Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Ipsemet Bellum

Logline: A college student with autism embarks on a personal vendetta after his college work causes him to snap. He becomes the object of a city-wide manhunt as he targets those who betrayed him.

Synopsis: Salvatore Pasquale, a college student with Asperger's Syndrome, struggles to cope with the pressures of life. He reaches a breaking point after a violent altercation between his only two friends, beautiful athlete Amanda, who is his one true friend, and practical joker Vladimir. Salvatore quits his college course, buys himself a gun and goes on an unplanned vendetta against all those who have ever betrayed his trust. In an attempt to help save him from a terrible fate, Amanda involves the police. But when a bounty hunter takes control of the situation, Salvatore's fate hangs in the balance.

Title: Untitled

Logline: A sci fi fantasy and shared history between the lives of extraterrestrials and two very young lovers.

Synopsis: Two young west coast teenagers encounter and become acquainted with various tribes and species of extraterrestrials while, all along, being madly in love. It is a very, very funny tale as the extraterrestrials prize humor greatly and were initially drawn to the teenage male hero for that very reason alone. Only 19 pages have been completed. If there is interest it will be entirely completed.

Title: Rogue Group

Logline: A Rogue Group of government agents are tasked to explore the Earth's surface to determine if it is life-sustaining.

Synopsis: ROGUE GROUP (1 hr. Sci-Fi/Action) In the vein of Stargate and Star Trek, WWIII's survivors have been forced to go deep underground to reboot society. With resources running out and totalitarian rule building great discontent, our Rogue Group of government agents are tasked to explore the Earth's surface to determine if it is life-sustaining. What they find up above is far more frightening than anything they could have imagined.

Title: 2020-TGA

Logline: THREE STUDENTS AND A UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT KIDNAPPED! When Molly Wheeler finds out her older sister is kidnapped by fanatic human-sacrifice Mayans, she's determined to do whatever it takes to rescue.

Synopsis: In the year 2020, college freshman Molly's arc (journey) begins with her feelings of inadequacy and near suicide, and then defiance of a domineering, religious mother's insistent demands. After many obstacles, at the end of ACT II Molly wins the worshipful respect of the Maya by using the latest high tech 2020-TGA technology to read the mind of Gukumatz, the high priest. She and roommate Jenny convince him that Molly is the goddess Ix Chel, and are able to rescue everyone. At the end of ACT III -- Held in the university stadium, the news event covered internationally, Molly and Jenny win honors and accolades for valor [if you brave it, they will come]. I've worked with Stallone, Jessica Tandy, Norman Jewison, United Artists, Warner, etc.


Logline: In a believer's world anyone who gets too close to the truth is automatically put on the target list of the most high in the real world.

Synopsis: A Believer has a experience with a UFO evidence proofs it's not imaginary in the ordinary world and calls the MOD. A man from Project Blue Book is called into investigate the sighting, STAR GIRL has to put a stop to the dark forces from pulling the strings before total conquest.

Title: Alien Christmas

Logline: Two boys journey to the North Pole to warn Santa of an evil plot by aliens to use him to help their species conquer Earth.

Synopsis: Santa Claus, burnt out, tired, feeling irrelevant, goes through the motions as he gets ready for his annual gift giving journey. He can relate to his beloved retired reindeer, whom have been put out to pasture for younger reindeer. His elves are getting ready to strike, while his lawyer informs him of the Environmental Impact Reports that must be filled out. On his journey, he enters the house of Wyatt, a precocious 12 year-old who doesn't believe in Santa or flying reindeer. Wyatt covertly hides on Santa's sleigh. As Santa resumes his journey, Sircoligians, amphibious creatures from another solar system, kidnap Santa and his sleigh. On the spaceship, Santa, rendered unconscious, has an implant placed in his neck. Wyatt, hiding, witnesses this and learns of the aliens' plan to use Santa and his magic dust next Christmas Eve to help them mind-control and subdue humans so they can conquer Earth.

