Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Cinderella Faces Reality

Logline: Most comedies tell women that if they kiss a lot frogs, they will eventually find true love. "Cinderella Faces Reality" says if you kiss a lot of frogs - - watch out for warts.

Synopsis: Cinderella's true love has been less than true. Prince Charming has been charming other princesses. So Cinderella and her cat Puss in Boots go in search of a happier ending. Prince Charming and his pal Jack the Giant Killer go on their own quest, where true to form, Charming gets into trouble with other women. After awakening a Sleeping Beauty, he is told by her family he will spend his life as a frog if he does not marry her. Cinderella ultimately finds fulfillment as a successful independent woman, while Charming is tormented by witches with lawyers, and lazy pigs and candy houses that melt...have any other queries featured a talking pig? A good wolf? "Cinderella" does. All of the familiar fairy tale characters, Goldilocks, and other trollop princesses get mixed up in this one wild adventure. It's funny, it's sexy. It's unique. I realize I'm taking a chance sending this to you, but after all, the studios are starved for good material. Prepare for a feast!

Title: Leave My Girl Alone

Logline: A naive man needs help to save his lady from the comically unwholesome attentions of a sociopath who won't take no for an answer. Probably because he can't spell it.

Synopsis: Young lovers need to stay on their toes if they want to keep a step ahead of a career criminal who wants everybody to love him (even if it's only a one night stand). If this jerk keeps pushing his luck, our hero's going to work up the nerve to blast him off his mortal coil. Easier said than done, though, because this stand-up guy's more than happy to blast back. Twists like a pretzel. Funnier than George Bush. I've written for: New York Magazine; Village Voice; New Republic; Hartford Courant; Bangor Times and other, lesser gods. I've done some scripted comedy material for radio (WBAI), and New York City comedic stage performances as well. In any event... ...I'd be happy to submit the WGAE registered script if it's something you'd like to have a look at. Thank you. John Price 103 Waverly Place New York, New York 10011 212-777-9515

Title: retail 101

Logline: recently I have wrapped up writing Retail 101. This is a humorous look into the world of Big Box Retail, from the perspective of a retail store manager.

Synopsis: Tenured store manager Stan, escorts us through the trials and tribulations of an outlandish day in the retail world. Along the way you will be exposed to ridiculous customer encounters, field management oversights, as well as the outsourced helpdesk to third world countries. Can stan last through the day, or be swallowed up by the drones? I had the opportunity to bring my 20 years of Retail Management experience to life in this script. This screenplay is registered with the WGA#1492929 If this has piqued your interest, I am seeking representation. I would be happy to send a hard copy of the feature length screenplay for your consideration. thank you

Title: Work: A Four Letter Word

Logline: A politically INCORRECT comedic Improv artist joins a very "P.C." Corporate HR department where corporate misfits provide fodder and material while in search of his true passion, his own audience.

Synopsis: WORK - A Four Letter Word is a story following the comedic misadventures in corporate America as seen through the eyes of a human resources manager. As a frustrated comedic improvisation artist who joins corporate America, the most politically incorrect adventures happen to the most politically correct department of a company. The story follows SCOTT through the internal turmoil of holding a steady job versus chasing his dreams of performing on stage. Given the current downtrodden labor market, and individuals who struggle daily to manage relationships and work-life balance, it has never been more fun to watch the hiring and firing of misfit employees.

Title: Agora

Logline: Ryan Coutt's survives a carjacking, which causes him to become agoraphobic. He researches his condition on line and meets three unlikely friends who help him save his business, fiance and himself.

Synopsis: Twenty eight year old, Ryan Coutts, is an all around success. He has a growing business, a beautiful girlfriend that he wants to propose to and the ultimate bachelor pad. When Ryan's car-jacked at gunpoint, his world quickly changes. Doctors orders of only a few days of rest turn into Ryan's incapability to leave his home and his refusal to admit that he has a problem. When he's told by Bryn that she thinks he's becoming agoraphobic he disagrees and researches the topic when alone. While doing so, he stumbles on a chat group consisting of three dysfunctional members: Stephen, Lester and Amy, which results in his life becoming that much more interesting. After making several false promises to his business partner, Tim, and his girlfriend, Bryn, plus ticking off his grocery delivery man, Rajil, Ryan confesses to the group that he has issues and is suddenly reliant upon their support. With a clever plan in tact, Ryan begs the group to help him save his world before it's too late


Logline: "Country Corner" depicts over a dozen human-interest stories set in fast-paced Silicon Valley centered around a family friendly store that serves as the community "oasis."

