Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: The Caretaker

Logline: The Archangel descends in the midst of murder and deception to help release a troubled spirit and to ensure the fate of one who shall someday rise to great power.

Synopsis: The mysterious Caretaker's arrival in this small town cemetery is no coincidence. His concerns: 1) the deceptive ones involved in a desperate search of an expensive heirloom 2) one of their victims - Nichole Cummings, now a spirit who refuses to leave her grave as she guards the heirloom her sister secretly buried in it, and 3) Rony Liggon, a victim of circumstance who has lost all faith. This supernatural thriller starts with a fatal car crash, the death of Ronny's grandfather, and the murder of a powerful psychic. During the funerals, Ronny is drawn into temptation which resluts in theft of the cemetery - all part of the master plan. The Caretaker uses unconventional ways with the help of his assistant, a black bird, and a few earthbound spirits to obtain his goals: To set Nichole's soul free by eliminating her worst fears, and to ensure the spiritual well being of the future Pope. In the end, we discover the Caretaker is Michael, the Archangel. Feature length. WGA 1008036

Title: When Lightning Strikes

Logline: There's something in the lightning. And that something is alive. It is an ancient creature that has taken a small town hostage and there is only one man who believes he can stop it.

Synopsis: This is a story told in the tradition of Jaws and Moby Dick. It is very much character driven while at the same time containing the element of the seemingly unbeatable antagonist as something that everyone is truly afraid of. Lightning. The sky is full of lightning, and something is in the lightning. In that tiny instant when the lighting races to the ground and flickers IT is visible. And only for that instant but that is long enough for it to kill. Now it has taken a small town hostage and only the crusty Donavon Keyes seems to have a handle on just what is going on. Because he has tracked this creature for his entire life and soon it will be time for the final showdown. Will his knowledge of this ancient devil help him defeat it or will his blind obsession and rage for this thing deliver him into the hands of the beast.

Title: The Devil's Work

Logline: A burnt-out NYPD Detective and a junky that claims to see ghosts try to stop a serial killer targeting psychics as a strange hurricane bears down on the city.

Synopsis: New York City. As a strange hurricane approaches, the body of MOIRA MOORE, an alleged fortune teller, is found strangled to death in her home, an X cut into her forehead. When Detective DRAKE REDDICK uncovers a mysterious sigil inked in blood hidden in the room he is lead to NICK, a smart-mouthed, pill-popping junky who claims to be able to see the dead. Together, Nick and Reddick work against the clock, and the doubts of the NYPD, to discover the identity of the murderer before the storm can wash the evidence away.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: A new film revealing the real killer of JFK is uncovered and a seedy detective will stop at nothing to save his family and give the truth to the world.

Synopsis: When the "Deepthroat" who claims to have this new film is murdered, he leaves his secret behind for Detective Warren Black, who's father may or may not have been part of the original conspiracy. The investigation is re-opened and the questionable detective suddenly finds himself fighting to keep his family and himself alive while at the same time keeping the film safe from those who wish to keep the truth secret at any cost. When his family is kidnapped as ransom for the JFK film, it becomes an all out war on discovering the truth about his father and his own background and the CIA quickly learns that they have met their match in "The Warren Vendetta". Thank you for reading and I hope I have interested you.

Title: Crime Pays

Logline: A drug kingpin, his gun-nut sidekick, pill-pushing co-eds, and a kid sister with an axe to grind collide with a crazy-in-love couple who've just escaped from a prison for the criminally insane.

Synopsis: Loring de Troyes will torture as many employees as he has to to stay out of prison. He's come down to New York with Gomer, his trigger-man, for his monthly meeting. Ysa is supposed to give Loring his cut of last month's take in exchange for this month's pills. Trevor-who has secretly farmed out his work to college kids, Devin and Aysha-pushes the product. If anyone strays from the path, Loring will cut his losses, wrap them in plastic, and dump them in the Niagara Falls. It will not be the first time. Birdie and Jitterbug have been madly in love since the day they met at Grover Secure Psychiatric Institute. After their dramatic and homicidal escape from Grover, they find themselves in desperate need of cash. They learn of the drug-money exchange and see it as an opportunity to obtain funding for an impromptu honeymoon. They will stab, shoot, blow up, set ablaze, and eviscerate all who try to stop them; 'cause they love each other. And woe betide anyone who gets in the way of that.

Title: The Missing Dead

Logline: A corrupt detective believes she's on the brink of insanity when the body of an informant she murdered goes missing and she races to find it before a suspicious co-worker and mobster take her down.

