Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre


Logline: Paddy is a witty standup comedian from 'outer space' whose bizarre sex life is revealed in a series of hilarious episodes.

Synopsis: Paddy is a 70 year old virgin who works as a standup comedian. He looks for sex counseling but mistakenly meets up with Dr. Won Ball, a sex change quack. Dr. Won Ball won the Victoria Cross for bravery in battle even though he blew a testicle to smithereens playing Russian roulette. He seduces Paddy into signing a transplant contract to replace the testicle he lost. The crazy doctor uses a meat chopper and Paddy ends up in a hospital with a gay nurse minus a testicle. Luckily he had three to begin with. Paddy struggles to lose his virginity in an old folk's home; a place known for some hanky panky. He conveniently finds a supply of Viagra just as a new resident shows up; a French lady who works as a prostitute in order to pay the rent. She is 70 years old and dresses like a teenager...;. Paddy goes for it but has a heart attack and dies on the job with the Viagra still working. This creates problems for the undertakers at the funeral because they can't close the lid of the coffin.

Title: STILL

Logline: Sent to the country from Belfast to avoid authority, trouble and a girl, Wayne finds all three.

Synopsis: Wayne, a tearaway Belfast city teenager, is sent to his Uncle Sammy's farm to carry out a community service cleaning order for his misdemeanours. Sammy has a lucrative poteen manufcture sideline. Becky, his late wife's teenage niece, expertly invests the finances from his nefarious activities. Wayne inadvertently discovers that the poteen helps in his cleaning and starts a business. He wins the contract for cleaning the large government headquarters at Stormont but this turns it pink after a rainstorm. He and Becky fall in love but she leaves after a fight, only returning when Sammy has a crippling accident. They are brought together despite Sammy's accident and cat and mouse games with the authorities.

Title: Someone Like Me

Logline: Three uneducated home-schooled kids enroll into a public school.

Synopsis: Paw's kids, Shimmy, Jinny, and Cole, are forced into public school where they find out just how hard real school is. Cole finishes high school, where he goes from feak to Fonzy. Shimmy bullies his way through the third grade, as Jinny advances from the second into his class to prove that girls can learn, despite her upbrining. Paw and his wife Mumma must raise enough cash now to keep their home, or they will be evicted. Full of high school hi-jinx and smart-ass wit, Someone Like Me is fun for all who enjoy watching the mighty fall and the poor low-lifes struggle to overcome.

Title: Roller Balls

Logline: It's The Karate Kid...on roller skates

Synopsis: When Chico Marquez and his mother move to the big city, Chico sees the move as an opportunity to pursue his life long dream: competing for a spot on the hit TV show, Big City Roller - a variety show featuring the top roller skaters in the country. Unfortunately for Chico, the neighborhood bullies - ace skater Chip McNally and his gang - take an instant dislike to him, and set out to make Chico's life a living hell. Until one day Chico is taken under the reluctant wing of Delroy - once a star skater himself, whose checkered past has forced him to put that part of his life behind him...until now. As Chico's talent develops under Delroy's tutelage, he attracts the attention of Cara, the prettiest girl in the hood and the apple of Chip's eye. This is the last straw for Chip, who sets out to stop Chico once and for all. Will Chico get the girl and reach his Big City dreams? Or will Chip McNally thwart him in his tracks?

Title: Moses of the Bulrushes

Logline: A young orphan with a divine gift is ejected from his foster home and sets out to find the mother who had abandoned him at birth in a picnic basket.

Synopsis: The teen-orphan MOSES is ejected from his home by wretched foster brothers and father, who, after some mishaps, mistake Moses' divine gift as a curse from God. The boy rescues Granny Hannah and Maid Miriam from this home, angering his foster family who pursue him with a quirky vengeance in a Model T Ford. With Granny and Miriam, Moses sets out to find his real mother and instead encounters DEVLIN DAMIEN, the evangelical shyster of great proportions, who uses Moses' special gift for his own diabolical ends until they step onto the turf of EUDORA DROFFIG, the fallen-from-grace tent revivalist turned radio evangelist, who attempts to bring Moses' rise to fame to an end and instead ends up helping him unite with the mother who had abandoned him at birth in a picnic basket. The finale brings them all together in a David vs Goliath clash near a pigsty where vengeance is satisfied with a near-hanging, the knees of Jesus, a redemption miracle, and a life-changing discovery for Moses.

