Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Cruise Crisis

Logline: A small fire in an engine room on board a King Cruise ship plunges 4000 people into a terror and horror. Can Captain Victor Nicola rescue them?

Synopsis: In defense of 4000 passengers, Captain Victor Nicolai turns defiant toward the King Cruise executives demanding emergency power supply and food. Lack of air conditioning, food, and sanitary services sends Emma into a diabetic coma. April, 32, a nurse rescues Emma Jack, 65, suffers a cardiac arrest following a heart attack. In the ship's lower decks, stinking smell and smoldering heat propels and drives most people, with their belongings to the top deck to set-up a make shift tent city. April finds herself hanging upside down from the ship's top deck, as she flips over during a romantic encounter with her fiance. Then, the only backup generator in the engine room starts emitting fire and threatens not only the power supply but a quick meltdown of the entire engine room, sending the top floors tumbling down like the twin towers did on 9/11. Can Captain Nicolai's frantic efforts avert a ticking time bomb from exploding 4000 people in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico?

Title: Rogue

Logline: A detective loses his memory after an undercover operation goes wrong leaving him believing in his own criminal persona. He goes head to head with his former partner then his memory starts to return.

Synopsis: International criminal Donovan sets his sights on Glasgow, Scotland, as the latest city to add to his expanding trafficking empire. Decorated undercover detectives Nick Russell and Michael Otago have other ideas and they take on Donovan's operation. Russell goes undercover to try and infiltrate Donovan's gang but gets caught up in a brutal execution of an informant. The killer then turns on Russell leaving him badly beaten and with no memory. In his confused state he starts to believe in his own criminal alter-ego and goes on the rampage. Slowly he works his way into Donovan's confidence with the same flair that made him a good cop and he embraces the life of crime. Then his memories start to return. Meanwhile his former partner Michael Otago struggles with facing up to the events that robbed him of his partner. The net begins to close on Donovan and the paths of the two former friends begin to move back towards each other, heading for a dramatic showdown that neither man expects.

Title: Karen and Willis

Logline: "Karen and Willis" - A Thriller: A journalist abandons her early retirement to investigate a series of increasingly violent attacks on a dangerous Southern California gang.

Synopsis: Karen Masters was living the California dream! But, being a retired journalist, she just had to find out why a local gang was suddenly the target of violent attacks. The attacks start with simple vandalism, but soon escalate to a rocket attack on a biker bar and multiple murders. Karen's snooping is fueled by the fear that her girl friend Willis is responsible. Because of her probing, Karen becomes a major pain to both the police and the gang. The gang does its best to eliminate Karen before she can foil its plans to level Los Angeles, but she is able to battle her way out of traps set by the bad guys. As the story unfolds, Karen is forced to face her own sexuality, and her relationships with both her husband and the wily Willis. Just before a dramatic final attack on the home base of the gang, the motivation for the attacks becomes clear. Even so, don't bet on the gang's future!

Title: The Evil Powers That Be

Logline: A presidential candidate and FBI director uncover a conspiracy plot behind the assassination of cult members by an Army counterterrorism unit.

Synopsis: For 2012 presidential candidate Theodore Clark, politics become a deadly game when he takes on a sinister president and a shadowy intelligence agent. Clark's journey will plunge him into a atmosphere of political turmoil, paranoia and death. Pushed to the edge, Clark must decide if his chosen path is worth putting his life in mortal danger. When a group of cult members, led by an ex-CIA agent are assassinated upon the orders of the president, FBI Director Pat Hadley publicly raises his concerns. Chief among them, the president's possible complicity in the cold-blooded murder of American citizens. Clark forms an alliance with Hadley, using the controversy as ammunition against his political opponent. The lives of Hadley and Clark will be cut short when the vengeful President Roberts unleashes Jack Hannaman, a deadly CIA agent with telekinesis. Roberts makes the mistake of crossing Jack, and he suffers a shocking but fitting demise for a corrupt leader.

Title: Desperate Men

Logline: In a struggling economy with budget cuts looming, Homicide Detective Daniel Nicoletti resorts to murder in a desperate attempt to save his job and his fragile life.

Synopsis: While pursuing a murder suspect, Det. Daniel Nicoletti mistakenly shoots and kills his partner. His mistake and guilt ridden conscience ultimately cost him his job, his family, and his sobriety. Six years later, Daniel's new job as homicide detective in the small, idyllic community of Greenlee, AZ is in jeopardy. The weak economy has crippled the county's budget and layoffs are eminent. As the newest member of the sheriff's staff, Daniel fears for his job and the fragile life he has desperately tried to rebuild since his partner's tragedy. A recent rash of prostitution murders in the neighboring county gives Daniel an idea. By murdering Zeus, a despised drug dealer, the department could not afford to lay him off. However, when Zeus is found shot to death, the sheriff barely raises an eyebrow and Daniel must strike again. But when Father Ortega, the town's beloved priest, is found beaten to death, Daniel may have finally saved his job but at the costly expense of his soul.

