Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: 3 teens, 2 galaxies, 1 mission... save Soleri and get home alive.

Synopsis: WESLEY WENTWORTH's story is that he gave his robot too much power and he's sticking to it. This is as he explains his melted robot to his dad JON, who is about to be awarded a promotion for the powerful new transducer he has invented. What Wesley doesn't mention to his dad is that the robot melted because he had inserted his father's transducer into it. What Wesley also doesn't tell is that this "modification" of his robot and the teens cell phones turned the robot into a teleporter that had transported himself, his sister MACY, their friend ASHLEY, and his loyal pug dog PUGSTON light-years away to the planet Soleri in the Heledrium Galaxy. With no other choice, the teens must brave the dark dangers of the catacombs in order to make their way back home. Their journey is fraught with creatures that lurk in the blackness and the Tojinian guards. In the catacombs, the teens discover surprising strengths, loyalties, and courage that had been lurking deep within themselves. WGA 1220916

Title: The Lightbringers

Logline: Three British heroes set out to expose and defeat the US media but are caught up in a war between Heaven and Hell.

Synopsis: In the present day, three British/European heroes from various ends of the legal spectrum join forces to rebel against the US media. Upon their arrival, their leader becomes infatuated with a local girl. When the girl is abducted, along with her friends, the three rebels decide to take decisive action and fight back against their unseen adversary, despite growing pressure from the girls' parents and a mysterious life form claiming to be a military officer. It is in this tense situation that an unholy alliance between humans and mutants is formed. With their new ally on their side, the rebels vow to defeat the evil power lurking in space, or even in another dimension altogether - this leads up to a violent climax and a battle between Good and Evil, the outcome of which will determine the ultimate fate of the Universe. Will the Earth be corrupted by greed and selfishness, or will humanity prevail? Only time will tell.


Logline: A Society of Shoes runs a spaceship and lives there. In the background, an Alien Family also lives on the same spaceship. Meddling Alien Children.

Synopsis: The Human Supply Ship ZX4 course to the colony on Neptune has been changed. The crew is dead. The ship is returning to Earth after 400 years of wandering. Now back in time, a four tier Society of Shoes, each having a different level of the truth of their reality, starts to interact with the teenage Alien son and the young Alien daughter. 4 special Civilian Shoes, made alive by the son not the father, begin to learn ALL the truths about their home. The ship breaks down. The Society starts to break down. 2 special Civilian shoes and the daughter fly to a shoe store on the Earth. The Father rescues them and tells ALL the WHOLE TRUTH.


Logline: Earth has already been colonized. A Space Patrol is returning to evaluate their previous work. Recreates the first enounter about 6,000 years ago between us and these ETs.

Synopsis: Introducing the main character G.E.O.D. (pronounced "Gee-odd") as the General Expeditionary Operations Director of a Space Patrol exploring this solar system. Earth people are used for various experiments such as with genetic engineering resulting in mutations and an innate memory of those events. The small settlements became the first Earth cities. When their experiments got out of control, the Space explorers destroyed as much as they could of their visit. Yet, one defaint crew member has been marooned here since then. This immortal one has been using us to confront the Space Patrol when they return to this planet after 6000 years. Thus the story begins with their arrival. The alternate responses will lead to either planetary obilivion, or a postive fulfilled desiny. [WRITERS GUILD REGISTRATION NUMBER: 120729. This screen play is being processed for a copyright by Library of Congress.]


Logline: In a seemingly perfected future, one man confronts his loss of friends and his identity as he attempts to unravel the twisted secrets behind the all-powerful corporation- Infinicorp.

Synopsis: The world is controlled by a single omnipotent corporation- Infinicorp- which provides everything to every Employee. From birth, best friends Floyd 14-7 and Glen 14-7 have been trained to do their assigned job and believe what they are told without question, in order to maintain peace and happiness for all. It is a situation that no Employee questions. Vast guarded borders protect the Employees from the scattered Unemployed, who are considered less than human and kept isolated away from Infinicorp's Utopian society. Now, as adults working as security officers, their lives continue to follow Infinicorp's design perfectly until Floyd hears tales of the Unemployed and begins to discover the secret behind Infinicorp. Glen is ordered to stop his friend's attempted treason but the bond of their shared friendship is strong. Glen must choose between the life of a man he has loved from his earliest memory and the corporation to whom he owes everything. WGA Registered # 1197756

Title: 12-21-12 EXTINCTION

Logline: A young physician's apocalyptic dreams are coming true. She is unaware that she will help save the human race after a catastrophic event on 12/21/12.

