Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: The Evil Powers That Be

Logline: A presidential candidate and FBI director uncover a conspiracy plot behind the assassination of cult members by an Army counterterrorism unit.

Synopsis: For 2012 presidential candidate Theodore Clark, politics become a deadly game when he takes on a sinister president and a shadowy intelligence agent. Clark's journey will plunge him into a atmosphere of political turmoil, paranoia and death. Pushed to the edge, Clark must decide if his chosen path is worth putting his life in mortal danger. When a group of cult members, led by an ex-CIA agent are assassinated upon the orders of the president, FBI Director Pat Hadley publicly raises his concerns. Chief among them, the president's possible complicity in the cold-blooded murder of American citizens. Clark forms an alliance with Hadley, using the controversy as ammunition against his political opponent. The lives of Hadley and Clark will be cut short when the vengeful President Roberts unleashes Jack Hannaman, a deadly CIA agent with telekinesis. Roberts makes the mistake of crossing Jack, and he suffers a shocking but fitting demise for a corrupt leader.

Title: Just Vengeance

Logline: Vincent Magna is a ruthless corporate executive, who after being accused of murder demonstrates that he is willing to use all means necessary to the one thing that matters most to him.

Synopsis: Just Vengeance is a 2013 Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist. Vincent Magna's goal in life is to feed his lust for money and power. Vincent is involved in bribery, money laundering, and international rate fixing. His financial empire is threatened when his is accused of the murder of his former maid Lucinda Marquez. J.T. Stamper is a tough LA police detective who seeks to bring Vincent to justice. Our greedy executive must dodge a federal corruption investigation. He is beaten and jailed but stays in the fight. Vincent suffers the loss of his precious Magna corp. and must work to get it back. Vincent is able to unravel the conspiracy against him. The feds prove that it has no control over corporate criminals. In the end corporate greed is more powerful than justice. Vincent saves himself from prison and regains what is most important to him. Magna corp. This script is in the vein of Wall Street and The Insider.

Title: Manson vs JFK

Logline: Assassination can run in the Family.

Synopsis: It is summer of the year 1963. A small contingent of the radical right-wing is planning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy is set for a campaign trip on September 22 to Los Angeles to help heal the wounds of political party fallout in a state, California, which he barely won in 1960. The assassination plot hinges on the radicals finding a fall-guy; someone a little unhinged, who can be blamed as the lone-nut killer. By accident, they find someone who falls into their laps - an charismatic ex-con who has a dream of forming his own murderous commune someday. Their choice: Charles Manson. The plot is on.

Title: Psyche Queen

Logline: A young forensic psychiatrist-in-training is in a power struggle with a corrupt female Chair of Psychiatry after he suspects the involvement of the chair in the death of his Girlfriend.

Synopsis: A young handsome forensic psychiatrist,Ian Keaton, realizes the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry is involved in the death of his GF. The GF discovered problems in the nanite technology research which the Chair is trying to conceal. After her death, Ian is mandated into treatment by his training director. His grief and other demons are revealed. He investigates the GF's death and the same time, the US Attorney's Office investigates corruption and foulplay involving the Chair of Psychiatry, Dr. Van Klein. The Chair is involved in a cover-up with a powerful international company which has unlimited resources and questionable ethics. Ian finds out that the research involving the nanites causes brain damage in mentally-ill subjects. The Chair is cornered and commits suicide but not before revealing that the conspiracy involves a mentor close to Ian. The mentor attempts kill Ian with nanites. He life is saved after going throught an emergency procedures. wga# pending.

Title: Small Town Girl

Logline: A dark and intriguing story of a murderous femme fatale, who's dead husband just won't leave her alone. Is she being haunted? Or is she going insane?

Synopsis: SMALL TOWN GIRL SYNOPSIS How far would you go to make it? For Linda Rogers, the answer is very simple. As far as she has too! Obsessed with shopping, superficial fame and the idea of easy riches, she will let nothing get in her way! Opening to the discovery that she is having an affair. We quickly begin to realize that she has no love whatsoever for her husband. Or anybody else for that matter! She's just there for an easy ride. And when she learns just how much her husband is worth dead - she decides to set a plan in motion to make him that way. Manipulating her foolish boyfriend into committing the terrible act, Linda thinks that she's finally going to get the life she's always dreamed of. But her dead husband has other idea's! Things start to get very, very scary! Is Linda losing her sanity? Or is she being haunted? The final twists to this tale will blow you away!

