one of their sons is gay.

Synopsis: The Wilson family will have to endure some changes. Paul, a senior in high school, has only a short time left to let everyone know who he truly is before graduation. Paul's fraternal twin siblings, Joey and Becca, are the rulers of the school, or so they think, being in the top grade of the middle school; they fight for independence from each other, but are always seen as a pair. Becca gets stuck in a love triangle when Joey falls for her nemesis, Kelly, and Kelly has her eyes on Jason, Becca's crush since second grade. Alex, the youngest, enters middle school not knowing what to expect; his free-spirited personality and passion being on the dance team might just make him the target of bullies.

Title: Salvation

Logline: A young Major in the Salvation Army initiates a Robin Hood-esque crime spree in his Manhattan neighborhood to save the Women's Shelter he manages from foreclosure; disaster and violence ensue.

Synopsis: Marlowe, the head of a Salvation Army-run building for poor women, finds out his building is in foreclosure. Land developers jump in to flip the building for profit. The tenants realize they'll be thrown out on the streets. They recruit Marlowe to lead them to some sort of salvation. With the help of a teenage runaway, Marlowe forms a "neighborhood watch group" that is actually a front for a criminal gang, meant to de-gentrify the neighborhood just enough to save the building. But soon Marlowe can barely contain the ladies. Women are now being robbed, drugs, graffiti, and gangs are everywhere. Stressed and exhausted, Marlowe falls asleep while smoking and accidentally sets fire to the building and is arrested for arson. The women have lost their home, leader and all their material belongings. But it seems to have an amazing effect on the women. They now have a sense of independence and freedom. They are saved from the trap of the building itself and united by a sense of togetherness.

Title: Big Dogs

Logline: POP GUN, a young lawyer of the country-club set, is seduced by the maverick, cigar chomping, stripper-loving "Big Dogs". But can the kid run with the Big Dogs? The Graduate meets Wedding Crashers.

Synopsis: To taste the freedom, POP GUN hops the fence between the country club world into that of the Big Dogs dragging ALEXANDRA along for the ride. On his first ride with the Big Dogs, POP GUN ends up in jail for running half-naked onto the field during a professional baseball game. The publicity from this stunt loses him his job, causes his mother to kick him out of the house and thrusts him into the Big Dog world. PISTOL, his Big Dog mentor, hooks POP GUN up with strippers for roommates and sets him on the path to becoming a street hustling, personal injury lawyer. In quick succession he loses ALEXANDRA who goes back to the country club world, gets on the wrong side with a biker gang, dates the daughter of a mob boss, and pretends to be gay to detach himself from the mob princess. POP GUN is making it as a Big Dog but must break up ALEXANDRA's impending wedding. In Big Dog fashion, he crashes her bachelorette party as a male stripper to get the job done and win the girl back.

Title: Sex'd Ed

Logline: When a high school loses its Sex Ed teacher, three students take it upon themselves to find a replacement, enlisting the services of a former porn star.

Synopsis: Ed Harkins is a former adult film star who isn't adjusting well to life after his career is cut short. Unable to find to work and struggling for money he takes out an online ad offering any services needed. What he didn't expect was a response from three high school students in desperate need of a Sex Ed teacher. Will Ed succeed using his hands on experience in teaching America's youth about sex education? Can he win back his former high school sweetheart who is now an English teacher? Will rival teacher Terry spoil everyone's plans and expose Ed for the person he really is? One things for sure, Sex Ed will never be the same. If interested please email or call. Sincerely, Robert Olita email: phone: (847) 624-1799 WGA # 1550798

Title: A Dog's Life

Logline: Don't tell the dog owners, but the winner of the Happy Valley Ugly Mutt contest will turn human for a day.

Synopsis: Poor Dinky wins first prize in the Happy Valley Ugly Mutt contest. Later, as his owners party downstairs, an angel appears and agrees to make him human for 24 hours. Then, he has one wish. He can wish for anything. Or, he can wish to become a dog again. Dinky jumps at the chance. Dinky-as-human runs downstairs and says hi to the stunned party guests. He is tossed in jail. Dinky yearns to be an ugly dog again. But the angel gave him 24 "dog hours", a week of human time! His court appointed psychiatrist has Dinky put into the dog pound as a form of therapy, thinking that he will be shocked to his senses if he has to live with real dogs. The pound is like a real prison, with armed guards, inmate gangs, and an execution chamber for any dog that lasts a week without being adopted. In prison, Dinky falls in love with an ugly girl dog, Penny. He uses his wish to save Penny from execution, and now must stay human for life. Or so he thinks. But angels can do anything.


