Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Aurora

Logline: In 1897 something crashed on the Texas prairie, something that's still unexplained... and someone wants to keep it that way.

Synopsis: Keith Garrett, a reporter with the Dallas Chronicle, becomes obsessed by a century old investigation when he mysteriously receives a copy of an article about a strange airship crash in 1897. The article, published by his own newspaper, tells the story of an object crashing in the small farming community of Aurora and a survivor among the wreckage that residents described as 'from another world.' The bizarre article goes on to state that the craft's pilot died of its injuries and was buried in the local cemetery. Being a student of history and aeronautics, Garrett is intrigued by the story and decides to look into it. Though he doesn't realize it at the time, he has made a decision that will transform him from a writer reporting the story to an intrinsic part of it, leading him to an obsession that puts his own life at risk. It seems that 110 years after the crash that there are those who still want the incident to remain an obscure mystery-with a deadly intent. C 2006 WGAw Reg

Title: Silent Gene

Logline: Janitor ADAM follows his implanted memories to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind.

Synopsis: Year 2019, orphanage-grown janitor ADAM buys a wearable dream-reader and shares his dreams on the web. He suddenly becomes the target of a group of people who is trying to kill him and obtain his brain. While escaping from the killers, he follows his memories found implanted by his biological mother, to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind. He also finds out that he used to be a powerful scientist who developed the dream reading technology and secretly initiated a massive human slaughter through the worldwide popular dream-reader. Now Adam has to use his intelligence to fight with himself and crush the conspiracy of reviving the Third Reich, and of course, to find his love back. (I prefer contact by email:, thanks.)

Title: Quintessence

Logline: An simple cab driver is exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment and must ultimately use the power to save his ex-wife, while battling a rogue agent with the same abilities.

Synopsis: Nestor Solomos is a simple cab driver, recently divorced from a wonderful woman. All he ever wanted out of reality was to help others, raise a loving family, and smell the roses. Until the day he could CONTROL reality. After being accidentally exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment, Nestor finds that his newfound power quickly becomes a deadly force which starts to hurt the people he cares about. After he unwittingly kills his ex-wife, he decides to seek out the only person who might understand and repair his dilemma: the German scientist who invented the triggering device. Nestor tries to right the chaos unleashed by his abilities, ultimately traveling back in time in a desperate attempt to save his ex-wife. But he is hunted by a rogue government agent who has selfishly acquired the same power, and is now intent on destroying Nestor. This script came within less than 50 entries of making the quarterfinals of the 2006 Nicholl competition.


Logline: 3 teens, 2 galaxies, 1 mission... save Soleri and get home alive.

Synopsis: WESLEY WENTWORTH's story is that he gave his robot too much power and he's sticking to it. This is as he explains his melted robot to his dad JON, who is about to be awarded a promotion for the powerful new transducer he has invented. What Wesley doesn't mention to his dad is that the robot melted because he had inserted his father's transducer into it. What Wesley also doesn't tell is that this "modification" of his robot and the teens cell phones turned the robot into a teleporter that had transported himself, his sister MACY, their friend ASHLEY, and his loyal pug dog PUGSTON light-years away to the planet Soleri in the Heledrium Galaxy. With no other choice, the teens must brave the dark dangers of the catacombs in order to make their way back home. Their journey is fraught with creatures that lurk in the blackness and the Tojinian guards. In the catacombs, the teens discover surprising strengths, loyalties, and courage that had been lurking deep within themselves. WGA 1220916

Title: Broken Willow

Logline: In a future where mankind is a dying breed, an assassin's past holds the secret to our salvation.

Synopsis: It was the most advanced ship ever built. It's mission was to find and colonize a new Earth. But en route through the infinite of space, the Broken Willow disappeared without warning... Jade Harrison has spent her entire life doing what she does best: killing for the right price. Her latest contract is also her most dangerous - the assassination of the Galaxy's President. However, as she soon finds out, the President's death was just a cornerstone in a much larger conspiracy that holds our fate in it's hand. Now on the run through space from General Ao (who's intentions are his own), Jade and her lifelong friend, Baby (a rare silverback gorilla with genetically advanced robotic arms) reluctantly bring along Markus, a scoundrel who claims to know the location of the Broken Willow... ...and with it mankind's destiny.

