Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Love with issues

Logline: A young woman is reliving her past, while she struggles to figure out her life.

Synopsis: A thirteen-year-old girl, who relives her past of torment and ridicule of past bullies, and no one likes her at her school that she almost commit suicide, but she figures their's more to life. Graduating high school is the best thing that she has done, she's off to college and no more bullies. In the middle of her college stay, she gets a boyfriend, who cares about her and respects her.


Logline: Instead of prison, a rebellious teenage boy agrees to live in an Old Order Amish community.

Synopsis: The scales of justice are tipped with a highly controversial sentencing option after a rebellious teenager is convicted of sexual misconduct with a young woman of the Old Order Amish. The victim's secluded community is offered as a haven for true rehabilitation. The young man's culturally painful two-year commitment is further exacerbated when he eventually ends up living in the same household as his victim. Nonetheless, the boy's character is slowly remolded as he helps the girl overcome her own trauma. Living in northern Indiana the past 12 years has provided me unique insight into the Amish.

Title: Cousin Jack

Logline: The wife of an English Lord, with the help of her cousin/lover, tries to expose her husband's treason, unsure who in government is complicit with him.

Synopsis: This fast paced tale is set in 1895-1899 England. Lady Eleanor Shrewsbury, wife of the brutal member of the House of Lords, Lord Richard Shrewsbury, falls in love with her distant cousin, Jack Barns, an investment banker. In financial trouble, Lord Shrewsbury commits treason, his act overheard by his wife. She flees for her life to Jack, who agrees to help her. With his multiple contacts in White Hall, they try to expose Lord Shrewsbury, only to find themselves pursued by members of Scotland Yard and the Foreign Office. Lady Shrewsbury is captured by government officials, while Jack escapes. His whereabouts are discovered by the murderous Lord Shrewsbury. Jack desperately tries to figure a way out. Registered with WGA.

Title: Ed Smith

Logline: What if you found yourself in the dangerous world of sexual addiction?

Synopsis: ED SMITH is a drama that exposes the real life of a sex addict. Ed Smith is in the vane of Catcher in the Rye's Holden. He is pathetic but lovable. He fumbles through his quest to meet dream girl Renee Evermore. This story is based on my own struggles with this serious affliction. Ed is thrust from his seemingly safe life into a head on collision with reality. A long relationship with call girl Jenny abrublty ends. Ed finds that his favorite stripper Christy has no real affection for him at all. Ed jumps from one dangerous situation to another. He loses his job and beloved apartment. Ed is arrested by an adrenaline junkie cop. And in the end he is forced to face reality. A previous version of this screenplay made it to the 2008 Bluecat Screenplay competition. said "In concept Ed's got a lot going for him dramatically" Also, "the script has a large number of secondary and minor characters". I would like to send you a copy for youe review.

Title: Twilight

Logline: A junky DEA agent infiltrates his estranged father's drug cartel in order to track down his partner's killer.

Synopsis: DEA special agent Marcos Villanova seeks justice for the murder of his partner and mentor -- a rogue agent known as Wolf -- at the hands of Cuban crime boss Ramon Ortega. The Agency is willing to give him what he wants...for a price: an impenetrable ease built against his father, Arthur" Buddy" Lomax, a powerful New York drug kingpin with secret lies to Ortega. Marcos arrives at Buddy's doorstep a broken man, looking for new direction in life. All part of the act, or is it? Isabella Suarez, a smoldering Latina stripper, sees more in Marcos than he lets on. As does Buddy's underboss, Tony "Ram" Rammazatto, a loose cannon who'll do anything to keep his spot on the food chain. The more time Marcos spends in Buddy's care, the less willing he is to betray him. In the end, Marcos must decide where his loyalty truly lies: with the U.S. Government, his father, or somewhere in between.

Title: Amber Lockheart

Logline: A young girl in search of her past finds more than she bargained for.

