Submission Samples from the Drama Genre


Logline: A small town in Texas under the influence of a charismatic priest begins to reveal its many secrets when a young female parishioner who worships the priest is raped and badly beaten.

Synopsis: When young MARIA is raped and beaten one night after having lured into sex the young charismatic priest that she loves, IAN, infamous for his ultra-conservative preaching, the priest is set on incriminating young Muslim AHMED , to conceal his own tracks and cover up for his parishioners' possible involvement in the assault. But when Jewish lawyer ALAN MAKOFSKY, who recently moved into town with his family against the priest's will, decides to defend Ahmed, war between Ian and Alan hits its peak. In a mood blending Gothic with perverse eroticism, the race between Ian and Alan to the truth causes this sheltered community to spit out its darkest secrets, exploring the battle between human feebleness and the hope for heaven's ultimate comfort.


Logline: Gangsters not only captivated America, but at times held America captive. Where and when did being a gangster and living the gangster lifestyle begin. It all began with one man, Angelo Vestieri.

Synopsis: The story begins at the turn of the twentieth century, when immigration, prostitution and poverty lived along the streets of New York City. And so did the main character, Angelo Vestieri, an Italian immigrant, who seeks refuge among the "Gophers". The "Gophers", in return, teach him the ways of loyalty, friendship, and the most important of all, money and power. This is a portrayal of Angelo's need to grasp at the money and the power that the "Gophers" planted in him during his early childhood years, and whether a corrupt city, in an extraordinary century, places it's hands of fate upon Angelo, or if Angelo places his own hands of fate upon it. This is a portrayal of one man's ultimate destiny. The one man who started it all. America's first true gangster

Title: Pound for Pound

Logline: A flamboyant young boxer on the rise gets caught up in his new found stardom and takes his friends and family for granted leading to his sudden and isolated downfall.

Synopsis: Delorean "The Gorgeous One" Shakespeare, 27, fights the unbeatable welterweight champion and knocks him out with a devastating blow to become World Champion. Shakespeare's self-conscious and weight obsessed wife, Savanna, does not enjoy her housewife lifestyle and she gives her husband the cold shoulder. After being repeatedly rejected by her, Shakespeare meets his trainer's daughter, Jackie, at a night club and they give in to temptation. When Savanna's friend takes pictures of Shakespeare and Jackie together and gives them to Savanna, she walks out on him taking their daughter with her. Meanwhile, Shakespeare is enraged by the Heavyweight Champion's growing fame and popularity. On television, he challenges the champion to a fight to determine who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Days before the fight, Colin catches Shakespeare with his daughter Jackie and walks out on him leaving him only with his cut man in his corner for the biggest fight of his life.

Title: Revenge

Logline: Jack Sims is a corporate attorney who violently kills seven people after his doctor informs him that he is dying; he started his killing list when he was twelve.

Synopsis: The twists in Jack's life are as unique as his methods of killing and his ability to stymie the police. For years he stocks his attic with clothes, tools, hardware, equipment, a pistol and bullets. After each killing he bundles things he used or touched, and throws the bundle into a body of water with a weight inside to keep it submerged. He is consumed with so much hatred and desire for revenge that he chokes with his hands, strangles with strings of thin wire, crushes skulls with a rock and hammer, and shoots his pistol through a ninety year old woman's ear. He demonstrates other sadistic acts such as driving an iron spike up an anus until feces come out,and by making a sister of one of his targets for murder perform oral sex on him, then he leaves samples of the feces and semen at the scene of his other victims. One year after the murders he marries a beautiful criminal defense attorney that he mentored twenty years earlier and who has been in love with him since.

Title: Unfeigned

Logline: A quiet, genuine recluse randomly meets a lonely woman.Together, they form a strong love for each other, only for her to lose him to his unknowing gift to save others. The setting is in the 1960's.

Synopsis: A man, John, brilliant, natural introvert, came from an abusive family. He has always has an inundated ability to feel the pain of others. One day, he meets a woman, Mary, and her daughter at at a grocery store. She has a scar on her face, beautiful though, she and her daughter were recently abandoned by her husband. He spends his free time volunteering at the local children's hospital, cancer division. All three develop a strong relationship. One day, while playing on the playground, there is an accident and Kate dies. He saves her through a massive display of power, nobody is sure if this is supernatural or divine, not even John. They are deemed frauds and run into hiding. In the end, John plans to save all the cancer-stricken children at the hospital, even if it kills him. The world is amazed by his lack of divine faith and selflessness. Mary and Kate learned to love again, and to feel extreme loss. This story captures the imagination, faith and heart.

