Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: House of Screams

Logline: When her crisis pregnancy goes into crisis mode, a young woman ends up at the mercy of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a real-life criminal who brutally murders newborns.

Synopsis: Brenda is a young woman living with her boyfriend Sean when she finds out, to her chagrin, that she is pregnant. Brenda and Sean remain undecided on what to do with the baby, until a shocking detail emerges: the Sean is not the father! Sean refuses to raise the child and insists on Brenda having an abortion. Brenda sets up an appointment at Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic for the following day. Brenda dreams at terrifying nightmare about Gosnell, and decides she doesn't want to follow through, but Sean insists. At her appointment, Brenda is abandoned and gives birth to a living baby. She wanders the clinic with her baby, looking for help. She discovers Gosnell's murderous ways and tries to escape, but Gosnell catches her, sedates her into a stupor, and his assistant brutally murders the baby. Sean arrives at the clinic and takes Brenda to the hospital, where she regains consciousness asks the inevitable question: what happened to her baby?

Title: The Blink People

Logline: Paul Harris - a middle-aged divorced insomniac is desperately trying to make sense of the last forty eight hours of his life.

Synopsis: What does it take to achieve a good night's sleep? Experts suggest herbal teas, soft music, making love, or counting sheep. Paul Harris has tried everything imaginable to combat his insomnia. His co-worker Ryan introduces him to a popular street drug known as the super-sedative. After ingesting the sleep-aid, Paul gets more than his fair share of restful slumber - and entry into an incredible world of people, remarkably similar to everyone he knows - including himself. This highly potent and extremely dangerous sedative takes Harris on an adventure of "environment-altering" events of which he cannot seem to make sense. I would like to submit my feature length screenplay, "The Blink People" an exceptional tale of heart-pounding visual terror for your consideration.

Title: The Companion

Logline: A reclusive spinster in a Martha's Vineyard mansion tries to escape the ghosts of her past by hiring a companion for her invalid brother who is supposedly confined to an upstairs bedroom.

Synopsis: Grand Prize Winner, 2007 Rhode Island International Film Festival Horror Screenwriting Competition. "Our judges especially liked the tense action of 'The Companion.' The gripping story - filled with isolation and suspense - was especially compelling to our screenplay contest readers." A lonely old woman attempts to flee her self-imposed exile by hiring a mysterious girl as an overnight companion for her brother, crippled by a horrific car crash when he was ten years old. The spinster's new found freedom ends in tragedy, doomed to failure by her deadly legacy. US Copyright TXu-365-094, 7/17/07 WGAE Registration #136563 Contact: Dickinson M. Upson Email: Phone/FAX: 508-252-3325

Title: Zombie, Esq.

Logline: Lawyers have finally evolved

Synopsis: A normal paralegal in a typical law office on an average day, Henry didn't think anything was strange when the lawyers threw boxes at her and screamed for raw meat. Even the bloodstained shirts and screaming secretaries didn't seem terribly unusual. And yes, it was a little odd that Edward John Johnson tried to eat her face, but he'd always been touchy-feely. Henry wasn't alarmed until she saw something so disturbing, so implausible, that she nearly became paralyzed with shock. The bloody, twitching lawyers, who had already eaten most of the support staff, were putting papers into files. Yes, she and the other survivors realized, this was the apocalypse, and they were going to be eaten by the swarm of lawyer zombies driven by their bloodlust to eat live flesh and reorganize files. Now, maybe, just maybe, if they can make it to the service elevator, an elevator the lawyers don't know exists because it is a functional part of the office, they can escape

Title: The Garden of Doom

Logline: A group of backpackers travel to an exotic Vietnamese river cave seeking a rumored Utopia only to find a cannibal cult run by an eccentric billionaire.

Synopsis: Traveling through Vietnam, a group of 20-something backpackers rescue a mysterious Englishman from getting mugged. He gifts them with a map to a rumored Utopian commune known as "The Garden" located in one of Vietnam's many jungle river caves. The backpackers find the commune and it's a veritable paradise with exposures to daylight, waterfalls, and a settlement. They meet its leader, a reclusive billionaire, and he accepts them into their community. The backpackers soon realize the Garden is in fact a cannibal cult intent on sacrificing them. They try to escape the Garden only to be imprisoned by the leader and his cultists. Two of them are sacrificed, but the others get free with the aid of one of the cultists they befriended. The survivors confront the leader and kill him, but not before he has his followers detonate the cave in a planned mass suicide. The remaining backpackers escape the cave by its roaring river with everything collapsing around them.

