Submission Samples from the Drama Genre


Logline: Gangsters not only captivated America, but at times held America captive. Where and when did being a gangster and living the gangster lifestyle begin. It all began with one man, Angelo Vestieri.

Synopsis: The story begins at the turn of the twentieth century, when immigration, prostitution and poverty lived along the streets of New York City. And so did the main character, Angelo Vestieri, an Italian immigrant, who seeks refuge among the "Gophers". The "Gophers", in return, teach him the ways of loyalty, friendship, and the most important of all, money and power. This is a portrayal of Angelo's need to grasp at the money and the power that the "Gophers" planted in him during his early childhood years, and whether a corrupt city, in an extraordinary century, places it's hands of fate upon Angelo, or if Angelo places his own hands of fate upon it. This is a portrayal of one man's ultimate destiny. The one man who started it all. America's first true gangster

Title: Breakaway To Majestic

Logline: Committing the unthinkable in his sport, a professional athlete is compelled to return to his hometown. There he struggles with estranged relationships, guilt for past deeds, and a rekindled passion.

Synopsis: During an intense game aging player KYLE RICHARDS strikes the referee rendering him unconscious and bloody. Suspended, pending investigation Kyle learns his estranged father has suffered a heart attack while watching the game at home. Condemned in the media by his team owner a despondent Kyle journeys home to Majestic Peaks, the ski town where he was raised. Kyle reconnects with former teammates BRITTANY, a single mother and SERGE his closest friend. Serge, the most gifted, had his chance at the pros stolen. Kyle confronts his guilt for what he did and tries to rebuild their friendship, while snowboarding on Majestic's slopes. Brittany stirred by Kyle's return, surfaces their hidden relationship as teammates. Both struggle with their awakened feelings. During a pickup-up game with Serge and other friends tensions build to where Kyle loses control. In disgust he leaves the ice and is found alone. An emotional encounter ensues as the men discover the dark and shameful secret they had unknowingly shared. Torn up and vulnerable Kyle is drawn into the arms of Brittany. A young fan's video of the referee assault vindicates Kyle. A now remorseful team owner flies Kyle and his friends to the All-Star game, in which he was scheduled to play. At a pre-game practice Kyle calls in a favor and arranges for Serge to skate with the pros. A desperate visiting team owner amazed at Serge's skill, shocks him with an offer. Contemplating life after hockey Kyle unveils to Brittany his plans

Title: The Steel Valentine

Logline: Victoria is young, beautiful, and naive. In 1981 her husband was murdered by Sammy "The Bull" Gravano in Philadelphia. This is a true story.

Synopsis: In 1971 she meets the man of her dreams. They date, marry and the rollercoaster ride begins. Love, hate, murder and betrayal quickly fill her life. She hides from the FBI and the mob with her two young children for two years to protect her husband. When she is five months pregnant with their third child the mob catches up with them.....

Title: Square [1]

Logline: He kills his parents to prevent them from destroying his life. Is he guilty? Or was he acting in self defense?

Synopsis: Escobar Esperanza is a prominent business man and philanthropists on trial for murdering his parents as a teenager. To escape from the sexual abuse and forced drug habits placed on him by his parents, he ignited the Christmas Tree, trapping his parents in a burning house, and rushed his siblings to safety. His most vocal critics have convinced a promising district attorney to prosecute the case to the fullest letter of the law as a means to discredit Escobar and the many socially impacting issues he has taken a stand on that benefit the poor and disenfranchised. To gain his freedom, Escobar must demonstrate that his childhood caretakers, many currently promoted to positions of social prominence, neglected their obligations to his care and ignored his multiple cries for help. But can Escobar overcome the political maneuvering and attacks by those who stand to benefit from his demise, to maintain his freedom, continue his social stand, and keep his family together.

Title: TrueBlood

Logline: A member of an all black crime family in the early 1980s conspire to murder his family.

Synopsis: When the head of a ferocious black crime family uncovers a traitor in the family he must locate an exterminate the conspirator(s) before the family is infiltrated from the inside. The TrueBlood Crime family was of the most ferocious black crime family in the early 1980s. The family ruled the crime world with an iron fist snd no one dared oppose them. Until, the head of the family is diagnost with a life ending sickness and has to step down, but not before appointing his replacement. His nephew knows he's next in line to run the family, but decides to take matters into his own hands to assure himself he will be the next head of the TrueBlood Crime Family. After succeding with his plan, he comes to the realization that everything isn't always what it seems.

Title: In A Perfect World

Logline: An unfaithful wife unwittingly has her husband killed. Immediately her brother is arrested but it's her husband's best friend that is confessing all to the cops.

