Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: The Pool Boy Wars

Logline: A Pool Boy is forced to buy his father's pool company, tries to break the ultimate pool party record and ends up in a pool boy war.

Synopsis: On Pete Chickabiddy's thirtieth birthday, his father sells him their pool cleaning company. Pete inherits all its debt, clients and employees: Stu, Tan and his girlfriend/receptionist Beth. Pete sees it as a chance to beat the pool party record. Using his clients' pools, he'll covertly throw a pool party a week for the whole summer, and then maybe get around to doing a little cleaning. Meanwhile, a disgruntled ex-employee, Cassidy, starts his own pool company and vows to take Pete down. A pool boy war ensues: clients are cajoled, pools are turned red and sex is had with octogenarians. Yes it's ugly, but so is war. Pete beats the record, but loses his company, his girl and his shorts (literally). Pete realizes he has to take responsibility for what he's done. To do it, he'll have to find a way to make his clients' forgive him, stop Cassidy from making the worst mistake of his life and prove his love to Beth, even if it means getting naked on live TV.


Logline: AMERICAN PIE meets DODGEBALL in this crazy college romp.

Synopsis: Some people think beer drinking is something college kids do to pass the time. Others venture to call it a sport, but when you take a simple game and add a twist of full contact flavor, well that spells disaster for Ty Richards. Ty is a popular charismatic senior who's about to embark on a recently turned raucous sport that will not only test his liver capacity, but his ability to take blows from Vermouth University's starting defensive linemen. As he prepares for the game of his life to try and gain back respect for his father, he also gets a crack at the campus beauty that he's been in love with since his freshman year... until her extremely wealthy ex-boyfriend tries to foil their love and steal the championship to continue his family legacy! WGA#1147109

Title: Elijah

Logline: As Jews celebrate Passover, and symbolically open their doors to the prophet Elijah, a drunk appears on one family's doorstep and surprises even the unbelievers that miracles do still exist.

Synopsis: As a young boy opens the door at his family's Passover Seder, to his surprise there stands a drunken bum named Eli. While the boy is the first to believe that this is the prophet Elijah, eventually others start to believe it as well when miracles happen that are connected to this strange man in this family friendly comedy.

Title: Just A Fantasy

Logline: LOGLINE: Is it okay to cheat on your spouse.....even when you have their permission? That's the moral dilemma haunting Jim.

Synopsis: Jim's turning 40, and married to Kim. They're sitting around having drinks with 2 other couples when the name of a famous hot actress (Pam Anderson?) comes up in conversation. Jim comments that Kim has given him permission to have sex with the star, she also has one celeb she's allowed to do it with, a famous 1980's rock musician (Jon Bon Jovi ?). Jim's buddies, for his birthday, surprise him by getting the actress to come to his guys-only party (they do so by telling her publicist the guy is single and dying)... Jim and the actress hit it off (she finds him to be so 'real'), but when it comes to it, he chickens out. Meantime, Kim finds texts from the actress, assumes Jim's consummated the relationship, and has a one night stand with her boss. Jim decides to come clean, and tells Kim about the actress . After a short separation, Jim and Kim finally decide there's no place like home - and as the movie ends, they learn the movie and rock star are the newest 'buzz' showbiz couple.

Title: Too Much Laughter Becomes Crying.

Logline: They were 3 friends whose lives went in different directions but still remain good friends.

Synopsis: The 3 have been friends since middle school. Jason is the good looking smart-aleck personality, small-claims and ticket lawyer who married the prom queen in a mistaken identity blind date. Ken is short, bald, married to a Canadian mail order bride & self employed rent-to-own furniture store owner that has Jason on a retainer so their lives are always intertwined. Dave is the over 6 feet tall 300 pound high school dropout who owns a failing pressure cleaning business and frequently relies on Ken and Jason for support. The three of them always start out having fun together but like your mother says too much laughter becomes crying. Too Much Laughter Becomes Crying is registered with the Writers' Guild of America East.

Title: Bank Holiday

Logline: Three nerdy Brits go on holiday to Russia looking for love and end up with a whole lot more than they bargained for in this Road Trip meets Hangover comedy adventure.

