Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Behind the Eight Ball

Logline: The lives of several down-on-their-luck deadbeats intertwine in a bar over the course of a single night.

Synopsis: It's quittin' time on Friday afternoon, the weekend is here, and friends Nick and Tony have only one thing on their minds: getting drunk, getting high, and playing pool--and maybe getting lucky. The evening looks promising, but as the night unfolds, events don't play out quite how Nick and Tony expected. Encounters with several colorful characters from various walks of life force the friends to take a long, hard look at their own lives.

Title: Intensive Supervision

Logline: An Army veteran resiliently pursues a career as an inner city probation/parole officer.

Synopsis: Mark Norris is a highly decorated Gulf War veteran and loving family man. With a relentless spirit to serve his community, he embarks on his second career as an inner city probation/parole officer. Mark is meticulously handpicked to be the Intensive Supervision Probation Officer. Intensive Supervision is a unique level of supervision which oversees violent and mentally unstable offenders. Despite these extreme demands placed on him, he is determined to succeed where others have failed. Mark soon realizes that the politics of the criminal justice system, as well as other unforeseen circumstances are about to get the best of him in the worst way.

Title: A Different Drummer

Logline: A dramatic tale of an ailing former rock star's quest for fulfillment at the end of a prosperous but meaningless life, and how a single bond of love pushes him towards his goal.

Synopsis: A bored Taylor Ross, veteran of seventy-five million alboms with the rock band Vulture (1967-1985), leaves his Beverly Hills mansion and returns to his Ohio hometown to die-or live once again. After a run-in at a high school football game, Taylor confronts aging marching band director and tells him he could assemble a band ten times the size of this failing ensemble. Bob Harmon resigns and challenges Taylor to fulfill his pledge. Taylor is teamed up with faculty member Kaylee Lewis, and their relationship is confrontational at best. A soul-baring get-together at Thanksgiving finds them forming a bond as the two decide to team up to meet their goal. Over the next several months, Taylor mentors many of the students and earns their trust. During this time, Taylor and Kaylee's relationship grows closer until she discovers he' dying of Mesothelioma. The two finally marry, and Taylor realizes that he must make peace with Mr. Harmon so he could take over the band upon Taylor's passing.

Title: Neptune Beach

Logline: A smart-mouthed young woman loses her lover and discovers her heart.

Synopsis: Alameda, CA 1924: Maggie and Jack are neighbors and young lovers. Their innocent, albeit forbidden, nighttime picnic is interrupted by Maggie's carefree and beautiful brother. Maggie shoos Jack home and as he makes his way across the street, Maggie's parents' uncontrolled car slams into him, killing him, and them, instantly. Three years later Maggie has not recovered from watching her parents and lover die. Her worried brother has coaxed her into joining him at Neptune Beach and as she steels herself for a day with his blithe friends, she realizes that her treasured locket, which belonged to her mother, is missing. Maggie is desperate to have it back, but is it because it belonged to her mother or because it holds other secrets as well? Confronted with secrets on all sides - her own, her brother's, and those of Max and Jim, two young men drawn to her for different reasons, Maggie must decide her own fate. Will she disappear into her grief or will she choose life and love?

Title: FOCUS

Logline: A married couple and a lesbian encounter love and violence in 1950s California.

Synopsis: Charlie Wyatt, a broken and abusive Army photographer returns home from the Korean War to Samantha, his wife. They move from New York to Carmel, California, where Charlie opens a studio and Sam begins an affair with, Morgan, a lesbian photographer. Morgan teaches Sam photography and her work rises to the highest artistic level. Charlie nearly kills Sam when he learns about her lesbian relationship. A major exhibition of Charlie's work is cancelled when news of his attack on Sam is made public. He forces a showdown with Sam and Morgan on a cliff overlooking the Pacific and unable to reconcile his life with reality commits suicide. Sam and Morgan, committed lovers, produce a triumphant show if her highly prized photography.

Title: The Taxman

Logline: A mild-mannered IRS agent plots revenge after learning about his wife's affair, but an aging criminal sidetracks him.

