Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: One message from the past arrive, he reads it and he loves her at first sight, only his sweetheart was born 50.000 years before him. He sets out on a dangerous journey back in time to find her.

Synopsis: Year 2006 A.D.:French Space Agency sends a satellite into space, which is completely different from the ones known and will be back to Earth in 50.000 years. The History of Human Species will be contained in his memory and people will have the possibility to send, via internet, individual messages. Among the thousands of messages, Catherine's -a high school student fron Minneapolis- is the one which makes the difference. Year 50.006 A.D.:People watch in amazement the arrival of an ancient satellite. Moyo, restless and uncompromising, will be touched by Catherine's message and decides to leave his ideal life behind to travel back in the past and meet her. Year 2006 A.D.:During his search for Catherine he 'll come across a truck driver, a priest, a fortuneteller and a basketball player. Will Moyo and Catherine manage to be together, especially since people from his Age are looking for him? WGAW#:947499

Title: Emily and Haley Master of the Universe TV Series:

Logline: When Emily and Haley play a prank on their school bus driver, they jump-start the ride of their life with less than one chance in a billion to save themselves and planet earth.

Synopsis: Two aliens are on a secret mission to earth but their cover is blown by kids (Emily and Haley) and they flee earth with a school bus lodged in the cargo bay of their space craft. Emily and Haley and the other kids must find out why the aliens took them away and how they can get home again. The parents enlist the help of the federal government Mrs. President/ Home Alone Security to bring back the children safe. After two unsuccessful attempts to rescue the kids by Special Agent Fudgerock and by General Rucker, the aliens call for help from the mother ship. Subsequent SERIAL episodes deal with the break of this impasse.

Title: Alien Christmas

Logline: Two boys journey to the North Pole to warn Santa of an evil plot by aliens to use him to help their species conquer Earth.

Synopsis: Santa Claus, burnt out, tired, feeling irrelevant, goes through the motions as he gets ready for his annual gift giving journey. He can relate to his beloved retired reindeer, whom have been put out to pasture for younger reindeer. His elves are getting ready to strike, while his lawyer informs him of the Environmental Impact Reports that must be filled out. On his journey, he enters the house of Wyatt, a precocious 12 year-old who doesn't believe in Santa or flying reindeer. Wyatt covertly hides on Santa's sleigh. As Santa resumes his journey, Sircoligians, amphibious creatures from another solar system, kidnap Santa and his sleigh. On the spaceship, Santa, rendered unconscious, has an implant placed in his neck. Wyatt, hiding, witnesses this and learns of the aliens' plan to use Santa and his magic dust next Christmas Eve to help them mind-control and subdue humans so they can conquer Earth.

Title: Genome 2012

Logline: Genome 2012 The ultimate road trip of human history.

Synopsis: Genome 2012 December 21, 2012 is close at hand. Genome 2012 captures the action and drama of that day and the month preceding the most powerful transition in human history since the Big Bang. The plot hangs on the premise that the human race is nothing more than the biological carrier for the genetic information of the human genome. The action revolves around Dr. Gene Freeman and his MS-MAC G-12 super cell PC. Dr. Freeman has been chosen by the US government and the Genetic Underground to direct the road trip of human history, from our current reality to that of the post 2012 era. The story line includes the flip-flop of the magnetic poles of the earth, the rupture of the Grand Canyon's Lake Powell and the final escape of the genome through a worm hole in space-time. This screen play cries for production now. 2012 is upon us. Contact: Kenneth L. Barrett, 951-691-2572, email:

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: A group of college students awakening from stasis establish a dangerous connection behind their capture and a project to strip them of their humanity.

Synopsis: In the year 2012, unemployed autistic rebel and aspiring musician Saverio Gazzara inadvertently stumbles upon an underground chamber and discovers three girls - Kate Redski, Amanda Robinson and Sarah Blake - sleeping in their cryogenic capsules. He revives and rescues them, taking them to his base of operations - an underground bunker. At his bunker, Saverio and his friends - Yuri Goranski, an unemployed dyslexic rebel and eager sportsman, and Hans von Braun, an unemployed tech-head and a heavy smoker - decide to look after the girls. Saverio introduces them to 21st-century life and recaps some of the major events and advances from the past quarter of a century. The girls decide to go out for a night on the town while the boys remain in the bunker. Kate is lured into a trap under false pretences and is abducted. With Yuri and Hans in tow, Saverio embarks on a mission which will uncover the truth behind the girls' capture, ending in a violent climax with explosive consequences.

