Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: The Wedding

Logline: When an A-list wedding planner decides to plan her own wedding she gets a wedding from hell. But even in hell romance prevails.

Synopsis: LAURA PENNINGTON is an A-list wedding planner who has masterminded her own perfect wedding. KEVIN is Laura's laid back fiance.That's what we know. - What we don't know is that Laura's best friend, maid of honor and "disgruntled employee" JENNA has her own evil vows for this day. The table is set as: A surprise gift leads to a drunken priest. A fabricated contest leads to the bride's mom and the groom's mom wearing the exact same dress. A bridesmaid has bad timing and Terrets syndrome. A groomsman has equally bad timing and narcolepsy. An extravagant food fight undermines an exquisite wedding hall. And- An Elvis impersonator leads the band. As the wedding progresses into a hellish nightmare, Kevin is pushed further away from Laura and into the arms of his co-worker. Can Laura fend off advances from her billionaire ex-lover and salvage her wedding, marriage and reputation? And -Will the best man ever stop talking? I have won several screenwriting contests & optioned my previous script.

Title: Freak of Nature(TV Series)

Logline: Andy and Jason have just graduated high school, they have their whole lives ahead of them, what are they going to do? Think "Friends" meets "How I met your Mother"

Synopsis: Andy and Jason are finally at their graduation day. They are about to embark on a grand journey of becoming an adult. All they have to do is make it through graduation. For most people this wouldn't be a problem, except Andy is a freak of nature. He is detached from most other humans, and has no control over what he says. Some of it is smart, some of it offensive, and some of it is just plain awkward. Jason is a little more attached to humanity and has a quick wit. These two often get themselves into trouble, with Andy calling a girl fat, and Jason telling a girl she is a five out of ten. The series will follow their journey from their late teens to being a twenty something, and the relationships and their trying to find their place in this world. It's a comedy about growing up.


Logline: A would-be hitman falls in love with his first assignment.

Synopsis: WGA registraton #994323 Charlotte's best friend Eileen overhears her husband relate a Charlotte sex fantasy to his best friend and takes it for the real thing. Outraged, she orders a hit on Charlotte. Stefan must comply when his cousin's mafioso boss calls in the loan he used to complete his veterinarian education. A "one time hit" will erase the loan, he says, or else. Stefan reluctantly scopes out his intended victim. Pinky the dog wants revenge on the man who shot him and left him for dead. He bides his time in snarly loyalty at Stefan's side. Stefan is love-struck. Too late; he discovers she is his hit. Charlotte overhears her new love interest on the phone. Is he some kind of mafia hitman? Pinky is elated. He has found a familiar scent that may put him on the trail of his assassin. This whimsical romantic comedy can be uploaded, or I can send a hard copy. Best regards, Elfi. 011 52 998 885 0525

Title: Porcelain Dreams

Logline: A housewife suddenly recognizes the illusory component to her life and begins to rebel against her position in a quirky fashion.

Synopsis: This is a fragmented depiction of an American, upper-class family who appear to represent the epitome of normalcy until viewed behind closed doors. Linda Kirkland is a woman on the brink of turning 45 and slowly realizing that she is living according to an empty social code. She is surrounded by beautiful things that no longer hold any beauty for her and she begins spending entire days crying over soap operas in her pajamas or pasting her headshot on pictures of women in fashion magazines who do more interesting things than her. She is contrasted by a hard-working Chinese housekeeper who desperately wants a life like Linda's. Linda begins neglecting her teenage kids who explore a transition into adulthood without any guidance. A series of events forces Linda to realize that people rely heavily on illusion as a means of surviving the mundane repetition of day to day existence. Rather than rebel she comes to accept and maintain the fantasy for the people around her.

Title: Divine Intervention

Logline: The Virgin Mary gets her first Earth-bound assignment to bring young Dominic back to Heaven's side and stop Armageddon.

