Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: The List

Logline: An NFL prospect stumbles upon a terror plot designed to publicly execute a list of well known celebrities.

Synopsis: A militant terrorist organization has begun an operation to hunt down well known celebrities. The Department of Homeland Security is using all of it's resources to stop the attacks, and to identify other potential targets. An NFL rookie prospect, that has yet to report to training camp, gets caught in the middle of an abduction attempt of the terrorist's number one target. The list is the first screenplay that I have ever written. It is polished and edited and I need representation to take the next step. My military background and extensive research lends a unique view to the story that I know you will enjoy. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

Title: Hollowed Ground

Logline: When a caretaker's late son falls prey in a series of perverse grave robberies, he sets out to unearth the ominous secret of those responsible in a spellbinding climax.

Synopsis: Caretaker of the Millwood Creek Cemetery, Seth Coleman works with sincere commitment. But when a series of unexplained grave robberies torment the public, he takes matters personally when his late son is exhumed. A conflict of man versus self, nothing can prepare Seth for what lies ahead. In addition to earning a B.A. from Binghamton University in film, I've also done extensive research on the dark history of British folklore, namely grave robbery. I have also written and directed several short films that won academic awards. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. I look forward to your reply and thank you for your consideration.


Logline: Violent Ex-Marine Dan Gallatin is hired to protect Granville, who heals veterans damaged minds while they dream, from a killer who slays vets and hitches onto their dying journey into the afterlife.

Synopsis: Dan Gallatin has returned from the Iraq War quick to anger and violence. He earns his living by bareknuckle fighting and as bouncer at a tough club. He is studying for a Doctorate in Neuroscience, U of Chicago. Many veterans have returned home wounded and traumatized by roadside bombs, or warped by constant fear, and have terrible dreams, flashbacks. Colonel Granville, due to a horrible head wound, can see human auras and lead damaged vets into dreams during which he heals their afflicted minds. Anubis, an alias, can't dream and yet he is addicted to dreams. He hitches onto the dreams of sleeping vets. Often he kills the vet and hitches onto his journey into the afterlife, with each afterlife unique and unimaginably beautiful. Anubis stalks Granville. Who hires Dan to protect him. Dan enlists the aid of graduate student friends to help him find the stalker. In the afterlife the real Anubis, the Jackal God, waits to judge the fate of the dead according to their earthly deeds.

Title: Two weeks in hell

Logline: She is manipulative, merciless and greedy - and she's the good girl in the story!

Synopsis: When she arrives in New York to sell her yet to be born baby to a rich and powerful couple, she leaves behind the shameful life of a future single mom in a small town. She hoped she escaped a hell - but only for a much worse place: the couple is presumably member of a satanic cult where human sacrifices are a current practice to get a little help from a friend down below. With her maternal instinct rising, she decides to keep the baby and does whatever is necessary, acting herself like Satan's most gifted pupil.

Title: Black Angel

Logline: Nick, condemned to life in jail, protests his innocence by going on a hunger strike that will enable him to develop powers which he will use on his co-inmates to help them reintegrate the society.

Synopsis: Nick Duncan, an American man, is condemned to life in prison for murder. Nick rapidly withdraws into total silence and subsequently begins a hunger strike to protest his innocence. Unexpectedly, he develops powers which enable him to connect with his fellow inmates' minds, live their experiences and act in their interest and on their behalf. Soon, Nick's case contradicts medical science and draws the attention of the media. A mediator named Matt Crowe is brought in to resolve the crisis of the "Black Angel," a nickname given to Nick by the other inmates. But it soon becomes clear that the renowned mediator was actually hand-selected by the Black Angel himself... With his help, Nick will implement measures and reforms to help inmates recover their integrity and give them a genuine second chance at life.

Title: Cruise Crisis

Logline: A small fire in an engine room on board a King Cruise ship plunges 4000 people into a terror and horror. Can Captain Victor Nicola rescue them?

