Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: The Waning Crescent

Logline: This portion of the moons disc that is now illuminated, is decreasing. 5 stories are tied together through eons in a deadly section of West Texas.

Synopsis: 5 story lines tie together via an alien virus which only lives during the exact light of the waning cresent moon at the original point of crater impact wher it arrived. A particular geographic area of West texas finds itself host to death and carnage due to an unknow and unseen host. The book takes us from the afternoon hunt of a Neanderthal man who happens upon this place with some assocites in tow. Then we jump into post civil war and some Buffalo Soldiers who have some very back freind that also stumble upoin this spot when the light is just right. Two roughnecks and tit-bar dancer get involved with a very ferocious drug dealer. A serial killer who accesses his victims far too easily runs from the FBI until he finds this spot in W. Texas. Future warfare has taken on new meaning and locations when the Earths surface will not sustain life any longer. It's all about time. man is but one breath in the life of the planet. It all begins again, anew.

Title: Mission:Life Force

Logline: Astronaut discovers a life force living below the surface of Mars that may hold the key to saving the United States from a terrorist nuclear threat.

Synopsis: Astronaut John Kirkland and Curt Kovoski are conducting a mission on the planet Mars exploring areas below the surface. Meanwhile back on earth: Terrorist have launched five biological germ missiles toward the east coast of the United States from Canada. U.S. fighter pilots destroy three, but two of the missiles hit areas near Michigan. The destruction is devastating leaving a mysterious yellowish powdery substance. Back on Mars:Curt falls into a deep crater. John lowers himself down the crater to save him and what he discovers is unbelievable. John makes a emergency launch back to earth. As he gets closer to earth the smoke and destruction are visable hundreds of miles away (based on actual events from space shuttle ISS during 911 attacks). John is rescued by a helicopter from a military biohazard unit. He realizes that his discovery on Mars may hold the key to saving the United States from the dangerous chemical. What was his discovery? Will it work? Find out in MISSION:LIFE FORCE

Title: Deviant

Logline: In a remote region of Alaska, an ancient legend comes to life, and must kill to remain free...and survive.

Synopsis: When disaster strikes a top secret government project, Alaskan guides Jack McKenna and Esai No-dogs must face the reality that a terrifying creature, long thought to be myth, is suddenly on the loose and willing to kill anything in it's path. Skeptics at first, the guides are soon confronted with grisly evidence they can't ignore, and forced into an unlikely alliance with an eccentric anthropologist and his highly unconventional team of researchers. Determined to prove the existence of the creature before shadowy government forces can bury the truth, the group embarks on a desperate expedition that not only threatens their very survival, but ultimately reveals a shocking new scientific discovery that will change the world forever. WGA Registration # 1540976

Title: Baleful Resurrection

Logline: Unclear as to exactly why at first, a major city is swarming with people who have become something seeming to resemble zombies, but...not quite.

Synopsis: The city has been blocked off by the police and swat teams due to what they claim is a riot. Two men, John and Ted, sneak into the city to ensure the safety of their loved ones who hadn't come home that day. But when they get there they see that it's not a riot at all. The people of the city, for currently unknown reasons, have become what appear to be zombies! Ted and John must fight their way through the bloodthirsty zombies to get where they need to go. To both Ted and John's shock and horror, their greatest suffering won't be from the post-human creatures themselves-it will be something deeper.

Title: The Return of Christ

Logline: Christ returns during our planet's most desperate hour. Or is it an alien intelligence that has hijacked our religion in order to peacefully take over our planet?

Synopsis: In the year 2049 a comet larger than a mountain strikes our planet. Our planet is dying! When all hope is lost, an extra-terrestrial city descends from the heavens and lands in Israel. The Supreme leader of New Jerusalem uses his powers to bring life back to our fields. The hungry are fed and the sick are healed but when this Messiah offers to literally change us into more loving and passive beings, many are skeptical. Our religious leaders say, "He is not Jesus and they are not his angels. They are aliens who have hijacked are religion in order to peacefully take over our planet". They also accuse our occupiers of deliberately sending the comet as a prelude to their heroic arrival. After many years of occupation, our world's political and religious leaders unite. A secret nuclear attack on New Jerusalem is planned. So Christ says to them, "You hated and killed me at my first coming, and now again you plot my death". Please go to to see a complete preview.