Synopsis: This comedy is based true-life stories of neighbors, traveling businessmen and contractors, and customers of the Country Corner Deli and family-owned store. It is unusual in this modern age to find a safe, welcoming place where people are positive, friendly, genuinely neishborly, and supportive. Audiences will discover that such a general store still exists, interesting enough in a busy metropolitan area. On the face of it, laughter, satire and irony are contained in both the plot and setting of the screenplay (that was originally written as a 3-Act play). Plot: The story-line develops into entertaining episodes full of humor. Setting: Country Corner is located in a suburban area between SF and San Jose - among the fast and high-pressure environment of Silicon Valley. This script comes at a time when America could use more comedy. All ages of character personalities are developed. The production is suitable to becoming a musical comedy. If only every town had a C.C.


Logline: What if two hapless brother bank robbers steal a getaway car with a pregnant woman inside and zany hijinks ensues?

Synopsis: Claire is about to go in to labor. Her husband, Earl, is panicking trying to get everything ready. Mikey and Bruno two hapless brother bank robbers drive up to a bank to rob it. Earl and Claire drive in a hurry to the hospital. Earl gets out and goes and gets Claire a wheelchair. At the same time Mikey and Bruno run out of the bank after robbing it. They decide to steal Earl and Claire's minivan. As they do this they accidently knock Claire in to the back. They take off with the police chasing them. The next day Mikey and Bruno go and visit the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police is being black mailed for having fornicated with sheep. Mikey and Bruno give the Chief half the money they stole for the Chief's silence. Everything seems fine until Earl, Claire's husband, shows up. Mikey and Bruno in comedic ways foil Earl and the local deputy's attempts to find his wife. In the end they find his wife while canvassing the neighborhood.

Title: Talk to Me Baby

Logline: Two struggling roommates, disgusted with their current employment situation, find solace in the sleaziest job they can sex operators.

Synopsis: Roommates, Roger and Craig, experiencing trouble with employment, decide to give being phone sex operators a shot. Roger is gung ho about the idea but Craig is a little more conservative. After attending a class explaining the job, they find the job is more exciting than they ever thought it could be! The roomies are enjoying their sexually motivated, but humorous conversations with their customers. Even more than that, they love the new financial freedom they have achieved. Though things are going great, Craig feels that he wants to make a career change after falling for a young lady(Amanda) he met at the class. Roger is upset by Craig's change of mind; and everything becomes more complicated when Craig thinks that Roger is putting the moves on Amanda. Roger feels bad and has to figure out a way to get his best friend back, and to reunite Craig and Amanda. Turns out that the very job Craig wants to leave, is what he needs to get his life back on track.

Title: The Bindelbaums

Logline: All's fair in love, war and family relationships when musically gifted, but dorky teen, GERTIE, and her perfect SISTER, find out they must compete against each other to win a talent contest.

Synopsis: Gertie and Tiffany aren't just sisters, they're best friends, that is until they find out only one remaining scholarship exists at a prestigious "Julliard-type" school. And the winner of a talent competition will determine who that person is. Let the "sister" battle begin! Coverage on this screenplay was a "CONSIDER!" "An unusual delivery makes this sister story unique, fresh and funny."

Title: Grandma Roses's Rooming Residence

Logline: A group of quirky roommates join forces to implement fundraisers to raise money to ward off Grandma Roses's foreclosure and in the end find that they are financially in the arrears.

Synopsis: Grandma Roses's Rooming Residence for Uniformed Professionals was willed to Grandma Roses's by her late husband. Some of the rather different residents are: Chin & Chan, the self conjoined self named Burmese Twins (they wrap a flesh colored cloth around their hips), Tyronne, the wannabe Airline pilot dresses like a WWII pilot; Fanny, the out-of-shape entry level Aerobics instructor; Chief Keith, the little person Chief of Police; Chef Roy Ardee, the corpulent cook; and many other quirky residents. Chief Keith serves Grandma Roses's with a foreclosure notice. All of the residents band together to conduct fund raisers to eliminate the foreclosure. All of the resident's fundraisers run afoul. After a comprehensive accounting it is discovered their fundraisers are $375,000.00 in the arrears. The villain, Chief Keith, becomes the hero when he has Grandma Roses's Rooming residence declared a Historical Structure forever mortgage free. "All Hail the Chief".