Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: Redneck Ultra-Light flying Airforce takes on giant Bats in a small rural New Mexican town.

Synopsis: Dexter Smith, A professor of paleontology travels to a remote location to excavate for ancient undiscovered species, particularly PTEROPUS VAMPYRUS a 45 million year old MEGABAT of the Oligocene Period. He befriends the locals, in particular the lone tribal Indian policeman, Steve Tom. Dex finds out that there have been mysterious deaths in the region. Steve recruits Dex for help in his investigations. Dex and Steve discover an unknown fossilized MEGABAT. A local hang-gliding enthusiast is killed mysteriously and this adds to the local legend of WENDEGO a mythical Indian god who lives in a cave on Mt. Diablo. The local rednecks seek revenge for their fallen comrade. Suddenly in the night, the undiscovered MEGABATS ATTACK! All hell breaks loose as the Bats go on a savage rampage! The locals are devastated. The rednecks are looking for trouble. And Dex is trying to keep a lid on the tragedy as an ulterior financial motive comes to light. The rednecks go on a vicious flying hunt.


Logline: Finally, the long awaited screenplay based on best selling author Fred Saberhagen's novel, After the Fact, becomes a reality. Tagline: The future depends on one man...

Synopsis: Graduate student Jerry Flint is shanghaied to prevent a presidential assassination, thrust into an unfamiliar world with a wanted man's identity, and faced with solving the ultimate paradox: how does he prevent the assassination of President Lincoln without changing his own future? When Jerry drives to Springfield, Illinois, to interview for a position with Dr. Pilgrim, he has no idea that he is about to be catapulted into the distant past to become a time-traveling secret agent. Worse yet, he has to piece together his instructions from scattered fragments of information and incomplete messages. Jerry manages to dodge bullets, personal entanglements, and the suspicions of John Wilkes Booth to put him next to the President at the fateful moment. But the question remains: will Pilgrim's ambitious sceme be Jerry's ticket home or lead him to a future he doesn't know? "After the Fact" screenplay WGAW# 1493939 Copyright 2011 by James Alton Willis


Logline: A Society of Shoes runs a spaceship and lives there. In the background, an Alien Family also lives on the same spaceship. Meddling Alien Children.

Synopsis: The Human Supply Ship ZX4 course to the colony on Neptune has been changed. The crew is dead. The ship is returning to Earth after 400 years of wandering. Now back in time, a four tier Society of Shoes, each having a different level of the truth of their reality, starts to interact with the teenage Alien son and the young Alien daughter. 4 special Civilian Shoes, made alive by the son not the father, begin to learn ALL the truths about their home. The ship breaks down. The Society starts to break down. 2 special Civilian shoes and the daughter fly to a shoe store on the Earth. The Father rescues them and tells ALL the WHOLE TRUTH.

Title: The Prophecy of the Maxwell Sister's

Logline: The movie is using human politics with the mixture of alien's deception. The Maxwell teenager sisters and their father, L.A. Resistances and the alien visitors from another planet.

Synopsis: It takes places in Los Angeles, California in the year of 1988. The alien lover's names are Brian and Angel, who are coming to earth as part of the large alien force under their leader's command. The Maxwell sister's names are Polly and Robin, who will be forming new friendships and potential lovers in the two twenty-one year old male aliens. They will be the young males that will have sexual relationships with Polly and Robin and the sister will give birth to twins. The goals for the L.A. Resistances are to inform the public about the truth and to monitor the alien's activities. The L.A. resistances is formed by, Julie a biochemist medical student and Mike a Los Angeles camera reporter. This is where the story progresses into the Final Battle and the birth of Polly and Robin twins that will determine the fate of the world. Polly's twin babies hold the key to the creator, which takes place when they turn one year old. Robin's twin baby boy dies and the baby girl lives.


Logline: Devonna is kidnapped and tortured by her half dead ex-boyfriend Dave. While commiting suicide he tranformed himself into a slimy, transparent creature determined to have her and revenge.

Synopsis: A recently widowed Devonna Sinclair aka trophy wife number three, relocated to a new penthouse. Soon afterwards she discovers that her ex Dave Washington is her neighbor. Many surprise visits and gifts later, Devonna wanted nothing to do with him. She is still deeply in love with her dearly departed husband. Dave is devastated. He realized he had lost her forever to a dead man, how could he compete. He decided to write her a long letter explaining his love for her and his actions. Next, he commits suicide in a manner unlike anyone has ever thought of or imagined to be possible. Later, he wakes up in the city morgue clinically dead and out of his mind. Plus due to the way he attempted suicide, he freakishly transformed himself into a half human unstable mass of jelled flesh. Soon after the kidnapping and torture begins, we all learn the definition of Suicide Bubbles.

