Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Where Loyalties Lie

Logline: The loyalty of a college graduate is put to a life-or-death test when he rescues his corrupted friend from a criminal kingpin by countering the deceit and betrayal that first got him into the crisis.

Synopsis: The drama starts when Jeremy saves his brother from an abusive environment. To support him, Jeremy delivers for a drug syndicate. However, after a brutal robbery that reeked of foul play, his life hangs in the balance. Andrew tries to free Jeremy of his debt. Yet, Jeremy's reluctance to accept help rivals Andrew's eagerness to offer it. As a result, Andrew swears to secrecy. Unfortunately, his promise to Jeremy clashes with his loyalty to his loved ones, who notice the toll the burden is taking. Ultimately, they depend on the wise advice of Andrew's parents and the sympathy of his friends/love interest. After some brilliant plans of deception, they partake in a high stakes game of chance in which the opponent is the leader of the drug cartel. In the end, Andrew realizes, though a surprising act of disloyalty got them into this predicament, only a supreme act of loyalty can get them out; Jeremy learns not only does crime not pay but it also may cost him more than he can afford to bear.

Title: Alcibiades

Logline: Handsome, ward of Pericles, favorite student of Socrates, brilliant military commander, scoundrel, three times traitor, and lecher all were the character Alcibiades.

Synopsis: Born to privilege and wealth, Alcibiades was a gifted individual who put his talents to work to the strict benefit of himself. Loved and admired by so many he was finally hated and despised by most. His treachery along the way gave him the distinction of being the single person most responsible for the defeat of the Athenians in their war against Sparta. His career shows the vanity of military presumption and the inevitability of eventual defeat as he convinced the people of their imminent victory on the very threshold of defeat. When Socrates is convicted of corrupting the youth of Athens it is of the memory of Alcibiades that everyone is reminded. Things have changed little over time as the currents proponents of easy war still try to convince their followers of the rightness of the deaths of others. Arrogance and military overreach remain the perfect formula for colossal misery everywhere. Iraq comes to mind as the memory of Alcibiades is relived.

Title: In A Perfect World

Logline: An unfaithful wife unwittingly has her husband killed. Immediately her brother is arrested but it's her husband's best friend that is confessing all to the cops.

Synopsis: Mick Barger is found beaten to death in his driveway. A quick investigation leads the police to arrest Gus, a substance abuser and brother in law. Two weeks later Marshall Bardsey, the victims best friend is behind bars and he tells the detectives via flashbacks of his forty year friendship with Mick and of there last visit together during which Mick tells Marshall via flashbacks about his adultress wife and her abusive and controlling father who harbors a sick and perverted secret. After Marshall tells all, the detective finishes by telling "the rest of the story" that led up to Mick's death and the murder of an innocent man and how sometimes the guilty walk. A story of deep friendship, love and hate, betrayal, murder and retribution, justice and injustice. I am seeking representaion and would like to submit this feature length screenplay for your consideration. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my query

Title: The Hit

Logline: When his brother is killed by the mob, a successful businessman devises a unique strategy for revenge: he places a contract on himself with the mob boss, stipulating that the same hit man be used.

Synopsis: Longtime loser Lenny Cartney is on the verge of finally turning things around. He's just opened his own restaurant and business is good. Unfortunately, the local mob who loaned him the money are making free and easy use of his establishment for various illegal purposes. When Lenny tries to blackmail them for a bigger piece of the action, the mob sends a local enforcer to cancel the debt, and Lenny with it. Lenny's brother Michael, a lifelong over-achiever and former Army ranger, now runs his own highly successful consulting firm. When Michael learns the circumstances of Lenny's death, Michael goes to the mob boss and offer's Lenny's life insurance money to place a contract on himself, specifying that the same hit man be used. Relying on his commando training but more on his business skills, Michael manages to stay one step ahead of the hit man while confronting his own guilt over Lenny's death and pursuing a more elaborate crusade against the mafia chief who ordered the hit.

Title: TrueBlood

Logline: A member of an all black crime family in the early 1980s conspire to murder his family.

