Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: The Diablo in the darkness

Logline: There has always been something out there, watching your evil ways, and now your soul has attracted something unimaginably evil!

Synopsis: There is a place that souls find themselves once they leave the afterlife, some souls may go up or down, but there is a middle, few will venture too, but there evil soul once entered has a chance to be saved and re enter the living world to do good, but not before their souls are un relentlessly cleansed. Story of 4 men: A "Deadly Gang Leader", "Molesting Priest", "Rapist/Killer" and a "Deadly - Suicide Bomber", all whose life's changed when they took innocence and made it into their own devious acts of vengeance. When each dies, their souls experience the cross roads of their horrific ways and enter into the middle world and its hellish fiery under layer, where they experience their greatest horrors and pain imaginable. Find out what happens in this controversial story of characters! Registration Number : 1513607

Title: From The Dark Stream

Logline: A man tortured by his past attempts to communicate with his dead family and inadvertently draws evil spirits into his life.

Synopsis: Edgar Stengal wishes for death and is consumed with guilt over causing an auto accident that took the lives of his wife and child and left him with a head injury that has given him the ability to see other people's auras. He takes up meditation in a attempt to contact his family but instead is plagued by visions of a palindrome speaking Reaper. When Edgar meets the mysterious Natasha, who has no aura, he learns that the place he is using to meditate was the site of a brutal murder, and that the meditative messages he's been sending his family may have been received by someone, or something else. Bob Melon sees U.F.O.'s wherever he goes. He's a local celebrity who bills himself as "The U.F.O. Magnet". Bob is totally obsessed with discovering why the U.F.O's are making themselves known to him. He has a recurring dream that includes Edgar Stengal wich may hold the key to the answers he seeks. When Edgar and Bob meet, events unfold that reveal the sublime evil that binds them.

Title: Hell Breaks Loose

Logline: Travelers through Italy inadvertently awaken an ancient curse in a forgotten village, but how can they stop the immortal forces of the dead once they have risen and all hell breaks loose?

Synopsis: For 100 years the land has been abandoned, the castle ignored, and they have been forgotten. The terrifying deathbringers known as the Disciples had finally been laid to rest. What will happen when Jake and his friends trespass upon their forsaken land? Death will rise. Bodies will fall. No one can stop the Zombie King.

Title: X-Ray

Logline: A female rock climber falls into the world of a serial killer obsessed with x-raying and torturing young women.

Synopsis: NANCY THOMAS, 24, speed climbs a sheer cliff without the aid of ropes or gear. Using just her hands and feet she skillfully maneuvers around jutting boulders and impossibly angled walls. She's confident and strong until a problem with one of her legs stops her. Not far away, DAVID DENMEYER, 30s, x-rays a drugged woman in provocative poses, then himself entwined with her. Later, he forces the young victim to watch as he injects her with euthanasia. At the same time, Nancy receives the devastating medical news that she is never to climb again. Defying the diagnosis she heads out for what she hopes isn't her last climb. On the way her dog escapes and is hit by a truck. She takes it to the only animal clinic in an isolated coastal town. There, she meets veterinarian David Denmeyer. She's attracted to the charming doctor, until she discovers his deadly secret. In spite of her disability and doubt, she must use her wits and rock climbing skills to defeat him.

Title: House of Screams

Logline: When her crisis pregnancy goes into crisis mode, a young woman ends up at the mercy of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a real-life criminal who brutally murders newborns.

Synopsis: Brenda is a young woman living with her boyfriend Sean when she finds out, to her chagrin, that she is pregnant. Brenda and Sean remain undecided on what to do with the baby, until a shocking detail emerges: the Sean is not the father! Sean refuses to raise the child and insists on Brenda having an abortion. Brenda sets up an appointment at Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic for the following day. Brenda dreams at terrifying nightmare about Gosnell, and decides she doesn't want to follow through, but Sean insists. At her appointment, Brenda is abandoned and gives birth to a living baby. She wanders the clinic with her baby, looking for help. She discovers Gosnell's murderous ways and tries to escape, but Gosnell catches her, sedates her into a stupor, and his assistant brutally murders the baby. Sean arrives at the clinic and takes Brenda to the hospital, where she regains consciousness asks the inevitable question: what happened to her baby?

