Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: The Jungles of Anekson

Logline: In an alternate timeline, a controversial discovery threatens to ignite a war between Neanderthals and humans. Dr. Ryan Henry must race against time to prevent the conflict and save the planet!

Synopsis: What if humans were no longer the dominant species on planet Earth? In an alternate timeline, Neanderthals have evolved alongside humans. The two cultures share a fragile coexistence. When a controversial discovery threatens to ignite a war between the two species, Dr. Ryan Henry must race against time to stop the annihilation of all life on Earth! Along with the energetic Dr. Jennifer Norris, Ryan must bridge the gap between the two cultures. How can be bring peace when leaders of both nations seem hell-bent on destruction? Will he be able to escape when the war comes to his doorstep? My latest screenplay, THE JUNGLES OF ANEKSON, is a science-fiction adventure with a strong parable to racial/cultural conflict in our world today. It is an exploration of how a dominant species can mistreat a form of life not as evolved as their own. Amidst the social allegory is an exciting story with great characters and amazing action.

Title: When We're Back

Logline: A young boy born on a military starship withstands the dreadful world of war where the only choice you have is to fight or surrender and being back from mission is your only reward.

Synopsis: A military starship is sent far away from the Earth with a mission that is much more complicated than just a "seek and destroy" one. The soldiers pay with their lives for such complexity, the war lasts for years and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. The moral is extremely low. Many of the crew get back to the hypersleep vault escaping from the grim reality and this exodus is about to get total. Nick isn't a superhero. Just a little man born on the ship, born a soldier. Deprived of his childhood and even of the right to life, the orphan of the space fights, being torn apart by the call of duty and the hate to the very essence of war. A blind chance hurls Nick into the hell of a hostile planet giving him an opportunity to become the key to the enemy defense. Doomed but unsubdued, Nick goes into action... The right to life? He'll get it. Later. If he's back...

Title: The Waning Crescent

Logline: This portion of the moons disc that is now illuminated, is decreasing. 5 stories are tied together through eons in a deadly section of West Texas.

Synopsis: 5 story lines tie together via an alien virus which only lives during the exact light of the waning cresent moon at the original point of crater impact wher it arrived. A particular geographic area of West texas finds itself host to death and carnage due to an unknow and unseen host. The book takes us from the afternoon hunt of a Neanderthal man who happens upon this place with some assocites in tow. Then we jump into post civil war and some Buffalo Soldiers who have some very back freind that also stumble upoin this spot when the light is just right. Two roughnecks and tit-bar dancer get involved with a very ferocious drug dealer. A serial killer who accesses his victims far too easily runs from the FBI until he finds this spot in W. Texas. Future warfare has taken on new meaning and locations when the Earths surface will not sustain life any longer. It's all about time. man is but one breath in the life of the planet. It all begins again, anew.

Title: New Day

Logline: Adams Blackhall agreed to become a colonist, because he wanted a new start on life, a new day. His new day didn't include waging an unnecessary war against the people of Upsilon Pegasus.

Synopsis: After returning to earth, Adams Blackhall nearly dies during his hibernation revival procedure, afterwards his brother Jefferson Blackhall informs him their sister passed away while he was away from earth. Burdened with the guilt of years spent away from his family, the wakeup call from his near death experience, he decides to pursue an early retirement. Jefferson and their mutual friend Yolando Sato make another proposal. Join them, become a colonist on the earth-like planet of Upsilon Pegasus. It will be a new start, a new day. Once the Colonial Fleet arrives at Upsilon Pegasus, they discover that the original colony has fractured into two countries, New London and Zhang. The leader of Colonial Fleet, Admiral Gomez, uses a tragic event and the existence of New London and Zhang, as a pretext for invasion, with the ultimate goal of uniting both countries under colonial rule. As for Adams, he didn't travel fifty light years to wage a war against the people of Upsilon Pegasus.

Title: Quintessence

Logline: An simple cab driver is exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment and must ultimately use the power to save his ex-wife, while battling a rogue agent with the same abilities.

Synopsis: Nestor Solomos is a simple cab driver, recently divorced from a wonderful woman. All he ever wanted out of reality was to help others, raise a loving family, and smell the roses. Until the day he could CONTROL reality. After being accidentally exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment, Nestor finds that his newfound power quickly becomes a deadly force which starts to hurt the people he cares about. After he unwittingly kills his ex-wife, he decides to seek out the only person who might understand and repair his dilemma: the German scientist who invented the triggering device. Nestor tries to right the chaos unleashed by his abilities, ultimately traveling back in time in a desperate attempt to save his ex-wife. But he is hunted by a rogue government agent who has selfishly acquired the same power, and is now intent on destroying Nestor. This script came within less than 50 entries of making the quarterfinals of the 2006 Nicholl competition.

