Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Savannah Superstar

Logline: This is an original screenplay true story dramatic biography of a famous actress who met with an early death, by suicide, five years into her career. Her name was Shannon Wilsey, AKA Savannah.

Synopsis: Shannon Wilsey had quite an exciting life. From age 16 up, she was a drug addict, had affairs with many famous rock stars and actors, and dated some for an extended time. She became a big star in the adult film business making 80 adult movies and also 4 Hollywood movies, but she kept a reputation of trouble, and nearly all of her co-workers hated to work with her. She was a very special person, not at all like your average porn star. This is a very dynamic story that has never been told on screen. I, the author, am not the selling point, it is the screenplay to be sold, which should be very valuable, and the movie could be a big hit.

Title: Honor Thy Father and Mother

Logline: Log Line: Mommy Dearest meets the Ice Storm. A chilling Hollywood celebrity story and an expose on what still goes on behind closed doors in suburbia. (Screenplay, step outline and synopsis)

Synopsis: I co-own the rights to a shocking and multi-layered true story, feature screenplay: Honor Thy Father and Mother. The secret family life of actress Linda Blair, star of the 1972 film The Exorcist. Based on the memoir of Deborah Blair MS Ph.D., Linda's older sister. Names and references have been changed for legal reasons. A story of horrendous physical, mental and sexual abuse perpetrated on the Blair children for many decades by their deeply disturbed parents who had their own troubling histories. The ramifications of which are still felt today with a recent suicide and death threats. A saga that goes back a hundred years to the Missouri Ku Klux Klan. In the middle of all this Linda Blair is born and becomes a child star and and we follow her life and career as she is quickly corrupted by sex drugs and rock n roll. BIO: Some of my clients include HBO, MTV, A & E and others. New Paradigm Entertainment TEL: 212-479-8592 EST

Title: Mike and Brenda (sec. draft)

Logline: Story about Mike, moving to Boston to become a professional drummer. In the big city he faces all kinds of adventures, meeting the shy and solitary Brenda in the mixture of all this.

Synopsis: Mike(18), the main character being followed the first day he arrives in Boston where he found a bachelor apartment and a job as a mail deliverer. Him being an orphan from a small town in Maine he has great difficult in adjusting to the cities rules. He encounters crime, poverty and other chaos of the city's every day life. At his first days work he meets the shy and distant Brenda(23) who's just another face in the crowd in the crowd like no other. After two weeks he has his first audition and immediately blends into a three piece, non ambitious group. The band takes off and starts to take make name for themselves in the local area. When Mike finally brakes down Brenda's wall and they melt together the band is at a crosspoint of taking a step to the next level. A change that only passes by once. Mike has to make a choice between the woman of his dreams and family life or his childhood dream of becoming a professional musician.

Title: Pound for Pound

Logline: A flamboyant young boxer on the rise gets caught up in his new found stardom and takes his friends and family for granted leading to his sudden and isolated downfall.

Synopsis: Delorean "The Gorgeous One" Shakespeare, 27, fights the unbeatable welterweight champion and knocks him out with a devastating blow to become World Champion. Shakespeare's self-conscious and weight obsessed wife, Savanna, does not enjoy her housewife lifestyle and she gives her husband the cold shoulder. After being repeatedly rejected by her, Shakespeare meets his trainer's daughter, Jackie, at a night club and they give in to temptation. When Savanna's friend takes pictures of Shakespeare and Jackie together and gives them to Savanna, she walks out on him taking their daughter with her. Meanwhile, Shakespeare is enraged by the Heavyweight Champion's growing fame and popularity. On television, he challenges the champion to a fight to determine who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Days before the fight, Colin catches Shakespeare with his daughter Jackie and walks out on him leaving him only with his cut man in his corner for the biggest fight of his life.

Title: Exude Your Class

Logline: A professional horseplayer and a beautiful prostitute save a pregnant race mare from being destroyed by a bloodthirsty maniac who runs a corrupt equine slaughter-for-profit operation.

Synopsis: After an emotional, self-revealing epiphany, Joey Bender decides to become what he was meant to be - a professional horseplayer. However, he almost loses everything. Luckily, Joey discovers a book entitled "The Class Horse" and begins to win - big. Joey's profits enable him to buy a race mare named Survivor. Joey's handicapping prowess then takes him to Las Vegas for the World Championship Horseplayer Tournament. There, the story turns as Joey and a beautiful prostitute must save a now pregnant Survivor from being butchered and processed into pet food by a perverted maniac who runs an equine slaughter-for-profit business. "Exude Your Class" is not about gambling or horseracing. It's a drama with a highly suspenseful climax about finding alternatives and adapting to how the race of life unfolds. Over years, I've acquired extensive knowledge about horse racing, breeding farms, and slaughter houses, which are the means that move "Exude Your Class" from beginning to end.