Synopsis: A young female physician, Devin Spivey, who pioneered a cure for Alzheimer's disease utilizing embryonic stem cells, discovers her apocalyptic dreams are coming true. The most devastating of which is a meteor that is destined to destroy Mexico City and cause the extinction of all human life on Earth. After being kidnapped by the paranoid NSA director, she escapes with help of high level friends. The escape is discovered and a harrowing boat chase ensues. Capture appears imminent but suddenly a ship arrives and whisks her to safety. Events take a never imagined twist when she is told that she has been chosen, since birth, to save the human race from this extinction level event that will occur on December 21, 2012, coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calendar. WGAw Reg# 1316223 Available in .fdr format.

Title: Kore

Logline: Criminals, terrorists and murderers led by Kore flee from justice in the Centaurus Empire. Arriving on Earth, he contacts the local terrorists and criminals to help him become the System Lord.

Synopsis: The Centaurus Empire is a federation of planets united under one leader called Anami Kordasian, the System Lord. As the Empire emerges from a costly galactic war, rebuilding the economy and intergalactic trading continues to strengthen them. However, the Empire is plagued by space pirates, criminals and the Terrorists League, whose leader is none other than the brother of the Centaurus System Lord. Kore was captured during the Great War, implanted with an evil symbio, and made a weapon against the Empire. Though the war is over, the renegade ex-Commander Kore continues to inflict heavy financial losses to the Empire. Kore discovers a starchart with the position of Earth on it. He comes to Earth with his Terrorists League and alien spacecrafts. His ultimate goal is to pursuade the Middle Eastern Terrorists and worldwide criminal organizations into helping him conquer Earth, so he would become the System Lord of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.

Title: 2020-TGA

Logline: THREE STUDENTS AND A UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT KIDNAPPED! When Molly Wheeler finds out her older sister is kidnapped by fanatic human-sacrifice Mayans, she's determined to do whatever it takes to rescue.

Synopsis: In the year 2020, college freshman Molly's arc (journey) begins with her feelings of inadequacy and near suicide, and then defiance of a domineering, religious mother's insistent demands. After many obstacles, at the end of ACT II Molly wins the worshipful respect of the Maya by using the latest high tech 2020-TGA technology to read the mind of Gukumatz, the high priest. She and roommate Jenny convince him that Molly is the goddess Ix Chel, and are able to rescue everyone. At the end of ACT III -- Held in the university stadium, the news event covered internationally, Molly and Jenny win honors and accolades for valor [if you brave it, they will come]. I've worked with Stallone, Jessica Tandy, Norman Jewison, United Artists, Warner, etc.

Title: The Pawn

Logline: The quiet routine aboard a small, military spaceship is shattered when a series of impossible fatalities points to a murderer among the crew.

Synopsis: In the year 2079, the U.S.S. Pawn, a Navy gopher ship, sets off on another routine run ferrying cargo and supplies to the deep space cruiser Alabama four days away. The quiet of another dull mission is shattered, however, when a crewmember is killed while performing standard maintenance. Redundant safety systems continue to fail mysteriously, and more people die. Tension and paranoia mount among the survivors as they realize there is a murderer aboard. In actuality, the Pawn's central computer has lost the ability to distinguish between running the ship and the chess game it was playing earlier against the captain. The computer now sees the entire ship as the board, and the crew as opposing pieces. A long-dormant military intelligence program plays another important part in this deadly game, but even with all the facts, will the crew have enough pieces left to win?


Logline: In a believer's world anyone who gets too close to the truth is automatically put on the target list of the most high in the real world.

Synopsis: A Believer has a experience with a UFO evidence proofs it's not imaginary in the ordinary world and calls the MOD. A man from Project Blue Book is called into investigate the sighting, STAR GIRL has to put a stop to the dark forces from pulling the strings before total conquest.