Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Lefty

Logline: A rookie knuckleballer injured in the war gets back into baseball, finds his girl in Hollywood and takes Cleveland to a play-off with Boston for the American League pennant. Based on a true story.

Synopsis: LEFTY is the true story of Gene "Lefty" Bearden, a minor leaguer told he might not walk again after his ship is torpedoed in the Pacific. His odyssey takes him from two years in Navy hospitals to his long lost sweetheart, Lois, now an exotic dancer at Earl Carroll's Theatre. Reunited with Lois and working as a grip at 20th Century Fox, Lefty is rediscovered by Casey Stengel--a washed out manager toiling in the minors. Lefty is called up by Cleveland and his hypnotic knuckleball takes the League by storm. When the secret of his war injuries is revealed, Lefty becomes the toast of Cleveland. But some in the Indian management doubt the rookie has the stuff to make it. As he struggles with guilt at being labeled a war hero, Lefty goes into a slump. With the Yankees, Red Sox and Indians in a slugfest for the pennant, he must battle back to give the Indians one last shot at the title -- and prove to himself and the rest of the League he belongs in the majors.

Title: Ruled Accidental

Logline: With the last shovel of dirt on her husband's grave, Violet Jones thinks all her troubles are behind her. But whoever said the past is dead and buried has never met Nola French.

Synopsis: Violet Jones returns home to find her husband lying unconscious on the kitchen floor. Fast escaping gas fills the room. Instead of helping him, she leaves and goes to her son's house. There she waits for the inevitable bad news, and when the police arrive to inform her of the tragic accident, she weeps accordingly. However, her husband wasn't alone; a young woman was found dead in the bedroom. Instead of the new life Violet has dreamed of, she now has to face the young woman's ruthless sister, Nola French, who is determined to prove that Violet is more than a grieving widow but is in fact, a murderess. What follows is a whirlwind of suspicion, rumors and confrontations that culminates to a tragic end for one of the woman. RULED ACCIDENTAL, was a finalist in Screenplay Search contest and semi-finalist in Scriptapalooza/2010 competition.

Title: Tongues of Men and Angels

Logline: After years of struggle, a stutterer gains fluency and gives a superb nomination speech at the Democratic Party's Primary for his old friend and first African-American candidate, in the year 2008.

Synopsis: Two sensitive loners--Peter Benedict who stutters yet dedicated to becoming fluent and to helping the environment, and Edward Stevenson, a proud African American with lofty political ambitions-bond together in the mid 1950's, Louisville, Ky. Both discover inner strengths-Peter's diligence to speech therapy and Edward's ability to gain acceptance within the white political community. Edward, with Peter's help, becomes a state representative and Peter becomes a skillful speechwriter. Peter marries, moves to Washington, DC, yet his obsession to become fluent causes a rift in their marriage. They separate and Peter lives poorly, though gains a grant to write a book on the environment. His fluency increases, he reunites with his wife, and his book wins a Pulitzer Prize. Edward becomes a U.S. Representative from Kentucky and asks Peter to be his speechwriter. Peter proudly accepts the invitation and delivers Edward's nominating speech. WAGA Registration #0788775-00

Title: Chase, the Bad Baby

Logline: A young lawyer is torn between rising to the top in his law firm and advocating for a brain-damaged baby who desperately needs his help.

Synopsis: Chase, the Bad Baby, is the story of Chase Johnson, a newborn who suffered anoxic brain damage at birth. Chase's brain damage is the result of an errant OB-GYN doctor who failed to arrive at the hospital within the time limit of 30 minutes to rescue a distressed baby from natural delivery by means of C-Section. When the OB-GYN arrives Chase has been without oxygen due to a prolapsed cord for long enough to cause severe brain damage. Chase Johnson through his parents sue the errant doctor. Medical malpractice Lawyers call these cases "bad baby" cases. American United Healthcare is the doctor's insurance company and they hire the law firm of Jones and Chimel to defend the OB-GYN. At the helm of the defense team is a thirtyish lawyer named Morgan Ellis. As we meet Morgan Ellis he has just successfully defended another doctor before a jury, for medical malpractice, in an unrelated case. [call or write for more, please]

Title: The Red Book

Logline: A novelist is given one last chance after discovering an old journal about two lovers whom disappear and he must find.

Synopsis: It is 1951 and a once popular novelist, Jordan Anderson, is about to lose everything he owns. Traveling to his cabin hideaway, he comes to the crossroad of his life. Through intervention, he discovers a thirty year old journal in an abandoned house. Desperate for material to rejuvenate his career, he uses the journal and its writing from a twenty year old woman, Olivia. She tells her story of romance and her affair with an older married man, Ben. The entries into the journal suddenly stop and in order to finish his masterpiece, Jordan must find out what happened to the two lovers only to be shocked by the outcome.

