Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Survival Cards

Logline: Play your cards right on "Grand Island" or your last hand delt may be your last!

Synopsis: The stakes are high when Grand Island Palace Casino approches 15 professional card Players with a chance of a life time! A 5 day Texas Hold'em Tournament held on a secluded Costa Rican Island, with Luxury, beautiful woman and a opportunity to win a 50 million dollar cash prize. Card skills will be tested as players are challenged to advance by winning there daily Texas Hold'em table, thus ensuring there excemtion from a night of survival deep within the islands jungle, where they will not be alone! The player who is victorious over all elements will win the 50 million dollars and the title. Registerd with the writers guild of america #1462014

Title: A Good Defense

Logline: Two attorneys seek to create the perfect legal defense before they commit their crime.

Synopsis: They say that the secret to a good defense is a good offense. Well, that is what Tess Meyer and Nicole Redmond are hoping for as they plot the defense of a lifetime. What starts out as a harmless discussion over lunch turns into a deadly game of chess for two women so fed up with being victims that they become killers. On February 14, 2009, high profile attorney Jared DeVoe is viciously murdered outside of an Atlanta Gay Club. While investigators dismiss it as a hate crime, rookie investigator Mildred Bremer thinks there is more to the crime. In time, her investigation leads her to Tess and Nicole, two of DeVoe's junior attorneys. However, because of their standing in the legal community, Bremer's concerns are ignored. Meanwhile, Tess and Nicole continue with their murderous agenda while mounting their defense. Eager to be caught so they can try their case, Tess and Nicole struggle to create the perfect defense before their anger threatens to destroy them.

Title: The Insert

Logline: Two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times, attempt to sell editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, but unexpectedly learn of his uranium trafficking scheme.

Synopsis: The Insert is a story inspired by historical events that unfolded during the rule of former Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila and true press industry practices. When two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times attempt to sell a glorified editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, they unexpectedly learn of a uranium trafficking scheme between the Congo and Iran. Haunted by the prospect of enriched uranium ending in Iran hands, they undertake to bring this dangerous affair to the world's attention. Nevertheless, they will have to re-evaluate their own morality, love and commercial interests in order to expose the true nature of the Congolese dictator.

Title: The Indigo Child

Logline: The story of one man's dream to search for the one child who will restore peace and hope to mankind, in a time of unrest and despair -- is it only a dream?

Synopsis: "The Indigo Child" is a thriller-drama set in the year 2019. Tomas, a reiki healer who lives in a small community in the forests of Brazil, has a dream one night, about a special child of unique ability. Tomas believes this child to be the key to healing the world which has been greatly devastated by war, economic turmoil, epidemics and incessant suffering. Later events lead him to decide to risk it all and embark on a perilous search for this special child, the one he calls "the Indigo child". With the help of two unexpected companions, Sean, a skillful (and ever-cynical) mercenary and Diana, a beautiful UN female missionary, Tomas has to face and survive the treacherous roads of South and Central America, the rampant diseases and the ruthless attacks of the private armies in order to ultimately reach New York City. Only then will he able to find out if the Indigo child truly exists, and if mankind will ever be reunited again.

Title: The Masking -WGA:1101954

Logline: She takes on a masked assailant who then cleverly seduces her. Not realizing who she used to be is the biggest mistake of a brilliant killer's life.

Synopsis: NOTE: Script was optioned. Michael Madsen attached and pre-prod noted in the Hollywood Reporter. Option was released. I am also adapting the story into a novel. Matthew Holland springs from shadows and savagely attacks a young man he thinks is gay. Years later he's still on the loose and attacking Samantha Hanson. Unfortunately for the Julliard scholar, there is something about Sam his research doesn't reveal: Matthew thinks Sam is the sister of the student he nearly beat to death, and that the student went missing after the assault. In actuality, Sam was that very same male college student Matthew attacked twelve years ago. In order to leave the past behind Sam took the necessary medical steps to become what she has always been in her mind and heart, a beautiful female. Having acquired a tip-top body, she's also honed excellent defense skills and escapes Matthew's murderous intentions. Now truly turned on by his prey, his seduction of Sam is the biggest mistake of his life.

Title: The Evil Powers That Be

Logline: A presidential candidate and FBI director uncover a conspiracy plot behind the assassination of cult members by an Army counterterrorism unit.

