Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: The Ad Lib

Logline: A middle-aged suburbanite and his show-biz-obsessed wife kidnap a TV star, along with a delusional fan.

Synopsis: Not long ago, Gordon and Rita were a typical Long Island couple. Then he got downsized. These days, you'll find them robbing hair salons and convenience stores like the title characters in the box-office hit Sally & Joe. Sean Phelps (better known as TV detective Sid Flynn) fresh off his Broadway debut, tells his manager he's had enough of his top-rated TV show and its one-dimensional character. Next season will be his last. That will be devastating news for Serena. She's just been discharged from a hospital where she was treated for an unhealthy fixation. During her stay, Serena found a new obsession - TV detective Sid Flynn. These four lives intersect at 18th and Broadway. After botching a cinema hold-up, Gordon ad libs, kidnapping Sean and his new biggest fan. They head to Gordon's childhood home, now tended by his shiftless brother Cal, where Gordon begins negotiations with Sean's manager, who hires a real-life detective to find out who's taken his star client.


Logline: A spider cartoon adventure comedy set in Australia.

Synopsis: Hayden Huntsman spider is stressed out and needs to get out of the city. When the Voice in his head convinces him to go on a holiday, Hayden embarks on a journey through nature. Along the way, he befriends endless varieties of spiders and encounters stink bugs and a blue tongue lizard. When Hayden is captured by cane toads his new spider friends decide to rescue him. While looking for Hayden, the spiders meet up with an army of insects who want to send the cane toads back to the naughty corner. Hayden takes his chance and escapes the empty mud dungeon as the insects and cane toads are fighting. After the cane toads have been defeated, Hayden realizes that he wants to go home. A full moon rises in to the centre of a large web. "SPIDERS" is written in web across the moon.

Title: Grilled Cheese Virgin

Logline: When a hooker and a pre-op tranny fry a grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the VIRGIN MARY seared into the bread, one imagines a business opportunity while the other sees her salvation.

Synopsis: My screenplay has placed in the following competitions: Nicholl Fellowship - sponsored by the Academy Awards: SemiFinalist (top 1% -2005) Red Inkworks: Third Place Page International: Finalist FadeIn: SemiFinalist FilmMakers: SemiFinalist 20/20: SemiFinalist

Title: Jilted Brides

Logline: FYI: I won a screenwriting fellowship from The Chesterfield Writer's Film Project, sponsored by Paramount Pictures. Also, my short comedy, Mulholland Drive Support Group, was a runaway hit on IFILM.

Synopsis: Three times jilted by the same man, Anita Lowe forms a support group for brides who were left at the altar. The women bond instantly in the spirit of friendship--but the group suddenly turns competitive and cutthroat when a recently jilted groom, who also happens to be a young handsome doctor, starts coming to their meetings.

Title: Someone Like Me

Logline: Three uneducated home-schooled kids enroll into a public school.

Synopsis: Paw's kids, Shimmy, Jinny, and Cole, are forced into public school where they find out just how hard real school is. Cole finishes high school, where he goes from feak to Fonzy. Shimmy bullies his way through the third grade, as Jinny advances from the second into his class to prove that girls can learn, despite her upbrining. Paw and his wife Mumma must raise enough cash now to keep their home, or they will be evicted. Full of high school hi-jinx and smart-ass wit, Someone Like Me is fun for all who enjoy watching the mighty fall and the poor low-lifes struggle to overcome.


Logline: You want to make sure a movie is a hit? Kill off your star and then release the film as his "last work." FARGO meets ENTOURAGE in BOX OFFICE KILLING. A partially packaged black comedy screenplay.

