Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Coveted Son

Logline: An Asian billionaire unknowingly fathers a child and embarks on a desperate mission to the US to retrieve what can be his only biological heir from his entrenched American family.

Synopsis: Yeung "Billy" Kim, who, in his younger days as a cadet in the South Korean army, unknowingly fathers a son. Later, as a successful businessman he learns he is sterile and can't have any children. This personal news is exposed on national TV throughout Korea and eventually the world. Eva, Billy's former girlfriend, is shocked of this news and approaches him with the even more shocking news: that although he can't have any children in the future, he already has a biological son in the world who was given up for adoption several years earlier. Billy is ectastic about this development and embarks on a desperate mission to the United States to retrieve his only biological heir from his entrenched adoptive family. After learning of his son's whereabouts, Kim uses his power and financial prowess to tempt the boy's financially struggling adoptive family into considering giving up the child for an unspeakable amount of money.

Title: Tongues of Men and Angels

Logline: After years of struggle, a stutterer gains fluency and gives a superb nomination speech at the Democratic Party's Primary for his old friend and first African-American candidate, in the year 2008.

Synopsis: Two sensitive loners--Peter Benedict who stutters yet dedicated to becoming fluent and to helping the environment, and Edward Stevenson, a proud African American with lofty political ambitions-bond together in the mid 1950's, Louisville, Ky. Both discover inner strengths-Peter's diligence to speech therapy and Edward's ability to gain acceptance within the white political community. Edward, with Peter's help, becomes a state representative and Peter becomes a skillful speechwriter. Peter marries, moves to Washington, DC, yet his obsession to become fluent causes a rift in their marriage. They separate and Peter lives poorly, though gains a grant to write a book on the environment. His fluency increases, he reunites with his wife, and his book wins a Pulitzer Prize. Edward becomes a U.S. Representative from Kentucky and asks Peter to be his speechwriter. Peter proudly accepts the invitation and delivers Edward's nominating speech. WAGA Registration #0788775-00

Title: Breakaway To Majestic

Logline: Committing the unthinkable in his sport, a professional athlete is compelled to return to his hometown. There he struggles with estranged relationships, guilt for past deeds, and a rekindled passion.

Synopsis: During an intense game aging player KYLE RICHARDS strikes the referee rendering him unconscious and bloody. Suspended, pending investigation Kyle learns his estranged father has suffered a heart attack while watching the game at home. Condemned in the media by his team owner a despondent Kyle journeys home to Majestic Peaks, the ski town where he was raised. Kyle reconnects with former teammates BRITTANY, a single mother and SERGE his closest friend. Serge, the most gifted, had his chance at the pros stolen. Kyle confronts his guilt for what he did and tries to rebuild their friendship, while snowboarding on Majestic's slopes. Brittany stirred by Kyle's return, surfaces their hidden relationship as teammates. Both struggle with their awakened feelings. During a pickup-up game with Serge and other friends tensions build to where Kyle loses control. In disgust he leaves the ice and is found alone. An emotional encounter ensues as the men discover the dark and shameful secret they had unknowingly shared. Torn up and vulnerable Kyle is drawn into the arms of Brittany. A young fan's video of the referee assault vindicates Kyle. A now remorseful team owner flies Kyle and his friends to the All-Star game, in which he was scheduled to play. At a pre-game practice Kyle calls in a favor and arranges for Serge to skate with the pros. A desperate visiting team owner amazed at Serge's skill, shocks him with an offer. Contemplating life after hockey Kyle unveils to Brittany his plans

Title: An Unfinished Life

Logline: A striking love affair between two aspiring college students becomes a whirlwind of mixed feelings as family and friends put their two cents in.

Synopsis: My screenplay is about an 18 year old girl named Korie who leaves home to attend college. Her mother has dreams of her becoming a successful journalist with the New Yorker and to stay focused in school. Her mother is living vicariously through her daughter. While at school Korie meets Donovan James (a Sophomore) and everything changes for her. Korie and Donovan soon fall in love and she becomes pregnant. They decide that they will have the baby and become a family despite Korie's mother's feelings. Aside from the pregnancy she finds out Donovan has an incurable heart disorder and needs a transplant. Family and friends are interfering in their lives telling them what they should and should not do. Korie's mother telling her to have an abortion, Donovan's mother telling them to have the baby. Her mother will now stop at nothing to keep them apart by using the one thing Korie has always wanted in her life, a father.

Title: Badwater

Logline: It's the most grueling foot race on Earth, spanning 135 miles across a desert and up Mt. Whitney. This is Badwater and 100 of the world's bravest runners will sacrifice everything to conquer it.

