Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Last Autumn

Logline: A lost girl in her early teens becomes friends with a male stranger in a week in autumn. Through their friendship, they rely on each other on all aspects of life.

Synopsis: Jason finds himself in a quarter life crisis. It is now late October, and he is on the verge of becoming despondent on being unable to find a job. However, he and his brother, Alexander, who is also a recent college graduate, have been studying for the GMAT and LSAT, respectively. The week before the exam, Jason finds it difficult to remain focused on the upcoming exam, and he becomes pensive. In an attempt to refocus, he frequents a coffee house. In the coffee house, he becomes acquainted with an individual, Jessica Clarence, with a crisis of her own. Jessica is a precocious, yet coy, teenager from England, who masks her true feelings. Jessica has recently been expelled from her school in England and feels lost in life. Throughout the week, Jessica and Jason frequently run into each other and discuss many things about Jason's upcoming exam and job interviews, Jessica's parents being trapped in a town that has just been hit by a hurricane, life, and disappointments.

Title: Chickadee

Logline: An Immigrant Italian girl is the center of a landmark rape trial that unites a town in rural New York State, 1923. Based on a true story.

Synopsis: LAURINA, 12, and her sister, MINNIE, 13, wait at the gates of a Catholic orphanage to be reunited with their mother, CARMELLA, 30, an Italian Immigrant. Carmella marries the charming PIETRO, 35, and the children are removed from the orphanage. They relocate to a farm in rural New York, but there, met with the hardships of poverty and racial discrimination, Pietro falls into decline. He becomes abusive to Carmella and the girls and forces them to work long hours in a textile mill to support his gambling and drinking. Laurina blossoms into a beautiful young woman and becomes the object of Pietro's sexual obsession. He brutally rapes her resulting in her pregnancy. After months of terrified secrecy, she finds the courage to go to the authorities. What ensues is a landmark trial that unites an entire city lending inspiration to a generation of silent victims.

Title: Directions

Logline: Starting at the end and unravelling in reverse, we follow three 26-year-old New Yorkers as they grapple with companionships that exist outside of society's norm.

Synopsis: "The core of my personality consists of many selves." - Hans Bender Max, an ex-jock, turned sports blogger, is thrown back into the arms of his girlfriend of three years, Ana, after, his fling with, out and unapologetic, Preston, abruptly ends. Dylan, a fledgling graphic artist, must make her own way as her former girlfriend and best friend begin an exclusive romantic relationship after ending their menage-a-trois. And Emile, an OB-GYN resident, rekindles a romance with his boss, Dr. Wendy Adams, after sharing his one and only secret with her; he was born female. Since 2010, Directions has garnered much attention placing as a finalist in the Chris Columbus/Richard Vague Production Award at NYU; semi-finalist in the Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition (one of 40 out of over 2400 submissions) and making it to the second round of the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.

Title: Woodley Park

Logline: A single pregnant young woman faces a life and death decision to give birth which may cause her own death or have an abortion. Set in trendy Woodley park, a section of Washington, D.C.

Synopsis: Beautiful Rachel White is pregnant. Her womanizing boyfriend Dylan and his powerful attorney father try to convince her to get an abortion; to save his future. Disheartened by their insincerity, Rachel turns to college friends Sarah and nerdy Capital Hill intern Sam for support. Rachel finds she has a medical condition that could be fatal during childbirth. Rachel decides at the abortion clinic, at the last minute, to have the child. Through the pregnancy Sam, Sarah and Rachel decide to live as they know best, which is living young. They explore the beauty and culture of the Nation's Capital. Meanwhile, the womanzining Dylan gets HIV. He is hospitilized as Rachel waits to give birth. Unable to deal with his son's illness, Dylan's Father murders his son. Rachel gives birth successfully. Dylan's father somehow blaming Rachel for his son's demise, kills Rachel. In the end, Sam and Sarah marry adopting Rachel's baby.

Title: The Lincoln Show

Logline: Two sex scandals, separated by almost 200 years, collide in this story of pride and betrayal.

Synopsis: 1864... Abraham Lincoln's lack of a scandalous past won him two presidential elections. Now, at war's end, he must fend off the most challenging eruption of his life. Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln's faithful bodyguard, is confronted with damaging rumors that could affect his standing with the president. David Pyle, Lamon's resourceful and obedient assistant, holds a secret that could shock the nation. 2009... John Ray Dobbs will stop at nothing to make sure that he and he alone controls the strings attached to the school he runs, as well as his rebellious family. Ned Laverne has been a passive observer up to this point... or has he? TJ Laverne is more than willing to give his life for a cause. Will he be as willing to give the lives of others? Millard Stark, TJ's reluctant lover, must choose between his career and a secret life that may no longer be secret.

Title: Beneath Judicial Robes

Logline: Practicing lawyers, law school faculty and sitting judges carry out a criminal conspiracy against a graduate law student to scam him for more than five million dollars.

