Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: Redneck Ultra-Light flying Airforce takes on giant Bats in a small rural New Mexican town.

Synopsis: Dexter Smith, A professor of paleontology travels to a remote location to excavate for ancient undiscovered species, particularly PTEROPUS VAMPYRUS a 45 million year old MEGABAT of the Oligocene Period. He befriends the locals, in particular the lone tribal Indian policeman, Steve Tom. Dex finds out that there have been mysterious deaths in the region. Steve recruits Dex for help in his investigations. Dex and Steve discover an unknown fossilized MEGABAT. A local hang-gliding enthusiast is killed mysteriously and this adds to the local legend of WENDEGO a mythical Indian god who lives in a cave on Mt. Diablo. The local rednecks seek revenge for their fallen comrade. Suddenly in the night, the undiscovered MEGABATS ATTACK! All hell breaks loose as the Bats go on a savage rampage! The locals are devastated. The rednecks are looking for trouble. And Dex is trying to keep a lid on the tragedy as an ulterior financial motive comes to light. The rednecks go on a vicious flying hunt.

Title: Elysium

Logline: The source of all life on Earth now threatens its very existence!

Synopsis: As global warming ravages our planet and the mortal peril of a runaway greenhouse effect looms large on the horizon. A widower, searching for answers in the wake of his wife's sudden passing, embarks upon a journey into the far reaches of space in order to retrieve a payload, jettisoned from Earth many years ago, which may hold the key to our survival. But, he is also searching for something else. A way to be reunited with his dearly departed wife. Yet, unbeknownst to him, his wife has done just that, by leaving behind a trail of clues as to her whereabouts from beyond the grave. What's more, the clues come in the form of a series of symbols that correspond to a map. However, this is no ordinary map. Rather, it is a star map of divine providence that marks the path to Earth's salvation, as well as his own. For, salvation lies with...Elysium!!!

Title: Untitled

Logline: A sci fi fantasy and shared history between the lives of extraterrestrials and two very young lovers.

Synopsis: Two young west coast teenagers encounter and become acquainted with various tribes and species of extraterrestrials while, all along, being madly in love. It is a very, very funny tale as the extraterrestrials prize humor greatly and were initially drawn to the teenage male hero for that very reason alone. Only 19 pages have been completed. If there is interest it will be entirely completed.

Title: Kore

Logline: Criminals, terrorists and murderers led by Kore flee from justice in the Centaurus Empire. Arriving on Earth, he contacts the local terrorists and criminals to help him become the System Lord.

Synopsis: The Centaurus Empire is a federation of planets united under one leader called Anami Kordasian, the System Lord. As the Empire emerges from a costly galactic war, rebuilding the economy and intergalactic trading continues to strengthen them. However, the Empire is plagued by space pirates, criminals and the Terrorists League, whose leader is none other than the brother of the Centaurus System Lord. Kore was captured during the Great War, implanted with an evil symbio, and made a weapon against the Empire. Though the war is over, the renegade ex-Commander Kore continues to inflict heavy financial losses to the Empire. Kore discovers a starchart with the position of Earth on it. He comes to Earth with his Terrorists League and alien spacecrafts. His ultimate goal is to pursuade the Middle Eastern Terrorists and worldwide criminal organizations into helping him conquer Earth, so he would become the System Lord of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.


Logline: Earth has already been colonized. A Space Patrol is returning to evaluate their previous work. Recreates the first enounter about 6,000 years ago between us and these ETs.

Synopsis: Introducing the main character G.E.O.D. (pronounced "Gee-odd") as the General Expeditionary Operations Director of a Space Patrol exploring this solar system. Earth people are used for various experiments such as with genetic engineering resulting in mutations and an innate memory of those events. The small settlements became the first Earth cities. When their experiments got out of control, the Space explorers destroyed as much as they could of their visit. Yet, one defaint crew member has been marooned here since then. This immortal one has been using us to confront the Space Patrol when they return to this planet after 6000 years. Thus the story begins with their arrival. The alternate responses will lead to either planetary obilivion, or a postive fulfilled desiny. [WRITERS GUILD REGISTRATION NUMBER: 120729. This screen play is being processed for a copyright by Library of Congress.]

Title: Sleeping with the enemy

Logline: They walk among us.

