Submission Samples from the Horror Genre

Title: The Lake

Logline: A troubled young man goes on a weekend camping trip in the woods of Oregon. When he follows his nightmares deep into the woods, horrible things start to happen. Is he a killer or is any of it real?

Synopsis: Ben Marchant has recently had a mental breakdown. As the story begins, he is attempting to get his life back to a normal place with the help of his loving girlfriend, Alice. He goes to therapy and takes a regiment of medications to combat his anxieties. He has a recurring nightmare involving a little girl on a frozen lake. The nightmare makes him feel like his darker side is close and ready to come back out. Alice books a weekend of camping in the woods of Oregon with a group of friends to take Ben's mind off his problems. Once there, Ben is drawn to a frozen lake in the middle of the woods. The more obsessed he becomes with the lake, the further from reality he gets. And then horrible things start to happen. One by one, his friends and other campers are killed. Ben must figure out whether he is responsible for the deaths or if someone else is in the woods killing people which leads to a thrilling conclusion on the lake itself.

Title: House of Screams

Logline: When her crisis pregnancy goes into crisis mode, a young woman ends up at the mercy of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a real-life criminal who brutally murders newborns.

Synopsis: Brenda is a young woman living with her boyfriend Sean when she finds out, to her chagrin, that she is pregnant. Brenda and Sean remain undecided on what to do with the baby, until a shocking detail emerges: the Sean is not the father! Sean refuses to raise the child and insists on Brenda having an abortion. Brenda sets up an appointment at Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic for the following day. Brenda dreams at terrifying nightmare about Gosnell, and decides she doesn't want to follow through, but Sean insists. At her appointment, Brenda is abandoned and gives birth to a living baby. She wanders the clinic with her baby, looking for help. She discovers Gosnell's murderous ways and tries to escape, but Gosnell catches her, sedates her into a stupor, and his assistant brutally murders the baby. Sean arrives at the clinic and takes Brenda to the hospital, where she regains consciousness asks the inevitable question: what happened to her baby?


Logline: I am an internationally published novelist and previous NYU creative writing professor: Six young strangers. TRAPPED in an ENGLISH MANOR HOUSE and enslaved by the past.

Synopsis: Marston Moor is a horror thriller, based on a true historical mystery. Set in London and in an isolated GRAND MANOR HOUSE in the English Yorkshire MOORS, the film tracks the fates of six youths as they are ENTICED to a GLAMOROUS event at the manor house and then find themselves trapped inside, FIGHTING for their lives. A cross between What Did You Do Last Summer and The Wicker Man, or The Shining and Rosemary's Baby, Marston Moor explores the consequences of our GENEALOGICAL TIES and of the HISTORY of our family and nation. Particularly with the interest in British history and the lives of their upper class from successful shows and films such as The Tudors, Gosford Park and Downtown Abbey, this film has huge potential for success. My literary agent in New York is Faye Bender ( However, she does not represent screenplays. I am looking for screenplay representation. My first novel The Mushroom Man (Putnam Penguin) was translated into several languages.

Title: Banker Boy

Logline: A disgruntled bank employee robs his bank and leaps into a taxicab to make his getaway only to be taken on a psychotic and murderous rampage by a serial killer who likes to play deadly games.

Synopsis: WREN RYDER, a young loan officer, is fed up with his tedious bank job. His broken down car needs repairs and he is tired of being broke. After years of loyal service, Wren asks for a raise and his boss blasts him with an emphatic "No!" Pushed to the brink, Wren stuffs his briefcase full of cash from the the vault and runs for it. He burst into a taxicab driven by RAY LANDING a pyschotic country boy on the loose, to make his getaway. Along their way, Ray pulls into a desert mini mart to fill the car with gas. He goes inside to pay or so it seems, instead he robs the store at gun point. An hour later, the police pull them over. Ray kills the officer with his .357 as he stands at the car window. Ray wallups Wren in the head leaving him unconscious, steals his money, and then sets him up to be arrested. Wren makes a deal to pay back the money he stole and catch Ray. Wren tracks down Ray at the horse track and takes revenge and finds out that crime really does pay.

Title: Springs Cemetery

Logline: Teenagers visit a cemetery where a myth of a young murder Indian Princess is said to be existing.

