Submission Samples from the Horror Genre


Logline: An ancient blood-demon awaits six reunited friends when they land on a tropical island expecting only a much-needed vacation.

Synopsis: Carrie, her boyfriend and four of their old high school friends reunite for a week-long tropical vacation on a private tropical island. They land their small boat on the remote island and start the celebration. However, this dream vacation quickly turns tragic as Carrie begins to realize that an ancient demon she has read of in a strange book has been released from its 500 year old prison and now has focused its unnatural hunger on her and her friends. With the demon's ability to possess the bodies on which it feeds, Carrie soon is unsure which, if any, of her friends she can trust. As one by one her companions are found mutilated and drained of blood, will anyone be left to help Carrie stop this fiendish hell spawn before it's too late? WGA Registered #967265


Logline: Snowmen come to life and attack teenagers at a cabin in the woods.

Synopsis: Seven teenagers: Jack, Brad, Jet, Qwan, Christie, Val, and Elizabeth party at a bar at: "The Grey Mountain Ski Resort". They then drive, in a Hummer, to a cabin in the woods. At night, around the fire, Brad tells the story of how the cabin they are staying at is haunted. Val, Christie's younger sister, finds old clothing in the attic. She runs outside and scares the whole group. She then puts the cloths on the five snowmen that they built.   The five snowmen come to life and start attacking the guys. The guys find a flame thrower and wound the snowmen. They decide to lure the snowmen away from the girls by taking off in the Hummer. The snowmen continue to attack the teenagers at various locations: a ski lodge, a chalet, the forest, and a spa. In the end almost all of the teenagers are killed except for Elizabeth and Jack. Elizabeth, with her operatic voice, kills off the snowmen on the mountain. Jack snow boards up to her and they kiss.

Title: The Bleachers

Logline: Six students spend the night in their school on the anniversary of a town legend - the birth of a hideously deformed beast called the Bleacher Creature.

Synopsis: Emory Chase, a popular, yet play-it-safe senior at Ozark High has known about the legend of the "Bleacher Creature" for years; heard it numerous times from her father who attended school there as well. But unlike most students who write it off as a silly urban legend, Emory believes there might be some truth to it. So when her friends decide to spend the night in the school on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the legend, she's more than a little apprehensive. But friends can be persuasive, and what the heck, it's her senior year - time to get a little crazy. It doesn't take Emory long to realize she should've trusted her instincts, because some legends are real, and this one will to kill to prove it.

Title: "The Doll"/"Effigy"

Logline: Things turn ugly when an affectionate father joins hands with an evil spirit in a Doll in a desperate bid to salvage his sagging career.

Synopsis: The story is about how after two gruesome deaths in her house, the life of a devoted mother and happy housewife falls apart when she realizes that the Doll she received as a gift on her anniversary contains an ancient evil summoned by her husband. It promises of infinite material wealth and happiness in exchange for a sacrifice. Now she must save her son from this demonic horror as her husband prepares to kill their only son for the ultimate sacrifice. rn

Title: Scorpions

Logline: A freelance covert operations team is hired to rescue a scientist from an earthquake-damaged research facility, only to discover they have become the unwitting test subjects for a new bioweapon.

Synopsis: After an earthquake damages an underground research laboratory, Glenn Wolf and his team of Black Ops mercenaries are hired to get in and escort Dr Emma Morgan to safety. Once inside however, they discover that they have been set up : the "rescue mission" is actually a field test for a new bioweapon - genetically engineered giant scorpions that have been released by the earthquake damage. Vastly outnumbered and virtually unarmed, as the power begins to fail and the monsters close in the mercenaries must try and get out of the complex before falling prey to the scorpions.

Title: The White House

Logline: A paranormal investigator tries to rid the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln and other forefathers who terrorize the President and his First Lady within the White House.

Synopsis: David Schillo has just been sworn in as the new President of the United States. His wife, Maddie is very scared about moving into the White House upon learning of its numerous ghost stories. David is skeptical. One stormy night as David and Maddie were becoming intimate, a ghost attacks Maddie, leaving her terrified to stay another night! David feels that maybe a paranormal investigator could come to the House and remove any ghosts if they truly exist. He hires a psychic named Drew McKinley. Drew instantly recognizes that there is paranormal activity within the House, but the ghosts aren't behaving as other ghosts have. The more Drew begins to uncover the mystery, the more he learns of an even greater one, being the true origin and purpose of the Secret Service, which puts Drew, Maddy and David into the crosshairs of an enemy far worse than any ghosts.

Title: Inked in Blood

Logline: A young man with a tortured past discovers that you really can go home again. To kill.

Synopsis: Aesop Quarrels has returned to the town he ran away from as a young boy, with one thing on his mind. Revenge. Sheriff Edsall Quarrels was a cruel, ruthless and vindictive man on his best of days. After the birth of Aesop, his freakish Albino son, (his words), Edsall decided to sell his wife out to his friends for money, instead of killing her outright for birthing this abomination. Amidst the constant abuse, Aesop was forced to endure the sights and sounds of his mothers suffering at the hands of his fathers weekly poker buddies as they played out their deepest, darkest perversions behind closed doors. Inked in Blood starts mid thrust on this twisting trail of carnage that ultimately must lead to Aesop facing the one man responsible for their suffering. One by one he will make them pay. And, among the wreckage of human flesh, Aesop will uncover a hidden family secret. * Winner of the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay Competition, Horror category.

Title: Under the Blood Moon

Logline: On a field trip in the Florida Everglades, a group of students and their professor run into the lingering effects of an old Indian curse. A horrible death awaits them.

Synopsis: Prologue: (1542 AD) A priest of the Spanish Inquisition, directs a band of conquistadors to massacre a village of Calusa Indians in the Florida Everglades. As the survivors of his village are being buried alive, a shaman curses the day and his tormentors. A curse that will resonate throughout history. Present Day: A team of scientists-a professor and a few students-explore the (cursed)site of the massacre. One of the students becomes possessed (presumably "channeling" the long-dead Calusa shaman of the opening) and starts murdering the others. One by one, the entire cast is killed-off in varied and hideous ways. The end is a twist calculated for shock and awe. Contact: 305/879-3375 305/896-0625

Title: The Mirror of Souls

Logline: Detectives Hawkins and Williams scale on the path of terror in order to save a family's bloodline from a demonic shape shifter that's released from a mystical dimension called "Damnation."

Synopsis: The Mirror of souls Detectives Hawkins and Williams experience in solving super natural cases are investigating a series of bizarre and grizzly murders that involves mysterious super natural force. The killer leaves a strange encryption of symbols on the walls, written in blood in the first language ever known to mankind. The victims are murdered in graphic matter where their bodies have been absorbed of its internal orgasm. The chain of evidence leads the detectives to a wealthy art dealer who purchases a five-thousand year old mirror that contains an evil dark force which was released. Once release, it will seek to destroy the bloodline it's link to in order to become human. The detectives desperately search for the last surviving members to protect them from the creature's wrath. The detectives along with their comrades race against time as they lead the sinister force back to the mirror for the final confrontation.

Title: The Night Train

Logline: On a cross-country train trip, a young journalism student encounters a vampire of terrifying power.

Synopsis: MATT WILKINS, a UCLA journalism major, embarks on a cross-country train trip from his home in Baltimore to Los Angeles, believing it could make an interesting story. He soon discovers that there is an extraordinary passenger on board: an ancient vampire that stalks and kills other passengers by night. Unable to convince anyone on the train of the grave danger they are in, Matt decides to go after the vampire himself. But even he cannot imagine the horror he is about to confront. WGAE #I61328.