Logline: Three geeks, an ancient evil, a prophecy that hangs in the balance, and a Vampire Apocalypse... what could possibly go wrong?

Synopsis: Centuries ago, the Babylonian warrior Einin prophesized with his last dieing breath that a descendant of his Bloodline would one day take up his dagger and slay his mortal enemy Kasdeya... the Vampire Lord. Little did Einin known that that descendent would be a comic book storeowner from the 21st century. Thrust into the role of a Hero when his home town is plunged into a Vampire Apocalypse; Kaden Jarvis, along with his best friend and co-storeowner Glen and their accident-prone employee Rusty face Kasdeya, fulfill his ancestors prophecy, save the world, and rescue the woman of Kaden's dreams in this 'Clerks' meets 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' comedy.

Title: Anniversa Happary!

Logline: An offensive comedy about a very very very very very very very dysfunctional family that will leave you hating yourself for laughing.

Synopsis: HENRY, aspiring Chef and stay-at-home-dad, finds out his 43-year old working wife, BETTY, not only wants a divorce, but also dates the Miami Hurricanes' quarterback who himself realizes that his eyes are not on the ball or BETTY, but are fastened with longing on HENRY. Our hero, 44-year old HENRY has to endure his 9-year old spoiled track star, genetically freak son, HENRY JR and his daughter, MILLY, who is extremely mature (physically) for her age, 7. Testing HENRY is sleazy, self-promoting sketch artist UNCLE JAKE who enters MILLY in Jon-Benet Ramsay-style pageants and gives HENRY JR energy pills for track. Overseeing the household, the real matriarch, BIG MAMA resolves to find the good in people. She is a twisted/flipped version of BIG MAMA in Raisin in the Sun(still black). But can she hold strong with the pending closing of her Church or will HENRY save the day by beating his crazy, evil idol CHEF CERPICO in a final cooking showdown that renders you breathless...Or hungry?


Logline: A father tells his son a story of his wild fraternity days. His frat house is threatened, and the misfit brothers' all get their acts together and save the one thing they take seriously.

Synopsis: Ever reminisce about the bacchanal times you had back in college? Ever want to show your kid that you're not the anal-retentive loser that he thinks you are, but were once -- one righteous dude? While taking his son to college for the first time, our "loser", Rob, reveals his dissipated, darker days in a fraternity. The only thing his frat brothers cared about was beer, bud, boobs and brawls. When the house fails its fire inspection, this group of misfits is threatened with expulsion unless they can raise enough money to exact repairs in two weeks. Our gang of social retards gets their act together and saves the one thing they take seriously. In the end, Rob gets the money, the girl and, best of all, the respect of his son.

Title: The Adventures of Mustache and Mullet

Logline: Two geeky friends try to adjust and become the cool kids in high school...but they're not.

Synopsis: Childhood friends, Javi (Mustache) and Dick (Mullet), dream about being cool while they are on a class trip and getting picked on as 6th graders. Fast-forward to homecoming week of their senior year in high school and they think they have reached their goal. Still wearing the same out-of-date styles they wore as 6th graders, Javi with a thick bushy mustache and Dick with a mullet, they use homecoming week as an opportunity to hook-up with two of the most popular girls in school. Their awkward social skills are oblivious to them as they pursue the girls. During the week a series of unfortunate events occur but their spirits remain high.

Title: Heated Rivalry

Logline: On Sunday, you don't want to be anywhere near the Saturday family.

Synopsis: Concerning two brothers from Youngstown, Ohio and the fanatical support each has for their respective NFL teams. The entire Saturday family, including the oldest brother, are staunch Steelers fans. The younger brother is the lone Browns fan in the family.The story concerns how the lives of the brothers tend to mirror the fortunes of the teams:The Steelers fan is highly successful and confident in his personal and professional life.The Browns fan is sort of a sad-sack loser type. Upon the city of Cleveland losing the Browns to Baltimore, the younger brother becomes despondent and makes an assassination attempt on owner Art Modell that goes comically wrong. Depression sets in and he must seek help through modern psychiatry and other non-traditional methods. WGAw # 1190684