Submission Samples from the Military Genre

Title: Fire Support Base Rita

Logline: The true story of combat leadership and courage, and how an officer became the highest ranking African American to earn the Medal of Honor.

Synopsis: Lieutenant Colonel Charles Rogers entered the Army at a time when very few black officers were selected to command a battalion. He beat the odds with determination to be a better officer than his peers. He took command of the 1Bn, 5th Artillery in Vietnam. His goal was to bring every soldier and officer to their maximum potential. This was not popular with the troops. Through a series of battles, we see Rogers leadership style coming to light. He had an easy way with soldiers, but would not tolerate anything less than perfect. He prepared his troops to defend Fire Base Rita while under rocket and mortar fire. The NVA attacked Rita. They immediately broke through the perimeter, and began blowing up APC's and howitzers. Rogers personally led counterattacks to repel the enemy. The defenders of Rita suffered heavy casualties. He received three serious wounds, but refused medical help. His actions saved the men at Rita, and he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Title: McPhatter

Logline: Based on a true story of one of the first African American Marines. He triumphed over discrimination, survived the bloody Battle of Iwo Jima and crushing heartbreak. The story of an American hero.

Synopsis: After collapsing during a church service Thomas McPhatter, 85, tells the story of his military service in World War II to a hospital nurse. McPhatter left college to join the Marines. He is one of the first African Americans to serve in the corp. Sgt. McPhatter, battles racism, discrimination and fights for fair treatment of his men in the segregated service. In Iwo Jima, one of the fiercest battles of World War II, McPhatter runs ammunition to the front lines in the heat of ferocious fighting. His men die around him, his superiors challenge him, but he does not give up. He lives to see his love, Dee, again. As he serves with honor, another battle awaits him at home - the battle for Dee.

Title: Black Sunday

Logline: Twin sons of a deceased WWI flying ace join the war in 1942, train as bomber pilots, and prove their mettle in the daring Black Sunday air campaign.

Synopsis: Twin sons of a deceased WWI flying ace train as B-24 bomber pilots. Tom, the more gifted pilot, is asked to volunteer for a special mission. John requests that he join his brother as co-pilot. Sent to North Africa, fate has them assigned to Col. Brecker, the man responsible for their father's death. Realizing who they are, Brecker grants the request, violating a military act which forbids siblings from serving together. The twins become part of a massive air mission to destroy Hitler's oil refineries in Romania. Facing dangerous air and ground fire, they follow Brecker, who is determined to complete the mission at all costs. Numerous planes go down around them, riddled with flak. When Brecker's plane crashes, Tom takes charge and they successfully drop their bombs. Later, Tom is seriously injured and John must step up to pilot the battered plane and bring his rookie crew home. Through their ordeal, the twins overcome their limitations and finally learn the truth about their father.

Title: Black Sunday

Logline: Twin sons of a deceased WWI flying ace join the war in 1942, train as bomber pilots, and prove their mettle in the celebrated Black Sunday air campaign.

Synopsis: Imagine your father was mysteriously killed in an air battle before you were born. 24 years later you still haven't solved the mystery. Instead you find yourself in your own air battle, in a lumbering bomber hunting your target through smoke and fire. Everyone is shooting at you, half your group is gone, and you're unaware the man leading you is the culprit. A flak burst knocks your pilot unconscious and you must fly the shot-up plane yourself, with limited experience, an engine out, an internal fire, a wing tank leaking gas, no idea where you are, and no idea how you'll get back. Your worst nightmare? It all happened nearly 66 years ago and is told from the unique perspective of twin brothers in "Black Sunday," a riveting historical thriller of sibling rivalry, mystery, suspense, extraordinary valor and the fine line that separates survival from death. If you would like to read "Black Sunday," please respond to this E-mail address. I look forward to hearing further from y

Title: Mind over Europe

Logline: A bold and brazen U.S. Army Air Force Colonel during World War 2 struggles to keep his sanity after an elaborate scheme to destroy two men under his command falls through.

Synopsis: Lieutenant Colonel Walter Leftwitch, head of the 305th Bomb Group during the European Theater of Operations in World War 2, faces a tough fight with his conscious when his plan of death and destruction backfires on him. With several of his cohorts along to aid with his scheme, he forces his hand on Major Charles Perry to lead his fleet of bombers over unescorted Germany, outnumbered tremendously by Luftwaffe enemies. Perry, the son of a former Air Force General and the one who "had everything given to him" due to his last name, shares a deep dissenting view of sending the men behind enemy lines with no help. Another bomb group member,Staff Sergeant John Davey, is the boyfriend of Leftwitch's daughter, whom Leftwitch had recently transferred to him from a different unit with the seeming purpose of becoming better acquainted with him. *2013 NICHOLLS FELLOWSHOP PLACEMENT - Top 21-38% of scripts submitted (between 1,530 and 2,786 of a total of 7,251 entries).

Title: Combat Camera

Logline: The citizen-soldiers of Robin 99 are unusual among the ranks of US servicemen in Afghanistan: one day, they're working at their full-time civilian jobs. The next, they're battling Bin Laden...

