Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre


Logline: AMERICAN PIE meets DODGEBALL in this crazy college romp.

Synopsis: Some people think beer drinking is something college kids do to pass the time. Others venture to call it a sport, but when you take a simple game and add a twist of full contact flavor, well that spells disaster for Ty Richards. Ty is a popular charismatic senior who's about to embark on a recently turned raucous sport that will not only test his liver capacity, but his ability to take blows from Vermouth University's starting defensive linemen. As he prepares for the game of his life to try and gain back respect for his father, he also gets a crack at the campus beauty that he's been in love with since his freshman year... until her extremely wealthy ex-boyfriend tries to foil their love and steal the championship to continue his family legacy! WGA#1147109

Title: The Umpire

Logline: The Umpire is a story of an irresponsible umpire who upon returning home from a failed Las Vegas marriage faces family turmoil and competition from an old high school rival.

Synopsis: The Umpire is the story of an irresponsible umpire, Gregg Gannon, who returns home from a failed Las Vegas marriage to face family turmoil and competition from an old high school rival. Gregg must decide between being a responsible, well adjusted adult or continue his pursuit of umpiring in the major leagues. After spending several years playing competitive sports the lifestyles and habits of umpires appeared like more of a sub-culture to me than a profession. The entire "be seen but not heard" philosophy of officiating offers a rare comedic value which drove me to put this screenplay on paper. I'd like to submit The Umpire for your consideration and possible representation. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

Title: Convenient Store Four

Logline: Heat without the seriousness but with the same end result.

Synopsis: Convenient Store Four is about four knucklehead friends that turn to criminal mischief because they are tired of making a living that amounts to squat. It is a humorous story full of silly situations and debacles only these guys can get themselves in to. In the end, they end up losing more than they ever gained and that's it. I feel my characters and dialogue separate my stuff from the rest. I have worked with an industry consultant to make sure my format is correct. Look me up on to view some pics and some stuff I've written on my blog. I will be moving to LA soon. Call me at (979) 218-8561 or email me at Thanks.

Title: Jack Burton Saves the Universe

Logline: An unpopular high school dork must realize his extraordinary destiny in order to save the earth.

Synopsis: In rural Batesville, Texas, nerdy high school virgin and sci-fi aficionado JACK BURTON yearns for a life free from locker room wedgies and awkward dinner table conversation with his oddball family. Things start to look up for Jack when a sultry new girl enrolls at school and takes interest in him. But while Jack is blinded by teenage lust, the sexy, other-worldly creature stealthily plants the seeds for a full-scale eradication of humanity by impregnating local redneck men with her species. It all hits the fan as an army of flesh-eating alien babies swarms the town, forcing Jack and his family to overcome their hilarious demons, fulfill their ridiculous destinies and save the human race.

Title: Adopted

Logline: An adopted Asian named Zach finds his birth father is really a wealthy businessman, inherits the company, loses it due to ineptitude, and has to literally fight to get it back.

Synopsis: Zach is a gloriously underachieving supermarket worker who was adopted from Japan when his adoptive parents realized they couldn't afford to adopt a white kid. Wanting to find some sort of meaning in his pathetic life, Zach searches for his birth-parents online, only to find his father is really a wealthy hermaphroditic business owner in Japan named Kami Kamiko. Zach visits his father's company, hoping to find his niche within his father's business, but screws up every attempt which ultimately leads to his father's untimely (but hilarious) death, and Zach's taking over of the company. After repeated and misguided attempts to run his father/mother's business (such as a free hooker day to boost morale), a frustrated Zach sells his company. Zach has a near-death experience after eating a poisonous blowfish wherein his dead father convinces him to fight to get back his company. One training montage later, Zach is victorious and finds a shallow new direction in life.

Title: Rough Draft

Logline: After their script is plagiarized, two young writers set out on an adventure which gives them a few twists and surprises as they uncover material for a new script.

Synopsis: Two young ambitious writers believe they have a surefire winning screenplay for a writing contest. Their world is turned upside down when their script is plagiarized and entered in the very contest they are vying to win. In order to find material for a new script they embark on a wild ride full of twists and turns which lead them to discover the true nature of being friends and writers.

Title: My Big Fat Armenian Brother

Logline: A Comedy about a Reality Show. In the vain of" My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

Synopsis: Ken Davitian known for his co-starring role in Borat discovers his estranged brother Michael who is a big movie Star in Armenia wants to come live in the United States. Ken finds out the only way to get him here is on a work visa. Ken recruits the help of his cousin an Armenian studio executive. Together they hatch a plan creating a reality show and hiring Michael to meet visa requirements. Michael enters the country and is caught up in a crazy, world wind reality show consisting of Ken and his wife trying to find him someone to marry. Ken Davitian has agreed to play the role. Joe's Film and Tv credits can be seen

Title: Slippery Bananas

Logline: Four lifelong buddies band together to save their beloved water park from being demolished by a local mayoral candidate with connections to greedy developers.

Synopsis: Johnny, Dean, Charlie, and Fred are buddies in their early 20's who work at Slippery Bananas waterpark. Johnny's dad, a powerful Congressman and Mayoral candidate, promises to pad the pockets of himself and his friends through a construction deal which would knock down the waterpark and Main Street. Johnny declares, and his buddies agree, that they will do everything in their power to keep Slippery Bananas open. Hilarity ensues, and Johnny uses the contacts of his love interest, Kara, to force his powerful father to back down on his plans to destroy local landmarks.

Title: Bullet Holes And Bear Guts

Logline: Fulfilling a dead friend's dream is a lot harder when you're being perused by an eccentric, gay mob boss.

Synopsis: After his friend's death in a mysterious house fire, pizza delivery man, Guy Fisher comes into a lump sum of money. Determined to fulfill his dead friend's dream, he sets out for Mexico only to find that the original owner of the money, Bruno Bracco, the eccentric, gay mob boss of the mid-west, wants it back and aims to pursue Guy at all costs, leaving him in a situation of meeting new people that will change the course of his life forever.


Logline: A young woman (Susan) a gold digger marries an older top Hollywood movie producer (Charley). Shortly after their marriage Charley passes away. Susan thinks she is now filthy rich.

Synopsis: At the reading of the well things change, Samuel, Charley's younger retarded brother, is introduced as the beneficiary of Charley's trust. Susan is only the Executor. As long as Susan cares for Samuel she will receive a small annual income and continue living in the Beverly Hill mansion, driving the Rolls Royce. But, if Samuel predeceases Susan she inherits the trust. Susan sets out to accomplish this goal without being accused of murder. From the book SAMUEL by Keith Quincy.