Synopsis: Angela Frank, a morally bankrupt homicide detective, murders Lazar, a key informant to a case against a politician. She secures his lifeless body in her 1967 Chevy Chevelle. When she goes to deliver the dead snitch to a crime boss, Charlie Costellio , who's bankrolling the politician's run for Mayor, the body is gone. With time running out after a paranoid Charlie gives her a deadline, she frantically tries to find the body while clashing with Raymond Letroy, an uptight, overachieving detective who's been tipped off about her crime. Angela attempts to keep her life from falling apart as she deals with family issues, police work, and witnessing the deceased Lazar walk about in the living world.


Logline: An obsessed Twilight fan goes on a killing spree in Forks, WA, during the second annual Twilight convention. Caught in the middle, reporter Shirley Collins fights for her life... and her heart.

Synopsis: Los Angeles - Shirley Collins, diehard Twilight fan and freelance journalist, is sent to the tiny town of Forks, WA, to write an article on the upcoming Second Annual Twilight Convention. The event is a beacon for all types of Twilight fans from the benign to the fanatic, including Jared - an Edward Cullen look alike - broodingly good looking and dangerous. The search is on for a missing female tourist; the investigation led by fellow journalist and old college friend, Quilette Indian, Samuel Taaffe. In love with Shirley, Sam must rival Jared, who fixates on her as his own "personal brand of heroin." Shirley undergoes a terrifying abduction at the hands of a murderer. Hoping to find Shirley before it's too late, Sam must first investigate the brutal murder of a woman in the nearby wilderness; her body found with human bite marks on the neck. But something else is lurking out there; something old... and hungry.

Title: Just Vengeance

Logline: A 2014 Scriptapalooza quarterfinalist Vincent Magna, who after being accused of murder is willing to use all means necessary to hold onto the one thing that matters most. Magna Corp

Synopsis: Vincent Magna's goal in life is to feed his lust for money and power. Vincent is involved in bribery, money laundering, and international rate fixing. His financial empire is threatened when he is accused of the murder of his former maid Lucinda Marquez. J.T. Stamper's a tough LA police detective who works to teach Vincent a lesson. Vincent dodges a federal corruption investigation. He losses his precious Magna corp. and must fight to get it back. Vincent is beaten and jailed but remains in the fight. He unravels the conspiracy against him. Vincent proves that the U.S. government has no control over corporate greed. In the end corporate greed is more powerful than justice. Vincent saves himself from prison and regains what's most important to him. Magna corp. This script is in the vein of Wall Street and The Insider. I also have my screenplay The Appointment which was a 2013 Storypros quarterfinalist.

Title: Affair of Deception

Logline: A beautiful, young bank manager meets the man of her dreams, but the love affair quickly turns into a nightmare when he forces her to launder cash for a gambling ring he is involved with.

Synopsis: Karen Moore has everything a girl could want, a loving family, good friends and a rewarding career. The only thing missing is that special someone. One afternoon, while browsing through a local bookstore, she meets Bradley Peterson, a tall, handsome CPA who owns his own accounting firm. After a whirlwind romance filled with dinners, dancing and nights of passion, Karen feels she's finally found the love of her life. Unfortunately, Bradley has other plans. While wooing Karen, he secretly begins to conduct suspicious transactions at the bank she manages. An experienced teller becomes aware of these activities and informs Karen. Karen confronts Bradley, who not only doesn't stop; he uses threats, intimidation and violence to escalate his activities. Karen's dream world crumbles around her as Bradley forces her to launder larger and larger amounts of cash. Will Karen be able to overcome this devious adversary and protect her reputation, career and family and regain her once perfect life?


Logline: ENTER THE WILDERNESS OF FEAR- Fleeing the prospect of war torn Sudan, Marshall discovers the road to redemption is rife with terror when he rescues Star, a child prostitute and drives the AlCan.

Synopsis: Marshall had had it. His wife's current notion that they volunteer in war-torn Sudan is just another scheme to fill the deep void in their marriage. Marshall is out of there, headed nowhere, until Star, a child prostitute, provides direction. Their road to redemption becomes a terrifying journey up the AlCan Highway when forced to accompany an odd ensemble of fellow travelers, stalked by drug dealers set on revenge. Nigel, a burly oil field worker with a penchant for poetry, spins a chilling campfire tale, revealing his disturbing past and hints at their pursuers' motive. Adding to the impending sense of trouble round the bend, Star is assaulted by one of the men at remote Watson Lake. Raising more questions than answers is Athabaskan Indian and ex-con, Ozzie, and his earlier encounter with hardscrabble couple, Eugene and Rita. In command, is handsome Alaskan divorcee, Kiana. A suspense thriller with an unusual caste of characters and twist ending with an unexpected nemesis.