Synopsis: Dominic is obsessed with sex, alcohol and cigarettes. When his girlfriend, Paige, breaks up with him, God is not a happy camper. You see, Dominic and Paige are supposed to be the parents of the second coming of Christ. If Dominic stays on his current path, Satan will use him to release Armageddon. In order to stop this from happening, Jesus assigns his mother, the Virgin Mary, to head down to the surface where she goes undercover as a counselor at Dominic's high school. It is now up to Mary to convince Dominic that Paige is his true love, but cannot be with her unless he changes his ways. It turns out to be harder than she thinks when Satan finds out and begins his own push to keep Dominic. It all comes down to the power of love, sacrifice, friendship and the ultimate in Divine Intervention to bring Dominic back to Paige and stop Satan from destroying the world.

Title: Cart Boys

Logline: A group of social misfists come of age while working in a grocrey store.

Synopsis: Mikie a young slacker, comes to a cross road in his life does he stay in a job that he loathes simply for the money or does he take a chance on his dream job. With the help of his childhood friend Casey and trainee Patrick, Mikie navigates the choices of adulthood while solving a mysterious crime and vying for the love of his long time crush with plenty of hi-jinx sure to ensue.-I think whis would be a commercial success because it would connect with today's youth like American pie or Animal House before it.

Title: The Fake Bakery Chronicles

Logline: Nice guys finish last--not always the case. When a young man sees the girl of his dreams he will stop at nothing to get her.

Synopsis: A 21 year old student and typical "nice guy" spots a beauty at a tanning salon. He begins to pursue the young woman who is already taken by the University's premiere football player. He gets to know her, finds out she is unhappy but "stuck" with the football star, and ultimately falls in love with her. His friends, 1; a beer drinking, self-proclaimed "ladies man", 2: two pot smoking movie enthusiasts/critics, eventually come to understand their friends plight and decide to "help" him get the girl of his dreams. The characters' personas shine throughout the script and are high grade exaggerations of present day young men and women, with a little twist. Both intellectual, and toilet humor bring to life the everyday struggle of relationships. Everyone in their late teens to early twenties can relate to these characters. The constant humorous dialogue and everyday situations herein will even give the older viewers something to laugh about.

Title: Screwed Up

Logline: The story revolves around the main character Dick, his fiance, Sara, and their friends: Bruce and his girlfriend, Brooklyn

Synopsis: Dick and Bruce work for a window cleaning company, and two important evens are about to happen in their lives: The final game of their Basketball league, and then, Dick and Sara's Wedding. An incident at work unwittingly gets Dick involved with a transvestite drug organization (that will eventually leads to his abduction by them). Dick suffers a head injury in a car accident, altering his state of mind, and his odd behavior following the accident sets the stage for very funny encounters in his social as well as romantic life, and how he deals with his abductors. A mad dash to find him ensues, by his fiance and friends on one hand and the detectives on the other.

Title: Belly Up

Logline: An over-extended young woman must pretend to be pregnant in order to get free housing and obtain maternity leave.

Synopsis: Shelly wants a sugar daddy. Unfortunately, her ideal benefactor won't marry her until he returns from a four month business trip abroad. Meanwhile, a new boss at work makes Shelly's life miserable. Caring for her ailing and needy father, she sinks into debt and is eventually evicted from her housing. With no place to go, she comes up with the brilliant idea of obtaining free housing at a home for unwed mothers. A plump padded suit and some falsified documents and she should be fine until her boyfriend comes back, right? With her dad slowly recovering and venturing out into the world again, a boss who is hot on her trail, and a reluctant co-collaborator whom she can't stand, Shelly needs a miracle to last until her boyfriend returns. Or will he return? Was he even away? Is anyone telling the truth?

Title: Grief

Logline: Dark comedy- A washed up self-help author gets hired to help a grieving widow and her family get through Christmas.

Synopsis: Hank is handsome for a 60 year old, but his good looks are quickly out-weighed by his out-of-shape physique and cynical, condescending nature as far as readers are concerned. Especially considering he doesn't even write his own books anymore. With his only method of therapy being jogging, a popular fad from the 80's, he's become obsolete in today's world of intelligent psychotherapists and young, charming writers that actually practice what they preach- until a consulting opportunity in suburbia breaks through the surface. Cheryl, a recently made widow who's got too much on her plate, blindly hires Hank to help lift her family's spirits during Christmas- the time of year when social appearances and family are impossible to avoid. Hank, against his agent's best judgment, thinks it'll be a walk in the park, ignoring the fact that this is a family knee-deep in the grieving period. As is life, that is far from truth.