Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Immortal Download

Logline: An American Senator wakes to find he has become an android and must save the world from a plot to destroy most of humanity.

Synopsis: The year is 2044 and the UK has been assimilated into the USA as the 57th State. Jack Churchill, wakes to find that his physical body has died and his mind has been transferred into a state-of-the-art artificial body. He has no recollection of the previous six months, and if that isn't bad enough he is also charged with the assassination of the President. He escapes to India, where in a stunning twist; he meets himself! His physical body had only been clinically dead for a few minutes, had been rescued and taken to India, damaged, but alive. Jack finds out, at last, from his `real' self, what happened to him in the lost six months. He had fallen in love with the beautiful Carrie, and came across a plot by the US President to release a series of deadly DNA viruses that would target his enemies; millions would die! Back in America, Jack, of course, is able to save the day at the last minute by implanting a cunning computer virus that immobilizes the enemy androids. WGA # 1356055.

Title: The Conflict

Logline: After women had obtained complete control of American affairs,and after many years of peace,discontent society, Stephen Mowbray will have to save the government and save America from the World War.

Synopsis: Since only ten percent of all murder are committed by women, women with time became the natural leader of the new world. But, the over controlling government make discontent society, and Stephen Mowbray leader of the most powerful business Castle of the United Companies(the new United State) the Power Castle, will with is leadership, build a rebellion, but when the conflict come to confrontation, the Mongolian Empire, after the conquest of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, is finally at the door of the new United Companies. But even then, not all the Valkyries are joining Stephen, some as revolted again the United Companies afraid to fight the Mongolian Empire. But Stephen will succeed to stop the revolt, unite the government, and save the world from world domination. But that a long story.


Logline: ROSANNA is involuntarily and repeatedly summoned back in time to resolve issues that threaten the survival of her family lineage.

Synopsis: CHANGING TIMES is an hour-long television drama centered on ROSANNA, a 30-something black female who is summoned into the past by an EVENT that threatens the survival of her lineage. Attractive, smart and athletic, Rosanna disappears unpredictably into unfamiliar places and times in history where she must deal with danger and intrigue while resolving a threat to her lineage. Husband MARK and long-time acquaintance ELIAS are in-the-know and equip Rosanna for life-or-death adventures in the past. Occasionally one or the other accompanies Rosanna into the past by being in contact with her during the transition. VANDIVER works for a shady organization that, having heard rumors of the time traveler, wants her special capabilities for their own illicit purposes. SPECIAL AGENT ROSS, attached to a powerful government organization, is also tasked with obtaining the time travel secret. Levity is injected by neighbor CARLA who is spirited, fun and cute - but always drops by at the wrong time.

Title: The Lightbringers

Logline: Three British heroes set out to expose and defeat the US media but are caught up in a war between Heaven and Hell.

Synopsis: In the present day, three British/European heroes from various ends of the legal spectrum join forces to rebel against the US media. Upon their arrival, their leader becomes infatuated with a local girl. When the girl is abducted, along with her friends, the three rebels decide to take decisive action and fight back against their unseen adversary, despite growing pressure from the girls' parents and a mysterious life form claiming to be a military officer. It is in this tense situation that an unholy alliance between humans and mutants is formed. With their new ally on their side, the rebels vow to defeat the evil power lurking in space, or even in another dimension altogether - this leads up to a violent climax and a battle between Good and Evil, the outcome of which will determine the ultimate fate of the Universe. Will the Earth be corrupted by greed and selfishness, or will humanity prevail? Only time will tell.

Title: The Return of Christ

Logline: Christ returns during our planet's most desperate hour. Or is it an alien intelligence that has hijacked our religion in order to peacefully take over our planet?

Synopsis: In the year 2049 a comet larger than a mountain strikes our planet. Our planet is dying! When all hope is lost, an extra-terrestrial city descends from the heavens and lands in Israel. The Supreme leader of New Jerusalem uses his powers to bring life back to our fields. The hungry are fed and the sick are healed but when this Messiah offers to literally change us into more loving and passive beings, many are skeptical. Our religious leaders say, "He is not Jesus and they are not his angels. They are aliens who have hijacked are religion in order to peacefully take over our planet". They also accuse our occupiers of deliberately sending the comet as a prelude to their heroic arrival. After many years of occupation, our world's political and religious leaders unite. A secret nuclear attack on New Jerusalem is planned. So Christ says to them, "You hated and killed me at my first coming, and now again you plot my death". Please go to to see a complete preview.

