Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Slip to the Moon

Logline: Two old lags hatch a daring plan to escape and reveal the true purpose behind the Nazi's darkest secret: Auschwitz.

Synopsis: Fred, a young Slovak Jew, narrowly avoids the fate of his new inmate friends when they're double crossed by an SS Officer. When his old pal Rudi tells of an SS man who wants to help him break free, Fred warns him away and promises they'll escape - together. For three days and nights they hide until the alarm is called off. When someone snitches, the other inmates take drastic action to stop them being caught. Yet the fight really begins outside where many miles of occupied territory stand before them. Injured and starving they can't make it on their own, but in a land filled with German settlers, who can they trust? The chances are slim yet the stakes are high: if they make it, hundreds of thousands might be saved. In 2014 the eyes of the world's media will focus on the 70th anniversary of the holocaust - so commercially, I feel the timing for this would be great. Please let me know if I can send you the script and thanks for your time and consideration.

Title: Savannah Superstar

Logline: This is an original screenplay true story dramatic biography of a famous actress who met with an early death, by suicide, five years into her career. Her name was Shannon Wilsey, AKA Savannah.

Synopsis: Shannon Wilsey had quite an exciting life. From age 16 up, she was a drug addict, had affairs with many famous rock stars and actors, and dated some for an extended time. She became a big star in the adult film business making 80 adult movies and also 4 Hollywood movies, but she kept a reputation of trouble, and nearly all of her co-workers hated to work with her. She was a very special person, not at all like your average porn star. This is a very dynamic story that has never been told on screen. I, the author, am not the selling point, it is the screenplay to be sold, which should be very valuable, and the movie could be a big hit.

Title: Walking City

Logline: He doesn't pay his respects to the city. The city pays its respects to him, and prays that he even considers returning the favor.

Synopsis: Tommy and his three stepbrothers live like kings in their early thirties, but never finished High School. Their stepfather, Jack Chase, is Boston's most powerful crime lord. The four boys were born to fight, to kill. Together, they are Jack's top negotiators. Pulling the trigger without so much of a blink of an eye is what gets the job done. When one brother runs into trouble with the police, and another gets beaten mercilessly, the boys turn to Tommy and Jack for guidance. Before it's too late, they realize that their situation wasn't coincidental at all, but the works of an old friend. A betrayed friend who's craving revenge and payback that's ten years overdue.

Title: This Side of Nirvana

Logline: One woman’s search to find family and another woman’s scheme to get rid of hers.

Synopsis: BRONWYN MURPHY hires an actress to go home with her to the Midwest to play her lesbian girlfriend to get her overbearing mom off her back about getting married and having grandchildren. Arriving in the small town, she and the actress, NICK TRUEBLOOD, instantly create conflict wherever they go. Nick, who comes from a broken family (Mom left and Dad’s an alcoholic), tries to find any family she can call her own. She dreams of the white picket fence and the mini van and sees Bronwyn as her chance to experience family life; even if it’s only for a little while. Nick and Bronwyn, each searching for identity, end up disrupting the ideas of normal and questioning the values of the small conservative town. Bronwyn’s act inspires her brother to come out of the closet. Her rejection of him spins the world she’s created out of control until it forces both women to confront the truth.

Title: Who I Am

Logline: A disabled man with a troubled past decides to redo his life and make something out of himself.

Synopsis: Steve Rodgers can't let the past go. He was born with a speech impediment and because of that he was often the target for bullies. He had dreams but because of ridicule, he threw those dreams away. Twenty years later, after being inspired by friends, Steve decides to go to college and redo his life...but it isn't what he hopes it to be. He faces bullies and discrimination, plus he suffers from seizure-like relapses. He feels like dropping out but when he meets Erica, that all changes. She has a challenge herself: she has cancer. She begins to change Steve for the better and inspires him. But Steve still lets the past affect him and still lets people put him down. Another problem arises when Erica's ex-boyfriend, Joe comes back and manipulates her to come back to him through violent means. Can Steve overcome these challenges and accept himself for who he is? You'll have to find out.

Title: Divine Sin

Logline: A woman recovers from her tormented childhood to avenge those who commit the unforgiveable sin, but must evade the F.B.I.'s top agent who is a pedophile that frames sex offenders for his crimes.

