Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: The Key Into The Gates Of Heaven

Logline: A married playboy dies and goes to heaven gates, but does not get in instead God sends him back down as a quarterback for a high school team and falls for the coach's daughter with cerebral palsy.

Synopsis: Steve Avery lived a wild an exciting life on the west coast, but on the east coast lived a normal life as a married man with children. In one of his escapades on his way to pick up one of his floozies, he fails to navigate a turn. He crashes and dies and winds up at the gates of heaven. Steve feels he was a good enough person to enter, but God feels differently. God gives him a second chance to be a "good" person. God sends him back down as Thomas Bradley, star quarterback for a high school football team who falls in love with the overprotective coach's daughter, Kim Williams, who has a slight case of cerebral palsy. Thomas dates Kim behind the coach's back, but he finds out from Sharon, the pretty cheerleader who wants Thomas for herself. The coach threatens to take Thomas' scholarship away. Thomas must decide between Kim or Sharon, which ultimatley will decide his key into the gates of heaven.

Title: WHAM!

Logline: Just when middle-age feels like a place of solace, Meryl's rock-solid husband takes his own life, leaving Meryl with four wacky friends and the question, Why?

Synopsis: Meryl Jacobson comes home with a carload of groceries, opens the garage door and sees her husband, Hank, hanging by a rope. In shock she gets out of the car, fills her arms with bags and, as she walks past her husband's lifeless body, orders him to come down and help her. At the funeral Meryl's friends come to her side: Sharon, a bartender slinging drinks for a living, Diane, a bipolar time bomb who works as a waitress, and Ada, a stable mother and housewife. Janet, an old acquaintance and ex of Hank's, comes to give her condolences. Meryl brings Janet into the sisterhood despite Diane's complaints and hatred towards Janet. The Museum is the name for the garage. It becomes the gathering place for all the women, with the centerpiece being the rope Hank hung himself with. Things are being left around making the women look at Janet. No one knows Meryl has the note but is yet to find out why Hank hung himself.

Title: Upon This Rock

Logline: UPON THIS ROCK is a turn-of-the-century drama about revenge between Irish immigrants who are building one of the first skyscrapers in New York.

Synopsis: In UPON THIS ROCK, several immigrant friends desparately take jobs on one of the earliest skyscrapers in New York. However, the owner of the building discovers that one of the friends is a childhood enemy involved in the banishment of his family from Ireland. To exact his revenge and create a new type of banishment, the owner tries to turn the group of workers on their friend through a rash of ultimatums and violence. As the worker seeks answers and survival, he and the owner discover the lies their parents told them about the banishment in Ireland. This is a suspenseful, action-packed story set against the perils of early skyscraper construction and the brutality of the era for immigrants.

Title: A Healing Heart

Logline: He loses his wife and newborn son in a tragic accident, sending life into despondency and emptiness.Through it all he struggles to revive his career, handle being a single father to his only child.

Synopsis: When a successful businessman loses his wife and newborn son in a tragic accident, his blissful life is derailed. But through it all he struggles to revive his career, handle being a good father to his surviving daughter and finds unexpected new love in this urban family drama about loss, love, and redemption.

Title: Taking Pictures

Logline: A photographer's madness erupts into homicidal brutality when he discovers his wife's lesbian affair, ending in a fiery showdown, his self-destruction, and her triumph.

Synopsis: 1n 1952, Charlie Wyatt, an advertising photographer, attacks his superior, loses his job and moves with his wife, Sam, from New York City to Carmel, California. In Carmel, he strikes up a friendship with Brendan Wolfe, a renowned landscape photographer, and mounts a show that will establish him as a critically acclaimed artist. Sam meets Tom Halley, the owner of a camera shop, and his best friend Morgan Brewer, a female photography instructor at the local college. Morgan and Sam begin a committed relationship as they photograph together. When Charlie discovers their relationship, he viciously attacks Sam and her hospitalization, made public, destroys his career. His mind broken and plagued by hallucinations, Charlie forces a confrontation cliffside on the Pacific Ocean, shooting Tom, Morgan and committing suicide. Morgan and Tom survive and Sam's pictures, now highly prized, are given a triumphant exhibition.

Title: Uncoverd

Logline: Is Bobby Riley a dirty cop or just a patsy? Can he escape to clear his name and save his own skin?

