Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: 60 Summers

Logline: A fading rock star's sixtieth summer psychologically paralyzes him, as he tries to reinvent himself and his music.

Synopsis: Rocky Regulbuto grew up in Brooklyn in the 1960s. After flunking out of college and almost going to Vietnam, he and his perpetually high drummer, Todd, sold millions of records into the 1970s. A one-name wonder was born: Rocko! Sixty years old and out of shape, out of style, and out of luck, this Baby Boomer searches for a new muse that will inspire his music, replace the teenage angst that once drove him, and make him a success once more.


Logline: JACK BUGLE is able to correct mistakes as they occur by briefly snapping back time.

Synopsis: Former golfer JACK BUGLE is visited by his life caddie JONESEY (that voice in your head that nudges you one way or another when undecided about something) who apologizes for a life altering piece of advice he gave Jack years ago and offers a mea culpa in the form of a round of mulligans (golf lingo for 'do-over'). These mulligans are manifest as case of gold golf balls, and now anytime Jack makes a mistake (i.e. gets in a car accident) he can just drop one of these balls and...FLASH! Time itself suddenly snaps back to the moment before the incident allowing Jack to correct his mistakes. It's BRUCE ALMIGHTY meet GROUNDHOG DAY when JACK begins using these mulligans to manipulate others as a means to achieve everything he always wanted (fame and fortune) while in the process losing the one thing he truly needs, his girlfriend AMY.


Logline: Can party hero Jim Blacker overcome the objections of his fans - from his parents to his friends to community leaders such as the mayor and chief of police - to reform himself and lead a normal life?

Synopsis: THE REBEL's protagonist, Jim Blacker, leads a charmed life. From his college days in the early '90s to his thirties, he parties every chance he gets, and is rewarded with the adulation of, as he calls them, his "fans". You know: people like his parents, his friends, the chief of police, the mayor and, of course, women. Quite unexpectedly and despite himself, however, he begins to seek more out of life. Jim's dream job as a lifeguard just doesn't do it for him anymore; his group of close friends, including a soldier, an office assistant, a mortician, and a priest, cannot convince him to stay true to his ideals. He begins to do volunteer work; he gets a job helping kids; and he gets involved in an actual relationship. His fans are horrified and make several failed attempts to save him from himself, culminating in their own version of an intervention. Please contact me by phone or email if you are interested in learning more about THE REBEL.

Title: Shark Tank

Logline: A single night in a gay bar tests the boundaries of love and friendship among a group of friends and strangers.

Synopsis: A lot of life happens in a very short amount of time. Most of it just happens when we're not looking. In my new script "Shark Tank," a close look is taken at the lives of a group of friends in a gay bar over the course of one, single night. Similar to "Crash" in tone, the story shows how for some love is found, for others it's lost and for others the bonds of friendship are tested to the breaking point. In "Shark Tank," the human condition is examined in the least likely of places.


Logline: A spider cartoon adventure comedy set in Australia.

Synopsis: Hayden Huntsman spider is stressed out and needs to get out of the city. When the Voice in his head convinces him to go on a holiday, Hayden embarks on a journey through nature. Along the way, he befriends endless varieties of spiders and encounters stink bugs and a blue tongue lizard. When Hayden is captured by cane toads his new spider friends decide to rescue him. While looking for Hayden, the spiders meet up with an army of insects who want to send the cane toads back to the naughty corner. Hayden takes his chance and escapes the empty mud dungeon as the insects and cane toads are fighting. After the cane toads have been defeated, Hayden realizes that he wants to go home. A full moon rises in to the centre of a large web. "SPIDERS" is written in web across the moon.

Title: Scarhead

Logline: A chubby, loveable loser, dreams that he's SCARFACE.

