Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre


Logline: Can party hero Jim Blacker overcome the objections of his fans - from his parents to his friends to community leaders such as the mayor and chief of police - to reform himself and lead a normal life?

Synopsis: THE REBEL's protagonist, Jim Blacker, leads a charmed life. From his college days in the early '90s to his thirties, he parties every chance he gets, and is rewarded with the adulation of, as he calls them, his "fans". You know: people like his parents, his friends, the chief of police, the mayor and, of course, women. Quite unexpectedly and despite himself, however, he begins to seek more out of life. Jim's dream job as a lifeguard just doesn't do it for him anymore; his group of close friends, including a soldier, an office assistant, a mortician, and a priest, cannot convince him to stay true to his ideals. He begins to do volunteer work; he gets a job helping kids; and he gets involved in an actual relationship. His fans are horrified and make several failed attempts to save him from himself, culminating in their own version of an intervention. Please contact me by phone or email if you are interested in learning more about THE REBEL.

Title: Death of a Ladies' Man

Logline: An average-looking guy who has finagled himself into the hearts and beds of countless beautiful women is dying to figure out why the wonderful woman he's not finagling wants him.

Synopsis: Bob Reynolds didn't win the looks lotto but that hasn't stopped him from sleeping with a bountiful bevy of beautiful women. He has a system. He preys on beautiful women in need of some understanding that he is willing to pretend to provide. He's a cad; although, he sees himself as merely equalizing the arbitrarily unfair reality that few are born to be great-looking. But when the wonderful and beautiful Angela, not in need of his 'skill,' wants to be with him, Bob isn't sure what to think or do - though that doesn't stop him from thinking and doing. And since Bob doesn't have the experience of ever being in a real relationship before to draw upon... that may be deadly.

Title: Back Seat Driver

Logline: Ray, a Chicago cabby, falls for a sleepwalking waitress while his outrageous split-personality, cousin Eugene, lusts after their sexy psychiatrist.

Synopsis: At age 15, RAY's overbearing, showoff cousin EUGENE accidentally dies in a car accident at a rock quarry. Though innocent, Ray is consumed with guilt about the horrific event. After years of despair and grief, Eugene is born again as Ray's split personality and begins to lead a double life that Ray does not even know exists. Ray becomes haunted by constant blackouts and begins seeing Dr. Kate, a beautiful and wealthy psychiatrist seeking to leave her practice and start a new, exciting life. While Eugene and Dr. Kate kindle a romance, Ray falls in love with Jamie, a sleepwalking coffee waitress. Ray and Eugene battle and torment each other until they are finally brought together at Dr. Kate's early-retirement party. Ray's aunt and uncle and Eugene's parents are invited as surprise guests by Dr. Kate in order to help Ray. Will the confrontation finally set Ray's guilt and double life to rest or will it send him over the edge?

Title: J.P.

Logline: Jittery banker joins an ex-prisoner, a financial genius, to build a banking empire through chicanery. The teller ends in prison while the ex-prisoner becomes US Treasury Sec is the ironic ending.

Synopsis: When JP Morton, a nervous bank teller, is robbed and shot by Mack Denife, $10,000 falls into JP's shopping bag. Mack, a financial genius and former prisoner with a Harvard MBA confronts JP outside later. He talks JP into a banking partnership investing the $10K. Using financial chicanery, including an armored car holdup, they build a banking and business empire. At the height of success, JP takes a sabbatical for a world wide humanitarian project. He hires a beautiful scientist, Maddy Syants, who has developed a special pill which when added to the world's water supply, improves health and reduces human aggression. JP marries the girl and receives the Nobel Peace Prize for eliminating war. Research by scientist Igor Beaver, and publication of a scandalous book by reporter Mark Train leads to conviction of JP for financial fraud and crimes against humanity. Mack, now a respected Secretary of the Treasury visits JP in prison to offer ironic advice. Thank you,


Logline: JACK BUGLE is able to correct mistakes as they occur by briefly snapping back time.

Synopsis: Former golfer JACK BUGLE is visited by his life caddie JONESEY (that voice in your head that nudges you one way or another when undecided about something) who apologizes for a life altering piece of advice he gave Jack years ago and offers a mea culpa in the form of a round of mulligans (golf lingo for 'do-over'). These mulligans are manifest as case of gold golf balls, and now anytime Jack makes a mistake (i.e. gets in a car accident) he can just drop one of these balls and...FLASH! Time itself suddenly snaps back to the moment before the incident allowing Jack to correct his mistakes. It's BRUCE ALMIGHTY meet GROUNDHOG DAY when JACK begins using these mulligans to manipulate others as a means to achieve everything he always wanted (fame and fortune) while in the process losing the one thing he truly needs, his girlfriend AMY.

