Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: 12-21-12 EXTINCTION

Logline: A young physician's apocalyptic dreams are coming true. She is unaware that she will help save the human race after a catastrophic event on 12/21/12.

Synopsis: A young female physician, Devin Spivey, who pioneered a cure for Alzheimer's disease utilizing embryonic stem cells, discovers her apocalyptic dreams are coming true. The most devastating of which is a meteor that is destined to destroy Mexico City and cause the extinction of all human life on Earth. After being kidnapped by the paranoid NSA director, she escapes with help of high level friends. The escape is discovered and a harrowing boat chase ensues. Capture appears imminent but suddenly a ship arrives and whisks her to safety. Events take a never imagined twist when she is told that she has been chosen, since birth, to save the human race from this extinction level event that will occur on December 21, 2012, coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calendar. WGAw Reg# 1316223 Available in .fdr format.

Title: The Encounter

Logline: What would be the outcome of a girl's chance meeting with a stranger who claims to be our creator, our actual God??

Synopsis: A young, disabled girl's chance meeting with a stranger in the woods, where the stranger claims to be an extra terrestrial whose ancestors created life on planet earth,. The stranger's assertion that he carries knowledge of all the happenings and incidents occurred since the creation of life on earth and the girl's cynicism to that paves way to the unfolding of several mysteries; from the cause behind Dinosaur's extinction to the facts about heaven and hell, and the two infamous mysterious characters in history - Jack the Ripper and Spring Heeled Jack, whose identities, like UFOs, were heard of, spoken about, but never documented or recorded properly to prove any authenticity. Are the stranger's theories facts or mere figment? Who is he really and his purpose of visit to that place, the woods, from where he emerges and disappears every day?? WGA # 1202265

Title: The Conflict

Logline: After women had obtained complete control of American affairs,and after many years of peace,discontent society, Stephen Mowbray will have to save the government and save America from the World War.

Synopsis: Since only ten percent of all murder are committed by women, women with time became the natural leader of the new world. But, the over controlling government make discontent society, and Stephen Mowbray leader of the most powerful business Castle of the United Companies(the new United State) the Power Castle, will with is leadership, build a rebellion, but when the conflict come to confrontation, the Mongolian Empire, after the conquest of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, is finally at the door of the new United Companies. But even then, not all the Valkyries are joining Stephen, some as revolted again the United Companies afraid to fight the Mongolian Empire. But Stephen will succeed to stop the revolt, unite the government, and save the world from world domination. But that a long story.

Title: The Nephilim: The Birth of Agathon

Logline: Earthly combatants against Nephilim, fallen angels, which created mankind as a race of slaves. Only Agathon, a new breed of Superhero, can protect the Earth.

Synopsis: The fall of an Angelic Species and its attempts to reclaim the Earth in the twenty-first century. The Fallen Angels, artificially evolved mankind from a primitive species, then enslaved them and inflicted horror on the new life forms. Their attacks on mankind resulted in their loss of immortality and their nurturing environment. They return, knowing the key to their survival is the creation of a hybrid species, born of a human and the angels. A group of combatants, an archeologist, a security specialist, a casino owner, a US Army general, a little girl and an angel, must defend the Earth from this invasion. To do this, they must gain the allegiance of mankind's archenemy, Enoch, the hybrid son of Jason Newhart, a Vegas casino owner and Astara, an angel. The transformation of Enoch, the hybrid, to Agathon, results in the creation of humanity's most unusual superhero, a creature caught between Heaven and Earth, struggling to free mankind enslavement and death from its fallen creators.

Title: The Return of Christ

Logline: Christ returns during our planet's most desperate hour. Or is it an alien intelligence that has hijacked our religion in order to peacefully take over our planet?

Synopsis: In the year 2049 a comet larger than a mountain strikes our planet. Our planet is dying! When all hope is lost, an extra-terrestrial city descends from the heavens and lands in Israel. The Supreme leader of New Jerusalem uses his powers to bring life back to our fields. The hungry are fed and the sick are healed but when this Messiah offers to literally change us into more loving and passive beings, many are skeptical. Our religious leaders say, "He is not Jesus and they are not his angels. They are aliens who have hijacked are religion in order to peacefully take over our planet". They also accuse our occupiers of deliberately sending the comet as a prelude to their heroic arrival. After many years of occupation, our world's political and religious leaders unite. A secret nuclear attack on New Jerusalem is planned. So Christ says to them, "You hated and killed me at my first coming, and now again you plot my death". Please go to to see a complete preview.


