Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Terra Bella

Logline: Terra Bella is the poetic account of a charming, but troubled, 30 year old man seeking meaning in his life through his memories, fantasies, demons, and finally his actions.

Synopsis: Terra Bella is Catcher in the Rye meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is the coming of age story of Tom Barber, a self proclaimed 'ghost' in the world, who is living a purposely anonymous life as the driver for a call girl service. A man who has a dramatic, painful past and an active imagination that teeters between amusing, bizarre and hallucinatory. As a child Tom has dream that his parents were from another planet and that he was mistakenly implanted in a human woman's womb on earth. Abandoned by his Jehovah's Witness mother, and alienated by his drug dealer father, Young Tom comes to believe that his real parents will one day return from outer space to rescue him. The memories of his life, both good and bad, are played out in an orbital structure that slips and slides poignantly through time. We are riveted between past and present, imagination and reality as Tom struggles to connect the events of his past to realities of his present.

Title: Crisisboy

Logline: While trying to find out who he is, a teenage boy discovers that a mad scientist has implanted a device in his brain that has connected his emotions to the end of the world.

Synopsis: Sam is a seventeen-year old boy who thinks he already needs to know what his purpose in life is. During his search, Sam discovers that when he was a baby, a mad scientist named Dr. Mechatron implanted a device in his brain that has connected his emotions to the structural stability of Earth. Dr. Mechatron informs Sam that if he becomes too depressed he may literally cause the end of the world. Not sure whether to believe Mechatron or not, Sam must also deal with the challenges of young adulthood, including his bickering friends, his single mother, and the love of his life.

Title: Anything For Love

Logline: After reading his daughters memoir, a soldier goes back into time and tries to change major events of her life.

Synopsis: What would you do for a second chance in life? How far would you go for the promise of love? These are the questions that must be answered in in Anything For Love. Dante Smith hasn't seen his daughter Glenda for fifteen years,Marriage and babies weren't for him and until now he has never looked back. But when his paths cross with an old forgotten friend, who gives him Glenda's recently published memoir,Dante is suddenly willing to confront his past.He voraciously reads the book and two decades worth of unfelt, pent up guilt and regret for not being a good father overcomes him.He spends the night bing-drinking, then falls into a restless sleep, which leads him into a real time travel into the past.Now 19 years again just returning from his tour of duty in Vietnam,he returns home to his highschool sweetheart and their baby Glenda.

Title: Intensive Supervision

Logline: An Army veteran resiliently pursues a career as an inner city probation/parole officer.

Synopsis: Mark Norris is a highly decorated Gulf War veteran and loving family man. With a relentless spirit to serve his community, he embarks on his second career as an inner city probation/parole officer. Mark is meticulously handpicked to be the Intensive Supervision Probation Officer. Intensive Supervision is a unique level of supervision which oversees violent and mentally unstable offenders. Despite these extreme demands placed on him, he is determined to succeed where others have failed. Mark soon realizes that the politics of the criminal justice system, as well as other unforeseen circumstances are about to get the best of him in the worst way.


Logline: Eddie Bell, a sixty eight year old undiscovered artist who cared for his mother until the day she died, decides to welcome the new family next door with one of his mother’s meals from the freezer, creating a need in him for a woman and a family that Eddie didn’t even know he wanted.

Synopsis: After seeing Eddie Bell’s vast collection of paintings, the wife next door asks Eddie for permission to have an art dealer friend take a look at Eddie’s work.rnIn an unsolicited appraisal, the quirky influential art dealer takes Eddie and his stacks of paintings into his gallery for a one man show.rnJust as Eddie is beginning to appreciate the family next door, particularly the handicapped teen who warms up to “grandpa” and the real grandmother who is “just Eddie’s type”, his fame spreads to the big city and the big time with big unforeseen consequences for a family.rn

Title: Grapevine

Logline: May's internalized homophobia results in the loss of her daughter. When her son comes out as gay and her husband dies, she gets a second chance to be honest with herself.

