Submission Samples from the Sci-Fi Genre


Logline: A General helps to disclose aliens and uses an Army unit to prevent alien domination. In the sequel, he is exiled to a planet as Earth is dominated by Reptilians until he returns to help humanity.

Synopsis: ALIEN SECURITY General Tom Evens accepts a job to keep UFOs secret and is sent to a base where people are killed by aliens. Tom helps an informer for disclosure until they are captured. He is rescued by human aliens and agrees to save the world from evil aliens. He is taken to a fort where he secretly acquires the support of others to prevent domination. Tom is taken to meet with the President, who gives him command of troops that repel into an alien underground base where battles ensue. The troops are victorious and they return to loved ones. ALIEN INSECURITY Tom is asked to command a secret mission to rescue mind-controlled children. He agrees and commands troops that rescue the children until a battle ensues with Reptilian beings that kill everyone except Tom. He is taken to a beautiful world to live. 2 years later, Tom returns to a worker colony on Earth where he is able to help others to be human again. Battles ensue until humanity is victorious. There is great celebration.

Title: X-RAY MAN

Logline: “I am your lover. Please love me” a live skeleton man asks to his lover. People and police treat him as a ghost and they try to kill him.

Synopsis: Skeleton man (Jimmy) loves Cleopatra, but his girl friend Jennifer hates his love towards Cleopatra. She propagates skeleton man as demon. She encases skeleton man by recording his activities and telecast them. His life is in big trouble. Then he turns and acts like real ghost. Skeleton man is a normal human being with invisible skin and organs; he is transparent and looks like a skeleton to human eyes. As skeleton man walks on streets with a bag in his hand, does fights, climbs buildings run to hide outs, these kinds of movements gives excellent visual impact. How a hero (Jimmy) became as a skeleton man? Why Jennifer hates him, how does he escape from police? How does he prove his identity in the criminal court? How does he give tit-for-tat to Jennifer? How does he save his lover and married her?

Title: End of Time

Logline: To save tomorrow, they must first survive today.

Synopsis: In the near future, in a world devastated by global warming and the unthinkable chain of events it spawned, two young teenaged girls - one white, the other black - struggle to survive in an unforgiving global environment that has annihilated all but a few stragglers. When her beloved Grandfather dies, heartbroken Rebekah is forced to abandon her isolated, survivalist cabin and venture out, unprepared, into a hostile world. Jolie, a hardened veteran of the barbaric inner city, saves the naive Rebekah from a band of savage marauders and kindles a cautious mutual reliance. Beck and Jo battle rampant disease, swarming pestilence, vicious ex-soldiers and religious fanatics, while seeking what has been stolen from them - the bond of family. This is an ageless story, experienced by two brave fifteen-year-old girls and set against a topical background right out of todays headlines. It prophesizes a future that we all may come to suffer if we simply do nothing.


Logline: One message from the past arrive, he reads it and he loves her at first sight, only his sweetheart was born 50.000 years before him. He sets out on a dangerous journey back in time to find her.

Synopsis: Year 2006 A.D.:French Space Agency sends a satellite into space, which is completely different from the ones known and will be back to Earth in 50.000 years. The History of Human Species will be contained in his memory and people will have the possibility to send, via internet, individual messages. Among the thousands of messages, Catherine's -a high school student fron Minneapolis- is the one which makes the difference. Year 50.006 A.D.:People watch in amazement the arrival of an ancient satellite. Moyo, restless and uncompromising, will be touched by Catherine's message and decides to leave his ideal life behind to travel back in the past and meet her. Year 2006 A.D.:During his search for Catherine he 'll come across a truck driver, a priest, a fortuneteller and a basketball player. Will Moyo and Catherine manage to be together, especially since people from his Age are looking for him? WGAW#:947499

Title: Lux Lucis Addo

Logline: An action-packed coming-of-age adventure of three rebels and their private war against the media, extradimensional forces, and their inner demons.

Synopsis: In the present day, the media has grown and expanded into a powerful Federation. Three friends - Donato, an ex-Italian Marine - Viktor, a former Russian police officer - and Declan, a reformed Scottish prison convict, travel to the United States to combat the oppressive regime. In an attempt to pass off as inconspicuous civilians, they act under the guise of a rebel organisation - a militia of sorts. However, their presence sets in motion a chain of events that not only affects their lives, but will also determine the safety of the Earth and the future of the human race. The plot thickens when some of the local women are captured by a race of mutants, and it is up to the rebels to discover the true source of the entity that is corrupting the Earth, destroying its integrity and allowing the wicked to continue with their destructive ways. Part action thriller, part coming-of-age drama, all science fiction.

