Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: Elysium

Logline: The source of all life on Earth now threatens its very existence!

Synopsis: As global warming ravages our planet and the mortal peril of a runaway greenhouse effect looms large on the horizon. A widower, searching for answers in the wake of his wife's sudden passing, embarks upon a journey into the far reaches of space in order to retrieve a payload, jettisoned from Earth many years ago, which may hold the key to our survival. But, he is also searching for something else. A way to be reunited with his dearly departed wife. Yet, unbeknownst to him, his wife has done just that, by leaving behind a trail of clues as to her whereabouts from beyond the grave. What's more, the clues come in the form of a series of symbols that correspond to a map. However, this is no ordinary map. Rather, it is a star map of divine providence that marks the path to Earth's salvation, as well as his own. For, salvation lies with...Elysium!!!

Title: A Mother's Blood

Logline: A uterine implant that eliminates gynecological cancers is found to have an intentional side effect.

Synopsis: Set in the year 2025, a Professor of medicine is nearing the conclusion of her ten-year trial of a uterine implant (nano-rice), which identifies and destroys cancerous cells in the uterus, cervix and ovaries. She has eliminated gynecological cancers in womankind. Her son, also a medical doctor, discovers that some of the implants contain additional programming; destroying only the embryos of inter-racial couples. To save his marriage and his mother's good work, her son takes it upon himself to fix the problem in a providential way.

Title: Silent Gene

Logline: Janitor ADAM follows his implanted memories to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind.

Synopsis: Year 2019, orphanage-grown janitor ADAM buys a wearable dream-reader and shares his dreams on the web. He suddenly becomes the target of a group of people who is trying to kill him and obtain his brain. While escaping from the killers, he follows his memories found implanted by his biological mother, to discover that he is the keeper of Adolf Hitler's gene, which is slowly dominating his body and mind. He also finds out that he used to be a powerful scientist who developed the dream reading technology and secretly initiated a massive human slaughter through the worldwide popular dream-reader. Now Adam has to use his intelligence to fight with himself and crush the conspiracy of reviving the Third Reich, and of course, to find his love back. (I prefer contact by email:, thanks.)

Title: The Nephilim: The Birth of Agathon

Logline: Earthly combatants against Nephilim, fallen angels, which created mankind as a race of slaves. Only Agathon, a new breed of Superhero, can protect the Earth.

Synopsis: The fall of an Angelic Species and its attempts to reclaim the Earth in the twenty-first century. The Fallen Angels, artificially evolved mankind from a primitive species, then enslaved them and inflicted horror on the new life forms. Their attacks on mankind resulted in their loss of immortality and their nurturing environment. They return, knowing the key to their survival is the creation of a hybrid species, born of a human and the angels. A group of combatants, an archeologist, a security specialist, a casino owner, a US Army general, a little girl and an angel, must defend the Earth from this invasion. To do this, they must gain the allegiance of mankind's archenemy, Enoch, the hybrid son of Jason Newhart, a Vegas casino owner and Astara, an angel. The transformation of Enoch, the hybrid, to Agathon, results in the creation of humanity's most unusual superhero, a creature caught between Heaven and Earth, struggling to free mankind enslavement and death from its fallen creators.

Title: American Reich

Logline: A professor sends her graduate student back in time to 1933 to kill Adolf Hitler, only to find her actions have unintended consequences.

Synopsis: Wayne Goldberg, graduate student at NYU, is asked by his brilliant physics professor, Dr. Lisa Hoffmann, to stop by her lab, where he is shown a strange device that was once obviously a washing machine, but is informed this strange contraption is indeed now a working time machine. After convincing Wayne of its validity, by sending him back to the doomed Hindenburg, he agrees to be sent back in time to kill Adolf Hitler, by slipping poison into his celebratory drink, on the night he became Chancellor of Germany. After completing the mission, Wayne arrives back in 2010. Dr. Hoffmann, however, does not recognize him. New York City has become New Berlin City and the United States part of the German Unified Territories. Finding himself interred in a work camp, Wayne must figure out a way to get Tellurium-24, which powers the time machine, as well as back to the time machine to re-write history oince again.

Title: Absolution

Logline: A misunderstanding between an autistic college student and those close to him spirals out of control when the student declares his own private war on those who he feels have wronged him.

