Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: The Chosen of Gaia

Logline: Accepting an intriguing offer to move to an advanced and hidden planet, a family will live the time of their lives, until they become suspects of a mysterious crime.

Synopsis: Accepting an intriguing offer to move to an advanced and hidden planet, a family has the time of their lives, until they become suspects of a mysterious crime. Gaia is a nearby planet populated with the technologically and spiritually sophisticated descendants of the lost continent of Atlantis, who have hidden their world from our view to allow us to develop relatively undisturbed. Teenage twins Albert and Ruth flourish in their new environment, making close friends and discovering their own hidden mystical talents, but also provoking a dangerous rival. Bigger problems arise when their father, brilliant scientist Victor Klein, becomes the main suspect in the death of Gaia's leader and the robbery of their society's most protected secrets. The twins must put their newfound skills to the test and determine their true friends to prove their parents' innocence and show all of Gaia the true dangers of intolerance.

Title: The Jungles of Anekson

Logline: In an alternate timeline, a controversial discovery threatens to ignite a war between Neanderthals and humans. Dr. Ryan Henry must race against time to prevent the conflict and save the planet!

Synopsis: What if humans were no longer the dominant species on planet Earth? In an alternate timeline, Neanderthals have evolved alongside humans. The two cultures share a fragile coexistence. When a controversial discovery threatens to ignite a war between the two species, Dr. Ryan Henry must race against time to stop the annihilation of all life on Earth! Along with the energetic Dr. Jennifer Norris, Ryan must bridge the gap between the two cultures. How can be bring peace when leaders of both nations seem hell-bent on destruction? Will he be able to escape when the war comes to his doorstep? My latest screenplay, THE JUNGLES OF ANEKSON, is a science-fiction adventure with a strong parable to racial/cultural conflict in our world today. It is an exploration of how a dominant species can mistreat a form of life not as evolved as their own. Amidst the social allegory is an exciting story with great characters and amazing action.

Title: The Crystal Crypt

Logline: Stranded on earth whilst their ship is being salvaged, a young emotionally blackmailed "humanlike" alien must outwit his cold hearted counterpart to save New York from destruction.

Synopsis: The US President is informed that a spectacular space ship has made an emergency landing on the Atlantic Ocean. However, two "human like" aliens transported off before it sunk. One is a cold hearted dictator and the other a teenage boy who is searching for his older brother and being emotionally blackmailed by his counterpart. Because our sea water is deadly to the aliens they must rely on the President to salvage and return their ship. The dictator alien reverts to advanced alien technology to hold NY as leverage and amidst tons of action NY vanishes. As the story progresses the younger alien bonds with a youngish General and the power hungry Secretary of Defense joins forces with the dictator alien. Amidst the chaos that follows and with the help of the younger alien, NY is restored, the technology used to capture it destroyed, the space craft disintegrates, the Secretary of Defense and dictator alien die and the General reveals that he's the younger alien's long lost brother.

Title: The World Beyond Us

Logline: Half of the Earth is covered in ice due to global change that took place in the year 2265. Ninety percent of the U.S. is covered in ice. The U.S. is divided into eleven colonies and villages.

Synopsis: Benson, a strong warrior has been imprisoned for sleeping with another man's wife. His stay in prison has now been terminated and his skills are needed to protect the Village of Odessa. The Ice Runners are warriors led by Raum to protect Odessa and other villages through out the country from the greedy Beserkers(thieves and rapist). When Raum is denied a woman from Odessa he is offended and becomes an enemy of the village he once protected. Berko and Adanna have plans to get married, but those plans are cut short when the arrogant Raum lays eyes on Adanna. The leader of Odessa and father of Adanna, Ivar has been put in an ugly position. He has the option of turning over his daughter to Raum, and avoiding alot of blood shed. Instead he denies Raum's demands and enlist the help of the man that once betrayed him: Benson. In a matter of days Odessa will be under attack by the most powerful colony in the country: Norka. Only Benson's leadership can save the colony.

Title: Emily and Haley Master of the Universe TV Series:

Logline: When Emily and Haley play a prank on their school bus driver, they jump-start the ride of their life with less than one chance in a billion to save themselves and planet earth.

Synopsis: Two aliens are on a secret mission to earth but their cover is blown by kids (Emily and Haley) and they flee earth with a school bus lodged in the cargo bay of their space craft. Emily and Haley and the other kids must find out why the aliens took them away and how they can get home again. The parents enlist the help of the federal government Mrs. President/ Home Alone Security to bring back the children safe. After two unsuccessful attempts to rescue the kids by Special Agent Fudgerock and by General Rucker, the aliens call for help from the mother ship. Subsequent SERIAL episodes deal with the break of this impasse.