Title: Broken Willow

Logline: In a future where mankind is a dying breed, an assassin's past holds the secret to our salvation.

Synopsis: It was the most advanced ship ever built. It's mission was to find and colonize a new Earth. But en route through the infinite of space, the Broken Willow disappeared without warning... Jade Harrison has spent her entire life doing what she does best: killing for the right price. Her latest contract is also her most dangerous - the assassination of the Galaxy's President. However, as she soon finds out, the President's death was just a cornerstone in a much larger conspiracy that holds our fate in it's hand. Now on the run through space from General Ao (who's intentions are his own), Jade and her lifelong friend, Baby (a rare silverback gorilla with genetically advanced robotic arms) reluctantly bring along Markus, a scoundrel who claims to know the location of the Broken Willow... ...and with it mankind's destiny.

Title: American Reich

Logline: A professor sends her graduate student back in time to 1933 to kill Adolf Hitler, only to find her actions have unintended consequences.

Synopsis: Wayne Goldberg, graduate student at NYU, is asked by his brilliant physics professor, Dr. Lisa Hoffmann, to stop by her lab, where he is shown a strange device that was once obviously a washing machine, but is informed this strange contraption is indeed now a working time machine. After convincing Wayne of its validity, by sending him back to the doomed Hindenburg, he agrees to be sent back in time to kill Adolf Hitler, by slipping poison into his celebratory drink, on the night he became Chancellor of Germany. After completing the mission, Wayne arrives back in 2010. Dr. Hoffmann, however, does not recognize him. New York City has become New Berlin City and the United States part of the German Unified Territories. Finding himself interred in a work camp, Wayne must figure out a way to get Tellurium-24, which powers the time machine, as well as back to the time machine to re-write history oince again.


Logline: Their is something in the's not a shark

Synopsis: An unidentified creature attacks S.F. Our law enforcement is no match against the creatures god like strength. Our President implements a military plan to safeguard our cities, as well as locate the monster. SGT. Jack Tuller is assigned to a Godzilla military post based in S.F. His wife was murdered during the S.F. attack. Leaving Jack to raise their son. Despite our goverments efforts, Godzilla strikes again in the heart of Indonesia. By the time Chinese and U.S. military reach the scene Godzilla submerges into the sea. Our military eventually locates Godzilla on a remote island. We send our most highly trained marines and seals to conquer the impossible...they are in for a very big surprise. A true testament to the will power and resiliance of the U.S. military and its great citizens. An action packed film that will leave you guessing and wanting more untill the very end.

Title: The Lightbringers

Logline: Three British heroes set out to expose and defeat the US media but are caught up in a war between Heaven and Hell.

Synopsis: In the present day, three British/European heroes from various ends of the legal spectrum join forces to rebel against the US media. Upon their arrival, their leader becomes infatuated with a local girl. When the girl is abducted, along with her friends, the three rebels decide to take decisive action and fight back against their unseen adversary, despite growing pressure from the girls' parents and a mysterious life form claiming to be a military officer. It is in this tense situation that an unholy alliance between humans and mutants is formed. With their new ally on their side, the rebels vow to defeat the evil power lurking in space, or even in another dimension altogether - this leads up to a violent climax and a battle between Good and Evil, the outcome of which will determine the ultimate fate of the Universe. Will the Earth be corrupted by greed and selfishness, or will humanity prevail? Only time will tell.

Title: camera man

Logline: you can compare this script story with the movie "back to the future"

Synopsis: CAMERA MAN James is a Columbia University student majoring in journalism. He always dreamed of being a great journalism photographer. He purchased an inexpensive camera from a local pawn shop. James later discovered this camera has a magical power! Aiming at Pulitzer Prize Winner photos and presses the shutter button, James magically travels back to the scene! James used this camera to change the outcome of many events! He saved the stricken little girl's life. (Stricken child crawling towards a food camp 1994), witnessed the Tiananmen Square massacre (tank man 1989), witnessed the cruelty of the war (Iraq 2005) and began to understand the value of peace (The V-J day Kiss at Times Square1945), finally found his true love... These Pulitzer Prize photos are indeed the world's most famous photos, and behind these great photos, they all share they all share some deep and meaningful stories.