Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Scorche

Logline: A talented young boy in the ghetto, working hard to make a name for him-self is betrayed by the love of his life, bringing tragedy not only to himself but to those closest to him.

Synopsis: By age 17, Jaheen has been throwing house parties in his mother's project apartment for profit and is notorious in the neighborhood for his skills. His name travels all the way up to the owner of the local teen nightclub, Olympus. Thanks to his friend Yosef,a quick witted womanizer, Jaheen is offered a job DJ'ing big parties to make big money. Finally, his life is going the way Jaheen wants it. On the night of his final house party before he goes big-time, a fight breaks out between his friends and local gangsters. When Jaheen defends his friends he is drawn into the world he tried so hard to avoid. Nyema, the love of his life, convinces him that his only option is to join the rival gang to keep himself safe. What was once a promising future for Jaheen is slowly turning into a path of destruction. Before he knows it life spirals out of control. Filled with action and humor, this story, inspired by true events, delves into the life choices of many young black boys today.

Title: The Great American Loser

Logline: During a trip back to her childhood home, a young woman accidentally falls for a charming yet self-destructive high school teacher who made her teenage years hell.

Synopsis: Is love really powerful enough to change who we are? And if it is, do we want it to? After a botched attempt at a real vacation, 25-year-old EMMA DANIELS returns to her childhood home for two weeks of respite from a lame, lonely existence in New York City. Her relaxation is interrupted when she comes face to face with a high school teacher who both tortured and excited her nerdy self ten years earlier - the suave yet destructive JONATHAN BROOKS. While her two childhood friends MOLLY and STEW do whatever they can to keep her from trusting Jonathan, Emma can't help but be drawn to him and sucked back into her teenage years at the same time. The closer she gets to a man who once caused her so much high school heartache, the more Emma realizes she isn't the only one who can't seem to escape the past. Thank you for your time and consideration with this query! Respectfully,

Title: Revenge

Logline: Jack Sims is a corporate attorney who violently kills seven people after his doctor informs him that he is dying; he started his killing list when he was twelve.

Synopsis: The twists in Jack's life are as unique as his methods of killing and his ability to stymie the police. For years he stocks his attic with clothes, tools, hardware, equipment, a pistol and bullets. After each killing he bundles things he used or touched, and throws the bundle into a body of water with a weight inside to keep it submerged. He is consumed with so much hatred and desire for revenge that he chokes with his hands, strangles with strings of thin wire, crushes skulls with a rock and hammer, and shoots his pistol through a ninety year old woman's ear. He demonstrates other sadistic acts such as driving an iron spike up an anus until feces come out,and by making a sister of one of his targets for murder perform oral sex on him, then he leaves samples of the feces and semen at the scene of his other victims. One year after the murders he marries a beautiful criminal defense attorney that he mentored twenty years earlier and who has been in love with him since.

Title: Genesis

Logline: A highschool science teacher is about to lose his job because of the evolution and intelligent design controversy.

Synopsis: WARNING: This screenplay focuses on a subject even more controversial that Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." It debunks evolution and emphatically supports intelligent design. This will produce great support from the Christian community, but the wrath of the ACLU and portions of the scientific community. Science teacher, Mr. Kimball, teaches both evolution and intelligent design. But the schoolboard notifies Mr. Kimball that he will not be teaching at that school next year because he so vigorously supports intelligent design. But after rethinking, they decide to have a mock trial to hear from both sides. The evidence is up-to-date science and overwhelming, but what is the outcome?

Title: Grommet

Logline: When an east coast teenager enters the surf world of San Diego, the reigning surfers bully him, especially when he attracts the interest of one of their beautiful ex-girlfriends.

Synopsis: Keith, 15, moves to San Diego with his mom. He meets a chick, Brittany, makes enemies with another kid, Rory, and befriends a washed-up surfer, Dwyer. Dwyer sees that Keith is alone, and agrees to help him train for the Grommet surf contest (grommet being surfer slang for a runt). Keith believes he can gain acceptance in his new community if he wins the contest. As they train together, Keith also begins to learn more about being a man from Dwyer. At the midpoint, Keith gains acceptance after he defeats Rory in an informal surf competition. Armed with his new popularity, Keith obsesses over winning the Grommet till he alienates everyone he loves. Realizing he's been a douche, he apologizes to Dwyer and finishes preparing for the Grommet. After advancing to its final round, Keith chooses to keep Rory from sabotaging their competition over winning the contest. The story ends with him training for next year's pro-am contest. Having turned sixteen, he's no longer a grommet.