Title: The Nephilim: The Birth of Agathon

Logline: Earthly combatants against Nephilim, fallen angels, which created mankind as a race of slaves. Only Agathon, a new breed of Superhero, can protect the Earth.

Synopsis: The fall of an Angelic Species and its attempts to reclaim the Earth in the twenty-first century. The Fallen Angels, artificially evolved mankind from a primitive species, then enslaved them and inflicted horror on the new life forms. Their attacks on mankind resulted in their loss of immortality and their nurturing environment. They return, knowing the key to their survival is the creation of a hybrid species, born of a human and the angels. A group of combatants, an archeologist, a security specialist, a casino owner, a US Army general, a little girl and an angel, must defend the Earth from this invasion. To do this, they must gain the allegiance of mankind's archenemy, Enoch, the hybrid son of Jason Newhart, a Vegas casino owner and Astara, an angel. The transformation of Enoch, the hybrid, to Agathon, results in the creation of humanity's most unusual superhero, a creature caught between Heaven and Earth, struggling to free mankind enslavement and death from its fallen creators.

Title: Silent Gene

Logline: Janitor ADAM follows his implanted memories to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind.

Synopsis: Year 2019, orphanage-grown janitor ADAM buys a wearable dream-reader and shares his dreams on the web. He suddenly becomes the target of a group of people who is trying to kill him and obtain his brain. While escaping from the killers, he follows his memories found implanted by his biological mother, to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind. He also finds out that he used to be a powerful scientist who developed the dream reading technology and secretly initiated a massive human slaughter through the worldwide popular dream-reader. Now Adam has to use his intelligence to fight with himself and crush the conspiracy of reviving the Third Reich, and of course, to find his love back. (I prefer contact by email:, thanks.)

Title: Kore

Logline: Criminals, terrorists and murderers led by Kore flee from justice in the Centaurus Empire. Arriving on Earth, he contacts the local terrorists and criminals to help him become the System Lord.

Synopsis: The Centaurus Empire is a federation of planets united under one leader called Anami Kordasian, the System Lord. As the Empire emerges from a costly galactic war, rebuilding the economy and intergalactic trading continues to strengthen them. However, the Empire is plagued by space pirates, criminals and the Terrorists League, whose leader is none other than the brother of the Centaurus System Lord. Kore was captured during the Great War, implanted with an evil symbio, and made a weapon against the Empire. Though the war is over, the renegade ex-Commander Kore continues to inflict heavy financial losses to the Empire. Kore discovers a starchart with the position of Earth on it. He comes to Earth with his Terrorists League and alien spacecrafts. His ultimate goal is to pursuade the Middle Eastern Terrorists and worldwide criminal organizations into helping him conquer Earth, so he would become the System Lord of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.


Logline: They're already here, and have been for a long time...and they're still coming. The War of the Worlds began in the Old West.

Synopsis: John Severen, a drifter, who lost his memory, takes a job for a trucking company that he discovers is run by ex-Black Ops personnel and has been delivering extra terrestrial creatures, Reptilian Dracos, in cryogenic containers. John pieces his past together, realizing that, when he was a young boy, he was a member of a group of eight gifted children, the Montauk Kids, who, under the facilitation of the government, would meld their minds together and send themselves into the past, the Old West, as cowboy riders to defend that world against alien invaders. He eventually teams up with the other seven, now thirty years later, to fight off an alien armada that is headed towards Earth. John discovers that the aliens abducted him when he was a boy. As he tried to help the other seven children escape them, he was captured, implanted with a microchip that controlled his mind, and his blood was mixed with alien DNA, which allows him to change his form, an ability that he intends to use.

Title: Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End

Logline: What if aliens believe in God just like us? What if they are looking for proof of God and stumble upon Earth during their search? And what if aliens are the missing link between human and ape?

Synopsis: An alien race searches the universe for proof of God. They discover a life abundent planet Earth. They test and experiment on all life they find. The tests and experiments lead them to human creation. The aliens search for proof of God was continued through the human creation while keeping the existence of their alien race hidden from them. A hostile act toward the human creation by an unknown hostile intelligent life form leads to the discovery of the alien race by the human creation. The revelation of the alien race to the human creation is followed by a tragedy that leaves the leaders of the human creation in a race against time to save their planet. But their is one more cosmic secret left that will help the leaders of the human creation save their planet after all. Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End is a story that disintegrates traditional beliefs with a message of unity and a revolutionary ending that may unit the human race after all.