Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Salvation

Logline: A young Major in the Salvation Army initiates a Robin Hood-esque crime spree in his Manhattan neighborhood to save the Women's Shelter he manages from foreclosure; disaster and violence ensue.

Synopsis: Marlowe, the head of a Salvation Army-run building for poor women, finds out his building is in foreclosure. Land developers jump in to flip the building for profit. The tenants realize they'll be thrown out on the streets. They recruit Marlowe to lead them to some sort of salvation. With the help of a teenage runaway, Marlowe forms a "neighborhood watch group" that is actually a front for a criminal gang, meant to de-gentrify the neighborhood just enough to save the building. But soon Marlowe can barely contain the ladies. Women are now being robbed, drugs, graffiti, and gangs are everywhere. Stressed and exhausted, Marlowe falls asleep while smoking and accidentally sets fire to the building and is arrested for arson. The women have lost their home, leader and all their material belongings. But it seems to have an amazing effect on the women. They now have a sense of independence and freedom. They are saved from the trap of the building itself and united by a sense of togetherness.


Logline: Paddy is a witty standup comedian from 'outer space' whose bizarre sex life is revealed in a series of hilarious episodes.

Synopsis: Paddy is a 70 year old virgin who works as a standup comedian. He looks for sex counseling but mistakenly meets up with Dr. Won Ball, a sex change quack. Dr. Won Ball won the Victoria Cross for bravery in battle even though he blew a testicle to smithereens playing Russian roulette. He seduces Paddy into signing a transplant contract to replace the testicle he lost. The crazy doctor uses a meat chopper and Paddy ends up in a hospital with a gay nurse minus a testicle. Luckily he had three to begin with. Paddy struggles to lose his virginity in an old folk's home; a place known for some hanky panky. He conveniently finds a supply of Viagra just as a new resident shows up; a French lady who works as a prostitute in order to pay the rent. She is 70 years old and dresses like a teenager...;. Paddy goes for it but has a heart attack and dies on the job with the Viagra still working. This creates problems for the undertakers at the funeral because they can't close the lid of the coffin.

Title: The Misfits of Mishawaka

Logline: Four losers in a small Indiana town with an addiction to golf, no common sense, an allergic reaction to responsibility and the humor of LSD infested pinheads sucking on crack-cocaine lollipops.

Synopsis: Joe is a foul-mouthed, angry and bitter man with the temper of Jack the Ripper. He once tried to pass off a jar of brown liquid on Ebay as the Diarrhea of Anne Frank. Bob is a disgusting fat ass with uncontrollable bowels due to a botched surgery to remove a cyst from his rectum. Frank once purchased pecker pills from a stranger on the street and is now inflicted with a permanent boner. He's also convinced that Abe Vigoda is a former Nazi war criminal. Ken is the leader of the group. Highly intelligent, and a phenomenal golfer with no tolerance for women who don't appreciate golf. Mix together these four imbeciles and their addiction to golf and you've got a recipe for non-stop laughter with rapid-firing, outlandish dialogue. Throw in a botched bank robbery, a stint in prison and the twisted thoughts of these borderline psychos and you've got a movie that will have the audience in stitches. Move over Caddyshack. These misfits are in a class all by themselves.

Title: Scarhead

Logline: A chubby, loveable loser, dreams that he's SCARFACE.

Synopsis: Jailed in Beverly Hills for stealing a cheesburger and peeing on a car at the mini-mart, Simon Shalinski, a small time thief and pot-head, is faced with a choice. He must go straight and get his high school diploma, or Judge Hand will put him in prison! On his way home from jail, Simon steals a pizza and a 60's disco suit -- then hits his head on a stop sign and knocks himself unconscious while gawking at a girl's enormous breasts as she crosses the street. With a huge crooked scar across his forehead, driven by his thirst for money, power, and poontang, Simon becomes the dreaded drug-lord, Tony Spinello and re-lives the story of SCARFACE -- only to find that his hero's life of crime isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Title: Elijah

Logline: As Jews celebrate Passover, and symbolically open their doors to the prophet Elijah, a drunk appears on one family's doorstep and surprises even the unbelievers that miracles do still exist.

