Submission Samples from the Satire Genre

Title: Al Qaeda Is Here'

Logline: The Sheriff of a small town has been diverting Homeland Security funds to enrich town officials, and save his town from bankruptcy. Nervous official must devise away to allay an investigation.

Synopsis: Diverting Homeland Security has been easy, but keeping it a secret is much more difficult when town officials are on the cusp of a federal investigation. However, these inept, nervous town official may be 'rescued' when the make a 'lucky' arrest of Gypsy fortune tellers. These Gypsies, living out of their wagon, bear remarkable resemblance to terrorists in a wanted poster. They love American movie stars, American democracy, and freedom. However, can town citizens convince the Gypsies of the benefits of the American prison system. SO several citizens try showing documentaries on the health clubs, free plastic surgery. And there should be plenty of marks within those prison walls. This must all be achieved before the officials arrive to begin their investigation.

Title: The One That Got Away

Logline: Celestial love is torn apart in the heavenlies only to be rediscovered on planet earth. The ousted original dark angel relentlessly pursues his lost love moments before the apocalypse.

Synopsis: What does the hidden angel do when everywhere she turns this mysterious figure appears? She gives him the run around in various manners including seeking shelter in an insane asylum, feigning an overdose and trying to make it as a stand up comic and actress. Meanwhile the original dark angel and his comrades, the dark angels, battle for the rights to his long lost love through the help of the light angels. Knowing there is no other way to bypass God's plan, they discover a loophole that will bring the two estranged lovers back together again. The title is a reference to the original dark angel stealing away his object of affection shortly before the apocalypse, or also known as the end of the world. The dialogue is full of wit and banter between the main characters and the angels, which is saturated with satire. This original screenplay has been compared to the work of Stanley Kubrick with its witty and unpredictable twists and turns.

Title: The Book of Pofus

Logline: A bored scribe aspires to write the greatest epic adventure ever told, but has to settle for The Bible.

Synopsis: We have recently completed THE BOOK OF POFUS, a feature length screenplay. It is an irreverent comedy about The Bible, featuring several of the Old Testament's most famous moments, including God's creation of the world, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and Moses' parting of the Red Sea. Similar in tone to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," our screenplay explores the "true" scripture as penned by Pofus, an insignificant scribe who aspires to cement his name in history by penning a great epic. Totally uninspired by a Supreme Being, Pofus' rendering of the Old Testament is a comical blending of biblical history and satire. Two of our screenplays have placed as quaterfinalists in screenwriting competitions, while a third was optioned. Between us, we have written three published novels and several short stories. Our screenplay is available in electronic form (Final Draft, PDF, Word) or in hard copy format. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Logline: Ryan and Kelly make a Zombie Movie. Ryan and Kelly become the Zombie Movie. Do Ryan and Kelly survive the Zombie Movie?

Synopsis: Two young lovers, one a Romero devotee, seek fame and fortune by making a zombie movie in Colija, OK. Add to the mix an undead Native American Shaman who can turn people into zombies on steroids. Combine with the media hype, White House scrutiny, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin in pursuit of this unholy menace to America include a cast of locals, a Mexican cartel protecting a billion dollar secret, and a CDC Dragon Lady who really spices up the mix. Surely you're wondering why it's called The Purple Armadillo? Request THE PURPLE ARMADILLO by calling (580) 927-0496.

Title: The War on Fat

Logline: With her husband and son imprisoned for obesity along with millions of other Americans, Nahnthasia Franklin helps lead a revolution against the fascist U.S. government in 2084.

Synopsis: The year is 2084 and it is a crime to be fat! The U.S. is financially bankrupt, its cities in ruin. The War: Wipe out obesity by locking up the obese. The Franklin family: Nahnthasia, her husband Hugash, their son Rahanian, live in run-down tenement in New York. Obese,Hugash and Rahanian are imprisoned in separate facilities. Each engages in outrageous defiance of their guards. Nahnthasia is a member of The Children of Liberty, an underground organization working to take control of the U.S. long enough to free its citizens to other countries. She sells truckloads of carbohydrates, is arrested for treason, and tortured. Chaos ensues: The Children of Liberty gain control. Hundreds of millions escape to freedom in all corners of the globe via planes, trains, buses, boats. At their peril, many climb the wall into Mexico. The Franklins sail off from NYC, watching the bloody battle on the shoreline as they pass the Statue of Liberty.


Logline: The world's hottest action movie star decides to use the paparazzi's intrusions into his personal life to boost his career.

Synopsis: The world's hottest action movie star finds his "Playboy" image is fading into rumors of homosexuality. Fear of ruining his career, he hires a normal unknown woman to act as a "mystery lover". They stage apppearances and scenes so the paparazzi will go crazy - plastering photos and stories of him. Starting out coy and shy, denying the relationship at first, gradually increasing until they have become the "IT" couple of Hollywood. The fan frenzy boosts his career and movie ticket sales.