Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Grommet

Logline: When an east coast teenager enters the surf world of San Diego, the reigning surfers bully him, especially when he attracts the interest of one of their beautiful ex-girlfriends.

Synopsis: Keith, 15, moves to San Diego with his mom. He meets a chick, Brittany, makes enemies with another kid, Rory, and befriends a washed-up surfer, Dwyer. Dwyer sees that Keith is alone, and agrees to help him train for the Grommet surf contest (grommet being surfer slang for a runt). Keith believes he can gain acceptance in his new community if he wins the contest. As they train together, Keith also begins to learn more about being a man from Dwyer. At the midpoint, Keith gains acceptance after he defeats Rory in an informal surf competition. Armed with his new popularity, Keith obsesses over winning the Grommet till he alienates everyone he loves. Realizing he's been a douche, he apologizes to Dwyer and finishes preparing for the Grommet. After advancing to its final round, Keith chooses to keep Rory from sabotaging their competition over winning the contest. The story ends with him training for next year's pro-am contest. Having turned sixteen, he's no longer a grommet.

Title: The Creator

Logline: Blair finds past methods of intimidation and manipulation are no match for another's compassion. This "Partner" steals Blair's gem from under his nose. Blair is enlightened trying to retrieve it.

Synopsis: Robin Blair, a wealthy San Francisco Real Estate Developer, has a passion for cars and recognition, but lacks compassion for people. He succeeds at almost everything, until he meets someone whom he has met. Unknowing to him , this ever surfacing visionary, leads him through life's experiences. Now confronted with the unfamiliar territory of regrets, Blair realizes that his past has not prepared him for what he never envisioned in his future. Drama, Romance and Comedy

Title: Reasonably Crazy

Logline: Dana-Sue and Ford each have enough psychological symptoms to qualify as crazy. Their affair will be complicated, inevitably tragic, and life changing.

Synopsis: Dana-Sue is biker tough, ivy-league smart, and plagued by fears of abandonment. When she was 12 her mother committed suicide. Her biker father was already in prison. She grew up in group homes and foster families and quickly learned to trust no one. Her reality is all about her need to fill the emptiness when she is not in a relationship and the fear of abandonment when she is. Her emotional instability leaves her impulsive, reckless, and self destructive. During his time in Iraq, Ford was involved in a firefight that left him with a deep emotional trauma that he buries under a pile of denial and a barrel of bourbon. Despite his good looks, intellect, and proven courage, it is his vulnerability that Dana-Sue finds irresistible. She is willing to overlook his arrogance, drinking, and the fact that he has a wife. After a domestic violence incident triggers a flashback to his time in combat Ford returns home to his wife. Dana-Sue is left predictably abandoned and pregnant.

Title: FOCUS

Logline: A married couple and a lesbian encounter love and violence in 1950s California.

Synopsis: Charlie Wyatt, a broken and abusive Army photographer returns home from the Korean War to Samantha, his wife. They move from New York to Carmel, California, where Charlie opens a studio and Sam begins an affair with, Morgan, a lesbian photographer. Morgan teaches Sam photography and her work rises to the highest artistic level. Charlie nearly kills Sam when he learns about her lesbian relationship. A major exhibition of Charlie's work is cancelled when news of his attack on Sam is made public. He forces a showdown with Sam and Morgan on a cliff overlooking the Pacific and unable to reconcile his life with reality commits suicide. Sam and Morgan, committed lovers, produce a triumphant show if her highly prized photography.

Title: Falling Rain

Logline: With the world ending in a flood, a detective searches for a serial killer.

Synopsis: Detective Sam Williver must find the will to keep searching for the perpetrator of a series of brutal murders as he faces a recent divorce and a great flood. Within the chaos the investigation takes a series of missteps, which results in the wrong man being arrested and the killer having free reign. The killer, in his vanity, must have credit for his deeds. He begins a series of phone conversations with the detective. By now, the flooding has grown and Sam cannot find the killer. Alone, and traveling by small boat, Sam perseveres to the location of the phone calls where he faces the killer, and the end.