Synopsis: In the present day, many of the US's major cities have fallen under martial law. People are judged based on their physical and mental faculties - anyone with a disability, whether of the body or mind, is denied citizenship and classified as a denizen. After a highly intense day at college, a male student with Asperger Syndrome finally snaps due to the heavy pressure of his coursework and the stress of nobody taking him seriously enough, coupled with his restrictions. The student declares a private war on all those who he believes have betrayed him or abused his trust in the past, including his own family. This causes him to be branded as an outlaw by the federal and military authorities, instigating a manhunt. Now in mortal danger, the fugitive student must try to survive alone with very little chance of help or support, while his best friend attempts to defuse the situation and bring him to safety.


Logline: Finally, the long awaited screenplay based on best selling author Fred Saberhagen's novel, After the Fact, becomes a reality. Tagline: The future depends on one man...

Synopsis: Graduate student Jerry Flint is shanghaied to prevent a presidential assassination, thrust into an unfamiliar world with a wanted man's identity, and faced with solving the ultimate paradox: how does he prevent the assassination of President Lincoln without changing his own future? When Jerry drives to Springfield, Illinois, to interview for a position with Dr. Pilgrim, he has no idea that he is about to be catapulted into the distant past to become a time-traveling secret agent. Worse yet, he has to piece together his instructions from scattered fragments of information and incomplete messages. Jerry manages to dodge bullets, personal entanglements, and the suspicions of John Wilkes Booth to put him next to the President at the fateful moment. But the question remains: will Pilgrim's ambitious sceme be Jerry's ticket home or lead him to a future he doesn't know? "After the Fact" screenplay WGAW# 1493939 Copyright 2011 by James Alton Willis

Title: Giants In The Earth

Logline: Molecular Biologist and former Navy SEAL Tucker Eubank self-experiments with psychedelic plants and receives signals from immortal Giants held in captivity a mile below the vatican.

Synopsis: The story involves a particularly skilled molecular biologist and former Navy SEAL team member, Tucker Eubank, who is conducting unsanctioned self-experimentation while working at Virginia Tech using powerful hallucinogenic plants and drugs. During these experiments he feels he is receiving some sort of communication from the Giants. The Giants are, in fact, aliens that, due to a variant structure of the critical telomerase enzyme, are immortal and have been held captive by the Holy Roman Church since antiquity and are now housed in a zoo-like structure a mile below St. Peter's basilica in Vatican City. These aliens crash-landed on Earth more than 2,000 years ago and have been kept alive but sequestered ever since by the Holy Roman Church at Vatican City, Rome in order to prevent the knowledge of their existence from destroying the Church itself. Tucker feels that he is predestined to free these Giants from their captivity and so he sets out to do so.

Title: Regime Guard: 1000 Years of War (Ep 1)

Logline: The mighty Regimes, through 1000 years, must try to defeat the evil dreaded Daminites before there conquest of their solar system and eventually others.

Synopsis: Life is beutiful in the world of Zaefer. Until that fateful day when the Daminites came. They ravaged the planets, conquered our solar system and sent the once peaceful people of Zaefer either into slavery or a life on the run. Until that day when Lena Stram wondered away from the cave system of interra and found what was prophetic and right. She would become the leader of the first regime; the Storm Regime. This mighty Regime once gathered would unleash a storm that no-one can control. A strom of mercy, friendship, and consequently death. There first mission, to recover a bound boy used for ritual sacrifice for the rising of Hektana, the evil sister of ALragon's(HELL) Hektana. Secondly, to find a cure for an illness before it destroys the remnants of slaves and people, and maybe the Regime itself And lastly, To fight to death the Lords of the Hive, summoned to destroy the Regime. But don't the Daminites relize the Regime comes every 333 years when the words are sounded!


Logline: Redneck Ultra-Light flying Airforce takes on giant Bats in a small rural New Mexican town.

Synopsis: Dexter Smith, A professor of paleontology travels to a remote location to excavate for ancient undiscovered species, particularly PTEROPUS VAMPYRUS a 45 million year old MEGABAT of the Oligocene Period. He befriends the locals, in particular the lone tribal Indian policeman, Steve Tom. Dex finds out that there have been mysterious deaths in the region. Steve recruits Dex for help in his investigations. Dex and Steve discover an unknown fossilized MEGABAT. A local hang-gliding enthusiast is killed mysteriously and this adds to the local legend of WENDEGO a mythical Indian god who lives in a cave on Mt. Diablo. The local rednecks seek revenge for their fallen comrade. Suddenly in the night, the undiscovered MEGABATS ATTACK! All hell breaks loose as the Bats go on a savage rampage! The locals are devastated. The rednecks are looking for trouble. And Dex is trying to keep a lid on the tragedy as an ulterior financial motive comes to light. The rednecks go on a vicious flying hunt.