Submission Samples from the Family Genre

Title: Shades of Bliss

Logline: When Santa loses his sunglasses, a jaded, narcissistic New York City divorced businessman finds them on Christmas. He sees the world through Santa's eyes and tries to reconcile with his kids.

Synopsis: After Santa delivers the wrong presents for some kids due to near-sightedness caused by manmade pollution, his elves create a pair of sunglasses for him. When his sleigh narrowly avoids a jetliner, Santa loses them. The sunglasses are found by a jaded, narcissistic New York City divorced businessman Owen Castor who has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Estranged from his family and friends and going through the motions again this holiday, Owen finds the glasses and sees charity and love all around him. He vows to repair all of his broken relationships, especially with his 13-year-old son Billy and 16-year-old daughter Delfina. But Owen's kids doubt his sincerity and his initial attempts at reconciliation fall flat. Meanwhile, Santa's elves track down the sunglasses and want them returned to Santa, but Owen refuses unless they agree to use their magic to help him regain the love and trust of his kids.

Title: Marry me.Gameshow.

Logline: People seek the right person to marry in different ways like matchmaking programs. There are alot of matchmaking programs,but there is none for only "seniors".

Synopsis: The contestants will be 55 who seek love again.They will apply for being a contestant. They will be invited to the show after their background check is done. Additionally,at least two references (possibly their children), who will be called during his/her turn for appearance on the show, will be required. Basically,the host will make each contestant introduce themselves,talk about their life and the qualities of the person he/she is looking for. The audience in the studio who are the other contestants will listen and offer to get to know each other if they like the person who is talking there. At this point, people who are watching the show in their houses can call in and ask for getting invited to the show to meet that person. When there is a good match,they will get together in the studio,and we will watch their conversation.If the first person likes and wants to know about the one who has been invited,she/he will anounce it.Otherwise,they will be seated in the audience.


Logline: Heartbroken over the death of his best friend, a 13 year old is determined to join him. Intervention by a wise police officer allows the boy to find hope and a new meaning for his life.

Synopsis: Anguishing over his friend's death, the boy goes on a self destructive crime spree. Brandishing a shotgun at police officers responding to a call, the officer in charge refuses to become the boy's executioner. Instead, he persuades the boy to meet with four terminally ill orphan lads. Their bravery and enthusiasm in the face of their own death inspires the boy, giving him hope and a new purpose for his life. One of three family oriented motivational scripts.


Logline: Eight year old Kathern has the mind of a genius and the heart of a little girl. She is forced to study all the time but wants to play outside and make friends before her childhood runs out.

Synopsis: When Kathern's parents drop her off at summer prep school, she sees the opportunity to escape with a doll and a map to her estranged aunt's home. Kathern's anti-social aunt never had contact with her niece before this. She understands the girl's need to play, but has no idea what it takes to find friends and playmates. With the help from a roommate, the house becomes filled with kids who don't know how to interact because they have spent their lives hidden behind electronics. In the process, the kids come with meddling parents, social events, and nosy neighbors. The kids learn to dream and play while the adults remember what it is like to be a kid again. True friendships are made that will change the course of many lives.

Title: Kemo

Logline: A young girl, AMY GREEN, loses both parents to cancer, then must struggle to find meaning in life when her canine best friend, KEMO, suffers the same fate.

Synopsis: Abandonded in the grassland of Southern Colorado, a young Husky pup is rescued by widower cowboy-trucker JACK GREEN. Jack takes the pup home and gives him to his only child AMY who falls in love with the pup from day one. They name him Kemo, short for Kemo Sabe as in the Lone Ranger. A few years later, Jack is diagnosed with cancer and, despite treatment, dies. With help from family and her canine best friend, Amy grows to adulthood. In his older years, Kemo develops cancer and his illness and treatment mirrors the battle Jack went through years earlier. Devastated by all the loss in her life, Amy struggles to find direction and meaning in her future.