Title: Tongues of Men and Angels

Logline: After years of struggle, a stutterer gains fluency and gives a superb nomination speech at the Democratic Party's Primary for his old friend and first African-American candidate, in the year 2008.

Synopsis: Two sensitive loners--Peter Benedict who stutters yet dedicated to becoming fluent and to helping the environment, and Edward Stevenson, a proud African American with lofty political ambitions-bond together in the mid 1950's, Louisville, Ky. Both discover inner strengths-Peter's diligence to speech therapy and Edward's ability to gain acceptance within the white political community. Edward, with Peter's help, becomes a state representative and Peter becomes a skillful speechwriter. Peter marries, moves to Washington, DC, yet his obsession to become fluent causes a rift in their marriage. They separate and Peter lives poorly, though gains a grant to write a book on the environment. His fluency increases, he reunites with his wife, and his book wins a Pulitzer Prize. Edward becomes a U.S. Representative from Kentucky and asks Peter to be his speechwriter. Peter proudly accepts the invitation and delivers Edward's nominating speech. WAGA Registration #0788775-00


Logline: Adam and Eve struggle to adapt to a world where evil has been unleashed.

Synopsis: Adam and his helpmate are pushed past the limits of human endurance with no experience for the sufferings that they have brought upon themselves. Satan launches an unmerciful physical, emotional and sexual attack on them until they seek death to escape the torture. Unwilling that His creation be destroyed, the Word of God promises to return them to their intended place with Him in paradise but they must wait until the time has been fulfilled and fight the continued onslaught by the adversary. Once their children are born, Satan turns his attention to corrupting their offspring. He eventually convinces Cain to murder his brother and start a nation of unrighteous people. Adam must persuade his offspring to remain seperate from the children of Cain until God fulfills His promise and returns them to the garden.

Title: Penny for Your Thoughts

Logline: When agri-giant Monsanto wants to turn local farmland into growing fields for GMO seeds, Penny Jones must fend off the big money corporation, save her business and protect local crops.

Synopsis: PENNY JONES, a successful, single woman in her 30's, finds herself in the middle of an attempt to bring Monsanto growing crops for genetically modified seed to her small, country town. Her attempts to thwart their arrival get her unjustly removed from her position on the city council and threatens to cost her the business she built from scratch. With the help of her friends and local townspeople, she fends off the big agri-giant and saves both her business and the town from Monsanto's prowl.

Title: Shoes

Logline: An individual against the establishment. MOSES STONE became a baseball superstar, the death of his brother in Afghanistan, and a hard childhood made him challenge and fight the establishment.

Synopsis: Moses refused to accept a baseball player superstar salary and refused to represent any commercial interests. He then chose to become a "working people hero" as well as instituting a threat to the establishment (baseball organization, players, industrial companies, etc.). They became apprehensive, as they believed he might be creating a consumer revolution that will work against their interest. At first, the estabishment (WOODY PIERCE owner of "Joyce sneakers" who Stone "circus media" who negatively affected his company, and SAMUEL SMITH baseball superstar, who represents "Joyce sneakers" and was terrified how his status changed to the worse.) found Moses very hard to convince or to cooperate with them. Yet after much persuasion and manipulation, they ultimately broke him down and once again induced him to become part of the establishment.

Title: The Lincoln Show

Logline: Two sex scandals, separated by almost 200 years, collide in this story of pride and betrayal.

Synopsis: 1864... Abraham Lincoln's lack of a scandalous past won him two presidential elections. Now, at war's end, he must fend off the most challenging eruption of his life. Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln's faithful bodyguard, is confronted with damaging rumors that could affect his standing with the president. David Pyle, Lamon's resourceful and obedient assistant, holds a secret that could shock the nation. 2009... John Ray Dobbs will stop at nothing to make sure that he and he alone controls the strings attached to the school he runs, as well as his rebellious family. Ned Laverne has been a passive observer up to this point... or has he? TJ Laverne is more than willing to give his life for a cause. Will he be as willing to give the lives of others? Millard Stark, TJ's reluctant lover, must choose between his career and a secret life that may no longer be secret.