Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Sleeper Cell

Logline: A larger terrorist network has infiltrated the United States System. The President himself is the head cell of the largest organization in the world that seeks nothing but destruction and devastation.

Synopsis: The largest network in the world has taken over the largest superpower. No one is exempt from participating, there are stars, star athletes, public officials, and people in the highest places of government. It is up to one man Lou Roberts to find the source and expose it for what it is. Through his journey he is overwhelmed with threats and consumed by the fear of what he knows, but he has vowed to stop at nothing to let the world know how corrupt the higher powers have become. It is all about the profit of war. The movie is constructed to provide the mainstream public with a "what if" concept about the possibility of an unknown reality.

Title: The Talkin' Tony Shalhoub Blues

Logline: A suicide bomber's mission to blow-up Times Square during New Year's Eve is averted by a midnight kiss.

Synopsis: Arab Terrorist, Abdu is poised to obliterate Manhattan when a chance encounter with co-ed Sara changes everything. Foiled in the bombing, Abdu uses the girlfriend as a cover to prepare for his next assault while flashbacks to the Middle East trace his conversion to radical politics. Caught between the opportunities of the new world and the harsh realities of the old, Abdu and Sara collide on an eclectic ride ending with a twist which will leave everyone talkin'.

Title: Winter Quarters

Logline: O'Reilley's & Carlisimo's Continental Show finds luck,love and 1962 Autumn redemption when the last legs carnival breaks down in an isolated mountain town on the wrong way home to Winter Quarters.

Synopsis: Romantic Dramedy - 1960's Collapsing with unknown, divine guidance, Count Carl Colisimo's carnival runs out of gas & luck on a vacant hay field. The bitter end of a sad season of midway mud and no money to get home to Winter Quarters. The same morning, Sue Edna Bivens announces to her high school English class she will be attending a Masonic convention in Atlanta. She has no idea of the carnival arrival in her family's field. She has no premonition of the smiling sequence of events that will lead a loving but loveless beautiful heart, to the charms of an unlucky, but wise carnival Count. This magical love story weaves colorful carnival characters and local "rubes" into funny situations leading to the heartfelt outcome. When the carny caravan leaves town with a twistful happy ending, the carnival prize to all is new hope and Autumn redemption.

Title: Heart on Fire

Logline: In Jerusalem, an Israeli soldier refuses passage to a Palestinain woman in labor. The baby dies.To redeem himself he allows her family to take his eye out. In Paris he takes the Mona Lisa as hostage

Synopsis: At a border crossing in Jerusalem,Ron an Israeli solder, refuses passage to Layla,a Palestian woman in labor. The baby dies. The soldier tries to kill himself. The attempt fails as the car carrying Shonta,New York's Green Party Candidate for Mayor, carreens into his shed. She invites him to NY city. Ron drives to Layla's village in search of redemption. The family demands biblical justice to which Ron agrees.They poke his eye out with a burning rod. Wearing a white eye patch, in inner turmoil, Ron on the way to New York stops in Paris where he descovers the Mona Lisa. He decides to take the painting as a hostage and demand from the international community 1 billion dollars for the Middle East. The attempt fails and he is sentenced to prison term. Upon release, he heads back to Layla's village. Heart on Fire is a superb drama,simply written with explosive visual honesty.Ron's inner chaos turns him into a living ticking bomb waiting to either explode or find solace for his soul.

Title: Boys of Wooster

Logline: A young pizza maker from the Italian neighborhood of Wooster Street - along with the help of his "Boys" - must challenge his "safe" existence and make a run at his dream of becoming a writer.

Synopsis: "Boys of Wooster" is a funny, touching and heartbreakingly realistic journey through the lives of four childhood friends from Wooster Street, now all in their twenties and facing the choice of following the footsteps of their fathers before them, or taking the chance of forging a new path, a personal path, an original path ... even if that may mean leaving the safety of Wooster ... the safety of HOME. We follow "Jimmy," a heartbroken local pizza maker who dreams of one day becoming a writer as he struggles to come to terms with who he is and where he really needs to be.

