Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Skirt Chaser

Logline: A womanizer gets paranoid and funny things happen when he suspects that someone's out to kill him. He's still going to try to hijack another guy's girlfriend, though.

Synopsis: Somebody's gonna whack Joey (rumor has it), and he doesn't know who because nobody really likes him. You can't teach an old dog new tricks either, so he's not about to change his evil ways when it comes to pretty women. You have a doll like Molly on the planet you might as well grab her and sweat the boyfriend later. No problem (he figures), since he's so expert at looking over his shoulder. Too bad he's looking over the wrong one. This is my first script, though, I'm no stranger to the comedy genre. My standup material has been performed by working stage comics from Caroline's to the Improv. I've published humor/satire in: Mother Jones; Yankee Magazine; Maxim Magazine; Philadelphia Style and some adult stuff for the Flynt Group (Larry). I'd be happy to forward a copy of the WGAE registered script if it's something that might be of interest to you. John Dunbar 1889 Kate Brook Road Hardwick, VT 05843 (802) 253-4472 (802) 253-4404/fax


Logline: Based on the very real and very funny events that occur in tattoo artists lives. Four young artists all define the industry & life while battling with the local competion to keep their studio.

Synopsis: A story based on actual events about a subject that has been around since the dawn of time, yet a major motion picture has never been made about it.. A typical setting in the retail district of suburbia Anywhere, U.S.A. However, the retail establishment in this story is not so typical.. In fact the salesmen or clerks are actually artists, and the product they sell is permanent. Dave, Joe, Slug and Ginger are four tattoo artists who team up to open a tattoo studio that will provide a more professional alternative then what the industry has stereotypically offered in the past. These Characters not only have to constantly deal with the daily backlash of the community and the odd requests by clientel, they are finally put to the ultimate test when they battle the nasty guys at Fun House Tattoos for pinks on their studios at an actual REAL Tattoo convention. This script rolls with humor and educates the mass on just how funny we ALL really are under the surface.Record breaking potential

Title: Twin Persuasion

Logline: Sexy,disarming and unscrupulous, identical twin sisters form a witty alliance as they conspire to set traps to blackmail unsuspecting executives and become involved in a string of wild robberies.

Synopsis: After serving a stretch for crime, deceivingly attractive identical twin sisters, Rose, a helicopter pilot and Lila, a professional photographer, use cunning schemes and slick disguises to extricate blackmail money from wealthy romancing executives. The suave charming twins plot a sequence of imaginative robberies. The sisters are pursued by the persistent police inspector Dupont as he follows their shifting trail to hunt them down. Rose and Lila find themselves caught several times but manage to elude the shuddering inspector's frustrated clutches.

Title: Wasted Time

Logline: Logline: Two old high school friends attempt to escape their economically depressed hometown and dull lives through a series of misadventures that parody a wide variety of films.

Synopsis: Synopsis: When Joel Stanton gets fired from his job as a custodian and catches his longtime girlfriend cheating on him, he decides enough is enough: It is time to stop making excuses and leave his dead-end hometown and fulfill his dream of becoming a successful writer. With his old high school friend Chet Tromble by his side, the two engage in a series of misadventures that parody a wide range of films from "The Village" to "Seven" in pursuit of the money needed to leave town for good. This unique and original screenplay mixes movie parodies, intelligent dialogue and serious themes into a comedy that looks at what happens when dreams don't come true and what we're left with afterwards. Thank you for your consideration.

Title: Freak of Nature(TV Series)

Logline: Andy and Jason have just graduated high school, they have their whole lives ahead of them, what are they going to do? Think "Friends" meets "How I met your Mother"

Synopsis: Andy and Jason are finally at their graduation day. They are about to embark on a grand journey of becoming an adult. All they have to do is make it through graduation. For most people this wouldn't be a problem, except Andy is a freak of nature. He is detached from most other humans, and has no control over what he says. Some of it is smart, some of it offensive, and some of it is just plain awkward. Jason is a little more attached to humanity and has a quick wit. These two often get themselves into trouble, with Andy calling a girl fat, and Jason telling a girl she is a five out of ten. The series will follow their journey from their late teens to being a twenty something, and the relationships and their trying to find their place in this world. It's a comedy about growing up.