Synopsis: Mick Barger is found beaten to death in his driveway. A quick investigation leads the police to arrest Gus, a substance abuser and brother in law. Two weeks later Marshall Bardsey, the victims best friend is behind bars and he tells the detectives via flashbacks of his forty year friendship with Mick and of there last visit together during which Mick tells Marshall via flashbacks about his adultress wife and her abusive and controlling father who harbors a sick and perverted secret. After Marshall tells all, the detective finishes by telling "the rest of the story" that led up to Mick's death and the murder of an innocent man and how sometimes the guilty walk. A story of deep friendship, love and hate, betrayal, murder and retribution, justice and injustice. I am seeking representaion and would like to submit this feature length screenplay for your consideration. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my query

Title: This Side of Nirvana

Logline: One woman’s search to find family and another woman’s scheme to get rid of hers.

Synopsis: BRONWYN MURPHY hires an actress to go home with her to the Midwest to play her lesbian girlfriend to get her overbearing mom off her back about getting married and having grandchildren. Arriving in the small town, she and the actress, NICK TRUEBLOOD, instantly create conflict wherever they go. Nick, who comes from a broken family (Mom left and Dad’s an alcoholic), tries to find any family she can call her own. She dreams of the white picket fence and the mini van and sees Bronwyn as her chance to experience family life; even if it’s only for a little while. Nick and Bronwyn, each searching for identity, end up disrupting the ideas of normal and questioning the values of the small conservative town. Bronwyn’s act inspires her brother to come out of the closet. Her rejection of him spins the world she’s created out of control until it forces both women to confront the truth.

Title: Some Change

Logline: A homeless man stumbles upon dirty money.

Synopsis: Jimmy is a content homeless man. On a walk one night, he finds a bag of money that was thrown out by some mobsters during a drug-bust. Unsure, Jimmy seeks help from his friend, Tiger. Tiger guides Jimmy, eventually becoming homeowners; meanwhile police investigate, certain that evidence was lost. With the mafia on his heels too, he decides to spend money fast and spontaneously, bringing his friends along for the ride. The mafia eventually finds him, and ambushes his house to get revenge and money. They don't find the money, but end up killing Tiger. Jimmy is arrested along with the mobsters, for 'withholding evidence'. He gives a heart-felt speech about his journey, and how he realized that money cannot satisfy like a humble, stress-free life. Everything is taken from him, but in a twist, we learn that the house was in Tiger's name. And because Tiger had signed his assets to Jimmy in his will, he ends up with the rights to the house.

Title: A Season of Wolves

Logline: A skid row pawn shop owner bets his life savings on Denver in Sunday's Super Bowl XXI. But when he discovers his wife's affair with his bookie, all bets are off and he is out for bloody revenge.

Synopsis: Pawn shop owner SAM MARTIN needs a win on Super Bowl XXI. The day before the big game, Sam finds a suspicious matchbook in his back office. This leads him to Denver's elegant Brown Palace Hotel and his worst nightmare. His wife CARRIE is having an affair with his bookie, the evil SOCKET. With the help of his clerk, EGGS BENEDICT, they ambush Socket and beat him senseless. Leaving him for dead, locked in the trunk of his car, they abscond with a suitcase full of cash, what they think are bets on the upcoming game. Socket survives and desperately wants the money back because it belongs to the Mob. His goons track down Sam but Eggs intervenes with a pair of blazing .45s and a briefcase full of explosives. Sadly, he can't rescue Carrie from her fate at the hands of Socket. Their lives altered forever, Sam and Eggs leave Denver behind them. But their wish to bury the past ends when they unexpectedly cross paths with Socket in a skid row pawn shop on a backstreet in Reno. WGA #962353

Title: Twilight

Logline: A DEA agent returns home to take down a drug kingpin, a man who just happens to be his father.

Synopsis: Embattled DEA Special Agent Marcos Villanova seeks justice for the death of his partner and mentor, a rogue agent known as Wolf, at the hands of crime boss Ramon Ortega. The Agency is willing to give him what he wants... for a price: an impenetrable case made against his estranged father Buddy Lomax, a powerful New York drug kingpin with ties to Ortega. Marcos arrives at Buddy's doorstep a broken man, looking for new direction in life. All part of the act, or is it? Isabella Suarez, a smoldering Latin stripper, sees more in Marcos than he lets on. As does Buddy's underboss, Luther "Sully" Sullivan, a guy who'll do anything to keep his spot on the food chain. The more time Marcos spends in Buddy's company, the less eager he is to betray him. In the end, Marcos must decide where his loyalty truly lies: with the U.S. Government, his father, or somewhere in between.