Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Walking City

Logline: He doesn't pay his respects to the city. The city pays its respects to him, and prays that he even considers returning the favor.

Synopsis: Tommy and his three stepbrothers live like kings in their early thirties, but never finished High School. Their stepfather, Jack Chase, is Boston's most powerful crime lord. The four boys were born to fight, to kill. Together, they are Jack's top negotiators. Pulling the trigger without so much of a blink of an eye is what gets the job done. When one brother runs into trouble with the police, and another gets beaten mercilessly, the boys turn to Tommy and Jack for guidance. Before it's too late, they realize that their situation wasn't coincidental at all, but the works of an old friend. A betrayed friend who's craving revenge and payback that's ten years overdue.


Logline: As a young man discovers the secret of his mysterious and controversial birth, he questions his past, present, his relationships, his ability to choose, to love, and even his possibly eminent death.

Synopsis: Imagine living a life you've already lived...but you can't remember how? Imagine living a life where everybody knows everything about you...except for you? This compelling story examines real people, real relationships, but in unusual circumstances. In a year not to far from our own, society stands violently divided on the subject of cloning, Rebirth. In this thrilling adventure, our hero, Taron, is forced to confront these facts: he will soon be celebrating his second 19th birthday, his loving girlfriend is completely and violently against his birth, his mother has manipulated his being, his father has abandoned the family on his account, his little brother is now his big brother, his friends are now twice as old, and even his death may be lurking in the near future. His world turns upside down as Taron fights to survive, to find himself. Fate vs. free will, nature vs. nurture? Taron discovers the truth about his past and his future realizing all he has is right here, right now.

Title: In A Perfect World

Logline: An unfaithful wife unwittingly has her husband killed. Immediately her brother is arrested but it's her husband's best friend that is confessing all to the cops.

Synopsis: Mick Barger is found beaten to death in his driveway. A quick investigation leads the police to arrest Gus, a substance abuser and brother in law. Two weeks later Marshall Bardsey, the victims best friend is behind bars and he tells the detectives via flashbacks of his forty year friendship with Mick and of there last visit together during which Mick tells Marshall via flashbacks about his adultress wife and her abusive and controlling father who harbors a sick and perverted secret. After Marshall tells all, the detective finishes by telling "the rest of the story" that led up to Mick's death and the murder of an innocent man and how sometimes the guilty walk. A story of deep friendship, love and hate, betrayal, murder and retribution, justice and injustice. I am seeking representaion and would like to submit this feature length screenplay for your consideration. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my query

Title: They Called Him Josey

Logline: This Jesus is about to mingle among the people to teach them better morals, a more rational conception of God. Now as far as I understand this man I think he is quite capable of doing all he proposes.

Synopsis: This screenplay brings to light the never told before true life of Jesus of Nazareth, his parentage, his youth, his original doctrines and works, his career as a public teacher and physician of the people, his love for the woman who would be his wife, the nature of the great conspiracy against him, all the incidents of his tragic death.

Title: Neptune Beach

Logline: A smart-mouthed young woman loses her lover and discovers her heart.

Synopsis: Alameda, CA 1924: Maggie and Jack are neighbors and young lovers. Their innocent, albeit forbidden, nighttime picnic is interrupted by Maggie's carefree and beautiful brother. Maggie shoos Jack home and as he makes his way across the street, Maggie's parents' uncontrolled car slams into him, killing him, and them, instantly. Three years later Maggie has not recovered from watching her parents and lover die. Her worried brother has coaxed her into joining him at Neptune Beach and as she steels herself for a day with his blithe friends, she realizes that her treasured locket, which belonged to her mother, is missing. Maggie is desperate to have it back, but is it because it belonged to her mother or because it holds other secrets as well? Confronted with secrets on all sides - her own, her brother's, and those of Max and Jim, two young men drawn to her for different reasons, Maggie must decide her own fate. Will she disappear into her grief or will she choose life and love?

Title: Last Autumn

Logline: A lost girl in her early teens becomes friends with a male stranger in a week in autumn. Through their friendship, they rely on each other on all aspects of life.

Synopsis: Jason finds himself in a quarter life crisis. It is now late October, and he is on the verge of becoming despondent on being unable to find a job. However, he and his brother, Alexander, who is also a recent college graduate, have been studying for the GMAT and LSAT, respectively. The week before the exam, Jason finds it difficult to remain focused on the upcoming exam, and he becomes pensive. In an attempt to refocus, he frequents a coffee house. In the coffee house, he becomes acquainted with an individual, Jessica Clarence, with a crisis of her own. Jessica is a precocious, yet coy, teenager from England, who masks her true feelings. Jessica has recently been expelled from her school in England and feels lost in life. Throughout the week, Jessica and Jason frequently run into each other and discuss many things about Jason's upcoming exam and job interviews, Jessica's parents being trapped in a town that has just been hit by a hurricane, life, and disappointments.

Title: Society

Logline: TV Pilot about a wealthy African-American family living in Atlanta, GA who enjoy and cope with the pressures of owning and running a multi-million dollar company, a modern day Dynasty, if you will.

Synopsis: Cate Williams, 50s, is not only the matriarch of her family but of all of the state of Georgia. She is the wife of international real estate developer, Richard Williams, 50s, and knows how to play her role around town. She is the loving mother to three children, Anthony, Tommy and Vanessa all in their twenties, and is the typical wife of a millionaire. Cate is busy preparing for her birthday celebration with her children, husband, sister, Robin Chambers, 30s and her husband Derrick Chambers, 30s. As the family gathers for what is sure to be a grand celebration, there is sure to be laugther, good eats and the ever knowing, tears. The events during the coming days soon turn the family dynamics upside down as tragedy strikes and loyalty is questioned. WGA#1470067

Title: A Healing Heart

Logline: He loses his wife and newborn son in a tragic accident, sending life into despondency and emptiness.Through it all he struggles to revive his career, handle being a single father to his only child.

Synopsis: When a successful businessman loses his wife and newborn son in a tragic accident, his blissful life is derailed. But through it all he struggles to revive his career, handle being a good father to his surviving daughter and finds unexpected new love in this urban family drama about loss, love, and redemption.

Title: Love with issues

Logline: A young woman is reliving her past, while she struggles to figure out her life.

Synopsis: A thirteen-year-old girl, who relives her past of torment and ridicule of past bullies, and no one likes her at her school that she almost commit suicide, but she figures their's more to life. Graduating high school is the best thing that she has done, she's off to college and no more bullies. In the middle of her college stay, she gets a boyfriend, who cares about her and respects her.

Title: slamming doors

Logline: Mental misfits, hardened gamblers and fractured family relationships propel slamming doors into a funny and disturbing look at a bi-polar man's search for redemption.

Synopsis: slamming doors is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meets Winter's Bone. It is a story of a fifty-five year old college theatre professor's road to redemption. Bill Samuels begins a normal day but ends up meeting a cast of colorful characters in a hospital mental ward. One patient does a several minute ritualistic salute when its time to go to bed, another growls at her imaginary card playing friend while a third walks up and down the hall talking to a picture of her high school graduating class. On his way to the mental ward, Bill encounters hardened gamblers at a racetrack, a delusional meeting with his boss, and memories of a fractured family life. With support of his hospital friends and the love of his children and grandchildren, Bill comes to terms with his relationship with his violent father and finds the true meaning of love and home.