Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: The Zombie Experiment

Logline: Zombies, having become the pets/slave labor of choice, are ready to take revenge upon their oppressors.

Synopsis: With the world's dog and cat population killed off by a deadly strain of swine flu, Zombies have become the pets of choice - and business has found they can be trained as cheap labor. The key to this is that they are kept under control by Earnie's Brain-Flavored Zombie Chow, which contains camirocrytin, the only substance able to do so. When the reluctants "re-purposed humans" develop a tolerance to the substance Zombies are ready to take revenge in a way that gives new meaning to the phrase, "take this job and shove it!"

Title: The Bonewalker

Logline: If you hear's already too late. Run. Run like hell.

Synopsis: Gold was discovered in Bohemia Mountain in 1858. Mining camps sprang up throughout the area overnight. The largest was the Bohemia City Mining Town, which flourished until its inhabitants mysteriously vanished in 1942. In 2009 a group of historical conservationists began the Bohemia Mountain Restoration Committee. Their first official act was to restore Bohemia City, which is what brings fifteen ill-fated students to the mountain local Native Americans claim to be the hunting grounds of a Demon they call the Bonewalker. Facing all most certain death, the role of hero falls on the shoulders of Parker Everett, a sarcastic slacker who suffers from debilitating claustrophobia, when what begins as an ordinary fieldtrip turns into a fight for their lives as the students are hunted by the faster, stronger, and nearly indestructible Bonewalker. As the number of his fellow classmates dwindles, Parker must overcome his fear of tight spaces and fight off the earth's oldest living predator.


Logline: Maclaren, a small town in Alaska, seems cursed when a supersized wolf from a military research unit nearby, escapes captivity in the deep of winter.

Synopsis: The citizens of Maclaren are horrified to learn that a well-loved homeless man and their Sheriff have been killed by a wild animal, and presume it is a grizzly. Little do they know that the Colonel from nearby Fort Adams is racing against the clock to protect them not only from a huge and vicious wolf, but also from a psychopathic soldier who has escaped from his prison cell at the Fort. The Colonel pulls out all the stops to contain the situation, but his targets have animal instinct and cunning and survive the harsh climate, and search operations, leaving a trail of blood and gore. Two Anchorage police officers are roped in to help with local police duties, but matters are already out of hand, and it seems that the local characters are in for a nightmare they never bargained for.


Logline: The man who discovers the key to everlasting life is buried alive before the world knows of its power. A new franchise is born and the only way to escape his wrath is to kill or be killed.

Synopsis: When an everyday, run of the mill family, buy a house in NC they get more then they bargained for. Brownstone is alive and well buried deep in escrow in the very soil he once killed upon. Four eager and frisky teens stumble across his resting place and unleash the evil to the world. Once again there is a killer the world can root for, Brownstone will not only win your heart. He will rip it out and extinguish his cigarette in it. This screenplay is fast paced with a strong character build. When I started this screenplay not only did I want to put fear back into the genre but suspense with a hint of laughter. We know the success of the horror franchises, now it's our turn to unleash a monster that will rival the bleeding Gods of Horror. Brownstone is a new twist to an old stable of terror. Slasher, occult, and Zombie heads will all flock to see this tale of evil. I also have written the sequel to this film. I write them. You sell them. Weapons can't kill him and the Gods fear him.


Logline: Teenage boy suspects vampirism is running rampant through his small town.

Synopsis: DARK OF THE NIGHT is an atmospheric chiller about a teenage boy who suspects the beautiful girl who has moved into his small summer resort town is a vampire. As the populace of the town slowly begins to disappear, the teenager discovers that the truth is more terrifying than he could have ever imagined. I would describe it as SALEM'S LOT meets FRIGHT NIGHT.

Title: BAKA

Logline: A battle of wills between the Trickster of the Voodoo gods and six teenagers, raging hormones and all.

