Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Freak of Nature(TV Series)

Logline: Andy and Jason have just graduated high school, they have their whole lives ahead of them, what are they going to do? Think "Friends" meets "How I met your Mother"

Synopsis: Andy and Jason are finally at their graduation day. They are about to embark on a grand journey of becoming an adult. All they have to do is make it through graduation. For most people this wouldn't be a problem, except Andy is a freak of nature. He is detached from most other humans, and has no control over what he says. Some of it is smart, some of it offensive, and some of it is just plain awkward. Jason is a little more attached to humanity and has a quick wit. These two often get themselves into trouble, with Andy calling a girl fat, and Jason telling a girl she is a five out of ten. The series will follow their journey from their late teens to being a twenty something, and the relationships and their trying to find their place in this world. It's a comedy about growing up.

Title: Mailman

Logline: A bumbling dropout has three months to save enough money for his college education, but winds up saving a whole neighborhood from eviction.

Synopsis: John Branco fails at everything, until he passes his letter carrier exam and becomes the new mailman on the Grandview route. Faced with pimps, gangsters and the seedy side of town, most would give up, but John's determined to get the mail through. When he discovers plans to bulldoze Grandview for a high rise office building, he learns to embrace this diverse world, where people struggle in poverty but live their lives with passion. Saving Grandview won't be easy, but then that's the story of this mailman's life. I am an optioned screenwriter and contest finalist. I would like to submit MAILMAN for your consideration.


Logline: A high school teen takes a summer job in hopes of buying the popularity and esteem of his peers.

Synopsis: At Stereo City, employees pride themselves on their execution of the salesman's golden rule: "the customer is always... " wrong? Matt Moore is about to begin summer vacation following his junior year of high school. Not smart enough to be a nerd and not athletic enough to be a jock, he walks the halls as one of the ordinary and invisible. So what does a normal kid do when faced with the possibility of never achieving high school fame? Simple, he buys it. Matt spends his summer amongst the working class at Stereo City. There he must prove he has what it takes to survive the shark infested waters of commissionable retail sales, where only the strong close the sale.

Title: 60 Summers

Logline: A fading rock star's sixtieth summer psychologically paralyzes him, as he tries to reinvent himself and his music.

Synopsis: Rocky Regulbuto grew up in Brooklyn in the 1960s. After flunking out of college and almost going to Vietnam, he and his perpetually high drummer, Todd, sold millions of records into the 1970s. A one-name wonder was born: Rocko! Sixty years old and out of shape, out of style, and out of luck, this Baby Boomer searches for a new muse that will inspire his music, replace the teenage angst that once drove him, and make him a success once more.

Title: The Tryathlete

Logline: A computer programmer challenges the office stud in a Triathlon to win a date with the new hire only to find out she is the elusive computer hacker trying to steal the company's secret project.

Synopsis: Will Stevens is a computer programmer lacking self esteem. He works for a sports fitness company. The company has been under siege from an unknown computer hacker trying to steal its top secret project. Will is determined to discover the hacker's identity and spends his nights developing a program to catch the hacker. Will's life changes forever when he falls in love with the new office hire and agrees to battle the office stud in the company Triathlon to win a date with her. He enlists the help of a quirky trainer and realizes he can not win. The hacker's identity is revealed and Will risks everything to win the race to save the life of the woman he loves.

Title: Skirt Chaser

Logline: A womanizer gets paranoid and funny things happen when he suspects that someone's out to kill him. He's still going to try to hijack another guy's girlfriend, though.

Synopsis: Somebody's gonna whack Joey (rumor has it), and he doesn't know who because nobody really likes him. You can't teach an old dog new tricks either, so he's not about to change his evil ways when it comes to pretty women. You have a doll like Molly on the planet you might as well grab her and sweat the boyfriend later. No problem (he figures), since he's so expert at looking over his shoulder. Too bad he's looking over the wrong one. This is my first script, though, I'm no stranger to the comedy genre. My standup material has been performed by working stage comics from Caroline's to the Improv. I've published humor/satire in: Mother Jones; Yankee Magazine; Maxim Magazine; Philadelphia Style and some adult stuff for the Flynt Group (Larry). I'd be happy to forward a copy of the WGAE registered script if it's something that might be of interest to you. John Dunbar 1889 Kate Brook Road Hardwick, VT 05843 (802) 253-4472 (802) 253-4404/fax

Title: Sneakaway Camp

Logline: Dino and Rocco mess up a hit for their mob boss and take refuge in a sleepaway camp, but what do they about camp, let alone taking care of children?

