Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Men on Skis

Logline: Guys hit the slopes and each other. Leaving their families and careers behind, five guys take on 3,000 vertical feet and plenty of cocktails. Can these "men" handle it?

Synopsis: As long-time friends get together on a ski trip in Sun Valley, Idaho, they each discover that the other has brought along extra baggage. Paul is unhappy with his career. Jack is adjusting to a death in the family. Gary is a newlywed already losing the marital bliss. Mitch is rebounding from a serious illness. And Tim has primarily lost touch with the others after surviving a near-divorce, prohibition from alcohol, and becoming more religious. While these friends talk about their lives, their families, their careers, and the recent problems befalling each of them, culminating in a serious incident during the trip, this gathering of friends is filled with laugh-out-loud moments, where these "men on skis" act like anything but. They pull pranks on one another, share their silly yet seasoned perspectives on women, drinking, and using the great outdoors as your own personal bathroom. They also "dogfight" all over the ski slopes, where it is every man for himself!

Title: Hero me?

Logline: How could Heaven send us a saviour like this? But, it's better than nothing!!

Synopsis: Jeremy was flying in airplane, which fell by accident onto an old church in the middle of the desert, inhabited by friars. He helped them fight against a demon who had possessed one of their friars. When he was back in the city, he met Alison, a "lady of the night" and both got involved in a street fight, the police took them to the jail in which the couple participated in a riot, both were taken to a hospital for the injuries that they suffered. While in the hospital, the same demon had taken on the identity of one of the doctors and also kidnapped Alison, to offer her as wife of the Evil. Jeremy is investigated and chased by a police officer; he is blamed for the mysterious death of a girl. The trio get involved in a series of events and comical adventures before fighting the last battle with the most fearsome of all, the King of the Darkness.

Title: The Boykin Boy

Logline: Think Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Jon Heder as Pest Inspectors!

Synopsis: Pest Inspector by day, pizza delivery man by night--hilarious situations throughout. Meet The Boykin Boy as he takes on devious critters, clueless customers, odd co-workers, & 2 teen-age daughters, all the while living in his ex-wife's garage & sharing his bathtub with a tub of kitty litter. Climax includes the ultimate pest control training site: The Crawlspace From Hell, where every unspeakable pest control nightmare is lurking. Written by a humorous Orkin Man.

Title: The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

Logline: An offended stranger seeks revenge on an entire town by hatching a scheme that produces hilarious and disturbing after-shocks. From Mark Twain's short story; has added romantic angles.

Synopsis: Tossed off of a riverboat, Howard Stephenson washes up on the shore of Hadleyburg, the most self-righteous town on the Mississippi. Stephenson needs assistance but instead receives abuse from the town. Befriended and informed by the town's outsider, Stephenson devises a plot to teach the town a lesson. Stephenson later meets Sarah Robinson, the servant "girl" who longs to escape Hadleyburg but is trapped by her circumstances. The town hall scene is Twain at his most cinematic. Almost all of the town principals are snared by Stephenson's trap, much to the unbridled delight of the other townspeople. Mr. and Mrs. Richards are allowed to escape the trap, but because they deserve to be punished as much as the others, they suffer severe guilt repercussions, paranoid delusions, and their ultimate demise. This sets Sarah free to finally escape the confines of Hadleyburg and to pursue happiness in the larger world, which happens to be where Stephenson is going as well.

Title: Take Me Back

Logline: Reformed playboy tries to win his ex-wife back. She's reluctant, so he works on her fiance, taking the nerd out on the town in an elaborate frame-up.

Synopsis: A reformed playboy attempts to woo his ex-wife, in the romantic comedy "Take Me Back." Slight roadblock for Grant: Irene is now engaged to be married to Henry. He might be a little nerdy, but Henry is serious, reliable and straightforward, everything Grant isn't. Getting nowhere with Irene, Grant decides to work on Henry. Flattered by the charming, cool sophisticate, Henry sidesteps Irene's warning and agrees to "hang" with Grant. What harm could going to the ball game do, especially since Grant has such great tickets . . . . Three days later (or is it four?), Henry finally resurfaces, hideously late for his own rehearsal party, bleary-eyed, somewhat incoherent, smelling like booze and cheap perfume. Where has he been? Why hasn't he called? How come different women kept answering Henry's cell phone? Why are there night club stamps up and down his arms? Is that a TATOO??? And who's this girl following you everywhere? Based on a true story. (More or less.)

