Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Keep Em Alive

Logline: It was over for Mark and Sarah until they ended up as guardian angels. People think they are just lucky, but little do they know their lives are being protected by others.

Synopsis: A couple whose relationship has hit rock bottom, must become guardian angels to rekindle the dying flame in their failing marriage. There are many hilarious scenes as Mark and Sarah journey through the world of guardian angels never seen before by the living. Little do they know their successful journey as guardian angels could lead them back together as a happily married couple.

Title: Take Me Out Of The Ballgame

Logline: We're talking baseball in Las Vegas! An R-Rated affair like no movie ever made before!

Synopsis: Whitey Taggert, a baseball know-it-all, becomes the owner of a pro expansion team in Las Vegas, only to find that building a moneymaking and winning franchise is harder than he thought. The tale follows his new team from its comical beginnings to a dramatic final day showdown with their archrivals. Complete with a hot female doing uncensored play-by-play, an even hotter female reporter, a cast of goofy ballplayers, and two villains. Add in drugs, money, and explosives, and you've got my winning script!

Title: Chasing Don Juan

Logline: A bailbondsman has been killed. His two feuding step-daughters, pushing forty, must catch the bail-jumper or their monster-nag Mother will be killed...or worse yet be forced to move in with THEM!

Synopsis: Out of place on a Costa Rica train, the sisters meet suave Casteneda. His only crime was wanting to provide his son and new bride a marriage dowry by driving a truck filled with a large sum of counterfeit money to the U.S. border. The timid schoolmarm sister, Rebecca, suddenly finds herself sharing a sleeping berth with the charming and very genuine Casteneda. However, the sisters need for him is only matched by the Mafioso who sent the truck across the border. What ensues is Casteneda's abduction from the moving train, handcuffed to hysterical Rebecca. Their adventures include an ice cream truck escape from the thugs, a cockfight, a disastrous wedding, and a train wreck. And concludes with Rebecca's resolution with her sister, and her decision about what to do with her life. It's a Billy Wilderesque comedy with an Hispanic flavor that plays in Peoria in the 21st Century. It's Thelma & Louise in True Lies on Silver Streak. Or picture Romancing The Stone with salsa.

Title: Farewell to the Roxy

Logline: In London L.A. punk siblings lease a rock club. One body, one riot, one handsome posh eccentric bagman later and they are all heading back to California.... Fast!

Synopsis: It's '76. L.A. punk siblings Max and Ruby dream of London. A surprise legacy and suddenly its real. In Soho a failing club lease is too tempting and the Roxy is born. But soon the mob come calling. The huge intimidating Sidestep looks the part but Hamilton a posh schoolteacher bagman, well, no! An altercation bizarrely sees big Sidestep prostrate with a knife in his back and a petrified Hamilton helping Max and Ruby plan of his disposal. But these guys are no experts and time is not on their side. With the mob leader looking for answers and an unlikely romance between Ham and Ruby the club is being neglected. With a spectacular final scene, a riotous audience is trashing the Roxy and Sidestep makes a dramatic reappearance! The Roxy was a real club as is the music. Used as an incredibly powerful, funny, nostalgic backdrop a low budget high impact global cult movie is guaranteed.


Logline: BUTCH BRUNSON is a comedy about a washed up cage fighter that gets talked in to becoming a bully for hire by his fast talking buddy. Their quest eventually leads them to a confront a dirty cop.

Synopsis: Butch is working in a bar as a bouncer when he is forced to defend his loud mouthed coworker Herbert from two drunken, and violent, patrons. Since Herbert has an inability to keep his mouth shut, and is about as physically intimidating as the Olsen twins, he has found himself in this position many times in his life. This gives him the idea to persuade Butch to be a bully for hire, the guy that can bully your bully. Things go awry when Butch's legendary temper sends him into a blind rage and he beats a bully unconscious who turns out to be a dirty cop. What ensues is a quest for justice and the presentation of a question: does violence have a place in our society? Of course you are thinking no but you haven't met Evan Lee, the dirtiest cop in Jersey.

Title: GOT LAID??

Logline: To Get Laid, an average Joe, ends up doing 5 things he hates the most; without even realizing he's doing those things.

