Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Catalyst

Logline: Two separate and passionate idealists from different world's embark on an unlikely journey, fueled by hate and revenge, to unleash the most destructive force the world has ever known.

Synopsis: Seth and Sahib are two disciplined and driven men who are hell-bent on filling inescapable voids in their lives for entirely different, albeit, conflicting reasons. While Sahib navigates his journey by land, sea and air, Seth prepares for his cross-country excursion, while tying up a few loose ends in the process. They seem to stay at least one step ahead of the FBI and CIA by demonstrating a mastery in deception, misdirection, and concealment. Three very important skills necessary when transporting a Nuclear Weapon. After Sahib penetrates the US Border under the cloak of darkness, while beating impossible odds, he meets Seth and they make their way to their target. When they arrive, they realize they are merely, "mules delivering a package", and must act before suffering the same fate as those they intend to harm. Whether Seth and Sahib are successful or not, entirely depends on one's vantage point. WGA Registration #I237531

Title: Degnared

Logline: A cop on the edge with psychic abilities is tormented by a past and present serial killer who he's investigating.

Synopsis: Dax Degnared a San Francisco homicide detective is called in to investigate a brutal murder, the worst in the history of the city. The murders persist and the killer keeps leaving similar clues to a past serial killer that was never caught, and lay dormant for over 20 years. This leads Dax to believe he's dealing with either a copy cat killer or the same killer from 20 years ago. As Dax immerses himself deeper into the investigation he finds out he has a strange psychological bond with the killer and gets more than he bargained for.

Title: The List

Logline: An NFL prospect stumbles upon a terror plot designed to publicly execute a list of well known celebrities.

Synopsis: A militant terrorist organization has begun an operation to hunt down well known celebrities. The Department of Homeland Security is using all of it's resources to stop the attacks, and to identify other potential targets. An NFL rookie prospect, that has yet to report to training camp, gets caught in the middle of an abduction attempt of the terrorist's number one target. The list is the first screenplay that I have ever written. It is polished and edited and I need representation to take the next step. My military background and extensive research lends a unique view to the story that I know you will enjoy. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

Title: Blue Blood

Logline: Young, wealthy Reginald is forced into a week-long business retreat on tropical Moriah Island that turns deadly when his peers must fight to be the last man standing and for the right to return home.

Synopsis: "Blue Blood" is similar to "Lord of the Flies", but with a group of 25 young trust-funders unwittingly forced into an elite rite of passage. Reginald and the other heirs to the world's wealthiest families travel to Moriah Island where they meet, Mr. Smith. Smith tells them they are there at the behest of their parents to learn the ways of higher finance. Most of the kids are obviously spoiled and some, it turns out, have committed very heinous crimes, only to be let off because of their status. The majority don't take Smith's lectures seriously and follow them up with nothing but fun and sun. But the party's over when, Smith explains that it's time they all put in their first full day of work: they'll have eight hours to "kill-or-be-killed". Allegiances are form and broken, as the body count starts to quickly rise. Eventually, Reginald and his closest ally corner Smith with the intention of stopping the madness, but when more is revealed, it's not clear if they'll want to.

Title: Crossing

Logline: Unable to deal with the world Allison retreats into her dreams where her lost fiance still clings to this world, bringing her to the edge between our world and the next.

Synopsis: Allison had the life she always wanted, a great career, wonderful friends, and a loving fiance. All of which were pulled away when an accident takes her fiance Eric from her. Allison spirals into a depression, unable to deal with reality she chooses to stay with Eric in her dreams, but the Eric of her dreams is her deceased fiance. He escaped the soul reaper to stay with Allison even though it was only in her dreams. Allison begins to pull out of her downward spiral when she realizes she is pregnant but as life starts to get back together the reaper comes looking for the soul it was denied. It will take Eric or another to replace him whether it be Allison, her friends, or her child.

Title: Hollowed Ground

Logline: When a caretaker's late son falls prey in a series of perverse grave robberies, he sets out to unearth the ominous secret of those responsible in a spellbinding climax.

Synopsis: Caretaker of the Millwood Creek Cemetery, Seth Coleman works with sincere commitment. But when a series of unexplained grave robberies torment the public, he takes matters personally when his late son is exhumed. A conflict of man versus self, nothing can prepare Seth for what lies ahead. In addition to earning a B.A. from Binghamton University in film, I've also done extensive research on the dark history of British folklore, namely grave robbery. I have also written and directed several short films that won academic awards. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. I look forward to your reply and thank you for your consideration.

Title: The Hobo Code

Logline: A young girl's murder leads to a hobo shakedown, and a brother seeking revenge for the sister he left behind.

Synopsis: When Tom's sister, Amy, is found dead in a New Jersey railyard, he turns to Papa, a seasoned hobo, to help him find the killer. Papa was the last to see Amy alive, and takes Tom on a journey that leads him through the rough railyards of New Jersey. The search for the killer also leads two detectives, Worth and Schyler, into the strange world of the hobo, where things are not what they seem to be. The Hobo Code is a mystery, where the true killer is finally uncovered by Tom, who wants nothing more than justice for his sister's death.

Title: The Chemical Drum Murders

Logline: All is not what it seems. This upscale ocean front community is hiding an evil presence, unknown, until now.

Synopsis: Seven missing girls, all from the White Rock South Surrey Area. No trace of the missing girls until now. A chemical drum turns up with human remains in it, another, and then another, all in the space of 2 days. The remains are so cleverly disposed of, only a jelly like substance is left for the Forensic Team. A Missing Persons Task Force is formed to handle the case. Avery Trask heads up the force and sets out to put his team together. The killer is buried deep in deception. The Task Force has yet to find one clue or have a suspect. They are racing against time before this monster takes another girl. When the Task Force and Forensic Team finally close in on the perpetrator, the knowledge of the fiend's identity is shocking.

Title: Bestseller

Logline: A bestselling author suffering from writer's block finds inspiration for his newest crime novel by murdering people.

Synopsis: As bestselling novelist Richard Knight is feeling the pressure of finishing his latest crime thriller, his agent suggests to him a more direct form of research, to live among the serial killers and try to understand them. As tragedy strikes, opportunity also knocks on the door when the writer's wife and daughter are killed in a robbery, and he takes matters into his own hands by going after the man responsible. But what appears to be an act of revenge turns into much more. Knight soon becomes obsessed with describing in his book the thrills of taking a human life, only to go after other people this time, people he can direct his anger to.

Title: Two weeks in hell

Logline: She is manipulative, merciless and greedy - and she's the good girl in the story!

Synopsis: When she arrives in New York to sell her yet to be born baby to a rich and powerful couple, she leaves behind the shameful life of a future single mom in a small town. She hoped she escaped a hell - but only for a much worse place: the couple is presumably member of a satanic cult where human sacrifices are a current practice to get a little help from a friend down below. With her maternal instinct rising, she decides to keep the baby and does whatever is necessary, acting herself like Satan's most gifted pupil.