Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: A Story About Love

Logline: Love will cause liberation and tragedy among Philadelphia's rich and powerful social elite

Synopsis: Celia Bedford is a poor but strikingly beautiful widow and mother. Her sickly soon to be 14 year old son Timmy is a mathematical prodigy with an IQ of 170. Celia leaves Atlantic City to take a job as a live-in housekeeper in the mansion of Philadelphia socialites Margo and Robert Harrington, at the behest of her aunt Gwenyfred who is the Harrington's cook. Aunt Gwen is very concerned about Celia who is still grieving over the loss of her late husband who died in a trucking accident two years earlier. She wants Celia near her in order to watch over her in this trying time in her life. As soon as Celia and Timmy arrive, things begin to fall completely apart in the Harrington's very troubled marriage. It's love at first sight for Robert and Celia while Timmy develops a serious crush on Margo's 17 year old daughter Tara. Lustful and unfaithful Margo battles in vain to hold on to Robert, while Tara uses Timmy's crush on her to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, resulting in tragedy.

Title: Seven Figures

Logline: Wallstreet get's personal

Synopsis: Under pressure from the "Big Bosses" country boy Brad Hitchcliffe chances all his trading money on a tip from a schizophrenic street tramp. But the tramp has given him two sports events and told him to go for the company sweetheart, Elaine. All have paid off, so does the big "tip" this will earn him a "SEVERN FIGURE" bonus. Brad becomes greedy, power mad, running against his traditional values. The new "show off" Brad takes Elaine to visit his family, he dosen't go down well. He loses Elaine and the most precious thing, the love and support of his family. Back in New York the tramps tips stop working out. Brad losses everything, even beating the tramp in frustration. He is left alone, broken, suicidal. Elaine saves him by taking him back to his forgiving family. It ends with the tramp giving a tip to sociopath Jenkinson, how to rig the mortgage market that caused the run on the banks, Jenkinson accepts the tip, staring into the camera with his evil smile.

Title: Credit by Bob

Logline: Fraud and greed are no match for heart. A credit manager at a small women's footwear company, rejects the dark side of the business world and chases everyone trying to escape.

Synopsis: Bob Kelly, credit manager at Shoe Biz, makes his first trip to the shoe show in Vegas. Without warning, the owner, Sonny Davis quickly demotes Bob, because Bob won't commit fraud to get a bank loan, which Sonny needs to survive. With Bob's silence, the loan goes through, but an old banker, Warren Eagan, is suspicious and forces Bob to spill the beans about what happened in Vegas. In addition, Bob is set up by a small time crook, Rick Korda, in Brooklyn and is forced to track Korda down in Miami, whose got a truck of stolen shoes from She Biz. Bob steals the truck back at a strip club and with the help of a gun borrowed from rep, Herb Sheldon's wife, forces the thief to show his face at a trade show to get their money. At the Miami show, Bob discovers the ugly truth that Sonny has been stealing from She Biz. Bob discovers he's been chasing the wrong people to keep Shoe Biz alive. Another road trip through the South, reveals Bob's inability to catch every women trying to escape.

Title: A Sound of Guns

Logline: Two men, diametrically opposed but obsessed with thoughts of fame and fortune, travel across Colonial Africa while using guns and their wits to achieve goals that would affect the world for centuries.

Synopsis: It is believed that guns were first used in battle by Europeans during the 14th century A.D. Today, improved weapons of war are still used all over the world for both good and evil purposes. Nowhere were guns used with more lethal effectiveness than in Africa during the 1800's for both survival and in order to conquer. A Sound of Guns is the story of two men in Colonial Africa who wielded guns to achieve what at times were common goals of survival as they traveled across the Dark Continent- even as they did so with different purposes. At times Henry Stanley and Tippu Tib were friends and at other times seemingly enemies, but both men realized that it was the gun that ensured them the best chance for success. A black man, as slaver, and a white man, an Abolitionist, both use the other for their own good. During the process of travel and finding what was truly in their hearts the two learn without question that it is the gun that rules the world.

Title: Black Parade

Logline: A modern day adopted son of Christ, rises to the favor of population. The government afraid of a rebellion seeks to "get rid" of the problem. Will modern day people again allow gods messenger killed?

Synopsis: When David was a baby, he was annointed as an adopted son of Christ. As he grew, he found that he had special healing powers. In his early 20s, David and his two friends embark on a mission to heal the people and teach the people to treat each other honestly and fairly. Through this crusade his populatity grows until the United States Government becomes afraid. David at times is frusterated with people and his own life, wishing he could be "normal". David falls in love, and develops a lot of close friends. The government plots to end his crusade by framing David, using a few of his followers to set him up. David is arrested and has a trial. In order to set an example the president orders a televised execution, by lethal injection. The president stays at the prison to witness the execution. The president is sure that everything is fine after the execution, however a Black Parade, arrives at the prison. The president steps down and David's work continues.

