Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Burning Bridges

Logline: Following a string of unfortunate events, Rick O'Shay must force his own termination. Who knew getting fired could be so difficult!?

Synopsis: Prior to the acquisition Rick was the epitome of professionalism and hard work. As his company is taken over he stands to inherit a large retention bonus and begin working for the hottest software company in the area. However Rick must now report to his archenemy and former peer, Ms. Chung. Furthermore the company institutes a policy where each employee must work an entire calendar year to receive the full bonus. He wants to quit but can't because the forfeited bonuses are deposited into a pool that management, including Ms. Chung, will split. His only option is to get fired and receive the entire bonus upon termination. When Ms. Chung gets wind of his plan he must play an escalating mind game to see who will crumble first. I'll gladly send a treatment of this outlandish comedy or complete manuscript. Thank you for your consideration.

Title: Reading Between the Lines

Logline: Imagine what would have happened if you had indeed signed that damn "secret admirer" letter.

Synopsis: Laney Barfaloft has just recieved her first assignment as a television writer to furnish the next greatest American drama. Only problem is it's about a time and place she'd rather soon forget...high school. With the help of her whimsy co-writer, or possibly against her will, Laney uses her own embarrassing, torturing experiences from high school to launch the next greatest craze in teen drama. But to her dismay, not even good writing can erase the feelings her best friend, Mitch, and herself have always had, but denied for one another. Between remembering family trials, the re-emergence of an old crush, changes in the script, and the ironical fate of one scrap of paper that changes her life forever, Laney realizes that when it comes to love it's all about reading between the lines.

Title: Bullet Holes And Bear Guts

Logline: Fulfilling a dead friend's dream is a lot harder when you're being perused by an eccentric, gay mob boss.

Synopsis: After his friend's death in a mysterious house fire, pizza delivery man, Guy Fisher comes into a lump sum of money. Determined to fulfill his dead friend's dream, he sets out for Mexico only to find that the original owner of the money, Bruno Bracco, the eccentric, gay mob boss of the mid-west, wants it back and aims to pursue Guy at all costs, leaving him in a situation of meeting new people that will change the course of his life forever.

Title: Take Me Out Of The Ballgame

Logline: We're talking baseball in Las Vegas! An R-Rated affair like no movie ever made before!

Synopsis: Whitey Taggert, a baseball know-it-all, becomes the owner of a pro expansion team in Las Vegas, only to find that building a moneymaking and winning franchise is harder than he thought. The tale follows his new team from its comical beginnings to a dramatic final day showdown with their archrivals. Complete with a hot female doing uncensored play-by-play, an even hotter female reporter, a cast of goofy ballplayers, and two villains. Add in drugs, money, and explosives, and you've got my winning script!

Title: retail 101

Logline: recently I have wrapped up writing Retail 101. This is a humorous look into the world of Big Box Retail, from the perspective of a retail store manager.

Synopsis: Tenured store manager Stan, escorts us through the trials and tribulations of an outlandish day in the retail world. Along the way you will be exposed to ridiculous customer encounters, field management oversights, as well as the outsourced helpdesk to third world countries. Can stan last through the day, or be swallowed up by the drones? I had the opportunity to bring my 20 years of Retail Management experience to life in this script. This screenplay is registered with the WGA#1492929 If this has piqued your interest, I am seeking representation. I would be happy to send a hard copy of the feature length screenplay for your consideration. thank you

Title: Elijah

Logline: As Jews celebrate Passover, and symbolically open their doors to the prophet Elijah, a drunk appears on one family's doorstep and surprises even the unbelievers that miracles do still exist.

Synopsis: As a young boy opens the door at his family's Passover Seder, to his surprise there stands a drunken bum named Eli. While the boy is the first to believe that this is the prophet Elijah, eventually others start to believe it as well when miracles happen that are connected to this strange man in this family friendly comedy.

Title: Back Seat Driver

Logline: Ray, a Chicago cabby, falls for a sleepwalking waitress while his outrageous split-personality, cousin Eugene, lusts after their sexy psychiatrist.

Synopsis: At age 15, RAY's overbearing, showoff cousin EUGENE accidentally dies in a car accident at a rock quarry. Though innocent, Ray is consumed with guilt about the horrific event. After years of despair and grief, Eugene is born again as Ray's split personality and begins to lead a double life that Ray does not even know exists. Ray becomes haunted by constant blackouts and begins seeing Dr. Kate, a beautiful and wealthy psychiatrist seeking to leave her practice and start a new, exciting life. While Eugene and Dr. Kate kindle a romance, Ray falls in love with Jamie, a sleepwalking coffee waitress. Ray and Eugene battle and torment each other until they are finally brought together at Dr. Kate's early-retirement party. Ray's aunt and uncle and Eugene's parents are invited as surprise guests by Dr. Kate in order to help Ray. Will the confrontation finally set Ray's guilt and double life to rest or will it send him over the edge?

Title: Her Stinking Closet

Logline: It's been at least more than 17 years since the last time Trisha Johnson cleaned up her room

Synopsis: Behind her picture perfect life, Trisha Johnson has been hiding her stinking reality, her room. Simply out of tremendous laziness. she hasn't cleaned it up for decades. Two weeks before her wedding with Italian Prince charming, a OCD cook who considers her as Betty Crocker, two grudged schoolmates appear to unveil her literally dirty truth that is related to the death of their long lost buddy, Ivan Poverovich.

Title: Jobbers

Logline: Stan and Magnus are two loser professional wrestlers that are dragged kicking and screaming into the main event by Dr. Dynamite, the world champ, who believes Stan is having an affair with his wife.

Synopsis: During a typical Friday night broadcast of International Pro Wrestling, jobbers Stan, Magnus, and Phil watch as real life husband and wife, Dr. Dynamite and Nitro Nancy, break up on live TV. Magnus gets the chance to move up to be a real wrestler, but he's less than thrilled when it's revealed he'll be playing a very stereotypical Asian character. Stan is called out by Dr. Dynamite after he witnesses Stan and Nancy becoming friends and incorrectly assumes she's been having an affair with Stan. This is a pilot for an ongoing primetime comedy series. I've recently had another script optioned by Amazon Studios, WizardsQuest, and am looking for representation on other projects. Here's a link to a an article about my first optioned script: Looking forward to hearing from you.


Logline: Frustrated by empty lives, confusing gender roles, and lack of romance, two friends travel to Eastern Europe in search of love and adventure, and find much more than they bargained for.

Synopsis: Christopher Truman is a strikingly handsome, unemployed, divorced dad accused of molesting a teenage babysitter while in a custody battle with his ex-wife. He and buddy John Bernard from his Marine Corps days, opine about the sad state of their relationships, women, marriage, love and sex in America before deciding to embark on a trip to Odessa, Ukraine to find the women of their dreams. Straight arrow Chris is rigid and uptight. John is freewheeling, open minded and lives by the motto, "meet 'em, greet 'em, feed 'em, breed 'em and leave 'em. Both will be challenged by what they encounter including expatriate misanthropes, femme fatales, desperate mail order brides, corrupt officials and the Russian mafia. Ultimately each must make a choice between the life they left behind and what they discover about the world and themselves. WGAW# 1635764