Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Emily and Haley Master of the Universe TV Series:

Logline: When Emily and Haley play a prank on their school bus driver, they jump-start the ride of their life with less than one chance in a billion to save themselves and planet earth.

Synopsis: Two aliens are on a secret mission to earth but their cover is blown by kids (Emily and Haley) and they flee earth with a school bus lodged in the cargo bay of their space craft. Emily and Haley and the other kids must find out why the aliens took them away and how they can get home again. The parents enlist the help of the federal government Mrs. President/ Home Alone Security to bring back the children safe. After two unsuccessful attempts to rescue the kids by Special Agent Fudgerock and by General Rucker, the aliens call for help from the mother ship. Subsequent SERIAL episodes deal with the break of this impasse.


Logline: A General helps to disclose aliens and uses an Army unit to prevent alien domination. In the sequel, he is exiled to a planet as Earth is dominated by Reptilians until he returns to help humanity.

Synopsis: ALIEN SECURITY General Tom Evens accepts a job to keep UFOs secret and is sent to a base where people are killed by aliens. Tom helps an informer for disclosure until they are captured. He is rescued by human aliens and agrees to save the world from evil aliens. He is taken to a fort where he secretly acquires the support of others to prevent domination. Tom is taken to meet with the President, who gives him command of troops that repel into an alien underground base where battles ensue. The troops are victorious and they return to loved ones. ALIEN INSECURITY Tom is asked to command a secret mission to rescue mind-controlled children. He agrees and commands troops that rescue the children until a battle ensues with Reptilian beings that kill everyone except Tom. He is taken to a beautiful world to live. 2 years later, Tom returns to a worker colony on Earth where he is able to help others to be human again. Battles ensue until humanity is victorious. There is great celebration.


Logline: They're already here, and have been for a long time...and they're still coming. The War of the Worlds began in the Old West.

Synopsis: John Severen, a drifter, who lost his memory, takes a job for a trucking company that he discovers is run by ex-Black Ops personnel and has been delivering extra terrestrial creatures, Reptilian Dracos, in cryogenic containers. John pieces his past together, realizing that, when he was a young boy, he was a member of a group of eight gifted children, the Montauk Kids, who, under the facilitation of the government, would meld their minds together and send themselves into the past, the Old West, as cowboy riders to defend that world against alien invaders. He eventually teams up with the other seven, now thirty years later, to fight off an alien armada that is headed towards Earth. John discovers that the aliens abducted him when he was a boy. As he tried to help the other seven children escape them, he was captured, implanted with a microchip that controlled his mind, and his blood was mixed with alien DNA, which allows him to change his form, an ability that he intends to use.

Title: Horatio tends toward 0

Logline: What would happen if somebody travelled back in time to prevent their own birth?

Synopsis: Horatio is sick of his lonely life and wants to cease to exist. But he is too good to hurt anyone, let alone himself. That is the reason he fails in all of his suicide attempts. Luckily, Horatio is a brilliant scientist and he gets a fantastic idea about how to achieve his goal and disappear: he'll build a time machine to take him back to the day he was conceived, in other words, 9 months before his birth. Once there, Horatio will look for his parents and prevent them from committing the act in which he was begot. However, once back in the past, Horatio fails: he finds his parents, but right when they are in the midst of his conception! So, Horatio is trapped in a time in which he doesn't belong, without the possibility of returning to the present.

Title: Masters of the Cygnus Arm

Logline: Masters of the Cygnus Arm is chapter one of a science fiction trilogy, an epic struggle between good and evil.

Synopsis: Peace in the galaxy is shattered when one of the five star faring races, the Sardith Nation, seize an ancient construct that nullifies technology from functioning and reducing the more advanced races to the stone age. War Minister Lecore of the Sardith Nation leads his savage troops in conquering the much smaller statured free races in the galaxy. With their rivals deprived of their advantage of advanced technology, it is mere childs play for Sardith minions to use brute force and medieval weaponry to subjugate the entire galaxy. Commander Peyden, a Mentlar task fleet commander leads the last allied fleet on a desperate mission to enlist a race of warriors engineered by them long ago to be their front line warriors, but were left to their own devices and replaced by advanced technology. Now the galaxy needs the only race of warriors with the size and experience of medieval warfare to help save the galaxy. Humans.

Title: Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End

Logline: What if aliens believe in God just like us? What if they are looking for proof of God and stumble upon Earth during their search? And what if aliens are the missing link between human and ape?

