Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: A team of scientists see their lives completely transformed as they are sent to the Antarctic to investigate abnormal activity and meet another civilization, the Atlans who live hidden in the ice.

Synopsis: Jeremy Sanford and his team are sent to the Antarctic to investigate and collect samples from an immense and abnormal fault. While isolated from the rest of his team, Jeremy is the victim of an accident. Left unconscious and deeply wounded, Jeremy meets Eana, a being from the Atlans civilization who heals him and disappears as quickly as he came, leaving behind a piece of rare algae that only grows in the deepest oceans. Haunted by this experience and determined to find this exceptional being, Jeremy returns to the Antarctic with his friend, biologist and doctor, Rachel Anderson. Eana reappears and invites them to share the secrets of his advanced civilization which has lived hidden for centuries beneath the Turquoise Mountain. This extraordinary adventure between the Atlans people and the two researchers will deeply transform their lives. Many years later, Jeremy and Rachel have a son they name Eana, who turns out to be the messenger for the people of Atlans.

Title: Aurora

Logline: In 1897 something crashed on the Texas prairie, something that's still unexplained... and someone wants to keep it that way.

Synopsis: Keith Garrett, a reporter with the Dallas Chronicle, becomes obsessed by a century old investigation when he mysteriously receives a copy of an article about a strange airship crash in 1897. The article, published by his own newspaper, tells the story of an object crashing in the small farming community of Aurora and a survivor among the wreckage that residents described as 'from another world.' The bizarre article goes on to state that the craft's pilot died of its injuries and was buried in the local cemetery. Being a student of history and aeronautics, Garrett is intrigued by the story and decides to look into it. Though he doesn't realize it at the time, he has made a decision that will transform him from a writer reporting the story to an intrinsic part of it, leading him to an obsession that puts his own life at risk. It seems that 110 years after the crash that there are those who still want the incident to remain an obscure mystery-with a deadly intent. C 2006 WGAw Reg

Title: When We're Back

Logline: A young boy born on a military starship withstands the dreadful world of war where the only choice you have is to fight or surrender and being back from mission is your only reward.

Synopsis: A military starship is sent far away from the Earth with a mission that is much more complicated than just a "seek and destroy" one. The soldiers pay with their lives for such complexity, the war lasts for years and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. The moral is extremely low. Many of the crew get back to the hypersleep vault escaping from the grim reality and this exodus is about to get total. Nick isn't a superhero. Just a little man born on the ship, born a soldier. Deprived of his childhood and even of the right to life, the orphan of the space fights, being torn apart by the call of duty and the hate to the very essence of war. A blind chance hurls Nick into the hell of a hostile planet giving him an opportunity to become the key to the enemy defense. Doomed but unsubdued, Nick goes into action... The right to life? He'll get it. Later. If he's back...

Title: The World Beyond Us

Logline: Half of the Earth is covered in ice due to global change that took place in the year 2265. Ninety percent of the U.S. is covered in ice. The U.S. is divided into eleven colonies and villages.

Synopsis: Benson, a strong warrior has been imprisoned for sleeping with another man's wife. His stay in prison has now been terminated and his skills are needed to protect the Village of Odessa. The Ice Runners are warriors led by Raum to protect Odessa and other villages through out the country from the greedy Beserkers(thieves and rapist). When Raum is denied a woman from Odessa he is offended and becomes an enemy of the village he once protected. Berko and Adanna have plans to get married, but those plans are cut short when the arrogant Raum lays eyes on Adanna. The leader of Odessa and father of Adanna, Ivar has been put in an ugly position. He has the option of turning over his daughter to Raum, and avoiding alot of blood shed. Instead he denies Raum's demands and enlist the help of the man that once betrayed him: Benson. In a matter of days Odessa will be under attack by the most powerful colony in the country: Norka. Only Benson's leadership can save the colony.

Title: Ipsemet Bellum

Logline: A college student with autism embarks on a personal vendetta after his college work causes him to snap. He becomes the object of a city-wide manhunt as he targets those who betrayed him.

Synopsis: Salvatore Pasquale, a college student with Asperger's Syndrome, struggles to cope with the pressures of life. He reaches a breaking point after a violent altercation between his only two friends, beautiful athlete Amanda, who is his one true friend, and practical joker Vladimir. Salvatore quits his college course, buys himself a gun and goes on an unplanned vendetta against all those who have ever betrayed his trust. In an attempt to help save him from a terrible fate, Amanda involves the police. But when a bounty hunter takes control of the situation, Salvatore's fate hangs in the balance.

