Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Unscramble

Logline: Some war opressed civilians come across a strange GE animal that can breathe out a gas that helps them to think clearly and start to fight back the oppressing armies with unusual clever approaches

Synopsis: This script represents wars in the world today and has my philosophy. In a middle eastern country some wretched family and friends have been thrown together in a house. The father 'Chan' (characters have international names) recently recieved a message to meet him from an aleged old friend. They're shocked when the old friend turns out to be not human but a giant talking genetically enginered rat. Chan had once saved its life 20 years ago and caused a chain of events that caused the rat to be used in a scientific evolution experiment. The creature can now breathe out a special mist that can clear and unscramble the minds of the people. With clear thought, slowly they start to outsmart the armies and citizens that attack and torment them. They send mist to victims everywhere and eventually the country is liberated. Some sub plots also include contacting dead loved ones, befriending members of the opposite side, regaining hope for some, and reconecting with child hood.

Title: Sleeping with the enemy

Logline: They walk among us.

Synopsis: Dr. Jonathan F. Bauer is a well-known psychologist. After years of research he came to the conclusion that aliens are just a human creation. He quickly became popular for his findings. Karen, his wife and his son Justin, tired of Jonathan's 24/7 work want to spent some time alone with him. They vacation to a small town in Colorado where Karen's parents live. They arrive only to find out that a group of scientists have move in to investigate potential UFO sightings. One of the scientists is Jonathan's ex-girfriend. After a surprised encounter with her he believes there's something wrong. Through a thorough investigation Jonathan discovers that the aliens are indeed here and are attempting to take over the world. Everything becomes more complicated once he finds out that the President is on a quiet vacation in town. Jonathan must find a way to solve this. What he doesn't know is that there's a dark secret that will not only change his life forever but probably the rest of the world.


Logline: ROSANNA is involuntarily and repeatedly summoned back in time to resolve issues that threaten the survival of her family lineage.

Synopsis: CHANGING TIMES is an hour-long television drama centered on ROSANNA, a 30-something black female who is summoned into the past by an EVENT that threatens the survival of her lineage. Attractive, smart and athletic, Rosanna disappears unpredictably into unfamiliar places and times in history where she must deal with danger and intrigue while resolving a threat to her lineage. Husband MARK and long-time acquaintance ELIAS are in-the-know and equip Rosanna for life-or-death adventures in the past. Occasionally one or the other accompanies Rosanna into the past by being in contact with her during the transition. VANDIVER works for a shady organization that, having heard rumors of the time traveler, wants her special capabilities for their own illicit purposes. SPECIAL AGENT ROSS, attached to a powerful government organization, is also tasked with obtaining the time travel secret. Levity is injected by neighbor CARLA who is spirited, fun and cute - but always drops by at the wrong time.

Title: Regime Guard: 1000 Years of War (Ep 1)

Logline: The mighty Regimes, through 1000 years, must try to defeat the evil dreaded Daminites before there conquest of their solar system and eventually others.

Synopsis: Life is beutiful in the world of Zaefer. Until that fateful day when the Daminites came. They ravaged the planets, conquered our solar system and sent the once peaceful people of Zaefer either into slavery or a life on the run. Until that day when Lena Stram wondered away from the cave system of interra and found what was prophetic and right. She would become the leader of the first regime; the Storm Regime. This mighty Regime once gathered would unleash a storm that no-one can control. A strom of mercy, friendship, and consequently death. There first mission, to recover a bound boy used for ritual sacrifice for the rising of Hektana, the evil sister of ALragon's(HELL) Hektana. Secondly, to find a cure for an illness before it destroys the remnants of slaves and people, and maybe the Regime itself And lastly, To fight to death the Lords of the Hive, summoned to destroy the Regime. But don't the Daminites relize the Regime comes every 333 years when the words are sounded!

Title: The Encounter

Logline: What would be the outcome of a girl's chance meeting with a stranger who claims to be our creator, our actual God??

Synopsis: A young, disabled girl's chance meeting with a stranger in the woods, where the stranger claims to be an extra terrestrial whose ancestors created life on planet earth,. The stranger's assertion that he carries knowledge of all the happenings and incidents occurred since the creation of life on earth and the girl's cynicism to that paves way to the unfolding of several mysteries; from the cause behind Dinosaur's extinction to the facts about heaven and hell, and the two infamous mysterious characters in history - Jack the Ripper and Spring Heeled Jack, whose identities, like UFOs, were heard of, spoken about, but never documented or recorded properly to prove any authenticity. Are the stranger's theories facts or mere figment? Who is he really and his purpose of visit to that place, the woods, from where he emerges and disappears every day?? WGA # 1202265


Logline: One message from the past arrive, he reads it and he loves her at first sight, only his sweetheart was born 50.000 years before him. He sets out on a dangerous journey back in time to find her.

