Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: The Ad Lib

Logline: A middle-aged suburbanite and his show-biz-obsessed wife kidnap a TV star, along with a delusional fan.

Synopsis: Not long ago, Gordon and Rita were a typical Long Island couple. Then he got downsized. These days, you'll find them robbing hair salons and convenience stores like the title characters in the box-office hit Sally & Joe. Sean Phelps (better known as TV detective Sid Flynn) fresh off his Broadway debut, tells his manager he's had enough of his top-rated TV show and its one-dimensional character. Next season will be his last. That will be devastating news for Serena. She's just been discharged from a hospital where she was treated for an unhealthy fixation. During her stay, Serena found a new obsession - TV detective Sid Flynn. These four lives intersect at 18th and Broadway. After botching a cinema hold-up, Gordon ad libs, kidnapping Sean and his new biggest fan. They head to Gordon's childhood home, now tended by his shiftless brother Cal, where Gordon begins negotiations with Sean's manager, who hires a real-life detective to find out who's taken his star client.

Title: Lenard & Eugene

Logline: Lenard & Eugene is a comedy about two hapless brothers determined to improve their anti-social status by hacking their way onto a televised science fiction quiz show and winning the grand prize.

Synopsis: Lenard & Eugene (early 30's) are two pathetic geeks. They have no job skills, no social skills and certainly no knowledge of the opposite sex. But when told to leave their parent's basement, they strategize a road trip from Utah to California to win a $500 000 grand prize using the only knowledge they have in abundance ... useless science fiction trivia. Along the way, they pick up a hitchhiker impersonating Marilyn Monroe. After she attempts to rob them, calamity ensues. Their money gets stolen; Eugene destroys their father's prized station wagon and Lenard unknowingly falls for a prostitute who helps him flee a bar fight. After so many setbacks, they consider going home, but Eugene presses to struggle on to California. When they arrive, Eugene loses his meds and is forced to stay up all night. He enters the game show a complete mess and gets off to a major losing streak. With his brother covertly helping him though, they manage to turn the tables and win the grand prize

Title: America's Next Top Video Vixen

Logline: Americas Next Top Model and Flavor of Love Charm School meets Video Vixens. Fifteen aspiring Video Vixens from across the country are chosen to stay in one luxurious house while competing to be ANTVV.

Synopsis: The Hip Hop culture is under pressure with terms such as "Video Vixen" being given a negative image over the past few years, by America and the entertainment industry. Video Vixen's are treated unequally and often misunderstood at times due to lack of respect until now. "America's Next Top Video Vixen" will change the way these women in videos are viewed, by showing America and the Entertainment Industry how intelligent and hard working these females can be in a positive setting. ANTVV will bring hope to other aspiring video girls around the world by showing them that there is a positive side to being a Video Vixen. All fifteen contestants will be enrolled in Video Vixen School which is a Ten Commandment program that will build character, leadership skills, self-esteem and ensure a stable foundation that will prepare them for the world of entertainment, not only as a Video Vixens but as well respected individuals.

Title: The Island Of Lost Boyfriends

Logline: Judy and Katie, two unlucky-in-love women with a novel idea for a business, entrap all their good-for-nothing ex-boyfriends and send them to boot camp hell.

Synopsis: Judy's had a procession of bad boyfriends - commitment-phobics, alcoholics, habitual liars, manic depressives and Star Wars fanatics - every one has proved a disaster. She's relieved to finally be dating Rob, who she believes is serious husband material. But when he turns out to be a love rat, Judy becomes convinced that her idea for a Boyfriend Bootcamp would make a viable business venture. She enlists the help of old school friend, Katie, and together they go about entrapping all their ex-boyfriends in order to teach them a lesson in good behaviour and to act as guinea pigs for the bootcamp. Chaos ensues when the boys are put through their paces with assault courses, lessons in household chores, craft workshops, and tips on how to treat women. And if the old Wookie prisoner trick won't get them out of it, then maybe building an escape tunnel will. What the girls fail to realise is that it's not only the boys who need to change their behaviour for the better.


Logline: A young woman (Susan) a gold digger marries an older top Hollywood movie producer (Charley). Shortly after their marriage Charley passes away. Susan thinks she is now filthy rich.

Synopsis: At the reading of the well things change, Samuel, Charley's younger retarded brother, is introduced as the beneficiary of Charley's trust. Susan is only the Executor. As long as Susan cares for Samuel she will receive a small annual income and continue living in the Beverly Hill mansion, driving the Rolls Royce. But, if Samuel predeceases Susan she inherits the trust. Susan sets out to accomplish this goal without being accused of murder. From the book SAMUEL by Keith Quincy.

Title: Anniversa Happary!

Logline: An offensive comedy about a very very very very very very very dysfunctional family that will leave you hating yourself for laughing.