Title: Manhattan Krishna

Logline: An epic battle opens in present day Manhattan. between two powerful gods of Hindu mythology; Kali(The Devourer) and Krishna(The Redeemer)to determine humanity's ultimate fate. Who will be victorious?

Synopsis: 2009/Manhattan. Krishnant, a rock star is performing as the front man for the supergroup "Karma" promising "Instant Enlightenment"! Kali, The Dark One is sent by Vishnu(Zeus)whose agenda is "Enlightenment through Suffering" who makes Krishnant aware of his God nature! The battle almost destroys Manhattan.The impasse prompts Vishnu to transport them both to British India,1930, to convince Krishna. There,Captain McKeever, monster of the Jalian Massacre falls in love with Shanti, a temple dancer, his would be assassin, and the grandmother of the final incarnation of Krishna. Their orphaned love child, Roopa, is abducted to a brothel in Bombay. She is saved and raised in an orphanage in Goa. She gives a virginal birth to the Blue God Krishna. Unaware of his destiny he is adopted by a wealthy America couple. Raised in Manhattan, his virtuosity in playing the flute propels him to fame and Radha, his soul mate. But Kali lurks, determined to destroy Krishna in a final epic battle!


Logline: Their is something in the's not a shark

Synopsis: An unidentified creature attacks S.F. Our law enforcement is no match against the creatures god like strength. Our President implements a military plan to safeguard our cities, as well as locate the monster. SGT. Jack Tuller is assigned to a Godzilla military post based in S.F. His wife was murdered during the S.F. attack. Leaving Jack to raise their son. Despite our goverments efforts, Godzilla strikes again in the heart of Indonesia. By the time Chinese and U.S. military reach the scene Godzilla submerges into the sea. Our military eventually locates Godzilla on a remote island. We send our most highly trained marines and seals to conquer the impossible...they are in for a very big surprise. A true testament to the will power and resiliance of the U.S. military and its great citizens. An action packed film that will leave you guessing and wanting more untill the very end.


Logline: A General helps to disclose aliens and uses an Army unit to prevent alien domination. In the sequel, he is exiled to a planet as Earth is dominated by Reptilians until he returns to help humanity.

Synopsis: ALIEN SECURITY General Tom Evens accepts a job to keep UFOs secret and is sent to a base where people are killed by aliens. Tom helps an informer for disclosure until they are captured. He is rescued by human aliens and agrees to save the world from evil aliens. He is taken to a fort where he secretly acquires the support of others to prevent domination. Tom is taken to meet with the President, who gives him command of troops that repel into an alien underground base where battles ensue. The troops are victorious and they return to loved ones. ALIEN INSECURITY Tom is asked to command a secret mission to rescue mind-controlled children. He agrees and commands troops that rescue the children until a battle ensues with Reptilian beings that kill everyone except Tom. He is taken to a beautiful world to live. 2 years later, Tom returns to a worker colony on Earth where he is able to help others to be human again. Battles ensue until humanity is victorious. There is great celebration.

Title: 2020-TGA

Logline: THREE STUDENTS AND A UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT KIDNAPPED! When Molly Wheeler finds out her older sister is kidnapped by fanatic human-sacrifice Mayans, she's determined to do whatever it takes to rescue.

Synopsis: In the year 2020, college freshman Molly's arc (journey) begins with her feelings of inadequacy and near suicide, and then defiance of a domineering, religious mother's insistent demands. After many obstacles, at the end of ACT II Molly wins the worshipful respect of the Maya by using the latest high tech 2020-TGA technology to read the mind of Gukumatz, the high priest. She and roommate Jenny convince him that Molly is the goddess Ix Chel, and are able to rescue everyone. At the end of ACT III -- Held in the university stadium, the news event covered internationally, Molly and Jenny win honors and accolades for valor [if you brave it, they will come]. I've worked with Stallone, Jessica Tandy, Norman Jewison, United Artists, Warner, etc.

Title: 12-21-12 EXTINCTION

Logline: A young physician's apocalyptic dreams are coming true. She is unaware that she will help save the human race after a catastrophic event on 12/21/12.

Synopsis: A young female physician, Devin Spivey, who pioneered a cure for Alzheimer's disease utilizing embryonic stem cells, discovers her apocalyptic dreams are coming true. The most devastating of which is a meteor that is destined to destroy Mexico City and cause the extinction of all human life on Earth. After being kidnapped by the paranoid NSA director, she escapes with help of high level friends. The escape is discovered and a harrowing boat chase ensues. Capture appears imminent but suddenly a ship arrives and whisks her to safety. Events take a never imagined twist when she is told that she has been chosen, since birth, to save the human race from this extinction level event that will occur on December 21, 2012, coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calendar. WGAw Reg# 1316223 Available in .fdr format.