Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: The Rum Runners

Logline: The young bride of a seasoned Prohibition officer falls in love with a charming rum runner.

Synopsis: In 1924 San Francisco, Alice O'Neil is young, married and neglected. After a lackluster first year of marriage, it is clear that her Prohibition officer husband, Frank, is too wrapped up in his work to notice his pretty bride. While Frank is away on business, Alice's sister, Kate, takes Alice out for some much needed fun. They meet up with Kate's boyfriend and his charming business partner, Charlie Murphy. Alice and Charlie click immediately among the illegal cocktails and secret "inner bars". The following week brings more excitement than Alice has known in her whole life. Even after it becomes apparent that Charlie is a rum runner, and a somewhat volatile one at that, Alice can't let go of him. When the self-righteous Frank discovers who Alice has been spending time with, his carefully controlled exterior crumbles and Alice finds herself in the middle of more than one dangerous situation.

Title: Anything For Love

Logline: After being awaken into the past, a soldier races against time to try and change major events of his daughters troubled life.

Synopsis: Dante Smith a veteran and ex-addict hasn't seen his daughter Glenda for fifteen years, marriage and babies weren't for him and until now he has never looked back. He recently discovered by accident that his long lost daughter Glenda is now a well known writer, who's just published a memoir chronicling her nightmare of a childhood. Dante is suddenly willing to confront his past, so he buys Glenda's book. At first, all Dante can bring himself to do is randomly open the book mid-story, in which he finds out about Glenda's life of abuse. Compelled to know more he voraciously reads the book and two decades worth of unfelt, pent up guilt and regret for not being a good father overcomes him. He now longs for a second chance to be a father to Glenda and believes that if he can prevent some of the most traumatic events of Glenda's life from occurring, Glenda would have a better life.He spends the night binge-drinking, then falls into a restless sleep, which leads him into a time travel.


Logline: See, hear, and feel Russia in all its savagery and splendor. Sweep back to the dramatic moments of Russian history through Galina's extraordinary life and her personal triumph in attaining justice.

Synopsis: The enthralling drama unfolds through Galina's extraordinary life on the backdrop of true historical events in St. Petersburg, Russia, my native country which W. Churchill described as "wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma". It still retains its notoriety, therefore, it will always appeal and fascinate audiences. Minimum dialogue - maximum action, richly enhanced with music and exquisite snippets of cultural entertainment. I am a strong believer that excellent acting supported by music has colossal power to move human emotions. The story is easy to follow, yet it encompasses history and bitter intrigue, music and culture, fiery passion and crime with plenty of suspense.

Title: The Elephanta Suite

Logline: Based on a novella by Paul Theroux, Elephanta Suite is the story of an American businessman who has a life transforming experience in India when he strikes up a relationship with a young prostitute.

Synopsis: Dwight Huntsinger's life is a mess. His fiancee just broke up with him and now he's being sent to India on a business trip. One evening in Mumbai, he wanders around the city. During his walk, he is snared into an elaborate hoax and into the hands of a teenage prostitute. Dwight is instantly smitten. She is Sumitra, a Kali-worshipping, erotic dancer. Dwight becomes her lover and provider. But he does not understand Sumitra or her circumstances. Dark forces controlling Sumitra slowly encircle Dwight as well. When his life unravels, he finds solace in an unusual source: his colleague, Shah. Shah is a devout man who shares his views on spirituality with Dwight. He is also an astute businessman who quickly climbs the rungs of the company. As Dwight's life hurtles toward crisis, he leans on Shah for guidance. But their roles have now reversed. Shah is tempted by wealth and power. Meanwhile, Sumitra's life hangs in the balance. To save her and himself, Dwight has to sacrifice it all.

Title: The Advocate

Logline: When he's on your side, he's the best friend in the world. When he's not, there's no place on earth to hide.

Synopsis: "The Advocate" uses a real-life story of an EMT in San Francisco, who was hired by Social Services to intercept potentially bogus 9-1-1 calls, as a jumping off point to a fictionailzed vigilante drama. He often arrives on the scene before the ambulance, offering the caller temporary housing or treatment options, instead of a costly ride to the SF General ER. After his fiancee chokes to death while waiting for an ambulance, he embarks on a murderous crusade against the very population he had once dedicated his career to helping. As the story progresses the citizens of SF begin to see the killer as a quasi-folk hero. He is simply doing what the politicians and law enforcement have been unable to do to; clean up the homeless problem. There is also a battle for the lead character's "soul" by two female influences in his life.

Title: Patriotic Duty

Logline: Driven by patriotic feelings and a possible financial reward, an ex-white supremacist member spies on and harrasses a loyal citize, he suspects to be an Al-Qaeda terrorist.

