Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: The Unthinkable Bawdy Brown

Logline: 40 Year Old Virgin meets Fight Club! When Bill meets Adeline, he realizes he may not be the only one with crazy thoughts! A refreshing look at devious daydreams and office romances.

Synopsis: Bill fears confrontation and rejection. He lets people run over him, be it his friends, peers or co-workers. Dragged down by a lagging career and lacking social life, life is monotonous and humdrum. His daydreams are defense mechanisms against a world he finds harsh and hostile. Then he meets Adeline, a new co-worker who changes his idea about what it means to live life. Her aggressive & frank nature not only shocks him but begins to rub off on him. Their friendship blossoms and before Bill knows it, he's dealing with an act that scares the hell out of him: asking a girl out. But before he can find the nerve to ask Adeline out, he must confront all of his other fears. The story is first & foremost a love story, set in the comical world of the office and the cubicle. It is a story about finding courage (and fantasizing about it), about expressing oneself, about growing upwards and outwards, and about enjoying life even when it seems nothing in the world is worth enjoying.

Title: Fashion Wars

Logline: Working Girl meets Devil Wears Prada

Synopsis: Fashion Wars is about Alexia Hermosa, 20, a Venezuelan, kind-hearted, fashion passionate, house keeper whose design idea is stolen by her boss. When her boss is detained by police, Alexia seizes the opportunity to steal it back and enters herself in the 2008 Fashion Wars competition. The Fashion Wars is an extremely successful televised reality based design contest that pits top designer against top designer, e.g. Michael Kors v. Donna Versace. The contest is broadcast worldwide and is judged live by television viewers, fellow top designers, and internet users. Never before has an amateur been allowed to compete, until this season.

Title: One Night In Sleazeside

Logline: Inadvertently Brooklyn mobsters mix their posh girlfriends with mob business. Located in NJ's summer getaway Seaside, the results create a whirlwind of hilarious adventure and drama.

Synopsis: Rising mafia star Tony Spasaro fell in love with Maria Russo, who happens to be the estranged niece of New York Mafia Boss Carmine Russo. Tony is forced to make a decision on their summer road trip whether he will marry the woman of his dreams or lose her forever to his growing career in the mob. But hold on! Vinny and Sal, Tony's best friends since childhood may have an influence on his verdict and will do anything to get their pussy-whipped leader back. From botched robberies to falling in love the dark- humored feature will have you gasping and laughing until the end, making ONE NIGHT IN SLEAZESIDE the new mob tale of the younger generation. I'd like to submit ONE NIGHT IN SLEAZESIDE for your consideration and possible representation. I am a recent Rutgers University graduate who is seriously focusing on writing screenplays. Currently I write and direct a NYC cable TV show and I am polishing a pilot about adult nightlife that would be well marketed for HBO.

Title: Take Me Back

Logline: Reformed playboy tries to win his ex-wife back. She's reluctant, so he works on her fiance, taking the nerd out on the town in an elaborate frame-up.

Synopsis: A reformed playboy attempts to woo his ex-wife, in the romantic comedy "Take Me Back." Slight roadblock for Grant: Irene is now engaged to be married to Henry. He might be a little nerdy, but Henry is serious, reliable and straightforward, everything Grant isn't. Getting nowhere with Irene, Grant decides to work on Henry. Flattered by the charming, cool sophisticate, Henry sidesteps Irene's warning and agrees to "hang" with Grant. What harm could going to the ball game do, especially since Grant has such great tickets . . . . Three days later (or is it four?), Henry finally resurfaces, hideously late for his own rehearsal party, bleary-eyed, somewhat incoherent, smelling like booze and cheap perfume. Where has he been? Why hasn't he called? How come different women kept answering Henry's cell phone? Why are there night club stamps up and down his arms? Is that a TATOO??? And who's this girl following you everywhere? Based on a true story. (More or less.)

Title: The Amazing Dave

Logline: A Farrelly-esque comedy about an ordinary man who has to deal with the ups & downs of a not just a relationship, but one with a superheroin.

Synopsis: Dave is an ordinary guy who loves to play pool enjoys the simple life. But when he saves a girl from being attacked, Dave gets a new admire in her beautiful sister Amanda. As Dave & Amanda's relationship grows stronger, he begins to notice that there is more to Amanda than meets the eye including her abilities to open jars of spaghetti sauce at will, move furniture for vacuuming, beat traffic around Manhattan, and her prowess in the bedroom. When Dave learns that Amanda is actually Nexa, one of the strongest superheroes in the world, he must come to terms with the fact he has no ordinary girlfriend. Not only that, but Dave must also deal with Amanda's stalker, superhero ex-boyfriend who just can't seem to let go. How will Dave deal with all of his issues? Perhaps he can get help in a support group for those with "super-significant others."