Title: Divine power

Logline: A selfish loafer,used to always getting his way due to a powerful hypnotic gift,does his best to win the heart of a charming girl unaffected by his mystic power.

Synopsis: Many will say that life is tough.But 30-year-old loafer Andy Tucker,gifted from birth with impressive hypnotic powers,would claim the opposite.In a kaleidoscope of passing days,Andy skillfully directs the plot of his life-where every passerby can for a time become his best friend, and every girl who catches his eye a passionate lover.A string of encounters,meetings,farewells-have long ago become a blurry spur-of-the-moment party to Andy,leaving no room for obligations,responsibilities or regrets.However,this carefree and predictable life suddenly changes when Andy encounters Claire,a charming and mysterious new female neighbor,on whom his magical power has no hold.

Title: The Adventures of Mustache and Mullet

Logline: Two geeky friends try to adjust and become the cool kids in high school...but they're not.

Synopsis: Childhood friends, Javi (Mustache) and Dick (Mullet), dream about being cool while they are on a class trip and getting picked on as 6th graders. Fast-forward to homecoming week of their senior year in high school and they think they have reached their goal. Still wearing the same out-of-date styles they wore as 6th graders, Javi with a thick bushy mustache and Dick with a mullet, they use homecoming week as an opportunity to hook-up with two of the most popular girls in school. Their awkward social skills are oblivious to them as they pursue the girls. During the week a series of unfortunate events occur but their spirits remain high.

Title: Not Dead Yet

Logline: Mavis and Leena stick two fingers out to the world determined not to give in to other peoples' expectations of what old people should be like. A road trip across the USA leads to many high jinx.

Synopsis: According to their families, Mavis and Leena are two stubborn old women who refuse to do what they're told. After winning the jackpot at the local Bingo Hall, an anxious Leena causes an accident in the parking lot. She's forced to subject herself to public humiliation by going to mandatory Driver's Training. Feeling confident in her driving skills she ditches the course and never looks back. Mavis and Leena decide to take their jackpot winnings and drive to Reno. With hairnets and cold cream safely packed away the adventure begins! Back home their families discover them missing and set out to find them. When the police get involved the ladies adventure comes to a screeching halt. They are forced to return home and face the consequences of their actions.

Title: Grow With the Flow

Logline: Sam Sharpe's seemingly happy, mundane life is sent awry by the sudden onslaught of family and career upheaval.

Synopsis: With no other viable option, Sam concedes to allowing his long divorced parents to move in after his skirt chasing father is duped out of his life's savings. While also attempting to deal with a rebellious daughter, a disrespectful father-in-law, and unappreciative superiors at work, he abandons his usual meek and passive nature, and finally grows a pair. "Grow with the Flow" is a humorous presentation of individuals discovering the importance of family, and how a little flexibility overcomes disfunctionality. It's witty dialog, touching situations, and emotional volitility make this script marketable to a wide range of audiences, and will provide a number of actors excellent opportunities to showcase their talents.

Title: Heated Rivalry

Logline: On Sunday, you don't want to be anywhere near the Saturday family.

Synopsis: Concerning two brothers from Youngstown, Ohio and the fanatical support each has for their respective NFL teams. The entire Saturday family, including the oldest brother, are staunch Steelers fans. The younger brother is the lone Browns fan in the family.The story concerns how the lives of the brothers tend to mirror the fortunes of the teams:The Steelers fan is highly successful and confident in his personal and professional life.The Browns fan is sort of a sad-sack loser type. Upon the city of Cleveland losing the Browns to Baltimore, the younger brother becomes despondent and makes an assassination attempt on owner Art Modell that goes comically wrong. Depression sets in and he must seek help through modern psychiatry and other non-traditional methods. WGAw # 1190684