Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: The Power Elite

Logline: A brutal gangland slaying sets off a relentless investigation in pursuit of an elite hit crew, which will lead into the national and international political arenas.

Synopsis: On a drizzling Chicago night four men sit unsuspectingly in a coffee shop. Only a few feet away from them, within minutes their whole world is turned upside down as FBI agent Bruce Miller and his men gun down their boss Big Paul Crescenzi, Chicago's top organized crime boss, and his bodyguard in their car. Looking to eliminate any possible witnesses, Miller orders his men to fire on the coffee shop. Unbeknownst, the men he is about to open fire on are the elite killer hit squad known around law enforcement circles as the Vincent Mainieri crew. A horrible gunfight ensues. In the aftermath only Miller manages to get away. The hit crew looks in horror as they see who the intended victim was. Why the murder? That is the question veteran homicide Detective Will Mannon has to answer fast. Already skeptic of the evidence at the crime scene, when a fingerprint of one of the crew members is found Mannon senses the impact of bringing down the Mainieri crew and its effect on a career.

Title: Unholy Silence

Logline: A reporter working for the Vatican receives an exclusive that entangles him in a web of deception, and takes him beyond Church walls, into a ring of political treachery. WGA 2002-2007, cc.2001-2003

Synopsis: In 1929, Vatican City is born through the Lateran Accords, putting an end to the long-standing rift between the Church and the Italian government. A young, Catholic reporter, Anthony Cusac, is given the Vatican exclusive. Anthony leads a double-life, but he is not the only one. Everyone has secrets. Maria, his gorgeous girlfriend, has a mysterious past. Pointer is a traitor of Mussolini's party. Mussolini trains Germans on Italian soil without informing his military advisor. Even the pontiff has a few secrets. And the pontiff's doctor? He is the last one to see Pope Pius XI healthy, and alive. Suspicious circumstances surrounding the pontiff's death are overshadowed by the crowning of Pope Pius XII and the onset of WWII. Anthony joins the underground resistance movement in his continued effort for truth and justice. He comes across one document that could expose everything -- when the time is right.

Title: The Panic of Hollows

Logline: Sadie is convinced by her friend Margo to assist in a kidnapping, which unleashes a series of events that forces her to confront a shocking truth: that Margo is dead and has been for almost a year.

Synopsis: Sadie Winston is a housewife who lives a comfortable life, with her husband Teddy, in the city of Hollows. Things become complicated when her friend Margo comes to visit, staying in their basement apartment. Sadie and Margo enjoy spending time together, but something about their relationship unnerves Teddy, though he does his best to hide his feelings. Eventually, Teddy's fears are manifested when he discovers that, as a way to achieve instant fame, Margo has convinced Sadie to assist her in kidnapping Jacob, the only child of a wealthy local family. This horrific crime puts all of Hollows in a state of panic as intense fear and false accusations begin to grip the locals. Soon, Teddy finds himself thrust into the middle of the mysterious crime, but it is Sadie's life that is changed forever when she discovers that Margo, the mastermind behind the crime, is actually dead and has been for almost a year.

Title: Out Of Control - (TL)The mind is a terrible thing

Logline: Consumed by lust. Tormented by fear. Destroyed by regret...he'll be the one to make them all pay.

Synopsis: One man's odyssey through a reality forged by his own lust, fear and regret - a place where what's occurring might actually be real. Forever haunted by the murder of his childhood sweetheart, Christian decides to unleash his own form of punishment on those who would bring harm to the weak, naive and innocent. Nurtured by the saintly Yori, ensnared by the dark vixen Lydia, Christian teeters along the line between repentance and self-destruction until his horrors become too much to bare. Ultimately, he's forced to accept the sad truth about his two unlikely companions and face the monster he's become. A black void that devours all in its path. A treasure chest filled with an endless supply of weaponry. Walking corpses with scores of their own to settle and oh yes...a celestial haven where all who enter find the peace they've long sought. All this (and much more) lay in store for you. Dying to see where this goes? So was Christian.

Title: From the Eyes of the Killers

Logline: A tale, from the eyes of the killers, involved in the famous Vancouver "Picton" murders, on how they fade away to start somewhere else, leaving a pawn to be sacrificed by society.

Synopsis: A midnight visit, forces a New York Judge and a Psychologist to immediately fly out to help a mass murderer cover his tracks. A retired New York policeman seeking vengeance, believes the Judge will lead him to the killer of his daughter, is in hot pursuit. I wish to express my thanks for considering my submission, W.G.A #1365002.

