Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: The Caufield Complex

Logline: Lives entwine in The Caufield Apartment Complex, in this tragedy about an FBI agent, a drug addict, a bank president and his mistress, a single mother and 2 children fighting to keep their innocence.

Synopsis: To avoid jail time, a drug addict nicknamed "T" begrudgingly agrees to help the FBI plan a raid on the Caufield Apartment Complex and suspected drug smuggler, Garcia Cologne. Richard Johns, an unhappily married bank president, rents an apartment at the Caufield Apartment Complex to safely hide his affair with young employee, Jessica. However, the impressionable young Jessica falls in with the wrong crowd and Johns blames himself. Sharon, a single mother unable to hold down a job considers selling herself to provide for partially deaf daughter, Lindsey, while, 8 year old Lindsey, and her only friend, Tommy age 10, struggle to maintain their innocence living amidst drug addicts, prostitutes and criminals. These stories entwine within the walls of the Caufield Apartment Complex, all but one end in tragedy. A person can walk out of the Caufield Apartment Complex - but no one can truly leave it behind.

Title: Twilight

Logline: A DEA agent returns home to take down a drug kingpin, a man who just happens to be his father.

Synopsis: Embattled DEA Special Agent Marcos Villanova seeks justice for the death of his partner and mentor, a rogue agent known as Wolf, at the hands of crime boss Ramon Ortega. The Agency is willing to give him what he wants... for a price: an impenetrable case made against his estranged father Buddy Lomax, a powerful New York drug kingpin with ties to Ortega. Marcos arrives at Buddy's doorstep a broken man, looking for new direction in life. All part of the act, or is it? Isabella Suarez, a smoldering Latin stripper, sees more in Marcos than he lets on. As does Buddy's underboss, Luther "Sully" Sullivan, a guy who'll do anything to keep his spot on the food chain. The more time Marcos spends in Buddy's company, the less eager he is to betray him. In the end, Marcos must decide where his loyalty truly lies: with the U.S. Government, his father, or somewhere in between.

Title: In the Canyon

Logline: Two average cops take chase to silence a young man who has secrets of his own.

Synopsis: Two Orange County Sheriff's Deputies on their way to a crime scene encounter a young man on a dark canyon highway. After a physical altercation, they are forced to leave the young man for dead at the edge of the road while dispatched to a nearby traffic accident. When the accident victim turns out to be a local celebrity, the reporters converge and the battered young man stumbles in, alive and center stage. Confronted with their own undoing, the officers must determine how far they are willing to go to hide the truth.

Title: Tax

Logline: A mild-mannered IRS agent, who is plagued with a mother complex, becomes more corrupt than the organized crime figures he is chasing while looking to get even with his wife's lover.

Synopsis: A gangster story imbued with dark humor that revolves around Jack Carrick, a pleasant criminal investigation agent for the IRS. After Jack catches his wife, Renee, in the middle of an unthinkable act his life spins out of control. He goes from a soft-spoken, model citizen to an ambitious, prone to violence bully. Along the way Jack is consoled and advised by his vindictive mother, Mary. When Jack gets a case to investigate a local cigar shop it leads to a small circle of seedy characters of the Italian persuasion. While a few them shouldn't be trifled with, some are merely "guidos" trying to play mobster. Jack becomes enamored with the so-called gangsters he is after, because he sees an opportunity. As the cigar shop investigation becomes more problematic, Jack decides to abuse his authority by making life a living hell for Renee's lover. Soon Jack realizes he has a calling for the various criminal enterprises his suspects partake in, so he indulges.

Title: Slip to the Moon

Logline: Two old lags hatch a daring plan to escape and reveal the true purpose behind the Nazi's darkest secret: Auschwitz.

Synopsis: Fred, a young Slovak Jew, narrowly avoids the fate of his new inmate friends when they're double crossed by an SS Officer. When his old pal Rudi tells of an SS man who wants to help him break free, Fred warns him away and promises they'll escape - together. For three days and nights they hide until the alarm is called off. When someone snitches, the other inmates take drastic action to stop them being caught. Yet the fight really begins outside where many miles of occupied territory stand before them. Injured and starving they can't make it on their own, but in a land filled with German settlers, who can they trust? The chances are slim yet the stakes are high: if they make it, hundreds of thousands might be saved. In 2014 the eyes of the world's media will focus on the 70th anniversary of the holocaust - so commercially, I feel the timing for this would be great. Please let me know if I can send you the script and thanks for your time and consideration.

