Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: Tank Farm

Logline: When a strange vapor cloud envelopes a Refinery's Tank Farm and workers disappear under strange circumstances, the night shift crew must obliterate the evil entity before it destroys them all.

Synopsis: As asphalt pumper, Kevin Gustin and head operator for the Tank Farm Department, Walt Mullen report for the night shift, a bluish-green vapor cloud enters Earth's atmosphere and envelopes their workplace. Their co-workers at the Peedmont Refinery disappear under strange circumstances, and one, Steve Noon, is taken over by the evil entity. With Noon making their job immeasurably more difficult, Mullen, Gustin, and the surviving crew must obliterate the entity before it destroys them all. When the situation looks the bleakest and Walt Mullen may have become another victim, the exhausted Gustin must summon the strength to finish the job.

Title: The Mirror of Souls

Logline: Detectives Hawkins and Williams scale on the path of terror in order to save a family's bloodline from a demonic shape shifter that's released from a mystical dimension called "Damnation."

Synopsis: The Mirror of souls Detectives Hawkins and Williams experience in solving super natural cases are investigating a series of bizarre and grizzly murders that involves mysterious super natural force. The killer leaves a strange encryption of symbols on the walls, written in blood in the first language ever known to mankind. The victims are murdered in graphic matter where their bodies have been absorbed of its internal orgasm. The chain of evidence leads the detectives to a wealthy art dealer who purchases a five-thousand year old mirror that contains an evil dark force which was released. Once release, it will seek to destroy the bloodline it's link to in order to become human. The detectives desperately search for the last surviving members to protect them from the creature's wrath. The detectives along with their comrades race against time as they lead the sinister force back to the mirror for the final confrontation.

Title: Daddy Jack

Logline: When a man awakes in an abandoned city with no memory of how he arrived, he must figure out who he is and discover his purpose, all while escaping the city's deadly hunter: Daddy Jack

Synopsis: A man awakes in a strange and deteriorated bedroom only to find that that the rest of the city is in the same condition. As he roams about the abandoned city witnessing strange events and interacting with odd objects, he comes across a frightened girl named Jennifer. When the man attempts to figure out who she is and what they're doing in the city, she simply tells him that Daddy Jack laid her parents to rest just outside of Peek-a-Boo city. Then the man encounters Daddy Jack for the first time. Daddy Jack and his marching band march down the street, searching for the remaining few children that inhabit the city. As the man narrowly escapes Daddy Jack, he meets a woman named Emma. While she is no better able to explain the man's strange situation, she does tell him that she thinks he is dying. As the two attempt to save the children and escape Daddy Jack, they form a strange and loving bond for one another. It is only in the man's last few moments that he discovers who and what he is.

Title: Virgin White

Logline: Hell hath no fury like a woman born.. A by product of a union spawned out of violence and rage. THIS is Chelsea Marie Grahams driving force behind her insatiable thirst for revenge, justice and blood

Synopsis: Ah!Female serial killers! Prolific, sexy and Oh! SO deadly. Chelsea Marie Graham is such a woman. A blond haired blue eyed self proclaimed crusader, outwardly she is a vision of sheer loveliness, demure in nature, quiet, caring, professional.. Inwardly she carries a deep dark secret, one that has plagued her, her entire life. Culminating in a rage so black, so malevolent that it eventually consumes her and ultimately causes her to act out in the most horrendous ways imaginable. Needing an outlet for this rage Chelsea begins by creating an on line alter ego named Virgin White who is the "voice" of her Internet website Women For Purity Dot Com. Fronting as a supremacist website Chelsea uses Virgin to get into the hearts and minds of some of the worst characters you'd never want to meet. Her ploy is most effective as she lures unsuspecting men to her home and to their ultimate demise.

Title: X-Ray

Logline: A female rock climber falls into the world of a serial killer obsessed with x-raying and torturing young women.

Synopsis: NANCY THOMAS, 24, speed climbs a sheer cliff without the aid of ropes or gear. Using just her hands and feet she skillfully maneuvers around jutting boulders and impossibly angled walls. She's confident and strong until a problem with one of her legs stops her. Not far away, DAVID DENMEYER, 30s, x-rays a drugged woman in provocative poses, then himself entwined with her. Later, he forces the young victim to watch as he injects her with euthanasia. At the same time, Nancy receives the devastating medical news that she is never to climb again. Defying the diagnosis she heads out for what she hopes isn't her last climb. On the way her dog escapes and is hit by a truck. She takes it to the only animal clinic in an isolated coastal town. There, she meets veterinarian David Denmeyer. She's attracted to the charming doctor, until she discovers his deadly secret. In spite of her disability and doubt, she must use her wits and rock climbing skills to defeat him.


Logline: Snowmen come to life and attack teenagers at a cabin in the woods.

