Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Major League Lady

Logline: I've written a new chapter about our National Pastime. It is a high-concept baseball comedy, Major League Lady.

Synopsis: Chosen as the first female manager of a major league baseball team, Marge Archie struggles to earn the respect of her players and daughter while coaching her failing team to its first playoff spot in ninety-one years. My screenplays have placed in several contests including a semi-finalist for Fade In. I am also an award-winning playwright (Actors Louisville of Kentucky.) I look forward to your reply. Steven Arvanites 400 west 43 Street #38T New York, New York 10036 212-459-4222

Title: Comedy - Where Turtles Hide

Logline: Two women trying to save their business go in search of a reclusive client in a quirky little town. Unknowingly they have stepped into a community filled with bizarre people and nonconventional ways

Synopsis: As the deadline nears, Leela and Amy must find their missing client to save their small firm. Their only clue to his whereabouts is the town of Turtle Creek. Within days of their arrival, their rental car is towed and the meanest person around wants them gone. While staying at a local motel, one of the owners leaves her husband and moves in with the new guests. Leela and Amy have no choice but to accept the fact she comes with the room. It seems everyone they run into leads them away from finding their client. Leela may be heading for a little romance while fishing. Amy is grateful the emus don't stampede. They are stalked by a man of few words. They are forced to a middle of the night concert of one song. They even join the drunken group to genitally modifying the town founder statue. The short stay becomes anything but short. The harder it becomes to find their client the more they try to blend in with the locals to find him. They get pulled into strange community activities.


Logline: JACK BUGLE is able to correct mistakes as they occur by briefly snapping back time.

Synopsis: Former golfer JACK BUGLE is visited by his life caddie JONESEY (that voice in your head that nudges you one way or another when undecided about something) who apologizes for a life altering piece of advice he gave Jack years ago and offers a mea culpa in the form of a round of mulligans (golf lingo for 'do-over'). These mulligans are manifest as case of gold golf balls, and now anytime Jack makes a mistake (i.e. gets in a car accident) he can just drop one of these balls and...FLASH! Time itself suddenly snaps back to the moment before the incident allowing Jack to correct his mistakes. It's BRUCE ALMIGHTY meet GROUNDHOG DAY when JACK begins using these mulligans to manipulate others as a means to achieve everything he always wanted (fame and fortune) while in the process losing the one thing he truly needs, his girlfriend AMY.


Logline: A hell-raising country music star's tour bus picks up a hitchhiking songwriter, taking him to Nashville & Mom's Boarding House. Dark secrets from the bus ride lead to comical adventures & stardom.

Synopsis: Country Music Ensemble Comedy - PG-13 - 113p. HANDSOME HOMER HANKS, stoically stands on the side of I-40. Tired eyes facing West, thumb pointing East, 50 miles from Nashville. "The Cottonpicker", hell-raising, country music star, CURTIS COTTON's, tour bus, going back to Music City, stops to pick him up. When he steps on, and dark secrets on board, he dosen't know it, but it's the downbeat to a wild musical ride that begins at Mom's Boarding House, to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and stardom. When he meets, MOM, he meets a half grin on a crinkle cut, Cheshire cat face, sizing up a potential mouse. She rules the boarding house and the loose spirit boarders in a no-nonsense fashion. The boarders have a common love of music, and a common fear named, Mom. Curtis's kinky secrets lead the boarders and Mom, running from the cops, to a surprise ending full of laughter, love and Country Music fun.

Title: Summer of '69

Logline: A ten year old boy learns about love, life and responsibility at Woodstock in 1969.

Synopsis: TOMMY is an over imaginative ten year old that loves the TV show Batman. When Tommy's parents go away on a business trip they hire LAURIE, a 17 year old next door neighbor to watch over Tommy and his little sister ANDREA. When Laurie's grandmother dies unexpectedly she convinces her parents to leave her with the kids for a week so they can go to the funeral. After they leave Laurie throws a party and gets talked into going to Woodstock by her self centered boyfriend J.J.. Once at Woodstock Laurie and J.J. lose track of both kids. Tommy explores the Woodstock grounds and learns about love life and responsibility when he delivers a baby single handedly and accidentally has a run in with the Hells Angels. They all barely get home safely from Woodstock just before Laurie's and the kid's parents arrive. Later, when the parents figure out what happened all hell breaks loose when the Hells Angels show up for revenge and Tommy gets a chance to prove he's a hero.

Title: A Dog's Life

Logline: Don't tell the dog owners, but the winner of the Happy Valley Ugly Mutt contest will turn human for a day.