Synopsis: When a possible stop on the underground railroad is slated for demolition, SIX TEENS are moved to action. If they can only find hard evidence of a slave presence in the old condemned house, maybe they can save the landmark. However, what they find leads them to the conclusion that this was instead a brutal slave trading post. But by that time, they have unwittingly unleashed the Voodoo spirit, BAKA. BAKA was originally summoned by the slaves to avenge them. But they soon found that BAKA is a master of deceipt. The teens must find this out for themselves before BAKA can trick one of them into releasing him from the house that binds his power. Trapped in the house, they must resist his temptation and endure his brutality. The nightmare would end if only one teen would release him. How long would it take for YOU to turn on your friends?

Title: The Scary Kids Club

Logline: Five kids meet in a haunted cemetary at midnight, to tell scary stories - the teller of the least scary tale has to spend the night in a crypt. Unknown to them, they are being watched by two ghosts.

Synopsis: The Scary Kids Club, is about four boys and a tomboy girl, aged between twelve and fourteen years, who sneak out of their homes at midnight to meet up in a mausoleum in the local spooky cemetary. Each of them must tell a scary tale, and the one who tells the least frightening story must spend the night alone - locked up in the crypt. The leader of this macabre group, Randy, leads the meeting and bullies the other members. Mel, another member of the Club, has brought his nervous friend Charlie to the meeting to try to have him initiated into the club. Charlie has prepared a story about a person being trapped in a mausoleum and being attacked by skeletons - skeleton that gruesomely kill their victim. Unknown to the youngsters, they are being observed by two cemetary ghosts who do not like kids in general, and who take a particular dislike to Randy. After Charlie's story, Randy proclaims that Charlies tale is the least frightening and that he must sleep in the mausolem alone.

Title: Creating Perfection

Logline: A man is suffering from terrifying psychotic hallucinations, upon realizing this, he manages to manipulate them, to create his own perfect life and completely loses touch with his perceived reality.

Synopsis: John just lost his religous mother to cancer. This event left him bitter and angry. On his way to work, he experiences something strange and terrifying. Years later, he's living the perfect life. After retiring from a successful soccer career, he lives in a mansion with his beautiful wife and daughter. After a few mysterious encounters with a hobo, John's abducted from his mansion and eventually ends up in a hospital. There, he recieves the help from a doctor and the shocking truth is revealed. John is suffering from a severe psychosis, resulting into various hallucinations. John managed to control and manipulated these hallucinations. And thus was able to create his perfect life, all in his own mind. Two monts later, he's released from the hospital and seems to be completely recovered. A few weeks later, an object triggers him to see the ultimate truth. Nothing was ever real, as a kid he suffered massive brain damage in a car accident and is actually in a vegative state.

Title: Dead of the Night

Logline: The end of the world is just the beginning.

Synopsis: In the middle of the night, a mysterious explosion is seen and heard in the sky above the town of Evans City. Most dismiss it, but by the next morning, the town's residents are becoming infected by the chemicals in the explosion and are turning into flesh-eating ghouls. In the midst of this horror, we meet several disparate groups of survivors, including a young college couple, a suburban family, and a young man trying desperately to find his girlfriend. These people must try to find a way out of the city and come together to find a way to stay alive in the face of a virus that's not only destroying their home, but civilization as we know it.

Title: Unidentified

Logline: The discovery of a lifetime just may end their lives.

Synopsis: In UNIDENTIFIED, a sci-fi/horror blend, JAKE WHITAKER, takes a quick side-trip on the eve of his budding legal career to Galveston, Texas to meet his fiance GENA's family. What begins as a difficult time -- his unimpressed soon-to-be father-in-law, a treasure hunting hobbyist, invites Jake and AJ and FLINT, Gena's ex-boyfriend and brother, to join him in a hunt for sunken treasure -- turns unbelievable when they discover the find of the century, a UFO long submerged in the sea. As they squabble over ownership of the UFO, things turns deadly as the UFO's occupant, a vicious, voracious alien lurking inside, is unleashed. I'm a 'graduate' of David S. Freeman's Beyond Structure screenwriting course. Currently, I am awaiting production of my short, "Love Thy Neighbor," which finished in the top six percent out of 2600 in a screenwriting competition. If you wish to read my script, please contact me. Sincerely, Carson Cooper (317) 443-8229