Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: Redneck Ultra-Light flying Airforce takes on giant Bats in a small rural New Mexican town.

Synopsis: Dexter Smith, A professor of paleontology travels to a remote location to excavate for ancient undiscovered species, particularly PTEROPUS VAMPYRUS a 45 million year old MEGABAT of the Oligocene Period. He befriends the locals, in particular the lone tribal Indian policeman, Steve Tom. Dex finds out that there have been mysterious deaths in the region. Steve recruits Dex for help in his investigations. Dex and Steve discover an unknown fossilized MEGABAT. A local hang-gliding enthusiast is killed mysteriously and this adds to the local legend of WENDEGO a mythical Indian god who lives in a cave on Mt. Diablo. The local rednecks seek revenge for their fallen comrade. Suddenly in the night, the undiscovered MEGABATS ATTACK! All hell breaks loose as the Bats go on a savage rampage! The locals are devastated. The rednecks are looking for trouble. And Dex is trying to keep a lid on the tragedy as an ulterior financial motive comes to light. The rednecks go on a vicious flying hunt.


Logline: A Society of Shoes runs a spaceship and lives there. In the background, an Alien Family also lives on the same spaceship. Meddling Alien Children.

Synopsis: The Human Supply Ship ZX4 course to the colony on Neptune has been changed. The crew is dead. The ship is returning to Earth after 400 years of wandering. Now back in time, a four tier Society of Shoes, each having a different level of the truth of their reality, starts to interact with the teenage Alien son and the young Alien daughter. 4 special Civilian Shoes, made alive by the son not the father, begin to learn ALL the truths about their home. The ship breaks down. The Society starts to break down. 2 special Civilian shoes and the daughter fly to a shoe store on the Earth. The Father rescues them and tells ALL the WHOLE TRUTH.

Title: Horatio tends toward 0

Logline: What would happen if somebody travelled back in time to prevent their own birth?

Synopsis: Horatio is sick of his lonely life and wants to cease to exist. But he is too good to hurt anyone, let alone himself. That is the reason he fails in all of his suicide attempts. Luckily, Horatio is a brilliant scientist and he gets a fantastic idea about how to achieve his goal and disappear: he'll build a time machine to take him back to the day he was conceived, in other words, 9 months before his birth. Once there, Horatio will look for his parents and prevent them from committing the act in which he was begot. However, once back in the past, Horatio fails: he finds his parents, but right when they are in the midst of his conception! So, Horatio is trapped in a time in which he doesn't belong, without the possibility of returning to the present.

Title: Kore

Logline: Criminals, terrorists and murderers led by Kore flee from justice in the Centaurus Empire. Arriving on Earth, he contacts the local terrorists and criminals to help him become the System Lord.

Synopsis: The Centaurus Empire is a federation of planets united under one leader called Anami Kordasian, the System Lord. As the Empire emerges from a costly galactic war, rebuilding the economy and intergalactic trading continues to strengthen them. However, the Empire is plagued by space pirates, criminals and the Terrorists League, whose leader is none other than the brother of the Centaurus System Lord. Kore was captured during the Great War, implanted with an evil symbio, and made a weapon against the Empire. Though the war is over, the renegade ex-Commander Kore continues to inflict heavy financial losses to the Empire. Kore discovers a starchart with the position of Earth on it. He comes to Earth with his Terrorists League and alien spacecrafts. His ultimate goal is to pursuade the Middle Eastern Terrorists and worldwide criminal organizations into helping him conquer Earth, so he would become the System Lord of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.

Title: Baleful Resurrection

Logline: Unclear as to exactly why at first, a major city is swarming with people who have become something seeming to resemble zombies, but...not quite.

Synopsis: The city has been blocked off by the police and swat teams due to what they claim is a riot. Two men, John and Ted, sneak into the city to ensure the safety of their loved ones who hadn't come home that day. But when they get there they see that it's not a riot at all. The people of the city, for currently unknown reasons, have become what appear to be zombies! Ted and John must fight their way through the bloodthirsty zombies to get where they need to go. To both Ted and John's shock and horror, their greatest suffering won't be from the post-human creatures themselves-it will be something deeper.

Title: Regime Guard: 1000 Years of War (Ep 1)

Logline: The mighty Regimes, through 1000 years, must try to defeat the evil dreaded Daminites before there conquest of their solar system and eventually others.