Synopsis: Courage and valor, inspired by a true story. Following JAY's attempted suicide, KIM discovers a tape featuring footage of JAY's experiences as a National Guardman in Afghanistan. sensing causal link between war and breakdown, Kim speaks with members of his squadron. Flashbacks: Jay's punches a fellow soldier. JAY is called for review by BAGRAM GENERAL and COL FRANZEN, head of National Guard. GENERAL is focused on more petty concerns, threatening a court martial. KIM discovers that JAY's military records have been sealed... Scenes of comradeship, combat, and the capture of the elusive Haqqani. As his interrogation turns into a stalemate, Talibans advance, threatening to execute a shepherd they've taken hostage. A chase ensues with the Taliban following close behind; a helicopter piloted by Franzen comes in for the rescue. Haqqani gets away, and the shepherd is killed. Kim threatens to go public. End with a teary KIM accepting a medal on JAY's behalf from Colonel Franzen.


Logline: A Marine is never a coward under fire; a Marine is never a traitor to their country; and a Marine never, ever fools around with another Marine's wife.

Synopsis: Corps Values is a modern day military drama depicting one man's story of deceit and betrayal by his beloved wife and a fellow Marine. Gunnery Sergeant Charlie Lang is a dedicated Marine fighting the global war on terrorism only to learn his wife, Delilah has found solace in the arms of a senior Marine. To escape his private hell, Charlie files for divorce, leaves active duty and becomes a defense contractor in Afghanistan. Unbeknownst to Charlie the inappropriate relationship is unveiled and the Marine Corps begins a full investigation pulling Charlie back into the folds of deception. A Marine of integrity and true military convictions, Charlie expresses his disdain for Master Gunnery Sergeant Wes Mitchell. With his military career on the line, Wes solicits his friends with a plan to silence Charlie forever. CORPS VALUES WGA # 1585317

Title: I'll Be Seeing You

Logline: TRUE STORY of a wounded medal winner and escaped POW who, at war's end, must earn a Presidential Pardon after being sentenced to 10 years hard labor for striking a drunken officer.

Synopsis: Sergeant Koziol experiences some of the most brutal conditions in the history of warfare as a replacement in Texas' 36th (Hard Luck) Division chasing the Nazi's Hermann Goering Division through the sleet and mud in the mountains of Italy; and later participating in the invasion of Southern France. After his Company is wiped out, Art is left for dead - until picked up by the Nazis and given a life-saving operation in a German hospital in Stausborg. Following his escape to an 'open city', Art finds a weapon and returns to the slave factory he labored in as a POW - risking recapture - merely for the pleasure of killing the cruel Meister who ran it. During his journey from kid to forever altered adult, Art often feels the presence of his deceased mother giving him the strength to go on. When the war ends, it is his sister who learns of his heartless internment and brutal treatment in a U.S. military prison, and fights to save him.

Title: Black Sunday

Logline: Twins sons of a deceased WWI flying ace join the war in 1942, train as bomber pilots, and prove their mettle in the daring Black Sunday air campaign.

Synopsis: Robert Nelson took off on a routine patrol with his trusted wingman one 1918 morning and never came back. Why? It's a mystery his twin sons still haven't solved. Twenty four years later, they find themselves in their own air battle, bouncing around in an overloaded, lumbering bomber 50 feet off the ground, with everyone shooting at them, half their squadron gone, their own plane shot full of holes, unaware that their leader was the culprit. A flak burst knocks the pilot unconscious and one of the brothers must fly the plane himself, with limited experience, an engine out, a wing tank leaking gas, no idea where he is and no idea how he'll get back. Black Sunday is a historical thriller that relates this riveting true story. It is a tale of mystery, sibling rivalry, suspense, extraordinary valor, and the fine line that separates survival from death. If you would like to read Black Sunday, please phone or respond to this E-mail address.

Title: Fellowship of Dust

Logline: A thoughtful WWII combat infantryman survives 3 historic landings, 6 major battles, 3 Nazi POW camps, and returns home to battle pain, nightmares, and alcohol abuse before finding peace.

Synopsis: Frank Shaw was managing an A&P when he was drafted in 1940. When he returned from the war in June 1945, he was in physical and emotional pain. This film records his war journey and its aftermath. Against astronomical odds, Frank had survived 3 historic landings, bloody combat in Tunisia (Silver Star) and Sicily, the rout of Germans through France and Belgium, street fighting in Aachen, and winter combat and capture in the dreadful Hurtgen Forest. As a Nazi POW, Frank survived starvation, dysentery, and exposure. When he returned home, he had not recovered from the trauma of the war, and his family's love could not reach him. He drank and raged until he sought and received help at Ashford Army Hospital. After treatment, he found peace. He married and had a worthwhile career. Still, like most combat veterans, Frank had recurring nightmares all his life. At the moment of his death (age 70), he had wakened to tell his wife about a grisly event from the war but never finished the story.