Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: It's a Horrible Life

Logline: Love may come to those who wait, but after fourteen years with the same guy, even a reasonable girl has her limits.

Synopsis: Isaac's girlfriend, Hope, feels like Eleanor Rigby. She has patiently waited fourteen years for Isaac to pop the question. Isaac has spent fourteen years trying to avoid conversation. But when at a friend's wedding, Hope develops a reputation for beating up anyone who gets between her and a thrown bouquet, Isaac's days of being "happily unmarried" may be numbered. It will take an annoyingly good-looking rival to appear on the scene, a Frank Capra hallucination, and a persistent mugger to make Isaac realize how he truly feels about Hope. But he may be too late. My screenplay, "It's a Horrible Life", is a romantic comedy in the tradition of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Groundhog Day". I'd like to send you my completed script of "It's a Horrible Life" for your review and possible representation. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Title: Recession Men: Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage

Logline: High-stakes hustlers on the run hide out in a coastal town in the Northwest.

Synopsis: Two Ponzi schemers flee their financial carnage, barely escaping Federal investigators. Holed up in a quiet town on the Northwest coast, Adam apparently has found Zen peace as a bus boy dishwasher, unfazed alike by the bullying loggers and sweet temptresses. Meanwhile, Orion continues to hustle, whipping the locals into a frenzy with his get-rich schemes. A savagely clever con job leaves one to face the town's tirade (and Federal handcuffs), while the other is hailed a hero.

Title: Reading Between the Lines

Logline: Imagine what would have happened if you had indeed signed that damn "secret admirer" letter.

Synopsis: Laney Barfaloft has just recieved her first assignment as a television writer to furnish the next greatest American drama. Only problem is it's about a time and place she'd rather soon forget...high school. With the help of her whimsy co-writer, or possibly against her will, Laney uses her own embarrassing, torturing experiences from high school to launch the next greatest craze in teen drama. But to her dismay, not even good writing can erase the feelings her best friend, Mitch, and herself have always had, but denied for one another. Between remembering family trials, the re-emergence of an old crush, changes in the script, and the ironical fate of one scrap of paper that changes her life forever, Laney realizes that when it comes to love it's all about reading between the lines.


Logline: JACK BUGLE is able to correct mistakes as they occur by briefly snapping back time.

Synopsis: Former golfer JACK BUGLE is visited by his life caddie JONESEY (that voice in your head that nudges you one way or another when undecided about something) who apologizes for a life altering piece of advice he gave Jack years ago and offers a mea culpa in the form of a round of mulligans (golf lingo for 'do-over'). These mulligans are manifest as case of gold golf balls, and now anytime Jack makes a mistake (i.e. gets in a car accident) he can just drop one of these balls and...FLASH! Time itself suddenly snaps back to the moment before the incident allowing Jack to correct his mistakes. It's BRUCE ALMIGHTY meet GROUNDHOG DAY when JACK begins using these mulligans to manipulate others as a means to achieve everything he always wanted (fame and fortune) while in the process losing the one thing he truly needs, his girlfriend AMY.

Title: Take Me Back

Logline: Reformed playboy tries to win his ex-wife back. She's reluctant, so he works on her fiance, taking the nerd out on the town in an elaborate frame-up.

Synopsis: A reformed playboy attempts to woo his ex-wife, in the romantic comedy "Take Me Back." Slight roadblock for Grant: Irene is now engaged to be married to Henry. He might be a little nerdy, but Henry is serious, reliable and straightforward, everything Grant isn't. Getting nowhere with Irene, Grant decides to work on Henry. Flattered by the charming, cool sophisticate, Henry sidesteps Irene's warning and agrees to "hang" with Grant. What harm could going to the ball game do, especially since Grant has such great tickets . . . . Three days later (or is it four?), Henry finally resurfaces, hideously late for his own rehearsal party, bleary-eyed, somewhat incoherent, smelling like booze and cheap perfume. Where has he been? Why hasn't he called? How come different women kept answering Henry's cell phone? Why are there night club stamps up and down his arms? Is that a TATOO??? And who's this girl following you everywhere? Based on a true story. (More or less.)