Synopsis: I have had a script produced with Warner Bros. (TWISTED FORTUNE) and finished a writing assignment to co-author a script with Stan Lee. ERICA realizes her job is in jeopardy when she comes to work and finds her boss trying to commit suicide. Again. Desperate times call for desperate measures ... such as casting DiCaprio-esque star HANZO, and then hiring serial killer RAY as production assistant in the hopes of making sure the young star meets his demise just before the end of filming. Not so simple on this movie set. The studio head demands that his Jewish, gangsta wanna-be nephew is in the movie. Ray has had a crush on Erica since high school, and wants to prove his love in a rather morbid manner. The child star is not safe around the pedophile director, and Hanzo spends most of his time having sex with anything that doesn't move away. Erica can't worry about that because every since she turned down the killer's advances... he's been coming after her!

Title: Another Go Around

Logline: Having missed his senior season of high school football, Mac and his friend Roger, college seniors to be, sneak back into a local high school to live out their football dreams

Synopsis: Mac entering his senior year of college wonders, with reluctance, what could have come of his high school football career. His fraternity brother and best friend, Roger, responsible for Mac missing his last chance and optimistic about the opportunity to return and play football, convinces Mac. Once back in high school, they find football success beyond expectations. Off the field, however, they quickly recall the misery of being eighteen. Mac finds himself in love with a high school senior. Finally, leading dual lives catches up with Mac and Roger. In this comedy of errors, they are, at long last caught. The principal, wishing to save face, and in the midst of a successful football season offers Mac and Roger the option of not going to the police on the condition that they stay eighteen. This forces Mac and Roger to choose between staying in their nightmarish high school world forever or to face the consequences. Thank you

Title: The Pool Boy Wars

Logline: A Pool Boy is forced to buy his father's pool company, tries to break the ultimate pool party record and ends up in a pool boy war.

Synopsis: On Pete Chickabiddy's thirtieth birthday, his father sells him their pool cleaning company. Pete inherits all its debt, clients and employees: Stu, Tan and his girlfriend/receptionist Beth. Pete sees it as a chance to beat the pool party record. Using his clients' pools, he'll covertly throw a pool party a week for the whole summer, and then maybe get around to doing a little cleaning. Meanwhile, a disgruntled ex-employee, Cassidy, starts his own pool company and vows to take Pete down. A pool boy war ensues: clients are cajoled, pools are turned red and sex is had with octogenarians. Yes it's ugly, but so is war. Pete beats the record, but loses his company, his girl and his shorts (literally). Pete realizes he has to take responsibility for what he's done. To do it, he'll have to find a way to make his clients' forgive him, stop Cassidy from making the worst mistake of his life and prove his love to Beth, even if it means getting naked on live TV.

Title: Soberin

Logline: A genetic researcher with a family history of alcoholism has developed the cure for alcoholism. He battles an unlikely group of co-conspirators who want to prevent the release of the gene therapy.

Synopsis: Soberin was invented by a genetic researcher, Loren McKinley, at the National Institute of Alcohol Dependency and Abuse(NIAAA).Soberin corrects genetic abnormalities associated with alcoholism. There are organizations that will lose billions in revenue or their existence will be threaten if Soberin is released. The eccentric leaders of these organizations fight the release of soberin even if it means destroying the reputations of the researchers,blackmailing and murdering members of the research team. Loren's dedication to his research has jeopardized his marriage which he wants to save. In the end, with the help of his wife, he achieves success, public recognition,and happiness. Genre: Dark Comedy, Style: Non-Linear WGA:1546105


Logline: A father tells his son a story of his wild fraternity days. His frat house is threatened, and the misfit brothers' all get their acts together and save the one thing they take seriously.

Synopsis: Ever reminisce about the bacchanal times you had back in college? Ever want to show your kid that you're not the anal-retentive loser that he thinks you are, but were once -- one righteous dude? While taking his son to college for the first time, our "loser", Rob, reveals his dissipated, darker days in a fraternity. The only thing his frat brothers cared about was beer, bud, boobs and brawls. When the house fails its fire inspection, this group of misfits is threatened with expulsion unless they can raise enough money to exact repairs in two weeks. Our gang of social retards gets their act together and saves the one thing they take seriously. In the end, Rob gets the money, the girl and, best of all, the respect of his son.