Synopsis: An alien race searches the universe for proof of God. They discover a life abundent planet Earth. They test and experiment on all life they find. The tests and experiments lead them to human creation. The aliens search for proof of God was continued through the human creation while keeping the existence of their alien race hidden from them. A hostile act toward the human creation by an unknown hostile intelligent life form leads to the discovery of the alien race by the human creation. The revelation of the alien race to the human creation is followed by a tragedy that leaves the leaders of the human creation in a race against time to save their planet. But their is one more cosmic secret left that will help the leaders of the human creation save their planet after all. Ancestor Gene The Beginning and The End is a story that disintegrates traditional beliefs with a message of unity and a revolutionary ending that may unit the human race after all.

Title: Immanent

Logline: Drake, forced from a strengthening chamber, must play Immanent, a game controlled by the mind, in an effort to win back the planet, Menanon, only to discover the stakes have changed.

Synopsis: Drake is forced from his strengthening chamber when Turek, Hagan Champion of the game, Immanent, arrives to collect his winnings, the planet Menanon. With enormous strength but no time to adapt to normal pressure, Drake's energy is blocked by Menanon Elders who task Drake and Menanon, Tuck, to escape the planet and find a way to save their world while the population hides in their deepest caverns. While trying to escape the planet and Hagan flagship, Senator Molan and his daughter, Elise intervene and sign Drake up as an Immanent player, providing him with diplomatic immunity and a slim chance of winning Menanon back. With Elise as his manager and Craiger his new found trainer, Drake struggles to relearn the game where forces are controlled by the mind but must cope with excess energy when the Elder's blocks start to dissolve. Barely qualifying, Drake must fight through the Hagan Space Station in order to reach the Championship game before Turek puts his own plans in place.

Title: Bill Monday

Logline: One man's quest to save humanity from the very thing they believe in most!

Synopsis: This is a story about a friend of mine...Bill Monday. Bill's rich, handsome, clever, and he's the best dealmaker I have ever seen. However, Bill's an idiot! He blew all his money and went broke. Then one day he meets an alien that goes by the name of Father. Father tells him the sun is going to destroy the Earth in less than a year. Father tells him they have the technology to fix the sun but cannot because of universal laws regarding interference with young solar systems whose inhabitants still believe in gods. Now, this is the funny part. The aliens have chosen Bill Monday to save the world. All he has to do is convince everyone there is no god! As the planet heats up, how will Bill ever be able to convert his religious planet? Can even the Pope stop believing in god? Find out in this meaningful story if you could become an unbeliever in everything you have always believed.

Title: 2020-TGA

Logline: THREE STUDENTS AND A UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT KIDNAPPED! When Molly Wheeler finds out her older sister is kidnapped by fanatic human-sacrifice Mayans, she's determined to do whatever it takes to rescue.

Synopsis: In the year 2020, college freshman Molly's arc (journey) begins with her feelings of inadequacy and near suicide, and then defiance of a domineering, religious mother's insistent demands. After many obstacles, at the end of ACT II Molly wins the worshipful respect of the Maya by using the latest high tech 2020-TGA technology to read the mind of Gukumatz, the high priest. She and roommate Jenny convince him that Molly is the goddess Ix Chel, and are able to rescue everyone. At the end of ACT III -- Held in the university stadium, the news event covered internationally, Molly and Jenny win honors and accolades for valor [if you brave it, they will come]. I've worked with Stallone, Jessica Tandy, Norman Jewison, United Artists, Warner, etc.

Title: Sleeping with the enemy

Logline: They walk among us.

Synopsis: Dr. Jonathan F. Bauer is a well-known psychologist. After years of research he came to the conclusion that aliens are just a human creation. He quickly became popular for his findings. Karen, his wife and his son Justin, tired of Jonathan's 24/7 work want to spent some time alone with him. They vacation to a small town in Colorado where Karen's parents live. They arrive only to find out that a group of scientists have move in to investigate potential UFO sightings. One of the scientists is Jonathan's ex-girfriend. After a surprised encounter with her he believes there's something wrong. Through a thorough investigation Jonathan discovers that the aliens are indeed here and are attempting to take over the world. Everything becomes more complicated once he finds out that the President is on a quiet vacation in town. Jonathan must find a way to solve this. What he doesn't know is that there's a dark secret that will not only change his life forever but probably the rest of the world.