Title: Some People Are Just Like That

Logline: A group of small town students at a Historically Black College learn life lessons from the peculiar, sometimes hilarious customers that come into the urban grocery store where they work part time.

Synopsis: A group of students are desparately in need of money to go home for the holidays, and begin working at the local grocery store against the wishes of their parents. The parents know only too well about the ongoing unfriendly attitude of the local residents against "college people." The students themselves have come from different backgrounds and have had little interaction with each other until they start working with Mr. Carter; a long time graduate of the college; at his grocery store. They then form an unlikely friendship, and learn life lessons from peculiar and humorous shoppers who come into the store. Mr. Carter who takes on the role as a somewhat father figure, helps them understand how the neighborhood has become so diversified. From time to time little reminders of resentment toward the students is displayed. At the end, a near death experience changes the hearts of the towns people and the students as well.

Title: Jilted Brides

Logline: FYI: I won a screenwriting fellowship from The Chesterfield Writer's Film Project, sponsored by Paramount Pictures. Also, my short comedy, Mulholland Drive Support Group, was a runaway hit on IFILM.

Synopsis: Three times jilted by the same man, Anita Lowe forms a support group for brides who were left at the altar. The women bond instantly in the spirit of friendship--but the group suddenly turns competitive and cutthroat when a recently jilted groom, who also happens to be a young handsome doctor, starts coming to their meetings.

Title: The Doorkey Brothers

Logline: Mark and Mike Doorkey are gifted musicians whose goal is to land a recording contract.

Synopsis: This story is about two gifted musicians, singers, songwriters. Mark and Mike are identical twins twenty one years of age. They live with their grandpa who is a former methodist minister and recording artist. Their goal is to land a major recording contract. Grandpa promises to get the boys a recording contract if they quit smoking pot and drinking. This screenplay is both humourous and serious. The scene where the boys are called to get a five foot alligator out of a bathtub is hilarious, as they get the alligator high to make the job easier. The skunk that gets loose in Martha Jensen's house leaves you rolling in laughter. Mark buys a chimp at the pet store and thinks he hears "patches" talk. On the way home from the pet store "patches" grabs a joint from the ashtray, lights it and gets high demanding six cheeseburgers from McDonalds. This story is complete with great music. The boys manage to beat their demons and grandpa gets them a recording contract with Silo Records.

Title: lost in winter

Logline: A Vietnam War has sworn to his wife to never touch a glass of alcohol again. A young man arrival arise the temptation.

Synopsis: David Garrett, veteran of the Vietnam War, is running a small hotel in a coastal town with his wife Sandra. He often gets drunk to relive, in a romantic way, his various military campaigns. During a hurricane, he swears to Sandra to never touch a drink again if the hotel escaped destruction - which he managed to escape. Years later, a strange young man named Jerry Mitchell erupts into their lives. The now teetotalling Garrett soon starts to like this endearing young man, who happens to also have drinking problems - which Sandra fears will tempt her husband. My screenplay "Lost In Winter" is a comedy-drama with strong dialogues, and is reminiscent of "As Good As It Gets".

Title: The Sexiest Man Alive - Varsity

Logline: THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE - Comedy As the result of a curse, a plain, dumpy man is then chased by all women. VARSITY - Inspirational Sports A boy of no natural ability is inspired by a coach.

Synopsis: THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE - Comedy James T. Travis, a disbarred lawyer and former politician turned con man ((or are all three the same thing?), meets B.K. a plain, dumpy man who claims a curse put on him by a witch makes him irresistible to women who look into his eyes. Travis makes a fortune selling his picture nationwide. Seeing a power base, he becomes President when B.K. is shown on tv endorsing him, and all the women in the country vote for him.(WGA# 894476) VARSITY - Inspirational Sports Matt Anderson, a cross-country coach, has a motivational style which appeals to boys. He has problems with an Athletic Director, who is jealous of Matt's rapport with his athletes. Brian, a boy without athletic ability, is recruited by Matt to join his team. He just misses out on making varsity for the District Meet. After an injury to another boy, Brian gets to run in the meet, and assists in the team winning by one point. (WGA# 1411006)