Synopsis: Year 2006 A.D.:French Space Agency sends a satellite into space, which is completely different from the ones known and will be back to Earth in 50.000 years. The History of Human Species will be contained in his memory and people will have the possibility to send, via internet, individual messages. Among the thousands of messages, Catherine's -a high school student fron Minneapolis- is the one which makes the difference. Year 50.006 A.D.:People watch in amazement the arrival of an ancient satellite. Moyo, restless and uncompromising, will be touched by Catherine's message and decides to leave his ideal life behind to travel back in the past and meet her. Year 2006 A.D.:During his search for Catherine he 'll come across a truck driver, a priest, a fortuneteller and a basketball player. Will Moyo and Catherine manage to be together, especially since people from his Age are looking for him? WGAW#:947499

Title: Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End

Logline: What if aliens believe in God just like us? What if they are looking for proof of God and stumble upon Earth during their search? And what if aliens are the missing link between human and ape?

Synopsis: An alien race searches the universe for proof of God. They discover a life abundent planet Earth. They test and experiment on all life they find. The tests and experiments lead them to human creation. The aliens search for proof of God was continued through the human creation while keeping the existence of their alien race hidden from them. A hostile act toward the human creation by an unknown hostile intelligent life form leads to the discovery of the alien race by the human creation. The revelation of the alien race to the human creation is followed by a tragedy that leaves the leaders of the human creation in a race against time to save their planet. But their is one more cosmic secret left that will help the leaders of the human creation save their planet after all. Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End is a story that disintegrates traditional beliefs with a message of unity and a revolutionary ending that may unit the human race after all.

Title: The World Beyond Us

Logline: Half of the Earth is covered in ice due to global change that took place in the year 2265. Ninety percent of the U.S. is covered in ice. The U.S. is divided into eleven colonies and villages.

Synopsis: Benson, a strong warrior has been imprisoned for sleeping with another man's wife. His stay in prison has now been terminated and his skills are needed to protect the Village of Odessa. The Ice Runners are warriors led by Raum to protect Odessa and other villages through out the country from the greedy Beserkers(thieves and rapist). When Raum is denied a woman from Odessa he is offended and becomes an enemy of the village he once protected. Berko and Adanna have plans to get married, but those plans are cut short when the arrogant Raum lays eyes on Adanna. The leader of Odessa and father of Adanna, Ivar has been put in an ugly position. He has the option of turning over his daughter to Raum, and avoiding alot of blood shed. Instead he denies Raum's demands and enlist the help of the man that once betrayed him: Benson. In a matter of days Odessa will be under attack by the most powerful colony in the country: Norka. Only Benson's leadership can save the colony.


Logline: They're already here, and have been for a long time...and they're still coming. The War of the Worlds began in the Old West.

Synopsis: John Severen, a drifter, who lost his memory, takes a job for a trucking company that he discovers is run by ex-Black Ops personnel and has been delivering extra terrestrial creatures, Reptilian Dracos, in cryogenic containers. John pieces his past together, realizing that, when he was a young boy, he was a member of a group of eight gifted children, the Montauk Kids, who, under the facilitation of the government, would meld their minds together and send themselves into the past, the Old West, as cowboy riders to defend that world against alien invaders. He eventually teams up with the other seven, now thirty years later, to fight off an alien armada that is headed towards Earth. John discovers that the aliens abducted him when he was a boy. As he tried to help the other seven children escape them, he was captured, implanted with a microchip that controlled his mind, and his blood was mixed with alien DNA, which allows him to change his form, an ability that he intends to use.

Title: Immanent

Logline: Drake, forced from a strengthening chamber, must play Immanent, a game controlled by the mind, in an effort to win back the planet, Menanon, only to discover the stakes have changed.

Synopsis: Drake is forced from his strengthening chamber when Turek, Hagan Champion of the game, Immanent, arrives to collect his winnings, the planet Menanon. With enormous strength but no time to adapt to normal pressure, Drake's energy is blocked by Menanon Elders who task Drake and Menanon, Tuck, to escape the planet and find a way to save their world while the population hides in their deepest caverns. While trying to escape the planet and Hagan flagship, Senator Molan and his daughter, Elise intervene and sign Drake up as an Immanent player, providing him with diplomatic immunity and a slim chance of winning Menanon back. With Elise as his manager and Craiger his new found trainer, Drake struggles to relearn the game where forces are controlled by the mind but must cope with excess energy when the Elder's blocks start to dissolve. Barely qualifying, Drake must fight through the Hagan Space Station in order to reach the Championship game before Turek puts his own plans in place.