Title: The Titron Madness

Logline: In 1983, during the tensest time of the Cold War, a cargo ship is found drifting and abandoned. A covert civilian rescue team is sent on-board to investigate where they discover the ship’s contents could end the cold war and bring world peace, or threaten humanity’s very existence.

Synopsis: 1983. A 747 plane has been shot down over Russia. The Cold War is escalating. A UK intelligence unit discover their research ship, 'The Titron', is drifting in the Atlantic. Worried the Russians will find it, a rescue team is sent to secure the ship. The team discover Titron abandoned and the crew have vanished. Nell, the assertive team doctor pressures team leader John to search the ship and investigate. Despite his better instincts, John reluctantly agrees. Team members then begin to be violently killed by a mysterious being. John and Nell discover the ship is being used to collect virus' from the deep to create soldiers who are immune to radiation so they can survive a nuclear exchange. However they discover something else containing a virus was brought up from the deep, something dangerous and unstoppable. John must not only ensure they survive, but he needs to ensure Titron never reaches land, the truth is exposed, plus he has to contend with the Russians boarding.

Title: Kore

Logline: Criminals, terrorists and murderers led by Kore flee from justice in the Centaurus Empire. Arriving on Earth, he contacts the local terrorists and criminals to help him become the System Lord.

Synopsis: The Centaurus Empire is a federation of planets united under one leader called Anami Kordasian, the System Lord. As the Empire emerges from a costly galactic war, rebuilding the economy and intergalactic trading continues to strengthen them. However, the Empire is plagued by space pirates, criminals and the Terrorists League, whose leader is none other than the brother of the Centaurus System Lord. Kore was captured during the Great War, implanted with an evil symbio, and made a weapon against the Empire. Though the war is over, the renegade ex-Commander Kore continues to inflict heavy financial losses to the Empire. Kore discovers a starchart with the position of Earth on it. He comes to Earth with his Terrorists League and alien spacecrafts. His ultimate goal is to pursuade the Middle Eastern Terrorists and worldwide criminal organizations into helping him conquer Earth, so he would become the System Lord of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.


Logline: A team of scientists see their lives completely transformed as they are sent to the Antarctic to investigate abnormal activity and meet another civilization, the Atlans who live hidden in the ice.

Synopsis: Jeremy Sanford and his team are sent to the Antarctic to investigate and collect samples from an immense and abnormal fault. While isolated from the rest of his team, Jeremy is the victim of an accident. Left unconscious and deeply wounded, Jeremy meets Eana, a being from the Atlans civilization who heals him and disappears as quickly as he came, leaving behind a piece of rare algae that only grows in the deepest oceans. Haunted by this experience and determined to find this exceptional being, Jeremy returns to the Antarctic with his friend, biologist and doctor, Rachel Anderson. Eana reappears and invites them to share the secrets of his advanced civilization which has lived hidden for centuries beneath the Turquoise Mountain. This extraordinary adventure between the Atlans people and the two researchers will deeply transform their lives. Many years later, Jeremy and Rachel have a son they name Eana, who turns out to be the messenger for the people of Atlans.

Title: Deviant

Logline: In a remote region of Alaska, an ancient legend comes to life, and must kill to remain free...and survive.

Synopsis: When disaster strikes a top secret government project, Alaskan guides Jack McKenna and Esai No-dogs must face the reality that a terrifying creature, long thought to be myth, is suddenly on the loose and willing to kill anything in it's path. Skeptics at first, the guides are soon confronted with grisly evidence they can't ignore, and forced into an unlikely alliance with an eccentric anthropologist and his highly unconventional team of researchers. Determined to prove the existence of the creature before shadowy government forces can bury the truth, the group embarks on a desperate expedition that not only threatens their very survival, but ultimately reveals a shocking new scientific discovery that will change the world forever. WGA Registration # 1540976

Title: Absolution

Logline: A misunderstanding between an autistic college student and those close to him spirals out of control when the student declares his own private war on those who he feels have wronged him.

Synopsis: In the present day, many of the US's major cities have fallen under martial law. People are judged based on their physical and mental faculties - anyone with a disability, whether of the body or mind, is denied citizenship and classified as a denizen. After a highly intense day at college, a male student with Asperger Syndrome finally snaps due to the heavy pressure of his coursework and the stress of nobody taking him seriously enough, coupled with his restrictions. The student declares a private war on all those who he believes have betrayed him or abused his trust in the past, including his own family. This causes him to be branded as an outlaw by the federal and military authorities, instigating a manhunt. Now in mortal danger, the fugitive student must try to survive alone with very little chance of help or support, while his best friend attempts to defuse the situation and bring him to safety.