Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: The List

Logline: An NFL prospect stumbles upon a terror plot designed to publicly execute a list of well known celebrities.

Synopsis: A militant terrorist organization has begun an operation to hunt down well known celebrities. The Department of Homeland Security is using all of it's resources to stop the attacks, and to identify other potential targets. An NFL rookie prospect, that has yet to report to training camp, gets caught in the middle of an abduction attempt of the terrorist's number one target. The list is the first screenplay that I have ever written. It is polished and edited and I need representation to take the next step. My military background and extensive research lends a unique view to the story that I know you will enjoy. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

Title: Out Of Control - (TL)The mind is a terrible thing

Logline: Consumed by lust. Tormented by fear. Destroyed by regret...he'll be the one to make them all pay.

Synopsis: One man's odyssey through a reality forged by his own lust, fear and regret - a place where what's occurring might actually be real. Forever haunted by the murder of his childhood sweetheart, Christian decides to unleash his own form of punishment on those who would bring harm to the weak, naive and innocent. Nurtured by the saintly Yori, ensnared by the dark vixen Lydia, Christian teeters along the line between repentance and self-destruction until his horrors become too much to bare. Ultimately, he's forced to accept the sad truth about his two unlikely companions and face the monster he's become. A black void that devours all in its path. A treasure chest filled with an endless supply of weaponry. Walking corpses with scores of their own to settle and oh yes...a celestial haven where all who enter find the peace they've long sought. All this (and much more) lay in store for you. Dying to see where this goes? So was Christian.

Title: The Day of the Knights

Logline: The modern tale pits abused Italian savant Domenico, who alone sees Godsatan then slays gays for Him, vs. noble inner-city American Tank Tooley, a reporter and firefighter who becomes a hero of 9/11.

Synopsis: Domenico Patriani poisons abusive father Goro then runs away. He alone sees Godsatan thru the eyes of the Shroud of Turin and evolves into The Black Knight slayer of gays. The brilliant killer is ordained an Episcopal deacon in service to hated priest brother Marcello in New York City-in reality he plans to kill him! Tank Tooley is a champion athlete who becomes a disabled policeman then a volunteer firefighter, investigative reporter on the hunt with father Raymond, editor of The Harlem Journal, and lastly a hero of 9/11. The shocking climax occurs in Christ Church during the World Trade Center attack. Domenico thinks it Armagedden and confesses to Marcello that he is the serial killer, and that he murdered their father. The deacon tries to stab the priest but is instead shot dead. Firefighter Tank rushes in seeking refuge for WTC victims and sees Father Marcello commit suicide. Tank covers up the crimes but later tells what really happened, ever the "Knight in Shining Armor."

Title: Target Superpower

Logline: A CIA agent teams with an alcoholic anarchist to pursue the author of a controversial book igniting a wave of racial violence and terror in the US.

Synopsis: A provocative book circulates throughout the US proclaiming the oppressed black population in the South has formed a new and self sufficient nation. During its first week in circulation, the book triggers racial unrests across the country and the author, Ray Marshall, is abducted. Greg Dale, a known CIA agent, is chosen to find the author and bring him back alive. To do so, he must enlist the help of Sam Gold, a self-proclaimed genius and old friend of the author. Together, the two men embark on a dangerous journey in which they uncover grand conspiracies involving hostile regimes and terror.

Title: Psychosexual

Logline: A psychiatrist with difficulties controlling his sexual lusts.

Synopsis: Richard Gilchrist is hunted down by a determined woman who is searching for her missing sister. He abuses his position with a vulnerable young woman and has an affair with a married patient. Knowing that they have all been used, they all set out to get even with him. Richard resorts to various dirty tricks to save his skin.

Title: Forest Through the Trees

Logline: They came to divide us. Instead they united us.

