Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Correcting a Wreckless Life

Logline: No athlete in the history of athletics was as injured as I was from getting hit and almost killed by a car, and was strong enough to be playing again 5 months later.

Synopsis: I was an alcoholic from 8 years old, inspite of that I was the best football player in town. The whole town enabled me, from School, to getting away with 4 D.U.I.'s, I was untouchable. I was a scholarship athlete in football. My sophomore year I dropped out and was offered a scolarship to UNLV. Three days later I was prematurely celebrating and got hit by a 70mph hit and run driver. I was dead in the street, I was revived and put on the Lifeflight helicopter where I stopped breathing twice. I had 18 major injuries, including losing half my calf. I made an unheard of recovery and was playing again 5 months later, I was damaged goods and nobody wanted me. I retired and became the #1 car salesman, with the biggest drug habit. I lived this way for 17 years. By the Grace of God my wife left me, and I finally woke up. I have been sober for 2 years 228 days By the Will of God I got myself back into shape and am playing competitive tackle football at 40 years old, with 1/2 a left calf.

Title: Kazredlaw

Logline: Everyone has a purpose; you just have to choose what it is.

Synopsis: Kazredlaw is the story of the tumultuous relationships of a twenty two year old. Andrews, the protagonist of the script, is convinced that his past relationship failures are much more than what is on the surface. He is convinced that he possess a purpose that is to change the people around him. This feeling leads him to write his two week notice, however not to an employer, but to God. This letter propels the story that looks closer at the life of Andrews. In the end, the reader will be left with a choice to make: believe in Andrews theories about his purpose, or to interpret them as a way to cope with his failed romances.


Logline: Held emotionally ransom by drug money hidden in his backyard that he cannot keep, report or wish away, Anthony must broker his own peace with the criminal element making inroads into his neighborhood.

Synopsis: Anthony discovers an undisclosed amount of gang-tainted cash after a drug deal goes bad in his alley. The normally straight arrow is persuaded by a vigilante neighbor that calling the police is tantamount to setting his family up for a lifetime of harassment by the area gangs. Anthony's mother, Estella, divulges a bombshell of her own. She is not the person whose name appears on her birth certificate. As an illegal immigrant during the Operation Wetback era of the 1950's, Estella has spent a lifetime unable to trust anyone but herself. Anthony frames his current dilemma in her decades-old oppression and carries out a bold confrontation of the enemy head-on. A family drama with lighthearted undertones, SOME SECRETS is an uplifting story of redemption for two generations within an immigrant family - both living proof that in an upside down world in which the police can't be trusted and the gangs are feared even more, some secrets are meant to be kept.

Title: Odyssey

Logline: The ancient love story of Penelope and Odysseus, Odysseus' adventures in the Mediterranean sea while returning home to Ithaca and Penelope's troubles with her suitors.

Synopsis: The Greek King of Ithaca (an island in Greece) Odysseus goes to Sparta where to compete for the beautiful Spartan Princess Helen's hand in marriage but fails to do so. Instead Odysseus succeeds in winning her modest cousin Pricess Penelope as his wife. Helen's infidelity causes a war between the Greeks and the Trojans and Odysseus is forced to go to Troy and fight so that Helen can be returned to her rightful husband King Menelaous. Following the conquest of Troy (Northwestern Turkey) with use of Odyssey's "Trojan Horse" Odysseus goes to perform one last task in Thrace (Northeastern Greece.) However, the local people revolt and disaster falls upon Odysseus and his men as they are lost at sea. In brief, Odysseus then adventures in the Mediterranean (Greece, Egypt, Italy and France) and he is believed dead back home in Ithaca. There unwanted suitors come to Queen Penelope's court threatening both his son and his family's rights to the thrown of Ithaca.

Title: Time Matters

Logline: Mother and daughter struggle to overcome their personal issues amdist a very public and controversial trial in this drama blending Class Action and Terms of Endearment.

Synopsis: Time matters but can it erase the years of hurt and resentment felt by a mother and daughter? That is the question that Denise and Angela Matters struggle with as they deal with the demons of their past. By all accounts, Denise and Angela Matters are not very different. An up-and-coming prosecutor with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, Denise is an overachiever. Poised to become the county's second black, female district attorney, second only to her mother, Angela Matters. Now, Denise is forced to prosecute a very controversial case over which, to her dismay, her mother is presiding involving a young man who is being prosecuted under the state's new hate crime statute for assaulting a gay student on the campus of Winston State University. Amidst this very public and controversial trial, these women must work against time to deal with their personal issues before it destroys them professionally.