Title: X-RAY MAN

Logline: “I am your lover. Please love me” a live skeleton man asks to his lover. People and police treat him as a ghost and they try to kill him.

Synopsis: Skeleton man (Jimmy) loves Cleopatra, but his girl friend Jennifer hates his love towards Cleopatra. She propagates skeleton man as demon. She encases skeleton man by recording his activities and telecast them. His life is in big trouble. Then he turns and acts like real ghost. Skeleton man is a normal human being with invisible skin and organs; he is transparent and looks like a skeleton to human eyes. As skeleton man walks on streets with a bag in his hand, does fights, climbs buildings run to hide outs, these kinds of movements gives excellent visual impact. How a hero (Jimmy) became as a skeleton man? Why Jennifer hates him, how does he escape from police? How does he prove his identity in the criminal court? How does he give tit-for-tat to Jennifer? How does he save his lover and married her?

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: A group of college students awakening from stasis establish a dangerous connection behind their capture and a project to strip them of their humanity.

Synopsis: In the year 2012, unemployed autistic rebel and aspiring musician Saverio Gazzara inadvertently stumbles upon an underground chamber and discovers three girls - Kate Redski, Amanda Robinson and Sarah Blake - sleeping in their cryogenic capsules. He revives and rescues them, taking them to his base of operations - an underground bunker. At his bunker, Saverio and his friends - Yuri Goranski, an unemployed dyslexic rebel and eager sportsman, and Hans von Braun, an unemployed tech-head and a heavy smoker - decide to look after the girls. Saverio introduces them to 21st-century life and recaps some of the major events and advances from the past quarter of a century. The girls decide to go out for a night on the town while the boys remain in the bunker. Kate is lured into a trap under false pretences and is abducted. With Yuri and Hans in tow, Saverio embarks on a mission which will uncover the truth behind the girls' capture, ending in a violent climax with explosive consequences.

Title: 2020-TGA

Logline: THREE STUDENTS AND A UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT KIDNAPPED! When Molly Wheeler finds out her older sister is kidnapped by fanatic human-sacrifice Mayans, she's determined to do whatever it takes to rescue.

Synopsis: In the year 2020, college freshman Molly's arc (journey) begins with her feelings of inadequacy and near suicide, and then defiance of a domineering, religious mother's insistent demands. After many obstacles, at the end of ACT II Molly wins the worshipful respect of the Maya by using the latest high tech 2020-TGA technology to read the mind of Gukumatz, the high priest. She and roommate Jenny convince him that Molly is the goddess Ix Chel, and are able to rescue everyone. At the end of ACT III -- Held in the university stadium, the news event covered internationally, Molly and Jenny win honors and accolades for valor [if you brave it, they will come]. I've worked with Stallone, Jessica Tandy, Norman Jewison, United Artists, Warner, etc.

Title: Portal Kings

Logline: Two worlds connected by a portal, two brothers pitted against each other, super human abilities and the ultimate power to rule both worlds and the chance to become a king.

Synopsis: There is the world we know and then the world through the portal where people live and look like us but are genetically gifted with abilities beyond human capacity. A young boy from our world falls through the portal into another world where he is brought before a chief and welcomed among the people. The family who takes him in has a son just around the boy's age; they become as brothers. The super human powers that these people posses is inspiring to the one who has discovered them. He journeys back through the portal to the real world and then returns, older, stronger and with trained men. His intention is to harvest the peoples abilities and use them for his own gain, he wishes to become a King, ruler of both worlds. The story is filled with betrayal and fantasy, amazing human strength and the will to defend what is threatend and to fight back.

Title: 12-21-12 EXTINCTION

Logline: A young physician's apocalyptic dreams are coming true. She is unaware that she will help save the human race after a catastrophic event on 12/21/12.

Synopsis: A young female physician, Devin Spivey, who pioneered a cure for Alzheimer's disease utilizing embryonic stem cells, discovers her apocalyptic dreams are coming true. The most devastating of which is a meteor that is destined to destroy Mexico City and cause the extinction of all human life on Earth. After being kidnapped by the paranoid NSA director, she escapes with help of high level friends. The escape is discovered and a harrowing boat chase ensues. Capture appears imminent but suddenly a ship arrives and whisks her to safety. Events take a never imagined twist when she is told that she has been chosen, since birth, to save the human race from this extinction level event that will occur on December 21, 2012, coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calendar. WGAw Reg# 1316223 Available in .fdr format.