Title: The Clowns of God

Logline: One man's search for forgiveness and redemption ends up as one of acceptance, surrender and self-sacrifice.

Synopsis: Sonny MacIntosh has just been paroled after doing 17 years in a New York State maximum security prison for murdering four people when he was 16 years old. He returns to his old neighbourhood in Hell's Kitchen where he developes a relationship with a professional caregiver and her 6 charges,"The Clowns", who inadvertantly teach him how to live and love again. But Sonny's new found idyllic existence is short lived as Sonny's enemies past and present conspire to put him back behind bars in order to take their revenge. The unlikely alliance of a sadistic warden, a powerful mafia godfather, a vengeful detective, a crooked parole officer and a vicious street gang threatens Sonny's freedom and life and when they attack the only thing he truly loves Sonny is forced to protect that love. Will Sonny vanquish his enemies and protect the Clowns from harm or will he succumb to the overwhelming forces against him doomed to play out a destiny that he is powerless to predict or control?

Title: The Artful Codger

Logline: Cowboys and Indians in New York City? Sometimes the best advice comes from the most unlikely sources in this tribute to a generation and lifestyle that is all but gone, but hardly forgotten.

Synopsis: Seth and his recently-divorced mother, Jeanne, are starting out on their own, and are both a little unsure of their place in the world. While the timid Seth's main worries include fitting into a new neighborhood, Jeanne feels her entire purpose in life as a caretaker to her husband has been snatched away. Seth soon befriends a withered West Texas cowboy, his Osage companion and an elderly grocery store owner who introduce him to a world of the past through their own life experiences. Jeanne's problems, however, can't be solved so simply. Her first "real" job outside the home not only tests her ability to rely on herself, but places her on the bad side of a mentally unstable, potentially dangerous coworker. Bouncing from the present-day plight of Seth and Jeannie to glimpses of early Twentieth Century America that exists primarily through the memories of our elders, "The Artful Codger" pays tribute to the perseverance of the human spirit that spans all generations.

Title: Last Autumn

Logline: A lost girl in her early teens becomes friends with a male stranger in a week in autumn. Through their friendship, they rely on each other on all aspects of life.

Synopsis: Jason finds himself in a quarter life crisis. It is now late October, and he is on the verge of becoming despondent on being unable to find a job. However, he and his brother, Alexander, who is also a recent college graduate, have been studying for the GMAT and LSAT, respectively. The week before the exam, Jason finds it difficult to remain focused on the upcoming exam, and he becomes pensive. In an attempt to refocus, he frequents a coffee house. In the coffee house, he becomes acquainted with an individual, Jessica Clarence, with a crisis of her own. Jessica is a precocious, yet coy, teenager from England, who masks her true feelings. Jessica has recently been expelled from her school in England and feels lost in life. Throughout the week, Jessica and Jason frequently run into each other and discuss many things about Jason's upcoming exam and job interviews, Jessica's parents being trapped in a town that has just been hit by a hurricane, life, and disappointments.

Title: Conspiracy

Logline: Just when a high school athlete thinks he has it all, his life takes a turn for the worst when he's accused of a sex crime.

Synopsis: It's a story about a popular high school athlete who is falsely accused for molesting a young girl at his mother's daycare. As he struggles to proclaim his innocence, his family breaks apart, the school and community ostracize him. Against his backdrop, his lawyer works to uncover a possible conspiracy...

Title: Odyssey

Logline: The ancient love story of Penelope and Odysseus, Odysseus' adventures in the Mediterranean sea while returning home to Ithaca and Penelope's troubles with her suitors.

Synopsis: The Greek King of Ithaca (an island in Greece) Odysseus goes to Sparta where to compete for the beautiful Spartan Princess Helen's hand in marriage but fails to do so. Instead Odysseus succeeds in winning her modest cousin Pricess Penelope as his wife. Helen's infidelity causes a war between the Greeks and the Trojans and Odysseus is forced to go to Troy and fight so that Helen can be returned to her rightful husband King Menelaous. Following the conquest of Troy (Northwestern Turkey) with use of Odyssey's "Trojan Horse" Odysseus goes to perform one last task in Thrace (Northeastern Greece.) However, the local people revolt and disaster falls upon Odysseus and his men as they are lost at sea. In brief, Odysseus then adventures in the Mediterranean (Greece, Egypt, Italy and France) and he is believed dead back home in Ithaca. There unwanted suitors come to Queen Penelope's court threatening both his son and his family's rights to the thrown of Ithaca.