Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: Our Own Christmas Eve

Logline: Friends gather together to remember four out of their close-knit circle that lost their lives on a Tuesday morning in September.

Synopsis: A childhood promise to one another gathers a group of friends together on the night before Christmas they try to come to terms with the loss of four out of their close-knit circle that died in the north tower of the World Trade Center. Credits: Although "Our Own Christmas Eve" has not been entered in many contests, "Save Him", another of my completed specs has been acknowledged as listed below: Honorable Mention in the 2013 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition Honorable Mention in the 2013 London Film Awards First Round Finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards Competition Currently a Semi-Finalist in the 2014 Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Title: Fish Fry

Logline: Fish Fry, also used as a metaphor, is a contemporary tearjerker and religious drama examining what might happen if Christianity's God, widely perceived as infallible, revisited a major decision.

Synopsis: Thirty-three year old Yvonne, an Italian American woman, visits her hometown for the church's annual outdoor Lenten fish fry. Characters central to Yvonne's exploration of her soul are family members suffering varying degrees of moral corruption, eccentric/flamboyant attendees at the event who have had a direct impact on her personal and professional struggles, and a married actor, twenty years her senior, with whom she has an affair. Outwardly comedic elements shape the story as Yvonne's secret motivations and deeds are revealed.

Title: Populous

Logline: A young woman faces the challenge of her life when aids rebels who plan to take down a national committee that controls population growth though limiting births to families that pass strict tests.

Synopsis: In the future a young woman called Evelyn gets a job with a committee that controls population growth by requiring couples to pass stringent parental tests. Soon she sees how sinister the committee is as well as having a very evil and demanding boss. Then later feeling guilty when her best friend fails the parental test she teams up with under ground rebels and sabotage the committee allowing the public to have children the natural way without an exam and requirements.

Title: The Lady of the Coins

Logline: An adaptation of the novel "Beach Music" by Pat Conroy.

Synopsis: The Lady of the Coins is an adaptation of the amazing novel by Pat Conroy. (Author of The Prince of Tides, Lords of Discipline and The Great Santini) The story is about a man named Jack McCall who runs away from his life and family to Rome, Italy after the suicide of his wife. Six years later, a confluence of events forces him to return home and confront his past and in so doing finds a way finally move on. The movie rights are owned by The Ladd Company and I have contacted them but they stated they cannot accept a screenplay unless it comes from a legitimate agent. I am looking for an agent that hopefully has an existing relationship with Alan Ladd Jr. and can get him to take a look at the script.

Title: Secrets and Repercussions

Logline: The arrogance and ego of star athletes is only matched by that of their agents. When their worlds collide, somebody's going to lose.

Synopsis: The basic rules of decent society simply do not apply to big-time professional athletes. The reason: over-controlling agents and lawyers, each without a conscience, will stop at nothing to handle the sexual excesses and self-indulgences of their superstar clients. How do I know? Because I am one of those lawyers. The arrogance and ego of star athletes is only matched by that of their agents. My script Secrets and Repercussions shows what happens when an agent's nefarious past meets his superstar client's uncontrollable obsessions. When their worlds collide, somebody's going to lose. For more than 25 years, my law practice has ranged from closing multi-national deals around the world to handling the sexual misadventures of professional athletes. I've prosecuted rapists and murderers, spent months in Europe and tribal Africa working on complicated transactions and been in the board rooms of the most notorious companies in the recent history of the world.

Title: Two Five (and the Penis Dialogues)

Logline: The lively lives of inmates, guards and their families collide in this eclectic drama/comedy/action film set in a new kind of prison called "Two Five."

