Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: The Lincoln Show

Logline: Two sex scandals, separated by almost 200 years, collide in this story of pride and betrayal.

Synopsis: 1864... Abraham Lincoln's lack of a scandalous past won him two presidential elections. Now, at war's end, he must fend off the most challenging eruption of his life. Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln's faithful bodyguard, is confronted with damaging rumors that could affect his standing with the president. David Pyle, Lamon's resourceful and obedient assistant, holds a secret that could shock the nation. 2009... John Ray Dobbs will stop at nothing to make sure that he and he alone controls the strings attached to the school he runs, as well as his rebellious family. Ned Laverne has been a passive observer up to this point... or has he? TJ Laverne is more than willing to give his life for a cause. Will he be as willing to give the lives of others? Millard Stark, TJ's reluctant lover, must choose between his career and a secret life that may no longer be secret.

Title: The Ticket

Logline: If you were given a ticket allowing you the ability to take another human life, would you use it?

Synopsis: The world has changed; no longer are there nations, but one world government. Society has lost any purpose to unite the people, and violence has grown out of control. Dr. Ersatz Soterios, after losing his family, has designed a plan to save the world and end the violence. He creates the ticket which is designed to unify through fear and self-preservation to stop the violence. Ambrose John Hartman, an ambassador and longtime friend of Soterios, opposes the ticket and is willing to do just about anything to stop before it is too late. He enlists the help of many great people along his journey. What will the world do? Will the ticket become the greatest solution ever created or does it have the potential to destroy the world? I hope this synopsis creates a desire to read this 107-page gripping screenplay.


Logline: Held emotionally ransom by drug money hidden in his backyard that he cannot keep, report or wish away, Anthony must broker his own peace with the criminal element making inroads into his neighborhood.

Synopsis: Anthony discovers an undisclosed amount of gang-tainted cash after a drug deal goes bad in his alley. The normally straight arrow is persuaded by a vigilante neighbor that calling the police is tantamount to setting his family up for a lifetime of harassment by the area gangs. Anthony's mother, Estella, divulges a bombshell of her own. She is not the person whose name appears on her birth certificate. As an illegal immigrant during the Operation Wetback era of the 1950's, Estella has spent a lifetime unable to trust anyone but herself. Anthony frames his current dilemma in her decades-old oppression and carries out a bold confrontation of the enemy head-on. A family drama with lighthearted undertones, SOME SECRETS is an uplifting story of redemption for two generations within an immigrant family - both living proof that in an upside down world in which the police can't be trusted and the gangs are feared even more, some secrets are meant to be kept.

Title: Eulogy

Logline: A lost young man leaves the island home where he never belonged, only to discover a disturbing world marred by Christian fundamentalism. Little does he know what darkness awaits him there.

Synopsis: All was not well in paradise. Like many white kids, or haoles, Joshua never felt at home in Hawaii. So, he leaves the islands after high school to reunite with Beau, the charismatic cousin who visited him once several years earlier. However, Joshua is ill-prepared for the strange new world he has decided to enter. What he discovers is an offbeat cast of characters in a community crawling with Christian fundamentalists, and a dark rebellious cousin who now feels like a stranger to him. Since they last met, Beau has had a psychotic break and spent time in a mental hospital. He now copes with the help of alcohol and marijuana, and lashes out with wit and sarcasm at the fundamentalists he has grown to despise. Will Joshua come out of his shell with Beau's help, or will he remain a passive witness wandering through his life like a lost soul? Will Beau deal with his troubled past successfully, or is he destined for another dramatic breakdown?

Title: Blue Skies Realized

Logline: What happens when you meet someone who redefines you? How does your life change when you realize you are as talented as Michelangelo?

Synopsis: My name is Michael Raymond and I have just completed a screenplay entitled "Blue Skies Realized". It is a story about the most unlikely of men, Ray hastings, whose interest in the works of Michelangelo combined with the acceptance of a wounded woman uncovers his buried secret. A staggering artistic talent. A chance meeting links the lives of Ray, Carmen and her son Evan and allows for each character's transformation. Although this is my first screenplay submission it is not my first experience writing for film. I have written, produced and directed two independent films. I received high marks for my writing at World-Fest Houston where Francis Ford Coppola verbally recognized my efforts. I look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding this drama. Contact me at: Michael P. Raymond 93. S. Whtman School Rd. Buckfield, ME 04220

Title: Millions To Burn

Logline: A secretive spendthrift man lavishes his lottery winnings to reclaim his family but finds that he needs to confront his extravagant ways to prevent his life from again spiraling out of control.