Title: Comfort

Logline: A grieving detective must confront his own inner turmoil to find an elusive killer.

Synopsis: Detective Lindo is an emotionally repressed cop trying to cope with his dying wife, Sara. But when Lindo starts tracking the killer of a beautiful bartender, his emotions begin to slip out of control. His primary suspect is Bobby, a damaged young man protected by his older sister, Michelle. As Lindo digs deeper into the case, he finds himself increasingly drawn to Michelle- and increasingly conflicted. Stirred by his attraction to Michelle and wracked with guilt over Sara, Lindo struggles to stay in control as he pieces together the murder night- a night fueled by rejection, deception, and the burden of a violent past. In the end, the only way for Lindo to find the truth is to let go of his own morals and emotions- and face the tragic results. WGA Registration #: 1019171 Please accept this screenplay for your consideration. I can be contacted using the information below. Thank you.

Title: Once Upon a Time in Arabia

Logline: An exiled prince returns to kill his childhood friend in vengeance for his father's murder, only to find his kingdom threatened by a much greater enemy.

Synopsis: It is 6th century Arabia. A tribal king is brutally murdered during a revolt. When the news of his father's death reaches Imru Al Qais--the great pre-Islamic poet, exiled prince, and desperate drunk--he realizes he is the last hope for restoring his family's honor. Reluctantly, he descends on a journey of tribal bloodshed to avenge his father's murder, only to become a fugitive in his own land, hunted by a rival king. As the threat against his people grows, he discovers a twisted web of conspiracy linking his royal dynasty to the powerful empires of Persia and Byzantium. With no one to trust, and his kingdom in jeopardy, Imru Al Qais must make his last stance. He must travel to Constantinople to solicit an army from Emperor Justinian--a journey that seals his fate forever. Behind this dramatic true story of betrayal and revenge, conspiracy and maneuvering, danger and courage; is the heart-felt tale of one man's triumphant struggle against all odds.

Title: Lucky Shot

Logline: What if an average guy knocked out the "Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of World", What would happen to both their lives?

Synopsis: Dear Agent: Meet John Booker, a New York City garbage man, but if you asked him he'd say "a sanitation engineer." While on vacation in Las Vegas with his fiancee, he's forced into a bar fight with the present Heavy Weight Boxing Champ, Lucius "The Lightening Bolt" Ray, an arrogant, hot-tempered, disrespectful womanizer. In front of a large crowd of onlookers at a busy casino, John surprisingly knocks out The Champ. The media frenzy begins. The incident becomes the talk of every major sports news and radio broadcasts. How can this shamefully embarrassed, ego-bruised Champ, redeem himself from the cruel jokes and polarization of the sports media? And how can John protect himself from thugs who want to fight him for street rep, regain his normal life back, and save his family from shady characters trying to cash in? WGA #R20949.

Title: Blue Skies Realized

Logline: What happens when you meet someone who redefines you? How does your life change when you realize you are as talented as Michelangelo?

Synopsis: My name is Michael Raymond and I have just completed a screenplay entitled "Blue Skies Realized". It is a story about the most unlikely of men, Ray hastings, whose interest in the works of Michelangelo combined with the acceptance of a wounded woman uncovers his buried secret. A staggering artistic talent. A chance meeting links the lives of Ray, Carmen and her son Evan and allows for each character's transformation. Although this is my first screenplay submission it is not my first experience writing for film. I have written, produced and directed two independent films. I received high marks for my writing at World-Fest Houston where Francis Ford Coppola verbally recognized my efforts. I look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding this drama. Contact me at: Michael P. Raymond 93. S. Whtman School Rd. Buckfield, ME 04220

Title: Coveted Son

Logline: An Asian billionaire unknowingly fathers a child and embarks on a desperate mission to the US to retrieve what can be his only biological heir from his entrenched American family.

Synopsis: Yeung "Billy" Kim, who, in his younger days as a cadet in the South Korean army, unknowingly fathers a son. Later, as a successful businessman he learns he is sterile and can't have any children. This personal news is exposed on national TV throughout Korea and eventually the world. Eva, Billy's former girlfriend, is shocked of this news and approaches him with the even more shocking news: that although he can't have any children in the future, he already has a biological son in the world who was given up for adoption several years earlier. Billy is ectastic about this development and embarks on a desperate mission to the United States to retrieve his only biological heir from his entrenched adoptive family. After learning of his son's whereabouts, Kim uses his power and financial prowess to tempt the boy's financially struggling adoptive family into considering giving up the child for an unspeakable amount of money.