Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Untitled

Logline: A sci fi fantasy and shared history between the lives of extraterrestrials and two very young lovers.

Synopsis: Two young west coast teenagers encounter and become acquainted with various tribes and species of extraterrestrials while, all along, being madly in love. It is a very, very funny tale as the extraterrestrials prize humor greatly and were initially drawn to the teenage male hero for that very reason alone. Only 19 pages have been completed. If there is interest it will be entirely completed.

Title: The Nephilim: The Birth of Agathon

Logline: Earthly combatants against Nephilim, fallen angels, which created mankind as a race of slaves. Only Agathon, a new breed of Superhero, can protect the Earth.

Synopsis: The fall of an Angelic Species and its attempts to reclaim the Earth in the twenty-first century. The Fallen Angels, artificially evolved mankind from a primitive species, then enslaved them and inflicted horror on the new life forms. Their attacks on mankind resulted in their loss of immortality and their nurturing environment. They return, knowing the key to their survival is the creation of a hybrid species, born of a human and the angels. A group of combatants, an archeologist, a security specialist, a casino owner, a US Army general, a little girl and an angel, must defend the Earth from this invasion. To do this, they must gain the allegiance of mankind's archenemy, Enoch, the hybrid son of Jason Newhart, a Vegas casino owner and Astara, an angel. The transformation of Enoch, the hybrid, to Agathon, results in the creation of humanity's most unusual superhero, a creature caught between Heaven and Earth, struggling to free mankind enslavement and death from its fallen creators.

Title: Horatio tends toward 0

Logline: What would happen if somebody travelled back in time to prevent their own birth?

Synopsis: Horatio is sick of his lonely life and wants to cease to exist. But he is too good to hurt anyone, let alone himself. That is the reason he fails in all of his suicide attempts. Luckily, Horatio is a brilliant scientist and he gets a fantastic idea about how to achieve his goal and disappear: he'll build a time machine to take him back to the day he was conceived, in other words, 9 months before his birth. Once there, Horatio will look for his parents and prevent them from committing the act in which he was begot. However, once back in the past, Horatio fails: he finds his parents, but right when they are in the midst of his conception! So, Horatio is trapped in a time in which he doesn't belong, without the possibility of returning to the present.

Title: New Day

Logline: Adams Blackhall agreed to become a colonist, because he wanted a new start on life, a new day. His new day didn't include waging an unnecessary war against the people of Upsilon Pegasus.

Synopsis: After returning to earth, Adams Blackhall nearly dies during his hibernation revival procedure, afterwards his brother Jefferson Blackhall informs him their sister passed away while he was away from earth. Burdened with the guilt of years spent away from his family, the wakeup call from his near death experience, he decides to pursue an early retirement. Jefferson and their mutual friend Yolando Sato make another proposal. Join them, become a colonist on the earth-like planet of Upsilon Pegasus. It will be a new start, a new day. Once the Colonial Fleet arrives at Upsilon Pegasus, they discover that the original colony has fractured into two countries, New London and Zhang. The leader of Colonial Fleet, Admiral Gomez, uses a tragic event and the existence of New London and Zhang, as a pretext for invasion, with the ultimate goal of uniting both countries under colonial rule. As for Adams, he didn't travel fifty light years to wage a war against the people of Upsilon Pegasus.


Logline: ROSANNA is involuntarily and repeatedly summoned back in time to resolve issues that threaten the survival of her family lineage.

Synopsis: CHANGING TIMES is an hour-long television drama centered on ROSANNA, a 30-something black female who is summoned into the past by an EVENT that threatens the survival of her lineage. Attractive, smart and athletic, Rosanna disappears unpredictably into unfamiliar places and times in history where she must deal with danger and intrigue while resolving a threat to her lineage. Husband MARK and long-time acquaintance ELIAS are in-the-know and equip Rosanna for life-or-death adventures in the past. Occasionally one or the other accompanies Rosanna into the past by being in contact with her during the transition. VANDIVER works for a shady organization that, having heard rumors of the time traveler, wants her special capabilities for their own illicit purposes. SPECIAL AGENT ROSS, attached to a powerful government organization, is also tasked with obtaining the time travel secret. Levity is injected by neighbor CARLA who is spirited, fun and cute - but always drops by at the wrong time.

