Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Life of the Undesirables

Logline: An underworld war breaks out in the city streets when the son of the city's most powerful crime boss is murdered.

Synopsis: Christian Cataldo has spent most of his adult life working for the most powerful mobster in Charlotte, Jimmy Turra. Jimmy was Christian's mentor and good friend. But when Jimmy's son is murdered on a city street, Jimmy holds Christian responsible and retaliates in an act that will change the lives of both men and everyone associated with them, forever.

Title: The Lion's Storyteller

Logline: A gay woman runs for President of the United States in 2016.

Synopsis: A brilliant but closeted law student OLIVIA falls in love with her Professor, ALEXANDRA. Alex helps Olivia not to be so afraid of who she is but knowing it will kill any political aspirations if she comes out, Olivia hides her homosexuality. Twenty years later, Olivia, now Secretary of State, is running for President. Will her secret stay hidden or will she realize that she can't be the President she needs to be without Alex's love? Good Will Hunting meets The West Wing; The Lion's Storyteller is a political love story. It is a tale of fear and potential, at war with one another; a tale of the first female Presidential candidate; a tale of love of country and the love of a woman, in a land that won't let you have both

Title: The Mancini Way

Logline: Good and evil are joined at the hip for three brothers, a mafia boss, a cop, and a priest.

Synopsis: Brothers Joseph, Johnny, and Frank Mancini were born into a notorious Baltimore mafia family with a long history of brutality and corruption. Joseph, the head of the Baltimore Family, laments that his only son wants to join the mafia. Johnny, a 20-year veteran of the police force, struggles with the guilt of working with Joseph to bring down drug dealers. Frank, a priest, wrestles with his faith as he discovers the deep ties between the mafia and the church. The brothers come together to end a growing feud between the Italian mafia and the Greek and Russian crime lords who are threatening to take over. Two warring gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, are used as pawns in this bloody struggle for power. As the dust settles, the survivors in the Family declare their loyalty to the Mancini Way, but it is an uneasy peace.

Title: JAZZ

Logline: After he's released from jail, a blind man must decide his future: will he continue with the gang life or take a risk on love and on his talent as a jazz pianist.

Synopsis: JAZZ captures the fear, challenge, hope, rebirth and love of a Washington, DC projects-dwelling gang member named CHRISTIAN who is blinded in a convenience store robbery caper forced on him by the gang that is his only real family. Five years in prison later he is released and accosted again by a rival gang, but rescued by a vagrant street pit bull, MATEO. The rival gang wants Mateo to fight the fiercest of the gang's pit bulls in exchange for Christian's commitment to carry out a vengeance killing against a rival gang member or earn lifetime protection if Mateo wins. Christian's at a deadlock. The only way to save his dog and himself is to ace a Jazz band's piano audition and move with them to New York. NELLY, an affluent but alcohol dependent Georgetown college student he met, senses that Mateo and the music are Christian's path out, and so perhaps is she.

Title: Murder Has Many Faces

Logline: A gangster uncle dies leaving Montague $50m in drug money and meticulous records of their criminal activities.

Synopsis: Drama Montague's inheritance becomes a death warrant from the cartel and from his beautiful wife, who loses everything if her X-Rated past is revealed. He gets there first and fabricates the perfect crime. ........................................................................................................................ I am published author of seven books and much of my writing has appeared on TV, stage and radio. I hope you will consider looking at this 114 page completed screenplay.

Title: Divine Sin

Logline: A woman recovers from her tormented childhood to avenge those who commit the unforgiveable sin, but must evade the F.B.I.'s top agent who is a pedophile that frames sex offenders for his crimes.

Synopsis: Diane Holland was seven when she was first molested by her father Fitz. Her mother Alice is completely oblivious and Diane suffers the molestation for another 10 years until she eventually kills her father. Diane's younger brother Derek willingly takes the blame, and with the help of a Detective named Brooks allows Diane to evade prison. Diane grows up and becomes successful, but after a family tragedy she once again receives help from Detective Brooks and seeks revenge by murdering child molesters. One day Alice finds a video tape of Diane being molested by Fitz and another man, and gives it to Detective Brooks hoping to free Derek from prison. Detective Brooks calls the F.B.I. for help and talks to their top investigator Vincent Jamison, who unbeknownst to anyone is also the other man on "THE TAPE" molesting Diane. Now that Vincent knows about "THE TAPE" can Diane and Detective Brooks outsmart him and free Derek before he retrieves "THE TAPE" and gets rid of the surviving witnesses?

Title: Dark Side of the Moon

Logline: A young man falls victim to the techno rave scene.

Synopsis: A young man desperately wanting his father's respect, fails as usual. Graduating college with no show of his father leaves him angry and vulnerable. His best friend uses the young man's vulnerability and turns it into a taste of ecstasy in the rave scene. As the impressionable drugs and passions take over, the young man finds himself failing everything he accomplished. His loss of friends, family and self-control leads to his ultimate demise. Dark Side of the Moon is a story of the side of the rave scene never told before. WGAe #I24847

Title: Ruled Accidental

Logline: With the last shovel of dirt on her husband's grave, Violet Jones thinks all her troubles are behind her. But whoever said the past is dead and buried has never met Nola French.

Synopsis: Violet Jones returns home to find her husband lying unconscious on the kitchen floor. Fast escaping gas fills the room. Instead of helping him, she leaves and goes to her son's house. There she waits for the inevitable bad news, and when the police arrive to inform her of the tragic accident, she weeps accordingly. However, her husband wasn't alone; a young woman was found dead in the bedroom. Instead of the new life Violet has dreamed of, she now has to face the young woman's ruthless sister, Nola French, who is determined to prove that Violet is more than a grieving widow but is in fact, a murderess. What follows is a whirlwind of suspicion, rumors and confrontations that culminates to a tragic end for one of the woman. RULED ACCIDENTAL, was a finalist in Screenplay Search contest and semi-finalist in Scriptapalooza/2010 competition.


Logline: A German family thought they had given their last drop of blood to the Kaiser.

Synopsis: GEORGE KALLIS raises his family in Koblenz, Germany. In 1904, George's oldest son joins the German army and is immediately deployed to Africa where he is killed by African tribesmen. George Kallis starts a new life in Detroit- via Canada. His remaining sons grow into young men. The oldest son, LEROY, finds his calling as a baseball player- eventually starring for the Detroit Tigers. His brother, JOHANN, struggles to find his niche. He returns to Koblenz to pursue his advanced studies- only to be conscripted into the German army. LeRoy immediately crosses into Canada to join the army to find his brother. The story comes to its shattering conclusion in the actual Battle of the Somme. LeRoy musters the last bits of his sanity to find his little brother in the utter madness of this fateful morning. Johann musters his newfound resolve during the absolute chaos to persevere over his abusive superiors and crawls through death... crawling home... through Canada.

Title: Our Own Christmas Eve

Logline: Friends gather together to remember four out of their close-knit circle that lost their lives on a Tuesday morning in September.

Synopsis: A childhood promise to one another gathers a group of friends together on the night before Christmas they try to come to terms with the loss of four out of their close-knit circle that died in the north tower of the World Trade Center. Credits: Although "Our Own Christmas Eve" has not been entered in many contests, "Save Him", another of my completed specs has been acknowledged as listed below: Honorable Mention in the 2013 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition Honorable Mention in the 2013 London Film Awards First Round Finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards Competition Currently a Semi-Finalist in the 2014 Big Break Screenwriting Contest