Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: If a submarine enters the space, what will happen? --a Sci-Fi screenplay both for submarine movie fans and space movie funs.

Synopsis: sometime in the future, the earth suffers an alien invasion.The aliens ocupied the space and sky.And human're still holding the lands and ocean.The war is seasawing at a deadlock,till... The submarine "Beyond" is dispatched to clear up the aliens under Bermuda seas.There they fight the aliens in a undersea cave and destroyed most of them.But while they're hunting the last alien marine-It's a strange, unknown USO,the sub is sucked into a light whirlpool.Just with a flash, the crews find their sub is orbiting over the earth IN THE SPACE! They don't know what happened and believe they're dead. But soon they find their sub is surviving them well in the space.They realize that the sub has almost everything for a spaceship.That's why.So they drift in the space, struggling to survive from the hard surrounding of space and aliens' attacks. They lived on,and make a rocket for the sub,change it into a incredible space battleship. And what will they do with this invincible warship?


Logline: A General helps to disclose aliens and uses an Army unit to prevent alien domination. In the sequel, he is exiled to a planet as Earth is dominated by Reptilians until he returns to help humanity.

Synopsis: ALIEN SECURITY General Tom Evens accepts a job to keep UFOs secret and is sent to a base where people are killed by aliens. Tom helps an informer for disclosure until they are captured. He is rescued by human aliens and agrees to save the world from evil aliens. He is taken to a fort where he secretly acquires the support of others to prevent domination. Tom is taken to meet with the President, who gives him command of troops that repel into an alien underground base where battles ensue. The troops are victorious and they return to loved ones. ALIEN INSECURITY Tom is asked to command a secret mission to rescue mind-controlled children. He agrees and commands troops that rescue the children until a battle ensues with Reptilian beings that kill everyone except Tom. He is taken to a beautiful world to live. 2 years later, Tom returns to a worker colony on Earth where he is able to help others to be human again. Battles ensue until humanity is victorious. There is great celebration.

Title: Hearing Thoughts

Logline: In the science fiction adventure, "Hearing Thoughts", Danny Burke's greatest challenge is not his quest to solve the mystery of how he suddenly acquired the ability to hear other peoples thoughts but how he might properly use this talent in his everyday New York City life.

Synopsis: Daniel Burke disappears while camping. Noah, the alien who abducted him, mistakenly leaves the "nano-nerve" in his brain giving him the power to hear thoughts. Later, Danny hears, the man he is prosecuting for murder, think of where he put her buried body. The CIA soon learn of his talent and ask him if he would work with them. He does and Danny falls in love with fellow agent, Alisha Jeffrey. He "hears" of a plot for a nuclear attack in London. In London, Danny acquires the necessary info to stop the attack but is not aware of a MI5 traitor. He tells the terrorist about his talent. The terrorist then plan on abducting Danny and Alisha to bring them to Iran so that Soviet scientist can remove the "nano-nerves". They plan on using reverse engineering to replicate it for themselves and the Iranians. Just as they are about to be brought to a submarine, Danny and Alisha are then saved by the alien, Noah. He removes the nano-nerve and sends him home. There is a very mysterious ending.

Title: Omega Team

Logline: Omega Team is the best special unit team there is. They function as one and follow their own rules, but no one cares. They do the impossible.

Synopsis: Contamination of the atmosphere has forced the majority of mankind underground into a new violent and dark world. Omega Team is first seen handling rebels in the new Town Square. Subtlety is not one of their strengths, death and destruction follow in their wake. For years Calypso (team leader) has been searching for her husband - believed dead. When information that he is alive and a known enemy of the state using a different name, makes its way to her, Calypso goes to find him, leaving everything she knows and has behind, severing all ties. The remaining team is called to bring her back at all costs. If she does not return, none of them had better, placing loyalties and friendships on the line. How far would you go to follow orders you did not believe in. How would you protect those you are loyal to, who have saved your life countless times. This could be worked into a TV series.


Logline: In a believer's world anyone who gets too close to the truth is automatically put on the target list of the most high in the real world.

Synopsis: A Believer has a experience with a UFO evidence proofs it's not imaginary in the ordinary world and calls the MOD. A man from Project Blue Book is called into investigate the sighting, STAR GIRL has to put a stop to the dark forces from pulling the strings before total conquest.