Title: Patriotic Duty

Logline: Driven by patriotic feelings and a possible financial reward, an ex-white supremacist member spies on and harrasses a loyal citize, he suspects to be an Al-Qaeda terrorist.

Synopsis: DICK NICHOLS is a handyman working for a Prop. Mgmt. Co. in Los Angeles. The September 11 attack at WTC and the anti-Muslim euphoria, combined witrh a potential financial reward to those who provide an information leading to the arrest and conviction od terrorist suspects, make Dick both -angry and vigilant. The window of opportunity for Dick to show his patriotism and eventually get some fast cash, opens wide when MOSES TUCKER, a black man and ex-U.S. marine wo served several years in Middle-East, moves from NYC to L.A. While doing a repair job in Moses' apartment, Dick "discovers" some suspicious materials, making him a credible terrorist suspect. Dick informs the FBI about it, but disapointed with the official response, he launches his own investigation which ultimately ends up in a hostage situation and a deadly epilogue.

Title: 67

Logline: Mike Pierre is drunk when he finds out that his dead friends daughter was abducted. A series of heinous events follow that will give Mike the chance to redeem himself.

Synopsis: A lot of men turn to alcohol to cope with things in their lives. The day before his death, Mike Pierre finds himself hitting rock bottom. Not only has he lost his job, but finally his wife and baby boy. These events were preceded by the death of his best friend Jerry who was brutally executed. Jerry was murdered not in some random incident, but was shot dead because he was Mexican. The two brutes, Jimmy and Freddy, that kidnap the young girl are blatantly racist white men that have a deep hatred for Mexicans. They take Lela to a vineyard shack where things start to turn south for them. The all out battle to get Lela back leads Mike through old memories, gun fights and to a red farm house where Mike ultimately sacrifices himself for her.


Logline: An ailing lieutenant, goaded to attempt murder, reaches an understanding that reopens his future.

Synopsis: RANSOM has lost his left arm, fiancee, soul. He possseses only a returned engagement ring and an exacting code of honor. BYRON, a former infantryman, whom Ransom sent to the stockade for killing a civilian, lives on the street enraged at those who judge him. Six pistol shots of a suicide attempt in stormy bayou landscape open. Ransom and Byron encounter hours earlier in a Gulf Coast city, equally desolate. Ransom, on convalescent leave and returning early to an army hospital in Texas, is fleeing romantic disaster. Byron recognizes Ransom on the street and follows him onto a Dallas bus. Ransom ignors Byron's goads. Byron is in no hurry to corner him. Ransom discards the ring in the bus restroom trash. Byron intuitively discovers it. Ransom, minutes later returns to reclaim it, finds it missing, and suspects Byron somehow came upon it. Ransom and Byron then move irrevocably to the show-down that unexpectedly frees them to begin normal lives. The suicidal young man?

Title: The Rum Runners

Logline: The young bride of a seasoned Prohibition officer falls in love with a charming rum runner.

Synopsis: In 1924 San Francisco, Alice O'Neil is young, married and neglected. After a lackluster first year of marriage, it is clear that her Prohibition officer husband, Frank, is too wrapped up in his work to notice his pretty bride. While Frank is away on business, Alice's sister, Kate, takes Alice out for some much needed fun. They meet up with Kate's boyfriend and his charming business partner, Charlie Murphy. Alice and Charlie click immediately among the illegal cocktails and secret "inner bars". The following week brings more excitement than Alice has known in her whole life. Even after it becomes apparent that Charlie is a rum runner, and a somewhat volatile one at that, Alice can't let go of him. When the self-righteous Frank discovers who Alice has been spending time with, his carefully controlled exterior crumbles and Alice finds herself in the middle of more than one dangerous situation.

Title: The Mancini Way

Logline: Good and evil are joined at the hip for three brothers, a mafia boss, a cop, and a priest.

Synopsis: Brothers Joseph, Johnny, and Frank Mancini were born into a notorious Baltimore mafia family with a long history of brutality and corruption. Joseph, the head of the Baltimore Family, laments that his only son wants to join the mafia. Johnny, a 20-year veteran of the police force, struggles with the guilt of working with Joseph to bring down drug dealers. Frank, a priest, wrestles with his faith as he discovers the deep ties between the mafia and the church. The brothers come together to end a growing feud between the Italian mafia and the Greek and Russian crime lords who are threatening to take over. Two warring gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, are used as pawns in this bloody struggle for power. As the dust settles, the survivors in the Family declare their loyalty to the Mancini Way, but it is an uneasy peace.