Submission Samples from the Drama Genre

Title: No Worries

Logline: Take a leap and the net will appear. A laid off Phoenix executive and trio of illegal Mexican immigrants band together in a small business to reinvent themselves and achieve the American dream.

Synopsis: A sudden layoff combined with bankruptcy and subsequent divorce leaves a Phoenix executive with no money, experience or place to live. Thrown together with a group of illegal Mexican immigrants, they start a business and overcome constant obstacles and risks in their journey from failure to triumph. Running from job to job, living check to check, hiding from immigration police and smuggling workers across the border, the pace is hectic and comical as they communicate in broken english and gringo spanish while learning the others culture. With money tight but belief in themselves, they band together and risk all their money on one last event to save themselves. If it works, their success is guaranteed, if not their leap will not have a net. This screenplay runs 118 pages and is registered with the WGA East. It has universal themes and dreams for all ages and cultures and appeals to a global audience.

Title: Johnson's Pages

Logline: The OC meets The West Wing, Johnson's Pages is a One Hour TV Pilot set in the world of Congressional Pages.

Synopsis: When a new class of Pages arrive in Washington, they quickly find themselves embroiled in a power struggle that could change the outcome of the next Presidential election. Led by the cynical and politically savvy Carl Johnson, the Director of the Page Program, the young idealists struggle to balance their beliefs with the realities of life on Capitol Hill. The series will follow a new class of Congressional Pages and examine the politics of Capitol Hill through the eyes of seven teenagers (16 & 17 year old high school juniors). The opening episode will introduce a new class of Pages as they arrive for orientation and will focus on the conflict between an idealistic Page from Iowa and his new roommate, the cynical son of a powerful Senator. Johnson's Pages was developed as part of the UCLA Advanced Workshop: Writing the One Hour Pilot.

Title: A Different Drummer

Logline: A dramatic tale of an ailing former rock star's quest for fulfillment at the end of a prosperous but meaningless life, and how a single bond of love pushes him towards his goal.

Synopsis: A bored Taylor Ross, veteran of seventy-five million alboms with the rock band Vulture (1967-1985), leaves his Beverly Hills mansion and returns to his Ohio hometown to die-or live once again. After a run-in at a high school football game, Taylor confronts aging marching band director and tells him he could assemble a band ten times the size of this failing ensemble. Bob Harmon resigns and challenges Taylor to fulfill his pledge. Taylor is teamed up with faculty member Kaylee Lewis, and their relationship is confrontational at best. A soul-baring get-together at Thanksgiving finds them forming a bond as the two decide to team up to meet their goal. Over the next several months, Taylor mentors many of the students and earns their trust. During this time, Taylor and Kaylee's relationship grows closer until she discovers he' dying of Mesothelioma. The two finally marry, and Taylor realizes that he must make peace with Mr. Harmon so he could take over the band upon Taylor's passing.

Title: Grommet

Logline: When an east coast teenager enters the surf world of San Diego, the reigning surfers bully him, especially when he attracts the interest of one of their beautiful ex-girlfriends.

Synopsis: Keith, 15, moves to San Diego with his mom. He meets a chick, Brittany, makes enemies with another kid, Rory, and befriends a washed-up surfer, Dwyer. Dwyer sees that Keith is alone, and agrees to help him train for the Grommet surf contest (grommet being surfer slang for a runt). Keith believes he can gain acceptance in his new community if he wins the contest. As they train together, Keith also begins to learn more about being a man from Dwyer. At the midpoint, Keith gains acceptance after he defeats Rory in an informal surf competition. Armed with his new popularity, Keith obsesses over winning the Grommet till he alienates everyone he loves. Realizing he's been a douche, he apologizes to Dwyer and finishes preparing for the Grommet. After advancing to its final round, Keith chooses to keep Rory from sabotaging their competition over winning the contest. The story ends with him training for next year's pro-am contest. Having turned sixteen, he's no longer a grommet.

Title: Time Matters

Logline: Mother and daughter struggle to overcome their personal issues amdist a very public and controversial trial in this drama blending Class Action and Terms of Endearment.