Title: Zombie Greaser

Logline: A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers.

Synopsis: 60's Greasers, Car Clubs, Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Pinup Girls, Military Draft and Zombies(Rated R) A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers. Accidently inhaled by the leader - Turk Wad and with zombie tendencies that he tries to hide while confronting a rival gang, compete for the pinup girl of his dreams and running from the Military draft.

Title: Daughters of the Teardrop Sea

Logline: Almost given up for brain dead, a pregnant psychiatrist journeys desperately in her unconscious to communicate with her foetus, causing the baby to possess strange powers.In the hospital chaos ensues

Synopsis: Anyone who knows Laura can see she has it all. A psychiatric resident at a major hospital, married to a surgeon she loves deeply, six months pregnant with her first child she seems to be immune to danger. A terrible accident proves otherwise. Driven into a deep coma, Laura awakes in her own unconscious mind with one goal before her: to save the life of her unborn baby. Using all her skill and finding guidance through familiar myths and legends, she embarks on an oddessy of hope. Her remarkable journey may be successful, but what price will she, and her child, have to face? As a gifted infant with extraordinary powers is released into the world, everyone around her must face their own hopes...and fears. Will the child be a promise of a new begining, or a threat to a desperate humanity?

Title: Drowning The Night

Logline: A twentyfive year old down on his luck music producer, falls into a world of Voodoo. It lead him to a path of assaults, rapes, and murders.

Synopsis: This is the story of Nigel Grazziano, an African American who was adopted at birth by an Italian family on the upper west side of Manhattan. Nigel`s luck seems to be quickly running out. He`s broke, homeless, and his new girlfriend is more costly than he can afford. His best friend is constantly getting him into trouble with local hoods in the nearby neighborhood. Nigel is on the edge of a nervous break down and the possibility of going totally mad. The night when his bestfriend is killed, it sends him over the edge. After several nights of seeing voodo spririts, Nigel is posessed. Now his nights will never be the same.

Title: The Lake

Logline: A troubled young man goes on a weekend camping trip in the woods of Oregon. When he follows his nightmares deep into the woods, horrible things start to happen. Is he a killer or is any of it real?

Synopsis: Ben Marchant has recently had a mental breakdown. As the story begins, he is attempting to get his life back to a normal place with the help of his loving girlfriend, Alice. He goes to therapy and takes a regiment of medications to combat his anxieties. He has a recurring nightmare involving a little girl on a frozen lake. The nightmare makes him feel like his darker side is close and ready to come back out. Alice books a weekend of camping in the woods of Oregon with a group of friends to take Ben's mind off his problems. Once there, Ben is drawn to a frozen lake in the middle of the woods. The more obsessed he becomes with the lake, the further from reality he gets. And then horrible things start to happen. One by one, his friends and other campers are killed. Ben must figure out whether he is responsible for the deaths or if someone else is in the woods killing people which leads to a thrilling conclusion on the lake itself.

Title: Banker Boy

Logline: A disgruntled bank employee robs his bank and leaps into a taxicab to make his getaway only to be taken on a psychotic and murderous rampage by a serial killer who likes to play deadly games.

Synopsis: WREN RYDER, a young loan officer, is fed up with his tedious bank job. His broken down car needs repairs and he is tired of being broke. After years of loyal service, Wren asks for a raise and his boss blasts him with an emphatic "No!" Pushed to the brink, Wren stuffs his briefcase full of cash from the the vault and runs for it. He burst into a taxicab driven by RAY LANDING a pyschotic country boy on the loose, to make his getaway. Along their way, Ray pulls into a desert mini mart to fill the car with gas. He goes inside to pay or so it seems, instead he robs the store at gun point. An hour later, the police pull them over. Ray kills the officer with his .357 as he stands at the car window. Ray wallups Wren in the head leaving him unconscious, steals his money, and then sets him up to be arrested. Wren makes a deal to pay back the money he stole and catch Ray. Wren tracks down Ray at the horse track and takes revenge and finds out that crime really does pay.