Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Vampire Academy

Logline: Vampire Academy is a "mockumentary" set in the religiously fundamentalist town of Fishkill, which is thrown into turmoil when a mysterious outsider opens a school for aspiring vampires.

Synopsis: You may be surprised to learn that evangelical Christians share a number of tastes and interests with the modern vampire, among them softball, pickled eggs and music by The Doobie Brothers. But, sadly, these commonalities are often overshadowed by rash judgment and misunderstanding ... In Vampire Academy, Edgar KlopKlophenhoffen opens a school that teaches personal and professional growth through the modern vampire lifestyle. His good intentions are vehemently challenged by Reverend Bonaventure, the fire and brimstone spouting preacher who worries the Vampire Academy will damage the souls of those who might otherwise be saved. Vampire Academy was written in response to the proven demand for mockumentaries like Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman - and the current lack of competition (with Christopher Guest) in this sub-category. We'd appreciate you considering representation of our script.


Logline: Two guys meet up with the bad guy of all bad guys after they win the lottery and need the bad guy to cash their winning ticket for them.

Synopsis: We see that greed kills and trust pays off when two guys, THINK and THUNK, who are holed up from the law in a patch of desert that is populated by armed men, hit the lottery. Well, at least Thunk hits the lottery after spotting the winning numbers on Think's system! Thunk doesn't tell Think of his great fortune until they are being pursued by the bad guys! Now Think learns they are to meet a guy named JOE (JOSEPH FULLER SCHIDD) who will cash their $39 million ticket -- no questions asked! They encounter Joe up a certain CREEK! Fortunately, Joe's female helper, THANK, who wants to right some wrongs, joins them to battle Joe for the winning ticket. After the dust settles, and after a bout with a judge, and a courtroom that Thunk rules, there's only one question remaining: Where's that goddamn ticket?!

Title: Holiday Spectacular

Logline: Fading screen legend Roman Ramsey reluctantly finds himself directing a middle school play to win over his estranged daughter and revive his career.

Synopsis: Pompous, washed-up Hollywood legend Roman Ramsey is coaxed into filming a documentary on his family life when all the other offers have dried up. The problem is that his only family is a daughter. Emma, that he hasn't spoken to in ten years. Roman sweeps into the New Hampshire town where Emma teaches middle school, and when she wants nothing to do with him, he ends up directing the school's "Holiday Spectacular" in an effort to win her (and the documentary audience) over. But Roman soon finds he's in way over his head--between his angry daughter, the talent-less kids, a bitter documentary crew and his unexpected crush on the widowed music director, Roman is forced to rethink not only the project, but the choices he's made to get him there. When he truly throws himself into the play, both he and his daughter are changed in ways neither could have imagined. This screenplay reached the quarterfinals for Screenwriting Expo 2007 contest and Filmmaker's International 2007 WGA#1204870

Title: Switch

Logline: Discovering that her husband has a mistress, a jilted wife sets out to change her husband's floozy into a man by secretly feeding her male sex hormones.

Synopsis: Jilted wife Belle and her deviant friend Mimi concoct a fiendish new form of revenge against Belle's cheating husband. Posing as potential trans-gender patients, Belle and Mimi visit a sex change doctor for the purpose of gathering a stash of hormone therapy. The meeting is a bust and they resort to Plan B - breaking into the medical clinic after hours to steal sixty days' worth of testosterone samples. Mimi arranges a scam for the floozy to be out of her house for an afternoon. Belle and Mimi break in dressed as Mary Kay reps, and inject all of the hormone samples into the floozy's face cream, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. Then, the transformation begins - acne, male patterned baldness, increased facial and chest hair, breast reduction...

Title: Rich in Cincinnati

Logline: "Six young friends chip in for one lottery ticket and happen to win."

Synopsis: Rich in Cincinnati is a single-camera mockumentary. It is about six friends that decide to chip in for a lottery ticket. They just happen to win the Ohio Mega Jackpot worth over $350 million. This show is how they cope with their "rags to riches" lifestyle. Locals in the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio try to borrow money and will go so far as to steal money from the young millionaires. Since they are all fresh out of college their minds of handling great forture is at a bare minimum. Even though they can afford a lavish lifestyle of expensive dinners, fancy cars, and being apart of an elite group of people; they still maintain an average and ordinary life. Unfortunately, that is impossible because they have a camera crew filming their every move. They get into all kinds of trouble and hope that their money can bail them out. Nonetheless; can money really buy everything?