Title: Country Comforts

Logline: From waiting tables to writing movies

Synopsis: Mike and his friends wait tables and wait for their real lives to begin. In the meantime, they debate whether King Kong can truly be called King if there is no dong on Kong, why movie critics always use the word "gripping," steal antique Shoney's Big Boys to use as landmarks for their parties, explain that waiter talk is like Vietnamese in that changing the inflection of words changes the meaning (for example, "May I bring you anything else?" may mean "May I bring you anything else?" "Take your ass home," or "I enjoyed staring at your wife's tits," depending on the inflection), as well as developing friendships, losing love, finding it in unexpected places, and discovering who they are. What is captured is the "quarter life crisis" that is so prevalent among young people today--the period after college and before responsible adulthood that is stretching ever further--and how easy, frightening, complex, and rewarding the transition is.

Title: The Grandma Show

Logline: Despite the better efforts of his 93-year-old Italian grandmother, Anthony Deficiente, 38, gay, and a virgin, tries to find love.

Synopsis: Note - this is a full length stage-play. ANTHONY DEFICIENTE is trying to find his niche in life, but opportunities don't come easy in the dying industrial city of Gloversville, New York. Chronically unemployed, he struggles to make ends meet. All his relatives are "dead from the cancer" and he's the only one left to take care of GRANDMA, who refuses to share him with anyone. His love for Linda Ronstadt sustains him, and his refuge is his bedroom, the only room in the house without "that old lady smell." The action reveals the insanity of his past and the strong, freakish bond that holds him and Grandma together (for example, her thwarting of his suicide attempt with a frosting spatula). When Anthony meets DOUG, a fellow "Linda Nut" with a secret, Grandma and Anthony must learn how to maintain their relationship while allowing Anthony a little freedom for his own life. The play requires a cast of 6 playing 13 characters. The approximate running time is 85 minutes.

Title: Porcelain Dreams

Logline: A housewife suddenly recognizes the illusory component to her life and begins to rebel against her position in a quirky fashion.

Synopsis: This is a fragmented depiction of an American, upper-class family who appear to represent the epitome of normalcy until viewed behind closed doors. Linda Kirkland is a woman on the brink of turning 45 and slowly realizing that she is living according to an empty social code. She is surrounded by beautiful things that no longer hold any beauty for her and she begins spending entire days crying over soap operas in her pajamas or pasting her headshot on pictures of women in fashion magazines who do more interesting things than her. She is contrasted by a hard-working Chinese housekeeper who desperately wants a life like Linda's. Linda begins neglecting her teenage kids who explore a transition into adulthood without any guidance. A series of events forces Linda to realize that people rely heavily on illusion as a means of surviving the mundane repetition of day to day existence. Rather than rebel she comes to accept and maintain the fantasy for the people around her.

Title: lost in winter

Logline: A Vietnam War has sworn to his wife to never touch a glass of alcohol again. A young man arrival arise the temptation.

Synopsis: David Garrett, veteran of the Vietnam War, is running a small hotel in a coastal town with his wife Sandra. He often gets drunk to relive, in a romantic way, his various military campaigns. During a hurricane, he swears to Sandra to never touch a drink again if the hotel escaped destruction - which he managed to escape. Years later, a strange young man named Jerry Mitchell erupts into their lives. The now teetotalling Garrett soon starts to like this endearing young man, who happens to also have drinking problems - which Sandra fears will tempt her husband. My screenplay "Lost In Winter" is a comedy-drama with strong dialogues, and is reminiscent of "As Good As It Gets".

Title: The Candidate

Logline: An average American citizen is drawn into the US Presidential race as a Third Party Candidate and encounters outrageous schemes developed by the Republican and Democrat parties to stop him.

Synopsis: One month before the Presidential elections, the Democrat Party candidate dies, and Governor Helen Clayford accepts the nomination as a replacement candidate. The Republican President J. Scott Reynolds and his staff develop a secret plan to create a Third Party Candidate to sway votes from Governor Clayford. Jonathan, an average American citizen, is unwittingly drawn into the race for President as the Third Party Candidate. The Media supports Jonathan. He is swept away by the tide of fame and becomes a hero to the American public. In contrast to Jonathan's popularity, President Reynolds and Governor Clayford's campaign efforts falter, so the Republicans reverse their plan and devise schemes to foil Jonathan's campaign. But their plans are thwarted, so the Democrats and Republicans team up against Jonathan to defeat him. Several chase scenes and physical comedy result. The Republicans and Democrats soon turn against each other, and it becomes a three-way race to the finish.