Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Singularity

Logline: Singularity is a sharp and humorous look at "thirty-somethings" living on Chicago's trendy North Side who grapple with racism, infidelity, sex, and the ultimate singularity or breaking point, death.

Synopsis: Bo is a charismatic African American--an Ivy leaguer and one of Chicago's rising architects-- who succeeds by force of talent and personality. But beneath his reinforced exterior is a man whose marriage has been gutted after his affair six months ago and whose career gets caught in the dragnet of corporate racism. Drop is a self-help guru and a source of strength to millions whose pre-packaged answers to life turn out to be ineffectual when his own health starts to fail after a collapse on stage. Drop and Bo are the two poles of a screenplay that intesects six characters whose lives follow the scientific concept of a singularity, which is when bodies in the universe self destruct, giving way to new life. I was Writer/Director of The Quiet, 2003 Winner, Best Independent Film, Screen Magazine, and a finalist for the Sundance Film Festival American Spectrum series. I was previously a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper group. Thanks for your consideration.

Title: Blueprints

Logline: In the afterlife, Darius risks his own eternal life to go back to Earth and try to help his brother leave his sinful lifestyle behind and save his soul.

Synopsis: DARIUS dies and achieves his ultimate life goal of reaching Empyrean, a Heaven-like utopia. When he arrives, Simon, the gatekeeper, says he has fulfilled all of his goals on Earth, allowing him to enter Empyrean. Darius struggled mightily to achieve all of his goals and he only made it on his 39th lifetime. After reaching Empyrean, Darius hears his twin brother, JOE, is living a sinful life and will likely not be accepted after his 40th attempt. When a soul fails after 40 lifetimes, their soul is disposed of and left to wander between worlds. Darius' love for his brother drives him to leave Empyrean and blueprint himself back in to Joe's life. Blueprinting is the process of incorporating souls into each other's lives, you have no recollection of blueprinting your life and must rely on sixth sense. Darius must help Joe overcome his virtue of selflessness. If Joe does not achieve his goals, they will both fail to enter Empyrean and both of their souls will be lost.

Title: Ghetto Scandalous

Logline: Changing his world in a dream, the dream that changed the world.

Synopsis: Rapper, Curtis Jones has strong reasons to be happy; a record deal, fame, expensive cars, and lavish houses, but he is not. His actions in High School led to the death of his true love, and now, the memories are haunting him. He meets Jack, an old man, sent by a higher authority, who takes him back into time. With his music, in ten days, he has to rescue Tanya, his true love, from emotional wreckage, before she commits suicide. Back in time, Curtis is drawn into serious commotions, dealing with gangster rivalry and life threatening High School dramas. Survival tactics from the ghetto become his aid. Judith, the lead singer in the school choir, crucial to his mission, falls for him and becomes a treat to its success. Curtis is victorious in the end, but finds himself back in the present world, to learn that it was a dream, preparing him for his destiny; changing lifes with his music, achieving greatness along the way.

Title: Broken And Entered

Logline: A widower who cannot leave his home takes in two runaway teens, and then discovers he may have gotten much more than he bargained for.

Synopsis: The entire story takes place in one location. Tom Miller is a broken man. Unable to deal with the death of his wife, he develops agoraphobia. He sits alone in the dark, and one night Debby and Charlie, runaways from a children's detention center, break into his home. He confronts them, and then asks them to stay. Although Debby is happy with their new situation, Charlie decides it is time to go, and they will need money and no witnesses.

Title: A Season of Wolves

Logline: A skid row pawn shop owner bets his life savings on Denver in Sunday's Super Bowl XXI. But when he discovers his wife's affair with his bookie, all bets are off and he is out for bloody revenge.

Synopsis: Pawn shop owner SAM MARTIN needs a win on Super Bowl XXI. The day before the big game, Sam finds a suspicious matchbook in his back office. This leads him to Denver's elegant Brown Palace Hotel and his worst nightmare. His wife CARRIE is having an affair with his bookie, the evil SOCKET. With the help of his clerk, EGGS BENEDICT, they ambush Socket and beat him senseless. Leaving him for dead, locked in the trunk of his car, they abscond with a suitcase full of cash, what they think are bets on the upcoming game. Socket survives and desperately wants the money back because it belongs to the Mob. His goons track down Sam but Eggs intervenes with a pair of blazing .45s and a briefcase full of explosives. Sadly, he can't rescue Carrie from her fate at the hands of Socket. Their lives altered forever, Sam and Eggs leave Denver behind them. But their wish to bury the past ends when they unexpectedly cross paths with Socket in a skid row pawn shop on a backstreet in Reno. WGA #962353

Title: Chase, the Bad Baby

Logline: A young lawyer is torn between rising to the top in his law firm and advocating for a brain-damaged baby who desperately needs his help.

