Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre

Title: New Day

Logline: Adams Blackhall agreed to become a colonist, because he wanted a new start on life, a new day. His new day didn't include waging an unnecessary war against the people of Upsilon Pegasus.

Synopsis: After returning to earth, Adams Blackhall nearly dies during his hibernation revival procedure, afterwards his brother Jefferson Blackhall informs him their sister passed away while he was away from earth. Burdened with the guilt of years spent away from his family, the wakeup call from his near death experience, he decides to pursue an early retirement. Jefferson and their mutual friend Yolando Sato make another proposal. Join them, become a colonist on the earth-like planet of Upsilon Pegasus. It will be a new start, a new day. Once the Colonial Fleet arrives at Upsilon Pegasus, they discover that the original colony has fractured into two countries, New London and Zhang. The leader of Colonial Fleet, Admiral Gomez, uses a tragic event and the existence of New London and Zhang, as a pretext for invasion, with the ultimate goal of uniting both countries under colonial rule. As for Adams, he didn't travel fifty light years to wage a war against the people of Upsilon Pegasus.

Title: The Return of Christ

Logline: Christ returns during our planet's most desperate hour. Or is it an alien intelligence that has hijacked our religion in order to peacefully take over our planet?

Synopsis: In the year 2049 a comet larger than a mountain strikes our planet. Our planet is dying! When all hope is lost, an extra-terrestrial city descends from the heavens and lands in Israel. The Supreme leader of New Jerusalem uses his powers to bring life back to our fields. The hungry are fed and the sick are healed but when this Messiah offers to literally change us into more loving and passive beings, many are skeptical. Our religious leaders say, "He is not Jesus and they are not his angels. They are aliens who have hijacked are religion in order to peacefully take over our planet". They also accuse our occupiers of deliberately sending the comet as a prelude to their heroic arrival. After many years of occupation, our world's political and religious leaders unite. A secret nuclear attack on New Jerusalem is planned. So Christ says to them, "You hated and killed me at my first coming, and now again you plot my death". Please go to to see a complete preview.

Title: Aurora

Logline: In 1897 something crashed on the Texas prairie, something that's still unexplained... and someone wants to keep it that way.

Synopsis: Keith Garrett, a reporter with the Dallas Chronicle, becomes obsessed by a century old investigation when he mysteriously receives a copy of an article about a strange airship crash in 1897. The article, published by his own newspaper, tells the story of an object crashing in the small farming community of Aurora and a survivor among the wreckage that residents described as 'from another world.' The bizarre article goes on to state that the craft's pilot died of its injuries and was buried in the local cemetery. Being a student of history and aeronautics, Garrett is intrigued by the story and decides to look into it. Though he doesn't realize it at the time, he has made a decision that will transform him from a writer reporting the story to an intrinsic part of it, leading him to an obsession that puts his own life at risk. It seems that 110 years after the crash that there are those who still want the incident to remain an obscure mystery-with a deadly intent. C 2006 WGAw Reg

Title: Undiscovered Island

Logline: The script "Undiscovered Island" is about this boy who gets into a plane crash and whinds up on an island under the sea. He goes on several adventures, and eventually becomes the wealthiest person

Synopsis: Hello,my name is Travis Edrington.I live in Port St. Lucie,Florida and I am currently going into the 12th grade.I would like for you to read my script Undiscovered Island because I think it would make a really good movie.In my script the main character Travis goes on a vacation/business trip with his father,and when they are going to Jamaica to pick up more passengers the plane malfunctions and goes into the middle of the Caribbean.Travis is the only survivor and finds and undiscovered island underneath the sea.After going under observation by a tribe that found him sleeping on the island, the ruler of that tribe gets somebody to teach Travis their language.The ruler has Travis go to a rival tribe to see what they are planning on doing. He becomes a double agent and soon owns both of the tribes. Towards the end of the script Travis conquers most of the island and becomes the wealthiest and most famous person on the planet.

Title: Immanent

Logline: Drake, forced from a strengthening chamber, must play Immanent, a game controlled by the mind, in an effort to win back the planet, Menanon, only to discover the stakes have changed.

Synopsis: Drake is forced from his strengthening chamber when Turek, Hagan Champion of the game, Immanent, arrives to collect his winnings, the planet Menanon. With enormous strength but no time to adapt to normal pressure, Drake's energy is blocked by Menanon Elders who task Drake and Menanon, Tuck, to escape the planet and find a way to save their world while the population hides in their deepest caverns. While trying to escape the planet and Hagan flagship, Senator Molan and his daughter, Elise intervene and sign Drake up as an Immanent player, providing him with diplomatic immunity and a slim chance of winning Menanon back. With Elise as his manager and Craiger his new found trainer, Drake struggles to relearn the game where forces are controlled by the mind but must cope with excess energy when the Elder's blocks start to dissolve. Barely qualifying, Drake must fight through the Hagan Space Station in order to reach the Championship game before Turek puts his own plans in place.


