Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: The Crystal Crypt

Logline: Stranded on earth whilst their ship is being salvaged, a young emotionally blackmailed "humanlike" alien must outwit his cold hearted counterpart to save New York from destruction.

Synopsis: The US President is informed that a spectacular space ship has made an emergency landing on the Atlantic Ocean. However, two "human like" aliens transported off before it sunk. One is a cold hearted dictator and the other a teenage boy who is searching for his older brother and being emotionally blackmailed by his counterpart. Because our sea water is deadly to the aliens they must rely on the President to salvage and return their ship. The dictator alien reverts to advanced alien technology to hold NY as leverage and amidst tons of action NY vanishes. As the story progresses the younger alien bonds with a youngish General and the power hungry Secretary of Defense joins forces with the dictator alien. Amidst the chaos that follows and with the help of the younger alien, NY is restored, the technology used to capture it destroyed, the space craft disintegrates, the Secretary of Defense and dictator alien die and the General reveals that he's the younger alien's long lost brother.

Title: Sleeping with the enemy

Logline: They walk among us.

Synopsis: Dr. Jonathan F. Bauer is a well-known psychologist. After years of research he came to the conclusion that aliens are just a human creation. He quickly became popular for his findings. Karen, his wife and his son Justin, tired of Jonathan's 24/7 work want to spent some time alone with him. They vacation to a small town in Colorado where Karen's parents live. They arrive only to find out that a group of scientists have move in to investigate potential UFO sightings. One of the scientists is Jonathan's ex-girfriend. After a surprised encounter with her he believes there's something wrong. Through a thorough investigation Jonathan discovers that the aliens are indeed here and are attempting to take over the world. Everything becomes more complicated once he finds out that the President is on a quiet vacation in town. Jonathan must find a way to solve this. What he doesn't know is that there's a dark secret that will not only change his life forever but probably the rest of the world.

Title: Quintessence

Logline: An simple cab driver is exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment and must ultimately use the power to save his ex-wife, while battling a rogue agent with the same abilities.

Synopsis: Nestor Solomos is a simple cab driver, recently divorced from a wonderful woman. All he ever wanted out of reality was to help others, raise a loving family, and smell the roses. Until the day he could CONTROL reality. After being accidentally exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment, Nestor finds that his newfound power quickly becomes a deadly force which starts to hurt the people he cares about. After he unwittingly kills his ex-wife, he decides to seek out the only person who might understand and repair his dilemma: the German scientist who invented the triggering device. Nestor tries to right the chaos unleashed by his abilities, ultimately traveling back in time in a desperate attempt to save his ex-wife. But he is hunted by a rogue government agent who has selfishly acquired the same power, and is now intent on destroying Nestor. This script came within less than 50 entries of making the quarterfinals of the 2006 Nicholl competition.

Title: Absolution

Logline: A misunderstanding between an autistic college student and those close to him spirals out of control when the student declares his own private war on those who he feels have wronged him.

Synopsis: In the present day, many of the US's major cities have fallen under martial law. People are judged based on their physical and mental faculties - anyone with a disability, whether of the body or mind, is denied citizenship and classified as a denizen. After a highly intense day at college, a male student with Asperger Syndrome finally snaps due to the heavy pressure of his coursework and the stress of nobody taking him seriously enough, coupled with his restrictions. The student declares a private war on all those who he believes have betrayed him or abused his trust in the past, including his own family. This causes him to be branded as an outlaw by the federal and military authorities, instigating a manhunt. Now in mortal danger, the fugitive student must try to survive alone with very little chance of help or support, while his best friend attempts to defuse the situation and bring him to safety.


Logline: Finally, the long awaited screenplay based on best selling author Fred Saberhagen's novel, After the Fact, becomes a reality. Tagline: The future depends on one man...

Synopsis: Graduate student Jerry Flint is shanghaied to prevent a presidential assassination, thrust into an unfamiliar world with a wanted man's identity, and faced with solving the ultimate paradox: how does he prevent the assassination of President Lincoln without changing his own future? When Jerry drives to Springfield, Illinois, to interview for a position with Dr. Pilgrim, he has no idea that he is about to be catapulted into the distant past to become a time-traveling secret agent. Worse yet, he has to piece together his instructions from scattered fragments of information and incomplete messages. Jerry manages to dodge bullets, personal entanglements, and the suspicions of John Wilkes Booth to put him next to the President at the fateful moment. But the question remains: will Pilgrim's ambitious sceme be Jerry's ticket home or lead him to a future he doesn't know? "After the Fact" screenplay WGAW# 1493939 Copyright 2011 by James Alton Willis

Title: Silent Gene

Logline: Janitor ADAM follows his implanted memories to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind.