Title: Society

Logline: TV Pilot about a wealthy African-American family living in Atlanta, GA who enjoy and cope with the pressures of owning and running a multi-million dollar company, a modern day Dynasty, if you will.

Synopsis: Cate Williams, 50s, is not only the matriarch of her family but of all of the state of Georgia. She is the wife of international real estate developer, Richard Williams, 50s, and knows how to play her role around town. She is the loving mother to three children, Anthony, Tommy and Vanessa all in their twenties, and is the typical wife of a millionaire. Cate is busy preparing for her birthday celebration with her children, husband, sister, Robin Chambers, 30s and her husband Derrick Chambers, 30s. As the family gathers for what is sure to be a grand celebration, there is sure to be laugther, good eats and the ever knowing, tears. The events during the coming days soon turn the family dynamics upside down as tragedy strikes and loyalty is questioned. WGA#1470067


Logline: A heinous crime committed on a young boy impacts not only his entire life but those of his two childhood friends as well.

Synopsis: In 1985, three boys wile away the days of their adolescence in suburban Chicago,IL. At their hangout ,a deserted cabin in the outskirts of town,they find a spot to talk,dream and plan their futures. Kevin and Jimmy who are black and Joey,who is Hispanic, lose their inocence when Kevin is sexually molested. His life is turned upside down by the incident and their trio is separated as Kevin deals with the aftermath of both losing his mother and being the victim of a heinous crime. When circumstances occur that result in Kevin having a flood of memories come back to him, he is convinced that his violator is back in his life after fifteen years,.Kevin pleads with Jimmy ,now a Police Detective, to help him seek justice and arrest the man responsible for his pain.Although both his girlfriend Gwen and best friend Jimmy plead with him that he is accusing the wrong person, he is bent on acting out his vendetta.

Title: Guns Blazing

Logline: What happens when fantasy meets reality?

Synopsis: GUNS BLAZING Nine-to-fiver daydreams from nine-to-five, daydreaming of holding up the bank outside the window. However, the nine-to-fiver's business trip turns into an ego trip when the nine-to-fiver plugs into the virtual reality machine setting you free from your reality and plugging you into your fantasy land. As the nine-to-fiver lives out his fantasies as a bank robber, the bank robber keeps on traveling back through time until the bank robber pulls off the perfect heist. However, every time the bank robber travels back through time and holds up the bank, the bank robber tries to learn from his mistakes. However, something else, something even worse, always happens during each bank robbery - each bank robbery viewed from a different point-of-view - as the bank robberies go south from bad to worse. However, once the hacker hacked inside his mind and uploaded the virtual reality virus uploaded inside the nine-to-fiver, the virtual reality world was no longer a fantasy as

Title: Blue Skies Realized

Logline: What happens when you meet someone who redefines you? How does your life change when you realize you are as talented as Michelangelo?

Synopsis: My name is Michael Raymond and I have just completed a screenplay entitled "Blue Skies Realized". It is a story about the most unlikely of men, Ray hastings, whose interest in the works of Michelangelo combined with the acceptance of a wounded woman uncovers his buried secret. A staggering artistic talent. A chance meeting links the lives of Ray, Carmen and her son Evan and allows for each character's transformation. Although this is my first screenplay submission it is not my first experience writing for film. I have written, produced and directed two independent films. I received high marks for my writing at World-Fest Houston where Francis Ford Coppola verbally recognized my efforts. I look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding this drama. Contact me at: Michael P. Raymond 93. S. Whtman School Rd. Buckfield, ME 04220

Title: The Hospital

Logline: An NYU film student's goal of completing a senior film and surviving another 36-hour shift as an X-Ray tech at NYC's Bellevue Hospital is complicated by a dangerous brother linked to a terrorist group

Synopsis: In the sticky New York summer of 1976, 20-something film student Jon Sticcato doesn't see the point of doing much with his life - until his normal 36-hour shift as an X-Ray tech at NYC's Bellevue Hospital turns out to be anything but. A dangerous brother linked to a Weatherman-like terrorist group, a best friend who might be leaving him forever, an NYU film school thesis, and the sudden emergence of the possible love of his life (in the form of a tarot-card reading nurse), all conspire to change Jon's life in a way he could never have imagined. A small ensemble film in the genre of "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints," "The Hospital" is a dramady that finds solace in the fact that everybody is just a little bit crazy. Screenplay competition results for The Hospital: Finalist (top 9) in GothamScreen 2007 Screenplay Contest Semifinalist (top 50 out of 1,300) in 2007 International Screenwriting Awards Quarter Finalist 2007 Zoetrope and 2008 BlueCat Screenplay Contest