Title: The Return of Christ

Logline: Christ returns during our planet's most desperate hour. Or is it an alien intelligence that has hijacked our religion in order to peacefully take over our planet?

Synopsis: In the year 2049 a comet larger than a mountain strikes our planet. Our planet is dying! When all hope is lost, an extra-terrestrial city descends from the heavens and lands in Israel. The Supreme leader of New Jerusalem uses his powers to bring life back to our fields. The hungry are fed and the sick are healed but when this Messiah offers to literally change us into more loving and passive beings, many are skeptical. Our religious leaders say, "He is not Jesus and they are not his angels. They are aliens who have hijacked are religion in order to peacefully take over our planet". They also accuse our occupiers of deliberately sending the comet as a prelude to their heroic arrival. After many years of occupation, our world's political and religious leaders unite. A secret nuclear attack on New Jerusalem is planned. So Christ says to them, "You hated and killed me at my first coming, and now again you plot my death". Please go to to see a complete preview.

Title: The Journey Home

Logline: In an environment on the verge of collapsing, the struggle between a techno-bureaucrat and the woman he loves leads to the ultimate transformation of American society.

Synopsis: In Houston 2020, gas reaches $20 per gallon and gridlock is a way of city life. STEVE, Director of Transportation, and DANIELLE, a bright and beautiful researcher who works for Steve are deep in love, but are struggling to resolve the transportation crisis in their city. Steve is determined to massively upgrade the city's computer systems while Danielle is dedicated to completely reinventing the city and its transportation system. Fast forward 40 years to a realistic environmentally utopian world where Danielle is a city mayor and has fulfilled her dream of urban tranformation. MARIAH, Steve's daughter, is now a renowned inter-stellar scientist. The two women reconnect at the opening of an interplanetary research facility and a bond is instantly formed between them. With Danielle's guidance, Mariah finally uncovers the forgotten story of her father's tragic death during her childhood.

Title: Alien Christmas

Logline: Two boys journey to the North Pole to warn Santa of an evil plot by aliens to use him to help their species conquer Earth.

Synopsis: Santa Claus, burnt out, tired, feeling irrelevant, goes through the motions as he gets ready for his annual gift giving journey. He can relate to his beloved retired reindeer, whom have been put out to pasture for younger reindeer. His elves are getting ready to strike, while his lawyer informs him of the Environmental Impact Reports that must be filled out. On his journey, he enters the house of Wyatt, a precocious 12 year-old who doesn't believe in Santa or flying reindeer. Wyatt covertly hides on Santa's sleigh. As Santa resumes his journey, Sircoligians, amphibious creatures from another solar system, kidnap Santa and his sleigh. On the spaceship, Santa, rendered unconscious, has an implant placed in his neck. Wyatt, hiding, witnesses this and learns of the aliens' plan to use Santa and his magic dust next Christmas Eve to help them mind-control and subdue humans so they can conquer Earth.

Title: The Portal

Logline: The road to the future and the path to God are one and the same.

Synopsis: Throughout history, thousands of people have vanished under bizarre circumstances. In 1590, the entire colony of Roanoke vanished. In 1930, a whole village of Eskimos vanished from northwestern Canada. When government scientist Floyd Elliot loses his wife in a similar manner, he turns to religion for answers. Finding nothing, he throws himself headlong into his work, a government project to open a wormhole. When the wormhole is opened, the Eskimos return and Floyd accidentally goes through. His trip through the wormhole takes him far into the earth's future, a journey that brings him face to face with God. This surprise meeting with divinity ultimately provides a shocking revelation about the location of Floyd's wife, the nature of God, and Floyd's future destiny. WGAW #: 1628973


Logline: Their is something in the's not a shark

Synopsis: An unidentified creature attacks S.F. Our law enforcement is no match against the creatures god like strength. Our President implements a military plan to safeguard our cities, as well as locate the monster. SGT. Jack Tuller is assigned to a Godzilla military post based in S.F. His wife was murdered during the S.F. attack. Leaving Jack to raise their son. Despite our goverments efforts, Godzilla strikes again in the heart of Indonesia. By the time Chinese and U.S. military reach the scene Godzilla submerges into the sea. Our military eventually locates Godzilla on a remote island. We send our most highly trained marines and seals to conquer the impossible...they are in for a very big surprise. A true testament to the will power and resiliance of the U.S. military and its great citizens. An action packed film that will leave you guessing and wanting more untill the very end.