Synopsis: Life is beutiful in the world of Zaefer. Until that fateful day when the Daminites came. They ravaged the planets, conquered our solar system and sent the once peaceful people of Zaefer either into slavery or a life on the run. Until that day when Lena Stram wondered away from the cave system of interra and found what was prophetic and right. She would become the leader of the first regime; the Storm Regime. This mighty Regime once gathered would unleash a storm that no-one can control. A strom of mercy, friendship, and consequently death. There first mission, to recover a bound boy used for ritual sacrifice for the rising of Hektana, the evil sister of ALragon's(HELL) Hektana. Secondly, to find a cure for an illness before it destroys the remnants of slaves and people, and maybe the Regime itself And lastly, To fight to death the Lords of the Hive, summoned to destroy the Regime. But don't the Daminites relize the Regime comes every 333 years when the words are sounded!

Title: Manhattan Krishna

Logline: An epic battle opens in present day Manhattan. between two powerful gods of Hindu mythology; Kali(The Devourer) and Krishna(The Redeemer)to determine humanity's ultimate fate. Who will be victorious?

Synopsis: 2009/Manhattan. Krishnant, a rock star is performing as the front man for the supergroup "Karma" promising "Instant Enlightenment"! Kali, The Dark One is sent by Vishnu(Zeus)whose agenda is "Enlightenment through Suffering" who makes Krishnant aware of his God nature! The battle almost destroys Manhattan.The impasse prompts Vishnu to transport them both to British India,1930, to convince Krishna. There,Captain McKeever, monster of the Jalian Massacre falls in love with Shanti, a temple dancer, his would be assassin, and the grandmother of the final incarnation of Krishna. Their orphaned love child, Roopa, is abducted to a brothel in Bombay. She is saved and raised in an orphanage in Goa. She gives a virginal birth to the Blue God Krishna. Unaware of his destiny he is adopted by a wealthy America couple. Raised in Manhattan, his virtuosity in playing the flute propels him to fame and Radha, his soul mate. But Kali lurks, determined to destroy Krishna in a final epic battle!

Title: Immanent

Logline: Drake, forced from a strengthening chamber, must play Immanent, a game controlled by the mind, in an effort to win back the planet, Menanon, only to discover the stakes have changed.

Synopsis: Drake is forced from his strengthening chamber when Turek, Hagan Champion of the game, Immanent, arrives to collect his winnings, the planet Menanon. With enormous strength but no time to adapt to normal pressure, Drake's energy is blocked by Menanon Elders who task Drake and Menanon, Tuck, to escape the planet and find a way to save their world while the population hides in their deepest caverns. While trying to escape the planet and Hagan flagship, Senator Molan and his daughter, Elise intervene and sign Drake up as an Immanent player, providing him with diplomatic immunity and a slim chance of winning Menanon back. With Elise as his manager and Craiger his new found trainer, Drake struggles to relearn the game where forces are controlled by the mind but must cope with excess energy when the Elder's blocks start to dissolve. Barely qualifying, Drake must fight through the Hagan Space Station in order to reach the Championship game before Turek puts his own plans in place.

Title: Deviant

Logline: In a remote region of Alaska, an ancient legend comes to life, and must kill to remain free...and survive.

Synopsis: When disaster strikes a top secret government project, Alaskan guides Jack McKenna and Esai No-dogs must face the reality that a terrifying creature, long thought to be myth, is suddenly on the loose and willing to kill anything in it's path. Skeptics at first, the guides are soon confronted with grisly evidence they can't ignore, and forced into an unlikely alliance with an eccentric anthropologist and his highly unconventional team of researchers. Determined to prove the existence of the creature before shadowy government forces can bury the truth, the group embarks on a desperate expedition that not only threatens their very survival, but ultimately reveals a shocking new scientific discovery that will change the world forever. WGA Registration # 1540976

Title: Emily and Haley Master of the Universe TV Series:

Logline: When Emily and Haley play a prank on their school bus driver, they jump-start the ride of their life with less than one chance in a billion to save themselves and planet earth.

Synopsis: Two aliens are on a secret mission to earth but their cover is blown by kids (Emily and Haley) and they flee earth with a school bus lodged in the cargo bay of their space craft. Emily and Haley and the other kids must find out why the aliens took them away and how they can get home again. The parents enlist the help of the federal government Mrs. President/ Home Alone Security to bring back the children safe. After two unsuccessful attempts to rescue the kids by Special Agent Fudgerock and by General Rucker, the aliens call for help from the mother ship. Subsequent SERIAL episodes deal with the break of this impasse.