Title: The Man Maker

Logline: A mysterious woman moves into an apartment building and changes the lives of two men and a young boys life forever.

Synopsis: Angela, arrives in the ghetto of Chicago. Mysteriously and unknown by any one in the neighborhood, she moves into an apartment building that brings her across the path of a newlywed couple, a grandmother and her granson, and a married man with five kids. As though on a mission from God she begins to impact the lives of these three men in a subtle way. She helps put these men on the right path to fulfill their purpose and reach their destiny in life. There is much opposition in carrying out her assignment, but Angela lets nothing keep her from completing her mission. Her only reward is to see these men succeed in life. The Man Maker recived an honorable mentioning award at the 75th Writers Digest Writing Competition. wga#I36388

Title: Apps

Logline: A dysfunctional family trapped in the Apps store learns to love again.

Synopsis: James has a crappy life. He's bullied in school, rejected by the girl of his dreams and to make his life really complete, has to take care of his younger sister. His parents should never have had kids and do their best to prove the point by never being around. James finds he can escape into the App store on his phone and have fantastic fun and adventures. The perfect escape especially because Ella, the beautiful girl he meets in the App store, has the hots for him. He decides to stay in the App store. Why not? The why not becomes apparent when Ella reveals her evil side, trapping James and his family in apps that will certainly kill them. Will James save himself and his family or die in the App world? Who is Ella and why does she need to kill them? Wouldn't you like to know?

Title: Healing Butte

Logline: A boy uses his stuffed animal yak to broaden his conservative mother's perception of God.

Synopsis: In early 80's Vermont, second-grader TOMMY FARRINGTON and his stuffed yak BUTTE are inseparable. Tommy's religiously conservative mother, SARAH, considers his attachment babyish and wants to ween him from Butte. When Tommy's disturbed older brother brings tragedy to the family, Tommy uses his imagination, with Butte, to enlighten his mother and bring the family back together. "Healing Butte" was a finalist in Screenplay Festival 2005 sponsored by Inktip. (WGAw registered)

Title: Twas the Elf Before Christmas

Logline: A family separated by the father's amnesia is reunited by the power of believing and the spirit of a magical, mischievous elf. A classic story of hope and magic framed in today's harsh realities.

Synopsis: A contemporary, Capraesque fable set in a small town. A family is separated by Nick's (the father) amnesia. All the daughter (Christy) has to hold on to is hope and Twas--a hand carved elf. In Chicago, Nick is befriended by Detective Miller who gets him a job at a shelter where he struggles to maintain any semblance of hope. NickĄ¯s wife (Elizabeth) and Christy manufacture Twas knock offs to sell at a flea market. They are all purchased by a marketing executive and become a marketing icon for a department store's Christmas campaign. Being destitute and unable to account for her husband's whereabouts, the state takes Christy and puts her in a Youth Development Center (orphanage.) A chance encounter with a Twas image on Christmas Eve snaps Nick out of his amnesia. The owner of the department store helicopters Nick home in time to rescue Christy and the other kids from the Youth Development Center for a joyous reunion on Christmas Eve.

Title: A Christmas Letter

Logline: A poignant Christmas story about one mother's life-changing decision and her daughter's struggle to forgive her.

Synopsis: Beth pulled out boxes of Christmas decorations and sorted through a variety of things as she hunted for the tree ornaments. She found a box that she didn't recall seeing before. She opened it to find a yellowed, dingy envelope. "I wonder what this is?" she said to the empty room. Immediately, she recognized her mother's looping script. Beth sucked in a deep breath. She hadn't seen her mother for ten years. She'd been angry at her mother for leaving their family to pursue her acting career, and Beth had never forgiven her. Her hands trembled as she pulled out the piece of notepaper and unfolded it. Her mouth went dry as she read the words This is a letter that will change her relationship with her mother drastically.Beth has no idea how much her life will change and the transformation she will experience.