Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Crisisboy

Logline: While trying to find out who he is, a teenage boy discovers that a mad scientist has implanted a device in his brain that has connected his emotions to the end of the world.

Synopsis: Sam is a seventeen-year old boy who thinks he already needs to know what his purpose in life is. During his search, Sam discovers that when he was a baby, a mad scientist named Dr. Mechatron implanted a device in his brain that has connected his emotions to the structural stability of Earth. Dr. Mechatron informs Sam that if he becomes too depressed he may literally cause the end of the world. Not sure whether to believe Mechatron or not, Sam must also deal with the challenges of young adulthood, including his bickering friends, his single mother, and the love of his life.

Title: September Seventh

Logline: Sept. 7, four days before 9/11. 3 three friends discuss among themselves and with several women, the roots, causes and present day status of violence in America and around the world.

Synopsis: Singles night, Max, Tony and Peter are out at their favorite watering hole. Throughout the evening they enteract with two sets of women who have, in their past experienced various forms of violence. Physical abuse, rape by fiancee, wife of victim of a workplace massacre and other situations. Dialogue discusses violence throughout the world, around the country and how it has affected each of the male leads. Throughout the piece Tony laments about the departure of his wife and spirals into a drunken hell. Tony, with Vera, a man-hater, scores in the bathroom, Peter fails to perform in the back seat of a car and Max and April, a cocktail waitress, flirt all night. Eventually Elise, Tony's mother-in-law appears in a drunken snit and it is revealed Tony's wife was tortured and murdered by some punks. Tony ends up hitting Elise, is arrested and taken away. Max and April end up at her uncle's house on the beach, talk, have a drink and end up in tender embrace.

Title: Grommet

Logline: When an east coast teenager enters the surf world of San Diego, the reigning surfers bully him, especially when he attracts the interest of one of their beautiful ex-girlfriends.

Synopsis: Keith, 15, moves to San Diego with his mom. He meets a chick, Brittany, makes enemies with another kid, Rory, and befriends a washed-up surfer, Dwyer. Dwyer sees that Keith is alone, and agrees to help him train for the Grommet surf contest (grommet being surfer slang for a runt). Keith believes he can gain acceptance in his new community if he wins the contest. As they train together, Keith also begins to learn more about being a man from Dwyer. At the midpoint, Keith gains acceptance after he defeats Rory in an informal surf competition. Armed with his new popularity, Keith obsesses over winning the Grommet till he alienates everyone he loves. Realizing he's been a douche, he apologizes to Dwyer and finishes preparing for the Grommet. After advancing to its final round, Keith chooses to keep Rory from sabotaging their competition over winning the contest. The story ends with him training for next year's pro-am contest. Having turned sixteen, he's no longer a grommet.

Title: Conspiracy

Logline: Just when a high school athlete thinks he has it all, his life takes a turn for the worst when he's accused of a sex crime.

Synopsis: It's a story about a popular high school athlete who is falsely accused for molesting a young girl at his mother's daycare. As he struggles to proclaim his innocence, his family breaks apart, the school and community ostracize him. Against his backdrop, his lawyer works to uncover a possible conspiracy...

Title: The Hit

Logline: When his brother is killed by the mob, a successful businessman devises a unique strategy for revenge: he places a contract on himself with the mob boss, stipulating that the same hit man be used.

Synopsis: Longtime loser Lenny Cartney is on the verge of finally turning things around. He's just opened his own restaurant and business is good. Unfortunately, the local mob who loaned him the money are making free and easy use of his establishment for various illegal purposes. When Lenny tries to blackmail them for a bigger piece of the action, the mob sends a local enforcer to cancel the debt, and Lenny with it. Lenny's brother Michael, a lifelong over-achiever and former Army ranger, now runs his own highly successful consulting firm. When Michael learns the circumstances of Lenny's death, Michael goes to the mob boss and offer's Lenny's life insurance money to place a contract on himself, specifying that the same hit man be used. Relying on his commando training but more on his business skills, Michael manages to stay one step ahead of the hit man while confronting his own guilt over Lenny's death and pursuing a more elaborate crusade against the mafia chief who ordered the hit.

Title: The Twelfth of May

Logline: The Vietnam War Memorial on a stormy afternoon in the springtime shortly after its dedication, and the stories of three desperate visitors on the Twelfth of May.

