Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: Heartless

Logline: A transplant surgeon is killing children, but one mother, who communicates with the dead, is determined to stop him.

Synopsis: Julie has a gift. Dead people talk to her. When her six year old daughter dies after a heart transplant, spirits tell her the doctor is killing children for a profit. Julie is convinced, but nobody will believe her. She finds other mothers whose children have died at the hands of the same evil doctor, and they launch their own investigation. Eventually, they convince the police of the doctor's guilt and he has to flee. He ends up in Mexico, and at the hands of the spirits of the children he has killed, he meets a fate too horrible for words.

Title: The Companion

Logline: A reclusive spinster in a Martha's Vineyard mansion tries to escape the ghosts of her past by hiring a companion for her invalid brother who is supposedly confined to an upstairs bedroom.

Synopsis: Grand Prize Winner, 2007 Rhode Island International Film Festival Horror Screenwriting Competition. "Our judges especially liked the tense action of 'The Companion.' The gripping story - filled with isolation and suspense - was especially compelling to our screenplay contest readers." A lonely old woman attempts to flee her self-imposed exile by hiring a mysterious girl as an overnight companion for her brother, crippled by a horrific car crash when he was ten years old. The spinster's new found freedom ends in tragedy, doomed to failure by her deadly legacy. US Copyright TXu-365-094, 7/17/07 WGAE Registration #136563 Contact: Dickinson M. Upson Email: Phone/FAX: 508-252-3325

Title: In Joy and Sorrow

Logline: Sometimes the sins of the past have a habit of catching up, and giving one the harsh sentence of justice. Sometimes these situations can become horrible - truly horrible.

Synopsis: When you've done something wrong, don't you wish you can just run, hide somewhere and hope the problem - and punishment - will go away? Sometimes though, the sins of the past have a habit of catching up, and giving one the harsh sentence of justice. In the dead of winter, a doctor does the unthinkable. After committing the worst crime imaginable, Dr. Emmerick Stone Kelly has to escape his sins. With the help of Sheriff Robert Strohl, he runs away to the small, yet unknowingly deadly, town of Susannah. Now, with all of his past behind him, he tries to start a new life. With all of the haunting memories resting on his shoulders, however, he soon finds that the beautiful town of Susannah is more than he bargained for. Now Kelly is faced with deadly neighbors and dancing ghouls. What else lurks in the shadows? And how will Kelly escape the sinister realm of Susannah? Based on the novella "In Joy and Sorrow".

Title: The old woods nearby

Logline: Werewolf story. Story about Randy living in Asheville NC, struggling through puberty, spending most of his spare in the old woods nearby, writing poetry, cause of his childhood affection for MaryAnn.

Synopsis: Opening with the forest claiming its first victim. The solitary but tough Randy being followed from the first day his childhood love, MaryAnn, returns after spending five years in a boarding school. His best and only friend Josh, being the complete opposite from him, his overprotected mom, after his dad past away and there only being one woman for him, make the old woods an even closer companion to him. The forest keeps claiming victims as Randy struggles in his inevitable encounter with MaryAnn, the relationship with his mom and Josh. After a lot of classic drama and reconciliations he, Josh and two girls go off for an all day trip in the old and isolated woods nearby.

Title: Inked in Blood

Logline: A young man with a tortured past discovers that you really can go home again. To kill.

Synopsis: Aesop Quarrels has returned to the town he ran away from as a young boy, with one thing on his mind. Revenge. Sheriff Edsall Quarrels was a cruel, ruthless and vindictive man on his best of days. After the birth of Aesop, his freakish Albino son, (his words), Edsall decided to sell his wife out to his friends for money, instead of killing her outright for birthing this abomination. Amidst the constant abuse, Aesop was forced to endure the sights and sounds of his mothers suffering at the hands of his fathers weekly poker buddies as they played out their deepest, darkest perversions behind closed doors. Inked in Blood starts mid thrust on this twisting trail of carnage that ultimately must lead to Aesop facing the one man responsible for their suffering. One by one he will make them pay. And, among the wreckage of human flesh, Aesop will uncover a hidden family secret. * Winner of the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay Competition, Horror category.