Synopsis: Don Henry is a realtor whose life is out of control. Having recently separated from his wife Lisa, he loses his job and is running on empty. He wins the lottery after making a spontaneous decision to buy a ticket and sets about trying to get his life back by lavishing his winnings on his family and himself. He keeps the prize a secret from his friends and family, letting them think that his turnaround is due to his business acumen. Despite being an instant multi-millionaire, he soon finds that his burgeoning lifestyle has outgrown his riches and he again faces ruin. Desperate to avoid insolvency he finally confesses all to Lisa, who then provides Don with the means to successfully re-invent himself.

Title: Alcibiades

Logline: Handsome, ward of Pericles, favorite student of Socrates, brilliant military commander, scoundrel, three times traitor, and lecher all were the character Alcibiades.

Synopsis: Born to privilege and wealth, Alcibiades was a gifted individual who put his talents to work to the strict benefit of himself. Loved and admired by so many he was finally hated and despised by most. His treachery along the way gave him the distinction of being the single person most responsible for the defeat of the Athenians in their war against Sparta. His career shows the vanity of military presumption and the inevitability of eventual defeat as he convinced the people of their imminent victory on the very threshold of defeat. When Socrates is convicted of corrupting the youth of Athens it is of the memory of Alcibiades that everyone is reminded. Things have changed little over time as the currents proponents of easy war still try to convince their followers of the rightness of the deaths of others. Arrogance and military overreach remain the perfect formula for colossal misery everywhere. Iraq comes to mind as the memory of Alcibiades is relived.

Title: TrueBlood

Logline: A member of an all black crime family in the early 1980s conspire to murder his family.

Synopsis: When the head of a ferocious black crime family uncovers a traitor in the family he must locate an exterminate the conspirator(s) before the family is infiltrated from the inside. The TrueBlood Crime family was of the most ferocious black crime family in the early 1980s. The family ruled the crime world with an iron fist snd no one dared oppose them. Until, the head of the family is diagnost with a life ending sickness and has to step down, but not before appointing his replacement. His nephew knows he's next in line to run the family, but decides to take matters into his own hands to assure himself he will be the next head of the TrueBlood Crime Family. After succeding with his plan, he comes to the realization that everything isn't always what it seems.

Title: the amazing fightingsongs

Logline: The story covers a criminal family in Alaska. One of the sons becomes a cop. One follows in his fathers fooosteps as a hitman for The Devil.

Synopsis: The amazing Fightingsongs of Alaska are a notorious criminal family spanning into the late 90's. The oldest son becomes a cop after his fathers death. Second oldest becomes a hitman for his fathers former employer, The Devil. The story jumps back and forth between both boys worlds. The relationship of the boys to their family, friends, and girlfriends is explored. It begins in the 80's and touches lightly on the killing of the father. Most of the movie is set in the late 90's as the boys are in their early twenties. You get to see the temptations of a young man living in the fast lane, the strong bond of family, and the difference between right and wrong. The end is a climactic car chase and shootout. Most of the story is straight dialogue. The action doesn't come until the end.

Title: The More

Logline: A Jewish family flees Soviet Russia for Southern California, where their pursuit of the American Dream takes them on a roller coaster ride full of mystical visions, spiritual insights and shocking premonitions.

Synopsis: The series is about a family of Jewish immigrants who flee Russia in the hopes of finding a better life in America. In the first season, the smart and determined and Katya struggles to become a doctor in her homeland, Russia, but her aspirations are quickly dashed because she’s Jewish. As life in Russia becomes more difficult, the family faces food shortages and violent religious persecution, Felix secretly listens to the highly forbidden Voice of America and Katya’s father (the only Jewish pilot at the Minsk airbase) crashes his plane, has a near-death experience, and develops extraordinary healing powers. Meanwhile, the family decides that the best way for them to survive is to leave Russia and come to America. There, Katya enrolls in med school, but as soon as she does, she discovers she’s pregnant and her family forces her to have an abortion. But on the eve of her appointment, her unborn child appears in a dream and reveals the reason she must be born.