Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Project Human

Logline: Two amnesia patients realize that they are alien test subjects.

Synopsis: Darryl wakes up in a hospital, not remembering much of his life. Doctor Whitmere is helping him recover from amnesia. Adelle also suffered from amnesia. But with help from Doctor Barton, she remembered the abduction; but she doesn't know that it was Doctor Whitmere, not Barton, that she should not trust. Barton is working secretly against Whitmere, but not the way Darryl and Adelle are thinking. Barton is held against his will to help Whitmere adapt the human species. But Barton has had enough. He is working to change the humans back as much as he can and make the escape that was long ago promised to him. Darryl, Adelle, and Barton are captured. But Barton is not going to be taken alive. He begins to destroy the ship, deciding to eliminate them all. While the fire screens Darryl and Adelle's transport, Barton gets shot and now makes certain that he takes them all down with him. From Earth, Darryl and Adelle watch a giant explosion in space. Whitmere stands behind them.

Title: Peeker

Logline: Thomas is a peeping Tom who turns his predilection for spying on people into a thriving security service. He has it all; wife, money and friends, until he witnesses a murder and his past catches up.

Synopsis: As a boy, Thomas O'Connor was a peeping Tom. In his early twenties, he has it all: money, success, love and friendship. He has turned his predilection for looking into other people's lives into a thriving security service. Life is wonderful until he and his partner Pat witness a murder while on stakeout. The victim is billionaire Leonard Batista, founder of the nutrition conglomerate, VitaFit. It seems that Thomas' involvement in the case is over since it appears the murderer is their client, Angela Batista. However, things are rarely as simple as they appear. The following morning he wakes to find that Angela apparently committed suicide. Since she was wanted for the murder of her husband, it makes sense to everyone except Thomas. When Pat is killed on a deserted road it becomes clear that the stakes have been raised. Thomas must discover who is behind these senseless murders and what it is they're trying to hide before they get to him and his wife. WGA #1256599

Title: A Good Defense

Logline: Two attorneys seek to create the perfect legal defense before they commit their crime.

Synopsis: They say that the secret to a good defense is a good offense. Well, that is what Tess Meyer and Nicole Redmond are hoping for as they plot the defense of a lifetime. What starts out as a harmless discussion over lunch turns into a deadly game of chess for two women so fed up with being victims that they become killers. On February 14, 2009, high profile attorney Jared DeVoe is viciously murdered outside of an Atlanta Gay Club. While investigators dismiss it as a hate crime, rookie investigator Mildred Bremer thinks there is more to the crime. In time, her investigation leads her to Tess and Nicole, two of DeVoe's junior attorneys. However, because of their standing in the legal community, Bremer's concerns are ignored. Meanwhile, Tess and Nicole continue with their murderous agenda while mounting their defense. Eager to be caught so they can try their case, Tess and Nicole struggle to create the perfect defense before their anger threatens to destroy them.

Title: The Insert

Logline: Two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times, attempt to sell editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, but unexpectedly learn of his uranium trafficking scheme.

Synopsis: The Insert is a story inspired by historical events that unfolded during the rule of former Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila and true press industry practices. When two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times attempt to sell a glorified editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, they unexpectedly learn of a uranium trafficking scheme between the Congo and Iran. Haunted by the prospect of enriched uranium ending in Iran hands, they undertake to bring this dangerous affair to the world's attention. Nevertheless, they will have to re-evaluate their own morality, love and commercial interests in order to expose the true nature of the Congolese dictator.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: After 45 years of being the world's biggest mystery, seedy D.C cop Warren Black finds a huge secret - a new film exposing the real assassin of JFK!

Synopsis: The footage was taken at Dealy Plaza that day in Dallas and it is not long before the real gunman and his "government" behind it want the film back. Only one problem: Warren is not giving it up without a fight! When they take his family hostage as ransom for the film, it becomes a non-stop battle of thrilling action and intrigue and the predators become the prey. They quickly realize the have messed with the wrong man and the exposure of the JFK conspiracy has now simply become Warren's vendetta! The script is fresh and exciting and already has a built in audience with the material of the JFK assassination. It is a new spin on one of the world's biggest mysteries and a story-line of this nature has never been touched. I am really looking forward to getting this script to your attention and am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I can easily be reached at the information below and hope to be in touch. Brendan Ethredge 919-967-9827

Title: Adventus

Logline: If a supposed Second Coming of Christ occurred today, how would we as a modern society perceive it?