Synopsis: Dino and Rocco can't do anything right and that includes making a hit for their mob boss on his rival, Old Man Antonio. When they mess that up, their boss sends his own "personal fixes" - Lefty and Righty (both of whom are missing an arm - hence the nicknames) to take care of Dino & Rocco. Fearing for their lives, they take off (in Biss's car, no less) and head up to the country. Stumbling upon a sleepaway camp for children and needing a place to hide out, they do the obvious. Meeting the various, unusual campers and pretending to be JIm Bob and Jake, whom they've taking the place off, Dino & Rocco make the best for the situation, and try not to blow their own cover, especially when dealing with Chip, the camp owner, who takes an immediate dislike to them. When the mob does finally catch up with them, the campers will use their own unique skills to help Dino and Rocco escape retribution from the mob and help capture the gangsters.

Title: One Night In Sleazeside

Logline: Inadvertently Brooklyn mobsters mix their posh girlfriends with mob business. Located in NJ's summer getaway Seaside, the results create a whirlwind of hilarious adventure and drama.

Synopsis: Rising mafia star Tony Spasaro fell in love with Maria Russo, who happens to be the estranged niece of New York Mafia Boss Carmine Russo. Tony is forced to make a decision on their summer road trip whether he will marry the woman of his dreams or lose her forever to his growing career in the mob. But hold on! Vinny and Sal, Tony's best friends since childhood may have an influence on his verdict and will do anything to get their pussy-whipped leader back. From botched robberies to falling in love the dark- humored feature will have you gasping and laughing until the end, making ONE NIGHT IN SLEAZESIDE the new mob tale of the younger generation. I'd like to submit ONE NIGHT IN SLEAZESIDE for your consideration and possible representation. I am a recent Rutgers University graduate who is seriously focusing on writing screenplays. Currently I write and direct a NYC cable TV show and I am polishing a pilot about adult nightlife that would be well marketed for HBO.

Title: Stevie

Logline: Stevie, a sitcom about the dilemma of three outlandish college students trying to coexist and survive each other as they endure general collegiate mayhem.

Synopsis: STEVIE, 18, African-American nerd, is off to college. However, he's not excited about his school. At the dorm, Stevie's low expectations are met as he walks through the halls crammed with obnoxious, partying students. Along the way, he meets LISA, 18, a ditzy blonde; PAUL, 19, a tie-dyed-the-wool hippie dude; and KARA, 18, a sports-loving tomboy. Lisa is overjoyed to make new friends, Stevie is wryly pessimistic, and Kara makes fun of them both. After dropping their stuff in the dorm they will be sharing, this trio of unlikely new friends sets out across campus. When they come upon a group of jocks tossing a football, Stevie the dweeb is instantly picked on. Defiant, he stands up to the lead bully, JOHN THE JOCK, and flexes his sarcastic wit. In a moment of surprising defiance, Stevie grabs their football and takes off running! John the Jock gives chase. Lisa and Kara decide to support their friend, so they follow.

Title: The Umpire

Logline: The Umpire is a story of an irresponsible umpire who upon returning home from a failed Las Vegas marriage faces family turmoil and competition from an old high school rival.

Synopsis: The Umpire is the story of an irresponsible umpire, Gregg Gannon, who returns home from a failed Las Vegas marriage to face family turmoil and competition from an old high school rival. Gregg must decide between being a responsible, well adjusted adult or continue his pursuit of umpiring in the major leagues. After spending several years playing competitive sports the lifestyles and habits of umpires appeared like more of a sub-culture to me than a profession. The entire "be seen but not heard" philosophy of officiating offers a rare comedic value which drove me to put this screenplay on paper. I'd like to submit The Umpire for your consideration and possible representation. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,