Submission Samples from the Horror Genre


Logline: Maclaren, a small town in Alaska, seems cursed when a supersized wolf from a military research unit nearby, escapes captivity in the deep of winter.

Synopsis: The citizens of Maclaren are horrified to learn that a well-loved homeless man and their Sheriff have been killed by a wild animal, and presume it is a grizzly. Little do they know that the Colonel from nearby Fort Adams is racing against the clock to protect them not only from a huge and vicious wolf, but also from a psychopathic soldier who has escaped from his prison cell at the Fort. The Colonel pulls out all the stops to contain the situation, but his targets have animal instinct and cunning and survive the harsh climate, and search operations, leaving a trail of blood and gore. Two Anchorage police officers are roped in to help with local police duties, but matters are already out of hand, and it seems that the local characters are in for a nightmare they never bargained for.

Title: The Lake

Logline: A troubled young man goes on a weekend camping trip in the woods of Oregon. When he follows his nightmares deep into the woods, horrible things start to happen. Is he a killer or is any of it real?

Synopsis: Ben Marchant has recently had a mental breakdown. As the story begins, he is attempting to get his life back to a normal place with the help of his loving girlfriend, Alice. He goes to therapy and takes a regiment of medications to combat his anxieties. He has a recurring nightmare involving a little girl on a frozen lake. The nightmare makes him feel like his darker side is close and ready to come back out. Alice books a weekend of camping in the woods of Oregon with a group of friends to take Ben's mind off his problems. Once there, Ben is drawn to a frozen lake in the middle of the woods. The more obsessed he becomes with the lake, the further from reality he gets. And then horrible things start to happen. One by one, his friends and other campers are killed. Ben must figure out whether he is responsible for the deaths or if someone else is in the woods killing people which leads to a thrilling conclusion on the lake itself.


Logline: Six friends sneak into a local spook alley the night before it opens, only to find that their evening of fun has turned into their worst nightmare.

Synopsis: The night before a local spook alley opens, three of its employees sneak back in for a fun night scaring their dates. Soon after entering, they find themselves trapped inside with no way out. Their evening of fun rapidly turns into their worst nightmare as they begin to die and disappear in the most freakish of manners. Their friendships are soon tested to the limits as they are forced to evaluate whether one of them is the killer, or if someone else is in the building, or if the spook alley itself is processed by evil spirits. With every effort to escape blocked, the survivors find themselves being driven deeper into the carnivalesque world of freakish insanity. Unable to tell what is real and what is counterfeit, they must trust and stay together...even if it kills them. WGA#-1011324

Title: Hands That Shed Innocent Blood

Logline: A terrified young woman struggles to understand her recurring nightmares that recall, reveal, and foreshadow the vicious murders of real children.

Synopsis: Since she was only eight years old, twenty-three year old Molly has been terrorized by nightmares of an evil man who dwells in a cabin in the woods, where he viciously murders unsuspecting children, at their parents' requests. Convinced that she is dreaming about something real; Molly feels compelled to understand these dreams, and stop these horrifying murders. As the nightmares continuously gain a stronger foothold on her conscious and subconscious thoughts, she begins to have hallucinations that make her question her own sanity. Nevertheless, she remains determined to go to any extreme necessary to break free from the emotional torment that has been haunting her for over fifteen years. This script has finished in ninth place in the national Writer's Digest 78th Annual Writer's Competition, in the television/movie script category which includes all genres. If you are interested in representing me, please contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Title: Virgin White

Logline: Hell hath no fury like a woman born.. A by product of a union spawned out of violence and rage. THIS is Chelsea Marie Grahams driving force behind her insatiable thirst for revenge, justice and blood

Synopsis: Ah!Female serial killers! Prolific, sexy and Oh! SO deadly. Chelsea Marie Graham is such a woman. A blond haired blue eyed self proclaimed crusader, outwardly she is a vision of sheer loveliness, demure in nature, quiet, caring, professional.. Inwardly she carries a deep dark secret, one that has plagued her, her entire life. Culminating in a rage so black, so malevolent that it eventually consumes her and ultimately causes her to act out in the most horrendous ways imaginable. Needing an outlet for this rage Chelsea begins by creating an on line alter ego named Virgin White who is the "voice" of her Internet website Women For Purity Dot Com. Fronting as a supremacist website Chelsea uses Virgin to get into the hearts and minds of some of the worst characters you'd never want to meet. Her ploy is most effective as she lures unsuspecting men to her home and to their ultimate demise.