Synopsis: This is a fictionalized tale about war. It is the story of three nondescript individuals visiting the Vietnam Memorial on a stormy afternoon on the Twelfth of May and their connections to loved ones whose names are on The Wall, and who on the Twelfth of May of years past lifted up their M-16 assault rifles in a small country in Southeast Asia...and paid the price for it. The panorama of action throughout encapsulates the issues of those years: the trepidation of orders issued to return to the theatre of combat; the horror of racial hatred in the American South of the day; and finally, the mental imprisonment of unspeakable trauma locked inside the mind of a soldier on a hilltop on some map leading to nowhere in a jungle that had no meaning to him after the war because of head trauma. It's about a catharsis, a healing of old wounds, and for one, the end of a long journey crossing the bridge from madness to reality.

Title: Ed Smith

Logline: What if you found yourself in the dangerous world of sexual addiction?

Synopsis: ED SMITH is a drama that exposes the real life of a sex addict. Ed Smith is in the vane of Catcher in the Rye's Holden. He is pathetic but lovable. He fumbles through his quest to meet dream girl Renee Evermore. This story is based on my own struggles with this serious affliction. Ed is thrust from his seemingly safe life into a head on collision with reality. A long relationship with call girl Jenny abrublty ends. Ed finds that his favorite stripper Christy has no real affection for him at all. Ed jumps from one dangerous situation to another. He loses his job and beloved apartment. Ed is arrested by an adrenaline junkie cop. And in the end he is forced to face reality. A previous version of this screenplay made it to the 2008 Bluecat Screenplay competition. said "In concept Ed's got a lot going for him dramatically" Also, "the script has a large number of secondary and minor characters". I would like to send you a copy for youe review.

Title: Encounter

Logline: A Chinese ship lands in Columbia in 1422. A Chinese concubine meets a young native, bringing cultural exchange. There is a parallel story of an archeological dig that uncovers this historic moment.

Synopsis: After a storm off the coast of Columbia, a boy named Pacri-nan discovers that a ship has landed on his beach. While observing the strange occupants, he is saved from a jaguar attack by a pregnant teenage girl named Li Wa. Pacri-nan in turn saves her from bringing poisonous fruit to her shipmates. Li Wa is grateful and communicates with Pacri-nan through pictures, first drawn in the sand and then from a book. After several days Li Wa departs with her ship but leaves behind a baby, a map, several critical items and some of the pictures from the book. In time Pacri-nan becomes chief of his tribe by implementing some of these advanced concepts. Once the child left behind is mature, Pacri-nan understands that Li Wa had left items that were intended to allow her child to survive in this strange land. Eventually Pacri-nan builds a boat from the pictures and brings Li Wa's child back to her in China. The parallel story follows several archaeologists as they uncover this historical event.

Title: The Junction

Logline: Graduate student and part-time bartender Connor loses his sister in a drunk-driving accident, only to learn that he failed to stop the accused from leaving his bar that fateful night.

Synopsis: Racked with guilt, reclusive Connor Ogilvie's ordered life begins to spiral out of control as he struggles to come to terms with the passing of his sister, Mackenzie, and his self-perceived role in her tragic death. New girlfriend Emma Campbell falls quickly for Connor. But, is it true love, or her misguided need to be his savior after losing her own brother to depression and drugs? As Connor attempts to reconcile his desire to make his relationship work with his sense of being unworthy of love, Emma and Connor's best friend, Paul, are floundering in their attempts to keep Connor from destroying himself.

Title: The Garden Club

Logline: The Garden Club is about the people who inhabit the great mansions of Natchez, Mississippi. It is not a story of bliss and serenity, but one of greed, infidelity, murder and extortion.

Synopsis: In this Southern drama, a group of prominent women have used their power for decades to control the town of Natchez. Rod Farshall, an eighteen-year old boy, gets caught up in the competition for power, his love for his girlfriend, and his seduction by Shereen Summerville, the wife of the club's financial advisor. It also involves a great fire which destroyed one of the town's magnificent mansions and how the club's resulting actions set the stage for retaliation from Bart Summerville, one of the most prominent men in Natchez. It details the story of three books kept by the local madam, and a plot to kill Rod Farshall, whose name appears in the books and who accidentally discovers the identity of the killers of two prominent Natchez citizens. The screenplay is based on Robert DeBlieux's novel, "The Garden Club." Robert DeBliuex is the club's former CEO. All rights have been obtained. I appreciate your consideration. Payne Williams WGA #- 1081815