Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: The White House

Logline: A paranormal investigator tries to rid the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln and other forefathers who terrorize the President and his First Lady within the White House.

Synopsis: David Schillo has just been sworn in as the new President of the United States. His wife, Maddie is very scared about moving into the White House upon learning of its numerous ghost stories. David is skeptical. One stormy night as David and Maddie were becoming intimate, a ghost attacks Maddie, leaving her terrified to stay another night! David feels that maybe a paranormal investigator could come to the House and remove any ghosts if they truly exist. He hires a psychic named Drew McKinley. Drew instantly recognizes that there is paranormal activity within the House, but the ghosts aren't behaving as other ghosts have. The more Drew begins to uncover the mystery, the more he learns of an even greater one, being the true origin and purpose of the Secret Service, which puts Drew, Maddy and David into the crosshairs of an enemy far worse than any ghosts.

Title: Fear Will Find You

Logline: Fearless man will be taken to the limit when he finds an ancient evil in the heart of Africa.

Synopsis: Ryan is travelling through Africa with his girlfriend Lisa. Although he is a fearless young man, the ancient evil that they will find in the heart of the African savannas will take him to the limit. But he won't stop fighting in order to survive the horror. What he doesn't know, though, is that the force which pursues him is unstoppable as fear itself hunts him.

Title: Killer Worms

Logline: Sam Mendoza, who spent time in prison, returns to his roots to rekindle romance and start a new life, only to face a menace in the form of flesh eating worms.

Synopsis: WGA Registration Number: 1036868 Synopsis: After spending several years in prison for fraud, Sam Mendoza returns home to his roots to start over and rekindle a high school romance. On his first day back, he saves the life of a high school buddy, who in return, offers him a job working for his company. His neighbor,high school friend and deputy sheriff, investigates a homicide where the victim's flesh is eaten off through the bone. Mmutilated animals and another victim pop up at nearby farms, one of which raises earthworms. Little did he realize that the farmer was a government scientist who developed unconventional weaponry that has returned as an uncontrollable contagion threatening the citizens of a nearby town. Our heroes, Sam Mendoza, Deputy Bobby Brooks, and news anchor woman, Francis Lopez, break rules so that they can discover and find ways of stopping this impossible menace.

Title: BAKA

Logline: A battle of wills between the Trickster of the Voodoo gods and six teenagers, raging hormones and all.

Synopsis: When a possible stop on the underground railroad is slated for demolition, SIX TEENS are moved to action. If they can only find hard evidence of a slave presence in the old condemned house, maybe they can save the landmark. However, what they find leads them to the conclusion that this was instead a brutal slave trading post. But by that time, they have unwittingly unleashed the Voodoo spirit, BAKA. BAKA was originally summoned by the slaves to avenge them. But they soon found that BAKA is a master of deceipt. The teens must find this out for themselves before BAKA can trick one of them into releasing him from the house that binds his power. Trapped in the house, they must resist his temptation and endure his brutality. The nightmare would end if only one teen would release him. How long would it take for YOU to turn on your friends?

Title: The Hatchet Fairy

Logline: A Fairy Tale Willing to Bleed its Way to the Ball

Synopsis: Bitty had always been a strange sister, so when Lore met Bitty's fairy godmother for the upcoming ball, she didn't think much of it. Sure, the fairy godmother was mean and drank scotch, but then again, Bitty was a personal injury lawyer, so allowances had to be made about her mental stability. After refusing to go the ball and disgust the prince with her appearance, Lore wakes to find her roommate dead and Bitty still thirsty for blood. With the first strike of midnight, Bitty's gone and Lore's bleeding. Kill or be killed, the ghosts finally convince her. Armed with only her shoes, Lore has to survive the ball, ignore the prince, and kill her sister to stay alive.

Title: TerrorTown

Logline: The 80s and high school aren't the only things terrifying this group of teens.