Title: Tongues of Men and Angels

Logline: After years of struggle, a stutterer gains fluency and gives a superb nomination speech at the Democratic Party's Primary for his old friend and first African-American candidate, in the year 2008.

Synopsis: Two sensitive loners--Peter Benedict who stutters yet dedicated to becoming fluent and to helping the environment, and Edward Stevenson, a proud African American with lofty political ambitions-bond together in the mid 1950's, Louisville, Ky. Both discover inner strengths-Peter's diligence to speech therapy and Edward's ability to gain acceptance within the white political community. Edward, with Peter's help, becomes a state representative and Peter becomes a skillful speechwriter. Peter marries, moves to Washington, DC, yet his obsession to become fluent causes a rift in their marriage. They separate and Peter lives poorly, though gains a grant to write a book on the environment. His fluency increases, he reunites with his wife, and his book wins a Pulitzer Prize. Edward becomes a U.S. Representative from Kentucky and asks Peter to be his speechwriter. Peter proudly accepts the invitation and delivers Edward's nominating speech. WAGA Registration #0788775-00

Title: Pretense

Logline: An idealistic young attorney is almost obsessive in her desire to help her law partner keep custody of his daughter, who despises him.

Synopsis: Eve Arnell will do almost anything to help her law partner keep custody of his strange, hostile daughter. Until painful memories from her own childhood, plus the mysterious and sudden appearance of an old love, cause her to question not only her own motivations but the motivations of everyone around her. I have been a practicing attorney for many years, have taken many screenwriting courses, and have had several short stories published in literary magazines. I would like to submit my original screenplay "Pretense" for your consideration, and can be reached at, 718-769-4021, or Maureen Abato, Esq., 2732 East 21 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Title: Beneath Judicial Robes

Logline: Practicing lawyers, law school faculty and sitting judges carry out a criminal conspiracy against a graduate law student to scam him for more than five million dollars.

Synopsis: An association of businesses breach an incentive contract with an in-house consultant and hire a prestigious law firm to use money and influence within a legal fraternity to defend against a civil law suit involving millions of dollars. The conspiracy expands to include seventeen members of the Missouri Bar Association plus seven state and federal judges assisted by a corrupt federal prosecutor.

Title: Some other colors

Logline: The 1980s..."A Soviet Georgian"soldier unexpectedly finds himself on afghan land where the Soviet Army discharges there its "International Duty".

Synopsis: The action starts in Kakheti village(a region in Georgia)where the local youth and some students from the capital get acquainted with one another. The son of a local foreman is hopelessly in love with the girl living in the same village.He expresses hostility towards one of the students because of the girl's sympathy to him. The foreman's son is called up for military service.On Afghan land he meets his mate from Tbilisi.In the unknown land their enmity turns into everlasting friendship. The boys side by side with other soldiers display heroism and courage,however they do realize the merciless plans of high-ranking officials behind the"International mission"of the Soviet Army. Two weeks earlier before the release one of the Georgian boys falls down in the battle... Soon the Soviet Union demolishes. What might be the visions of the soldier of the new post soviet era? Has the world around him acquired some other colors...


Logline: A humanistic drama about two kids from culturally diverse backgrounds that form a bond of trust and friendship while having to deal with abuse and prejudice that they witness in their lives.

Synopsis: CRY WITHOUT SIN tells the story of two culturally diverse families, one American and the other East Indian, living in a farming town. Olivia comes from a lower-middle class white family. While having to "walk-on-eggshells" in her home-life due to the effects of a self-medicating mother's unrealistic expectations on her, she witnesses the daily physical abuse of her little brother at the hands of her father. Joby comes from an Indian middle-class family. He is a quiet child who spends his days drawing in his sketchbook while witnessing a cultural clash between his abusive alcoholic father and his older sister. Through the course of a school year, we see these two children build a bond of friendship while facing the ramifications of living in environments of prejudice and abuse. CRY WITHOUT SIN reveals the incredible ability of children to find beauty in the most difficult of circumstances. May I send you a copy of the script? Sincerely,