Synopsis: Poor Dinky wins first prize in the Happy Valley Ugly Mutt contest. Later, as his owners party downstairs, an angel appears and agrees to make him human for 24 hours. Then, he has one wish. He can wish for anything. Or, he can wish to become a dog again. Dinky jumps at the chance. Dinky-as-human runs downstairs and says hi to the stunned party guests. He is tossed in jail. Dinky yearns to be an ugly dog again. But the angel gave him 24 "dog hours", a week of human time! His court appointed psychiatrist has Dinky put into the dog pound as a form of therapy, thinking that he will be shocked to his senses if he has to live with real dogs. The pound is like a real prison, with armed guards, inmate gangs, and an execution chamber for any dog that lasts a week without being adopted. In prison, Dinky falls in love with an ugly girl dog, Penny. He uses his wish to save Penny from execution, and now must stay human for life. Or so he thinks. But angels can do anything.

Title: Paul's Diary

Logline: Misunderstandings and confusion captivate the Wilson family after a note is discovered suggesting one of their sons is gay.

Synopsis: The Wilson family will have to endure some changes. Paul, a senior in high school, has only a short time left to let everyone know who he truly is before graduation. Paul's fraternal twin siblings, Joey and Becca, are the rulers of the school, or so they think, being in the top grade of the middle school; they fight for independence from each other, but are always seen as a pair. Becca gets stuck in a love triangle when Joey falls for her nemesis, Kelly, and Kelly has her eyes on Jason, Becca's crush since second grade. Alex, the youngest, enters middle school not knowing what to expect; his free-spirited personality and passion being on the dance team might just make him the target of bullies.

Title: Twin Persuasion

Logline: Sexy,disarming and unscrupulous, identical twin sisters form a witty alliance as they conspire to set traps to blackmail unsuspecting executives and become involved in a string of wild robberies.

Synopsis: After serving a stretch for crime, deceivingly attractive identical twin sisters, Rose, a helicopter pilot and Lila, a professional photographer, use cunning schemes and slick disguises to extricate blackmail money from wealthy romancing executives. The suave charming twins plot a sequence of imaginative robberies. The sisters are pursued by the persistent police inspector Dupont as he follows their shifting trail to hunt them down. Rose and Lila find themselves caught several times but manage to elude the shuddering inspector's frustrated clutches.

Title: What's Not To Like?

Logline: Shakespeare's romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, set in a modern high school. While Ben and Beatrice war on each other with words, Kevin wins Julia and then loses her.

Synopsis: Ben and Beatrice wage a battle of the sexes, but they're tricked into believing each is desperately loved by the other. To be kind, they begin acting romantically and absurdly. Kevin, enlists Casey to help win Julia. Lurking in the background is Casey's stepbrother, DJ, hoping to humiliate them. After a comedy of errors at the Senior Masquerade Ball, Kevin wins Julia, but demonstrates a short fuse and quickness at jumping to false conclusions. DJ finds a way to fool Kevin into believing that Julia deceives him, leading Kevin to insult and denounce her. Beatrice, Julia's cousin, is furious and gets Ben to challenge Kevin to a boxing match for the sake of Julia's honor. At the boxing match, Kevin realizes he was fooled into thinking Julia cheated on him as Ben knocks Kevin out. Kevin and Julia are reconciled just as Ben and Beatrice learn they aren't loved by the other, yet their previous attempts at affection make them realize they might like each other after all.

Title: The Grind

Logline: A divorced man begins a new job and is caught in the middle of a war between the friend who got him the job and their new boss: a porn star from the 70's and 80's trying to escape his past.

Synopsis: Gary Puttnam is recently divorced and spends his days getting high and playing video games. When his old friend Cyril Dobbs offers him a job across the country, he jumps at the chance. Cyril is expecting his own promotion at the company until Tom Muntz swoops in and gets the job. Tom Muntz was formerly known as Tom Grind, porno superstar of the 70's and 80's. Not that he's proud of it. That's just the kind of secret shame Cyril can use to bully his new boss. Cyril assumes his buddy Gary will help him in his campaign of abuse. Unfortunately Gary begins to sympathize with Tom's desire to start his life over and offers Tom a shoulder to lean on in his darker times. When Tom's past seems to literally be catching up with him he starts to crack under the pressure, but that may be just the trigger he needs to finally confront his demons. Cyril and Gary's friendship and future at the company hang in the balance as Tom Muntz tries to come to terms with Tom Grind.