Synopsis: When an unidentified man who miraculously survives a two-hundred foot fall from a New York high-rise claims to be the Second Coming of Christ, society becomes divided by belief, compelling a pragmatic State Governor to expose the fraud or risk losing his family, and society, to a consuming religious hysteria.

Title: The Evil Powers That Be

Logline: A presidential candidate and FBI director uncover a conspiracy plot behind the assassination of cult members by an Army counterterrorism unit.

Synopsis: For 2012 presidential candidate Theodore Clark, politics become a deadly game when he takes on a sinister president and a shadowy intelligence agent. Clark's journey will plunge him into a atmosphere of political turmoil, paranoia and death. Pushed to the edge, Clark must decide if his chosen path is worth putting his life in mortal danger. When a group of cult members, led by an ex-CIA agent are assassinated upon the orders of the president, FBI Director Pat Hadley publicly raises his concerns. Chief among them, the president's possible complicity in the cold-blooded murder of American citizens. Clark forms an alliance with Hadley, using the controversy as ammunition against his political opponent. The lives of Hadley and Clark will be cut short when the vengeful President Roberts unleashes Jack Hannaman, a deadly CIA agent with telekinesis. Roberts makes the mistake of crossing Jack, and he suffers a shocking but fitting demise for a corrupt leader.

Title: Asunder

Logline: Two detectives deal with serious issues with their personal lives while investigating a series of deadly home invasion robberies.

Synopsis: Detectives Tavis Briggs and Nick Watson are investigating a deadly spree of home invasion robberies that are terrorizing the city. As they look to put together the clues and connections to the crimes, they discover a sinister plot which connects the robbery victims which could lead to the identities of the suspects involved. But Briggs is struggling to deal with the approaching two year anniversary of an unsolved murder...his own son. His assigned partner, Watson, is a husband with two children. But Watson, however, is coming to terms of an infidelity which produced a young child with a woman from a past case of his. As they get closer to breaking the case, their personal issues threaten not only tear apart their own lives, but over power their ability to solve one of the most deadly killing sprees the city has ever seen. All situations lead to an explosive showdown and tragic aftermath for all of those involved...

Title: Bestseller

Logline: A bestselling author suffering from writer's block finds inspiration for his newest crime novel by murdering people.

Synopsis: As bestselling novelist Richard Knight is feeling the pressure of finishing his latest crime thriller, his agent suggests to him a more direct form of research, to live among the serial killers and try to understand them. As tragedy strikes, opportunity also knocks on the door when the writer's wife and daughter are killed in a robbery, and he takes matters into his own hands by going after the man responsible. But what appears to be an act of revenge turns into much more. Knight soon becomes obsessed with describing in his book the thrills of taking a human life, only to go after other people this time, people he can direct his anger to.

Title: Unholy Silence

Logline: A reporter working for the Vatican receives an exclusive that entangles him in a web of deception, and takes him beyond Church walls, into a ring of political treachery. WGA 2002-2007, cc.2001-2003

Synopsis: In 1929, Vatican City is born through the Lateran Accords, putting an end to the long-standing rift between the Church and the Italian government. A young, Catholic reporter, Anthony Cusac, is given the Vatican exclusive. Anthony leads a double-life, but he is not the only one. Everyone has secrets. Maria, his gorgeous girlfriend, has a mysterious past. Pointer is a traitor of Mussolini's party. Mussolini trains Germans on Italian soil without informing his military advisor. Even the pontiff has a few secrets. And the pontiff's doctor? He is the last one to see Pope Pius XI healthy, and alive. Suspicious circumstances surrounding the pontiff's death are overshadowed by the crowning of Pope Pius XII and the onset of WWII. Anthony joins the underground resistance movement in his continued effort for truth and justice. He comes across one document that could expose everything -- when the time is right.