Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Heated Rivalry

Logline: On Sunday, you don't want to be anywhere near the Saturday family.

Synopsis: Concerning two brothers from Youngstown, Ohio and the fanatical support each has for their respective NFL teams. The entire Saturday family, including the oldest brother, are staunch Steelers fans. The younger brother is the lone Browns fan in the family.The story concerns how the lives of the brothers tend to mirror the fortunes of the teams:The Steelers fan is highly successful and confident in his personal and professional life.The Browns fan is sort of a sad-sack loser type. Upon the city of Cleveland losing the Browns to Baltimore, the younger brother becomes despondent and makes an assassination attempt on owner Art Modell that goes comically wrong. Depression sets in and he must seek help through modern psychiatry and other non-traditional methods. WGAw # 1190684

Title: Butch Brunson

Logline: A reluctantly retired cage fighter and an undersized waiter, who make extra money standing up to bullies, accidently knock out the son of a famous New Jersey mob boss.

Synopsis: BUTCH BRUNSON is a fast paced comedy about a washed up cage fighter and a fast talking waiter who make extra money by standing up to bullies. For a modest fee you could hire Butch Brunson, a legendary New Jersey fighter, and a monster of a man, (think Brock Lesnar) to talk some sense into your bully. Butch is working in a bar as a bouncer when he is forced to defend his loud mouthed coworker Herbert from two drunken, and violent, patrons. Since Herbert has an inability to keep his mouth shut, and is about as physically intimidating as the Olsen twins, he has found himself in this position many times in his life. This gives him the idea to persuade Butch to be a bully for hire, the guy that can bully your bully. Business is going good until Butch, unknowingly, knocks out the hot tempered son of Jersey's most famous mob boss, sending them on a desperate quest for survival.

Title: The Sexiest Man Alive - Varsity

Logline: THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE - Comedy As the result of a curse, a plain, dumpy man is then chased by all women. VARSITY - Inspirational Sports A boy of no natural ability is inspired by a coach.

Synopsis: THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE - Comedy James T. Travis, a disbarred lawyer and former politician turned con man ((or are all three the same thing?), meets B.K. a plain, dumpy man who claims a curse put on him by a witch makes him irresistible to women who look into his eyes. Travis makes a fortune selling his picture nationwide. Seeing a power base, he becomes President when B.K. is shown on tv endorsing him, and all the women in the country vote for him.(WGA# 894476) VARSITY - Inspirational Sports Matt Anderson, a cross-country coach, has a motivational style which appeals to boys. He has problems with an Athletic Director, who is jealous of Matt's rapport with his athletes. Brian, a boy without athletic ability, is recruited by Matt to join his team. He just misses out on making varsity for the District Meet. After an injury to another boy, Brian gets to run in the meet, and assists in the team winning by one point. (WGA# 1411006)

Title: Going Together

Logline: Two hapless lovers in L.A. think common ground might be at Forest Lawn in this quirky romantic comedy adapted from the acclaimed novel, Going Together.

Synopsis: Paul and Helen meet on an L.A. subway platform and, later, on the Santa Monica Pier. Each suspects the other of planning to take the big, final jump. But as they warily become acquainted, they reveal what is actually an odd fascination with ending it all, and can come up with a list of excuses why not to. She finds the bay far too filthy to jump into; he hates heights, which precludes tall buildings. A quirky romance slowly builds as they engage in some serious approach avoidance across the Los Angeles landscape, even in a helicopter above it. When the relationship heads for the rocks, it looks like one or both might take the plunge after all. The Washington Times called the novel on which the film is based, "one of the funniest books yet." And the conclusion demonstrates that all's well that doesn't necessarily end well.


Logline: A building contractor takes over his daughter's High School Cheer Squad and leads them to a championship.

Synopsis: Jerry Landers knows everything about contracting but diddly about cheerleading. Raisng a 16 year old and a 3 year old is tough enough, but now In an effort to get close to his teen daughter Jenny, Jerry volunteers to coach her cheer squad. With help from his 3 roughneck friends and his former 69 year old former gymnastic coach Irma Tuttlemeyer, Jerry must build the misfit team to respectability and fill the void in his daughters life left by her very supportive Mom. Problem is Jerry's struggling contracting business is in desperate need of the Beef King account and competitor Frank Tank will try all means to destroy his reputation and get the contract himself. Because in the macho world of contractors, coaching a Cheer team isn't manly and the Beef King wants to hire a Man's man for the job. Will Jerry give up on the team and fail Jenny or choose the survival of his company and quit coaching to keep the contract? Find out by requesting a copy of Cheer Dad.

Title: Happy People

Logline: "Happy People" is a comedy where a successful couple is forced to associate with an unfortunate, yet optimistic couple when their beautiful daughter becomes roommates with their dorky son.

