Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: The Hard Road Home

Logline: A soldier returning home is in a car accident leaving him in a field with no one knowing he is there. Reminiscing, he recalls falling in love, then leaving for the military.

Synopsis: The screenplay starts as three friends-John, Steve, and Jim-are returning from military service and a fourth friend-Tom-picking them up from the bus station (THERE ARE NO MILITARY SCENES IN THIS FILM). They live in a small, rural Midwest town and the town is having their returning home/harvest festival celebration. As the town waits, there is a terrible accident, killing two of the young men and leaving one badly injured and in a coma. The drama begins here: Jim, the fourth friend, didn't tell anyone he was returning. Lying in a corn field badly injured, Jim reminisces about falling in love and his decision to leave for the military. In the mean time, Jim's girlfriend, Lisa, slowly determines that Jim might have been in the car with the others.

Title: Sunflowers

Logline: Two star-crossed lovers are connected by a divine power and will battle fate, time and tragedy in an effort to find one another.

Synopsis: On the way to their graduation, STEVEN (18) and SEAN (18), witness a drunk driver crash into their adoptive PARENTS' vehicle. Steven struggles to understand why God has dealt him with the heavy hand of taking them away. From that day forward, a MAN in a black suit mysteriously shadows Steven's life. Now, all alone on his family's 88 acre estate, Steven, unclear of his destiny, wallows in misery, while from time to time, has recurring visions of a GOLDEN SUNFLOWER and a young SOMALI BOY. Meanwhile, half a world away, ELIZABETH (23), an alluring, French supermodel lives the cliche life of a model, as she indulges in substance abuse. From a loving family who own a vineyard in a small village outside of Paris, she gradually slips away until she endures her own tragedy. She too, will witness the same recurring visions as Steven.

Title: Say Your Prayers

Logline: A traumatized football star struggles to keep his head above water after he commits an atypical act of violence that jeopardizes his career.

Synopsis: College Football star and NFL prospect Charles Jackson thinks he found the love of his life in Tracy. He doesn't know she holds a dark secret, which will ultimately lead to his demise. He tries to distances himself from Tracy after finding inconsistencies, but she cleverly plays off his feelings to get back in good standing. He commits an atypical act of violence that turns his world upside down. The pressure becomes unbearable, forcing Charles to leave school and his major love, football. He makes new friends, who have a negative impact on Charles as they lead him down a path of destruction and into jail. Charles meets Rev, a street-savvy convict, who has turned his life around. He guides Charles and passes on his religious philosophies. Charles struggles once he is released from jail, but leans on his newly taught values to make it through rough times. Charles gets a shot to revive his career by the way of Semi-Pro football with hopes of making it to the NFL.

Title: Comfort

Logline: A grieving detective must confront his own inner turmoil to find an elusive killer.

Synopsis: Detective Lindo is an emotionally repressed cop trying to cope with his dying wife, Sara. But when Lindo starts tracking the killer of a beautiful bartender, his emotions begin to slip out of control. His primary suspect is Bobby, a damaged young man protected by his older sister, Michelle. As Lindo digs deeper into the case, he finds himself increasingly drawn to Michelle- and increasingly conflicted. Stirred by his attraction to Michelle and wracked with guilt over Sara, Lindo struggles to stay in control as he pieces together the murder night- a night fueled by rejection, deception, and the burden of a violent past. In the end, the only way for Lindo to find the truth is to let go of his own morals and emotions- and face the tragic results. WGA Registration #: 1019171 Please accept this screenplay for your consideration. I can be contacted using the information below. Thank you.


Logline: An intense drama unfolds in Memphis, and angels and devils scheme for its rescue and ruination.

Synopsis: An interracial couple fight the night he's stabbed by her possessed ex. Archangel SIDRIEL commissions BAHALIEL to shield her and her unborn child. Fallen Throne FOCALOR sends spirits called GREED, MURDER, BIGOTRY, and RELIGIOSITY to incite an evil pastor against his brother, a holy pastor, who suggests the church finance the victim's medical expenses. The victim's brother avenges him, then faces God's vengeance in a graphic scene inspired by the author's extensive research of near-death experiences, especially Betty Eadie's "Embraced by the Light," used near the end. Please watch, or enter "Intervention Spec Script" in Youtube or Google videos.