Synopsis: THE TAXMAN is somewhat of a gangster story imbued with dark humor that centers around Jack, a criminal investigation agent for the IRS. When Jack finds out about Renee's ultimate betrayal he begins to question his mundane existence and realizes his uneventful lifestyle is to blame. He quickly decides to shed his unassuming persona and adopt a corrupt attitude, because it is more suitable for his current situation. Unfortunately, the target of Jack's retribution turns out to be the nephew of a virile mobster from a bygone era. Jack's plan to exact revenge eventually becomes a game of cat-and-mouse with the criminal underworld. As Jack abuses his position with the IRS it draws more and more ire from the local degenerates, which keeps him farther from his initial goal. AMERICA BEAUTY and FALLING DOWN are similar films.


Logline: For Frankie, it was just another Tuesday morning subway ride to work in the Big Apple. In just a few hours, his world and the world around him will be forever changed.

Synopsis: UNDERGROUND DREAMS(WGA # 1263459)is a true life story of subway passenger,Frankie(29), whose life was forever changed on September 11,2001. On that day,like any other day, FRANKIE leaves his apartment in Hell's Kitchen and heads to work. FRANKIE gets on the Number 9 train filled with a cross-section of society whose lives are about to become intertwined. Without warning as the train begins to fill with smoke. FRANKIE begins a series of underground dreams, reflecting on his life. He remembers days with his alcoholic and abusive father, RAY. While many memories evoke heartache, there are also tender moments. FRANKIE reflects on the love of his life,JULIA. FRANKIE and the other passengers finally escape the horrors of the subway tunnel, bursting to the streets above. All aboard for UNDERGROUND DREAMS, as Dito Montiel's "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" meets Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center." CONTACT ME BELOW: GOODPICKS@GMAIL.COM D. MATT 702-883-3905

Title: Woodville

Logline: Did a destitute commoner seduce a King of England into marriage, or was it witchcraft?

Synopsis: Set in the fifteenth-century England, my screenplay,"Woodville",takes amidst a stew of violence and sex. These were bawdy times. A commoner, Elizabeth Woodville,seduces King Edward IV, who elevates her Queen, but did she use witchcraft? She blossoms while married to Edward, giving him ten children but falls terribly from grace with his murder and the ascendancy of Richard III. Early on, she is beguiled by the evil Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), Richard schemes to gain the throne and ultimately poisons the King. He also starves her son, the heir apparent Edward V,and his younger brother, while pretending to protect them in the Tower of London. Elizabeth loses all she's gained, but in the end triumphs over all her foes through a transformation at her death. The screenplay is a meld of history and fiction; with supernatural elements. What is unknown of the characters lives is plastered with fictional mortar.


Logline: An ailing lieutenant, goaded to attempt murder, reaches an understanding that reopens his future.

Synopsis: RANSOM has lost his left arm, fiancee, soul. He possseses only a returned engagement ring and an exacting code of honor. BYRON, a former infantryman, whom Ransom sent to the stockade for killing a civilian, lives on the street enraged at those who judge him. Six pistol shots of a suicide attempt in stormy bayou landscape open. Ransom and Byron encounter hours earlier in a Gulf Coast city, equally desolate. Ransom, on convalescent leave and returning early to an army hospital in Texas, is fleeing romantic disaster. Byron recognizes Ransom on the street and follows him onto a Dallas bus. Ransom ignors Byron's goads. Byron is in no hurry to corner him. Ransom discards the ring in the bus restroom trash. Byron intuitively discovers it. Ransom, minutes later returns to reclaim it, finds it missing, and suspects Byron somehow came upon it. Ransom and Byron then move irrevocably to the show-down that unexpectedly frees them to begin normal lives. The suicidal young man?

Title: Fish Fry

Logline: Fish Fry, also used as a metaphor, is a contemporary tearjerker and religious drama examining what might happen if Christianity's God, widely perceived as infallible, revisited a major decision.

Synopsis: Thirty-three year old Yvonne, an Italian American woman, visits her hometown for the church's annual outdoor Lenten fish fry. Characters central to Yvonne's exploration of her soul are family members suffering varying degrees of moral corruption, eccentric/flamboyant attendees at the event who have had a direct impact on her personal and professional struggles, and a married actor, twenty years her senior, with whom she has an affair. Outwardly comedic elements shape the story as Yvonne's secret motivations and deeds are revealed.