Synopsis: Dr. Jonathan F. Bauer is a well-known psychologist. After years of research he came to the conclusion that aliens are just a human creation. He quickly became popular for his findings. Karen, his wife and his son Justin, tired of Jonathan's 24/7 work want to spent some time alone with him. They vacation to a small town in Colorado where Karen's parents live. They arrive only to find out that a group of scientists have move in to investigate potential UFO sightings. One of the scientists is Jonathan's ex-girfriend. After a surprised encounter with her he believes there's something wrong. Through a thorough investigation Jonathan discovers that the aliens are indeed here and are attempting to take over the world. Everything becomes more complicated once he finds out that the President is on a quiet vacation in town. Jonathan must find a way to solve this. What he doesn't know is that there's a dark secret that will not only change his life forever but probably the rest of the world.

Title: The Unusuals

Logline: Aliens knowns as Drengons have been exiled from their planet and sent to Earth. In order for them to survive they must take the form of Human Beings.

Synopsis: In a small town called Chasimal, New Mexico the residents are terrifeid. Aliens have taken over their town and the residents are under their control. Jennfier Stone and her son flee Chasimal trying to escape from the Drengons. The Drengons are now in hot pursuit for Jennifer and her son. Black and Junior are two bank robbers on the run from the Law. They decide to rob a bar in Chasimal and soon find out that it was a deadly mistake. Andrew Kelly, a head member of the Drengons is kidnapped and forced to reveal his true identity under Human flesh. His kidnappers will soon regret what they asked for. Bishop is a Drengon who merges from one Human to another Human all the time. Pretty soon this bad habit will be put to an end. Henry is a Drengon who likes to take the form of infant Humans. The Drengons have plans on abducting an unborn child to give to Henry. Bruce, Candy, Sam, and Ray have plans of their own on stopping the Drengons. Humans and Drengons will soon do battle.

Title: Sol

Logline: A prince is on a journey to regain his kingdom and lost love with the help of a God.

Synopsis: The world is an ancient kingdom on Pangea. This is the world before the continents split apart. In our world, Pangea is filled with ancient civilizations who boast advanced technology combined with old world religions. The various kingdoms are ruled by family hierarchies. Peace has reigned for years, but politically, the families have been at odds for years. The Trimurk family has taken action and overthrown Sols family. Sol is the rightful leader of his kingdom, but the family line was destroyed by Trimurks, a mystical enemy, that puts its faith into the study of the world and the health of the planet. Sol is alone without allies in a world that has politically no favor for him or his family and a world that is at odds with its inhabitants. His journey is a lonely one. What he discovers is that he must come to terms with his situation and gather support for his quest.


Logline: In a seemingly perfected future, one man confronts his loss of friends and his identity as he attempts to unravel the twisted secrets behind the all-powerful corporation- Infinicorp.

Synopsis: The world is controlled by a single omnipotent corporation- Infinicorp- which provides everything to every Employee. From birth, best friends Floyd 14-7 and Glen 14-7 have been trained to do their assigned job and believe what they are told without question, in order to maintain peace and happiness for all. It is a situation that no Employee questions. Vast guarded borders protect the Employees from the scattered Unemployed, who are considered less than human and kept isolated away from Infinicorp's Utopian society. Now, as adults working as security officers, their lives continue to follow Infinicorp's design perfectly until Floyd hears tales of the Unemployed and begins to discover the secret behind Infinicorp. Glen is ordered to stop his friend's attempted treason but the bond of their shared friendship is strong. Glen must choose between the life of a man he has loved from his earliest memory and the corporation to whom he owes everything. WGA Registered # 1197756

Title: Lux Lucis Addo

Logline: An action-packed coming-of-age adventure of three rebels and their private war against the media, extradimensional forces, and their inner demons.

Synopsis: In the present day, the media has grown and expanded into a powerful Federation. Three friends - Donato, an ex-Italian Marine - Viktor, a former Russian police officer - and Declan, a reformed Scottish prison convict, travel to the United States to combat the oppressive regime. In an attempt to pass off as inconspicuous civilians, they act under the guise of a rebel organisation - a militia of sorts. However, their presence sets in motion a chain of events that not only affects their lives, but will also determine the safety of the Earth and the future of the human race. The plot thickens when some of the local women are captured by a race of mutants, and it is up to the rebels to discover the true source of the entity that is corrupting the Earth, destroying its integrity and allowing the wicked to continue with their destructive ways. Part action thriller, part coming-of-age drama, all science fiction.