Submission Samples from the Horror Genre


Logline: Teenage boy suspects vampirism is running rampant through his small town.

Synopsis: DARK OF THE NIGHT is an atmospheric chiller about a teenage boy who suspects the beautiful girl who has moved into his small summer resort town is a vampire. As the populace of the town slowly begins to disappear, the teenager discovers that the truth is more terrifying than he could have ever imagined. I would describe it as SALEM'S LOT meets FRIGHT NIGHT.


Logline: To save the lives of his son and the townspeople of Danaid, Alaska, a local Sheriff must kill the only woman he's ever loved, his wife.

Synopsis: An unidentified body found deep in an Alaskan mine shaft triggers a secret organization called the Ministry of the Wraith to dispatch a hunter to Danaid, Alaska. The hunter, Bishop Kane, arrives with only one purpose: to kill Petra Berlin, a loving mother and wife of the town's Sheriff Sean Berlin. For she is hiding a terrifying secret that rises closer to the surface with each darkening day. With Danaid's six month dark season just days away the assassination attempt fails and Petra's secret is unleashed. As darkness falls the townspeople begin to disappear, only to return horribly changed. Prepare for the Dark Season.

Title: The Zombie Experiment

Logline: Zombies, having become the pets/slave labor of choice, are ready to take revenge upon their oppressors.

Synopsis: With the world's dog and cat population killed off by a deadly strain of swine flu, Zombies have become the pets of choice - and business has found they can be trained as cheap labor. The key to this is that they are kept under control by Earnie's Brain-Flavored Zombie Chow, which contains camirocrytin, the only substance able to do so. When the reluctants "re-purposed humans" develop a tolerance to the substance Zombies are ready to take revenge in a way that gives new meaning to the phrase, "take this job and shove it!"

Title: You Can't Scream

Logline: A sexy vampire, cop, and witch team up to battle an army of monsters. Franchise.

Synopsis: A vampire movie closer in tone to From Dusk Till Dawn than Underworld or Twilight. Vampire mayhem and cop action with doses of black humor and eroticism are the cornerstone of this horror franchise. An evil alchemist has found a way to rule the world through a necromancy alliance. Three lethal women vow to thwart his plans; a sultry vampire, a revenge-seeking cop, and a witch who has lost her mind. They can stop the alchemist's evil schemes if they can get through his army of zombies and werewolves first.

Title: Save your child

Logline: A woman struggles to free her son from child pornograghers. Little does she know that a ghost is on her side.

Synopsis: Lisa Evans and her son John are on the their way to see her mother. Her car breaks down and she receives a lift from a stranger. Lisa and John spend the night, and later have problems that lead to John's disappearance. Lisa must fight to free her son, and keep herself alive as well.

Title: The Bleachers

Logline: Six students spend the night in their school on the anniversary of a town legend - the birth of a hideously deformed beast called the Bleacher Creature.

Synopsis: Emory Chase, a popular, yet play-it-safe senior at Ozark High has known about the legend of the "Bleacher Creature" for years; heard it numerous times from her father who attended school there as well. But unlike most students who write it off as a silly urban legend, Emory believes there might be some truth to it. So when her friends decide to spend the night in the school on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the legend, she's more than a little apprehensive. But friends can be persuasive, and what the heck, it's her senior year - time to get a little crazy. It doesn't take Emory long to realize she should've trusted her instincts, because some legends are real, and this one will to kill to prove it.

Title: Lurking in the Fog

Logline: "Lurking in the Fog" is a budget-conscious horror/thriller about a troubled teenage boy who suddenly finds himself being mysteriously stalked by a nightmarish phantom in a black cloak.

Synopsis: Walking home from a friend's house late one night, 18-year-old Oliver is suddenly attacked by a dark, manacing figure in a black cloak, barely escaping with his life. Shortly after, this mysterious figure starts appearing everywhere Oliver goes. Unable to convince his friends that this is really happening, he begins to heavily question his own sanity and is continually haunted by a perplexing childhood memory that he cannot place. However, when the people close to him begin to go missing he becomes convinced that this is all too real and it is up to him to stop it. In order to do this he must delve into the darkest, most repressed caverns of his own memory. But what he finds there is much darker than he could have ever imagined.

Title: Baghead

Logline: He spent years hiding his face behind a paper bag; now it's time to put everyone else in bags

Synopsis: Dear Sir or Madam: My writing partner, Wes Laurie, and myself are seeking representation. We are LA based screenwriters with more than 16 completed screenplays between us. Most recently a horror script by Wes, BAGHEAD, has been requested by three production companies. My romantic comedy screenplay FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE is currently the top rated script on Francis Ford Coppola's site, Zoetrope, and another script of mine was a top finalist in the ExposeIt! comedy screenwriting competition. Wes is an internet film news journalist and I'm a published, agented book author (children's books). We don't have time to market our scripts. We really need an ombudsman. If you or any of your agents are looking for motivated, prolific writers please contact me. I will send a query with loglines and synopses. Yours very truly, Mary Hahn Wes Laurie


Logline: I am an internationally published novelist and previous NYU creative writing professor: Six young strangers. TRAPPED in an ENGLISH MANOR HOUSE and enslaved by the past.

Synopsis: Marston Moor is a horror thriller, based on a true historical mystery. Set in London and in an isolated GRAND MANOR HOUSE in the English Yorkshire MOORS, the film tracks the fates of six youths as they are ENTICED to a GLAMOROUS event at the manor house and then find themselves trapped inside, FIGHTING for their lives. A cross between What Did You Do Last Summer and The Wicker Man, or The Shining and Rosemary's Baby, Marston Moor explores the consequences of our GENEALOGICAL TIES and of the HISTORY of our family and nation. Particularly with the interest in British history and the lives of their upper class from successful shows and films such as The Tudors, Gosford Park and Downtown Abbey, this film has huge potential for success. My literary agent in New York is Faye Bender ( However, she does not represent screenplays. I am looking for screenplay representation. My first novel The Mushroom Man (Putnam Penguin) was translated into several languages.

Title: Zombie Greaser

Logline: A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers.

Synopsis: 60's Greasers, Car Clubs, Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Pinup Girls, Military Draft and Zombies(Rated R) A Government coverup is accidently unearthed in the Nevada Desert in 1963 by a small gang of outcast greasers. Accidently inhaled by the leader - Turk Wad and with zombie tendencies that he tries to hide while confronting a rival gang, compete for the pinup girl of his dreams and running from the Military draft.