Synopsis: Year 2019, orphanage-grown janitor ADAM buys a wearable dream-reader and shares his dreams on the web. He suddenly becomes the target of a group of people who is trying to kill him and obtain his brain. While escaping from the killers, he follows his memories found implanted by his biological mother, to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind. He also finds out that he used to be a powerful scientist who developed the dream reading technology and secretly initiated a massive human slaughter through the worldwide popular dream-reader. Now Adam has to use his intelligence to fight with himself and crush the conspiracy of reviving the Third Reich, and of course, to find his love back. (I prefer contact by email:, thanks.)

Title: Horatio tends toward 0

Logline: What would happen if somebody travelled back in time to prevent their own birth?

Synopsis: Horatio is sick of his lonely life and wants to cease to exist. But he is too good to hurt anyone, let alone himself. That is the reason he fails in all of his suicide attempts. Luckily, Horatio is a brilliant scientist and he gets a fantastic idea about how to achieve his goal and disappear: he'll build a time machine to take him back to the day he was conceived, in other words, 9 months before his birth. Once there, Horatio will look for his parents and prevent them from committing the act in which he was begot. However, once back in the past, Horatio fails: he finds his parents, but right when they are in the midst of his conception! So, Horatio is trapped in a time in which he doesn't belong, without the possibility of returning to the present.

Title: The World Beyond Us

Logline: Half of the Earth is covered in ice due to global change that took place in the year 2265. Ninety percent of the U.S. is covered in ice. The U.S. is divided into eleven colonies and villages.

Synopsis: Benson, a strong warrior has been imprisoned for sleeping with another man's wife. His stay in prison has now been terminated and his skills are needed to protect the Village of Odessa. The Ice Runners are warriors led by Raum to protect Odessa and other villages through out the country from the greedy Beserkers(thieves and rapist). When Raum is denied a woman from Odessa he is offended and becomes an enemy of the village he once protected. Berko and Adanna have plans to get married, but those plans are cut short when the arrogant Raum lays eyes on Adanna. The leader of Odessa and father of Adanna, Ivar has been put in an ugly position. He has the option of turning over his daughter to Raum, and avoiding alot of blood shed. Instead he denies Raum's demands and enlist the help of the man that once betrayed him: Benson. In a matter of days Odessa will be under attack by the most powerful colony in the country: Norka. Only Benson's leadership can save the colony.


Logline: A team of scientists see their lives completely transformed as they are sent to the Antarctic to investigate abnormal activity and meet another civilization, the Atlans who live hidden in the ice.

Synopsis: Jeremy Sanford and his team are sent to the Antarctic to investigate and collect samples from an immense and abnormal fault. While isolated from the rest of his team, Jeremy is the victim of an accident. Left unconscious and deeply wounded, Jeremy meets Eana, a being from the Atlans civilization who heals him and disappears as quickly as he came, leaving behind a piece of rare algae that only grows in the deepest oceans. Haunted by this experience and determined to find this exceptional being, Jeremy returns to the Antarctic with his friend, biologist and doctor, Rachel Anderson. Eana reappears and invites them to share the secrets of his advanced civilization which has lived hidden for centuries beneath the Turquoise Mountain. This extraordinary adventure between the Atlans people and the two researchers will deeply transform their lives. Many years later, Jeremy and Rachel have a son they name Eana, who turns out to be the messenger for the people of Atlans.

Title: The Conflict

Logline: After women had obtained complete control of American affairs,and after many years of peace,discontent society, Stephen Mowbray will have to save the government and save America from the World War.

Synopsis: Since only ten percent of all murder are committed by women, women with time became the natural leader of the new world. But, the over controlling government make discontent society, and Stephen Mowbray leader of the most powerful business Castle of the United Companies(the new United State) the Power Castle, will with is leadership, build a rebellion, but when the conflict come to confrontation, the Mongolian Empire, after the conquest of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, is finally at the door of the new United Companies. But even then, not all the Valkyries are joining Stephen, some as revolted again the United Companies afraid to fight the Mongolian Empire. But Stephen will succeed to stop the revolt, unite the government, and save the world from world domination. But that a long story.