Title: Potter's Field

Logline: Bootleggers and flappers run afoul of a clan of hillbillies and the otherworldly monsters they worship in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Synopsis: On their way to deliver a shipment of booze to Al Capone's Miami home, a gang of bootleggers and their flapper girlfriends are pursued by a rival gang sent by Bugs Moran to hijack the shipment. A gunfight disables both vehicles and an uneasy truce is called. Stranded in the Appalachian foothills, the rival gangs walk to a remote village called Potter's Field, where a seemingly friendly clan of deranged hillbillies plans to sacrifice them to an unearthly monster they call "the Youn'un", a proxy for their dark goddess.

Title: In Joy and Sorrow

Logline: Sometimes the sins of the past have a habit of catching up, and giving one the harsh sentence of justice. Sometimes these situations can become horrible - truly horrible.

Synopsis: When you've done something wrong, don't you wish you can just run, hide somewhere and hope the problem - and punishment - will go away? Sometimes though, the sins of the past have a habit of catching up, and giving one the harsh sentence of justice. In the dead of winter, a doctor does the unthinkable. After committing the worst crime imaginable, Dr. Emmerick Stone Kelly has to escape his sins. With the help of Sheriff Robert Strohl, he runs away to the small, yet unknowingly deadly, town of Susannah. Now, with all of his past behind him, he tries to start a new life. With all of the haunting memories resting on his shoulders, however, he soon finds that the beautiful town of Susannah is more than he bargained for. Now Kelly is faced with deadly neighbors and dancing ghouls. What else lurks in the shadows? And how will Kelly escape the sinister realm of Susannah? Based on the novella "In Joy and Sorrow".

Title: Survivng the Night

Logline: The undead have had it with humanity, and the Sleepy Little Town of San Angelo, Texas is going to be the final battlefield. SWAT Members Johnathan and Gennette Harder are the town's last hope.

Synopsis: The scene opens with the town showing thousands of people lying dead on the streets, but in this moment they didn't stay dead for long. This genetic mist of smoke transformed the dead into the Living Dead. Now the city has been overrun by Zombies except for the few survivors that have been out of the 3 mile range of the mist. These survivors were SWAT Team members, GENNETTE and JOHNATHAN HARDER, along with a few other survivors that were hiding out in an abandoned home along the streets of San Angelo, the leader of the survivors was LARRY HORSE, a banker who led the individual survivors to the abandon house and radioed for SWAT. The group arrives in several locations fighting off the hoardes of zombie after zombie leading to a stand off. Defending the only home they know the group of survivors throw everything they have to fend the invading flesh eaters and condemn them back to hell. In the end the group is led to the OTHER SIDE OF HELL, TX to question the chances of survival.


Logline: The man who discovers the key to everlasting life is buried alive before the world knows of its power. A new franchise is born and the only way to escape his wrath is to kill or be killed.

Synopsis: When an everyday, run of the mill family, buy a house in NC they get more then they bargained for. Brownstone is alive and well buried deep in escrow in the very soil he once killed upon. Four eager and frisky teens stumble across his resting place and unleash the evil to the world. Once again there is a killer the world can root for, Brownstone will not only win your heart. He will rip it out and extinguish his cigarette in it. This screenplay is fast paced with a strong character build. When I started this screenplay not only did I want to put fear back into the genre but suspense with a hint of laughter. We know the success of the horror franchises, now it's our turn to unleash a monster that will rival the bleeding Gods of Horror. Brownstone is a new twist to an old stable of terror. Slasher, occult, and Zombie heads will all flock to see this tale of evil. I also have written the sequel to this film. I write them. You sell them. Weapons can't kill him and the Gods fear him.

Title: Closure

Logline: Where does evil begin and end? Where does madness begin and end? These are just two questions addressed in the ultimate low budget psychodrama about the psychic residue that evil leaves in its wake.

Synopsis: When Janine and Eddie Garner take on an old house for renovation, they also take on a legacy of evil. Janine starts to experience strange encounters of the eerie kind. These begin with strange voices interrupting a radio program, along with disturbing scenes superimposed on a television chat show. Then Janine's personality starts to take on temporary changes that leave both her and her husband puzzled and disturbed. A psychologist asks Janine whether she was subjected to sadistic treatment as a child. Janine says no. The psychologist explains that the kind of personality disorder these episodes suggest are almost invariably caused by being subjected to deliberate and regular sadistic treatment as a child. Janine begins to believe she is being contaminated by the evil left behind in the house they have bought. Then people begin turning up dead.