Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: A Sound of Guns

Logline: Two men, diametrically opposed but obsessed with thoughts of fame and fortune, travel across Colonial Africa while using guns and their wits to achieve goals that would affect the world for centuries.

Synopsis: It is believed that guns were first used in battle by Europeans during the 14th century A.D. Today, improved weapons of war are still used all over the world for both good and evil purposes. Nowhere were guns used with more lethal effectiveness than in Africa during the 1800's for both survival and in order to conquer. A Sound of Guns is the story of two men in Colonial Africa who wielded guns to achieve what at times were common goals of survival as they traveled across the Dark Continent- even as they did so with different purposes. At times Henry Stanley and Tippu Tib were friends and at other times seemingly enemies, but both men realized that it was the gun that ensured them the best chance for success. A black man, as slaver, and a white man, an Abolitionist, both use the other for their own good. During the process of travel and finding what was truly in their hearts the two learn without question that it is the gun that rules the world.

Title: Rat Salad

Logline: Two small-time hoodlums, after a bank job gone awry, recall their unusual experiences together.

Synopsis: Dino and Rocco, small time hoods, blow into the rustic town of Woodmere. After what should have been just another hick town, another easy score, Dino, wounded by an overzealous bank guard, and Rocco, are trapped in the bank, holding hostages as insurance, with the law impatiently waiting outside. In this tense situation, Dino weaking weak, they reminisce about their past experiences together. They recall working as mortuary make-up artists and attempting to replace a mobster's "lost" relative (involving an accidental cremation and a trip to the cemetery). They laugh over the time when they first met in prison and plotted revenge against a perverted warden. Dino and Rocco now must find a way to once again beat the odds.

Title: Slip to the Moon

Logline: Two old lags hatch a daring plan to escape and reveal the true purpose behind the Nazi's darkest secret: Auschwitz.

Synopsis: Fred, a young Slovak Jew, narrowly avoids the fate of his new inmate friends when they're double crossed by an SS Officer. When his old pal Rudi tells of an SS man who wants to help him break free, Fred warns him away and promises they'll escape - together. For three days and nights they hide until the alarm is called off. When someone snitches, the other inmates take drastic action to stop them being caught. Yet the fight really begins outside where many miles of occupied territory stand before them. Injured and starving they can't make it on their own, but in a land filled with German settlers, who can they trust? The chances are slim yet the stakes are high: if they make it, hundreds of thousands might be saved. In 2014 the eyes of the world's media will focus on the 70th anniversary of the holocaust - so commercially, I feel the timing for this would be great. Please let me know if I can send you the script and thanks for your time and consideration.

Title: Divine Sin

Logline: A woman recovers from her tormented childhood to avenge those who commit the unforgiveable sin, but must evade the F.B.I.'s top agent who is a pedophile that frames sex offenders for his crimes.

Synopsis: Diane Holland was seven when she was first molested by her father Fitz. Her mother Alice is completely oblivious and Diane suffers the molestation for another 10 years until she eventually kills her father. Diane's younger brother Derek willingly takes the blame, and with the help of a Detective named Brooks allows Diane to evade prison. Diane grows up and becomes successful, but after a family tragedy she once again receives help from Detective Brooks and seeks revenge by murdering child molesters. One day Alice finds a video tape of Diane being molested by Fitz and another man, and gives it to Detective Brooks hoping to free Derek from prison. Detective Brooks calls the F.B.I. for help and talks to their top investigator Vincent Jamison, who unbeknownst to anyone is also the other man on "THE TAPE" molesting Diane. Now that Vincent knows about "THE TAPE" can Diane and Detective Brooks outsmart him and free Derek before he retrieves "THE TAPE" and gets rid of the surviving witnesses?

Title: Silver Tides

Logline: A depressed and disillusioned psychiatrist, barely clinging to his own sanity, brings five of his patients on a weekend trip to his beach house.

Synopsis: Glen Blake's life is on a downward spiral- his wife has left him, he is drinking heavily and confidence in his therapeutic skills is becoming nonexistent. In the aftermath of a client's suicide, and amidst contemplation of his own demise, Glen invites five of his patients to his beach house for the Fourth of July weekend. What follows is a chaotic, often humorous three days of conflict and emotional turmoil in which Glen must not only deal with issues from his past, but attempt to monitor the clashing personalities and acute illnesses of his guests. Individual fears and insecurities are put to the test and tension rises to crisis levels before a resolution of healing and understanding occurs. Generous doses of humor and touches of symbolism serve to enhance this drama.

Title: Some Change

Logline: A homeless man stumbles upon dirty money.

