Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Deviant

Logline: In a remote region of Alaska, an ancient legend comes to life, and must kill to remain free...and survive.

Synopsis: When disaster strikes a top secret government project, Alaskan guides Jack McKenna and Esai No-dogs must face the reality that a terrifying creature, long thought to be myth, is suddenly on the loose and willing to kill anything in it's path. Skeptics at first, the guides are soon confronted with grisly evidence they can't ignore, and forced into an unlikely alliance with an eccentric anthropologist and his highly unconventional team of researchers. Determined to prove the existence of the creature before shadowy government forces can bury the truth, the group embarks on a desperate expedition that not only threatens their very survival, but ultimately reveals a shocking new scientific discovery that will change the world forever. WGA Registration # 1540976


Logline: One message from the past arrive, he reads it and he loves her at first sight, only his sweetheart was born 50.000 years before him. He sets out on a dangerous journey back in time to find her.

Synopsis: Year 2006 A.D.:French Space Agency sends a satellite into space, which is completely different from the ones known and will be back to Earth in 50.000 years. The History of Human Species will be contained in his memory and people will have the possibility to send, via internet, individual messages. Among the thousands of messages, Catherine's -a high school student fron Minneapolis- is the one which makes the difference. Year 50.006 A.D.:People watch in amazement the arrival of an ancient satellite. Moyo, restless and uncompromising, will be touched by Catherine's message and decides to leave his ideal life behind to travel back in the past and meet her. Year 2006 A.D.:During his search for Catherine he 'll come across a truck driver, a priest, a fortuneteller and a basketball player. Will Moyo and Catherine manage to be together, especially since people from his Age are looking for him? WGAW#:947499

Title: Death of a Clone

Logline: In the near future, clones are bought and paid for to make our lives easier. When they are murdered it is up to the Clone Homicide Unit to solve the case.

Synopsis: The lead character is Danny Mailer, a Clone Homicide Unit Detective in Detroit, Michigan, who has to solve a slew of clone murders along to help is his Captain John Munyon. They are both joined by a clone and his owner, who are both detectives. Their investigation is hampered by the severe underfunding and general apathy of the police system towards the Clones. The investigation leads all the way to the top of the Cloning science field and the Chief of Police. The Clone Homicide Unit will change the fabric of society when they solve this case. I have entered this screenplay in the Scriptapalooza 2012 Screenplay Competition. I have also entered it in Gordy Hoffman's BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2012. I am still waiting to hear back from them. The WGA registration number is 1541146.

Title: The Pawn

Logline: The quiet routine aboard a small, military spaceship is shattered when a series of impossible fatalities points to a murderer among the crew.

Synopsis: In the year 2079, the U.S.S. Pawn, a Navy gopher ship, sets off on another routine run ferrying cargo and supplies to the deep space cruiser Alabama four days away. The quiet of another dull mission is shattered, however, when a crewmember is killed while performing standard maintenance. Redundant safety systems continue to fail mysteriously, and more people die. Tension and paranoia mount among the survivors as they realize there is a murderer aboard. In actuality, the Pawn's central computer has lost the ability to distinguish between running the ship and the chess game it was playing earlier against the captain. The computer now sees the entire ship as the board, and the crew as opposing pieces. A long-dormant military intelligence program plays another important part in this deadly game, but even with all the facts, will the crew have enough pieces left to win?

Title: Renegade Mars

Logline: When a cataclysmic explosion kills millions of citizens living on the Moon, Earth Intelligence sends two of its best genetically enhanced Space Agents to Mars to track down the killers.

Synopsis: When an explosion kills millions of citizens on the Moon, Earth Intelligence sends two genetically enhanced Agents to capture the Martian Renegades blamed for the disaster. But Space Agents Marshall and Ajax learn that Mars is on the verge of war. The Agents quickly become disillusioned by the savage tactics of the Mars Colony army and fall into a trap set by the lovely Renegade leader Tania. As Mars descends into the chaos of war, Tania enlists the suspecting Agents to join her mission, ultimately landing them on a secret base on a moon of Jupiter. Tania finally wins over the Agents and together they uncover the truth, but are then captured by General Ares, the fanatical Mars Colony leader who plans to conquer the solar system. During the climactic space battle over Mars, Ajax sacrifices himself so Marshall and Tania can escape. Ares' spy on Earth, whose identity is revealed in the finale, forces them to fight through Earth's planetary defenses before they can reach safety.