Title: Sins of the Father

Logline: In a small New England town a priest receives a strange visitor in his confessional, then a gruesome discovery is made in the woods. Hate and guilt collide as two men face the demon that created them

Synopsis: A stranger enters a confessional clutching a memento from his past. His soft whispers and slow breathing fill the space like a cold mist. The next morning the church is desecrated. In the nearby woods detectives make an even grimmer discovery. A young man horribly murdered, his body elaborately staged. For seasoned veteran Pete Reynolds the scene is beyond anything he has ever seen, for his new partner it is just the dark side of human nature. An enigmatic man, Thomas Potter walked away from a promising career with the FBI's elite behavioral Sciences unit to escape his own past with his teenage daughter. Now, he is forced inside the mind of a man driven by rage. Fighting their own demons, and pushing the boundaries of trust, the detectives must forge an alliance, and fast. Another boy is missing.

Title: The First Banker

Logline: Peter is about to get married when CIA forces him to join a manhunt for his grandfather who is tampering with financial markets in the US, EU and Asia.

Synopsis: Peter thought his grandfather was dead but the truth is his grandfather and some old Army officers still run an operation that has suppressed Germany and Japan since the end of World War II. The secret operation tampers with financial markets in Germany and Japan to keep those countries economically linked to the US to insure they never fight the US again. But in 2008 his grandfather expanded the operation to create a worldwide financial crisis that might hurt the US, but would totally destroy Russia, which has yet again become too dangerous. His grandfather created the banking crisis being felt around the world and now CIA wants to stop the man who had been thier hero for the last forty years. So CIA tries to force Peter to join the manhunt, but Peter avoids CIA and Russian agents to find the truth on his own. And the truth is his grandmother and a renegade Colonel run the operation, and Peter must convince his grandmother to stop the Colonel before its too late for everyone.

Title: the Phantom pain

Logline: Successful financial manager from Washington becomes the only man capable of preventing the greatest terrorist attack in history.

Synopsis: Steve Alridge enjoys his life - great job, beautiful wife, great perspectives. Everything changes when he experiences a murder, committed by a man who looks exactly like exact copy of Steve himself - but it happened on the other side of the globe. In 2 days CIA finds Steve and offers him the strangest bargain in his whole career, on the result of which the lives of millions of people, including Steve's own, will depend on.

Title: The Insert

Logline: Two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times, attempt to sell editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, but unexpectedly learn of his uranium trafficking scheme.

Synopsis: The Insert is a story inspired by historical events that unfolded during the rule of former Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila and true press industry practices. When two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times attempt to sell a glorified editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, they unexpectedly learn of a uranium trafficking scheme between the Congo and Iran. Haunted by the prospect of enriched uranium ending in Iran hands, they undertake to bring this dangerous affair to the world's attention. Nevertheless, they will have to re-evaluate their own morality, love and commercial interests in order to expose the true nature of the Congolese dictator.

Title: The Masking -WGA:1101954

Logline: She takes on a masked assailant who then cleverly seduces her. Not realizing who she used to be is the biggest mistake of a brilliant killer's life.

Synopsis: NOTE: Script was optioned. Michael Madsen attached and pre-prod noted in the Hollywood Reporter. Option was released. I am also adapting the story into a novel. Matthew Holland springs from shadows and savagely attacks a young man he thinks is gay. Years later he's still on the loose and attacking Samantha Hanson. Unfortunately for the Julliard scholar, there is something about Sam his research doesn't reveal: Matthew thinks Sam is the sister of the student he nearly beat to death, and that the student went missing after the assault. In actuality, Sam was that very same male college student Matthew attacked twelve years ago. In order to leave the past behind Sam took the necessary medical steps to become what she has always been in her mind and heart, a beautiful female. Having acquired a tip-top body, she's also honed excellent defense skills and escapes Matthew's murderous intentions. Now truly turned on by his prey, his seduction of Sam is the biggest mistake of his life.