Title: Occupational Insanity

Logline: Diagnosis... everybody's got one!

Synopsis: In this hour-long pilot episode, we encounter Tristan and Haden, two neurotically inclined psychotherapists willingly lost in a world filled by manic-depressants, borderline personalities and sadomasochists. Tristan, a codependent in partial remission, often becomes enmeshed with his clients, even at the expense of his life partner's approval and his own well-being. Haden, burnt-out by her "needy" clients at work and disabled husband at home, endlessly tries to escape her discontent through the most unconventional methods... kinky sex (with her patient, the P.I.L.F.), getting stoned (at work) and frequent bouts of violent rage. Occupational Insanity is a no-holds-barred look at all the failed attempts we make at being happy. Occupational Insanity has been inspired by both my academic background in psychology and employment in the mental health field. It has been registered with The Writer's Guild of America, East(1220229). Thank you for your time and consideration.

Title: Eulogy

Logline: A lost young man leaves the island home where he never belonged, only to discover a disturbing world marred by Christian fundamentalism. Little does he know what darkness awaits him there.

Synopsis: All was not well in paradise. Like many white kids, or haoles, Joshua never felt at home in Hawaii. So, he leaves the islands after high school to reunite with Beau, the charismatic cousin who visited him once several years earlier. However, Joshua is ill-prepared for the strange new world he has decided to enter. What he discovers is an offbeat cast of characters in a community crawling with Christian fundamentalists, and a dark rebellious cousin who now feels like a stranger to him. Since they last met, Beau has had a psychotic break and spent time in a mental hospital. He now copes with the help of alcohol and marijuana, and lashes out with wit and sarcasm at the fundamentalists he has grown to despise. Will Joshua come out of his shell with Beau's help, or will he remain a passive witness wandering through his life like a lost soul? Will Beau deal with his troubled past successfully, or is he destined for another dramatic breakdown?

Title: The Rum Runners

Logline: The young bride of a seasoned Prohibition officer falls in love with a charming rum runner.

Synopsis: In 1924 San Francisco, Alice O'Neil is young, married and neglected. After a lackluster first year of marriage, it is clear that her Prohibition officer husband, Frank, is too wrapped up in his work to notice his pretty bride. While Frank is away on business, Alice's sister, Kate, takes Alice out for some much needed fun. They meet up with Kate's boyfriend and his charming business partner, Charlie Murphy. Alice and Charlie click immediately among the illegal cocktails and secret "inner bars". The following week brings more excitement than Alice has known in her whole life. Even after it becomes apparent that Charlie is a rum runner, and a somewhat volatile one at that, Alice can't let go of him. When the self-righteous Frank discovers who Alice has been spending time with, his carefully controlled exterior crumbles and Alice finds herself in the middle of more than one dangerous situation.


Logline: During World War II, a Jewish French woman races to make it to Lisbon in the hopes of saving the life of her infant. But the diplomat set to issue her visa is under heavy pressure himself.

Synopsis: From the professional script coverage of SHALOM LISBOA: Rating: RECOMMEND Comments: "This is a great script, filled with incredibly noble and selfsacrificing characters, and its greatest strength is the way it presents many of the ideologies floating around Europe during World War II without being overly convoluted..... ....Florette is a strong-willed and compelling character, and the resiliency she shows during the atrocities she endures clearly reflect the heroism or lack of heroism in the characters around her...... .....Adding to this theme is the story of Marcelo and Cristina, speckled gingerly throughout the script. Marcelo risks his career as a diplomat and his own life to issue visas to thousands of refugees who would otherwise be dead at the hands of the Gestapo.... ....Adding weight to the story are some truly great visual moments in the script.... Available on request: full professional scrip coverage and full screenplay

Title: The Advocate

Logline: When he's on your side, he's the best friend in the world. When he's not, there's no place on earth to hide.

Synopsis: "The Advocate" uses a real-life story of an EMT in San Francisco, who was hired by Social Services to intercept potentially bogus 9-1-1 calls, as a jumping off point to a fictionailzed vigilante drama. He often arrives on the scene before the ambulance, offering the caller temporary housing or treatment options, instead of a costly ride to the SF General ER. After his fiancee chokes to death while waiting for an ambulance, he embarks on a murderous crusade against the very population he had once dedicated his career to helping. As the story progresses the citizens of SF begin to see the killer as a quasi-folk hero. He is simply doing what the politicians and law enforcement have been unable to do to; clean up the homeless problem. There is also a battle for the lead character's "soul" by two female influences in his life.