Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Indifference

Logline: When just being alive isn't enough, a depressed, recent college graduate decides to apply for a pistol permit.

Synopsis: In the game of life, John is the favorite. Young, white, American male. But after graduating from a four year college with nothing to show for it but a useless diploma and a heap of debt, he returns to the only job he's ever known; working the customer service counter at a supermarket. College was not what he had expected. His grades weren't good enough. He wasn't prepared for the few interviews he could get. Life is not how he wants it to be. He thinks about killing himself. He feels like the whole world is out to get him and maybe it is. He applies for a pistol permit. His daydreams become more and more violent. All of his anger and frustration builds up inside him. He meets a girl and falls in love. He learns what it feels like to lose what he never even had. And he comes to the harsh realization that there is only one reason why we all live. Hope.

Title: Singularity

Logline: Singularity is a sharp and humorous look at "thirty-somethings" living on Chicago's trendy North Side who grapple with racism, infidelity, sex, and the ultimate singularity or breaking point, death.

Synopsis: Bo is a charismatic African American--an Ivy leaguer and one of Chicago's rising architects-- who succeeds by force of talent and personality. But beneath his reinforced exterior is a man whose marriage has been gutted after his affair six months ago and whose career gets caught in the dragnet of corporate racism. Drop is a self-help guru and a source of strength to millions whose pre-packaged answers to life turn out to be ineffectual when his own health starts to fail after a collapse on stage. Drop and Bo are the two poles of a screenplay that intesects six characters whose lives follow the scientific concept of a singularity, which is when bodies in the universe self destruct, giving way to new life. I was Writer/Director of The Quiet, 2003 Winner, Best Independent Film, Screen Magazine, and a finalist for the Sundance Film Festival American Spectrum series. I was previously a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper group. Thanks for your consideration.

Title: Diamond Isle

Logline: What happens to a Brig. Gen. when his Caribbean island homeland is attacked by ORA terrorist groups and his wife is having an affair with his top pilot and he gets prostate cancer?

Synopsis: Ed and Rosie Petersen are a happily married couple until his wife has an affair and he plots to end his top pilot's life and the war leader of ORA is his wife's ex-lover. He tries everything known to man to restore himself to his wife and a new way of life. In the end, he finds out it's an out of this world experience that cures him. Meanwhile, he is risking everything he has worked for his whole life long: his dream of starting a spaceshuttle passenger airport business, his career and Rosie may all go up in smoke. Secret hardships are discovered as John and ORA terrorists find diamonds on the Petersen estate and his wife's secret identity is in the open. Ed is willing to risk life and limb when he starts his own affair with a top highclass callgirl, Hannah Howard, who Ed invites on a test trip on the StarlightII spaceship. This intriquing, dramatic love story is full of beautiful scenery, blackmail,deceit and betrayal and will have you screaming for more in sequel II.

Title: The Ticket

Logline: If you were given a ticket allowing you the ability to take another human life, would you use it?

Synopsis: The world has changed; no longer are there nations, but one world government. Society has lost any purpose to unite the people, and violence has grown out of control. Dr. Ersatz Soterios, after losing his family, has designed a plan to save the world and end the violence. He creates the ticket which is designed to unify through fear and self-preservation to stop the violence. Ambrose John Hartman, an ambassador and longtime friend of Soterios, opposes the ticket and is willing to do just about anything to stop before it is too late. He enlists the help of many great people along his journey. What will the world do? Will the ticket become the greatest solution ever created or does it have the potential to destroy the world? I hope this synopsis creates a desire to read this 107-page gripping screenplay.

Title: Crime Line

Logline: A father and son attempt to steal 45 million dollars to secure his son's spot in their Irish Mafia business, however, his youngest son also plans to steal the money at the same time.

Synopsis: After doing two years in jail Cedric Callaghan returns home where his father, Donald Callaghan, has planned to hand down his Irish business down to his oldest son. Donald introduces Cedric to a job in which Cedric and two family-loyal members plan to steal 45 million dollars from an illegal Russian bank transaction. Tony Callaghan, Cedric's younger brother has other plans. After failing to bribe his older brother to take over his father's position as a team, Tony allows his emotions to get to him. He murders an innocent man only two nights before the crime. Donald then leads Tony to believe the family is no longer interested in the project due to the current murder. Tony and his two friends copy the paperwork of the crime and plan to do the job on their own and take over the business. Little does Tony know that his father and brother both still plan to attempt the job. Cedric's team of three and Tony's team of three meet the very night of the crime, expecting to execute the same plan.