Synopsis: As a young boy opens the door at his family's Passover Seder, to his surprise there stands a drunken bum named Eli. While the boy is the first to believe that this is the prophet Elijah, eventually others start to believe it as well when miracles happen that are connected to this strange man in this family friendly comedy.

Title: Stereo Types

Logline: Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Jews, Pollacks, Indians, Middle-Easterners, fat people, thin people, old people and perverts were all harmed during the making of this film.

Synopsis: Stereo Types is a raucous comedy filled with just the right amount of sex, crime and racial profiling. It follows two 18-year-old best friends, one a hapless, Jewish virgin, and the other, a self-assured black "playa," on their final day together before going to separate colleges. During their quest for one last escapade, they find themselves tangled up in a crazy kidnapping scheme, and encounter characters and situations that play on all of our greatest stereotypes.

Title: Love & Taxes

Logline: A young woman looks for love as a young man accidentally finds love.

Synopsis: A successful young woman with everything in life, but the love of her perfect match. A young, handsome, playboy who doesn't take dating seriously starts to fall for the most unlikely of matches. In this romantic comedy these two lead characters can't seem to resist each other, despite the differences in their lifestyle. Along the way their friends help make their misfortunes comical to everybody, but the two love birds. Young, hip, date movie with a happy ending.

Title: Designs On Her

Logline: Mitch, a clothes designer, is asked to make a dress for the first lady, but his estranged wife and her two evil girlfriends steal the dress, holds it for ransom and heads out for Barbados.

Synopsis: Mitch Tomlin, a clothes designer is asked to make a dress for the first lady. Mitch and his wife,Tara, start having problems and he kicks her out of the house. She stays with her two evil friends and they concoct a plan to steal the dress and hold it for ransom. All Tara wants is to get revenge on Mitch for kicking her out of the house. They get in head over heels when they rob Mitch's bank account. They get scared and high tail it to Barbados too wait for the heat to die down. Mitch and the first ladies two bodyguards find out where they went and follow them. Not only does Tara have it in for Mitch, one of the bodyguards does also. He never liked Mitch from the start and always calls him a pansy designer. The bodyguard plays pranks on him along with the three girls. He just can't win until he finally gets his Wife back along with a baby that is on the way.

Title: God Cops

Logline: Two British cops find themselves imbued with mysterious powers, using them with dramatic effect in their work, until two criminals with similar powers force them into a spectacular battle of wills.

Synopsis: PC Mark Watson and PC Gurjit Singh love and hate their job. Dealing with crooks, cons, rascals and reprobates is their daily grind. A burglary in an old house changes all of this, as the cops become affected by a mysterious substance disturbed during the break-in. The following day their work takes on a powerful new edge, as they deal with incidents in a thrilling manner, changing lives for the better. A balance is restored when the cops discover that two burglars have also been affected, thrusting all four into a sensational and destructive showdown . WGA Registered #1363857

Title: Diary of A Madman

Logline: Dave Dwyer keeps a steady diary of all his indiscretions while living a life with no rules, only to fall in love in the end.

Synopsis: Dave Dwyer loves Ozzy Osbourne, girls, his friends and lives life by the seat of his pants with absolutely no rules. Seemingly successful, working in software sales, he's constantly on the run from love. Only Dave's diary holds the secrets behind his mind...until he visits a frail psychiatrist for help. Slowly his life begins to unravel and horror of horrors, return to normalcy. He blames a past flame for his odd behavior. He moves on from his distressed past to fall in love with a beautiful gal he had met early on. They eventually marry. (This was written with a sequel in mind after they are married - tentatively titled: Diary of A Madman - The Married Life)