Submission Samples from the Horror Genre


Logline: A small, isolated southern town is torn apart when a dead boy is resurrected during funeral services.

Synopsis: Dearest Agent, I am writing to you from deep within an underground bunker to gauge interest in representing me and my new feature-length screenplay AMERICAN HUNGER. It is a period zombie horror screenplay dealing with issues of racism and religion. Readers for FirstGlance International Film Festival (I was a finalist in 2009), have said of my work, "It is highly imaginative, funny, exciting, thought-provoking... All the good stuff" (their words, not mine). Another reviewer under the employ of BlueCat Screenplay Competition claimed, "One of the most unique and original pieces a reader can ever come across. Its imagination knows no bounds." Please let me know if you're interested in having a look. Thank you. Your Brother in Arms, Victor de Oliveira

Title: The Scary Kids Club

Logline: Five kids meet in a haunted cemetary at midnight, to tell scary stories - the teller of the least scary tale has to spend the night in a crypt. Unknown to them, they are being watched by two ghosts.

Synopsis: The Scary Kids Club, is about four boys and a tomboy girl, aged between twelve and fourteen years, who sneak out of their homes at midnight to meet up in a mausoleum in the local spooky cemetary. Each of them must tell a scary tale, and the one who tells the least frightening story must spend the night alone - locked up in the crypt. The leader of this macabre group, Randy, leads the meeting and bullies the other members. Mel, another member of the Club, has brought his nervous friend Charlie to the meeting to try to have him initiated into the club. Charlie has prepared a story about a person being trapped in a mausoleum and being attacked by skeletons - skeleton that gruesomely kill their victim. Unknown to the youngsters, they are being observed by two cemetary ghosts who do not like kids in general, and who take a particular dislike to Randy. After Charlie's story, Randy proclaims that Charlies tale is the least frightening and that he must sleep in the mausolem alone.

Title: Daughters of the Teardrop Sea

Logline: Almost given up for brain dead, a pregnant psychiatrist journeys desperately in her unconscious to communicate with her foetus, causing the baby to possess strange powers.In the hospital chaos ensues

Synopsis: Anyone who knows Laura can see she has it all. A psychiatric resident at a major hospital, married to a surgeon she loves deeply, six months pregnant with her first child she seems to be immune to danger. A terrible accident proves otherwise. Driven into a deep coma, Laura awakes in her own unconscious mind with one goal before her: to save the life of her unborn baby. Using all her skill and finding guidance through familiar myths and legends, she embarks on an oddessy of hope. Her remarkable journey may be successful, but what price will she, and her child, have to face? As a gifted infant with extraordinary powers is released into the world, everyone around her must face their own hopes...and fears. Will the child be a promise of a new begining, or a threat to a desperate humanity?

Title: Prairie Bones

Logline: In this little haunted house on the prairie, family life isn't what it seems.

Synopsis: After losing three children, ETHAN and his pregnant wife, PEARL, are reduced to collecting Buffalo bones on a deserted prairie to survive. Settling the West in 1871 was tough, but worse when you add lies, ghosts and a deranged mind. Ethan tells Pearl he's going to work on the railroad. He arranges for his mother, GERTIE, to come and help deliver the new baby. He leaves in spite of Pearl's mental instability and Gertie arriving injured by an arrow. The injury turns deadly. Pearl is forced to walk through the wilderness for help. She gets to a neighbor's just as an Indian raid is in progress. After a horrific night hiding next to the bodies of a mother and teenage son, Pearl gives birth, alone among the dead. Meanwhile, the ghosts of Ethan and Pearl's children visit Gertie and their father with a warning. Then they go after Pearl. Ethan returns and must face his wife's insanity, the mysterious deaths of the children, and their shared guilt.

Title: Tank Farm

Logline: When a strange vapor cloud envelopes a Refinery's Tank Farm and workers disappear under strange circumstances, the night shift crew must obliterate the evil entity before it destroys them all.

Synopsis: As asphalt pumper, Kevin Gustin and head operator for the Tank Farm Department, Walt Mullen report for the night shift, a bluish-green vapor cloud enters Earth's atmosphere and envelopes their workplace. Their co-workers at the Peedmont Refinery disappear under strange circumstances, and one, Steve Noon, is taken over by the evil entity. With Noon making their job immeasurably more difficult, Mullen, Gustin, and the surviving crew must obliterate the entity before it destroys them all. When the situation looks the bleakest and Walt Mullen may have become another victim, the exhausted Gustin must summon the strength to finish the job.