Title: SIGHT

Logline: "SIGHT" is the story of a man who is given the gift of sight only to learn, through drastic events, that sometimes your greatest wish could be your greatest regret.

Synopsis: Sometimes we see things with our eyes that forever alter our lives. Just a momentary glance can leave an impression on our minds that will last a lifetime. "SIGHT" is a very intense, character driven drama that deals with the extremes of human emotion. Paul Edwards is born blind and adopted by the Rev Carl Edwards and his wife Rebekah who raise him as their son. Paul follows his father into the ministry and the work of the church. Later, as a married father of three, Paul is given the opportunity to receive the gift of sight through a remarkable breakthrough in gene therapy. Paul must now wrestle with the sometimes painful reality that although some of the things that he sees in this world are truly beautiful the ugliness of what he also witnesses can become overwhelming. What we see can brighten our hearts and lift our spirits but occasionall what we see pushes us to commit acts that our minds would never have dreamed of before.

Title: Falling Rain

Logline: With the world ending in a flood, a detective searches for a serial killer.

Synopsis: Detective Sam Williver must find the will to keep searching for the perpetrator of a series of brutal murders as he faces a recent divorce and a great flood. Within the chaos the investigation takes a series of missteps, which results in the wrong man being arrested and the killer having free reign. The killer, in his vanity, must have credit for his deeds. He begins a series of phone conversations with the detective. By now, the flooding has grown and Sam cannot find the killer. Alone, and traveling by small boat, Sam perseveres to the location of the phone calls where he faces the killer, and the end.

Title: Anything For Love

Logline: After reading his daughters memoir, a soldier goes back into time and tries to change major events of her life.

Synopsis: What would you do for a second chance in life? How far would you go for the promise of love? These are the questions that must be answered in in Anything For Love. Dante Smith hasn't seen his daughter Glenda for fifteen years,Marriage and babies weren't for him and until now he has never looked back. But when his paths cross with an old forgotten friend, who gives him Glenda's recently published memoir,Dante is suddenly willing to confront his past.He voraciously reads the book and two decades worth of unfelt, pent up guilt and regret for not being a good father overcomes him.He spends the night bing-drinking, then falls into a restless sleep, which leads him into a real time travel into the past.Now 19 years again just returning from his tour of duty in Vietnam,he returns home to his highschool sweetheart and their baby Glenda.

Title: The Lady of the Coins

Logline: An adaptation of the novel "Beach Music" by Pat Conroy.

Synopsis: The Lady of the Coins is an adaptation of the amazing novel by Pat Conroy. (Author of The Prince of Tides, Lords of Discipline and The Great Santini) The story is about a man named Jack McCall who runs away from his life and family to Rome, Italy after the suicide of his wife. Six years later, a confluence of events forces him to return home and confront his past and in so doing finds a way finally move on. The movie rights are owned by The Ladd Company and I have contacted them but they stated they cannot accept a screenplay unless it comes from a legitimate agent. I am looking for an agent that hopefully has an existing relationship with Alan Ladd Jr. and can get him to take a look at the script.

Title: Some other colors

Logline: The 1980s..."A Soviet Georgian"soldier unexpectedly finds himself on afghan land where the Soviet Army discharges there its "International Duty".

Synopsis: The action starts in Kakheti village(a region in Georgia)where the local youth and some students from the capital get acquainted with one another. The son of a local foreman is hopelessly in love with the girl living in the same village.He expresses hostility towards one of the students because of the girl's sympathy to him. The foreman's son is called up for military service.On Afghan land he meets his mate from Tbilisi.In the unknown land their enmity turns into everlasting friendship. The boys side by side with other soldiers display heroism and courage,however they do realize the merciless plans of high-ranking officials behind the"International mission"of the Soviet Army. Two weeks earlier before the release one of the Georgian boys falls down in the battle... Soon the Soviet Union demolishes. What might be the visions of the soldier of the new post soviet era? Has the world around him acquired some other colors...