Synopsis: HENRY, aspiring Chef and stay-at-home-dad, finds out his 43-year old working wife, BETTY, not only wants a divorce, but also dates the Miami Hurricanes' quarterback who himself realizes that his eyes are not on the ball or BETTY, but are fastened with longing on HENRY. Our hero, 44-year old HENRY has to endure his 9-year old spoiled track star, genetically freak son, HENRY JR and his daughter, MILLY, who is extremely mature (physically) for her age, 7. Testing HENRY is sleazy, self-promoting sketch artist UNCLE JAKE who enters MILLY in Jon-Benet Ramsay-style pageants and gives HENRY JR energy pills for track. Overseeing the household, the real matriarch, BIG MAMA resolves to find the good in people. She is a twisted/flipped version of BIG MAMA in Raisin in the Sun(still black). But can she hold strong with the pending closing of her Church or will HENRY save the day by beating his crazy, evil idol CHEF CERPICO in a final cooking showdown that renders you breathless...Or hungry?

Title: Made in Heaven

Logline: Two teenagers Jenifer and her best friend Kim made a pact: To never give up on their dream, to keep on trying until Kim become the next big Hollywood star and Jenifer the next Steven Spielberg.

Synopsis: Wanting to get closer to their dream, the two childhood friends Jenifer and Kim Lee, now two gorgeous young women in their mid-twenties, decide to leave their hometown to head to Hollywood. While Kim will quickly become one of the hottest stars in the industry, Jenifer will struggle as a writer. But a very fortunate encounter with Jason St-Johns, her guardian angel pretending to be a studio executive, will change Jenifer's life forever. Jason's mission on "earth", it seems, is to make everything in his power (even breaking some rules) to have Jenifer realising her dream before she soon.... dies. Although that she will never make it in Hollywood before passing away, Jenifer will have the chance to fulfil her dream in a place and in a way she would have never thought possible. At last, she will honour her end of the pact as she got it made, "Made in heaven" James Sheehy 401 Roberval East, Longueuil, Quebec Canada J4L 4S6 450-679-2936

Title: Stevie

Logline: Stevie, a sitcom about the dilemma of three outlandish college students trying to coexist and survive each other as they endure general collegiate mayhem.

Synopsis: STEVIE, 18, African-American nerd, is off to college. However, he's not excited about his school. At the dorm, Stevie's low expectations are met as he walks through the halls crammed with obnoxious, partying students. Along the way, he meets LISA, 18, a ditzy blonde; PAUL, 19, a tie-dyed-the-wool hippie dude; and KARA, 18, a sports-loving tomboy. Lisa is overjoyed to make new friends, Stevie is wryly pessimistic, and Kara makes fun of them both. After dropping their stuff in the dorm they will be sharing, this trio of unlikely new friends sets out across campus. When they come upon a group of jocks tossing a football, Stevie the dweeb is instantly picked on. Defiant, he stands up to the lead bully, JOHN THE JOCK, and flexes his sarcastic wit. In a moment of surprising defiance, Stevie grabs their football and takes off running! John the Jock gives chase. Lisa and Kara decide to support their friend, so they follow.

Title: Salvation

Logline: A young Major in the Salvation Army initiates a Robin Hood-esque crime spree in his Manhattan neighborhood to save the Women's Shelter he manages from foreclosure; disaster and violence ensue.

Synopsis: Marlowe, the head of a Salvation Army-run building for poor women, finds out his building is in foreclosure. Land developers jump in to flip the building for profit. The tenants realize they'll be thrown out on the streets. They recruit Marlowe to lead them to some sort of salvation. With the help of a teenage runaway, Marlowe forms a "neighborhood watch group" that is actually a front for a criminal gang, meant to de-gentrify the neighborhood just enough to save the building. But soon Marlowe can barely contain the ladies. Women are now being robbed, drugs, graffiti, and gangs are everywhere. Stressed and exhausted, Marlowe falls asleep while smoking and accidentally sets fire to the building and is arrested for arson. The women have lost their home, leader and all their material belongings. But it seems to have an amazing effect on the women. They now have a sense of independence and freedom. They are saved from the trap of the building itself and united by a sense of togetherness.

Title: Rich in Cincinnati

Logline: "Six young friends chip in for one lottery ticket and happen to win."

Synopsis: Rich in Cincinnati is a single-camera mockumentary. It is about six friends that decide to chip in for a lottery ticket. They just happen to win the Ohio Mega Jackpot worth over $350 million. This show is how they cope with their "rags to riches" lifestyle. Locals in the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio try to borrow money and will go so far as to steal money from the young millionaires. Since they are all fresh out of college their minds of handling great forture is at a bare minimum. Even though they can afford a lavish lifestyle of expensive dinners, fancy cars, and being apart of an elite group of people; they still maintain an average and ordinary life. Unfortunately, that is impossible because they have a camera crew filming their every move. They get into all kinds of trouble and hope that their money can bail them out. Nonetheless; can money really buy everything?