Synopsis: LUCIOUS JONES, FLOYD SLATER, and WANG WONG LEE are three IT network specialists who can connect computers, but can't seem to connect with the ladies so they decide to take a trip to Russia to find love. Their love tour lands them in a small town in Ukraine instead of Moscow and they enter a very bizarre world inhabited by some pretty unusual people - all that toxic waste gets to people. The three are soon are robbed of their possessions by their hosts and scramble to find a way back to the UK, but getting home without passports and money is no easy task. They reluctantly decide that their best course of action is to track down those who ripped them off and ultimately end up in a battle with the top brass of the Ukranian mafia. The trio is benefitted by help of three women who they met at arrival who also have a beef with the mobsters and the guys end up with their possessions and a whole lot more.

Title: A Box of Love

Logline: A miserable married couple re-ignite their love after each hire the same man to kill the other. A simple divorce is too much paperwork.

Synopsis: Ralph and Judy Needham spend their days at home watching true crime television shows. Ralph irritates Judy to no end. Judy grates Ralph to no end. To add to that, Ralph is convinced she's having an affair, with good reason, even though he's doing a little mingling of his own by way of instant messenger. When they catch an episode of "Real Crime" and the sketch of a balding, gun-for-hire, who resembles the grocery clerk at their local supermarket, all rational thought disappears. A story of sudden judgment, thoughtless decisions, and two large boxes shipped FedEx to remote towns across the country. My script, A MEANS TO AN END, is currently under option at Subtitled Films and my short film, THE MISCONCEPTION OF RANDAL BIMFORD has screened at numerous film festivals including The Telluride IndieFest and The Tribeca Film Festival (2005 Budweiser Filmmaker Discovery Award Nominee). Thank you for your time and if interested, please contact me.

Title: Remnants of Hammers

Logline: Constant bickering drives this comedy-drama as the plots of immature Bill, rabble-rousing Eldon, and ex-Marine George converge upon poor Dr. FitzUrse.

Synopsis: (WGA registry # 1305357): Air Force officer turned Geology professor Henry FitzUrse and wife Adele are looking forward to a holiday of shopping, peace, and quiet. But in addition to a crippling blizzard which has raised contention to stratospheric levels, plans are about to be upset chiefly by former student Bill (whose debt-spree is weighing on him), burnt-out Marine vet George, who has fashioned himself a legend, and George's astonishingly dysfunctional family; some issues are resolved, others made worse, and in the end you have a comical and sardonic look at relationships and choices. Could be very low budget, ensemble, strong language.

Title: Lost and Found

Logline: Two best friends reunite and move to Vegas to run from their dismal lives. After a run-in with Vegas pros, they learn they cannot run from their old habits. This time they must face what they create.

Synopsis: A zany look at a young man destined for failure due to his drinking and gambling addictions. After losing his job, girlfriend and happiness, he locates his childhood best friend and talks him into leaving their problems behind by moving to Las Vegas to start new lives. Within 24 hours of arriving in Vegas, the young man owes a crooked casino manager $30,000 while his best friend falls victim to a flawless scam with a one legged prostitute and her crazy midget pimp. The prostitute drugs him, marries him and holds his freedom ransom until he pays them $20,000. During thier uproarious mission to make the money, the two best friends will be faced with their biggest obstacle...themselves. (WGAw #988637)

Title: One of the Guys

Logline: When a beer-drinking, sports-loving beauty falls for the only unattached guy in a tight circle of friends, the fellas all welcome their new buddy. Their girlfriends don't.

Synopsis: Tony works in a pet store Loves animals. Fancies himself a ladies' man-one night is his limit. He's also a hypochondriac, a constant worrier. He meets the girl of his dreams: foul mouth, assertive, ambulance-driving Jackie. But afraid of her confidence he keeps dating glamorous but empty-headed Victoria. Jackie convinces him to try for once, and he falls for her. But being in love scares the hell out of Tony, so he tries to dump her. But she won't let him. She pokes fun at his various fears and he grows. Cooks her a romantic dinner. Praises her beauty. But it's all too much for a girl who's always felt like an ugly duckling. This time it's she who runs. Their budding romance is complicated by Tony's boss, his overbearing brother and distant father, and Victoria. Initially resented by Tony's friends' girlfriends, her vitality brings everyone together and is the agent that helps Tony resolve family and job woes as all end up toasting with champagne "To a new beginning."