Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Big Dogs

Logline: POP GUN, a young lawyer of the country-club set, is seduced by the maverick, cigar chomping, stripper-loving "Big Dogs". But can the kid run with the Big Dogs? The Graduate meets Wedding Crashers.

Synopsis: To taste the freedom, POP GUN hops the fence between the country club world into that of the Big Dogs dragging ALEXANDRA along for the ride. On his first ride with the Big Dogs, POP GUN ends up in jail for running half-naked onto the field during a professional baseball game. The publicity from this stunt loses him his job, causes his mother to kick him out of the house and thrusts him into the Big Dog world. PISTOL, his Big Dog mentor, hooks POP GUN up with strippers for roommates and sets him on the path to becoming a street hustling, personal injury lawyer. In quick succession he loses ALEXANDRA who goes back to the country club world, gets on the wrong side with a biker gang, dates the daughter of a mob boss, and pretends to be gay to detach himself from the mob princess. POP GUN is making it as a Big Dog but must break up ALEXANDRA's impending wedding. In Big Dog fashion, he crashes her bachelorette party as a male stripper to get the job done and win the girl back.

Title: A Dog's Life

Logline: Don't tell the dog owners, but the winner of the Happy Valley Ugly Mutt contest will turn human for a day.

Synopsis: Poor Dinky wins first prize in the Happy Valley Ugly Mutt contest. Later, as his owners party downstairs, an angel appears and agrees to make him human for 24 hours. Then, he has one wish. He can wish for anything. Or, he can wish to become a dog again. Dinky jumps at the chance. Dinky-as-human runs downstairs and says hi to the stunned party guests. He is tossed in jail. Dinky yearns to be an ugly dog again. But the angel gave him 24 "dog hours", a week of human time! His court appointed psychiatrist has Dinky put into the dog pound as a form of therapy, thinking that he will be shocked to his senses if he has to live with real dogs. The pound is like a real prison, with armed guards, inmate gangs, and an execution chamber for any dog that lasts a week without being adopted. In prison, Dinky falls in love with an ugly girl dog, Penny. He uses his wish to save Penny from execution, and now must stay human for life. Or so he thinks. But angels can do anything.


Logline: When a psychiatrist faces the most challenging patient of her life and tells him he is not the center of the universe, she is shocked to learn his true identity.

Synopsis: God, incarcerated as "Irwin Godbolt," seeks the help of Sylvia, a down-on-her-luck psychiatrist, to deal with his endless workload and total exhaustion. Sylvia and Irwin work together while comparing notes on their struggles with difficult humans, intractable problems and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Their symbiotic relationship ultimately helps Sylvia cope with her own life's experiences as she guides Irwin in regaining the strength to face the next billion years as the universe's "Executive Producer." My character-driven comedy's subtle humor is interestingly intertwined with wackiness and absurdity. It pokes fun at the field of psychiatry and also pushes family dysfunction to the limit. This is a timely, laugh-out-loud comedy that raises important issues such as religion, war and mental illness, while holding the unusual premise of God needing a shrink. WGAw Reg. #1698054

Title: A Not-so Romantic Comedy

Logline: The guy that wants no one finally meets that someone who just won't go away.

Synopsis: For some marriage is life's biggest joy, but for Noel Fitzsimmon, marriage is life's biggest mistake. And, when that audacious claim to want no one, is met with someone, that just won't go away-a squatter, Anne Hunter-what ensues is an irreverent but light war of attrition between Noel and the insurmountable forces of matrimony in the Deep South. His assault-sometimes poignant, always absurd-targets the institution of marriage, his best friends imminent wedding in particular as its proxy and Southern culture in general as its champion. Honest love is messy, childish, and ambiguous, but also, when it is true, as we come to find, unconditional. So, while A Not-so Romantic Comedy is at once an indictment of love and marriage-peeling away myth and delusion-in the end it operates as an endorsement, albeit reluctant, by their staunchest foe. It's got the clever comedy and emotional resonance to re-energize the genre. A romantic comedy, finally, that even guys will tell their friends to see

Title: Country Comforts

Logline: From waiting tables to writing movies

Synopsis: Mike and his friends wait tables and wait for their real lives to begin. In the meantime, they debate whether King Kong can truly be called King if there is no dong on Kong, why movie critics always use the word "gripping," steal antique Shoney's Big Boys to use as landmarks for their parties, explain that waiter talk is like Vietnamese in that changing the inflection of words changes the meaning (for example, "May I bring you anything else?" may mean "May I bring you anything else?" "Take your ass home," or "I enjoyed staring at your wife's tits," depending on the inflection), as well as developing friendships, losing love, finding it in unexpected places, and discovering who they are. What is captured is the "quarter life crisis" that is so prevalent among young people today--the period after college and before responsible adulthood that is stretching ever further--and how easy, frightening, complex, and rewarding the transition is.