Title: Dark Whispers

Logline: In this harrowing fictional story, tormented spirits of a secret Special Forces unit of Black US Union Army soldiers in the late 1800s, nicknamed Dark Whispers resurrect in 2009.

Synopsis: The tormented spirits of Dark Whispers supernaturally rise-up from the Chesapeake Bay region of Viginia and possess an American Bald Eagle. It was on the same day as the Presidential Inauguration of this nation's first black President, Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. The eagle is supernaturally guided to Washington DC to deliver the truth about Dark Whispers to a living descendent,65 year old US Army veteran retired Command Sergeant Major Keith Alan Jackson. The supernatural encounter between the eagle and Jackson reveals a remarkable story about a US government cover-up about the Civil War and the mysterious extermination of 2500 blacks on January 20, 1866. The execution order was given by Anderw Johnson,the 17th President of the US in the 1800s. While under hypnosis, Jackson reveals the truth of Dark Whispers to the nation's top military doctors and historians. His story telling goes back into time (like the movie Titantic)& challeges the history books and the government's truth.

Title: Survival Cards

Logline: Play your cards right on "Grand Island" or your last hand delt may be your last!

Synopsis: The stakes are high when Grand Island Palace Casino approches 15 professional card Players with a chance of a life time! A 5 day Texas Hold'em Tournament held on a secluded Costa Rican Island, with Luxury, beautiful woman and a opportunity to win a 50 million dollar cash prize. Card skills will be tested as players are challenged to advance by winning there daily Texas Hold'em table, thus ensuring there excemtion from a night of survival deep within the islands jungle, where they will not be alone! The player who is victorious over all elements will win the 50 million dollars and the title. Registerd with the writers guild of america #1462014

Title: Stake with Blood

Logline: When Angelina, the seventeen-year student of institute, is transfused the blood of the anonymous donor after failure, she doesn't know yet that it will lead to full reorganization of her organism.

Synopsis: After accident Angelina is transfused the blood of anonymous donor. When she comes home after hospital, she notices that she has new habits and bents. Understanding that she has caught illness, girl decides to find donor to learn what the illness is. However somebody cruelly kills all people whom she addresses for the help. Soon heroine pays attention that she is pursued also. She makes conclusion that she is spied on by donor and he is the murderer. Her fears are confirmed by friend Nikita. Girl decides to stop murderer. Suddenly she learns that her donor is vampire from ancient Celtic legend. And he has a brother. Human consciousness starts to leave heroine. From girl's phantom Angelina learns that only The Sword of Prince Kiot can destroy the brothers-vampires. She steals The Sword but Nikita tells her the awful secret: the brothers-vampires are not the murderers of all innocent people. He says that the murderer is ... Angelina! In despair girl kills vampires, Nikita and herself...

Title: Psyche Queen

Logline: A female Chair of the Department of psychiatry is a struggle with a forensic psychiatry fellow after the death of his girlfriend.

Synopsis: Dr. Van Klein, Chair of Psychiatry,at Midwestern University creates nanotechnology to cure mental illness. Dr. Ian Keaton is a forensic psychiatrist in training, whos girlfriend discovers serious problems with the nanite technology. She is killed by Dr. Klein's corporation's security. Ian starts to put the clues together. At the same time, the US Attorney is investigating Dr. Klein for blackmail related to the use of federal funds. Ian with his classmates continues to get facts related to the girlfriend's death. He goes into therapy, revealing his demons and grief related to the girlfriend's death. After two suicides and two deaths linked to the conspiracy. Ian learns that his supervisor is involved and an attempt is made on his life. He survives at the end with a surprise ending.

Title: Mischief and Murder

Logline: A too clever child menaces society, and the President wants the boy vanished; failing that, the Commander in Chief might want to disappear.

Synopsis: Dylan Harmon, 14, a prodigy rare, is a bit of a loner. Next to the boy's widower dad, the kid's best friend is a dog dying of old age; a tragedy inspiring Dylan to research canine longevity. Genetic science can always use a faster computer, and Dylan's machine works at near quantum speed due to a worrisome math equation sired by the boy. Dylan's PC breaks encryption codes, mischief that could hurl our computerized world into the sun, and the President thinks the child, the boy's allies, and Dylan's algorithm should all share the same grave. As usual, the White House isn't thinking too clearly; a point Dylan, his heroes, and some villains attempt to drive home during a dangerous game in which no one's a sure winner.