Title: Undiscovered Island

Logline: The script "Undiscovered Island" is about this boy who gets into a plane crash and whinds up on an island under the sea. He goes on several adventures, and eventually becomes the wealthiest person

Synopsis: Hello,my name is Travis Edrington.I live in Port St. Lucie,Florida and I am currently going into the 12th grade.I would like for you to read my script Undiscovered Island because I think it would make a really good movie.In my script the main character Travis goes on a vacation/business trip with his father,and when they are going to Jamaica to pick up more passengers the plane malfunctions and goes into the middle of the Caribbean.Travis is the only survivor and finds and undiscovered island underneath the sea.After going under observation by a tribe that found him sleeping on the island, the ruler of that tribe gets somebody to teach Travis their language.The ruler has Travis go to a rival tribe to see what they are planning on doing. He becomes a double agent and soon owns both of the tribes. Towards the end of the script Travis conquers most of the island and becomes the wealthiest and most famous person on the planet.

Title: When We're Back

Logline: A young boy born on a military starship withstands the dreadful world of war where the only choice you have is to fight or surrender and being back from mission is your only reward.

Synopsis: A military starship is sent far away from the Earth with a mission that is much more complicated than just a "seek and destroy" one. The soldiers pay with their lives for such complexity, the war lasts for years and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. The moral is extremely low. Many of the crew get back to the hypersleep vault escaping from the grim reality and this exodus is about to get total. Nick isn't a superhero. Just a little man born on the ship, born a soldier. Deprived of his childhood and even of the right to life, the orphan of the space fights, being torn apart by the call of duty and the hate to the very essence of war. A blind chance hurls Nick into the hell of a hostile planet giving him an opportunity to become the key to the enemy defense. Doomed but unsubdued, Nick goes into action... The right to life? He'll get it. Later. If he's back...

Title: Hearing Thoughts

Logline: In the science fiction adventure, "Hearing Thoughts", Danny Burke's greatest challenge is not his quest to solve the mystery of how he suddenly acquired the ability to hear other peoples thoughts but how he might properly use this talent in his everyday New York City life.

Synopsis: Daniel Burke disappears while camping. Noah, the alien who abducted him, mistakenly leaves the "nano-nerve" in his brain giving him the power to hear thoughts. Later, Danny hears, the man he is prosecuting for murder, think of where he put her buried body. The CIA soon learn of his talent and ask him if he would work with them. He does and Danny falls in love with fellow agent, Alisha Jeffrey. He "hears" of a plot for a nuclear attack in London. In London, Danny acquires the necessary info to stop the attack but is not aware of a MI5 traitor. He tells the terrorist about his talent. The terrorist then plan on abducting Danny and Alisha to bring them to Iran so that Soviet scientist can remove the "nano-nerves". They plan on using reverse engineering to replicate it for themselves and the Iranians. Just as they are about to be brought to a submarine, Danny and Alisha are then saved by the alien, Noah. He removes the nano-nerve and sends him home. There is a very mysterious ending.

Title: Portal Kings

Logline: Two worlds connected by a portal, two brothers pitted against each other, super human abilities and the ultimate power to rule both worlds and the chance to become a king.

Synopsis: There is the world we know and then the world through the portal where people live and look like us but are genetically gifted with abilities beyond human capacity. A young boy from our world falls through the portal into another world where he is brought before a chief and welcomed among the people. The family who takes him in has a son just around the boy's age; they become as brothers. The super human powers that these people posses is inspiring to the one who has discovered them. He journeys back through the portal to the real world and then returns, older, stronger and with trained men. His intention is to harvest the peoples abilities and use them for his own gain, he wishes to become a King, ruler of both worlds. The story is filled with betrayal and fantasy, amazing human strength and the will to defend what is threatend and to fight back.

Title: The Conflict

Logline: After women had obtained complete control of American affairs,and after many years of peace,discontent society, Stephen Mowbray will have to save the government and save America from the World War.

Synopsis: Since only ten percent of all murder are committed by women, women with time became the natural leader of the new world. But, the over controlling government make discontent society, and Stephen Mowbray leader of the most powerful business Castle of the United Companies(the new United State) the Power Castle, will with is leadership, build a rebellion, but when the conflict come to confrontation, the Mongolian Empire, after the conquest of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, is finally at the door of the new United Companies. But even then, not all the Valkyries are joining Stephen, some as revolted again the United Companies afraid to fight the Mongolian Empire. But Stephen will succeed to stop the revolt, unite the government, and save the world from world domination. But that a long story.