Synopsis: What would you do if a person, whom you want to have sex with (very badly), asks you to do something you hate the most in your life? Will you oblige and do it or will you say NO and risk losing the fulfillment of your hormonal desires. SMITH is also faced with the same dilemma. Smith gets a job with the help of his Buddy. While out to celebrate, he runs into Gina. She works in the same company and now Mission GOT LAID takes birth with Smith and Buddy on one side to woo Gina Smith hates to attend to infants but Gina has a 2 year old son He hates to miss a Football game but Gina wants to watch another show He hates to pick up strangers from airport but has to pick Gina's Dad He hates when his meal doesn't have meat but Gina is strictly a Vegetarian He hates to wake up early but has to train for Triathlon with Gina's Dad(to impress him) So what will happen to Smith. Will he quit and move on or will his mission GOT LAID be successful. Read the script and find out!

Title: A Functional Love

Logline: Can Jessica Davis overlook her dysfunctional past long enough to believe in the love of a functional man?

Synopsis: A FUNCTIONAL LOVE focuses on Jessica Davis, a small town newspaper reporter and the head of a damaged household. At 25, "Jessie" fights a daily fear that her father, Bob, is going to die, especially after he overdoses...again. And her baby sister Iris is like a lot of girls without a mother, they drink too much and wind up pregnant. Charlie Pratt may be a professor now, but he still hasn't grown up. An often too desperate Jessie loves him more than herself, but that hasn't stopped him from looking for other women. Jessie's true problem lies with her poor self-image and her crippling codependent behavior. That's why when Jake McGrady falls hard for her, she puts him off, until, in a moment of weakness, she ends up seeking him out. It then takes a dramatic confession from Charlie to lift the fog enough for Jessica to peer out and see clearly if only for a moment.

Title: Quarterly Report

Logline: A smartass slacker inadvertently becomes the focal point of an absurd global crisis.

Synopsis: To Whom It May Concern, After receiving a screenwriting grant from the University of Chicago, placing as a quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival's teleplay competition, working with Tim Kazurinsky (writer, actor: Saturday Night Live) and Ed Ferrara (producer: Weird Science: The TV Show), and beginning option/production talks with several entertainment companies, I have realized the time has come to seek representation. "Quarterly Report" is a comedy for the Age of Terrorism without being about terrorism. During a job interview at a bank, a smartass slacker with a Harvard diploma claims to be a prince of a foreign nation. When that foreign nation is blamed for an absurd attack on America and his erroneous claim goes public, he must fight off negative national publicity, save the family-owned bank from a corporate takeover, and prevent global chaos. I am available for meetings at your convenience. Regards, Scott E. Sherman

Title: The Wedding

Logline: When an A-list wedding planner decides to plan her own wedding she gets a wedding from hell. But even in hell romance prevails.

Synopsis: LAURA PENNINGTON is an A-list wedding planner who has masterminded her own perfect wedding. KEVIN is Laura's laid back fiance.That's what we know. - What we don't know is that Laura's best friend, maid of honor and "disgruntled employee" JENNA has her own evil vows for this day. The table is set as: A surprise gift leads to a drunken priest. A fabricated contest leads to the bride's mom and the groom's mom wearing the exact same dress. A bridesmaid has bad timing and Terrets syndrome. A groomsman has equally bad timing and narcolepsy. An extravagant food fight undermines an exquisite wedding hall. And- An Elvis impersonator leads the band. As the wedding progresses into a hellish nightmare, Kevin is pushed further away from Laura and into the arms of his co-worker. Can Laura fend off advances from her billionaire ex-lover and salvage her wedding, marriage and reputation? And -Will the best man ever stop talking? I have won several screenwriting contests & optioned my previous script.

Title: Explorer's Club

Logline: Jim Cook, idiot-savant and would be explorer, leads an unsuspecting group of tourists deep into the South American jungle on a faulty quest to find the Eye of the Gods.

Synopsis: Plagued with guilt and failure for his role in his older brother's death during a recent expedition, idiot-savant James Cook leads an unsuspecting group of travelers on a false and faulty quest of self-redemption deep into the South American jungle on the last great inland adventure, to find the Eye of the Gods. Enticed into the expedition by a practical joke and without skill, guidance or hope, the team bungles through trial after trial blindly stumbling towards their goal, constantly on the verge of failure, losing everything they possess only to find reward beyond their wildest dreams at the end of their misguided quest.