Title: When We're Back

Logline: A young boy born on a military starship withstands the dreadful world of war where the only choice you have is to fight or surrender and being back from mission is your only reward.

Synopsis: A military starship is sent far away from the Earth with a mission that is much more complicated than just a "seek and destroy" one. The soldiers pay with their lives for such complexity, the war lasts for years and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. The moral is extremely low. Many of the crew get back to the hypersleep vault escaping from the grim reality and this exodus is about to get total. Nick isn't a superhero. Just a little man born on the ship, born a soldier. Deprived of his childhood and even of the right to life, the orphan of the space fights, being torn apart by the call of duty and the hate to the very essence of war. A blind chance hurls Nick into the hell of a hostile planet giving him an opportunity to become the key to the enemy defense. Doomed but unsubdued, Nick goes into action... The right to life? He'll get it. Later. If he's back...

Title: The Unusuals

Logline: Aliens knowns as Drengons have been exiled from their planet and sent to Earth. In order for them to survive they must take the form of Human Beings.

Synopsis: In a small town called Chasimal, New Mexico the residents are terrifeid. Aliens have taken over their town and the residents are under their control. Jennfier Stone and her son flee Chasimal trying to escape from the Drengons. The Drengons are now in hot pursuit for Jennifer and her son. Black and Junior are two bank robbers on the run from the Law. They decide to rob a bar in Chasimal and soon find out that it was a deadly mistake. Andrew Kelly, a head member of the Drengons is kidnapped and forced to reveal his true identity under Human flesh. His kidnappers will soon regret what they asked for. Bishop is a Drengon who merges from one Human to another Human all the time. Pretty soon this bad habit will be put to an end. Henry is a Drengon who likes to take the form of infant Humans. The Drengons have plans on abducting an unborn child to give to Henry. Bruce, Candy, Sam, and Ray have plans of their own on stopping the Drengons. Humans and Drengons will soon do battle.

Title: Regime Guard: 1000 Years of War (Ep 1)

Logline: The mighty Regimes, through 1000 years, must try to defeat the evil dreaded Daminites before there conquest of their solar system and eventually others.

Synopsis: Life is beutiful in the world of Zaefer. Until that fateful day when the Daminites came. They ravaged the planets, conquered our solar system and sent the once peaceful people of Zaefer either into slavery or a life on the run. Until that day when Lena Stram wondered away from the cave system of interra and found what was prophetic and right. She would become the leader of the first regime; the Storm Regime. This mighty Regime once gathered would unleash a storm that no-one can control. A strom of mercy, friendship, and consequently death. There first mission, to recover a bound boy used for ritual sacrifice for the rising of Hektana, the evil sister of ALragon's(HELL) Hektana. Secondly, to find a cure for an illness before it destroys the remnants of slaves and people, and maybe the Regime itself And lastly, To fight to death the Lords of the Hive, summoned to destroy the Regime. But don't the Daminites relize the Regime comes every 333 years when the words are sounded!

Title: Unscramble

Logline: Some war opressed civilians come across a strange GE animal that can breathe out a gas that helps them to think clearly and start to fight back the oppressing armies with unusual clever approaches

Synopsis: This script represents wars in the world today and has my philosophy. In a middle eastern country some wretched family and friends have been thrown together in a house. The father 'Chan' (characters have international names) recently recieved a message to meet him from an aleged old friend. They're shocked when the old friend turns out to be not human but a giant talking genetically enginered rat. Chan had once saved its life 20 years ago and caused a chain of events that caused the rat to be used in a scientific evolution experiment. The creature can now breathe out a special mist that can clear and unscramble the minds of the people. With clear thought, slowly they start to outsmart the armies and citizens that attack and torment them. They send mist to victims everywhere and eventually the country is liberated. Some sub plots also include contacting dead loved ones, befriending members of the opposite side, regaining hope for some, and reconecting with child hood.