Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Baleful Resurrection

Logline: Unclear as to exactly why at first, a major city is swarming with people who have become something seeming to resemble zombies, but...not quite.

Synopsis: The city has been blocked off by the police and swat teams due to what they claim is a riot. Two men, John and Ted, sneak into the city to ensure the safety of their loved ones who hadn't come home that day. But when they get there they see that it's not a riot at all. The people of the city, for currently unknown reasons, have become what appear to be zombies! Ted and John must fight their way through the bloodthirsty zombies to get where they need to go. To both Ted and John's shock and horror, their greatest suffering won't be from the post-human creatures themselves-it will be something deeper.

Title: The Conflict

Logline: After women had obtained complete control of American affairs,and after many years of peace,discontent society, Stephen Mowbray will have to save the government and save America from the World War.

Synopsis: Since only ten percent of all murder are committed by women, women with time became the natural leader of the new world. But, the over controlling government make discontent society, and Stephen Mowbray leader of the most powerful business Castle of the United Companies(the new United State) the Power Castle, will with is leadership, build a rebellion, but when the conflict come to confrontation, the Mongolian Empire, after the conquest of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, is finally at the door of the new United Companies. But even then, not all the Valkyries are joining Stephen, some as revolted again the United Companies afraid to fight the Mongolian Empire. But Stephen will succeed to stop the revolt, unite the government, and save the world from world domination. But that a long story.

Title: Elysium

Logline: The source of all life on Earth now threatens its very existence!

Synopsis: As global warming ravages our planet and the mortal peril of a runaway greenhouse effect looms large on the horizon. A widower, searching for answers in the wake of his wife's sudden passing, embarks upon a journey into the far reaches of space in order to retrieve a payload, jettisoned from Earth many years ago, which may hold the key to our survival. But, he is also searching for something else. A way to be reunited with his dearly departed wife. Yet, unbeknownst to him, his wife has done just that, by leaving behind a trail of clues as to her whereabouts from beyond the grave. What's more, the clues come in the form of a series of symbols that correspond to a map. However, this is no ordinary map. Rather, it is a star map of divine providence that marks the path to Earth's salvation, as well as his own. For, salvation lies with...Elysium!!!

Title: Horatio tends toward 0

Logline: What would happen if somebody travelled back in time to prevent their own birth?

Synopsis: Horatio is sick of his lonely life and wants to cease to exist. But he is too good to hurt anyone, let alone himself. That is the reason he fails in all of his suicide attempts. Luckily, Horatio is a brilliant scientist and he gets a fantastic idea about how to achieve his goal and disappear: he'll build a time machine to take him back to the day he was conceived, in other words, 9 months before his birth. Once there, Horatio will look for his parents and prevent them from committing the act in which he was begot. However, once back in the past, Horatio fails: he finds his parents, but right when they are in the midst of his conception! So, Horatio is trapped in a time in which he doesn't belong, without the possibility of returning to the present.


Logline: Redneck Ultra-Light flying Airforce takes on giant Bats in a small rural New Mexican town.

Synopsis: Dexter Smith, A professor of paleontology travels to a remote location to excavate for ancient undiscovered species, particularly PTEROPUS VAMPYRUS a 45 million year old MEGABAT of the Oligocene Period. He befriends the locals, in particular the lone tribal Indian policeman, Steve Tom. Dex finds out that there have been mysterious deaths in the region. Steve recruits Dex for help in his investigations. Dex and Steve discover an unknown fossilized MEGABAT. A local hang-gliding enthusiast is killed mysteriously and this adds to the local legend of WENDEGO a mythical Indian god who lives in a cave on Mt. Diablo. The local rednecks seek revenge for their fallen comrade. Suddenly in the night, the undiscovered MEGABATS ATTACK! All hell breaks loose as the Bats go on a savage rampage! The locals are devastated. The rednecks are looking for trouble. And Dex is trying to keep a lid on the tragedy as an ulterior financial motive comes to light. The rednecks go on a vicious flying hunt.

Title: Bill Monday

Logline: One man's quest to save humanity from the very thing they believe in most!