Logline: Their is something in the's not a shark

Synopsis: An unidentified creature attacks S.F. Our law enforcement is no match against the creatures god like strength. Our President implements a military plan to safeguard our cities, as well as locate the monster. SGT. Jack Tuller is assigned to a Godzilla military post based in S.F. His wife was murdered during the S.F. attack. Leaving Jack to raise their son. Despite our goverments efforts, Godzilla strikes again in the heart of Indonesia. By the time Chinese and U.S. military reach the scene Godzilla submerges into the sea. Our military eventually locates Godzilla on a remote island. We send our most highly trained marines and seals to conquer the impossible...they are in for a very big surprise. A true testament to the will power and resiliance of the U.S. military and its great citizens. An action packed film that will leave you guessing and wanting more untill the very end.


Logline: Devonna is kidnapped and tortured by her half dead ex-boyfriend Dave. While commiting suicide he tranformed himself into a slimy, transparent creature determined to have her and revenge.

Synopsis: A recently widowed Devonna Sinclair aka trophy wife number three, relocated to a new penthouse. Soon afterwards she discovers that her ex Dave Washington is her neighbor. Many surprise visits and gifts later, Devonna wanted nothing to do with him. She is still deeply in love with her dearly departed husband. Dave is devastated. He realized he had lost her forever to a dead man, how could he compete. He decided to write her a long letter explaining his love for her and his actions. Next, he commits suicide in a manner unlike anyone has ever thought of or imagined to be possible. Later, he wakes up in the city morgue clinically dead and out of his mind. Plus due to the way he attempted suicide, he freakishly transformed himself into a half human unstable mass of jelled flesh. Soon after the kidnapping and torture begins, we all learn the definition of Suicide Bubbles.

Title: The World Beyond Us

Logline: Half of the Earth is covered in ice due to global change that took place in the year 2265. Ninety percent of the U.S. is covered in ice. The U.S. is divided into eleven colonies and villages.

Synopsis: Benson, a strong warrior has been imprisoned for sleeping with another man's wife. His stay in prison has now been terminated and his skills are needed to protect the Village of Odessa. The Ice Runners are warriors led by Raum to protect Odessa and other villages through out the country from the greedy Beserkers(thieves and rapist). When Raum is denied a woman from Odessa he is offended and becomes an enemy of the village he once protected. Berko and Adanna have plans to get married, but those plans are cut short when the arrogant Raum lays eyes on Adanna. The leader of Odessa and father of Adanna, Ivar has been put in an ugly position. He has the option of turning over his daughter to Raum, and avoiding alot of blood shed. Instead he denies Raum's demands and enlist the help of the man that once betrayed him: Benson. In a matter of days Odessa will be under attack by the most powerful colony in the country: Norka. Only Benson's leadership can save the colony.

Title: The Prophecy of the Maxwell Sister's

Logline: The movie is using human politics with the mixture of alien's deception. The Maxwell teenager sisters and their father, L.A. Resistances and the alien visitors from another planet.

Synopsis: It takes places in Los Angeles, California in the year of 1988. The alien lover's names are Brian and Angel, who are coming to earth as part of the large alien force under their leader's command. The Maxwell sister's names are Polly and Robin, who will be forming new friendships and potential lovers in the two twenty-one year old male aliens. They will be the young males that will have sexual relationships with Polly and Robin and the sister will give birth to twins. The goals for the L.A. Resistances are to inform the public about the truth and to monitor the alien's activities. The L.A. resistances is formed by, Julie a biochemist medical student and Mike a Los Angeles camera reporter. This is where the story progresses into the Final Battle and the birth of Polly and Robin twins that will determine the fate of the world. Polly's twin babies hold the key to the creator, which takes place when they turn one year old. Robin's twin baby boy dies and the baby girl lives.


Logline: ROSANNA is involuntarily and repeatedly summoned back in time to resolve issues that threaten the survival of her family lineage.

Synopsis: CHANGING TIMES is an hour-long television drama centered on ROSANNA, a 30-something black female who is summoned into the past by an EVENT that threatens the survival of her lineage. Attractive, smart and athletic, Rosanna disappears unpredictably into unfamiliar places and times in history where she must deal with danger and intrigue while resolving a threat to her lineage. Husband MARK and long-time acquaintance ELIAS are in-the-know and equip Rosanna for life-or-death adventures in the past. Occasionally one or the other accompanies Rosanna into the past by being in contact with her during the transition. VANDIVER works for a shady organization that, having heard rumors of the time traveler, wants her special capabilities for their own illicit purposes. SPECIAL AGENT ROSS, attached to a powerful government organization, is also tasked with obtaining the time travel secret. Levity is injected by neighbor CARLA who is spirited, fun and cute - but always drops by at the wrong time.