Title: Road Wisdom

Logline: With his conscience at its heaviest, medical insurance director, Daniel Shepherd is forced to recall the young idealist who filled his shoes and meets the calloused man who has taken his place.

Synopsis: Burdened by marital troubles and compromised morals at work, Daniel Shepherd comes across his old journal accounting the most important summer of his life. The summer before Med School, Daniel takes his motorcycle across country to return to the only place he's been able to call home, West Virginia. From listening to the open road, to discovering love, mixed with the insights of his idealistic grandmother, Daniel learns life as it isn't taught in textbooks. Wondering if there is anyway to recapture that youthful fervor, Daniel realizes that, despite it all, everything is meant to happen. There are no accidents.

Title: The Mancini Way

Logline: Good and evil are joined at the hip for three brothers, a mafia boss, a cop, and a priest.

Synopsis: Brothers Joseph, Johnny, and Frank Mancini were born into a notorious Baltimore mafia family with a long history of brutality and corruption. Joseph, the head of the Baltimore Family, laments that his only son wants to join the mafia. Johnny, a 20-year veteran of the police force, struggles with the guilt of working with Joseph to bring down drug dealers. Frank, a priest, wrestles with his faith as he discovers the deep ties between the mafia and the church. The brothers come together to end a growing feud between the Italian mafia and the Greek and Russian crime lords who are threatening to take over. Two warring gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, are used as pawns in this bloody struggle for power. As the dust settles, the survivors in the Family declare their loyalty to the Mancini Way, but it is an uneasy peace.

Title: The Distant Shore

Logline: The last day in the life of President Lincoln.

Synopsis: On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln, while attending a play with his wife, was assassinated. This screenplay follows the events of this day, from Lincoln's last Cabinet meeting to the heartbreaking bedside vigil of the dying president, from the assassin John Wilkes Booth's meeting with his co-conspirators to the sentencing and hanging of these same people. We are introduced to some forgotten people in history: Dr. Charles Leale, an Army physician who was in the theater and who was the first on the scene, thus becoming Lincoln's physician for that harrowing night; the actress Laura Keane, who cradled the president's head as he lay bleeding on the floor; the condemned Lewis Powell, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Mary Surratt, who became the first woman hung by the American government; and others, each playing a different, yet significant, role in the story. This a true telling of the assassination, with actual dialogue and words from those who were present.

Title: Born An Angel

Logline: Herbert better learn his lessons well, if he wants to survive, because prisons weren't designed with twelve-year-olds in mind.

Synopsis: In October of 1931 the national headlines read: AL CAPONE CONVICTED OF TAX EVASION, THOMAS ALVA EDISON DEAD AT 84 and BAREFOOT BOY SLAYER GETS LIFE! I have written a feature-length screenplay based on the true story of Herbert F. Niccolls Jr.. He was the boy known as the Barefoot Boy Slayer. He was twelve-years-old when he was sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life at the Washington State Penitentiary. Murder was his crime, this time. The murder of the beloved local sheriff, John Wormell. Herbert learned his rules of survival at a tender age and those lessons would serve him well in his new world. If he wanted more than just to survive he would have to take a chance. He would have to trust and be trusted. He would have to learn the lessons of life. WGAw Reg. #1517457

Title: In the Canyon

Logline: Two average cops take chase to silence a young man who has secrets of his own.

Synopsis: Two Orange County Sheriff's Deputies on their way to a crime scene encounter a young man on a dark canyon highway. After a physical altercation, they are forced to leave the young man for dead at the edge of the road while dispatched to a nearby traffic accident. When the accident victim turns out to be a local celebrity, the reporters converge and the battered young man stumbles in, alive and center stage. Confronted with their own undoing, the officers must determine how far they are willing to go to hide the truth.