Synopsis: Unknown to the small town of Piedmont, a series of coordinated terror attacks is underway throughout the United States. Chief Howie Winter, the newly appointed Police Chief of Piedmont tries to protect his town in spite of the greedy and narrowminded town administration who refuses to shut down the local college or cancel the upcoming town fair. Follow the action as Chief Winter risks his reputation, his family and his life to protect the close knit community from the sleeper cell who is now hiding in the mountains surrounding the town.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: Detective Warren Black finds a film revealing the real killer of JFK and soon finds the CIA hot on his trail and one very dark family secret.

Synopsis: It is just days before the world is to learn the truth about the Kennedy assassination and the one man behind the promise is murdered and his body left on the steps of The Lincoln Memorial. Seedy detetecive Warren Black is handed the investigation. Only hours into his investigation, his powerful family background makes him the one man the victim could trust and Warren finds himself holding America's Holy Grail of mysteries - the film revealing the real killer of John F. Kennedy. Things quickly heat up and The Central Intelligence Agency find themselves fighting to the death against a man who will not let his family down - nor his country.

Title: perfectlives

Logline: In an age where everyone seems to be looking for a short cut to happiness, how far would you go for your perfect life?

Synopsis: New Year's Eve. ·Elliot – late twenties. ·Carol and Tony – a married couple. ·Ishi – mid-twenties. ·Orson Glass – early forties, Ishi’s violent and powerful husband. ·Philip – late thirties, inventor of perfectlives. By chance Ishi, Philip, Elliot, Carol and Tony meet at a bus stop, where Philip persuades them to share a taxi. He makes an unscheduled stop on failing to return, they follow him into an abandoned warehouse and discover him, naked and unconscious, wired up to a computer. He has designed a computer programme that allows the user to live their perfect life, as a real or fictional character. For Philip to permanently remain in his perfect life, he must die; and needs them to kill him. In return he offers them their own perfect life. Meanwhile Orson Glass is hunting his wife and will stop at nothing to force her to return and pursues them through a series of nightmarish virtual lives. wga no. 1022727

Title: Cabbages and legumes

Logline: A $1M cash prize for best crop pits friends, Dellbert, a cabbage farmer and Croft, a legume farmer, in a battle that ends their lives and mirrors the way cabbages and legumes exist in nature.

Synopsis: CROFT, a legume farmer with a talent for farming techniques and his neighbor, DELLBERT, a cabbage farmer with exceptional mechanical skills. For years, they work as friends until a local company announces a $1M cash prize for the best crop. Greed quickly consumes both farmers who plot to kill one another. Croft poisons Dellbert by sewing ergot seeds into his farmland. The poison slowly effects Dellbert causing him to hallucinate. Meanwhile, Dellbert loosens the gears on his combine before Croft borrows it. Suffering from hallucinations, Dellbert teeters along the edge of a watering hole until he falls in and drowns. After Dellbert's funeral, Croft borrows his combine and comes to a violent and bloody end as the blades break loose from the combine cutting him to pieces. While thriving, cabbages and legumes aid each other, but they steal each other's nutrients in times of need. Much like these friends who wind up buried next one another under a pithy epitaph.

Title: Karen and Willis

Logline: "Karen and Willis" - A Thriller: A journalist abandons her early retirement to investigate a series of increasingly violent attacks on a dangerous Southern California gang.

Synopsis: Karen Masters was living the California dream! But, being a retired journalist, she just had to find out why a local gang was suddenly the target of violent attacks. The attacks start with simple vandalism, but soon escalate to a rocket attack on a biker bar and multiple murders. Karen's snooping is fueled by the fear that her girl friend Willis is responsible. Because of her probing, Karen becomes a major pain to both the police and the gang. The gang does its best to eliminate Karen before she can foil its plans to level Los Angeles, but she is able to battle her way out of traps set by the bad guys. As the story unfolds, Karen is forced to face her own sexuality, and her relationships with both her husband and the wily Willis. Just before a dramatic final attack on the home base of the gang, the motivation for the attacks becomes clear. Even so, don't bet on the gang's future!