Title: X-Ray

Logline: A female rock climber falls into the world of a serial killer obsessed with x-raying and torturing young women.

Synopsis: NANCY THOMAS, 24, speed climbs a sheer cliff without the aid of ropes or gear. Using just her hands and feet she skillfully maneuvers around jutting boulders and impossibly angled walls. She's confident and strong until a problem with one of her legs stops her. Not far away, DAVID DENMEYER, 30s, x-rays a drugged woman in provocative poses, then himself entwined with her. Later, he forces the young victim to watch as he injects her with euthanasia. At the same time, Nancy receives the devastating medical news that she is never to climb again. Defying the diagnosis she heads out for what she hopes isn't her last climb. On the way her dog escapes and is hit by a truck. She takes it to the only animal clinic in an isolated coastal town. There, she meets veterinarian David Denmeyer. She's attracted to the charming doctor, until she discovers his deadly secret. In spite of her disability and doubt, she must use her wits and rock climbing skills to defeat him.


Logline: Teenage boy suspects vampirism is running rampant through his small town.

Synopsis: DARK OF THE NIGHT is an atmospheric chiller about a teenage boy who suspects the beautiful girl who has moved into his small summer resort town is a vampire. As the populace of the town slowly begins to disappear, the teenager discovers that the truth is more terrifying than he could have ever imagined. I would describe it as SALEM'S LOT meets FRIGHT NIGHT.

Title: Springs Cemetery

Logline: Teenagers visit a cemetery where a myth of a young murder Indian Princess is said to be existing.

Synopsis: On Halloween night teenagers vist a cemetery where teenagers fifteen years eariler had been murdered rumors have it Paige the only survior that night killed them but she is sent to the nut house still claiming to the day the myth is real. The teenagers from the present night go to Springs Cemetery and discovers just how real the myth is. Once again only one surivor Teresa must put a end to the myth so she finds Paige and the two go up against a fight that can only be won by one winner. The Dark Princess has two well protectors The Headless Warrior and the Jack-o- who are said to be members of her family trapped by evil.

Title: Zombie Greaser

Logline: A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers.

Synopsis: 60's Greasers, Car Clubs, Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Pinup Girls, Military Draft and Zombies(Rated R) A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers. Accidently inhaled by the leader - Turk Wad and with zombie tendencies that he tries to hide while confronting a rival gang, compete for the pinup girl of his dreams and running from the Military draft.

Title: Zombie, Esq.

Logline: Lazy support staff? Protests of "it's Christmas" when a motion needs to be filed at midnight on Christmas Eve? Strange insistence of the need to take bathroom breaks?

Synopsis: End the drama, and believe the hype -- outsourcing to zombies can save you a good dollar-fifty a year, and end those civil action lawsuit threats. What can it hurt to test a technician who can work twenty-four hours a day and have no interest in money? Henry works as a paralegal for The Law Offices of Edward John Johnson, where she's the spawn of incompetence to the lawyers, and chum to the receptionist. Today, however, she's in luck - the lawyers are not quite themselves; after testing a zombie outsourcing company, the lawyers have now turned into drooly zombies with a taste for secretary. As the support staff begins to be eaten like a tartar buffet, Henry finally has a legitimate reason to stab the lawyers in the face. Sure, survival would be nice, but she gets to stab lawyers in the face. Zombie Esq. is a horror-comedy where it's the support staff's moral obligation to the world to kill their bosses. They're all lawyers, it's fine. Really.