Synopsis: Seven teenagers: Jack, Brad, Jet, Qwan, Christie, Val, and Elizabeth party at a bar at: "The Grey Mountain Ski Resort". They then drive, in a Hummer, to a cabin in the woods. At night, around the fire, Brad tells the story of how the cabin they are staying at is haunted. Val, Christie's younger sister, finds old clothing in the attic. She runs outside and scares the whole group. She then puts the cloths on the five snowmen that they built.   The five snowmen come to life and start attacking the guys. The guys find a flame thrower and wound the snowmen. They decide to lure the snowmen away from the girls by taking off in the Hummer. The snowmen continue to attack the teenagers at various locations: a ski lodge, a chalet, the forest, and a spa. In the end almost all of the teenagers are killed except for Elizabeth and Jack. Elizabeth, with her operatic voice, kills off the snowmen on the mountain. Jack snow boards up to her and they kiss.

Title: Banker Boy

Logline: A disgruntled bank employee robs his bank and leaps into a taxicab to make his getaway only to be taken on a psychotic and murderous rampage by a serial killer who likes to play deadly games.

Synopsis: WREN RYDER, a young loan officer, is fed up with his tedious bank job. His broken down car needs repairs and he is tired of being broke. After years of loyal service, Wren asks for a raise and his boss blasts him with an emphatic "No!" Pushed to the brink, Wren stuffs his briefcase full of cash from the the vault and runs for it. He burst into a taxicab driven by RAY LANDING a pyschotic country boy on the loose, to make his getaway. Along their way, Ray pulls into a desert mini mart to fill the car with gas. He goes inside to pay or so it seems, instead he robs the store at gun point. An hour later, the police pull them over. Ray kills the officer with his .357 as he stands at the car window. Ray wallups Wren in the head leaving him unconscious, steals his money, and then sets him up to be arrested. Wren makes a deal to pay back the money he stole and catch Ray. Wren tracks down Ray at the horse track and takes revenge and finds out that crime really does pay.

Title: In Joy and Sorrow

Logline: Sometimes the sins of the past have a habit of catching up, and giving one the harsh sentence of justice. Sometimes these situations can become horrible - truly horrible.

Synopsis: When you've done something wrong, don't you wish you can just run, hide somewhere and hope the problem - and punishment - will go away? Sometimes though, the sins of the past have a habit of catching up, and giving one the harsh sentence of justice. In the dead of winter, a doctor does the unthinkable. After committing the worst crime imaginable, Dr. Emmerick Stone Kelly has to escape his sins. With the help of Sheriff Robert Strohl, he runs away to the small, yet unknowingly deadly, town of Susannah. Now, with all of his past behind him, he tries to start a new life. With all of the haunting memories resting on his shoulders, however, he soon finds that the beautiful town of Susannah is more than he bargained for. Now Kelly is faced with deadly neighbors and dancing ghouls. What else lurks in the shadows? And how will Kelly escape the sinister realm of Susannah? Based on the novella "In Joy and Sorrow".

Title: The Bonewalker

Logline: If you hear's already too late. Run. Run like hell.

Synopsis: Gold was discovered in Bohemia Mountain in 1858. Mining camps sprang up throughout the area overnight. The largest was the Bohemia City Mining Town, which flourished until its inhabitants mysteriously vanished in 1942. In 2009 a group of historical conservationists began the Bohemia Mountain Restoration Committee. Their first official act was to restore Bohemia City, which is what brings fifteen ill-fated students to the mountain local Native Americans claim to be the hunting grounds of a Demon they call the Bonewalker. Facing all most certain death, the role of hero falls on the shoulders of Parker Everett, a sarcastic slacker who suffers from debilitating claustrophobia, when what begins as an ordinary fieldtrip turns into a fight for their lives as the students are hunted by the faster, stronger, and nearly indestructible Bonewalker. As the number of his fellow classmates dwindles, Parker must overcome his fear of tight spaces and fight off the earth's oldest living predator.

Title: Unidentified

Logline: The discovery of a lifetime just may end their lives.

Synopsis: In UNIDENTIFIED, a sci-fi/horror blend, JAKE WHITAKER, takes a quick side-trip on the eve of his budding legal career to Galveston, Texas to meet his fiance GENA's family. What begins as a difficult time -- his unimpressed soon-to-be father-in-law, a treasure hunting hobbyist, invites Jake and AJ and FLINT, Gena's ex-boyfriend and brother, to join him in a hunt for sunken treasure -- turns unbelievable when they discover the find of the century, a UFO long submerged in the sea. As they squabble over ownership of the UFO, things turns deadly as the UFO's occupant, a vicious, voracious alien lurking inside, is unleashed. I'm a 'graduate' of David S. Freeman's Beyond Structure screenwriting course. Currently, I am awaiting production of my short, "Love Thy Neighbor," which finished in the top six percent out of 2600 in a screenwriting competition. If you wish to read my script, please contact me. Sincerely, Carson Cooper (317) 443-8229