Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: We All Fall Down

Logline: James wants happiness. Rebekah wants freedom. Regan wants the American Dream. We can't always get what we want. "We All Fall Down."

Synopsis: As James overcomes depression and finds happiness he must endure watching his best friend Rebekah face hardships, obstacles, grief, and sadness over her failed relationship with a mutual friend, Regan. Trials and tribulations, drug abuse and depression impact all three differently. James is a struggling singer / songwriter trying to gain acceptance in a scene saturated with music unlike his own. Rebekah strives to form her own identity and gain the freedom to achieve her life's dreams. Regan's once blossoming relationship with Rebekah takes a dramatic turn with catastrophic consequences. As Regan begins to fall apart, James finds happiness and a love he never expected. Regan's jealousy of James becomes evident when he realizes James is now living the life he thought was meant for him.

Title: The Distant Shore

Logline: The last day in the life of President Lincoln.

Synopsis: On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln, while attending a play with his wife, was assassinated. This screenplay follows the events of this day, from Lincoln's last Cabinet meeting to the heartbreaking bedside vigil of the dying president, from the assassin John Wilkes Booth's meeting with his co-conspirators to the sentencing and hanging of these same people. We are introduced to some forgotten people in history: Dr. Charles Leale, an Army physician who was in the theater and who was the first on the scene, thus becoming Lincoln's physician for that harrowing night; the actress Laura Keane, who cradled the president's head as he lay bleeding on the floor; the condemned Lewis Powell, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Mary Surratt, who became the first woman hung by the American government; and others, each playing a different, yet significant, role in the story. This a true telling of the assassination, with actual dialogue and words from those who were present.

Title: Time Matters

Logline: Mother and daughter struggle to overcome their personal issues amdist a very public and controversial trial in this drama blending Class Action and Terms of Endearment.

Synopsis: Time matters but can it erase the years of hurt and resentment felt by a mother and daughter? That is the question that Denise and Angela Matters struggle with as they deal with the demons of their past. By all accounts, Denise and Angela Matters are not very different. An up-and-coming prosecutor with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, Denise is an overachiever. Poised to become the county's second black, female district attorney, second only to her mother, Angela Matters. Now, Denise is forced to prosecute a very controversial case over which, to her dismay, her mother is presiding involving a young man who is being prosecuted under the state's new hate crime statute for assaulting a gay student on the campus of Winston State University. Amidst this very public and controversial trial, these women must work against time to deal with their personal issues before it destroys them professionally.

Title: The Ivory Tower

Logline: An unloved Columbia freshman finds validation in flashy organized crime.

Synopsis: A naive young man from Ohio attends Columbia University and feels socially outclassed by his wealthy, cosmopolitan peers. His creative and academic efforts are constantly outshone. He falls into the company of an older, suave hustler and gets drawn into some shady enterprises, eventually starting a prostitution ring on the Ivy League campus. Our protagonist abandons his creative aspirations for the lure of easy money. His fortunes rise, but soon he is caught in a morass of moral bankruptcy, failing grades, botched deals and dysfunctional relationships. He then must struggle to clean his mess and regain his integrity. The story is like SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION meets RISKY BUSINESS. WGA Registration #: 942907

Title: Last Autumn

Logline: A lost girl in her early teens becomes friends with a male stranger in a week in autumn. Through their friendship, they rely on each other on all aspects of life.

Synopsis: Jason finds himself in a quarter life crisis. It is now late October, and he is on the verge of becoming despondent on being unable to find a job. However, he and his brother, Alexander, who is also a recent college graduate, have been studying for the GMAT and LSAT, respectively. The week before the exam, Jason finds it difficult to remain focused on the upcoming exam, and he becomes pensive. In an attempt to refocus, he frequents a coffee house. In the coffee house, he becomes acquainted with an individual, Jessica Clarence, with a crisis of her own. Jessica is a precocious, yet coy, teenager from England, who masks her true feelings. Jessica has recently been expelled from her school in England and feels lost in life. Throughout the week, Jessica and Jason frequently run into each other and discuss many things about Jason's upcoming exam and job interviews, Jessica's parents being trapped in a town that has just been hit by a hurricane, life, and disappointments.

Title: Slip to the Moon

Logline: Two old lags hatch a daring plan to escape and reveal the true purpose behind the Nazi's darkest secret: Auschwitz.

