Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Death of a Clone

Logline: In the near future, clones are bought and paid for to make our lives easier. When they are murdered it is up to the Clone Homicide Unit to solve the case.

Synopsis: The lead character is Danny Mailer, a Clone Homicide Unit Detective in Detroit, Michigan, who has to solve a slew of clone murders along to help is his Captain John Munyon. They are both joined by a clone and his owner, who are both detectives. Their investigation is hampered by the severe underfunding and general apathy of the police system towards the Clones. The investigation leads all the way to the top of the Cloning science field and the Chief of Police. The Clone Homicide Unit will change the fabric of society when they solve this case. I have entered this screenplay in the Scriptapalooza 2012 Screenplay Competition. I have also entered it in Gordy Hoffman's BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2012. I am still waiting to hear back from them. The WGA registration number is 1541146.


Logline: One message from the past arrive, he reads it and he loves her at first sight, only his sweetheart was born 50.000 years before him. He sets out on a dangerous journey back in time to find her.

Synopsis: Year 2006 A.D.:French Space Agency sends a satellite into space, which is completely different from the ones known and will be back to Earth in 50.000 years. The History of Human Species will be contained in his memory and people will have the possibility to send, via internet, individual messages. Among the thousands of messages, Catherine's -a high school student fron Minneapolis- is the one which makes the difference. Year 50.006 A.D.:People watch in amazement the arrival of an ancient satellite. Moyo, restless and uncompromising, will be touched by Catherine's message and decides to leave his ideal life behind to travel back in the past and meet her. Year 2006 A.D.:During his search for Catherine he 'll come across a truck driver, a priest, a fortuneteller and a basketball player. Will Moyo and Catherine manage to be together, especially since people from his Age are looking for him? WGAW#:947499


Logline: A team of scientists see their lives completely transformed as they are sent to the Antarctic to investigate abnormal activity and meet another civilization, the Atlans who live hidden in the ice.

Synopsis: Jeremy Sanford and his team are sent to the Antarctic to investigate and collect samples from an immense and abnormal fault. While isolated from the rest of his team, Jeremy is the victim of an accident. Left unconscious and deeply wounded, Jeremy meets Eana, a being from the Atlans civilization who heals him and disappears as quickly as he came, leaving behind a piece of rare algae that only grows in the deepest oceans. Haunted by this experience and determined to find this exceptional being, Jeremy returns to the Antarctic with his friend, biologist and doctor, Rachel Anderson. Eana reappears and invites them to share the secrets of his advanced civilization which has lived hidden for centuries beneath the Turquoise Mountain. This extraordinary adventure between the Atlans people and the two researchers will deeply transform their lives. Many years later, Jeremy and Rachel have a son they name Eana, who turns out to be the messenger for the people of Atlans.

Title: The Dreamer

Logline: Space/time travel: The phenomenon that occurs when one moves through space at a velocity faster than light. Thus is Paolo Diivina separated from his family for thirty-six years.

Synopsis: Macon, Georgia. Paolo Divina has a dream, drives into the county and discovers that his dream has become real. A UFO has landed at the sight. The craft's pilot explains: Paolo is a Dreamer, a rare creature able to draw on any available energy (the spacecraft) and make a sleeping dream manifest itself. Earth has no such power. The dream will grow until it encircles the globe. Paolo will be trapped in that dimension unless he leaves the Earth. His wife, Angela, does not believe his story, but commits him for psychiatric care. Paolo escapes before the fateful moment. Angela tries to reestablish an ancient space travel mechanism, but fails. She and both children are killed by rednecks who think she's an alien. Paolo establishes the mechanism, journeys backward in time. His memory of thirty-six years vanish. The ending is a recap of the first scene. The spaceship does not come. The power source is not there. The events of the story never happen.

Title: Aurora

Logline: In 1897 something crashed on the Texas prairie, something that's still unexplained... and someone wants to keep it that way.

Synopsis: Keith Garrett, a reporter with the Dallas Chronicle, becomes obsessed by a century old investigation when he mysteriously receives a copy of an article about a strange airship crash in 1897. The article, published by his own newspaper, tells the story of an object crashing in the small farming community of Aurora and a survivor among the wreckage that residents described as 'from another world.' The bizarre article goes on to state that the craft's pilot died of its injuries and was buried in the local cemetery. Being a student of history and aeronautics, Garrett is intrigued by the story and decides to look into it. Though he doesn't realize it at the time, he has made a decision that will transform him from a writer reporting the story to an intrinsic part of it, leading him to an obsession that puts his own life at risk. It seems that 110 years after the crash that there are those who still want the incident to remain an obscure mystery-with a deadly intent. C 2006 WGAw Reg

Title: Mission:Life Force

Logline: Astronaut discovers a life force living below the surface of Mars that may hold the key to saving the United States from a terrorist nuclear threat.

