Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: Zombie, Esq.

Logline: Lazy support staff? Protests of "it's Christmas" when a motion needs to be filed at midnight on Christmas Eve? Strange insistence of the need to take bathroom breaks?

Synopsis: End the drama, and believe the hype -- outsourcing to zombies can save you a good dollar-fifty a year, and end those civil action lawsuit threats. What can it hurt to test a technician who can work twenty-four hours a day and have no interest in money? Henry works as a paralegal for The Law Offices of Edward John Johnson, where she's the spawn of incompetence to the lawyers, and chum to the receptionist. Today, however, she's in luck - the lawyers are not quite themselves; after testing a zombie outsourcing company, the lawyers have now turned into drooly zombies with a taste for secretary. As the support staff begins to be eaten like a tartar buffet, Henry finally has a legitimate reason to stab the lawyers in the face. Sure, survival would be nice, but she gets to stab lawyers in the face. Zombie Esq. is a horror-comedy where it's the support staff's moral obligation to the world to kill their bosses. They're all lawyers, it's fine. Really.

Title: Potter's Field

Logline: Bootleggers and flappers run afoul of a clan of hillbillies and the otherworldly monsters they worship in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Synopsis: On their way to deliver a shipment of booze to Al Capone's Miami home, a gang of bootleggers and their flapper girlfriends are pursued by a rival gang sent by Bugs Moran to hijack the shipment. A gunfight disables both vehicles and an uneasy truce is called. Stranded in the Appalachian foothills, the rival gangs walk to a remote village called Potter's Field, where a seemingly friendly clan of deranged hillbillies plans to sacrifice them to an unearthly monster they call "the Youn'un", a proxy for their dark goddess.

Title: Tank Farm

Logline: When a strange vapor cloud envelopes a Refinery's Tank Farm and workers disappear under strange circumstances, the night shift crew must obliterate the evil entity before it destroys them all.

Synopsis: As asphalt pumper, Kevin Gustin and head operator for the Tank Farm Department, Walt Mullen report for the night shift, a bluish-green vapor cloud enters Earth's atmosphere and envelopes their workplace. Their co-workers at the Peedmont Refinery disappear under strange circumstances, and one, Steve Noon, is taken over by the evil entity. With Noon making their job immeasurably more difficult, Mullen, Gustin, and the surviving crew must obliterate the entity before it destroys them all. When the situation looks the bleakest and Walt Mullen may have become another victim, the exhausted Gustin must summon the strength to finish the job.

Title: Deathland

Logline: After a horrible virus unleashes a legion of the undead, one family struggles to make their way across what is left of a ravaged and perilous country on the prayer of finding the last remaining city.

Synopsis: A serious and emotionally gripping take on the zombie lore, Deathland tells the simple story of a family fighting for survival. After spending years traveling aimlessly in their beaten RV, fleeing or killing anything without a pulse, the rumor of a new city holds the promise of salvation for the Colliard family. But during their quest, they soon discover that zombies are the least of the horrors in this dead world of dwindling food and non-existent hope. A look into the true nature of humanity when all the rules and systems finally dissolve, Deathland is a tale filled with action, romance, suspense, and heartbreak that very well might change the perception of its genre.

Title: Killer Worms

Logline: Sam Mendoza, who spent time in prison, returns to his roots to rekindle romance and start a new life, only to face a menace in the form of flesh eating worms.

Synopsis: WGA Registration Number: 1036868 Synopsis: After spending several years in prison for fraud, Sam Mendoza returns home to his roots to start over and rekindle a high school romance. On his first day back, he saves the life of a high school buddy, who in return, offers him a job working for his company. His neighbor,high school friend and deputy sheriff, investigates a homicide where the victim's flesh is eaten off through the bone. Mmutilated animals and another victim pop up at nearby farms, one of which raises earthworms. Little did he realize that the farmer was a government scientist who developed unconventional weaponry that has returned as an uncontrollable contagion threatening the citizens of a nearby town. Our heroes, Sam Mendoza, Deputy Bobby Brooks, and news anchor woman, Francis Lopez, break rules so that they can discover and find ways of stopping this impossible menace.