Title: Heart on Fire

Logline: In Jerusalem, an Israeli soldier refuses passage to a Palestinain woman in labor. The baby dies.To redeem himself he allows her family to take his eye out. In Paris he takes the Mona Lisa as hostage

Synopsis: At a border crossing in Jerusalem,Ron an Israeli solder, refuses passage to Layla,a Palestian woman in labor. The baby dies. The soldier tries to kill himself. The attempt fails as the car carrying Shonta,New York's Green Party Candidate for Mayor, carreens into his shed. She invites him to NY city. Ron drives to Layla's village in search of redemption. The family demands biblical justice to which Ron agrees.They poke his eye out with a burning rod. Wearing a white eye patch, in inner turmoil, Ron on the way to New York stops in Paris where he descovers the Mona Lisa. He decides to take the painting as a hostage and demand from the international community 1 billion dollars for the Middle East. The attempt fails and he is sentenced to prison term. Upon release, he heads back to Layla's village. Heart on Fire is a superb drama,simply written with explosive visual honesty.Ron's inner chaos turns him into a living ticking bomb waiting to either explode or find solace for his soul.


Logline: On the last bus out of a hurricane-bound Gulf Coast city, two disabled overseas veterans with an unresolved dispute, encounter by chance.

Synopsis: RANSOM has lost his left arm, his talented finacee, his soul, and wants no part of the past; but BYRON, an agressive infantryman whom Ransom sent to the stockade for killing an unarmed civilian, wants to settle up. There is time yet to Shreveport. Byron takes up with smart sexy ANNIESSE, and her willful son, FRANCIS; old rancher ZITHERS tells the young poet, SAMMY, his hard life story; BERNICE adds Ransom's story to her "treasure of confidences"; Two Mexicans try to out-macho each other; dotty MRS. ASHWORTH, enroute to rendezvous with her gentleman lover, primps her smuggled spaniel, ROXY; and WYATT, the driver, bearish but tolerant, has his thirty-year experience tested to its limit. Lost across dark storm-wild bayou country, the travellers pick up a mysterious stranded motorist, Ransom and Cartwick draw knives, and a cottonmouth snake advances toward Wyatt's ankle. It's a long night's journey toward day, a bad night for a frog, and need for mercy becomes very strained. What a trip!

Title: The Mancini Way

Logline: Good and evil are joined at the hip for three brothers, a mafia boss, a cop, and a priest.

Synopsis: Brothers Joseph, Johnny, and Frank Mancini were born into a notorious Baltimore mafia family with a long history of brutality and corruption. Joseph, the head of the Baltimore Family, laments that his only son wants to join the mafia. Johnny, a 20-year veteran of the police force, struggles with the guilt of working with Joseph to bring down drug dealers. Frank, a priest, wrestles with his faith as he discovers the deep ties between the mafia and the church. The brothers come together to end a growing feud between the Italian mafia and the Greek and Russian crime lords who are threatening to take over. Two warring gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, are used as pawns in this bloody struggle for power. As the dust settles, the survivors in the Family declare their loyalty to the Mancini Way, but it is an uneasy peace.

Title: Our Own Christmas Eve

Logline: Friends gather together to remember four out of their close-knit circle that lost their lives on a Tuesday morning in September.

Synopsis: A childhood promise to one another gathers a group of friends together on the night before Christmas they try to come to terms with the loss of four out of their close-knit circle that died in the north tower of the World Trade Center. Credits: Although "Our Own Christmas Eve" has not been entered in many contests, "Save Him", another of my completed specs has been acknowledged as listed below: Honorable Mention in the 2013 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition Honorable Mention in the 2013 London Film Awards First Round Finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards Competition Currently a Semi-Finalist in the 2014 Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Title: Saying Goodbye to Joy

Logline: A calculating conman uses a deadly elixir on a spiritual woman. He increases his wealth preying on those sympathetic, as she dies. Inspired by actual events this is the crime unpunished.

Synopsis: Inspired by actual events, this is the fictional story of a conman before he found the perfect crime that put him on the FBI's most wanted list. These are the missing years, in the history of his cons. Through the use a deadly elixir, he slowly poisons his victim and takes over her life. The conman uses the inflicted illness to his advantage, increasing his wealth, getting only enough medical care to keep his victim alive to collect more money from the sympathetic. He does this all in the name of a higher power and proclaimed love, making the spiritual woman believe she has given up her life and loved ones for her soul mate.