Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: Springs Cemetery

Logline: Teenagers visit a cemetery where a myth of a young murder Indian Princess is said to be existing.

Synopsis: On Halloween night teenagers vist a cemetery where teenagers fifteen years eariler had been murdered rumors have it Paige the only survior that night killed them but she is sent to the nut house still claiming to the day the myth is real. The teenagers from the present night go to Springs Cemetery and discovers just how real the myth is. Once again only one surivor Teresa must put a end to the myth so she finds Paige and the two go up against a fight that can only be won by one winner. The Dark Princess has two well protectors The Headless Warrior and the Jack-o- who are said to be members of her family trapped by evil.

Title: Hell Breaks Loose

Logline: Travelers through Italy inadvertently awaken an ancient curse in a forgotten village, but how can they stop the immortal forces of the dead once they have risen and all hell breaks loose?

Synopsis: For 100 years the land has been abandoned, the castle ignored, and they have been forgotten. The terrifying deathbringers known as the Disciples had finally been laid to rest. What will happen when Jake and his friends trespass upon their forsaken land? Death will rise. Bodies will fall. No one can stop the Zombie King.

Title: Dark Days

Logline: A man struggles to free humanity from enslavement by vampires.

Synopsis: The year is 2024, fourteen years after a vampire-led takeover of the earth has left most of humanity in ashes. All that remains is the Realm, a vampire kingdom wherein human beings are raised like livestock as "bloodslaves." Sam Taylor escapes from the most notorious of these bloodstock centers and flees across the Realm. After he meets Cap, a hardened old soldier, the two of them decide to try and bring an end to the vampire dominance. Their epic journey is more terrifying than either one of them could have imagined. I have studied film and screenwriting at Loyola University of New Orleans. One of my short scripts, "Splitsville," was produced earlier this year. Please let me know if I can send you DARK DAYS and thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Cameron Mitchell

Title: You Can't Scream

Logline: A sexy vampire, cop, and witch team up to battle an army of monsters. Franchise.

Synopsis: A vampire movie closer in tone to From Dusk Till Dawn than Underworld or Twilight. Vampire mayhem and cop action with doses of black humor and eroticism are the cornerstone of this horror franchise. An evil alchemist has found a way to rule the world through a necromancy alliance. Three lethal women vow to thwart his plans; a sultry vampire, a revenge-seeking cop, and a witch who has lost her mind. They can stop the alchemist's evil schemes if they can get through his army of zombies and werewolves first.

Title: Survivng the Night

Logline: The undead have had it with humanity, and the Sleepy Little Town of San Angelo, Texas is going to be the final battlefield. SWAT Members Johnathan and Gennette Harder are the town's last hope.

Synopsis: The scene opens with the town showing thousands of people lying dead on the streets, but in this moment they didn't stay dead for long. This genetic mist of smoke transformed the dead into the Living Dead. Now the city has been overrun by Zombies except for the few survivors that have been out of the 3 mile range of the mist. These survivors were SWAT Team members, GENNETTE and JOHNATHAN HARDER, along with a few other survivors that were hiding out in an abandoned home along the streets of San Angelo, the leader of the survivors was LARRY HORSE, a banker who led the individual survivors to the abandon house and radioed for SWAT. The group arrives in several locations fighting off the hoardes of zombie after zombie leading to a stand off. Defending the only home they know the group of survivors throw everything they have to fend the invading flesh eaters and condemn them back to hell. In the end the group is led to the OTHER SIDE OF HELL, TX to question the chances of survival.

Title: Dead of the Night

Logline: The end of the world is just the beginning.

Synopsis: In the middle of the night, a mysterious explosion is seen and heard in the sky above the town of Evans City. Most dismiss it, but by the next morning, the town's residents are becoming infected by the chemicals in the explosion and are turning into flesh-eating ghouls. In the midst of this horror, we meet several disparate groups of survivors, including a young college couple, a suburban family, and a young man trying desperately to find his girlfriend. These people must try to find a way out of the city and come together to find a way to stay alive in the face of a virus that's not only destroying their home, but civilization as we know it.

Title: The Zombie Experiment

Logline: Zombies, having become the pets/slave labor of choice, are ready to take revenge upon their oppressors.

Synopsis: With the world's dog and cat population killed off by a deadly strain of swine flu, Zombies have become the pets of choice - and business has found they can be trained as cheap labor. The key to this is that they are kept under control by Earnie's Brain-Flavored Zombie Chow, which contains camirocrytin, the only substance able to do so. When the reluctants "re-purposed humans" develop a tolerance to the substance Zombies are ready to take revenge in a way that gives new meaning to the phrase, "take this job and shove it!"

Title: The Companion

Logline: A reclusive spinster in a Martha's Vineyard mansion tries to escape the ghosts of her past by hiring a companion for her invalid brother who is supposedly confined to an upstairs bedroom.

Synopsis: Grand Prize Winner, 2007 Rhode Island International Film Festival Horror Screenwriting Competition. "Our judges especially liked the tense action of 'The Companion.' The gripping story - filled with isolation and suspense - was especially compelling to our screenplay contest readers." A lonely old woman attempts to flee her self-imposed exile by hiring a mysterious girl as an overnight companion for her brother, crippled by a horrific car crash when he was ten years old. The spinster's new found freedom ends in tragedy, doomed to failure by her deadly legacy. US Copyright TXu-365-094, 7/17/07 WGAE Registration #136563 Contact: Dickinson M. Upson Email: Phone/FAX: 508-252-3325

Title: Zombie, Esq.

Logline: Lazy support staff? Protests of "it's Christmas" when a motion needs to be filed at midnight on Christmas Eve? Strange insistence of the need to take bathroom breaks?

Synopsis: End the drama, and believe the hype -- outsourcing to zombies can save you a good dollar-fifty a year, and end those civil action lawsuit threats. What can it hurt to test a technician who can work twenty-four hours a day and have no interest in money? Henry works as a paralegal for The Law Offices of Edward John Johnson, where she's the spawn of incompetence to the lawyers, and chum to the receptionist. Today, however, she's in luck - the lawyers are not quite themselves; after testing a zombie outsourcing company, the lawyers have now turned into drooly zombies with a taste for secretary. As the support staff begins to be eaten like a tartar buffet, Henry finally has a legitimate reason to stab the lawyers in the face. Sure, survival would be nice, but she gets to stab lawyers in the face. Zombie Esq. is a horror-comedy where it's the support staff's moral obligation to the world to kill their bosses. They're all lawyers, it's fine. Really.

Title: Zombie Greaser

Logline: A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers.

Synopsis: 60's Greasers, Car Clubs, Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Pinup Girls, Military Draft and Zombies(Rated R) A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers. Accidently inhaled by the leader - Turk Wad and with zombie tendencies that he tries to hide while confronting a rival gang, compete for the pinup girl of his dreams and running from the Military draft.