Synopsis: For 2012 presidential candidate Theodore Clark, politics become a deadly game when he takes on a sinister president and a shadowy intelligence agent. Clark's journey will plunge him into a atmosphere of political turmoil, paranoia and death. Pushed to the edge, Clark must decide if his chosen path is worth putting his life in mortal danger. When a group of cult members, led by an ex-CIA agent are assassinated upon the orders of the president, FBI Director Pat Hadley publicly raises his concerns. Chief among them, the president's possible complicity in the cold-blooded murder of American citizens. Clark forms an alliance with Hadley, using the controversy as ammunition against his political opponent. The lives of Hadley and Clark will be cut short when the vengeful President Roberts unleashes Jack Hannaman, a deadly CIA agent with telekinesis. Roberts makes the mistake of crossing Jack, and he suffers a shocking but fitting demise for a corrupt leader.

Title: Choice

Logline: A gifted detective tracks down an arrogant killer who loves playing games and leave baffling clues.

Synopsis: A series of murders happens inside two movie theaters. No clues of any kind were left. As two detectives, Rob and Steve, investigate the case they find the identity of the killer and track him to his home. They find their suspect hanging from the ceiling dead. Upon looking around the apartment a bomb goes off killing Steve. He quits the force and isolates himself from his family. Years later a second set of murders it is brought to Rob's attention his sister was killed. This forces him back on the case and with a new partner. Alex and Rob start to find clues left by the killer. As the evidence is pieced together, Rob figures out the pattern of the murders. The killer is tracked down and captured. Leon, the killer, sets a trap and kills Alex and the captain. Tina, his niece goes missing and it is Leon who has taken her. Rob finally faces Leon. Soon there is a fight and Rob is asked to make a choice, either Tina dies or he dies. Rob saves Tina, last remaining family, and kills Leon.


Logline: Logline: In dreams the mind sorts through the information gathered by the senses during waking hours and discards that which would be destructive to sanity. Suppose one man can not dream. Then what?

Synopsis: Thousands of warriors have returned from the Iraq War. Among them is Dan Gallatin, violent, bare knuckle fighter, studying for Doctorate Of Neuroscience. Many veterans show horrible wounds, missing arms and legs, disfigured faces. Not visible are the brains damaged by roadside bombs, or warped by the constant fear of being blown all to hell by a bomb, or killed by a sniper's bullet. This trauma causes terrifying nightmares. Anubis (an alias) can't dream and hitches onto the dreams of sleeping vets. He then kills the vet and hitches onto his journey into the afterlife. Each afterlife is unique, created by the dying man's mind. Colonel Granville has a terrible head wound and knows the savagery of war. His wound has given him the capacity to see human auras and to lead scores of veterans into dreams where he heals their afflicted minds. Anubis stalks Granville. Dan is thrust into danger to protect the Healer from the Hitcher. In the afterlife, the true Anubis,the Jackal God waits.

Title: The Dollmaker

Logline: A reporter who's cried "wolf" one too many times. A serial killer who's been dormant for 15 years. No one believes either man has any credibility or even exists. Who will succeed in their agenda?

Synopsis: Mike Broyles is a successful and arrogant reporter for the prestigious New York Examiner. Some of his stories are found to be made up and/or based on fraudulent information. He is promptly fired and returns to his hometown in Wisconsin. He plans on re-evaluating his life and trying to figure out how it all went so wrong. Little does he know that he's about to step into a mystery. The day after he arrives, the body of a missing 8 year old boy is found hanging from a tree. Yet the body dangles as if it were a marionette doll, his death having already been completed before being put up on the tree. This causes fear and panic in the little town, for 15 years ago, a series of 8 murders took place for a five year duration. The bodies were all found identical to this one but the killings stopped and the culprit was never found. Thus, Mike has found a story that could redeem himself and his career, yet the more he digs, the closer he may not live long enough to finish writing it.

Title: Forest Through the Trees

Logline: They came to divide us. Instead they united us.

Synopsis: Unknown to the small town of Piedmont, a series of coordinated terror attacks is underway throughout the United States. Chief Howie Winter, the newly appointed Police Chief of Piedmont tries to protect his town in spite of the greedy and narrowminded town administration who refuses to shut down the local college or cancel the upcoming town fair. Follow the action as Chief Winter risks his reputation, his family and his life to protect the close knit community from the sleeper cell who is now hiding in the mountains surrounding the town.