Title: The Talkin' Tony Shalhoub Blues

Logline: A suicide bomber's mission to blow-up Times Square during New Year's Eve is averted by a midnight kiss.

Synopsis: Arab Terrorist, Abdu is poised to obliterate Manhattan when a chance encounter with co-ed Sara changes everything. Foiled in the bombing, Abdu uses the girlfriend as a cover to prepare for his next assault while flashbacks to the Middle East trace his conversion to radical politics. Caught between the opportunities of the new world and the harsh realities of the old, Abdu and Sara collide on an eclectic ride ending with a twist which will leave everyone talkin'.

Title: Correcting a Wreckless Life

Logline: A star football player's life threatening hit and run accident sends his life on an addictive downward spiral that is ultimately miraculously redeemed.

Synopsis: This screenplay is a dramatic look at how a split second trajic event can ruin a promising carrer that was taken for granted. It is a story of a star football player who loses everything, when he is hit by a car while prematurely celebrating a major college football scholarship. Joey Ortiz was a 6x MVP, Optimist All Star Wide reciever. His inability to handle success has led him down a path of drug addiction, alcoholism, and reckless behavior. After sustaining life threatening injuries Joey makes history and returns to the football field in 5 short months. Now damaged goods and no longer scholarship material Joey turns to the automobile industry, setting records right out the gate. The car business is full of drunks and Joey fit right in. When the world is caving in Joey has an awakening that changes the course of his life forever, with a return to the gridiron. Correcting a Wreckless Life is a dramatic tale of success, tragedy, addiction, and recovery

Title: That Feeling of Flying

Logline: A thrill ride and roller coaster junkie diagnosed with cancer, his long-time companion and their friends take a road trip, strengthening their relationships in the face of tragedy.

Synopsis: Special Note: This screenplay was awarded Best Screenplay at the San Fernando Valley Film Festival on 4/17/05. "Flying" is a heart-felt drama, the story of Christopher Aldrich, a thrill ride junkie, his long-time companion, Jimmy Barnes, and their three best friends, Fredy and Lynette De La Hoya and Kimberly Jones. When Christopher is diagnosed with lung cancer, he and his friends seek to leave their problems behind them by taking the ultimate road trip to ride their favorite rides and coasters throughout the country. Through a series of highs and lows, literally and figuratively, Christopher and his "family" live, love and grow as he slowly starts to acknowledge his own mortality. As their trip progresses, Chris' health declines and he and his friends must come to terms with his imminent death. "That Feeling of Flying" is an emotional ride, full of tears and laughter on the roller coaster called "life".

Title: Seasons of the Pearl

Logline: A GI bar in Saigon is the stage for comedy in a war zone. Going home alive is the plan for the final act.

Synopsis: Sammy and Bugs are a couple of US Army guys working their way through a one-year tour in Vietnam during the war years. With them are a few whacky buddies and the local bar girls whose Pidgin English is all part of their charm. Their hang-out is a small bar, The Oriental Pearl, in Saigon where the girls work. Savannah, an American news correspondent, joins them, befriends the girls, and has an affair with one of the guys. They all go back and forth through the swinging doors of the Pearl bringing with them humor, pathos, and serious war zone emotions. The Americans are there for the four seasons of the year. The locals are there for life...mostly. While comedy is the central theme, a strong moral and political message is present. It's a question that seems to be unanswered in the world today. The characters are real people brought together in a surreal atmosphere of an extremely unpopular war. Sound familiar?

Title: Apache Echo

Logline: A Geronimo-like figure emerges in this day and age, and with his band of renegade Apaches, invades a rural area of southern Arizona.

Synopsis: Ruggles Smith, a feisty easterner, moves to the small, turn-of-the-century mining town of Globe, Arizona after inheriting ownership of the town's newspaper. After investigating a series of escalating confrontations between white locals and Apaches from the nearby San Carlos Reservation, followed by several thefts of horses, camping gear, rifles and modern bows, Ruggles and his small staff discover that the Apaches are preparing to go back on the warpath. In an attempt to restore the honor and dignity of his people, Mangas and his modern-day warriors retaliate against the white man by raiding his surrounding small towns and homelands, leaving a trail of terror and bloodshed behind them. A local national guard detachment of rowdy, beer-drinking "weekend warriors" is called to active duty to stop the Apache onslaught, and the Apache must again take a stand against an overwhelming, sophisticated military force, using only their crude weapons, cunning and instincts to survive.