Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Two weeks in hell

Logline: She is manipulative, merciless and greedy - and she's the good girl in the story!

Synopsis: When she arrives in New York to sell her yet to be born baby to a rich and powerful couple, she leaves behind the shameful life of a future single mom in a small town. She hoped she escaped a hell - but only for a much worse place: the couple is presumably member of a satanic cult where human sacrifices are a current practice to get a little help from a friend down below. With her maternal instinct rising, she decides to keep the baby and does whatever is necessary, acting herself like Satan's most gifted pupil.

Title: the Phantom pain

Logline: Successful financial manager from Washington becomes the only man capable of preventing the greatest terrorist attack in history.

Synopsis: Steve Alridge enjoys his life - great job, beautiful wife, great perspectives. Everything changes when he experiences a murder, committed by a man who looks exactly like exact copy of Steve himself - but it happened on the other side of the globe. In 2 days CIA finds Steve and offers him the strangest bargain in his whole career, on the result of which the lives of millions of people, including Steve's own, will depend on.

Title: Survival

Logline: Will Hunt is a a dependable Italian mafia member. Will has to save his family who were kidnapped by police, all put on the Russian mafia. Will has to kill his boss, save his family.

Synopsis: Survival, is a story of five childhood friends working for the Italian mafia in New York. Will wants to quit the mafia. Just before he could quit, Will Hunt gets a call: his wife and four years old daughter were kidnapped, seemingly by the Russian mafia. The kidnappers forcing him to execute his boss, to set his family free. If he would not do so, his family will be killed. Will soon finds the police is behind the family kidnap not the Russians. The game is already irreversible. The police, the Italian and Russian mafia feels trapped, seeking their way out, topped with other troublemakers, all hitting back on Will. Each party tries its own way out of the lethal game through lies, betrayal, discipline, misleading and revenge, while everyone reacts differently to the same problems. What would the Italian and the Russian mafia leader, plus a reputable police inspector do if their sons were executed? What matters the most, business or family?


Logline: ENTER THE WILDERNESS OF FEAR- Fleeing the prospect of war torn Sudan, Marshall discovers the road to redemption is rife with terror when he rescues Star, a child prostitute and drives the AlCan.

Synopsis: Marshall had had it. His wife's current notion that they volunteer in war-torn Sudan is just another scheme to fill the deep void in their marriage. Marshall is out of there, headed nowhere, until Star, a child prostitute, provides direction. Their road to redemption becomes a terrifying journey up the AlCan Highway when forced to accompany an odd ensemble of fellow travelers, stalked by drug dealers set on revenge. Nigel, a burly oil field worker with a penchant for poetry, spins a chilling campfire tale, revealing his disturbing past and hints at their pursuers' motive. Adding to the impending sense of trouble round the bend, Star is assaulted by one of the men at remote Watson Lake. Raising more questions than answers is Athabaskan Indian and ex-con, Ozzie, and his earlier encounter with hardscrabble couple, Eugene and Rita. In command, is handsome Alaskan divorcee, Kiana. A suspense thriller with an unusual caste of characters and twist ending with an unexpected nemesis.

Title: Rogue

Logline: A detective loses his memory after an undercover operation goes wrong leaving him believing in his own criminal persona. He goes head to head with his former partner then his memory starts to return.

Synopsis: International criminal Donovan sets his sights on Glasgow, Scotland, as the latest city to add to his expanding trafficking empire. Decorated undercover detectives Nick Russell and Michael Otago have other ideas and they take on Donovan's operation. Russell goes undercover to try and infiltrate Donovan's gang but gets caught up in a brutal execution of an informant. The killer then turns on Russell leaving him badly beaten and with no memory. In his confused state he starts to believe in his own criminal alter-ego and goes on the rampage. Slowly he works his way into Donovan's confidence with the same flair that made him a good cop and he embraces the life of crime. Then his memories start to return. Meanwhile his former partner Michael Otago struggles with facing up to the events that robbed him of his partner. The net begins to close on Donovan and the paths of the two former friends begin to move back towards each other, heading for a dramatic showdown that neither man expects.