Title: Omega Team

Logline: Omega Team is the best special unit team there is. They function as one and follow their own rules, but no one cares. They do the impossible.

Synopsis: Contamination of the atmosphere has forced the majority of mankind underground into a new violent and dark world. Omega Team is first seen handling rebels in the new Town Square. Subtlety is not one of their strengths, death and destruction follow in their wake. For years Calypso (team leader) has been searching for her husband - believed dead. When information that he is alive and a known enemy of the state using a different name, makes its way to her, Calypso goes to find him, leaving everything she knows and has behind, severing all ties. The remaining team is called to bring her back at all costs. If she does not return, none of them had better, placing loyalties and friendships on the line. How far would you go to follow orders you did not believe in. How would you protect those you are loyal to, who have saved your life countless times. This could be worked into a TV series.

Title: The Pawn

Logline: The quiet routine aboard a small, military spaceship is shattered when a series of impossible fatalities points to a murderer among the crew.

Synopsis: In the year 2079, the U.S.S. Pawn, a Navy gopher ship, sets off on another routine run ferrying cargo and supplies to the deep space cruiser Alabama four days away. The quiet of another dull mission is shattered, however, when a crewmember is killed while performing standard maintenance. Redundant safety systems continue to fail mysteriously, and more people die. Tension and paranoia mount among the survivors as they realize there is a murderer aboard. In actuality, the Pawn's central computer has lost the ability to distinguish between running the ship and the chess game it was playing earlier against the captain. The computer now sees the entire ship as the board, and the crew as opposing pieces. A long-dormant military intelligence program plays another important part in this deadly game, but even with all the facts, will the crew have enough pieces left to win?


Logline: Devonna is kidnapped and tortured by her half dead ex-boyfriend Dave. While commiting suicide he tranformed himself into a slimy, transparent creature determined to have her and revenge.

Synopsis: A recently widowed Devonna Sinclair aka trophy wife number three, relocated to a new penthouse. Soon afterwards she discovers that her ex Dave Washington is her neighbor. Many surprise visits and gifts later, Devonna wanted nothing to do with him. She is still deeply in love with her dearly departed husband. Dave is devastated. He realized he had lost her forever to a dead man, how could he compete. He decided to write her a long letter explaining his love for her and his actions. Next, he commits suicide in a manner unlike anyone has ever thought of or imagined to be possible. Later, he wakes up in the city morgue clinically dead and out of his mind. Plus due to the way he attempted suicide, he freakishly transformed himself into a half human unstable mass of jelled flesh. Soon after the kidnapping and torture begins, we all learn the definition of Suicide Bubbles.

Title: End of Time

Logline: To save tomorrow, they must first survive today.

Synopsis: In the near future, in a world devastated by global warming and the unthinkable chain of events it spawned, two young teenaged girls - one white, the other black - struggle to survive in an unforgiving global environment that has annihilated all but a few stragglers. When her beloved Grandfather dies, heartbroken Rebekah is forced to abandon her isolated, survivalist cabin and venture out, unprepared, into a hostile world. Jolie, a hardened veteran of the barbaric inner city, saves the naive Rebekah from a band of savage marauders and kindles a cautious mutual reliance. Beck and Jo battle rampant disease, swarming pestilence, vicious ex-soldiers and religious fanatics, while seeking what has been stolen from them - the bond of family. This is an ageless story, experienced by two brave fifteen-year-old girls and set against a topical background right out of todays headlines. It prophesizes a future that we all may come to suffer if we simply do nothing.

Title: The Crystal Crypt

Logline: Stranded on earth whilst their ship is being salvaged, a young emotionally blackmailed "humanlike" alien must outwit his cold hearted counterpart to save New York from destruction.

Synopsis: The US President is informed that a spectacular space ship has made an emergency landing on the Atlantic Ocean. However, two "human like" aliens transported off before it sunk. One is a cold hearted dictator and the other a teenage boy who is searching for his older brother and being emotionally blackmailed by his counterpart. Because our sea water is deadly to the aliens they must rely on the President to salvage and return their ship. The dictator alien reverts to advanced alien technology to hold NY as leverage and amidst tons of action NY vanishes. As the story progresses the younger alien bonds with a youngish General and the power hungry Secretary of Defense joins forces with the dictator alien. Amidst the chaos that follows and with the help of the younger alien, NY is restored, the technology used to capture it destroyed, the space craft disintegrates, the Secretary of Defense and dictator alien die and the General reveals that he's the younger alien's long lost brother.