Synopsis: This is a story about a friend of mine...Bill Monday. Bill's rich, handsome, clever, and he's the best dealmaker I have ever seen. However, Bill's an idiot! He blew all his money and went broke. Then one day he meets an alien that goes by the name of Father. Father tells him the sun is going to destroy the Earth in less than a year. Father tells him they have the technology to fix the sun but cannot because of universal laws regarding interference with young solar systems whose inhabitants still believe in gods. Now, this is the funny part. The aliens have chosen Bill Monday to save the world. All he has to do is convince everyone there is no god! As the planet heats up, how will Bill ever be able to convert his religious planet? Can even the Pope stop believing in god? Find out in this meaningful story if you could become an unbeliever in everything you have always believed.

Title: Broken Willow

Logline: In a future where mankind is a dying breed, an assassin's past holds the secret to our salvation.

Synopsis: It was the most advanced ship ever built. It's mission was to find and colonize a new Earth. But en route through the infinite of space, the Broken Willow disappeared without warning... Jade Harrison has spent her entire life doing what she does best: killing for the right price. Her latest contract is also her most dangerous - the assassination of the Galaxy's President. However, as she soon finds out, the President's death was just a cornerstone in a much larger conspiracy that holds our fate in it's hand. Now on the run through space from General Ao (who's intentions are his own), Jade and her lifelong friend, Baby (a rare silverback gorilla with genetically advanced robotic arms) reluctantly bring along Markus, a scoundrel who claims to know the location of the Broken Willow... ...and with it mankind's destiny.

Title: Deviant

Logline: In a remote region of Alaska, an ancient legend comes to life, and must kill to remain free...and survive.

Synopsis: When disaster strikes a top secret government project, Alaskan guides Jack McKenna and Esai No-dogs must face the reality that a terrifying creature, long thought to be myth, is suddenly on the loose and willing to kill anything in it's path. Skeptics at first, the guides are soon confronted with grisly evidence they can't ignore, and forced into an unlikely alliance with an eccentric anthropologist and his highly unconventional team of researchers. Determined to prove the existence of the creature before shadowy government forces can bury the truth, the group embarks on a desperate expedition that not only threatens their very survival, but ultimately reveals a shocking new scientific discovery that will change the world forever. WGA Registration # 1540976

Title: The Pawn

Logline: The quiet routine aboard a small, military spaceship is shattered when a series of impossible fatalities points to a murderer among the crew.

Synopsis: In the year 2079, the U.S.S. Pawn, a Navy gopher ship, sets off on another routine run ferrying cargo and supplies to the deep space cruiser Alabama four days away. The quiet of another dull mission is shattered, however, when a crewmember is killed while performing standard maintenance. Redundant safety systems continue to fail mysteriously, and more people die. Tension and paranoia mount among the survivors as they realize there is a murderer aboard. In actuality, the Pawn's central computer has lost the ability to distinguish between running the ship and the chess game it was playing earlier against the captain. The computer now sees the entire ship as the board, and the crew as opposing pieces. A long-dormant military intelligence program plays another important part in this deadly game, but even with all the facts, will the crew have enough pieces left to win?

Title: American Reich

Logline: A professor sends her graduate student back in time to 1933 to kill Adolf Hitler, only to find her actions have unintended consequences.

Synopsis: Wayne Goldberg, graduate student at NYU, is asked by his brilliant physics professor, Dr. Lisa Hoffmann, to stop by her lab, where he is shown a strange device that was once obviously a washing machine, but is informed this strange contraption is indeed now a working time machine. After convincing Wayne of its validity, by sending him back to the doomed Hindenburg, he agrees to be sent back in time to kill Adolf Hitler, by slipping poison into his celebratory drink, on the night he became Chancellor of Germany. After completing the mission, Wayne arrives back in 2010. Dr. Hoffmann, however, does not recognize him. New York City has become New Berlin City and the United States part of the German Unified Territories. Finding himself interred in a work camp, Wayne must figure out a way to get Tellurium-24, which powers the time machine, as well as back to the time machine to re-write history oince again.