Title: The White House

Logline: A paranormal investigator tries to rid the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln and other forefathers who terrorize the President and his First Lady within the White House.

Synopsis: David Schillo has just been sworn in as the new President of the United States. His wife, Maddie is very scared about moving into the White House upon learning of its numerous ghost stories. David is skeptical. One stormy night as David and Maddie were becoming intimate, a ghost attacks Maddie, leaving her terrified to stay another night! David feels that maybe a paranormal investigator could come to the House and remove any ghosts if they truly exist. He hires a psychic named Drew McKinley. Drew instantly recognizes that there is paranormal activity within the House, but the ghosts aren't behaving as other ghosts have. The more Drew begins to uncover the mystery, the more he learns of an even greater one, being the true origin and purpose of the Secret Service, which puts Drew, Maddy and David into the crosshairs of an enemy far worse than any ghosts.

Title: The Diablo in the darkness

Logline: There has always been something out there, watching your evil ways, and now your soul has attracted something unimaginably evil!

Synopsis: There is a place that souls find themselves once they leave the afterlife, some souls may go up or down, but there is a middle, few will venture too, but there evil soul once entered has a chance to be saved and re enter the living world to do good, but not before their souls are un relentlessly cleansed. Story of 4 men: A "Deadly Gang Leader", "Molesting Priest", "Rapist/Killer" and a "Deadly - Suicide Bomber", all whose life's changed when they took innocence and made it into their own devious acts of vengeance. When each dies, their souls experience the cross roads of their horrific ways and enter into the middle world and its hellish fiery under layer, where they experience their greatest horrors and pain imaginable. Find out what happens in this controversial story of characters! Registration Number : 1513607

Title: Hands That Shed Innocent Blood

Logline: A terrified young woman struggles to understand her recurring nightmares that recall, reveal, and foreshadow the vicious murders of real children.

Synopsis: Since she was only eight years old, twenty-three year old Molly has been terrorized by nightmares of an evil man who dwells in a cabin in the woods, where he viciously murders unsuspecting children, at their parents' requests. Convinced that she is dreaming about something real; Molly feels compelled to understand these dreams, and stop these horrifying murders. As the nightmares continuously gain a stronger foothold on her conscious and subconscious thoughts, she begins to have hallucinations that make her question her own sanity. Nevertheless, she remains determined to go to any extreme necessary to break free from the emotional torment that has been haunting her for over fifteen years. This script has finished in ninth place in the national Writer's Digest 78th Annual Writer's Competition, in the television/movie script category which includes all genres. If you are interested in representing me, please contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Title: Dead of the Night

Logline: The end of the world is just the beginning.

Synopsis: In the middle of the night, a mysterious explosion is seen and heard in the sky above the town of Evans City. Most dismiss it, but by the next morning, the town's residents are becoming infected by the chemicals in the explosion and are turning into flesh-eating ghouls. In the midst of this horror, we meet several disparate groups of survivors, including a young college couple, a suburban family, and a young man trying desperately to find his girlfriend. These people must try to find a way out of the city and come together to find a way to stay alive in the face of a virus that's not only destroying their home, but civilization as we know it.

Title: X-Ray

Logline: A daring rock climber stranded in a remote mountain range fights for her life against a local man whose grisly secret is an obsession with human bones and the twisted lenghts he goes to indulge it.

Synopsis: NANCY THOMAS, 24, speed climbs a sheer cliff without the aid of ropes or gear. Using only her hands and feet she skillfully maneuvers jutting boulders and impossibly angled walls. She's confident and strong until a problem with one of her legs stops her. At the same time, a Man shovels human bones and ash from a crematory furnace. He puts aside a skull and pelvis then dumps the rest into a grinder. He pours the remaining ashes into an urn and slaps on a dog-bone shaped label, "Fluffy" Miller. Nancy's doctor warns her never to climb again. Devastated, she heads to the Northern California mountains with her dog, FREEWAY, to prove to herself he was wrong. Freeway escapes and is hit by a car. She takes the injured dog to the only veterinarian nearby, handsome DAVID DENMEYER, 30s. She's grateful and attracted to the charming Doctor...until she discovers his deadly secret. Then in spite of her disabililty and fear she must use her wits and rock climbing skills to survive. (98pgs.)