Logline: Earth has already been colonized. A Space Patrol is returning to evaluate their previous work. Recreates the first enounter about 6,000 years ago between us and these ETs.

Synopsis: Introducing the main character G.E.O.D. (pronounced "Gee-odd") as the General Expeditionary Operations Director of a Space Patrol exploring this solar system. Earth people are used for various experiments such as with genetic engineering resulting in mutations and an innate memory of those events. The small settlements became the first Earth cities. When their experiments got out of control, the Space explorers destroyed as much as they could of their visit. Yet, one defaint crew member has been marooned here since then. This immortal one has been using us to confront the Space Patrol when they return to this planet after 6000 years. Thus the story begins with their arrival. The alternate responses will lead to either planetary obilivion, or a postive fulfilled desiny. [WRITERS GUILD REGISTRATION NUMBER: 120729. This screen play is being processed for a copyright by Library of Congress.]

Title: Death of a Clone

Logline: In the near future, clones are bought and paid for to make our lives easier. When they are murdered it is up to the Clone Homicide Unit to solve the case.

Synopsis: The lead character is Danny Mailer, a Clone Homicide Unit Detective in Detroit, Michigan, who has to solve a slew of clone murders along to help is his Captain John Munyon. They are both joined by a clone and his owner, who are both detectives. Their investigation is hampered by the severe underfunding and general apathy of the police system towards the Clones. The investigation leads all the way to the top of the Cloning science field and the Chief of Police. The Clone Homicide Unit will change the fabric of society when they solve this case. I have entered this screenplay in the Scriptapalooza 2012 Screenplay Competition. I have also entered it in Gordy Hoffman's BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2012. I am still waiting to hear back from them. The WGA registration number is 1541146.


Logline: Devonna is kidnapped and tortured by her half dead ex-boyfriend Dave. While commiting suicide he tranformed himself into a slimy, transparent creature determined to have her and revenge.

Synopsis: A recently widowed Devonna Sinclair aka trophy wife number three, relocated to a new penthouse. Soon afterwards she discovers that her ex Dave Washington is her neighbor. Many surprise visits and gifts later, Devonna wanted nothing to do with him. She is still deeply in love with her dearly departed husband. Dave is devastated. He realized he had lost her forever to a dead man, how could he compete. He decided to write her a long letter explaining his love for her and his actions. Next, he commits suicide in a manner unlike anyone has ever thought of or imagined to be possible. Later, he wakes up in the city morgue clinically dead and out of his mind. Plus due to the way he attempted suicide, he freakishly transformed himself into a half human unstable mass of jelled flesh. Soon after the kidnapping and torture begins, we all learn the definition of Suicide Bubbles.

Title: The Portal

Logline: The road to the future and the path to God are one and the same.

Synopsis: Throughout history, thousands of people have vanished under bizarre circumstances. In 1590, the entire colony of Roanoke vanished. In 1930, a whole village of Eskimos vanished from northwestern Canada. When government scientist Floyd Elliot loses his wife in a similar manner, he turns to religion for answers. Finding nothing, he throws himself headlong into his work, a government project to open a wormhole. When the wormhole is opened, the Eskimos return and Floyd accidentally goes through. His trip through the wormhole takes him far into the earth's future, a journey that brings him face to face with God. This surprise meeting with divinity ultimately provides a shocking revelation about the location of Floyd's wife, the nature of God, and Floyd's future destiny. WGAW #: 1628973

Title: Regime Guard: 1000 Years of War (Ep 1)

Logline: The mighty Regimes, through 1000 years, must try to defeat the evil dreaded Daminites before there conquest of their solar system and eventually others.

Synopsis: Life is beutiful in the world of Zaefer. Until that fateful day when the Daminites came. They ravaged the planets, conquered our solar system and sent the once peaceful people of Zaefer either into slavery or a life on the run. Until that day when Lena Stram wondered away from the cave system of interra and found what was prophetic and right. She would become the leader of the first regime; the Storm Regime. This mighty Regime once gathered would unleash a storm that no-one can control. A strom of mercy, friendship, and consequently death. There first mission, to recover a bound boy used for ritual sacrifice for the rising of Hektana, the evil sister of ALragon's(HELL) Hektana. Secondly, to find a cure for an illness before it destroys the remnants of slaves and people, and maybe the Regime itself And lastly, To fight to death the Lords of the Hive, summoned to destroy the Regime. But don't the Daminites relize the Regime comes every 333 years when the words are sounded!