Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Fireworks

Logline: Watch an up-and-coming fireworks crew navigate the sordid and ultracompetitive world of fireworks shows, battling rivals, the local fire department, and themselves with equal intensity and indecency.

Synopsis: The fireworks crew of "C4" can handle the annual firefight with rival crew The Paisas and manages to fend off the sabotage attempts of Dutch Diamond and his crew, Diamondworks. But the gang has no response when an old rejected crew member resurfaces to destroy their stockpile of fireworks. On the edge of disaster, the crew is contacted by the mysterious Mexican fireworks honcho Johnny Juarez, who invites them to his villa. After being forced to sell drugs to obtain the money, they buy the exotic fireworks and also gain a valuable friend. C4 gets past the sabotage attempts and monetary issues to respond to their invitation to Bottle Rocket Alley, a fireworks competition in Montana designed to crown the newest performers of the most prestigious fireworks show in the country. Diamondworks, The Paisas, and C4 compete in front of thrilled crowds and a worldwide webcam audience to determine the champion. Don't miss out on Fireworks!

Title: Remember Fern

Logline: What starts out as Cross Gramaldi, an Oscar winning actor, helping Jade Westin out of one of her con-jobs gone bad turns into two strangers trying to put on a facade for his family and the paparrzi.

Synopsis: Jade Westin takes the thick stack of one hundred dollar bills and slides them into her purse. She glances over the half dressed man in the bed as she exits the hotel suite. Jade Westin, 28, is a free spirit with checkered past. She's always taken care of herself and has had to fight and scheme for everything she has gotten with the occasional con job not out of the question. Jade had met her match in a Las Vegas when she is caught trying to out wise a wise guy. Through a twist of fate she ends up face to face with Oscar Award winning actor and Holywood's golden boy Cross Gramaldi who helps her escape the hotel. While intrigued by the firey stranger, Cross knows she's trouble but can't resist one more conversation when they end up on the same flight. With the slip of Jade's tongue and a stranger who turns out to be Cross's mother, the two are stuck together for the next four days. Jade is swept into the world of the rich and famous and into the hearts of Cross's family.

Title: Look Who's Stalking

Logline: She didn't have stars in her eyes...she had one on her back.

Synopsis: Pam, a young advertising copywriter, is thrilled that Alex Bannister, a star of stage and screen, has agreed to do the voiceover for her television commercial. At the recording session, Pam is not pleased with how Alex is reading the script. When she corrects him, things get ugly. Apparently Alex has anger management issues. Shortly after the commercial airs, Pam is fired from her job. She interviews at other advertising agencies, but doesn't get the job offers she expects. Soon other strange things are happening. Pam spots Alex several times on the street; she has mysterious hang-ups on her answering machine, and receives a nasty letter and a suspicious package with no return address. Pam thinks Alex Bannister is behind the bad things happening to her. But since when do stars stalk ordinary people? Pam then hatches an elaborate plan to get revenge, involving Alex, embarrassing footage, YouTube and blackmail.

Title: Here's To Old What's Her Name

Logline: At different times Ron and some of his friends all fell in love with sexy Connie Paradice. One by one she broke their hearts. Sometimes love isn't blind, it's stupid!

Synopsis: Ron is turning thirty and his wife, Becky, is having some of his old friends over to celebrate. He shares a little secret with four of them. They met each other and formed lasting friendships based on a shared heartbreak. They had each slept with the same woman, Connie Paradice. The discarded lovers have moved on with their lives but as Ron views his life, career and marriage in the remembered glow of Connie's charms, he may still carry a torch. This gathering of friends makes for a party of fond, funny reminisces, soul-bearing declarations and difficult choices as they expose their wives and girlfriends to the long term effects of past love gone bad.

Title: Reading Between the Lines

Logline: Imagine what would have happened if you had indeed signed that damn "secret admirer" letter.