Synopsis: In defense of 4000 passengers, Captain Victor Nicolai turns defiant toward the King Cruise executives demanding emergency power supply and food. Lack of air conditioning, food, and sanitary services sends Emma into a diabetic coma. April, 32, a nurse rescues Emma Jack, 65, suffers a cardiac arrest following a heart attack. In the ship's lower decks, stinking smell and smoldering heat propels and drives most people, with their belongings to the top deck to set-up a make shift tent city. April finds herself hanging upside down from the ship's top deck, as she flips over during a romantic encounter with her fiance. Then, the only backup generator in the engine room starts emitting fire and threatens not only the power supply but a quick meltdown of the entire engine room, sending the top floors tumbling down like the twin towers did on 9/11. Can Captain Nicolai's frantic efforts avert a ticking time bomb from exploding 4000 people in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico?

Title: Degnared

Logline: A cop on the edge with psychic abilities is tormented by a past and present serial killer who he's investigating.

Synopsis: Dax Degnared a San Francisco homicide detective is called in to investigate a brutal murder, the worst in the history of the city. The murders persist and the killer keeps leaving similar clues to a past serial killer that was never caught, and lay dormant for over 20 years. This leads Dax to believe he's dealing with either a copy cat killer or the same killer from 20 years ago. As Dax immerses himself deeper into the investigation he finds out he has a strange psychological bond with the killer and gets more than he bargained for.

Title: Brain Child

Logline: A female neuroscientist, who has invented a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen, must turn to this technology as her last hope for identifying her daughter's killer.

Synopsis: Dr. Nora Winthrop has discovered a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen. One evening, she returns home to find out her eight year old daughter has been mysteriously murdered. After a failed police investigation she has decided to take matters into her own hands. She will genetically recreate the little girl's brain in a desperate attempt to view her final moments of life and identify her daughter's killer. What she brings back, however, is not just the girl's brain, but her actual consciousness which, amazingly, she can communicate with via a computer. This incredible event sets off a series of frightening twists and turns as Nora attempts to come face to face with her deepest fears and emotions, not only in order to solve the mystery surrounding her daughter, but to also try and regain some kind of meaning in her own wounded existence.

Title: A Killer Like Me

Logline: An obsessed homicide detective becomes a murderer while chasing a serial killer in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Synopsis: My new crime novel, "A Killer Like Me," is set for nationwide release by Dorchester Publishing/Leisure Books in December 2010. I am looking for an agent to sell the film rights. In A KILLER LIKE ME, New Orleans homicide detective Sean Murphy battles his superiors, his troubled past, and his own dark impulses as he hunts for a serial killer who calls himself the Lamb of God. As the killer taunts the police and the press while committing a series of grisly murders, Murphy seeks to anticipate the killer's next move by trying to get inside his head, by thinking like the killer. But thinking like a madman presents its own dangers. I recently sold the screenplay "House of the Rising Sun" to veteran director and producer Dan Zirilli at PopArt Film Factory. The script is based on my novel of the same name, set for release by Dorchester/Leisure in June 2011. I am also the author of the Penguin true crime books "Killer with a Badge" and "An Act of Kindness."

Title: The Casino Carpathian

Logline: An eccentric entrepreneur risks more than he realizes when he creates "Sin City's" first gothic-horror themed casino. From now on, "What slays in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Synopsis: Evan Eden, a brash young Las Vegas investment mogul, gambles on society's fascination with "things that go bump in the night". His casino-resort creation, The Carpathian, is part Victorian mansion, part Walachian fortress. Though it offers many standard Vegas attractions - at The Carpathian they appear in imaginative "dark side" variations. Even before the crowds descend upon it, tragic events suggest that The Carpathian may be afflicted by a deadly "curse". Both success and dangers seem to spiral beyond Evan's control. A particularly mysterious visitor, Lucas Stanley, makes Evan an incredibly generous buyout offer. Stanley, it is soon discovered, has a most sinister motive - one that must be resisted. Evan is forced to go beyond simply running his casino. He must ultimately defend it, and himself from a very powerful adversary. Lucas Stanley's true identity may be easily guessed, but never fully comprehended. Can you say "hostile takeover"? (WGA#1146674)