Submission Samples from the Musical Genre



Synopsis: Hello, I wrote a great screenplay LITTLE ADAM - MY DANCING SON. I would like to make a great musical from this screenplay. Is somebody interesting? LITTLE ADAM is a story about love, dance, forgivness, family... It's story about very famous dancer Angela who has danced in NYC for 10 years. She is from Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) and she is going home after 10 years. She has 10 years old son ADAM in Bratislava, but he doesn't know that he is her son... Because when she was young she gave ADAM to orphanage... but she has missed him and she wants to be a friend with him... so she is going to lie to him that she is the best friend of his mom... ADAM is small dancer too and she is going to help him with the dance... the rest of story I am going to tell you in person...:)


Logline: Can a failed Broadway singer break free from the clutches of her devious ex-husband and claim a million dollar inheritance - and provide the final piece of the puzzle of a 50-year old murder plot?

Synopsis: WGA Registration Number 1526510. Texas-born Meryl learned to belt out show tunes at an early age, and her long ago teenaged friendship with Jack Ruby thrust her unknowingly into the midst of the JFK assassination. Now in her early 60's, she receives a mysterious letter informing her that almost a million dollars is waiting for her back in Fort Worth. The problem is that her ex-husband knows it too, and he'll do whatever it takes to steal the money-including locking Meryl up in SHADY ACRES, a 'rest' home with a sinister reputation. Will she be able to escape - and with the help of her gangster-want-to-be son and her ex's new wife (a knockout with a strange fear of zombies) - get to the money in time? The race is on with a final denouement at the gravesite of Lee Harvey Oswald. Meryl, who has an unusual habit of singing Broadway tunes when she's nervous, tries to keep her sanity in the midst of chaos and claim the final prize. Will she prevail?

Title: Young Oats! Ep. 1 of 7

Logline: An acting and singing career-maker for 4 8-12 yr girls and boys, as well as a dozen other singing children an adult choir and orchestra capable of singing the Handel's Alleluha Chorus.

Synopsis: Two young girls act and sing about two big moments: One rich, friendless girl, with a cold, stern mother, sings about playing baseball with the boys down in the street below her mansion. Another girl asks question of her German-speaking mother outside the funeral of her never-known coal-miner father. The boys in the street have teenage brothers that play rock music in their garage band. In the end, the girls play with the boys and act and sing in a large church kids' Christmas Pageant, along with a large adult choir and orchestra. Finally, the rich girl's mother embraces her and sings about her sweet daughter. Of the 40 songs in the musical, about 20 are original folk and folk-rock songs, and the others are well-known Christmas songs, such as Handel's Allelujah Chorus. The entire screenplay is 118 pages long, and would probably take 2 1/2 hours before editing.

Title: My Voice Goes With You

Logline: Can a broken spirit be mended by a hypnotherapist who seems to ask all the right questions?

Synopsis: Minnow is a discouraged youth living in a gang neighborhood. His only friend is his faithful dog Boney. After the death of his mother, his apathetic father, abusive step family and environment render him hopeless. A Christmas Eve session with a hypnotherapist leads him into an alternate Universe on an adventure to free himself and a noble people of a selfish queen. Will he find his courage? His purpose? HIS VOICE? And... Will he ever love enough to feel alive again? Includes 10 Original Songs by American Songwriter Award Winner: Here I am (Lonely Man) Spanish Touch Questions For Reflections The Storm Believe it's Better The Dream/The Reawakening The Truth Magic Night Taking You Home


Logline: The Harlem Story is a contemporary Black Les Miserable. It is a dramatic, musical romance spanning thirty-one years from the South to Harlem, New York

Synopsis: It is November 23, 1963, in the South, a day after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. BETTY HARRIS reads the bible to her son JAMES before bedtime. The next morning, James and his childhood fried, DIANE, attend church. Their parents are murdered by the klan. James' AUNT MILLIE later moves everyone to Harlem. It is June 1978. James runs an errand for Aunt Millie and he stumbes into an armed robbery and murder of a storeowner. He is arrested mistakenly and later tried and convicted. It is 1990. James' murder conviction is overturned owing to DNA evidence. Diane stands by his side while becoming a successful R&B singer. James, unable to pursue his potential for singing or find employment, joins the Army Reserves. He is later wounded during the Gulf War. He returns home. He moves into a homeless shelter, catches the AIDS virus, and struggles to survive the streets of New York.

Title: Garden of Life

Logline: In this Elton John jukebox musical, a group of friends planning their ten year reunion struggle with their personal lives and the challenges adulthood presents.

Synopsis: WGA Registration Number: 1392594 A group of friends including a doctor, a teacher, a paralegal, a musician, a salesman, and an electrician plan their ten year high school reunion while they get reaquainted with each other. All of them seem a little dissatified with their current relationship or lack thereof. They plan a weekend of activities, including attending the homecoming game, having a formal dinner and honoring their class advisor. The night before the reunion, their class advisor suffers a tragedy. The friends do not find out until hours before the reunion dinner. The class tries to celebrate amist the sad atmosphere. Throughout the weekend, the six friends help each other figure out what each wants from their current relationship.