Title: Aurora

Logline: In 1897 something crashed on the Texas prairie, something that's still unexplained... and someone wants to keep it that way.

Synopsis: Keith Garrett, a reporter with the Dallas Chronicle, becomes obsessed by a century old investigation when he mysteriously receives a copy of an article about a strange airship crash in 1897. The article, published by his own newspaper, tells the story of an object crashing in the small farming community of Aurora and a survivor among the wreckage that residents described as 'from another world.' The bizarre article goes on to state that the craft's pilot died of its injuries and was buried in the local cemetery. Being a student of history and aeronautics, Garrett is intrigued by the story and decides to look into it. Though he doesn't realize it at the time, he has made a decision that will transform him from a writer reporting the story to an intrinsic part of it, leading him to an obsession that puts his own life at risk. It seems that 110 years after the crash that there are those who still want the incident to remain an obscure mystery-with a deadly intent. C 2006 WGAw Reg

Title: Genome 2012

Logline: Genome 2012 The ultimate road trip of human history.

Synopsis: Genome 2012 December 21, 2012 is close at hand. Genome 2012 captures the action and drama of that day and the month preceding the most powerful transition in human history since the Big Bang. The plot hangs on the premise that the human race is nothing more than the biological carrier for the genetic information of the human genome. The action revolves around Dr. Gene Freeman and his MS-MAC G-12 super cell PC. Dr. Freeman has been chosen by the US government and the Genetic Underground to direct the road trip of human history, from our current reality to that of the post 2012 era. The story line includes the flip-flop of the magnetic poles of the earth, the rupture of the Grand Canyon's Lake Powell and the final escape of the genome through a worm hole in space-time. This screen play cries for production now. 2012 is upon us. Contact: Kenneth L. Barrett, 951-691-2572, email:

Title: Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End

Logline: What if aliens believe in God just like us? What if they are looking for proof of God and stumble upon Earth during their search? And what if aliens are the missing link between human and ape?

Synopsis: An alien race searches the universe for proof of God. They discover a life abundent planet Earth. They test and experiment on all life they find. The tests and experiments lead them to human creation. The aliens search for proof of God was continued through the human creation while keeping the existence of their alien race hidden from them. A hostile act toward the human creation by an unknown hostile intelligent life form leads to the discovery of the alien race by the human creation. The revelation of the alien race to the human creation is followed by a tragedy that leaves the leaders of the human creation in a race against time to save their planet. But their is one more cosmic secret left that will help the leaders of the human creation save their planet after all. Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End is a story that disintegrates traditional beliefs with a message of unity and a revolutionary ending that may unit the human race after all.

Title: Hearing Thoughts

Logline: In the science fiction adventure, "Hearing Thoughts", Danny Burke's greatest challenge is not his quest to solve the mystery of how he suddenly acquired the ability to hear other peoples thoughts but how he might properly use this talent in his everyday New York City life.

Synopsis: Daniel Burke disappears while camping. Noah, the alien who abducted him, mistakenly leaves the "nano-nerve" in his brain giving him the power to hear thoughts. Later, Danny hears, the man he is prosecuting for murder, think of where he put her buried body. The CIA soon learn of his talent and ask him if he would work with them. He does and Danny falls in love with fellow agent, Alisha Jeffrey. He "hears" of a plot for a nuclear attack in London. In London, Danny acquires the necessary info to stop the attack but is not aware of a MI5 traitor. He tells the terrorist about his talent. The terrorist then plan on abducting Danny and Alisha to bring them to Iran so that Soviet scientist can remove the "nano-nerves". They plan on using reverse engineering to replicate it for themselves and the Iranians. Just as they are about to be brought to a submarine, Danny and Alisha are then saved by the alien, Noah. He removes the nano-nerve and sends him home. There is a very mysterious ending.

Title: Immortal Download

Logline: An American Senator wakes to find he has become an android and must save the world from a plot to destroy most of humanity.

Synopsis: The year is 2044 and the UK has been assimilated into the USA as the 57th State. Jack Churchill, wakes to find that his physical body has died and his mind has been transferred into a state-of-the-art artificial body. He has no recollection of the previous six months, and if that isn't bad enough he is also charged with the assassination of the President. He escapes to India, where in a stunning twist; he meets himself! His physical body had only been clinically dead for a few minutes, had been rescued and taken to India, damaged, but alive. Jack finds out, at last, from his `real' self, what happened to him in the lost six months. He had fallen in love with the beautiful Carrie, and came across a plot by the US President to release a series of deadly DNA viruses that would target his enemies; millions would die! Back in America, Jack, of course, is able to save the day at the last minute by implanting a cunning computer virus that immobilizes the enemy androids. WGA # 1356055.