Title: Bestseller

Logline: A bestselling author suffering from writer's block finds inspiration for his newest crime novel by murdering people.

Synopsis: As bestselling novelist Richard Knight is feeling the pressure of finishing his latest crime thriller, his agent suggests to him a more direct form of research, to live among the serial killers and try to understand them. As tragedy strikes, opportunity also knocks on the door when the writer's wife and daughter are killed in a robbery, and he takes matters into his own hands by going after the man responsible. But what appears to be an act of revenge turns into much more. Knight soon becomes obsessed with describing in his book the thrills of taking a human life, only to go after other people this time, people he can direct his anger to.

Title: The Devil Returns to Heaven

Logline: God has forgiven the Devil and he returns to the Heavens. God placed seven girls on earth to determine the fate of the world. Each girl is given a Protector who must kill all that tries to harm them

Synopsis: God forgives the Devil and allows him to return to the Heavens. The Devil must explain to Man how and why he was expelled from the Heavens. Now the Demons roam the earth and they are far worse than the Devil. God places seven young girls on the earth to determine it's fate in thirty three years. Each girl is given a Protector who must fight and kill all that tries to bring harm to them. A new Profit is sent forth to prove that God is a woman and that all religions lead to the same God. The Profit also teaches that the seven girls, who are placed on different continents, will decide that the world is too evil and should be destroyed. This causes the evil doers and the high church to try to kill the seven before the thirty third year. A demonic priest cons the President into believing the girl is evil and a trick by the Devil. They learn that the location of the so called Heavens on earth are beneath the glaciers and began bombing. God turns all animals against Mankind.

Title: Brain Child

Logline: A female neuroscientist, who has invented a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen, must turn to this technology as her last hope for identifying her daughter's killer.

Synopsis: Dr. Nora Winthrop has discovered a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen. One evening, she returns home to find out her eight year old daughter has been mysteriously murdered. After a failed police investigation she has decided to take matters into her own hands. She will genetically recreate the little girl's brain in a desperate attempt to view her final moments of life and identify her daughter's killer. What she brings back, however, is not just the girl's brain, but her actual consciousness which, amazingly, she can communicate with via a computer. This incredible event sets off a series of frightening twists and turns as Nora attempts to come face to face with her deepest fears and emotions, not only in order to solve the mystery surrounding her daughter, but to also try and regain some kind of meaning in her own wounded existence.


Logline: A female cop who instead of issuing speeding violations sentences people to attend her weekly cocktail parties. Officer Stacy takes it too far with one violator that ends up in murder.

Synopsis: Imagine speeding down the road in your car with a beer resting on your lap. You then see the flashing blue lights pull out behind you. You pull your car over, begin to panic and try to act innocent. Officer Stacy approaches your car with a large flashlight and shines it in your face. You know your busted, now how can you get out of this situation? Officer Stacy then offers you a deal. You can be arrested for DUI and other various traffic infractions, or the entire ticket can be thrown out the window if you agree to attend eight of her weekly cocktail parties. Sounds like an easy choice, but sometimes the easy choices are the wrong choices. I mean how bad can going to a few cocktail parties be?

Title: Degnared

Logline: A cop on the edge with psychic abilities is tormented by a past and present serial killer who he's investigating.

Synopsis: Dax Degnared a San Francisco homicide detective is called in to investigate a brutal murder, the worst in the history of the city. The murders persist and the killer keeps leaving similar clues to a past serial killer that was never caught, and lay dormant for over 20 years. This leads Dax to believe he's dealing with either a copy cat killer or the same killer from 20 years ago. As Dax immerses himself deeper into the investigation he finds out he has a strange psychological bond with the killer and gets more than he bargained for.