Synopsis: My name is Gary Alan Siddons and I have written the horror feature TerrorTown (2002 Zide/Perry Entertainment-Scr(i)pt Magazine Open Door Contest Finalist). The year is 1972, and TerrorTown opens with a Brady Bunch spoof that ends when Alice, disguised in a costume, slaughters the Bradys. We then discover we're in a theatre watching a movie. It's now Halloween 1985, and the audience exits the theatre in a quiet town after having watched the cult-classic, horror film, Terrorville (the Brady spoof). That night someone dressed as the movie killer murders the theatre's manager. Terror on the town begins. The main characters are a group of friends in high school. Over the days leading up to Halloween, the killer slaughters people close to the friends. Every time there is a murder, one of the friends is a suspect. The film ends in a twist of deceit, as the identity of the mastermind behind the killings remains buried in an evil soul or until the sequel. WGAw Reg. No. 1134425


Logline: Teenage boy suspects vampirism is running rampant through his small town.

Synopsis: DARK OF THE NIGHT is an atmospheric chiller about a teenage boy who suspects the beautiful girl who has moved into his small summer resort town is a vampire. As the populace of the town slowly begins to disappear, the teenager discovers that the truth is more terrifying than he could have ever imagined. I would describe it as SALEM'S LOT meets FRIGHT NIGHT.

Title: Survivng the Night

Logline: The undead have had it with humanity, and the Sleepy Little Town of San Angelo, Texas is going to be the final battlefield. SWAT Members Johnathan and Gennette Harder are the town's last hope.

Synopsis: The scene opens with the town showing thousands of people lying dead on the streets, but in this moment they didn't stay dead for long. This genetic mist of smoke transformed the dead into the Living Dead. Now the city has been overrun by Zombies except for the few survivors that have been out of the 3 mile range of the mist. These survivors were SWAT Team members, GENNETTE and JOHNATHAN HARDER, along with a few other survivors that were hiding out in an abandoned home along the streets of San Angelo, the leader of the survivors was LARRY HORSE, a banker who led the individual survivors to the abandon house and radioed for SWAT. The group arrives in several locations fighting off the hoardes of zombie after zombie leading to a stand off. Defending the only home they know the group of survivors throw everything they have to fend the invading flesh eaters and condemn them back to hell. In the end the group is led to the OTHER SIDE OF HELL, TX to question the chances of survival.

Title: Baghead

Logline: He spent years hiding his face behind a paper bag; now it's time to put everyone else in bags

Synopsis: Dear Sir or Madam: My writing partner, Wes Laurie, and myself are seeking representation. We are LA based screenwriters with more than 16 completed screenplays between us. Most recently a horror script by Wes, BAGHEAD, has been requested by three production companies. My romantic comedy screenplay FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE is currently the top rated script on Francis Ford Coppola's site, Zoetrope, and another script of mine was a top finalist in the ExposeIt! comedy screenwriting competition. Wes is an internet film news journalist and I'm a published, agented book author (children's books). We don't have time to market our scripts. We really need an ombudsman. If you or any of your agents are looking for motivated, prolific writers please contact me. I will send a query with loglines and synopses. Yours very truly, Mary Hahn Wes Laurie


Logline: Snowmen come to life and attack teenagers at a cabin in the woods.

Synopsis: Seven teenagers: Jack, Brad, Jet, Qwan, Christie, Val, and Elizabeth party at a bar at: "The Grey Mountain Ski Resort". They then drive, in a Hummer, to a cabin in the woods. At night, around the fire, Brad tells the story of how the cabin they are staying at is haunted. Val, Christie's younger sister, finds old clothing in the attic. She runs outside and scares the whole group. She then puts the cloths on the five snowmen that they built.   The five snowmen come to life and start attacking the guys. The guys find a flame thrower and wound the snowmen. They decide to lure the snowmen away from the girls by taking off in the Hummer. The snowmen continue to attack the teenagers at various locations: a ski lodge, a chalet, the forest, and a spa. In the end almost all of the teenagers are killed except for Elizabeth and Jack. Elizabeth, with her operatic voice, kills off the snowmen on the mountain. Jack snow boards up to her and they kiss.