Title: The Pool Boy Wars

Logline: A Pool Boy is forced to buy his father's pool company, tries to break the ultimate pool party record and ends up in a pool boy war.

Synopsis: On Pete Chickabiddy's thirtieth birthday, his father sells him their pool cleaning company. Pete inherits all its debt, clients and employees: Stu, Tan and his girlfriend/receptionist Beth. Pete sees it as a chance to beat the pool party record. Using his clients' pools, he'll covertly throw a pool party a week for the whole summer, and then maybe get around to doing a little cleaning. Meanwhile, a disgruntled ex-employee, Cassidy, starts his own pool company and vows to take Pete down. A pool boy war ensues: clients are cajoled, pools are turned red and sex is had with octogenarians. Yes it's ugly, but so is war. Pete beats the record, but loses his company, his girl and his shorts (literally). Pete realizes he has to take responsibility for what he's done. To do it, he'll have to find a way to make his clients' forgive him, stop Cassidy from making the worst mistake of his life and prove his love to Beth, even if it means getting naked on live TV.

Title: Payback

Logline: Viewers watch the reality show Payback to discover the clues to $100,000 in cash and prizes hidden in a new city each week.

Synopsis: When interior decorator Little Dickie gets bumped on the head by a chandelier he suffers amnesia and a personality transformation. Now a lawless biker, Little Dickie and his Gang of Four rob countless establishments across the country with impunity, using Black Ops hypnosis to make their victims see giant pink bunnies instead of their faces. Undergoing hypnosis himself, Little Dickie remembers his previous honest self and decides to pay back his ill-gotten booty to America via his reality show, Payback. Viewers get their chance at $100K in cash and prizes by unraveling clues hidden in the show as to the treasure's whereabouts. Dickie further supports the show from advertisers who happily pay a premium for their ads, which are no longer ignored but watched hundreds of times as they also contain clues to the treasure. In this pilot episode we follow a colorful collection of characters as they search for their big pay day in the city of Pittsburgh with fun and heartwarming results.

Title: Shrader Street

Logline: 60's roommates in San Francisco throw out more than their jello molds as they fight the second front revolution that took place, not on the streets, but in the homes of young people across America

Synopsis: Three young women in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury are living the history they are making: becoming financially independent, manning peace tables, looking to live within what the earth offers by exploring the one and only health food store in the city in the 60's. In their search for a better world, they not only have to shake out boweevils from the organic flour but they also begin testing all the recipes for life that had been handed down to them. And then comes Jackie, the runaway niece of one, who is invited to stay as long as she is willing to be an equal and not mothered by the group. Observing "upstairs" from his basement apartment is Rosie, the African American drag queen who is not happy with the hippie invasion of his 'hood. Together, his and Jackie's friendship and respect for one another form the catalyst that enables all of them to understand and refocus this new configuration of family and community that informs much of today's sociey.

Title: Cart Boys

Logline: A group of social misfists come of age while working in a grocrey store.

Synopsis: Mikie a young slacker, comes to a cross road in his life does he stay in a job that he loathes simply for the money or does he take a chance on his dream job. With the help of his childhood friend Casey and trainee Patrick, Mikie navigates the choices of adulthood while solving a mysterious crime and vying for the love of his long time crush with plenty of hi-jinx sure to ensue.-I think whis would be a commercial success because it would connect with today's youth like American pie or Animal House before it.

Title: Salvation

Logline: A young Major in the Salvation Army initiates a Robin Hood-esque crime spree in his Manhattan neighborhood to save the Women's Shelter he manages from foreclosure; disaster and violence ensue.

Synopsis: Marlowe, the head of a Salvation Army-run building for poor women, finds out his building is in foreclosure. Land developers jump in to flip the building for profit. The tenants realize they'll be thrown out on the streets. They recruit Marlowe to lead them to some sort of salvation. With the help of a teenage runaway, Marlowe forms a "neighborhood watch group" that is actually a front for a criminal gang, meant to de-gentrify the neighborhood just enough to save the building. But soon Marlowe can barely contain the ladies. Women are now being robbed, drugs, graffiti, and gangs are everywhere. Stressed and exhausted, Marlowe falls asleep while smoking and accidentally sets fire to the building and is arrested for arson. The women have lost their home, leader and all their material belongings. But it seems to have an amazing effect on the women. They now have a sense of independence and freedom. They are saved from the trap of the building itself and united by a sense of togetherness.