Title: The Surge

Logline: A disgraced, female, US soldier gets her team trapped in an old Arab castle in Afghanistan where she not only has to fight the terrorists trying to kill her but also the paranormal entities picking her team off one-by-one.

Synopsis: All Amanda Flinch wants to do is go home.rnrnAfter finishing her tour in Iraq in disgrace, she's called on to do one last mission to clear her name. She's to escort a group of mercenaries to capture a notorious terrorist in Afghanistan.rnrnTheir mission goes to hell, and Flinch and her team find themselves taking shelter in an old Arab castle -only to discover that mysterious forces are at work inside it. Doors appear and disappear. Walls move around. It's a living maze.rnrnWhen the terrorists breach the castle walls, Flinch and her squad are forced to go deeper and deeper into the dark castle. Not only does Flinch finds herself fighting the terrorists and the paranormal entities around her, but her team's lack of faith in her. Gruesomely, they are picked off one-by-one by the castle and the terrorists.rnrnIn the end, Flinch has to fight for her life against the very terrorist she was tasked to bring in. Unless the castle kills her first.

Title: The Scary Kids Club

Logline: Five kids meet in a haunted cemetary at midnight, to tell scary stories - the teller of the least scary tale has to spend the night in a crypt. Unknown to them, they are being watched by two ghosts.

Synopsis: The Scary Kids Club, is about four boys and a tomboy girl, aged between twelve and fourteen years, who sneak out of their homes at midnight to meet up in a mausoleum in the local spooky cemetary. Each of them must tell a scary tale, and the one who tells the least frightening story must spend the night alone - locked up in the crypt. The leader of this macabre group, Randy, leads the meeting and bullies the other members. Mel, another member of the Club, has brought his nervous friend Charlie to the meeting to try to have him initiated into the club. Charlie has prepared a story about a person being trapped in a mausoleum and being attacked by skeletons - skeleton that gruesomely kill their victim. Unknown to the youngsters, they are being observed by two cemetary ghosts who do not like kids in general, and who take a particular dislike to Randy. After Charlie's story, Randy proclaims that Charlies tale is the least frightening and that he must sleep in the mausolem alone.

Title: Zombie, Esq.

Logline: Lawyers have finally evolved

Synopsis: A normal paralegal in a typical law office on an average day, Henry didn't think anything was strange when the lawyers threw boxes at her and screamed for raw meat. Even the bloodstained shirts and screaming secretaries didn't seem terribly unusual. And yes, it was a little odd that Edward John Johnson tried to eat her face, but he'd always been touchy-feely. Henry wasn't alarmed until she saw something so disturbing, so implausible, that she nearly became paralyzed with shock. The bloody, twitching lawyers, who had already eaten most of the support staff, were putting papers into files. Yes, she and the other survivors realized, this was the apocalypse, and they were going to be eaten by the swarm of lawyer zombies driven by their bloodlust to eat live flesh and reorganize files. If they are going to die, by god, they're going to take some lawyers with them.


Logline: Teenage boy suspects vampirism is running rampant through his small town.

Synopsis: DARK OF THE NIGHT is an atmospheric chiller about a teenage boy who suspects the beautiful girl who has moved into his small summer resort town is a vampire. As the populace of the town slowly begins to disappear, the teenager discovers that the truth is more terrifying than he could have ever imagined. I would describe it as SALEM'S LOT meets FRIGHT NIGHT.

Title: The Collector

Logline: A sadistic billionaire kidnaps talented artists and holds them hostage at his secluded estate.

Synopsis: The Collector was a top 5 finalist in the Screamfest L.A. screenplay competition, 2006. Mandy Stewart is on the verge of stardom. A young painter, she is about to have her first major NYC exhibit. She is the talk of the art world. But Mandy's dream becomes a hellish reality when she is kidnapped by unknown men. She awakens at the lavish Ryder Estate--a secluded North Carolina mansion owned by billionaire Collin Ryder. Mandy soon learns that she is one of many artistic captives, and that her charge is to produce original artwork for Mr. Ryder's collection. Mandy also learns of Mr. Ryder's sadistic nature, and the cruel torture he inflicts on guests who appear "ungrateful." Mandy eventually befriends a handsome playwright who has been severely abused by Mr. Ryder. Together they learn of the estate's past as a tuberculosis hospital, and use that dark history to foil their captor.