Title: As Good As Dead

Logline: Jack is just like everyone else. He works in an office, he's dating someone new, his dimwitted friend has come back from the dead to enlist his help in catching the killer, and he's the next target.

Synopsis: I have just completed the feature screenplay "As Good As Dead" that I would like to submit to you for your consideration. Jack is just like everyone else - he works in an office, he's dating someone new, his dimwitted, recently murdered best friend has come back from the dead to enlist his help in catching the killer, and he's the next target. Other than that, he's doing fine. In March of 2004, I optioned my screenplay "The Devil & Steve Lear" to Nightshade Films of Chicago, and I am looking for As Good As Dead to continue that success. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Title: Crusin to Cozumel

Logline: A dorky man seeking to recharge his life and marriage takes his petulant wife on a cruise to a magical Mexican temple. But it's the zany passengers and beautiful Melissa that are the real magic.

Synopsis: Rex hopes a cruise to a magical Mayan ruin will transform his failed marriage. His wife Mildred doesn't agree and her bad mood doesn't get any better. Aboard ship Rex leans against an open gate and nearly falls overboard but is saved by a beautiful married woman, Melissa. At dinner they meet Melissa's husband, Grumpus, and Clark a gay man he becomes secretly attracted to. When the zany group gets to Mexico Rex burns his eyes looking into the sun and is saved again by Melissa. On the return leg she finds the cudly fallen hero in a hot tub at the back of the ship and performs oral sex on him. Unbeknownst to them Mildred is being shagged herself on the deck above and overhears them. Mildred publicly belittles Rex, forcing him to choose between her and Melissa. Remorseful he finds Melissa on a moonlit deck and their romance is sealed with a kiss. The petulant wife turns pathetic when Rex leaves her for Melissa. The new couple stays aboard the ship and cruise back to Cozumel.

Title: The Rufus Fagalicious' Variety Hour.

Logline: THE RUFUS FAGALICIOUS' VARIETY HOUR is the first animated variety show, based with a 1970's appearance, while following the simple traditional 1970's variety show format.

Synopsis: Monday, November 28, 2011 Below is a teleplay query for, THE RUFUS FAGALICIOUS' VARIETY HOUR. A regular THE RUFUS FAGALICIOUS' VARIETY HOUR episode has a musical act, an educational short, and several hilarious skits...but unlike other variety shows, and animated programs, Variety Hour is also full of hilarious "hidden-camera public acts". Using "hidden-camera public acts and pranks" in an animated program is brand new tactic. But using feel-real reality, and realistic settings, the advantages from live-action takes place. Musical acts are also musical skits - which tells a story with the lyrics of the famous song covers. Using real songs will open the borders for more audiences. R.F.V.H. never states what time period it is taking place; current events, celebrities, songs, and more, are all fair game...with a 1970's twist of course. If you are interested in anyway, please e-mail me. Sincerely,

Title: A Box of Love

Logline: A miserable married couple re-ignite their love after each hire the same man to kill the other. A simple divorce is too much paperwork.

Synopsis: Ralph and Judy Needham spend their days at home watching true crime television shows. Ralph irritates Judy to no end. Judy grates Ralph to no end. To add to that, Ralph is convinced she's having an affair, with good reason, even though he's doing a little mingling of his own by way of instant messenger. When they catch an episode of "Real Crime" and the sketch of a balding, gun-for-hire, who resembles the grocery clerk at their local supermarket, all rational thought disappears. A story of sudden judgment, thoughtless decisions, and two large boxes shipped FedEx to remote towns across the country. My script, A MEANS TO AN END, is currently under option at Subtitled Films and my short film, THE MISCONCEPTION OF RANDAL BIMFORD has screened at numerous film festivals including The Telluride IndieFest and The Tribeca Film Festival (2005 Budweiser Filmmaker Discovery Award Nominee). Thank you for your time and if interested, please contact me.

Title: Made in Heaven

Logline: Two teenagers Jenifer and her best friend Kim made a pact: To never give up on their dream, to keep on trying until Kim become the next big Hollywood star and Jenifer the next Steven Spielberg.

Synopsis: Wanting to get closer to their dream, the two childhood friends Jenifer and Kim Lee, now two gorgeous young women in their mid-twenties, decide to leave their hometown to head to Hollywood. While Kim will quickly become one of the hottest stars in the industry, Jenifer will struggle as a writer. But a very fortunate encounter with Jason St-Johns, her guardian angel pretending to be a studio executive, will change Jenifer's life forever. Jason's mission on "earth", it seems, is to make everything in his power (even breaking some rules) to have Jenifer realising her dream before she soon.... dies. Although that she will never make it in Hollywood before passing away, Jenifer will have the chance to fulfil her dream in a place and in a way she would have never thought possible. At last, she will honour her end of the pact as she got it made, "Made in heaven" James Sheehy 401 Roberval East, Longueuil, Quebec Canada J4L 4S6 450-679-2936