Synopsis: An association of businesses breach an incentive contract with an in-house consultant and hire a prestigious law firm to use money and influence within a legal fraternity to defend against a civil law suit involving millions of dollars. The conspiracy expands to include seventeen members of the Missouri Bar Association plus seven state and federal judges assisted by a corrupt federal prosecutor.

Title: Exude Your Class

Logline: A professional horseplayer and a beautiful prostitute save a pregnant race mare from being destroyed by a bloodthirsty maniac who runs a corrupt equine slaughter-for-profit operation.

Synopsis: After an emotional, self-revealing epiphany, Joey Bender decides to become what he was meant to be - a professional horseplayer. However, he almost loses everything. Luckily, Joey discovers a book entitled "The Class Horse" and begins to win - big. Joey's profits enable him to buy a race mare named Survivor. Joey's handicapping prowess then takes him to Las Vegas for the World Championship Horseplayer Tournament. There, the story turns as Joey and a beautiful prostitute must save a now pregnant Survivor from being butchered and processed into pet food by a perverted maniac who runs an equine slaughter-for-profit business. "Exude Your Class" is not about gambling or horseracing. It's a drama with a highly suspenseful climax about finding alternatives and adapting to how the race of life unfolds. Over years, I've acquired extensive knowledge about horse racing, breeding farms, and slaughter houses, which are the means that move "Exude Your Class" from beginning to end.

Title: Gatsby

Logline: Money, sex, greed, and the battle for righteousness are what characterized the 1920s. These same characteristics are prevalent in 2003 and this adaptaion of Gatsby will prove that.

Synopsis: Gatsby is a timeless classic still read and taught in literature classes around the world. For fans of this novel, an adaptation as legendary as the book has eluded them--until now. My adaptation thrusts Nick, Jordan, Tom, Myrtle and Daisy into a 2003 Hollywood society. The setting ranges from Malibu, Santa Anita luxery boxes, the Sunset strip and into the bloody swimming pool of Gatsby. Nick is a new screenwriter and finds a guesthouse across the inlet from his cousin Daisy, and her husband, producer Tom Buchanan. Through Tom, Nick realizes a sense of racism in Hollywood. Jordan Baker, Tom's assistant, takes Nick on a sinster ride through love as well. He also sees how Daisy has been sucked into this brutal society. And in the middle is Jay Gatsby, a man whose heart is no match for such a careless generation--but whose loves makes the ultimate story for Nick.

Title: Breakaway To Majestic

Logline: Committing the unthinkable in his sport, a professional athlete is compelled to return to his hometown. There he struggles with estranged relationships, guilt for past deeds, and a rekindled passion.

Synopsis: During an intense game aging player KYLE RICHARDS strikes the referee rendering him unconscious and bloody. Suspended, pending investigation Kyle learns his estranged father has suffered a heart attack while watching the game at home. Condemned in the media by his team owner a despondent Kyle journeys home to Majestic Peaks, the ski town where he was raised. Kyle reconnects with former teammates BRITTANY, a single mother and SERGE his closest friend. Serge, the most gifted, had his chance at the pros stolen. Kyle confronts his guilt for what he did and tries to rebuild their friendship, while snowboarding on Majestic's slopes. Brittany stirred by Kyle's return, surfaces their hidden relationship as teammates. Both struggle with their awakened feelings. During a pickup-up game with Serge and other friends tensions build to where Kyle loses control. In disgust he leaves the ice and is found alone. An emotional encounter ensues as the men discover the dark and shameful secret they had unknowingly shared. Torn up and vulnerable Kyle is drawn into the arms of Brittany. A young fan's video of the referee assault vindicates Kyle. A now remorseful team owner flies Kyle and his friends to the All-Star game, in which he was scheduled to play. At a pre-game practice Kyle calls in a favor and arranges for Serge to skate with the pros. A desperate visiting team owner amazed at Serge's skill, shocks him with an offer. Contemplating life after hockey Kyle unveils to Brittany his plans

Title: Meena

Logline: A US soldier and an Afghan interpreter who must depend on each other for survival after being ambushed and tracked by the Taliban; a closeness develops between these two men, a closeness

Synopsis: The story begins with two Afghan boys being executed for being gay. Shawn goes to Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban. He and his men are given the task of negotiating to purchase and destroy poppy fields. In the group is an Afghan interpreter, Hamid, which the group harasses because of his homosexual tendencies. Shawn sticks up for him and stops the harassment. On the return to a poppy farm the team is ambushed. Shawn is wounded and Hamid helps him escape. Hamid takes Shawn to his village to elude the Taliban searching for them. One thing leads to another and the two men share an emotional romantic time with each other. Feelings grow for each other and Hamid teaches Shawn the word for love in Pashto "Meena". As the two men make it back to the US camp their feelings for each other is found out. Shawn is sent back to face his wife and dishonorable discharge back in the US. Hamid is turned over to the Afghanistan authorities to face execution charges for being a Homosexual.