Synopsis: May's dream for a "normal life" is torn apart when daughter Lee comes out as a lesbian and is thrown out of the home by May's alcoholic husband Bert. Middle child Fiona is barren and suicidal. Years later, youngest son Gary comes out as gay giving May one more chance to confront her internalized homophobia. May redefines "normal" when Bert dies and her life-long friend Etta, who has been in love with her since childhood, invites May to return to the intimate relationship they began in college.

Title: Alternative Methods

Logline: A doctor has an epiphany and leaves her medical practice to study Holistic Medicine abroad. She returns to the US only to find that some doctors still aren't as committed to saving lives as she is.

Synopsis: Dr. Sheila Ray, a strict vegan, is an ultra intelligent, scientist smart doctor that has an epiphany when one of her patients dies, so she leaves her medical practice to study Holistic Medicine abroad. While abroad, she discovers cures for cancer and many other diseases using alternative methods unaccepted in western medicine. Ten Years later, hailed by the media as the "Cancer Doctor" she returns to the US and decides to open the Love Life Holistic Health Center, to the ire of a few doctors at Grimsley Hospital, a hotbed for corruption and scandal. At first Oncologist Dr. Marcus Hines doesn't believe in her but is repeatidly witness to her unorthodox but effective working methods. She then does something that changes his life forever and he eventually changes his tune. He then starts recruiting her when he can't find out what is wrong with some of his patients. All to the indignation of his boss Dr. Andrew Stein, who deems her unworthy of wearing the white coat.

Title: Neptune Beach

Logline: A smart-mouthed young woman loses her lover and discovers her heart.

Synopsis: Alameda, CA 1924: Maggie and Jack are neighbors and young lovers. Their innocent, albeit forbidden, nighttime picnic is interrupted by Maggie's carefree and beautiful brother. Maggie shoos Jack home and as he makes his way across the street, Maggie's parents' uncontrolled car slams into him, killing him, and them, instantly. Three years later Maggie has not recovered from watching her parents and lover die. Her worried brother has coaxed her into joining him at Neptune Beach and as she steels herself for a day with his blithe friends, she realizes that her treasured locket, which belonged to her mother, is missing. Maggie is desperate to have it back, but is it because it belonged to her mother or because it holds other secrets as well? Confronted with secrets on all sides - her own, her brother's, and those of Max and Jim, two young men drawn to her for different reasons, Maggie must decide her own fate. Will she disappear into her grief or will she choose life and love?


Logline: As a young man discovers the secret of his mysterious and controversial birth, he questions his past, present, his relationships, his ability to choose, to love, and even his possibly eminent death.

Synopsis: Imagine living a life you've already lived...but you can't remember how? Imagine living a life where everybody knows everything about you...except for you? This compelling story examines real people, real relationships, but in unusual circumstances. In a year not to far from our own, society stands violently divided on the subject of cloning, Rebirth. In this thrilling adventure, our hero, Taron, is forced to confront these facts: he will soon be celebrating his second 19th birthday, his loving girlfriend is completely and violently against his birth, his mother has manipulated his being, his father has abandoned the family on his account, his little brother is now his big brother, his friends are now twice as old, and even his death may be lurking in the near future. His world turns upside down as Taron fights to survive, to find himself. Fate vs. free will, nature vs. nurture? Taron discovers the truth about his past and his future realizing all he has is right here, right now.

Title: The Clowns of God

Logline: One man's search for forgiveness and redemption ends up as one of acceptance, surrender and self-sacrifice.

Synopsis: Sonny MacIntosh has just been paroled after doing 17 years in a New York State maximum security prison for murdering four people when he was 16 years old. He returns to his old neighbourhood in Hell's Kitchen where he developes a relationship with a professional caregiver and her 6 charges,"The Clowns", who inadvertantly teach him how to live and love again. But Sonny's new found idyllic existence is short lived as Sonny's enemies past and present conspire to put him back behind bars in order to take their revenge. The unlikely alliance of a sadistic warden, a powerful mafia godfather, a vengeful detective, a crooked parole officer and a vicious street gang threatens Sonny's freedom and life and when they attack the only thing he truly loves Sonny is forced to protect that love. Will Sonny vanquish his enemies and protect the Clowns from harm or will he succumb to the overwhelming forces against him doomed to play out a destiny that he is powerless to predict or control?