Synopsis: On Halloween night teenagers vist a cemetery where teenagers fifteen years eariler had been murdered rumors have it Paige the only survior that night killed them but she is sent to the nut house still claiming to the day the myth is real. The teenagers from the present night go to Springs Cemetery and discovers just how real the myth is. Once again only one surivor Teresa must put a end to the myth so she finds Paige and the two go up against a fight that can only be won by one winner. The Dark Princess has two well protectors The Headless Warrior and the Jack-o- who are said to be members of her family trapped by evil.


Logline: Snowmen come to life and attack teenagers at a cabin in the woods.

Synopsis: Seven teenagers: Jack, Brad, Jet, Qwan, Christie, Val, and Elizabeth party at a bar at: "The Grey Mountain Ski Resort". They then drive, in a Hummer, to a cabin in the woods. At night, around the fire, Brad tells the story of how the cabin they are staying at is haunted. Val, Christie's younger sister, finds old clothing in the attic. She runs outside and scares the whole group. She then puts the cloths on the five snowmen that they built.   The five snowmen come to life and start attacking the guys. The guys find a flame thrower and wound the snowmen. They decide to lure the snowmen away from the girls by taking off in the Hummer. The snowmen continue to attack the teenagers at various locations: a ski lodge, a chalet, the forest, and a spa. In the end almost all of the teenagers are killed except for Elizabeth and Jack. Elizabeth, with her operatic voice, kills off the snowmen on the mountain. Jack snow boards up to her and they kiss.


Logline: A curse by a pirate and a vampire from the future.

Synopsis: It's the year 1522 and the most feared pirate Estaban gets shot by his own women. He survives the hit and curses the women along with the Black pirates they run off with and the Island where they come from. The curse however, turns against himself. In the nearby future. At one of the vacation Islands in the Caribbean, vampires creep under the ground. Drug smugglers disappearing and after years the local gangsters finally know the truth... They really do exist. One of the vampires returns from the future in a space ship. With the technology from the future they capture people and copy them. The vampires must go to Saturn for the fuel they need and have their mind on the passengers of a Boeing 747.

Title: BAKA

Logline: A battle of wills between the Trickster of the Voodoo gods and six teenagers, raging hormones and all.

Synopsis: When a possible stop on the underground railroad is slated for demolition, SIX TEENS are moved to action. If they can only find hard evidence of a slave presence in the old condemned house, maybe they can save the landmark. However, what they find leads them to the conclusion that this was instead a brutal slave trading post. But by that time, they have unwittingly unleashed the Voodoo spirit, BAKA. BAKA was originally summoned by the slaves to avenge them. But they soon found that BAKA is a master of deceipt. The teens must find this out for themselves before BAKA can trick one of them into releasing him from the house that binds his power. Trapped in the house, they must resist his temptation and endure his brutality. The nightmare would end if only one teen would release him. How long would it take for YOU to turn on your friends?

Title: The Bleachers

Logline: Six students spend the night in their school on the anniversary of a town legend - the birth of a hideously deformed beast called the Bleacher Creature.

Synopsis: Emory Chase, a popular, yet play-it-safe senior at Ozark High has known about the legend of the "Bleacher Creature" for years; heard it numerous times from her father who attended school there as well. But unlike most students who write it off as a silly urban legend, Emory believes there might be some truth to it. So when her friends decide to spend the night in the school on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the legend, she's more than a little apprehensive. But friends can be persuasive, and what the heck, it's her senior year - time to get a little crazy. It doesn't take Emory long to realize she should've trusted her instincts, because some legends are real, and this one will to kill to prove it.


Logline: To save the lives of his son and the townspeople of Danaid, Alaska, a local Sheriff must kill the only woman he's ever loved, his wife.

Synopsis: An unidentified body found deep in an Alaskan mine shaft triggers a secret organization called the Ministry of the Wraith to dispatch a hunter to Danaid, Alaska. The hunter, Bishop Kane, arrives with only one purpose: to kill Petra Berlin, a loving mother and wife of the town's Sheriff Sean Berlin. For she is hiding a terrifying secret that rises closer to the surface with each darkening day. With Danaid's six month dark season just days away the assassination attempt fails and Petra's secret is unleashed. As darkness falls the townspeople begin to disappear, only to return horribly changed. Prepare for the Dark Season.