Synopsis: When the head of a ferocious black crime family uncovers a traitor in the family he must locate an exterminate the conspirator(s) before the family is infiltrated from the inside. The TrueBlood Crime family was of the most ferocious black crime family in the early 1980s. The family ruled the crime world with an iron fist snd no one dared oppose them. Until, the head of the family is diagnost with a life ending sickness and has to step down, but not before appointing his replacement. His nephew knows he's next in line to run the family, but decides to take matters into his own hands to assure himself he will be the next head of the TrueBlood Crime Family. After succeding with his plan, he comes to the realization that everything isn't always what it seems.


Logline: A heinous crime committed on a young boy impacts not only his entire life but those of his two childhood friends as well.

Synopsis: In 1985, three boys wile away the days of their adolescence in suburban Chicago,IL. At their hangout ,a deserted cabin in the outskirts of town,they find a spot to talk,dream and plan their futures. Kevin and Jimmy who are black and Joey,who is Hispanic, lose their inocence when Kevin is sexually molested. His life is turned upside down by the incident and their trio is separated as Kevin deals with the aftermath of both losing his mother and being the victim of a heinous crime. When circumstances occur that result in Kevin having a flood of memories come back to him, he is convinced that his violator is back in his life after fifteen years,.Kevin pleads with Jimmy ,now a Police Detective, to help him seek justice and arrest the man responsible for his pain.Although both his girlfriend Gwen and best friend Jimmy plead with him that he is accusing the wrong person, he is bent on acting out his vendetta.

Title: Figure it Out

Logline: Logline: Family doesn't come with instructions

Synopsis: Figure It Out is a character-driven, roller coaster drama, based upon real life events, that follows the Decker family (Phil, Rosemary and their arrogant and self-absorbed son J.P.) from the late 1970's through present day as they struggle through tragic circumstances that force them to fix their dysfunctional relationships and learn that although family doesn't come with instructions, through hard work and compassion, you can figure it out. 95 pages

Title: Beacon

Logline: Michael, a trouble shooter, has an affair during a takeover. He becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the female owner and must find the killer to save the life of his estranged wife.

Synopsis: Beacon opens with a fishing boat disaster. The " crew perish " the headline reads. No survivors. Or are there? Michael begins the affair whilst negotiating the takeover of the murder victim's business. He later becomes the prime suspect. Pending further inquiries he is released subject to a restraining order sanctioned by his wife. Anna, the murder victim's body is found in a fishing net during another boat's- The Cadenza - fishing haul. Ray McIndoe, a detective, is left with the task of finding the killer without the victim's name, no documents and only a jet stone as evidence. Michael protests his innocence and volunteers to help McIndoe's investigation after meeting McIndoe privately. The survivor of the fishing boat disaster begins a relationship with Michael's estranged wife, but the restraining order prevents Michael getting close to her and the killer. He takes the law into his own hands when the killer kidnaps Michael's wife and victim's son.

Title: Falling Rain

Logline: With the world ending in a flood, a detective searches for a serial killer.

Synopsis: Detective Sam Williver must find the will to keep searching for the perpetrator of a series of brutal murders as he faces a recent divorce and a great flood. Within the chaos the investigation takes a series of missteps, which results in the wrong man being arrested and the killer having free reign. The killer, in his vanity, must have credit for his deeds. He begins a series of phone conversations with the detective. By now, the flooding has grown and Sam cannot find the killer. Alone, and traveling by small boat, Sam perseveres to the location of the phone calls where he faces the killer, and the end.

Title: Vinland

Logline: Vikings, led by Leif Ericsson, discovered America in 1000. This is their story, but not a documentary, rather, an intense drama with action, adventure, romance, conflict & tragedy. Vinland is an epic.

Synopsis: 500 years before Columbus, in a boat with only 1 sail, and not even a compass, Vikings reached the east coast of North America. Their story has NEVER been told on the big screen- or any screen. This screenplay includes vivid action, dazzling romance, breath-holding suspense, heart-wrenching tragedy, and even surprise humor. Vinland (the name Leif Ericsson gave to America) is an epic story in the tradition of Spartacus, Braveheart, & Gladiator. Raised in Greenland by his father, Eric the Red, Leif learns at an early age the difference between the marauding Viking and the exploring kind, and he decides early-on to become the latter. But before sailing west, he sails east to Iceland and Norway, where he finds love and comes of age. Then, when destiny demands that he lead a fateful voyage west, he has all the skills he needs- everything except how to deal with people, including the Skraelings (Native Americans). With passion, emotion, & intrigue, Vinland will bedazzle audiences worldwide.