Title: American Reich

Logline: A professor sends her graduate student back in time to 1933 to kill Adolf Hitler, only to find her actions have unintended consequences.

Synopsis: Wayne Goldberg, graduate student at NYU, is asked by his brilliant physics professor, Dr. Lisa Hoffmann, to stop by her lab, where he is shown a strange device that was once obviously a washing machine, but is informed this strange contraption is indeed now a working time machine. After convincing Wayne of its validity, by sending him back to the doomed Hindenburg, he agrees to be sent back in time to kill Adolf Hitler, by slipping poison into his celebratory drink, on the night he became Chancellor of Germany. After completing the mission, Wayne arrives back in 2010. Dr. Hoffmann, however, does not recognize him. New York City has become New Berlin City and the United States part of the German Unified Territories. Finding himself interred in a work camp, Wayne must figure out a way to get Tellurium-24, which powers the time machine, as well as back to the time machine to re-write history oince again.


Logline: In a seemingly perfected future, one man confronts his loss of friends and his identity as he attempts to unravel the twisted secrets behind the all-powerful corporation- Infinicorp.

Synopsis: The world is controlled by a single omnipotent corporation- Infinicorp- which provides everything to every Employee. From birth, best friends Floyd 14-7 and Glen 14-7 have been trained to do their assigned job and believe what they are told without question, in order to maintain peace and happiness for all. It is a situation that no Employee questions. Vast guarded borders protect the Employees from the scattered Unemployed, who are considered less than human and kept isolated away from Infinicorp's Utopian society. Now, as adults working as security officers, their lives continue to follow Infinicorp's design perfectly until Floyd hears tales of the Unemployed and begins to discover the secret behind Infinicorp. Glen is ordered to stop his friend's attempted treason but the bond of their shared friendship is strong. Glen must choose between the life of a man he has loved from his earliest memory and the corporation to whom he owes everything. WGA Registered # 1197756


Logline: In a believer's world anyone who gets too close to the truth is automatically put on the target list of the most high in the real world.

Synopsis: A Believer has a experience with a UFO evidence proofs it's not imaginary in the ordinary world and calls the MOD. A man from Project Blue Book is called into investigate the sighting, STAR GIRL has to put a stop to the dark forces from pulling the strings before total conquest.

Title: A Mother's Blood

Logline: A uterine implant that eliminates gynecological cancers is found to have an intentional side effect.

Synopsis: Set in the year 2025, a Professor of medicine is nearing the conclusion of her ten-year trial of a uterine implant (nano-rice), which identifies and destroys cancerous cells in the uterus, cervix and ovaries. She has eliminated gynecological cancers in womankind. Her son, also a medical doctor, discovers that some of the implants contain additional programming; destroying only the embryos of inter-racial couples. To save his marriage and his mother's good work, her son takes it upon himself to fix the problem in a providential way.

Title: X-RAY MAN

Logline: “I am your lover. Please love me” a live skeleton man asks to his lover. People and police treat him as a ghost and they try to kill him.

Synopsis: Skeleton man (Jimmy) loves Cleopatra, but his girl friend Jennifer hates his love towards Cleopatra. She propagates skeleton man as demon. She encases skeleton man by recording his activities and telecast them. His life is in big trouble. Then he turns and acts like real ghost. Skeleton man is a normal human being with invisible skin and organs; he is transparent and looks like a skeleton to human eyes. As skeleton man walks on streets with a bag in his hand, does fights, climbs buildings run to hide outs, these kinds of movements gives excellent visual impact. How a hero (Jimmy) became as a skeleton man? Why Jennifer hates him, how does he escape from police? How does he prove his identity in the criminal court? How does he give tit-for-tat to Jennifer? How does he save his lover and married her?