Synopsis: Chase, the Bad Baby, is the story of Chase Johnson, a newborn who suffered anoxic brain damage at birth. Chase's brain damage is the result of an errant OB-GYN doctor who failed to arrive at the hospital within the time limit of 30 minutes to rescue a distressed baby from natural delivery by means of C-Section. When the OB-GYN arrives Chase has been without oxygen due to a prolapsed cord for long enough to cause severe brain damage. Chase Johnson through his parents sue the errant doctor. Medical malpractice Lawyers call these cases "bad baby" cases. American United Healthcare is the doctor's insurance company and they hire the law firm of Jones and Chimel to defend the OB-GYN. At the helm of the defense team is a thirtyish lawyer named Morgan Ellis. As we meet Morgan Ellis he has just successfully defended another doctor before a jury, for medical malpractice, in an unrelated case. [call or write for more, please]

Title: Odyssey

Logline: The ancient love story of Penelope and Odysseus, Odysseus' adventures in the Mediterranean sea while returning home to Ithaca and Penelope's troubles with her suitors.

Synopsis: The Greek King of Ithaca (an island in Greece) Odysseus goes to Sparta where to compete for the beautiful Spartan Princess Helen's hand in marriage but fails to do so. Instead Odysseus succeeds in winning her modest cousin Pricess Penelope as his wife. Helen's infidelity causes a war between the Greeks and the Trojans and Odysseus is forced to go to Troy and fight so that Helen can be returned to her rightful husband King Menelaous. Following the conquest of Troy (Northwestern Turkey) with use of Odyssey's "Trojan Horse" Odysseus goes to perform one last task in Thrace (Northeastern Greece.) However, the local people revolt and disaster falls upon Odysseus and his men as they are lost at sea. In brief, Odysseus then adventures in the Mediterranean (Greece, Egypt, Italy and France) and he is believed dead back home in Ithaca. There unwanted suitors come to Queen Penelope's court threatening both his son and his family's rights to the thrown of Ithaca.


Logline: An ailing lieutenant, goaded to attempt murder, reaches an understanding that reopens his future.

Synopsis: RANSOM has lost his left arm, fiancee, soul. He possseses only a returned engagement ring and an exacting code of honor. BYRON, a former infantryman, whom Ransom sent to the stockade for killing a civilian, lives on the street enraged at those who judge him. Six pistol shots of a suicide attempt in stormy bayou landscape open. Ransom and Byron encounter hours earlier in a Gulf Coast city, equally desolate. Ransom, on convalescent leave and returning early to an army hospital in Texas, is fleeing romantic disaster. Byron recognizes Ransom on the street and follows him onto a Dallas bus. Ransom ignors Byron's goads. Byron is in no hurry to corner him. Ransom discards the ring in the bus restroom trash. Byron intuitively discovers it. Ransom, minutes later returns to reclaim it, finds it missing, and suspects Byron somehow came upon it. Ransom and Byron then move irrevocably to the show-down that unexpectedly frees them to begin normal lives. The suicidal young man?


Logline: Outcast Israeli Arab youth is recruited by the Mossad and trained as a lethal weapon which spirals out of control and must be stopped, but not until he completes his final mission.

Synopsis: An, Israeli Arab, pushed to the breaking point, becomes one of the most feared fighting machines the Mossad has ever produced. Trained in their most advanced techniques, his assignments become a tour de force. From Bedouin sex slave traders in the Sinai, to Muslim Brotherhood assassins in Egypt, to corrupt Hamas big shots in Gaza, he leaves a trail of destruction and collateral damage. Spiraling out of control, his last assignment, to assassinate Yassar Arafat, is set up to be a contract on his own life from within the Mossad itself. A beautiful Israeli woman and a dear Israeli friend stand with him as he becomes Israel's weapon of choice. Based on a true story, WEAPON OF CHOICE will suck you into the clash of cultures at the heart of the Middle East conflict and take you deep into the soft underbelly of deception and savagery that keeps Israel from collapsing.

Title: Beneath Judicial Robes

Logline: Practicing lawyers, law school faculty and sitting judges carry out a criminal conspiracy against a graduate law student to scam him for more than five million dollars.

Synopsis: An association of businesses breach an incentive contract with an in-house consultant and hire a prestigious law firm to use money and influence within a legal fraternity to defend against a civil law suit involving millions of dollars. The conspiracy expands to include seventeen members of the Missouri Bar Association plus seven state and federal judges assisted by a corrupt federal prosecutor.