Synopsis: Amber Lockheart was given up for adoption at childbirth and raised by her adoptive parents until their untimely death. A caring social worker, Mrs. Austin, takes the troubled teen under her wing and tries to help her find her past, only to discover Amber was among a group of children sold to the highest bidder. In the process, Mrs. Austin is murdered before she can reveal the details. At age 16, Amber finds herself on the run from the law and the men attempting to kill her. Amber finds an unlikely angel at the time when she needs him most. Five years later she meets someone who unknowingly helps her solve the mystery behind the murders, but finds herself on the run yet again.

Title: WHAM!

Logline: Just when middle-age feels like a place of solace, Meryl's rock-solid husband takes his own life, leaving Meryl with four wacky friends and the question, Why?

Synopsis: Meryl Jacobson comes home with a carload of groceries, opens the garage door and sees her husband, Hank, hanging by a rope. In shock she gets out of the car, fills her arms with bags and, as she walks past her husband's lifeless body, orders him to come down and help her. At the funeral Meryl's friends come to her side: Sharon, a bartender slinging drinks for a living, Diane, a bipolar time bomb who works as a waitress, and Ada, a stable mother and housewife. Janet, an old acquaintance and ex of Hank's, comes to give her condolences. Meryl brings Janet into the sisterhood despite Diane's complaints and hatred towards Janet. The Museum is the name for the garage. It becomes the gathering place for all the women, with the centerpiece being the rope Hank hung himself with. Things are being left around making the women look at Janet. No one knows Meryl has the note but is yet to find out why Hank hung himself.

Title: Walking City

Logline: He doesn't pay his respects to the city. The city pays its respects to him, and prays that he even considers returning the favor.

Synopsis: Tommy and his three stepbrothers live like kings in their early thirties, but never finished High School. Their stepfather, Jack Chase, is Boston's most powerful crime lord. The four boys were born to fight, to kill. Together, they are Jack's top negotiators. Pulling the trigger without so much of a blink of an eye is what gets the job done. When one brother runs into trouble with the police, and another gets beaten mercilessly, the boys turn to Tommy and Jack for guidance. Before it's too late, they realize that their situation wasn't coincidental at all, but the works of an old friend. A betrayed friend who's craving revenge and payback that's ten years overdue.


Logline: A father-and-son tale of two generations of Cuban baseball players who struggle to escape their communist homeland.

Synopsis: "Ritmo" Torriente never wanted to be a baseball player -- until the Cuban boy was abandoned by a father who fled their communist homeland in pursuit of his big-league ambitions. The vengeful young man found himself consumed by a desire to outdo his father and follow his own dreams to America. Off The Island is the tale of a father and son whose antipathy towards each other masks the reality that they are consumed by identical passions and inner demons. From post-revolutionary 1960s Cuba to the modern-day U.S., this chronicle of harrowing escape, of family and freedom is unlike any other baseball story ever told. It is America's national pastime seen through a global lens. By way of my own introduction, I am the senior political correspondent for The Canadian Press making my first foray outside journalism and into fiction-writing. The storyline came to me earlier in my career when I covered the Montreal Expos.

Title: The Twelfth of May

Logline: The Vietnam War Memorial on a stormy afternoon in the springtime shortly after its dedication, and the stories of three desperate visitors on the Twelfth of May.

Synopsis: This is a fictionalized tale about war. It is the story of three nondescript individuals visiting the Vietnam Memorial on a stormy afternoon on the Twelfth of May and their connections to loved ones whose names are on The Wall, and who on the Twelfth of May of years past lifted up their M-16 assault rifles in a small country in Southeast Asia...and paid the price for it. The panorama of action throughout encapsulates the issues of those years: the trepidation of orders issued to return to the theatre of combat; the horror of racial hatred in the American South of the day; and finally, the mental imprisonment of unspeakable trauma locked inside the mind of a soldier on a hilltop on some map leading to nowhere in a jungle that had no meaning to him after the war because of head trauma. It's about a catharsis, a healing of old wounds, and for one, the end of a long journey crossing the bridge from madness to reality.