Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Exude Your Class

Logline: A professional horseplayer and a beautiful prostitute save a pregnant race mare from being destroyed by a bloodthirsty maniac who runs a corrupt equine slaughter-for-profit operation.

Synopsis: After an emotional, self-revealing epiphany, Joey Bender decides to become what he was meant to be - a professional horseplayer. However, he almost loses everything. Luckily, Joey discovers a book entitled "The Class Horse" and begins to win - big. Joey's profits enable him to buy a race mare named Survivor. Joey's handicapping prowess then takes him to Las Vegas for the World Championship Horseplayer Tournament. There, the story turns as Joey and a beautiful prostitute must save a now pregnant Survivor from being butchered and processed into pet food by a perverted maniac who runs an equine slaughter-for-profit business. "Exude Your Class" is not about gambling or horseracing. It's a drama with a highly suspenseful climax about finding alternatives and adapting to how the race of life unfolds. Over years, I've acquired extensive knowledge about horse racing, breeding farms, and slaughter houses, which are the means that move "Exude Your Class" from beginning to end.

Title: Born An Angel

Logline: Herbert better learn his lessons well, if he wants to survive, because prisons weren't designed with twelve-year-olds in mind.

Synopsis: In October of 1931 the national headlines read: AL CAPONE CONVICTED OF TAX EVASION, THOMAS ALVA EDISON DEAD AT 84 and BAREFOOT BOY SLAYER GETS LIFE! I have written a feature-length screenplay based on the true story of Herbert F. Niccolls Jr.. He was the boy known as the Barefoot Boy Slayer. He was twelve-years-old when he was sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life at the Washington State Penitentiary. Murder was his crime, this time. The murder of the beloved local sheriff, John Wormell. Herbert learned his rules of survival at a tender age and those lessons would serve him well in his new world. If he wanted more than just to survive he would have to take a chance. He would have to trust and be trusted. He would have to learn the lessons of life. WGAw Reg. #1517457

Title: Lonely Boy

Logline: The summer before entering his first year of high school, a 13 year old black boy struggles with gaining acceptance from his absentee father, a first crush and the unwanted attention of a pedophile.

Synopsis: It is the summer of 1975 and DEE has just finished middle school. DESI is a girl in Dee's class whom he is quite smitten with, but he is too shy to tell her. His best friend WENDELL does all he can to encourage Dee. Dee's main focus at the moment is to form a bond with his absentee father, CLEVE, a man who wants nothing to do with his young son. The resistance by Cleve makes Dee stronger in his resolve to protect his slightly retarded brother, NOAH, from everyday life. And, if life isn't hard enough, Dee also has the challenge of deflecting the unwanted attention of BIG LEON, the neighborhood pedophile. In the end Dee has big decisions to make.

Title: Lefty in the Pen

Logline: The true story of a professional baseball player chasing his lifelong dream of pitching in the major leagues while fighting to maintain his sanity after his part in the death of a close friend.

Synopsis: During his professional baseball career, our main character finds himself consumed by addiction and injury, as well as a strong desire to please his successful father. But one dark and horrific night in the desert will haunt and alter his dreams forever, as baseball, his saving grace, threatens to slip from his grip, and has ended in the death of a close friend and teammate. As he rapidly descends into a world of psychosis, can he find redemption for his past, or will his demons haunt him forever? Our story is capped off with an inspirational ending that will cause even the strongest man to shed his tears.

Title: Woodville

Logline: Did a destitute commoner seduce a King of England into marriage, or was it witchcraft?

Synopsis: Set in the fifteenth-century England, my screenplay,"Woodville",takes amidst a stew of violence and sex. These were bawdy times. A commoner, Elizabeth Woodville,seduces King Edward IV, who elevates her Queen, but did she use witchcraft? She blossoms while married to Edward, giving him ten children but falls terribly from grace with his murder and the ascendancy of Richard III. Early on, she is beguiled by the evil Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), Richard schemes to gain the throne and ultimately poisons the King. He also starves her son, the heir apparent Edward V,and his younger brother, while pretending to protect them in the Tower of London. Elizabeth loses all she's gained, but in the end triumphs over all her foes through a transformation at her death. The screenplay is a meld of history and fiction; with supernatural elements. What is unknown of the characters lives is plastered with fictional mortar.

Title: K-Pin Split

Logline: Rex, a 30 year-old orthopaedic surgeon, succumbs to drug addiction. To save his medical license and escape felony charges Rex must venture to drug rehab where he forms a life changing relationship.

