Submission Samples from the Drama Genre


Logline: For Frankie, it was just another Tuesday morning subway ride to work in the Big Apple. In just a few hours, his world and the world around him will be forever changed.

Synopsis: UNDERGROUND DREAMS(WGA # 1263459)is a true life story of subway passenger,Frankie(29), whose life was forever changed on September 11,2001. On that day,like any other day, FRANKIE leaves his apartment in Hell's Kitchen and heads to work. FRANKIE gets on the Number 9 train filled with a cross-section of society whose lives are about to become intertwined. Without warning as the train begins to fill with smoke. FRANKIE begins a series of underground dreams, reflecting on his life. He remembers days with his alcoholic and abusive father, RAY. While many memories evoke heartache, there are also tender moments. FRANKIE reflects on the love of his life,JULIA. FRANKIE and the other passengers finally escape the horrors of the subway tunnel, bursting to the streets above. All aboard for UNDERGROUND DREAMS, as Dito Montiel's "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" meets Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center." CONTACT ME BELOW: GOODPICKS@GMAIL.COM D. MATT 702-883-3905

Title: De'Marco then and now


Synopsis: THE LOVE TRUTH & REALITY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP { PO BOX 480572 Los Angeles California 90048 } DE'MARCO ; "QUERY" 1. New Submission of feature film/movie script "DE'MARCO" 2. DE'MARCO is 160 pages 3. DEMARCO is a Urban Drama or I like to think good drama 4. DE'MARCO is a family crime story taken from the international best selling book "The Promised Land" the great black migration how it changed America. 5. The Haynes / Daniels family is my family 6. The " Promised Land " was writte by Nicholas Lemann OF the Washington post. 7. The DE'MARCO Script was Read Grammatically corrected by the Larry Thompson Organization. 8. THE DE'MARCO SCRIPT WAS WRITTEN SOLELY BY ROBERT LOUIS HAYNES /// SCREEN ACTORS NAMES RABIA LOUIS HAYNES Thank you for your time. Rabia Louis Haynes. 09/24/2009

Title: In A Perfect World

Logline: An unfaithful wife unwittingly has her husband killed. Immediately her brother is arrested but it's her husband's best friend that is confessing all to the cops.

Synopsis: Mick Barger is found beaten to death in his driveway. A quick investigation leads the police to arrest Gus, a substance abuser and brother in law. Two weeks later Marshall Bardsey, the victims best friend is behind bars and he tells the detectives via flashbacks of his forty year friendship with Mick and of there last visit together during which Mick tells Marshall via flashbacks about his adultress wife and her abusive and controlling father who harbors a sick and perverted secret. After Marshall tells all, the detective finishes by telling "the rest of the story" that led up to Mick's death and the murder of an innocent man and how sometimes the guilty walk. A story of deep friendship, love and hate, betrayal, murder and retribution, justice and injustice. I am seeking representaion and would like to submit this feature length screenplay for your consideration. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my query

Title: Odyssey

Logline: The ancient love story of Odysseus and Penelope, the story of the Trojan War and Odysseus adventures in the Mediterranian sea.

Synopsis: 3000 years ago Odysseus, the King of Ithaca (a small island in Western Greece) goes to Sparta (a city/state in central Greece) to marry the promiscuous Spartan Princess Helen. While Odysseus fails to marry Helen he does marry her modest cousin Penelope instead and together they return to his island Kingdom of Ithaca. Soon after Penelope gives birth to their son (Telemachus) war in Troy (a city state in Asia Minor) breaks out and Odysseus is forced against his will go and fight the Trojans. Years later, Odysseus succeeds in winning the war in Troy with his creation of the well known Trojan Horse but while returning home he finds himself, after a series of unfortunate events lost with his men in the Mediterranian sea. After some time has pasted Odysseus is believed dead by Greece and suitors soon transcend upon his island palace in Ithaca seeking to marry his loyal wife Penelope and usurp his family's royal rights to the thrown of Ithaca...

Title: The Creator

Logline: Blair finds past methods of intimidation and manipulation are no match for another's compassion. This "Partner" steals Blair's gem from under his nose. Blair is enlightened trying to retrieve it.

Synopsis: Robin Blair, a wealthy San Francisco Real Estate Developer, has a passion for cars and recognition, but lacks compassion for people. He succeeds at almost everything, until he meets someone whom he has met. Unknowing to him , this ever surfacing visionary, leads him through life's experiences. Now confronted with the unfamiliar territory of regrets, Blair realizes that his past has not prepared him for what he never envisioned in his future. Drama, Romance and Comedy

Title: A Thousand Days

Logline: Her husband died over a year ago. Her mind has yet to catch up.