Synopsis: Jailed in Beverly Hills for stealing a cheesburger and peeing on a car at the mini-mart, Simon Shalinski, a small time thief and pot-head, is faced with a choice. He must go straight and get his high school diploma, or Judge Hand will put him in prison! On his way home from jail, Simon steals a pizza and a 60's disco suit -- then hits his head on a stop sign and knocks himself unconscious while gawking at a girl's enormous breasts as she crosses the street. With a huge crooked scar across his forehead, driven by his thirst for money, power, and poontang, Simon becomes the dreaded drug-lord, Tony Spinello and re-lives the story of SCARFACE -- only to find that his hero's life of crime isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Title: Grilled Cheese Virgin

Logline: 2008 Bluecat Screenplay Competition Winner -- Sponsored Staged Reading in LA, Monday, June 16 at 7:30 p.m.

Synopsis: Free LA Staged Reading for 2008 Bluecat Winner BlueCat is happy to present a free staged reading of Grilled Cheese Virgin by Steven Arvanites on Monday, June 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the women's club of Hollywood, located at 1749 North La Brea in Hollywood. Admission and parking is free! RSVP to or 212-459-4222. Grilled Cheese Virgin was a recent finalist for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, a semi-finalist for the Nicholl Fellowship and a finalist at Slamdance. Steven's screenplays have placed or won in over 15 competitions. The script is available for option. Logline: When a streetwise hooker and a devout pre-op tranny fry a grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary seared in the bread, one makes it a business opportunity and the other sees the holy "relic" as her salvation. GORDY HOFFMAN will direct a professional cast of LA actors, as well as moderate a Q&A after the reading. Remember admission and parking is free!

Title: Our Man Buddy

Logline: Buddy, a nerdy party worker is duped into being a candidate for congress and wins without the help of "the local party". Once in Washington Buddy is duped again to run for president. Could have won.

Synopsis: Buddy Duncan, a naive, easily manipulated son of a deceased congressman is the sacrifical lamb for his Daddy's old seat. Chairman Stiller pulls a fast one in getting Buddy on the ballot. Mother is furious. Buddy campaigns by himself and wins, mainly because the incumbent is caught with 10 blondes in a motel. Chairman Stiller tries to invalidate election in court and loses. Buddy goes to Washington. Stiller then takes credit, Mother is proud. Buddy's father appears in ghost-like form throughout giving advice only to Buddy. Buddy is welcomed for getting his father's seat back, meets Pepper McCormack, a well known "DC" bimbo that latches onto him. Following a White House banquet, Pepper suggests that he run for president. Dr. Brodinski, a shady hypnotist regularly "suggests" to Buddy that he WANTS to be president. Mother is horrified. Buddy becoms a national sensation. Raises millions and goes to convention as the favorite, but withdraws in favor of a lady senator from Iowa. Reg. WGA.

Title: Leave My Girl Alone

Logline: A naive man needs help to save his lady from the comically unwholesome attentions of a sociopath who won't take no for an answer. Probably because he can't spell it.

Synopsis: Young lovers need to stay on their toes if they want to keep a step ahead of a career criminal who wants everybody to love him (even if it's only a one night stand). If this jerk keeps pushing his luck, our hero's going to work up the nerve to blast him off his mortal coil. Easier said than done, though, because this stand-up guy's more than happy to blast back. Twists like a pretzel. Funnier than George Bush. I've written for: New York Magazine; Village Voice; New Republic; Hartford Courant; Bangor Times and other, lesser gods. I've done some scripted comedy material for radio (WBAI), and New York City comedic stage performances as well. In any event... ...I'd be happy to submit the WGAE registered script if it's something you'd like to have a look at. Thank you. John Price 103 Waverly Place New York, New York 10011 212-777-9515

Title: Her Stinking Closet

Logline: It's been at least more than 17 years since the last time Trisha Johnson cleaned up her room

Synopsis: Behind her picture perfect life, Trisha Johnson has been hiding her stinking reality, her room. Simply out of tremendous laziness. she hasn't cleaned it up for decades. Two weeks before her wedding with Italian Prince charming, a OCD cook who considers her as Betty Crocker, two grudged schoolmates appear to unveil her literally dirty truth that is related to the death of their long lost buddy, Ivan Poverovich.