Synopsis: Astronaut John Kirkland and Curt Kovoski are conducting a mission on the planet Mars exploring areas below the surface. Meanwhile back on earth: Terrorist have launched five biological germ missiles toward the east coast of the United States from Canada. U.S. fighter pilots destroy three, but two of the missiles hit areas near Michigan. The destruction is devastating leaving a mysterious yellowish powdery substance. Back on Mars:Curt falls into a deep crater. John lowers himself down the crater to save him and what he discovers is unbelievable. John makes a emergency launch back to earth. As he gets closer to earth the smoke and destruction are visable hundreds of miles away (based on actual events from space shuttle ISS during 911 attacks). John is rescued by a helicopter from a military biohazard unit. He realizes that his discovery on Mars may hold the key to saving the United States from the dangerous chemical. What was his discovery? Will it work? Find out in MISSION:LIFE FORCE

Title: Alien Christmas

Logline: Two boys journey to the North Pole to warn Santa of an evil plot by aliens to use him to help their species conquer Earth.

Synopsis: Santa Claus, burnt out, tired, feeling irrelevant, goes through the motions as he gets ready for his annual gift giving journey. He can relate to his beloved retired reindeer, whom have been put out to pasture for younger reindeer. His elves are getting ready to strike, while his lawyer informs him of the Environmental Impact Reports that must be filled out. On his journey, he enters the house of Wyatt, a precocious 12 year-old who doesn't believe in Santa or flying reindeer. Wyatt covertly hides on Santa's sleigh. As Santa resumes his journey, Sircoligians, amphibious creatures from another solar system, kidnap Santa and his sleigh. On the spaceship, Santa, rendered unconscious, has an implant placed in his neck. Wyatt, hiding, witnesses this and learns of the aliens' plan to use Santa and his magic dust next Christmas Eve to help them mind-control and subdue humans so they can conquer Earth.

Title: The Journey Home

Logline: In an environment on the verge of collapsing, the struggle between a techno-bureaucrat and the woman he loves leads to the ultimate transformation of American society.

Synopsis: In Houston 2020, gas reaches $20 per gallon and gridlock is a way of city life. STEVE, Director of Transportation, and DANIELLE, a bright and beautiful researcher who works for Steve are deep in love, but are struggling to resolve the transportation crisis in their city. Steve is determined to massively upgrade the city's computer systems while Danielle is dedicated to completely reinventing the city and its transportation system. Fast forward 40 years to a realistic environmentally utopian world where Danielle is a city mayor and has fulfilled her dream of urban tranformation. MARIAH, Steve's daughter, is now a renowned inter-stellar scientist. The two women reconnect at the opening of an interplanetary research facility and a bond is instantly formed between them. With Danielle's guidance, Mariah finally uncovers the forgotten story of her father's tragic death during her childhood.

Title: Hearing Thoughts

Logline: In the science fiction adventure, "Hearing Thoughts", Danny Burke's greatest challenge is not his quest to solve the mystery of how he suddenly acquired the ability to hear other peoples thoughts but how he might properly use this talent in his everyday New York City life.

Synopsis: Daniel Burke disappears while camping. Noah, the alien who abducted him, mistakenly leaves the "nano-nerve" in his brain giving him the power to hear thoughts. Later, Danny hears, the man he is prosecuting for murder, think of where he put her buried body. The CIA soon learn of his talent and ask him if he would work with them. He does and Danny falls in love with fellow agent, Alisha Jeffrey. He "hears" of a plot for a nuclear attack in London. In London, Danny acquires the necessary info to stop the attack but is not aware of a MI5 traitor. He tells the terrorist about his talent. The terrorist then plan on abducting Danny and Alisha to bring them to Iran so that Soviet scientist can remove the "nano-nerves". They plan on using reverse engineering to replicate it for themselves and the Iranians. Just as they are about to be brought to a submarine, Danny and Alisha are then saved by the alien, Noah. He removes the nano-nerve and sends him home. There is a very mysterious ending.

Title: Untitled

Logline: A sci fi fantasy and shared history between the lives of extraterrestrials and two very young lovers.

Synopsis: Two young west coast teenagers encounter and become acquainted with various tribes and species of extraterrestrials while, all along, being madly in love. It is a very, very funny tale as the extraterrestrials prize humor greatly and were initially drawn to the teenage male hero for that very reason alone. Only 19 pages have been completed. If there is interest it will be entirely completed.