Synopsis: Taylor and Connor James are a loving, devoted couple celebrating their anniversary this coming weekend. The romantic getaway Taylor had planned, is suddenly interrupted when Connor is called away on business. Disappointed, she takes advantage of her pre-arranged plans and decides to make the trip alone. While staying at a picturesque bed and breakfast, she finds herself drawn to a shy, young widower named Aaron Michelson. Though their relationship is purely platonic, the two find solace in each other - filling a void in both their hearts. But their friendship is brought to a halt when the two realize they share more in common than either ever imagined as Taylor learns that her husband died over a year ago. It's the story of lost love and the oftentimes incomprehensible behaviors associated with death.

Title: Seduction of Lily

Logline: A young college student turns to a married man for support when a series of tragic events befall everyone she cares about. As their relationship heats up, so does the police investigation.

Synopsis: Seduction of Lily is an intriguing Drama/Mystery centered around Lily, an 18 year old college student who returns home from college to find her mother being taken away by ambulance due to a failed suicide attempt. Overhwhelmed by her new responsibilities of raising her two younger brothers, she turns to her secret crush, Dr. Ed Simms. Dr. Simms is the handsome married doctor next door who has a mysterious past. As their relationship turns more intimate, a series of tragic events befall almost everyone she cares about. The police investigation eventually lead them to the Simms household. Lily finds inner strength to face reality and the man she adores to get justice for those she cares about.


Logline: On the last bus out of a hurricane-bound Gulf Coast city, two disabled overseas veterans with an unresolved dispute, encounter by chance.

Synopsis: RANSOM has lost his left arm, his talented finacee, his soul, and wants no part of the past; but BYRON, an agressive infantryman whom Ransom sent to the stockade for killing an unarmed civilian, wants to settle up. There is time yet to Shreveport. Byron takes up with smart sexy ANNIESSE, and her willful son, FRANCIS; old rancher ZITHERS tells the young poet, SAMMY, his hard life story; BERNICE adds Ransom's story to her "treasure of confidences"; Two Mexicans try to out-macho each other; dotty MRS. ASHWORTH, enroute to rendezvous with her gentleman lover, primps her smuggled spaniel, ROXY; and WYATT, the driver, bearish but tolerant, has his thirty-year experience tested to its limit. Lost across dark storm-wild bayou country, the travellers pick up a mysterious stranded motorist, Ransom and Cartwick draw knives, and a cottonmouth snake advances toward Wyatt's ankle. It's a long night's journey toward day, a bad night for a frog, and need for mercy becomes very strained. What a trip!

Title: The Angel Maker

Logline: The true story of Amelia Dyer, Britain's most notorious baby killer. 'This is certainly a page-turner' The BBC

Synopsis: This dark and unsettling story, based on true events, takes place during the nineteenth century, a time when it was not uncommon for an unwed or destitute mother to `adopt out' an unwanted baby. In exchange for a one-off payment, `baby farmers' would take rejected babies' without question under the premise of providing them with safe and loving homes. According to historical accounts baby- farming was deemed a profitable business; however, it appears that it was only lucrative if the babies were disposed of instead of re-homing them. This led to numerous inhumane practices, of which, many have been associated with the notorious baby-farmer, Amelia Dyer. While this atmospheric story will appeal to a broad audience it also serves as a stark and sad reminder of the often brutal and unforgiving era that epitomized Victorian England.

Title: Two Five (and the Penis Dialogues)

Logline: The lively lives of inmates, guards and their families collide in this eclectic drama/comedy/action film set in a new kind of prison called "Two Five."

Synopsis: The up-down ride begins with a kidnaping and senseless rape-murder-hate crimes. Fresh, edgy dialog and graphic action carry a twisting plot into the anchor set, a mandatory-for-all boot camp within the prison. Protagonist Sergeant Heath is in charge there. His principal antagonist is billionaire inmate and Colombian coca-mafioso Jose Lupino who sleeps next to an undercover DEA agent. Carefully crafted (Penis Dialogues) comedic relief is injected frequently, especially in counselor Phoebe Glebe's quirky group sessions and inmate barracks exchanges, exposing testosterone at its best and worst --- all an audience buildup for nosedives into tense, fresh drama as inmates/guards lives change or end. Adapted from Daneagle's 2008 epic novel, (visit for info/reviews), it is drafted in cinema format, but fills six FULL one-hour episodes which will readily merge to three two-hour teleplays or cherry pick to a feature film and sequel. Cutting satire and original music crop up.