Synopsis: Carl and Candy Calderone appear to have nothing to be happy about. Carl has been fired from his job while Candy, a professional singer, has gotten throat cancer. In addition they have been unsuccessful in trying to adopt a child and both are fighting obesity. Despite all these misfortunes they remain very happy as does their son Cale. In contrast Ken and Laurie Swenson are the American dream. A good looking couple with a gorgeous daughter, Shannon. They are also expecting another child. Perfect on the surface they are a bitterly divided family in reality. When the housing department at the college both Cale and Shannon are attending screws up and places them as roommates the families are forced to spend time together. Their freshman year turns out to be a comical learning process for all culminating with the birth of the newest Swenson.

Title: Grandma Roses's Rooming Residence

Logline: A group of quirky roommates join forces to implement fundraisers to raise money to ward off Grandma Roses's foreclosure and in the end find that they are financially in the arrears.

Synopsis: Grandma Roses's Rooming Residence for Uniformed Professionals was willed to Grandma Roses's by her late husband. Some of the rather different residents are: Chin & Chan, the self conjoined self named Burmese Twins (they wrap a flesh colored cloth around their hips), Tyronne, the wannabe Airline pilot dresses like a WWII pilot; Fanny, the out-of-shape entry level Aerobics instructor; Chief Keith, the little person Chief of Police; Chef Roy Ardee, the corpulent cook; and many other quirky residents. Chief Keith serves Grandma Roses's with a foreclosure notice. All of the residents band together to conduct fund raisers to eliminate the foreclosure. All of the resident's fundraisers run afoul. After a comprehensive accounting it is discovered their fundraisers are $375,000.00 in the arrears. The villain, Chief Keith, becomes the hero when he has Grandma Roses's Rooming residence declared a Historical Structure forever mortgage free. "All Hail the Chief".

Title: The Pool Boy Wars

Logline: A Pool Boy is forced to buy his father's pool company, tries to break the ultimate pool party record and ends up in a pool boy war.

Synopsis: On Pete Chickabiddy's thirtieth birthday, his father sells him their pool cleaning company. Pete inherits all its debt, clients and employees: Stu, Tan and his girlfriend/receptionist Beth. Pete sees it as a chance to beat the pool party record. Using his clients' pools, he'll covertly throw a pool party a week for the whole summer, and then maybe get around to doing a little cleaning. Meanwhile, a disgruntled ex-employee, Cassidy, starts his own pool company and vows to take Pete down. A pool boy war ensues: clients are cajoled, pools are turned red and sex is had with octogenarians. Yes it's ugly, but so is war. Pete beats the record, but loses his company, his girl and his shorts (literally). Pete realizes he has to take responsibility for what he's done. To do it, he'll have to find a way to make his clients' forgive him, stop Cassidy from making the worst mistake of his life and prove his love to Beth, even if it means getting naked on live TV.

Title: The Wedding

Logline: When an A-list wedding planner decides to plan her own wedding she gets a wedding from hell. But even in hell romance prevails.

Synopsis: LAURA PENNINGTON is an A-list wedding planner who has masterminded her own perfect wedding. KEVIN is Laura's laid back fiance.That's what we know. - What we don't know is that Laura's best friend, maid of honor and "disgruntled employee" JENNA has her own evil vows for this day. The table is set as: A surprise gift leads to a drunken priest. A fabricated contest leads to the bride's mom and the groom's mom wearing the exact same dress. A bridesmaid has bad timing and Terrets syndrome. A groomsman has equally bad timing and narcolepsy. An extravagant food fight undermines an exquisite wedding hall. And- An Elvis impersonator leads the band. As the wedding progresses into a hellish nightmare, Kevin is pushed further away from Laura and into the arms of his co-worker. Can Laura fend off advances from her billionaire ex-lover and salvage her wedding, marriage and reputation? And -Will the best man ever stop talking? I have won several screenwriting contests & optioned my previous script.

Title: It's a Horrible Life

Logline: Love may come to those who wait, but after fourteen years with the same guy, even a reasonable girl has her limits.

Synopsis: Isaac's girlfriend, Hope, feels like Eleanor Rigby. She has patiently waited fourteen years for Isaac to pop the question. Isaac has spent fourteen years trying to avoid conversation. But when at a friend's wedding, Hope develops a reputation for beating up anyone who gets between her and a thrown bouquet, Isaac's days of being "happily unmarried" may be numbered. It will take an annoyingly good-looking rival to appear on the scene, a Frank Capra hallucination, and a persistent mugger to make Isaac realize how he truly feels about Hope. But he may be too late. My screenplay, "It's a Horrible Life", is a romantic comedy in the tradition of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Groundhog Day". I'd like to send you my completed script of "It's a Horrible Life" for your review and possible representation. Thank you very much for your consideration.