Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Mark of Cain

Logline: A father and perpetrator of a hit and run accident, that results in the death of an teenage girl, is forced into a decision whereby he must sacrifice one of his two children as recompense.

Synopsis: GABRIEL BURKE, the proprietor of a small Northeastern bar, is made to confront the demons of his own guilty conscience when he kills and abandons fourteen year old AMY LINDSTROM in a hit and run incident. PETER LINDSTROM, a religious fanatic and AMY's chemically imbalanced father, makes it his retributive quest to mete out justice in the spirit of the Old Testament ["an eye for an eye"/"a tooth for a tooth"], when he forces GABRIEL to make a harrowing decision to sacrifice one of his boys. As local law enforcement attempts to locate the identity of AMY's killer, the illicit secrets and dark sexual past that unite both families come shockingly to light, in MARK OF CAIN.

Title: Amber Lockheart

Logline: A young girl in search of her past finds more than she bargained for.

Synopsis: Amber Lockheart was given up for adoption at childbirth and raised by her adoptive parents until their untimely death. A caring social worker, Mrs. Austin, takes the troubled teen under her wing and tries to help her find her past, only to discover Amber was among a group of children sold to the highest bidder. In the process, Mrs. Austin is murdered before she can reveal the details. At age 16, Amber finds herself on the run from the law and the men attempting to kill her. Amber finds an unlikely angel at the time when she needs him most. Five years later she meets someone who unknowingly helps her solve the mystery behind the murders, but finds herself on the run yet again.

Title: The Winner

Logline: A man, who at the lowest point in his life, wins the largest jackpot in lottery history and is swept away, unprepared, into the world of glamour, fame & the super rich.

Synopsis: Joe DiPalma has hit rock bottom. With no job, no prospects of one, and deep in debt to many people including his own parents, Joe gambles away the last of his money. He is a broken man. Until he discovers his forgotten winning ticket to the largest jackpot in lottery history. Salvation delivered, Joe can finally make good on promises made. Or can he? Joe is catapulted into a world where he mingles with celebrities, can buy anything he wants, fulfills his sexual desires, and dates a beautiful Hollywood actress. He ignores his mothers requests to visit his dying grand mother & becomes consumed with his new life-socializing with the likes of Brad Pitt, Tara Reid, Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump and forgetting about the people he's left behind. But when his sick grandmother dies, he must return to his family & his mother, whom is angered by Joe's failure to make good on his promise to say goodbye before she passed away. He must now deal with a situation he can't buy his way out of.

Title: Blue Skies Realized

Logline: What happens when you meet someone who redefines you? How does your life change when you realize you are as talented as Michelangelo?

Synopsis: My name is Michael Raymond and I have just completed a screenplay entitled "Blue Skies Realized". It is a story about the most unlikely of men, Ray hastings, whose interest in the works of Michelangelo combined with the acceptance of a wounded woman uncovers his buried secret. A staggering artistic talent. A chance meeting links the lives of Ray, Carmen and her son Evan and allows for each character's transformation. Although this is my first screenplay submission it is not my first experience writing for film. I have written, produced and directed two independent films. I received high marks for my writing at World-Fest Houston where Francis Ford Coppola verbally recognized my efforts. I look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding this drama. Contact me at: Michael P. Raymond 93. S. Whtman School Rd. Buckfield, ME 04220

Title: The Distant Shore

Logline: The last day in the life of President Lincoln.

Synopsis: On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln, while attending a play with his wife, was assassinated. This screenplay follows the events of this day, from Lincoln's last Cabinet meeting to the heartbreaking bedside vigil of the dying president, from the assassin John Wilkes Booth's meeting with his co-conspirators to the sentencing and hanging of these same people. We are introduced to some forgotten people in history: Dr. Charles Leale, an Army physician who was in the theater and who was the first on the scene, thus becoming Lincoln's physician for that harrowing night; the actress Laura Keane, who cradled the president's head as he lay bleeding on the floor; the condemned Lewis Powell, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Mary Surratt, who became the first woman hung by the American government; and others, each playing a different, yet significant, role in the story. This a true telling of the assassination, with actual dialogue and words from those who were present.