Synopsis: Laney Barfaloft has just recieved her first assignment as a television writer to furnish the next greatest American drama. Only problem is it's about a time and place she'd rather soon forget...high school. With the help of her whimsy co-writer, or possibly against her will, Laney uses her own embarrassing, torturing experiences from high school to launch the next greatest craze in teen drama. But to her dismay, not even good writing can erase the feelings her best friend, Mitch, and herself have always had, but denied for one another. Between remembering family trials, the re-emergence of an old crush, changes in the script, and the ironical fate of one scrap of paper that changes her life forever, Laney realizes that when it comes to love it's all about reading between the lines.

Title: retail 101

Logline: recently I have wrapped up writing Retail 101. This is a humorous look into the world of Big Box Retail, from the perspective of a retail store manager.

Synopsis: Tenured store manager Stan, escorts us through the trials and tribulations of an outlandish day in the retail world. Along the way you will be exposed to ridiculous customer encounters, field management oversights, as well as the outsourced helpdesk to third world countries. Can stan last through the day, or be swallowed up by the drones? I had the opportunity to bring my 20 years of Retail Management experience to life in this script. This screenplay is registered with the WGA#1492929 If this has piqued your interest, I am seeking representation. I would be happy to send a hard copy of the feature length screenplay for your consideration. thank you

Title: Grilled Cheese Virgin

Logline: When a hooker and a pre-op tranny fry a grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the VIRGIN MARY seared into the bread, one imagines a business opportunity while the other sees her salvation.

Synopsis: My screenplay has placed in the following competitions: Nicholl Fellowship - sponsored by the Academy Awards: SemiFinalist (top 1% -2005) Red Inkworks: Third Place Page International: Finalist FadeIn: SemiFinalist FilmMakers: SemiFinalist 20/20: SemiFinalist

Title: Jack Burton Saves the Universe

Logline: An unpopular high school dork must realize his extraordinary destiny in order to save the earth.

Synopsis: In rural Batesville, Texas, nerdy high school virgin and sci-fi aficionado JACK BURTON yearns for a life free from locker room wedgies and awkward dinner table conversation with his oddball family. Things start to look up for Jack when a sultry new girl enrolls at school and takes interest in him. But while Jack is blinded by teenage lust, the sexy, other-worldly creature stealthily plants the seeds for a full-scale eradication of humanity by impregnating local redneck men with her species. It all hits the fan as an army of flesh-eating alien babies swarms the town, forcing Jack and his family to overcome their hilarious demons, fulfill their ridiculous destinies and save the human race.

Title: Elijah

Logline: As Jews celebrate Passover, and symbolically open their doors to the prophet Elijah, a drunk appears on one family's doorstep and surprises even the unbelievers that miracles do still exist.

Synopsis: As a young boy opens the door at his family's Passover Seder, to his surprise there stands a drunken bum named Eli. While the boy is the first to believe that this is the prophet Elijah, eventually others start to believe it as well when miracles happen that are connected to this strange man in this family friendly comedy.

Title: Medieval Magic 8-Ball

Logline: Michael is getting pressure from corporate to do a better job forecasting sales. Jim suggests using a Magic 8-Ball. Michael is also watching the Tudors and starts talking in a Medieval accent.

Synopsis: Michael Scott is getting pressure from Ryan Howard and David Wallace because Dunder Mifflin has missed its Sales for 2 straight months. Michael tells Ryan that an experienced Manager would know that forecasting sales is like predicting the future which is impossible. Ryan says that he does not care how Michael do this (i.e. crystal ball, etc.), but he must have a completed forecast by weeks end. Michael decides to hold an Office meeting for ideas on how he might predict future sales to their customers. Jim Halpert as a joke suggests the Magic 8-Ball and Michael loves the idea and orders a case of Magic 8-Balls for the Office. As a sideline Michael and Jan have been watching the Tudors and has been talking with a Medieval accent around the office. This compels Dwight to come into the Office wearing chainmail to show his loyalty to Michael and his Crusade against Corporate. Jim and Pam use the combination of the 8-ball and Dwight to have a hilarious day.