Submission Samples from the Comedy Genre

Title: Tad Bit Off

Logline: Lisa has affluent future inlaws, an impending wedding and a depleted bank account. Her sexually aggressive mother spent her wedding fund on a tummy tuck. Sisters try to pull off the impossible.

Synopsis: Lisa Weatherhead is getting married. She's found the man of her dreams and the son of an affluent politician. This should be a time of dress shopping and bridal showers, right? Wrong. Lisa finds out her obnoxious, sexually aggressive mother spent her wedding fund on a tummy tuck and that her entire dysfunctional family will attend the blessed event. Burdened with the task of trying to pull off the social event of the season on a shoestring budget, Lisa and her sister dive in to try and overcome one disaster after another. The quiet man across the hall who agreed to store the reception food in his freezer turns out the be the Super Saver Serial Killer. Deep freeze hauled off as evidence. On line wedding dress the wrong size, Harley riding wedding planners, recycled funeral flowers and beer drinking cousins from Wisconsin are all part of the equation Lisa must solve to win the approval of her high society future mother in law.

Title: STILL

Logline: Sent to the country from Belfast to avoid authority, trouble and a girl, Wayne finds all three.

Synopsis: Wayne, a tearaway Belfast city teenager, is sent to his Uncle Sammy's farm to carry out a community service cleaning order for his misdemeanours. Sammy has a lucrative poteen manufcture sideline. Becky, his late wife's teenage niece, expertly invests the finances from his nefarious activities. Wayne inadvertently discovers that the poteen helps in his cleaning and starts a business. He wins the contract for cleaning the large government headquarters at Stormont but this turns it pink after a rainstorm. He and Becky fall in love but she leaves after a fight, only returning when Sammy has a crippling accident. They are brought together despite Sammy's accident and cat and mouse games with the authorities.

Title: Quarterly Report

Logline: A smartass slacker inadvertently becomes the focal point of an absurd global crisis.

Synopsis: To Whom It May Concern, After receiving a screenwriting grant from the University of Chicago, placing as a quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival's teleplay competition, working with Tim Kazurinsky (writer, actor: Saturday Night Live) and Ed Ferrara (producer: Weird Science: The TV Show), and beginning option/production talks with several entertainment companies, I have realized the time has come to seek representation. "Quarterly Report" is a comedy for the Age of Terrorism without being about terrorism. During a job interview at a bank, a smartass slacker with a Harvard diploma claims to be a prince of a foreign nation. When that foreign nation is blamed for an absurd attack on America and his erroneous claim goes public, he must fight off negative national publicity, save the family-owned bank from a corporate takeover, and prevent global chaos. I am available for meetings at your convenience. Regards, Scott E. Sherman

Title: Screwed Up

Logline: The story revolves around the main character Dick, his fiance, Sara, and their friends: Bruce and his girlfriend, Brooklyn

Synopsis: Dick and Bruce work for a window cleaning company, and two important evens are about to happen in their lives: The final game of their Basketball league, and then, Dick and Sara's Wedding. An incident at work unwittingly gets Dick involved with a transvestite drug organization (that will eventually leads to his abduction by them). Dick suffers a head injury in a car accident, altering his state of mind, and his odd behavior following the accident sets the stage for very funny encounters in his social as well as romantic life, and how he deals with his abductors. A mad dash to find him ensues, by his fiance and friends on one hand and the detectives on the other.

Title: Runaway Aliens

Logline: Two teen brother and sister gray aliens run away from their home on Mars, and create comedic havoc on Earth.

Synopsis: I wrote a very funny and cute comedy screenplay called, Runaway Aliens. After Bax and Larna arrive to Earth from their home on Mars they visit many of our monuments where comedic disaster takes place. Then they visit Sea World, Four Corners and Area 51 in NV. As they are enjoying the ocean floor they accidentally get caught in a fisherman's net. They are promptly arrested, but soon breakout finding out their spaceship is at Area 51. So they hitch hike there seeing their alien comrads dissected in tubes in liquid. Seeing their spaceship they manage to escape hovering. Talking about going home NASA picks them up on radar, and soon a bizarre aerial fight incurs. Their spaceship gets damaged, and they crashland in Creekwood, CO. They end-up living with a nurse and her two children until they can fix their ship. In a funny way it is three days of hell for the family. However love and friendship ensues between Bax and Larna and the family. It is a tearful ending.