Logline: A building contractor takes over his daughter's High School Cheer Squad and leads them to a championship.

Synopsis: Jerry Landers knows everything about contracting but diddly about cheerleading. Raisng a 16 year old and a 3 year old is tough enough, but now In an effort to get close to his teen daughter Jenny, Jerry volunteers to coach her cheer squad. With help from his 3 roughneck friends and his former 69 year old former gymnastic coach Irma Tuttlemeyer, Jerry must build the misfit team to respectability and fill the void in his daughters life left by her very supportive Mom. Problem is Jerry's struggling contracting business is in desperate need of the Beef King account and competitor Frank Tank will try all means to destroy his reputation and get the contract himself. Because in the macho world of contractors, coaching a Cheer team isn't manly and the Beef King wants to hire a Man's man for the job. Will Jerry give up on the team and fail Jenny or choose the survival of his company and quit coaching to keep the contract? Find out by requesting a copy of Cheer Dad.

Title: Get on top

Logline: A crime caper that intermingles eleven characters in a game of cat and mouse spawned by a corrupt political candidate.

Synopsis: Get on top WGA# 1142498 A political candidate gets his old friend out of prison to help him rig the state election. They hire a hitman to take care of the FBI agent that is tailing them. After failed assassination attempts by the hitman, two detectives investigate the evidence that is left behind. The same hitman picks up a contract placed on the head of the candidate by his own secretary, the payoff being the dirty money that funds the candidate's campaign. The candidate's associate helps to frame the competition on the day of the big debate, putting the candidate at the top of the polls. The candidate short changes his associate for a job well done. Meanwhile, after the final investigation by the detectives all signs are pointing to the candidate. With the associate wanting what is owed to him, the hitman trying to get the payoff on his contract, and the secretary chasing the score of a lifetime, they all find themselves at a showdown at the candidate's mansion.

Title: Jack Burton Saves the Universe

Logline: An unpopular high school dork must realize his extraordinary destiny in order to save the earth.

Synopsis: In rural Batesville, Texas, nerdy high school virgin and sci-fi aficionado JACK BURTON yearns for a life free from locker room wedgies and awkward dinner table conversation with his oddball family. Things start to look up for Jack when a sultry new girl enrolls at school and takes interest in him. But while Jack is blinded by teenage lust, the sexy, other-worldly creature stealthily plants the seeds for a full-scale eradication of humanity by impregnating local redneck men with her species. It all hits the fan as an army of flesh-eating alien babies swarms the town, forcing Jack and his family to overcome their hilarious demons, fulfill their ridiculous destinies and save the human race.

Title: It's a Horrible Life

Logline: Love may come to those who wait, but after fourteen years with the same guy, even a reasonable girl has her limits.

Synopsis: Isaac's girlfriend, Hope, feels like Eleanor Rigby. She has patiently waited fourteen years for Isaac to pop the question. Isaac has spent fourteen years trying to avoid conversation. But when at a friend's wedding, Hope develops a reputation for beating up anyone who gets between her and a thrown bouquet, Isaac's days of being "happily unmarried" may be numbered. It will take an annoyingly good-looking rival to appear on the scene, a Frank Capra hallucination, and a persistent mugger to make Isaac realize how he truly feels about Hope. But he may be too late. My screenplay, "It's a Horrible Life", is a romantic comedy in the tradition of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Groundhog Day". I'd like to send you my completed script of "It's a Horrible Life" for your review and possible representation. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Title: Klansman Can't Jump

Logline: The Grand Wizard of the KKK has a secret. His adopted son turns out to be black. You won't believe the adventures his son gets into keeping this under wraps.

Synopsis: Hank and Elanore Fugitt are a normal couple. As normal as a couple can be when Hank is the Grand Wizard of the KKK. But, when they find out that having kids is not a possibility the Fugitt's turn to adoption and things get crazy. Because of a rare skin disease, they don't discover that their blind child, Rufus, is black until he is 15. At this time they decide to send him and his handicapped gay brother, Jim Bob, to a school set up to hide embarrassing children of the Klan. At the school we meet Mr. Card. His job is to rehabilitate or get rid of these troubled students. The students at the Georgia Institute of Blinds Queers and Retards compete for top billing at the school culminating with one student being named Grand Wizard of the school. Throughout the movie Rufus the narrator tells us the story of his life while doing various jobs ranging from air traffic controller to security guard.