Synopsis: A documentary film crew sets off to record the extraordinary conditions of the Badwater ultramarathon. The crew joins a few dozen men and women at the starting line deep in Death Valley at the height of summer. By noon the temperature soars above 120 degrees. The competitors' rubber-soled shoes melt upon the asphalt. Contestants battle cramps, blisters, dehydration, exhaustion, hallucinations and their own limitations while pushing their bodies up Mt. Whitney. Most runners succumb to the spirit-breaking gauntlet and never reach the race's end. Those who do finish the race receive nothing but a simple belt buckle to commemorate their feat. Yet all who complete Badwater agree that the agony was worth it. These diverse athletes are united by a common pursuit of personal accomplishment. There is no money to be won or fame to be gained at Badwater. The only reward is a towering feeling of achievement. Badwater is a reminder of the true essence of sport and competition.

Title: September's Camera

Logline: September's Camera is the graphic account of 9-11 first responder Jeff Scarborough, the WNBC New York cameraman who arrived at Ground Zero just two minutes after the second plane hit.

Synopsis: As the enormity of the attack unfolds, Jeff Scarborough, NBC's first cameraman on scene, immediately takes over, making decisions and taking actions that result in saving lives. At the tip of the NBC spear, he directs the other responding crews to stay safely back, periously remaining the lone live camera at Ground Zero. He is there for the jumpers, both collapses, explosions, and ensuing aftermath. Live when the first collapse happens, he is feared dead at NBC. Running from the debris cloud, Jeff rescues his TV truck operator, then nearly passes out as it hits. He videotapes the second collapse; then police gunshots erupt behind him as the debris cloud hits, sucking the air out. Found wandering out of the dust clouds by a NBC crew, Jeff is struggling to breathe, covered with dust, and in shock. Through more building collapses and explosions, he returns to NBC, where he receives a hero's welcome, medical attention, and is interviewed. He later receives a 9-11 award from WNBC.

Title: The Promise an eye for an eye

Logline: Teacher kills priests to revenge Tommy. We follow FBI team, one a young woman on her first case, as they seek the killer, they do not know an assassin sent by the church is on the same path.

Synopsis: Jimmy Owens an abused altar boy that overcomes this to become a middle school teacher. He kept his built up anger under control until the day one of his boys confides in him his shame at the abuse he suffers at the hands of his local priest. Telling only Jimmy of this he then went home and kills himself. At his gravesite the teacher makes a promise. The FBI know they have a serial killer at work and set up a task force to catch this killer of priests. We follow one FBI team that consists of three agents, one a young woman, a fortyish new father and a crusty supervisor nearing retirement as they work their way toward finding the unknown killer. An assassin is also looking for this killer, some in the church want him dead, not captured to stand trial and voice his motivations in seeking his revenge. The story has humor; calls into question the Priesthood, by debating issues with a young handsome priest that drives a Harley.

Title: All for One

Logline: Former New York City investigator plans to rob every store in the New York City Diamond District.

Synopsis: Former investigator, Alex Jones has been fired from the New York City Police Department. After being fired, he concocts a brilliant plan to make money. With the help of his best friend, Felix, Felix's college buddy Marc, and Felix's long term girlfriend, Nora; each with a different skill to help make Alex's plan flawless by robbing every store in Diamond District. Yet, after three successful robberies, the group begins to tear apart under Alex's scheming mind with only one of them left to take him down with the help of an unlikely source.

Title: Before Hocus Pocus 1679

Logline: Before Hocus Pocus 1679 is a precursor to Hocus Pocus, A Disney production from 1993.

Synopsis: Back in time when there were no radios, tv or telephones. A story begins with a young child in the outhouse with his parents, as they finish, he is left behind, falls in, this is of humor later. A boisterous neighbor which moves in next door with her husband, the parents of the three witches from Salem. Wait till you see where the Witches go, wait till you see what they get.

Title: Chase, the Bad Baby

Logline: A young lawyer is torn between rising to the top in his law firm and advocating for a brain-damaged baby who desperately needs his help.

Synopsis: Chase, the Bad Baby, is the story of Chase Johnson, a newborn who suffered anoxic brain damage at birth. Chase's brain damage is the result of an errant OB-GYN doctor who failed to arrive at the hospital within the time limit of 30 minutes to rescue a distressed baby from natural delivery by means of C-Section. When the OB-GYN arrives Chase has been without oxygen due to a prolapsed cord for long enough to cause severe brain damage. Chase Johnson through his parents sue the errant doctor. Medical malpractice Lawyers call these cases "bad baby" cases. American United Healthcare is the doctor's insurance company and they hire the law firm of Jones and Chimel to defend the OB-GYN. At the helm of the defense team is a thirtyish lawyer named Morgan Ellis. As we meet Morgan Ellis he has just successfully defended another doctor before a jury, for medical malpractice, in an unrelated case. [call or write for more, please]