Synopsis: Diane Holland was seven when she was first molested by her father Fitz. Her mother Alice is completely oblivious and Diane suffers the molestation for another 10 years until she eventually kills her father. Diane's younger brother Derek willingly takes the blame, and with the help of a Detective named Brooks allows Diane to evade prison. Diane grows up and becomes successful, but after a family tragedy she once again receives help from Detective Brooks and seeks revenge by murdering child molesters. One day Alice finds a video tape of Diane being molested by Fitz and another man, and gives it to Detective Brooks hoping to free Derek from prison. Detective Brooks calls the F.B.I. for help and talks to their top investigator Vincent Jamison, who unbeknownst to anyone is also the other man on "THE TAPE" molesting Diane. Now that Vincent knows about "THE TAPE" can Diane and Detective Brooks outsmart him and free Derek before he retrieves "THE TAPE" and gets rid of the surviving witnesses?


Logline: Two college students are approached by a ghost to get them to inspire the others on campus.

Synopsis: After 9/11 FRANKLIN OVERTON WILLIAMS is shot by a guy on a college campus. Now BRENDAN and NICOLLE conjure him and he tells them to help heal this dying campus. Nicolle is a writing student and Brendan is a business student. His business club is planning to launch a new type of social networking site to promote the students in order to get them jobs. Brendan gets someone to make the site and wins a bet with the club on how to market it. Nicolle works on her art and writing together. As the year goes on, Brendan launches his site and Nicolle has a successful gallery opening. Franklin guides them to always improve the students' lives and they graduate with Brendan getting a job offer and accepted as a grad student at NYU and Nicolle receiving a Carnegie Mellon Fellowship. Five years later and fifteen years after that, they are together and always remembering how Franklin's ghost inspired their lives.

Title: Unfeigned

Logline: A quiet, genuine recluse randomly meets a lonely woman.Together, they form a strong love for each other, only for her to lose him to his unknowing gift to save others. The setting is in the 1960's.

Synopsis: A man, John, brilliant, natural introvert, came from an abusive family. He has always has an inundated ability to feel the pain of others. One day, he meets a woman, Mary, and her daughter at at a grocery store. She has a scar on her face, beautiful though, she and her daughter were recently abandoned by her husband. He spends his free time volunteering at the local children's hospital, cancer division. All three develop a strong relationship. One day, while playing on the playground, there is an accident and Kate dies. He saves her through a massive display of power, nobody is sure if this is supernatural or divine, not even John. They are deemed frauds and run into hiding. In the end, John plans to save all the cancer-stricken children at the hospital, even if it kills him. The world is amazed by his lack of divine faith and selflessness. Mary and Kate learned to love again, and to feel extreme loss. This story captures the imagination, faith and heart.

Title: Vinland

Logline: Vikings, led by Leif Ericsson, discovered America in 1000. This is their story, but not a documentary, rather, an intense drama with action, adventure, romance, conflict & tragedy. Vinland is an epic.

Synopsis: 500 years before Columbus, in a boat with only 1 sail, and not even a compass, Vikings reached the east coast of North America. Their story has NEVER been told on the big screen- or any screen. This screenplay includes vivid action, dazzling romance, breath-holding suspense, heart-wrenching tragedy, and even surprise humor. Vinland (the name Leif Ericsson gave to America) is an epic story in the tradition of Spartacus, Braveheart, & Gladiator. Raised in Greenland by his father, Eric the Red, Leif learns at an early age the difference between the marauding Viking and the exploring kind, and he decides early-on to become the latter. But before sailing west, he sails east to Iceland and Norway, where he finds love and comes of age. Then, when destiny demands that he lead a fateful voyage west, he has all the skills he needs- everything except how to deal with people, including the Skraelings (Native Americans). With passion, emotion, & intrigue, Vinland will bedazzle audiences worldwide.

Title: In Bad Faith (a true story)

Logline: Attorney Steve sues State Farm for contacting his employer and getting him fired for submitting a $6,000 claim. He uncovers a shocking conspiracy at State Farm's corporate Home Office.

Synopsis: Steve's employer confronts him for giving his client, State Farm, a "hard time" in his personal auto claim, removes him from partnership trek and forces him out. A friend, Jane Lynch, tells him Claim Superintendent Jim McGhee, and his boss, Section Manager Ute Kenmir, have done this before. When Steve sues, State Farm plays nasty by suppressing files, destroying documents and covering up Ms. Kenmir's investigation. When Steve wins a big court ruling, Ms. Kenmir becomes his star witness by throwing everyone under the bus to save herself. With unexpected help from former colleagues, the real culprit is revealed to be "retired" adjustor, Johanna Cappadonna, who confesses State Farm managers threatened her retirement and the job of her cancer-stricken lesbian partner unless she interfered with Steve's career. Steve and his nemesis, State Farm corporate counsel Byron Hansbro, come face to face for the final showdown when the Federal Judge delivers a shocking result no one sees coming.