Synopsis: Fred, a young Slovak Jew, narrowly avoids the fate of his new inmate friends when they're double crossed by an SS Officer. When his old pal Rudi tells of an SS man who wants to help him break free, Fred warns him away and promises they'll escape - together. For three days and nights they hide until the alarm is called off. When someone snitches, the other inmates take drastic action to stop them being caught. Yet the fight really begins outside where many miles of occupied territory stand before them. Injured and starving they can't make it on their own, but in a land filled with German settlers, who can they trust? The chances are slim yet the stakes are high: if they make it, hundreds of thousands might be saved. In 2014 the eyes of the world's media will focus on the 70th anniversary of the holocaust - so commercially, I feel the timing for this would be great. Please let me know if I can send you the script and thanks for your time and consideration.

Title: De'Marco then and now


Synopsis: THE LOVE TRUTH & REALITY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP { PO BOX 480572 Los Angeles California 90048 } DE'MARCO ; "QUERY" 1. New Submission of feature film/movie script "DE'MARCO" 2. DE'MARCO is 160 pages 3. DEMARCO is a Urban Drama or I like to think good drama 4. DE'MARCO is a family crime story taken from the international best selling book "The Promised Land" the great black migration how it changed America. 5. The Haynes / Daniels family is my family 6. The " Promised Land " was writte by Nicholas Lemann OF the Washington post. 7. The DE'MARCO Script was Read Grammatically corrected by the Larry Thompson Organization. 8. THE DE'MARCO SCRIPT WAS WRITTEN SOLELY BY ROBERT LOUIS HAYNES /// SCREEN ACTORS NAMES RABIA LOUIS HAYNES Thank you for your time. Rabia Louis Haynes. 09/24/2009

Title: Scorche

Logline: A talented young boy in the ghetto, working hard to make a name for him-self is betrayed by the love of his life, bringing tragedy not only to himself but to those closest to him.

Synopsis: By age 17, Jaheen has been throwing house parties in his mother's project apartment for profit and is notorious in the neighborhood for his skills. His name travels all the way up to the owner of the local teen nightclub, Olympus. Thanks to his friend Yosef,a quick witted womanizer, Jaheen is offered a job DJ'ing big parties to make big money. Finally, his life is going the way Jaheen wants it. On the night of his final house party before he goes big-time, a fight breaks out between his friends and local gangsters. When Jaheen defends his friends he is drawn into the world he tried so hard to avoid. Nyema, the love of his life, convinces him that his only option is to join the rival gang to keep himself safe. What was once a promising future for Jaheen is slowly turning into a path of destruction. Before he knows it life spirals out of control. Filled with action and humor, this story, inspired by true events, delves into the life choices of many young black boys today.

Title: SIGHT

Logline: "SIGHT" is the story of a man who is given the gift of sight only to learn, through drastic events, that sometimes your greatest wish could be your greatest regret.

Synopsis: Sometimes we see things with our eyes that forever alter our lives. Just a momentary glance can leave an impression on our minds that will last a lifetime. "SIGHT" is a very intense, character driven drama that deals with the extremes of human emotion. Paul Edwards is born blind and adopted by the Rev Carl Edwards and his wife Rebekah who raise him as their son. Paul follows his father into the ministry and the work of the church. Later, as a married father of three, Paul is given the opportunity to receive the gift of sight through a remarkable breakthrough in gene therapy. Paul must now wrestle with the sometimes painful reality that although some of the things that he sees in this world are truly beautiful the ugliness of what he also witnesses can become overwhelming. What we see can brighten our hearts and lift our spirits but occasionall what we see pushes us to commit acts that our minds would never have dreamed of before.

Title: Rat Salad

Logline: Two small-time hoodlums, after a bank job gone awry, recall their unusual experiences together.

Synopsis: Dino and Rocco, small time hoods, blow into the rustic town of Woodmere. After what should have been just another hick town, another easy score, Dino, wounded by an overzealous bank guard, and Rocco, are trapped in the bank, holding hostages as insurance, with the law impatiently waiting outside. In this tense situation, Dino weaking weak, they reminisce about their past experiences together. They recall working as mortuary make-up artists and attempting to replace a mobster's "lost" relative (involving an accidental cremation and a trip to the cemetery). They laugh over the time when they first met in prison and plotted revenge against a perverted warden. Dino and Rocco now must find a way to once again beat the odds.