Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Seasons of the Pearl

Logline: A GI bar in Saigon is the stage for comedy in a war zone. Going home alive is the plan for the final act.

Synopsis: Sammy and Bugs are a couple of US Army guys working their way through a one-year tour in Vietnam during the war years. With them are a few whacky buddies and the local bar girls whose Pidgin English is all part of their charm. Their hang-out is a small bar, The Oriental Pearl, in Saigon where the girls work. Savannah, an American news correspondent, joins them, befriends the girls, and has an affair with one of the guys. They all go back and forth through the swinging doors of the Pearl bringing with them humor, pathos, and serious war zone emotions. The Americans are there for the four seasons of the year. The locals are there for life...mostly. While comedy is the central theme, a strong moral and political message is present. It's a question that seems to be unanswered in the world today. The characters are real people brought together in a surreal atmosphere of an extremely unpopular war. Sound familiar?

Title: Onus

Logline: With the world in disarray, one boy finds out the truth about himself; he is the son of God, as well as the only one who can stop the demise of mankind.

Synopsis: Religion has predicted the return of the messiah for ages, but no one could have predicted the truth of which he would bring with him; the end of the human race. As hope begins to fade within the minds of those who once believed, the devil finds the moment a perfect opportunity to make his way back to earth for his final attack on the gates of heaven. With him, he brings the four horsemen of apocalypse and his minions for the war with God to come. With tribulation at hand, and the crumbling of the human race, the only one who can save them and prevent the devil from entering the gates of heaven is one boy who can't even save himself.

Title: Conspiracy

Logline: Just when a high school athlete thinks he has it all, his life takes a turn for the worst when he's accused of a sex crime.

Synopsis: It's a story about a popular high school athlete who is falsely accused for molesting a young girl at his mother's daycare. As he struggles to proclaim his innocence, his family breaks apart, the school and community ostracize him. Against his backdrop, his lawyer works to uncover a possible conspiracy...

Title: Our Own Christmas Eve

Logline: Friends gather together to remember four out of their close-knit circle that lost their lives on a Tuesday morning in September.

Synopsis: A childhood promise to one another gathers a group of friends together on the night before Christmas they try to come to terms with the loss of four out of their close-knit circle that died in the north tower of the World Trade Center. Credits: Although "Our Own Christmas Eve" has not been entered in many contests, "Save Him", another of my completed specs has been acknowledged as listed below: Honorable Mention in the 2013 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition Honorable Mention in the 2013 London Film Awards First Round Finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards Competition Currently a Semi-Finalist in the 2014 Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Title: Before Hocus Pocus 1679

Logline: Before Hocus Pocus 1679 is a precursor to Hocus Pocus, A Disney production from 1993.

Synopsis: Back in time when there were no radios, tv or telephones. A story begins with a young child in the outhouse with his parents, as they finish, he is left behind, falls in, this is of humor later. A boisterous neighbor which moves in next door with her husband, the parents of the three witches from Salem. Wait till you see where the Witches go, wait till you see what they get.

Title: They Called Him Josey

Logline: This Jesus is about to mingle among the people to teach them better morals, a more rational conception of God. Now as far as I understand this man I think he is quite capable of doing all he proposes.

Synopsis: This screenplay brings to light the never told before true life of Jesus of Nazareth, his parentage, his youth, his original doctrines and works, his career as a public teacher and physician of the people, his love for the woman who would be his wife, the nature of the great conspiracy against him, all the incidents of his tragic death.

Title: Hire Me

Logline: An unemployed executive loses everything in the recession. But gains something even better!

Synopsis: Middle-aged advertising executive Spencer Ramsey lives in the wrong place -- Elkhart County, Indiana -- at the wrong time -- 2007 -- and in the wrong situation -- his marriage falling apart. The recession hits Elkhart County harder than anywhere else in the country. And it all but destroys Spencer. Separated from his wife and abandoned by his kids, friends and church, he is left with no job, money, home or support system. Unable to find work in his field, he tries low-paying jobs. His unemployment and retirement savings run out. Spencer clings to two pillars of support -- his newly found love, Ayla, and his faith. But are they enough to save him?

Title: The Ivory Tower

Logline: An unloved Columbia freshman finds validation in flashy organized crime.

Synopsis: A naive young man from Ohio attends Columbia University and feels socially outclassed by his wealthy, cosmopolitan peers. His creative and academic efforts are constantly outshone. He falls into the company of an older, suave hustler and gets drawn into some shady enterprises, eventually starting a prostitution ring on the Ivy League campus. Our protagonist abandons his creative aspirations for the lure of easy money. His fortunes rise, but soon he is caught in a morass of moral bankruptcy, failing grades, botched deals and dysfunctional relationships. He then must struggle to clean his mess and regain his integrity. The story is like SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION meets RISKY BUSINESS. WGA Registration #: 942907

Title: Twilight

Logline: A junky DEA agent infiltrates his estranged father's drug cartel in order to track down his partner's killer.

Synopsis: DEA special agent Marcos Villanova seeks justice for the murder of his partner and mentor -- a rogue agent known as Wolf -- at the hands of Cuban crime boss Ramon Ortega. The Agency is willing to give him what he wants...for a price: an impenetrable ease built against his father, Arthur" Buddy" Lomax, a powerful New York drug kingpin with secret lies to Ortega. Marcos arrives at Buddy's doorstep a broken man, looking for new direction in life. All part of the act, or is it? Isabella Suarez, a smoldering Latina stripper, sees more in Marcos than he lets on. As does Buddy's underboss, Tony "Ram" Rammazatto, a loose cannon who'll do anything to keep his spot on the food chain. The more time Marcos spends in Buddy's care, the less willing he is to betray him. In the end, Marcos must decide where his loyalty truly lies: with the U.S. Government, his father, or somewhere in between.

Title: Pretense

Logline: An idealistic young attorney is almost obsessive in her desire to help her law partner keep custody of his daughter, who despises him.

Synopsis: Eve Arnell will do almost anything to help her law partner keep custody of his strange, hostile daughter. Until painful memories from her own childhood, plus the mysterious and sudden appearance of an old love, cause her to question not only her own motivations but the motivations of everyone around her. I have been a practicing attorney for many years, have taken many screenwriting courses, and have had several short stories published in literary magazines. I would like to submit my original screenplay "Pretense" for your consideration, and can be reached at, 718-769-4021, or Maureen Abato, Esq., 2732 East 21 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235.