Title: The Unusuals

Logline: Aliens knowns as Drengons have been exiled from their planet and sent to Earth. In order for them to survive they must take the form of Human Beings.

Synopsis: In a small town called Chasimal, New Mexico the residents are terrifeid. Aliens have taken over their town and the residents are under their control. Jennfier Stone and her son flee Chasimal trying to escape from the Drengons. The Drengons are now in hot pursuit for Jennifer and her son. Black and Junior are two bank robbers on the run from the Law. They decide to rob a bar in Chasimal and soon find out that it was a deadly mistake. Andrew Kelly, a head member of the Drengons is kidnapped and forced to reveal his true identity under Human flesh. His kidnappers will soon regret what they asked for. Bishop is a Drengon who merges from one Human to another Human all the time. Pretty soon this bad habit will be put to an end. Henry is a Drengon who likes to take the form of infant Humans. The Drengons have plans on abducting an unborn child to give to Henry. Bruce, Candy, Sam, and Ray have plans of their own on stopping the Drengons. Humans and Drengons will soon do battle.


Logline: In a believer's world anyone who gets too close to the truth is automatically put on the target list of the most high in the real world.

Synopsis: A Believer has a experience with a UFO evidence proofs it's not imaginary in the ordinary world and calls the MOD. A man from Project Blue Book is called into investigate the sighting, STAR GIRL has to put a stop to the dark forces from pulling the strings before total conquest.


Logline: If a submarine enters the space, what will happen? --a Sci-Fi screenplay both for submarine movie fans and space movie funs.

Synopsis: sometime in the future, the earth suffers an alien invasion.The aliens ocupied the space and sky.And human're still holding the lands and ocean.The war is seasawing at a deadlock,till... The submarine "Beyond" is dispatched to clear up the aliens under Bermuda seas.There they fight the aliens in a undersea cave and destroyed most of them.But while they're hunting the last alien marine-It's a strange, unknown USO,the sub is sucked into a light whirlpool.Just with a flash, the crews find their sub is orbiting over the earth IN THE SPACE! They don't know what happened and believe they're dead. But soon they find their sub is surviving them well in the space.They realize that the sub has almost everything for a spaceship.That's why.So they drift in the space, struggling to survive from the hard surrounding of space and aliens' attacks. They lived on,and make a rocket for the sub,change it into a incredible space battleship. And what will they do with this invincible warship?


Logline: A General helps to disclose aliens and uses an Army unit to prevent alien domination. In the sequel, he is exiled to a planet as Earth is dominated by Reptilians until he returns to help humanity.

Synopsis: ALIEN SECURITY General Tom Evens accepts a job to keep UFOs secret and is sent to a base where people are killed by aliens. Tom helps an informer for disclosure until they are captured. He is rescued by human aliens and agrees to save the world from evil aliens. He is taken to a fort where he secretly acquires the support of others to prevent domination. Tom is taken to meet with the President, who gives him command of troops that repel into an alien underground base where battles ensue. The troops are victorious and they return to loved ones. ALIEN INSECURITY Tom is asked to command a secret mission to rescue mind-controlled children. He agrees and commands troops that rescue the children until a battle ensues with Reptilian beings that kill everyone except Tom. He is taken to a beautiful world to live. 2 years later, Tom returns to a worker colony on Earth where he is able to help others to be human again. Battles ensue until humanity is victorious. There is great celebration.

Title: Broken Willow

Logline: In a future where mankind is a dying breed, an assassin's past holds the secret to our salvation.

Synopsis: It was the most advanced ship ever built. It's mission was to find and colonize a new Earth. But en route through the infinite of space, the Broken Willow disappeared without warning... Jade Harrison has spent her entire life doing what she does best: killing for the right price. Her latest contract is also her most dangerous - the assassination of the Galaxy's President. However, as she soon finds out, the President's death was just a cornerstone in a much larger conspiracy that holds our fate in it's hand. Now on the run through space from General Ao (who's intentions are his own), Jade and her lifelong friend, Baby (a rare silverback gorilla with genetically advanced robotic arms) reluctantly bring along Markus, a scoundrel who claims to know the location of the Broken Willow... ...and with it mankind's destiny.