Logline: In a seemingly perfected future, one man confronts his loss of friends and his identity as he attempts to unravel the twisted secrets behind the all-powerful corporation- Infinicorp.

Synopsis: The world is controlled by a single omnipotent corporation- Infinicorp- which provides everything to every Employee. From birth, best friends Floyd 14-7 and Glen 14-7 have been trained to do their assigned job and believe what they are told without question, in order to maintain peace and happiness for all. It is a situation that no Employee questions. Vast guarded borders protect the Employees from the scattered Unemployed, who are considered less than human and kept isolated away from Infinicorp's Utopian society. Now, as adults working as security officers, their lives continue to follow Infinicorp's design perfectly until Floyd hears tales of the Unemployed and begins to discover the secret behind Infinicorp. Glen is ordered to stop his friend's attempted treason but the bond of their shared friendship is strong. Glen must choose between the life of a man he has loved from his earliest memory and the corporation to whom he owes everything. WGA Registered # 1197756

Title: Quintessence

Logline: An simple cab driver is exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment and must ultimately use the power to save his ex-wife, while battling a rogue agent with the same abilities.

Synopsis: Nestor Solomos is a simple cab driver, recently divorced from a wonderful woman. All he ever wanted out of reality was to help others, raise a loving family, and smell the roses. Until the day he could CONTROL reality. After being accidentally exposed to a government-funded reality-manipulation experiment, Nestor finds that his newfound power quickly becomes a deadly force which starts to hurt the people he cares about. After he unwittingly kills his ex-wife, he decides to seek out the only person who might understand and repair his dilemma: the German scientist who invented the triggering device. Nestor tries to right the chaos unleashed by his abilities, ultimately traveling back in time in a desperate attempt to save his ex-wife. But he is hunted by a rogue government agent who has selfishly acquired the same power, and is now intent on destroying Nestor. This script came within less than 50 entries of making the quarterfinals of the 2006 Nicholl competition.

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: A group of college students awakening from stasis establish a dangerous connection behind their capture and a project to strip them of their humanity.

Synopsis: In the year 2012, unemployed autistic rebel and aspiring musician Saverio Gazzara inadvertently stumbles upon an underground chamber and discovers three girls - Kate Redski, Amanda Robinson and Sarah Blake - sleeping in their cryogenic capsules. He revives and rescues them, taking them to his base of operations - an underground bunker. At his bunker, Saverio and his friends - Yuri Goranski, an unemployed dyslexic rebel and eager sportsman, and Hans von Braun, an unemployed tech-head and a heavy smoker - decide to look after the girls. Saverio introduces them to 21st-century life and recaps some of the major events and advances from the past quarter of a century. The girls decide to go out for a night on the town while the boys remain in the bunker. Kate is lured into a trap under false pretences and is abducted. With Yuri and Hans in tow, Saverio embarks on a mission which will uncover the truth behind the girls' capture, ending in a violent climax with explosive consequences.

Title: Mission:Life Force

Logline: Astronaut discovers a life force living below the surface of Mars that may hold the key to saving the United States from a terrorist nuclear threat.

Synopsis: Astronaut John Kirkland and Curt Kovoski are conducting a mission on the planet Mars exploring areas below the surface. Meanwhile back on earth: Terrorist have launched five biological germ missiles toward the east coast of the United States from Canada. U.S. fighter pilots destroy three, but two of the missiles hit areas near Michigan. The destruction is devastating leaving a mysterious yellowish powdery substance. Back on Mars:Curt falls into a deep crater. John lowers himself down the crater to save him and what he discovers is unbelievable. John makes a emergency launch back to earth. As he gets closer to earth the smoke and destruction are visable hundreds of miles away (based on actual events from space shuttle ISS during 911 attacks). John is rescued by a helicopter from a military biohazard unit. He realizes that his discovery on Mars may hold the key to saving the United States from the dangerous chemical. What was his discovery? Will it work? Find out in MISSION:LIFE FORCE

Title: Omega Team

Logline: Omega Team is the best special unit team there is. They function as one and follow their own rules, but no one cares. They do the impossible.

Synopsis: Contamination of the atmosphere has forced the majority of mankind underground into a new violent and dark world. Omega Team is first seen handling rebels in the new Town Square. Subtlety is not one of their strengths, death and destruction follow in their wake. For years Calypso (team leader) has been searching for her husband - believed dead. When information that he is alive and a known enemy of the state using a different name, makes its way to her, Calypso goes to find him, leaving everything she knows and has behind, severing all ties. The remaining team is called to bring her back at all costs. If she does not return, none of them had better, placing loyalties and friendships on the line. How far would you go to follow orders you did not believe in. How would you protect those you are loyal to, who have saved your life countless times. This could be worked into a TV series.