Title: musicLove

Logline: When Video Girl, a new reality show begins, a young woman must decide whether the seduction of the industry is worth losing everything she values.

Synopsis: In this gritty urban tale, we open at the shocking murder scene of the mother of EVE, 6, and we see that her life is no fairy tale. Eleven years later, Eve, plagued by insecurity, an alcohol addiction, and a genius of a little sister, starts working as a 'video girl' to support her sister instead of going to college. She meets SOMO STEVENS, an up-and-coming urban musician, who falls for her then rejects her when he catches her shaking it up wearing next to nothing in a video. When Eve gets word of a new reality show about video girls, offering a management contract, exposure, and a large cash prize, she must decide whether she should risk exposing her secret life or pass up the opportunity to make enough money to follow her real dream of going to college. As tensions build, Eve must confront her past before she loses everything that is important to her, including her own self-respect.

Title: The Twelfth of May

Logline: The Vietnam War Memorial on a stormy afternoon in the springtime shortly after its dedication, and the stories of three desperate visitors on the Twelfth of May.

Synopsis: This is a fictionalized tale about war. It is the story of three nondescript individuals visiting the Vietnam Memorial on a stormy afternoon on the Twelfth of May and their connections to loved ones whose names are on The Wall, and who on the Twelfth of May of years past lifted up their M-16 assault rifles in a small country in Southeast Asia...and paid the price for it. The panorama of action throughout encapsulates the issues of those years: the trepidation of orders issued to return to the theatre of combat; the horror of racial hatred in the American South of the day; and finally, the mental imprisonment of unspeakable trauma locked inside the mind of a soldier on a hilltop on some map leading to nowhere in a jungle that had no meaning to him after the war because of head trauma. It's about a catharsis, a healing of old wounds, and for one, the end of a long journey crossing the bridge from madness to reality.

Title: Life Forgotten

Logline: Unread letters from the past surface revealing a dying mother's final wishes for her children; causing each to contemplate what they could've been as opposed to what they've become.

Synopsis: A family is shattered by the untimely death of Deb Sinclair,she is gone and the perfect family that was is no more. Deb Sinclair lies in a hospital bed dying of breast cancer. She writes to her children about her hopes and expectations as she wonders what life will be like for them. The children turn to their father for structure and comfort only to find him too busy with work. Life goes on for everyone but not as smoothly as expected. Distance and circumstance drives the family apart. Seven years have passed and Deb's old school is dedicating the new library in her memory. A two-day journey home has Eric, Beth and Daniel remembering just how different life use to be. Nobody is eager to reveal what their lives are like now. Letters from their mother surface causing each to contemplate what they could've been as opposed to what they've become. Confrontation leads to the Sinclair's struggling with memories and past regrets.Can what drove this family apart bring them back together?

Title: list of Screenplay agent

Logline: Dear, I need the list of Screenplay agent.

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Title: Centenarian War Hero

Logline: This true story is a family drama about a centenarian war hero suffering from dementia and PTSD, his two caregiving sons, and the VA's agenda to exploit his 100th birthday as a media circus event.

Synopsis: For 20 years my father served on submarines in the Pacific during WWII and Korean War. Per American war policy in the Pacific theater, he was forced to kill innocent women and children whose only crime was they were Asian. For 70 years he has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is now afflicted with advancing stages of dementia. Placing my career as a Marriage Family Therapist on hold to write my father's story, as the West Point graduate son, I move in still wanting to please my father, only to find myself the odd man out in a house of three. My father has no memory of the past. He only knows all his day-to-day needs have been met since his wife died 5 years earlier by his one devoted caregiver son. The story unfolds 2 months prior to the father's 100th birthday opening with his failed suicide attempt. Shifting family dynamics collide with the local VA Hospital's agenda to turn his 100th birthday into a big media circus by making the centenarian war hero a VA poster boy.