Synopsis: Uncovered is a crime drama about BOBBY RILEY a lost lone wolf Phoenix police detective who is accused of stealing drugs from the police lock-up. After his stripper girlfriend PEARL overdoses Bobby is forced to explain his lifestyle. He works against FATHER FRANCISCO, NICK GARCIA and other officers as they work to pin the lost drugs on him. CAPTAIN DORNAN is out to find out who took the drugs and to save his narcotics unit. Bobby has to fight off MMA fighters and assassins in a race against evil in order to save the lives of both he and Pearl.

Title: Qiblah

Logline: Henry thinks he is the prophet of a new religion. When he becomes a suspect in the rape and murder of a colleague, his only defense is his strange ideas-which have ceased to be abstractions.

Synopsis: Henry does Comp Studies at an Eastern university, and has delusions. Bukkake, body worship--the things people get off on are ever more removed from sex. Procreation will stop-this is his vision. He binds and gags Pam, and ties her to her bed. Intending only to "venerate" her, he spritzes on her sheets. Shamed, he unties her and leaves. When her ex-boyfriend Kyle rapes and kills her, the DNA on the scene is Henry's. He's the prime suspect. His lawyer, Valerie, decides his odd writings support his story. ("It is more pious to ejaculate outside of a woman than inside of her.") When Kyle's bloody shirt is found, their victory in court seems assured. But guilt seizes Henry, and he confesses. Against principle, Valerie urges him to forget what he did-it's not the crime he's charged with. But he has opted for martyrdom, taking blame, betraying Valerie, and leaving the killer free. The evidence of his "innocence" comes in the last scene, a flashback of watching Kyle hide the knife.

Title: Woodville

Logline: Did a destitute commoner seduce a King of England into marriage, or was it witchcraft?

Synopsis: Set in the fifteenth-century England, my screenplay,"Woodville",takes amidst a stew of violence and sex. These were bawdy times. A commoner, Elizabeth Woodville,seduces King Edward IV, who elevates her Queen, but did she use witchcraft? She blossoms while married to Edward, giving him ten children but falls terribly from grace with his murder and the ascendancy of Richard III. Early on, she is beguiled by the evil Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), Richard schemes to gain the throne and ultimately poisons the King. He also starves her son, the heir apparent Edward V,and his younger brother, while pretending to protect them in the Tower of London. Elizabeth loses all she's gained, but in the end triumphs over all her foes through a transformation at her death. The screenplay is a meld of history and fiction; with supernatural elements. What is unknown of the characters lives is plastered with fictional mortar.

Title: Eulogy

Logline: A lost young man leaves the island home where he never belonged, only to discover a disturbing world marred by Christian fundamentalism. Little does he know what darkness awaits him there.

Synopsis: All was not well in paradise. Like many white kids, or haoles, Joshua never felt at home in Hawaii. So, he leaves the islands after high school to reunite with Beau, the charismatic cousin who visited him once several years earlier. However, Joshua is ill-prepared for the strange new world he has decided to enter. What he discovers is an offbeat cast of characters in a community crawling with Christian fundamentalists, and a dark rebellious cousin who now feels like a stranger to him. Since they last met, Beau has had a psychotic break and spent time in a mental hospital. He now copes with the help of alcohol and marijuana, and lashes out with wit and sarcasm at the fundamentalists he has grown to despise. Will Joshua come out of his shell with Beau's help, or will he remain a passive witness wandering through his life like a lost soul? Will Beau deal with his troubled past successfully, or is he destined for another dramatic breakdown?


Logline: Two DC homicide detectives investigate the murder of a prominent Senator's daughter, only to unknowingly unravel the conspiracy of the JFK assassination fifty years earlier.

Synopsis: Friday, November 22, 1963. Eight-year old Cole Smithson stands in Dealey plaza and witnesses the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. For his entire life, he's never said a word. Until now. Friday, November 22, 2013. Allison Davis is the only one who knows Cole's story. She appears on live TV to promote her upcoming book. Within hours of the appearance, Allison Davis is dead. DC homicide detectives Vernon Sweet and Stephen Boland investigate. Boland uncovers never before seen photographic evidence of Dealey plaza. Evidence just waiting to shock the world and crumble the current administration. With Sweet hospitalized and Allison's killers now hot on his partner's trail, Boland travels to Amsterdam to bring home Cole, the one man who can verify the photographs' authenticity. Will Boland and Cole stay alive long enough to finally reveal the true conspiracy?