Synopsis: Jimmy is a content homeless man. On a walk one night, he finds a bag of money that was thrown out by some mobsters during a drug-bust. Unsure, Jimmy seeks help from his friend, Tiger. Tiger guides Jimmy, eventually becoming homeowners; meanwhile police investigate, certain that evidence was lost. With the mafia on his heels too, he decides to spend money fast and spontaneously, bringing his friends along for the ride. The mafia eventually finds him, and ambushes his house to get revenge and money. They don't find the money, but end up killing Tiger. Jimmy is arrested along with the mobsters, for 'withholding evidence'. He gives a heart-felt speech about his journey, and how he realized that money cannot satisfy like a humble, stress-free life. Everything is taken from him, but in a twist, we learn that the house was in Tiger's name. And because Tiger had signed his assets to Jimmy in his will, he ends up with the rights to the house.

Title: The Elephanta Suite

Logline: Based on a novella by Paul Theroux, Elephanta Suite is the story of an American businessman who has a life transforming experience in India when he strikes up a relationship with a young prostitute.

Synopsis: Dwight Huntsinger's life is a mess. His fiancee just broke up with him and now he's being sent to India on a business trip. One evening in Mumbai, he wanders around the city. During his walk, he is snared into an elaborate hoax and into the hands of a teenage prostitute. Dwight is instantly smitten. She is Sumitra, a Kali-worshipping, erotic dancer. Dwight becomes her lover and provider. But he does not understand Sumitra or her circumstances. Dark forces controlling Sumitra slowly encircle Dwight as well. When his life unravels, he finds solace in an unusual source: his colleague, Shah. Shah is a devout man who shares his views on spirituality with Dwight. He is also an astute businessman who quickly climbs the rungs of the company. As Dwight's life hurtles toward crisis, he leans on Shah for guidance. But their roles have now reversed. Shah is tempted by wealth and power. Meanwhile, Sumitra's life hangs in the balance. To save her and himself, Dwight has to sacrifice it all.

Title: To the Motherstone

Logline: Young traveler Glen Wakeman has a brief affair with May Wells, rising film actress, which causes difficulties for May and her circle of friends.

Synopsis: On the eve of May's return from Australia, her unprofessional assistant allows Glen to bunk down in the Guest House. May, initially dismayed by the situation, decides that Glen isn't much trouble and allows him to stay on. And she soon becomes fond of Glen, finding him a soothing presence as other parts of her life aren't going so well. Unhappy about the film she was just in, and stalked by the paparazzi, she is still not over her painful breakup with former flame Rory. Finding herself at a loose end because of all this, and becoming somewhat reclusive, she grows close to Glen. But Glen is experiencing difficulties of his own, adjusting to May's world. He comes from a religious background, which is at odds with his current environment. To additionally complicate matters, May's agent June Schaeffer takes an immediate dislike to Glen, and then falls in love with him. The subtext is that religious, secular, and demonic forces are battling it out for control.

Title: Genesis

Logline: A highschool science teacher is about to lose his job because of the evolution and intelligent design controversy.

Synopsis: WARNING: This screenplay focuses on a subject even more controversial that Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." It debunks evolution and emphatically supports intelligent design. This will produce great support from the Christian community, but the wrath of the ACLU and portions of the scientific community. Science teacher, Mr. Kimball, teaches both evolution and intelligent design. But the schoolboard notifies Mr. Kimball that he will not be teaching at that school next year because he so vigorously supports intelligent design. But after rethinking, they decide to have a mock trial to hear from both sides. The evidence is up-to-date science and overwhelming, but what is the outcome?

Title: The Blue Poet

Logline: Haunted by the ghosts of the past, a talented young musician turns to drugs only to have his struggle interrupted by his sister's dying wish. Love is the greatest miracle of all.

Synopsis: Set in the mid 70s (except for flashbacks from the Kennedy era), BILLY SANDSTROM, 17, sings and plays bass for one of the most promising rock bands in the Twin Cities (with the help of his best friend, Frankie O'Reilly, on guitar). However, Billy wants to leave the band behind and study art in Paris. But just as he sends in his application, his sister, ANNIE SANDSTROM, 17, is diagnosed with cancer. Critically ill in the hospital, Annie hands Billy her rosary and asks him to pray for her after she dies. Instead, Billy turns to drugs and overdoses on her morphine. Flash forward to the Paris Metro. Billy sees a figure that looks like Annie from behind. As he looks closer he is startled by a train coming from the opposite direction, sparks shooting off from the base of the train as it emerges from the dark tunnel. And still later. A Minneaplis Nightclub...