Synopsis: The up-down ride begins with a kidnaping and senseless rape-murder-hate crimes. Fresh, edgy dialog and graphic action carry a twisting plot into the anchor set, a mandatory-for-all boot camp within the prison. Protagonist Sergeant Heath is in charge there. His principal antagonist is billionaire inmate and Colombian coca-mafioso Jose Lupino who sleeps next to an undercover DEA agent. Carefully crafted (Penis Dialogues) comedic relief is injected frequently, especially in counselor Phoebe Glebe's quirky group sessions and inmate barracks exchanges, exposing testosterone at its best and worst --- all an audience buildup for nosedives into tense, fresh drama as inmates/guards lives change or end. Adapted from Daneagle's 2008 epic novel, (visit for info/reviews), it is drafted in cinema format, but fills six FULL one-hour episodes which will readily merge to three two-hour teleplays or cherry pick to a feature film and sequel. Cutting satire and original music crop up.


Logline: A father-and-son tale of two generations of Cuban baseball players who struggle to escape their communist homeland.

Synopsis: "Ritmo" Torriente never wanted to be a baseball player -- until the Cuban boy was abandoned by a father who fled their communist homeland in pursuit of his big-league ambitions. The vengeful young man found himself consumed by a desire to outdo his father and follow his own dreams to America. Off The Island is the tale of a father and son whose antipathy towards each other masks the reality that they are consumed by identical passions and inner demons. From post-revolutionary 1960s Cuba to the modern-day U.S., this chronicle of harrowing escape, of family and freedom is unlike any other baseball story ever told. It is America's national pastime seen through a global lens. By way of my own introduction, I am the senior political correspondent for The Canadian Press making my first foray outside journalism and into fiction-writing. The storyline came to me earlier in my career when I covered the Montreal Expos.

Title: The Ultimate Male Fantasy

Logline: A pro football player raped by two women must fight against the notion that he experienced the "ultimate male fantasy" as he seeks vindication in court - and in the court of public opinion.

Synopsis: "The Ultimate Male Fantasy" is a high concept drama that captures the best of the film "9 1/2 Weeks" and the TV series "Law & Order." It's about a celebrity pro football player named Ronnie Mann who's kidnapped, robbed and raped by two women on the night of his bachelor party and learns later in court that that was his bachelor party. When word of this gets out, he becomes the subject of ridicule by a public who thinks he's crying wolf over what they preceives to be the ultimate male fantasy. So can a victory in court over the women and his "friends" who probably facilitated the rape, give him what he really wants, his fiance back? Now a judge must decide who's guilty, the women, the groomsmen who hired them or Ronnie, who has a few secrets of his own. I believe that the gender-bending theme and suspense in "The Ultimate Male Fantasy" will appeal to a wide audience. May I send you my script?

Title: Lonely Boy

Logline: The summer before entering his first year of high school, a 13 year old black boy struggles with gaining acceptance from his absentee father, a first crush and the unwanted attention of a pedophile.

Synopsis: It is the summer of 1975 and DEE has just finished middle school. DESI is a girl in Dee's class whom he is quite smitten with, but he is too shy to tell her. His best friend WENDELL does all he can to encourage Dee. Dee's main focus at the moment is to form a bond with his absentee father, CLEVE, a man who wants nothing to do with his young son. The resistance by Cleve makes Dee stronger in his resolve to protect his slightly retarded brother, NOAH, from everyday life. And, if life isn't hard enough, Dee also has the challenge of deflecting the unwanted attention of BIG LEON, the neighborhood pedophile. In the end Dee has big decisions to make.


Logline: Steve Westly, a middle-aged, out-of-work, sex- addicted architect, considers suicide so that his two children from his first marriage can collect life insurance money.

Synopsis: Swin, his sex-bomb, Laotian, mail-order bride of three years, and half his age, has gone AWOL. Alone and broke in so many ways, Steve gets inspiration from his kids and from a more famous scriptwriter-turned-architect celebrity, to help pull himself out of the abyss. Steve tries his hand at writing a script himself which is picked up and made into a feature film that is about to premier. In this story within a story, he gets the girl in Act III, but is she his estranged wife? A quirky narrator helps tell the tale which spans locations in California, Asia, Philadelphia, and a climatic scene in "Swin City". Color coded flashback and fantasy scenes included. (WGA# 1376774)