Synopsis: Rex, a 30 year-old orthopaedic surgeon, has everything until he falls prey to the disease of addiction. Due to the consequences of his illness, Rex, is terminated from his prestigious New York City job and must flee to an inpatient rehabilitation center in Tampa, FL to save his medical license and avoid felony charges. While in rehab Rex befriends Vern, a multiple relapsing heroin addict, who through empathy and wisdom dissolves Rex's intense denial. We follow Rex's progress in accepting his illness along with the continuously building unique friendship of Rex and Vern. Tragedy strikes Rex in the midst of an effective recovery which makes him question the purpose of sobriety and life.

Title: Coveted Son

Logline: An Asian billionaire unknowingly fathers a child, becomes sterile and embarks on a desperate mission to the USA to retrieve what can be his only biological heir.

Synopsis: Yeung "Billy" Kim, who, in his younger days as a cadet in the South Korean army, unknowingly fathers a son. Later, as a successful businessman he learns he is sterile and can't have any children. This personal news is exposed on national TV throughout Korea and eventually the world. Eva, Billy's former girlfriend, is shocked of this news and approaches him with the even more shocking news: that although he can't have any children in the future, he already has a biological son in the world who was given up for adoption several years earlier. Billy is ectastic about this development and embarks on a desperate mission to the United States to retrieve his only biological heir from his entrenched adoptive family. When confronted with the adoptive parents, epic moral issues ensue that ultimately lead to Billy enacting a kidnapping and murder plot because there's no way he's going to return home to Korea without his "coveted son."

Title: Lonely Boy

Logline: It is the summer of 1975 and a 13 year old black boy is dealing with rejection from his absentee father, a first crush, and the unwanted attention of the neighborhood pedophile.

Synopsis: DEE SULLIVAN lives in a small town in Virginia. More than anything, Dee wants his father to accept him and be a part of his life, like the fathers of his two best friends, WENDELL and POPEYE. His father though is indifferent. DESI is the best looking girl in Dee's class and his crush on her is obvious. But, getting to know Desi is no easy task for lovestruck Dee. In fact, whenever he is around her, he makes a fool of himself. A long black sedan cruises Dee's neighborhood constantly. Wendell warns Dee to stay away from the car and its occupants. Will Dee listen?

Title: Made in Heaven

Logline: Two young girls Jenifer and her best friend Kim made a pact :To never give up on their dream, to keep on trying until Kim become the next big Hollywood star and Jenifer a successful writer.

Synopsis: Wanting to get closer to their dream, the two childhood friends Jenifer and Kim Lee, now two gorgeous young women in their mid-twenties, decide to leave their hometown to head to Hollywood. Through many adventures, Kim will quickly become one of the hottest stars in the industry, while Jenifer will struggle as a writer. But a very fortunate encounter with Jason St-Johns, her guardian angel pretending to be a studio executive, will change Jenifer's life forever. Jason's mission on "earth", it seems, is to make everything in his power (even breaking some rules) to have Jenifer realising her dream before she soon.... dies. Although that she will never make it in Hollywood before passing away, Jenifer will have the chance to fulfil her dream in a place and in a way she would have never thought possible. At last, she will honour her end of the pact as she got it made, "Made in heaven"

Title: Divine Sin

Logline: A woman recovers from her tormented childhood to avenge those who commit the unforgiveable sin, but must evade the F.B.I.'s top agent who is a pedophile that frames sex offenders for his crimes.

Synopsis: Diane Holland was seven when she was first molested by her father Fitz. Her mother Alice is completely oblivious and Diane suffers the molestation for another 10 years until she eventually kills her father. Diane's younger brother Derek willingly takes the blame, and with the help of a Detective named Brooks allows Diane to evade prison. Diane grows up and becomes successful, but after a family tragedy she once again receives help from Detective Brooks and seeks revenge by murdering child molesters. One day Alice finds a video tape of Diane being molested by Fitz and another man, and gives it to Detective Brooks hoping to free Derek from prison. Detective Brooks calls the F.B.I. for help and talks to their top investigator Vincent Jamison, who unbeknownst to anyone is also the other man on "THE TAPE" molesting Diane. Now that Vincent knows about "THE TAPE" can Diane and Detective Brooks outsmart him and free Derek before he retrieves "THE TAPE" and gets rid of the surviving witnesses?