Title: Under the Blood Moon

Logline: On a field trip in the Florida Everglades, a group of students and their professor run into the lingering effects of an old Indian curse. A horrible death awaits them.

Synopsis: Prologue: (1542 AD) A priest of the Spanish Inquisition, directs a band of conquistadors to massacre a village of Calusa Indians in the Florida Everglades. As the survivors of his village are being buried alive, a shaman curses the day and his tormentors. A curse that will resonate throughout history. Present Day: A team of scientists-a professor and a few students-explore the (cursed)site of the massacre. One of the students becomes possessed (presumably "channeling" the long-dead Calusa shaman of the opening) and starts murdering the others. One by one, the entire cast is killed-off in varied and hideous ways. The end is a twist calculated for shock and awe. Contact: 305/879-3375 305/896-0625

Title: Springs Cemetery

Logline: Teenagers visit a cemetery where a myth of a young murder Indian Princess is said to be existing.

Synopsis: On Halloween night teenagers vist a cemetery where teenagers fifteen years eariler had been murdered rumors have it Paige the only survior that night killed them but she is sent to the nut house still claiming to the day the myth is real. The teenagers from the present night go to Springs Cemetery and discovers just how real the myth is. Once again only one surivor Teresa must put a end to the myth so she finds Paige and the two go up against a fight that can only be won by one winner. The Dark Princess has two well protectors The Headless Warrior and the Jack-o- who are said to be members of her family trapped by evil.


Logline: Six separate stories about what happens when GOOD people stare into the eyes of EVIL.

Synopsis: My personal creation of the NEWS, before THE NEWS. When good people can know longer control THE EVIL WITHIN. Whether you know it or not, there is a battle between GOOD and EVIL that has been brewing since the beginning of time. We watch the local news everyday, and witness the horror mankind inflicts upon each other. Violence has become normal in our everyday society. We always see the aftermath of unfortunate events, but rarely... do we see, what causes good people to do the UNTHINKABLE.

Title: Forever Comfort

Logline: Death is the desired conclusion. Living is just too agonizing. To pray for death, to die, is not at all painful.

Synopsis: Forever Comfort is a tale of suffering, a depiction of God's failure to respond to the needs of those who suffer the ravages of time and age. And it is a tale of passion, where Satan extends his hand to embrace those who need comfort. It is a tale that challenges the logic of our beliefs and of our understanding. Officers Melanie Michaels and Lee Thornton volunteer to investigate the disappearance of one of their own. What they discover is unimaginable-an engaging campaign between God and His chosen adversary. The war is fought in the hearts of simple men and women whose only need is that of contentment while on earth. What they achieve is, instead, a life of loneliness and overwhelming unhappiness, attracting them to the allure of Lucifer's enlightenment. For failure to lessen human suffering, the once faithful give up their devotion to God for eternal comfort offered by Satan. Forever Comfort is the second of two screenplays and two full-length novels that I have completed.

Title: Giggle

Logline: After being gruesomly murdered twenty years earlier, a serial killer clown returns from certain death to take revenge on the daughter of the deceased town sheriff who took his life.

Synopsis: Twenty years earlier in a small seaside town, a respected trauma surgeon, DR. GABNEY, who also performedas the town clown, is caught returning to the hospital at night and removing the organs from patients in their sleep leaving them to die. Sheriff TOM MAYER and Officer GORD get justice, shooting and burning the clown to his death, then taking his body to the isolated caves outside of town, burying him forever. Now, the clown returns to take bloody revenge on MAYGAN, daughter of the deceased Sheriff, and her high school friends. the clown tries to kill Maygan with a dirty shovel, but is saved by officer Gord. A year later, Maygan still lives with the trauma of that night, but has made new friends. The clown returns again killing everyone with what ever is at hand except Maygan and pal ANDY. After an attempt to kill the clown in the streets with a gun the clown pursues Maygan to the old hospital. She tries to hide but is cornered. Officer Gord finds Maygan and kills the clown forever.