Synopsis: DICK NICHOLS is a handyman working for a Prop. Mgmt. Co. in Los Angeles. The September 11 attack at WTC and the anti-Muslim euphoria, combined witrh a potential financial reward to those who provide an information leading to the arrest and conviction od terrorist suspects, make Dick both -angry and vigilant. The window of opportunity for Dick to show his patriotism and eventually get some fast cash, opens wide when MOSES TUCKER, a black man and ex-U.S. marine wo served several years in Middle-East, moves from NYC to L.A. While doing a repair job in Moses' apartment, Dick "discovers" some suspicious materials, making him a credible terrorist suspect. Dick informs the FBI about it, but disapointed with the official response, he launches his own investigation which ultimately ends up in a hostage situation and a deadly epilogue.

Title: The embryo

Logline: Jonathan has to decide whether to give life to an embryo in the incubator and fight for him after his best friends and genetic parents were killed in airplane accident.

Synopsis: The embryo in the incubator is waiting to be transplanted into Debbie's stand-in womb. This is when a tragic private jet accident results in the death of Ricardo and Joanna his loving genetic childless parents. Jonathan an old army buddy of Ricardo and currently a widower law professor is appointed as guardian and decides to go on with the plan to honor the dead parents. Rebecca who was to become the heir of her Brother Ricardo's corporation will do anything to remove her only obstacle, the embryo. Debbie and Jonathan fight for the baby to be born. Courts in Canada and Mexico debate basic issues of death, money and life. Does an unborn embryo have legal claim on his parent's legacy? Is our bond to our mother through her genes or because she gave birth and life to us? Is Debbie going through pregnancy only for the love she had for Ricardo and Joanna? Is Rebecca only after the money her brother left her or will she need this baby to be well and alive in a surprising twist in the tail?

Title: Mata Hari

Logline: Paris 1914. The famous exotic dancer has slept her way to the pinnacle of European society when she falls in love with a young Russian officer and becomes the target of a zealous spy hunter.

Synopsis: Saint-Lazare prison is a dark, damp, horrid place. Ducet has come to visit Mata Hari who he is defending against a charge of espionage. Mata has been the sensuous toast of all Europe. Now he finds a pale, haggard woman accused of being a spy. The story follows Margarethe from the time she's abandoned by her father at sixteen, through her first sexual encounter with the headmaster of the Dutch school where an austere aunt has sent her to work to the streets of Paris where she's pimped to a rich marquis who introduces her to Parisian society. She becomes a much celebrated stripper in conservative Europe and the love interest of both German and French aristocrats. When WWI breaks out Mata finds it hard to make a living dancing and attempts to sell information to a overly zealous French spy chaser just as meets a young Russian captain and falls in love. As her financial desperation and love grow, the spy chaser tightens his noose.

Title: Black and White the Soccer Ball

Logline: Understanding the beautiful passionate game, when an injured young boy gets a second chance to redefine his destiny to play soccer.

Synopsis: GABBY BIMBO like his friends MARCO and ZACH on a US base in the Caribbean lives to play soccer. After a motorbike accident with his older brother JAMES, leaves him barely able to walk and his dreams of playing profesionally crushed. Years later while living in the US, Gabby bumps into Zach, who reveals he and Marco are playing professionally for The Dragons. He encourages Gabby for a friendly match, though apprehensive, reuniting with former friends is persuasive indeed. Gabby salvages a victorious win and bashfully shuns the limelight from a TV reporter. He tries to woo GWEN who was part of the youngster's gang. But at a party, Gwen invites love rival MARK. Unbeknownst to Gabby, Marco and Zach have convinced The Dragons bosses to give him a go as the emphasis is on team work; something the trio have in abundance. Gabby's plans to propose to Gwen is thwarted being seen holding hands with Mark. He overcomes his past doubts to score a winning goal and celebrates by proposing to Gwen.

Title: Ed Smith

Logline: What if you found yourself in the dangerous world of sexual addiction?

Synopsis: ED SMITH is a drama that exposes the real life of a sex addict. Ed Smith is in the vane of Catcher in the Rye's Holden. He is pathetic but lovable. He fumbles through his quest to meet dream girl Renee Evermore. This story is based on my own struggles with this serious affliction. Ed is thrust from his seemingly safe life into a head on collision with reality. A long relationship with call girl Jenny abrublty ends. Ed finds that his favorite stripper Christy has no real affection for him at all. Ed jumps from one dangerous situation to another. He loses his job and beloved apartment. Ed is arrested by an adrenaline junkie cop. And in the end he is forced to face reality. A previous version of this screenplay made it to the 2008 Bluecat Screenplay competition. said "In concept Ed's got a lot going for him dramatically" Also, "the script has a large number of secondary and minor characters". I would like to send you a copy for youe review.