Title: Creatures of the Forest

Logline: A group of college friends on a summer camping trip find themselves in a fight for their lives against a mysterious creature, after being duped by the man they hired as their guide.

Synopsis: Lance, a college football star, arranges a summer camping trip which will take him and his friends deep into the forest of northern California. This is his last chance to repair his failing relationship with his highschool sweatheart, Michelle, and reconnect with his hometown friends. He hires a guide, Billy, to lead the group's week long adventure. Unbeknownst to Lance, Billy has alterior motives. During his childhood, Billy's family was killed by a blood thirsty creature which still prowls the woods that the group will be calling home for the next week. Billy leads the group into the remote backcountry in the hopes of drawing out the creature and avenging the death of his family. Before they know it, drinking around the camp fire and adolescent fun are replaced by sheer terror, as the friends realize they are the unwitting pawns in in a game of cat and mouse, with not only Billy, but the creature itself.

Title: DE-FI

Logline: After a digital virus infects humans, all electronic media must be scanned by FI Corp in order to protect the masses. Jake wakes up from an accident only to discover that he alone holds the cure.

Synopsis: The series begins as a deadly virus spreads on the Internet and airwaves. As Lukas rushes to save his younger brother Jake, a car accident puts Jake into a coma. Jake wakes up to discover that the world is different. All media must be "scanned" by the corrupt FI Corporation, who uses the audio virus outbreak to manipulate the public. The brothers have a temporary cure, but that makes them a target. Lukas is captured trying to distribute the cure on an Internet broadcast and Jake must join the underground resistance in order to save his brother. This script has placed in Scriptapalooza TV, Scriptoid TV, Big Idea Writers Challange, and Acclaim TV. I currently have an award winning director interested in the current draft of this script.


Logline: Following a kidney transplant, Steven develops a strange relationship with his donor who is wandering in between two worlds. This thriller is partly inspired by real facts.

Synopsis: Steven Fisher and Mike Dawson meet in the territory between life and death. Steven had been condemned by disease but recovers hope when he is saved by the unexpected arrival of a donor organ. Mike, a registered organ donor, dies in a brutal accident, which leaves him wandering between two worlds. Mike's spirit witnesses the removal of his organs a few short hours after his accident. He suffers a trauma which leaves him inextricably linked to Steven. The two men then live out a spiritual conflict in which two parallel worlds clash. The resolution comes from an old Peruvian Shaman solicited by Steven's wife with the help of her friend and university professor. The Shaman travels between the two worlds to help Mike free himself from his physical body and continue along his path after life. He puts an end to this struggle by freeing Steven and Mike from their conflicts and attachment. Written by Jacques-Yves Mistretta, Emilia Henriques da Silva & Stephanie Doncker

Title: Wolves at the Door

Logline: When an agoraphobic writer is the only witness to a murder next-door, she realize that there are some madness she cannot kep out and some secrets she cannot keep in.

Synopsis: Through dreams, Marcia Whorley is haunted by her past. As a writer Marcia is plauged by two things: a looming deadline and writer's block. As she struggles to find her groove, she makes an uneasy friendship with the neighbor-next-door, Jaymee. Slowly but surely, the two of them hits it off until a stranger visited Jaymee at her home and brutally slays her. As the only witness to the crime, Marcia must survive the killer's onslaught but most of all, survive her own past.

Title: Ladybug

Logline: When terrorists plan to blow up a bridge with the President and thousands of innocent people, a police officer must choose between duty to country and the love of his son. But will he lose both?

Synopsis: We open at a refugee camp somewhere along the Afghan-Pakistan border. Relief worker TRACY DORR, 30's, attends to patients. Then she becomes the unfortunate witness as Military Police mistakenly shoot down a truck driver they believe to have a bomb. The incident passes, but unfortunately a bomb has already been planted in one of the camp's porta-potties. All are killed. Only the calling card of a mechanical ladybug is left behind. One year later, MIKE DORR, a veteran cop, is on vacation with his son at a popular island resort when he learns that the island has come under siege by home-grown terrorists. Making matters worse, several hostages have been taken including his son, and word quickly spreads that the terrorists intend to further draw attention to their cause by destroying the world's longest suspension bridge, and in the process, killing the President, the Governor, and approximately 60,000 spectators.