Title: Death of a Ladies' Man

Logline: An average-looking guy who has finagled himself into the hearts and beds of countless beautiful women is dying to figure out why the wonderful woman he's not finagling wants him.

Synopsis: Bob Reynolds didn't win the looks lotto but that hasn't stopped him from sleeping with a bountiful bevy of beautiful women. He has a system. He preys on beautiful women in need of some understanding that he is willing to pretend to provide. He's a cad; although, he sees himself as merely equalizing the arbitrarily unfair reality that few are born to be great-looking. But when the wonderful and beautiful Angela, not in need of his 'skill,' wants to be with him, Bob isn't sure what to think or do - though that doesn't stop him from thinking and doing. And since Bob doesn't have the experience of ever being in a real relationship before to draw upon... that may be deadly.

Title: Farewell to the Roxy

Logline: In London L.A. punk siblings lease a rock club. One body, one riot, one handsome posh eccentric bagman later and they are all heading back to California.... Fast!

Synopsis: It's '76. L.A. punk siblings Max and Ruby dream of London. A surprise legacy and suddenly its real. In Soho a failing club lease is too tempting and the Roxy is born. But soon the mob come calling. The huge intimidating Sidestep looks the part but Hamilton a posh schoolteacher bagman, well, no! An altercation bizarrely sees big Sidestep prostrate with a knife in his back and a petrified Hamilton helping Max and Ruby plan of his disposal. But these guys are no experts and time is not on their side. With the mob leader looking for answers and an unlikely romance between Ham and Ruby the club is being neglected. With a spectacular final scene, a riotous audience is trashing the Roxy and Sidestep makes a dramatic reappearance! The Roxy was a real club as is the music. Used as an incredibly powerful, funny, nostalgic backdrop a low budget high impact global cult movie is guaranteed.

Title: Divine Intervention

Logline: The Virgin Mary gets her first Earth-bound assignment to bring young Dominic back to Heaven's side and stop Armageddon.

Synopsis: Dominic is obsessed with sex, alcohol and cigarettes. When his girlfriend, Paige, breaks up with him, God is not a happy camper. You see, Dominic and Paige are supposed to be the parents of the second coming of Christ. If Dominic stays on his current path, Satan will use him to release Armageddon. In order to stop this from happening, Jesus assigns his mother, the Virgin Mary, to head down to the surface where she goes undercover as a counselor at Dominic's high school. It is now up to Mary to convince Dominic that Paige is his true love, but cannot be with her unless he changes his ways. It turns out to be harder than she thinks when Satan finds out and begins his own push to keep Dominic. It all comes down to the power of love, sacrifice, friendship and the ultimate in Divine Intervention to bring Dominic back to Paige and stop Satan from destroying the world.


Logline: The spoiled host of a popular survival TV show, who lives in the shadow of his famous naturalist father, discovers its not easy to keep a secret - that he has no survival skills at all.

Synopsis: The spoiled host of a popular survival TV show discovers it's not easy to keep a secret - that he has no survival skills at all - when he's forced to go on a real nature challenge to win the girl he loves and get his show renewed. Trouble comes into Ted's life when he runs into a sincere woman who believes in his fake persona, and a rival who wants to take the girl for his own and run Ted's show into the ground as well. Ted has to gear up to face the yearly Survival Challenge to win the Peary Cup before his rival does. The problem is that the contest is judged all the way down the line, so Ted has to face the wild on his own, without his crew and support team. When tragedy strikes and lives are on the line, Ted pulls it together at the last minute, and finds that he really does have the power to not be a fake after all.

Title: The Bindelbaums

Logline: All's fair in love, war and family relationships when musically gifted, but dorky teen, GERTIE, and her perfect SISTER, find out they must compete against each other to win a talent contest.

Synopsis: Gertie and Tiffany aren't just sisters, they're best friends, that is until they find out only one remaining scholarship exists at a prestigious "Julliard-type" school. And the winner of a talent competition will determine who that person is. Let the "sister" battle begin! Coverage on this screenplay was a "CONSIDER!" "An unusual delivery makes this sister story unique, fresh and funny."