Logline: Dancer fleeing murder rap is housekeeper to Humanities Professor. Teaches him real world Humanities. Acquitted and adopted by him, he sends her to drama school.

Synopsis: Leonardo, a retired, reclusive, widowed Harvard Humanities Professor estranged from his son Lenny, a criminal attorney. Leonardo's abrasive attitude repels housekeepers. Lenny hires Samantha a disguised go-go dancer fleeing a murder charge. Samantha is befriended by Matilda a neighbor widow in love with Leonardo who calls her the Black Widow. Matilda smuggles meals in to cover up Samantha's inept cooking. Leonardo's snob, embittered attitude antagonizes Samantha an aspiring actress. There are explosive confrontations. Samantha's gradual attrition penetrates the crusty Professor's protective armor as she weans him from the Ivory Tower concept of Humanities to real world Humanity. Arrested, she is bailed out by Leonardo and defended by Lenny . The media hype the murder-sex scandal of Harvard Professor in Menage a Trois. She is acquitted and adopted by Leonardo who sends her to drama school. Leonardo is seduced by his next housekeeper, the Black Widow.

Title: Doubleheader: Two-Headed Steroid Monster

Logline: A small town is scandalized when a popular, light-hitting shortstop hulks up and becomes a raging, home run-bashing "monster" in this steroids-era satire.

Synopsis: The quiet, baseball-loving small town of Yakima is visited by a scandal that shakes it to its roots, when the popular, light-hitting shortstop ARMON KILLBREW hulks up, and becomes a home run-hitting machine. Now chiseled like a body builder, the formerly mild-mannered Armon becomes sulky, arrogant and unpredictable - when someone pastes a tabloid story about a "Two-Headed Steroid Boy" to his locker, Armon flies into a rage, nearly killing a teammate. His moodiness carries over to his home life, as his long-time girlfriend ANGIE complains Armon has lost interest in her, now that he spends all his time with BRUCE, his demanding trainer. Some suspect Bruce is loading Armon up with steroids and HGH. As his personal life spirals out of control, the increasingly bizarre Armon calls a news conference - to "vehemently deny rumors that I have a second head." With major league scouts on the way, Armon ends up at the police station, covered in blood.

Title: My Fairy Sister

Logline: Julia Meadows, a young human-fairy from Northern England visits her trendy half sister and ill mother in Los Angeles to bring a deeper understanding of the world.

Synopsis: Julia Meadows, a human-fairy from Northern England is advised to visit her half sister and ill mother in Los Angeles. What she finds deeply concerns her. Her sister, Cassie, is trapped in a predictable world of cell phones, fashion, internet, iPods, email, cosmetics and materialism. Julia strives to open her sister up to a deeper, more conscious life. Julia must also deal with her mother's illness while avoiding her nemesis, a young, persistent, paranormal investigator who followed her from England. His mission is to expose the fairy realm to the world. Cassie slowly begins to understand her sister's teachings. The investigator has a transformation of heart and vows to keep the fairy realm secret. Cassie comes to embrace the power and magic of her FAIRY SISTER. MY FAIRY SISTER is filled with fun and adventure. This TIMELY story will make you laugh and cry. Julia's message must be heard.

Title: The Feud

Logline: Bonus round collapse causes real life family feud.

Synopsis: Shawn Lett is a young man pressed into action as a last minute fill-in on a popular game show after his girlfriend's uncle was tragically killed just days before her family was set to compete on the show. Shawn's monumentally embarrassing collapse in the bonus round of the show instantly makes him the laughingstock of the nation and triggers a real life family feud as the dreams of his girlfriend's father, who planned on starting his own business with the prize money, have now been squashed. The media frenzy surrounding the show sparks a rematch pitting Shawn's family against his now ex-girlfriend's family. Please contact me if you are interested in reading our script. Our wga number is 1034476. Thank you, Chris Kellner

Title: The Adventures of Mustache and Mullet

Logline: Two geeky friends try to adjust and become the cool kids in high school...but they're not.

Synopsis: Childhood friends, Javi (Mustache) and Dick (Mullet), dream about being cool while they are on a class trip and getting picked on as 6th graders. Fast-forward to homecoming week of their senior year in high school and they think they have reached their goal. Still wearing the same out-of-date styles they wore as 6th graders, Javi with a thick bushy mustache and Dick with a mullet, they use homecoming week as an opportunity to hook-up with two of the most popular girls in school. Their awkward social skills are oblivious to them as they pursue the girls. During the week a series of unfortunate events occur but their spirits remain high.