Synopsis: Time matters but can it erase the years of hurt and resentment felt by a mother and daughter? That is the question that Denise and Angela Matters struggle with as they deal with the demons of their past. By all accounts, Denise and Angela Matters are not very different. An up-and-coming prosecutor with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, Denise is an overachiever. Poised to become the county's second black, female district attorney, second only to her mother, Angela Matters. Now, Denise is forced to prosecute a very controversial case over which, to her dismay, her mother is presiding involving a young man who is being prosecuted under the state's new hate crime statute for assaulting a gay student on the campus of Winston State University. Amidst this very public and controversial trial, these women must work against time to deal with their personal issues before it destroys them professionally.

Title: Our Own Christmas Eve

Logline: Friends gather together to remember four out of their close-knit circle that lost their lives on a Tuesday morning in September.

Synopsis: A childhood promise to one another gathers a group of friends together on the night before Christmas they try to come to terms with the loss of four out of their close-knit circle that died in the north tower of the World Trade Center. Credits: Although "Our Own Christmas Eve" has not been entered in many contests, "Save Him", another of my completed specs has been acknowledged as listed below: Honorable Mention in the 2013 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition Honorable Mention in the 2013 London Film Awards First Round Finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards Competition Currently a Semi-Finalist in the 2014 Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Title: Tanya

Logline: "You have this one chance to do it right", an old man tells Curtis, before taking him back to into time, to undo the death of his true love.

Synopsis: Now a hip pop superstar, he has every reason to be happy; expensive cars, lavish houses and women, but he is not. He wishes for a chance to go back into time. He meets Jack, an old man, sent by a Higher Authority, who takes him back under one condition; do it my way. With his music, he has to rescue Tanya from emotional wreckage, before she commits suicide, and must not go to her directly. Judith, who is crucial to his mission, falls for him and poses a serious threat to his success. At a crucial time, his friends drag him into serious commotions, dealing with gang rivalry. A syndicate creates headaches for him, in a quest to get Tanya for their friend. Curtis has to think fast each time and make only the right decision. Right decisions are however hard to come by every time. The consequences are gruesome. Time is running out. He has ten days.

Title: The Taxman

Logline: A mild-mannered IRS agent plots revenge after learning about his wife's affair, but an aging criminal sidetracks him.

Synopsis: THE TAXMAN is somewhat of a gangster story imbued with dark humor that centers around Jack, a criminal investigation agent for the IRS. When Jack finds out about Renee's ultimate betrayal he begins to question his mundane existence and realizes his uneventful lifestyle is to blame. He quickly decides to shed his unassuming persona and adopt a corrupt attitude, because it is more suitable for his current situation. Unfortunately, the target of Jack's retribution turns out to be the nephew of a virile mobster from a bygone era. Jack's plan to exact revenge eventually becomes a game of cat-and-mouse with the criminal underworld. As Jack abuses his position with the IRS it draws more and more ire from the local degenerates, which keeps him farther from his initial goal. AMERICA BEAUTY and FALLING DOWN are similar films.

Title: To the Motherstone

Logline: Young traveler Glen Wakeman has a brief affair with May Wells, rising film actress, which causes difficulties for May and her circle of friends.

Synopsis: On the eve of May's return from Australia, her unprofessional assistant allows Glen to bunk down in the Guest House. May, initially dismayed by the situation, decides that Glen isn't much trouble and allows him to stay on. And she soon becomes fond of Glen, finding him a soothing presence as other parts of her life aren't going so well. Unhappy about the film she was just in, and stalked by the paparazzi, she is still not over her painful breakup with former flame Rory. Finding herself at a loose end because of all this, and becoming somewhat reclusive, she grows close to Glen. But Glen is experiencing difficulties of his own, adjusting to May's world. He comes from a religious background, which is at odds with his current environment. To additionally complicate matters, May's agent June Schaeffer takes an immediate dislike to Glen, and then falls in love with him. The subtext is that religious, secular, and demonic forces are battling it out for control.

Title: The Lady of the Coins

Logline: An adaptation of the novel "Beach Music" by Pat Conroy.

Synopsis: The Lady of the Coins is an adaptation of the amazing novel by Pat Conroy. (Author of The Prince of Tides, Lords of Discipline and The Great Santini) The story is about a man named Jack McCall who runs away from his life and family to Rome, Italy after the suicide of his wife. Six years later, a confluence of events forces him to return home and confront his past and in so doing finds a way finally move on. The movie rights are owned by The Ladd Company and I have contacted them but they stated they cannot accept a screenplay unless it comes from a legitimate agent. I am looking for an agent that hopefully has an existing relationship with Alan Ladd Jr. and can get him to take a look at the script.