Title: The Feud

Logline: Bonus round collapse causes real life family feud.

Synopsis: Shawn Lett is a young man pressed into action as a last minute fill-in on a popular game show after his girlfriend's uncle was tragically killed just days before her family was set to compete on the show. Shawn's monumentally embarrassing collapse in the bonus round of the show instantly makes him the laughingstock of the nation and triggers a real life family feud as the dreams of his girlfriend's father, who planned on starting his own business with the prize money, have now been squashed. The media frenzy surrounding the show sparks a rematch pitting Shawn's family against his now ex-girlfriend's family. Please contact me if you are interested in reading our script. Our wga number is 1034476. Thank you, Chris Kellner

Title: Made in China

Logline: Three aging computer nerds head to China to find love, but end up get jacked by the mafia in Vietnam instead. They decide to man up and fight back and are nicely rewarded.

Synopsis: Lucious Washington, Henry Xa, and Wang Wong Lee are three computer network specialists who can connect computers but cannot seem to connect with the ladies so they decide to give an Asian brides service a try. Their trip abroad takes them to a small town in Vietnam, Dong Dang, where they do meet some women they like (actually undercover Chinese secret service there to break up mafia), but then are immediately and completely ripped off and left hanging. They are then faced with the task of trying to get home. North Vietnam is an exotic place with some pretty odd characters and they have some wild adventures. The trio finally makes it to Hanoi and the U.S. Embassy, and end up finding one of the guys, Phuc, who ripped them off, but he pulls them into a confrontation with his boss, Mr. Big - a man leading an unusual double life. They end up on Big's chopping block, but are in the end saved by the secret service gals and leave Vietnam with pride and brides, and some serious cash.


Logline: After a couple procedures a 40 year old man goes back to college as a 21 yr. old for a mulligan...a 2nd chance with the coeds.

Synopsis: Divorced, childless, and bored with his job, he fantasizes about being back in college with his 40 year old mind in his 21 year old body. He recounts his missed opportunities with the coeds and how with a do-over he could then be cocksure, make all the right moves, say all the right things and never miss another come-on. Then he wins the lottery and decides to make his fantasy come true. He quits his job, gets a Lifestyle Lift, some hair, and goes back to college as a 21 year old to get the college experience right...and all the booty he missed the first time. It's a humorous, rakish, character driven, romantic adventure.

Title: Prescription Refills

Logline: An intellicually gifted young woman self-exiled from her psychotic, selfish, yet hilarious family searches for the prescription to happiness

Synopsis: Serephina is a young woman ashamed of her family's psychiatric disorders. After Serephina's family inevitably disappoints her again, by unintentionally missing her high school graduation Serephina is sent over the edge. She disowns her family and leaves her home without a trace in search of normalcy only to find out normal doesn't exist. Later, we find out Serephina is harboring the biggest secret of them all. Is Serephina more like her family then first meets the eye? WGAW#1459100


Logline: A high school teen takes a summer job in hopes of buying the popularity and esteem of his peers.

Synopsis: At Stereo City, employees pride themselves on their execution of the salesman's golden rule: "the customer is always... " wrong? Matt Moore is about to begin summer vacation following his junior year of high school. Not smart enough to be a nerd and not athletic enough to be a jock, he walks the halls as one of the ordinary and invisible. So what does a normal kid do when faced with the possibility of never achieving high school fame? Simple, he buys it. Matt spends his summer amongst the working class at Stereo City. There he must prove he has what it takes to survive the shark infested waters of commissionable retail sales, where only the strong close the sale.