Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Just Vengeance

Logline: Vincent Magna is a ruthless corporate executive, who after being accused of murder demonstrates that he is willing to use all means necessary to the one thing that matters most to him.

Synopsis: Just Vengeance is a 2013 Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist. Vincent Magna's goal in life is to feed his lust for money and power. Vincent is involved in bribery, money laundering, and international rate fixing. His financial empire is threatened when his is accused of the murder of his former maid Lucinda Marquez. J.T. Stamper is a tough LA police detective who seeks to bring Vincent to justice. Our greedy executive must dodge a federal corruption investigation. He is beaten and jailed but stays in the fight. Vincent suffers the loss of his precious Magna corp. and must work to get it back. Vincent is able to unravel the conspiracy against him. The feds prove that it has no control over corporate criminals. In the end corporate greed is more powerful than justice. Vincent saves himself from prison and regains what is most important to him. Magna corp. This script is in the vein of Wall Street and The Insider.

Title: Creatures of the Forest

Logline: A group of college friends on a summer camping trip find themselves in a fight for their lives against a mysterious creature, after being duped by the man they hired as their guide.

Synopsis: Lance, a college football star, arranges a summer camping trip which will take him and his friends deep into the forest of northern California. This is his last chance to repair his failing relationship with his highschool sweatheart, Michelle, and reconnect with his hometown friends. He hires a guide, Billy, to lead the group's week long adventure. Unbeknownst to Lance, Billy has alterior motives. During his childhood, Billy's family was killed by a blood thirsty creature which still prowls the woods that the group will be calling home for the next week. Billy leads the group into the remote backcountry in the hopes of drawing out the creature and avenging the death of his family. Before they know it, drinking around the camp fire and adolescent fun are replaced by sheer terror, as the friends realize they are the unwitting pawns in in a game of cat and mouse, with not only Billy, but the creature itself.

Title: Crime Pays

Logline: A drug kingpin, his gun-nut sidekick, pill-pushing co-eds, and a kid sister with an axe to grind collide with a crazy-in-love couple who've just escaped from a prison for the criminally insane.

Synopsis: Loring de Troyes will torture as many employees as he has to to stay out of prison. He's come down to New York with Gomer, his trigger-man, for his monthly meeting. Ysa is supposed to give Loring his cut of last month's take in exchange for this month's pills. Trevor-who has secretly farmed out his work to college kids, Devin and Aysha-pushes the product. If anyone strays from the path, Loring will cut his losses, wrap them in plastic, and dump them in the Niagara Falls. It will not be the first time. Birdie and Jitterbug have been madly in love since the day they met at Grover Secure Psychiatric Institute. After their dramatic and homicidal escape from Grover, they find themselves in desperate need of cash. They learn of the drug-money exchange and see it as an opportunity to obtain funding for an impromptu honeymoon. They will stab, shoot, blow up, set ablaze, and eviscerate all who try to stop them; 'cause they love each other. And woe betide anyone who gets in the way of that.

Title: Psyche Queen

Logline: A female Chair of the Department of psychiatry is a struggle with a forensic psychiatry fellow after the death of his girlfriend.

Synopsis: Dr. Van Klein, Chair of Psychiatry,at Midwestern University creates nanotechnology to cure mental illness. Dr. Ian Keaton is a forensic psychiatrist in training, whos girlfriend discovers serious problems with the nanite technology. She is killed by Dr. Klein's corporation's security. Ian starts to put the clues together. At the same time, the US Attorney is investigating Dr. Klein for blackmail related to the use of federal funds. Ian with his classmates continues to get facts related to the girlfriend's death. He goes into therapy, revealing his demons and grief related to the girlfriend's death. After two suicides and two deaths linked to the conspiracy. Ian learns that his supervisor is involved and an attempt is made on his life. He survives at the end with a surprise ending.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: Detective Warren Black finds a film revealing the real killer of JFK and soon finds the CIA hot on his trail and one very dark family secret.

Synopsis: It is just days before the world is to learn the truth about the Kennedy assassination and the one man behind the promise is murdered and his body left on the steps of The Lincoln Memorial. Seedy detetecive Warren Black is handed the investigation. Only hours into his investigation, his powerful family background makes him the one man the victim could trust and Warren finds himself holding America's Holy Grail of mysteries - the film revealing the real killer of John F. Kennedy. Things quickly heat up and The Central Intelligence Agency find themselves fighting to the death against a man who will not let his family down - nor his country.

Title: Cabbages and legumes

Logline: A $1M cash prize for best crop pits friends, Dellbert, a cabbage farmer and Croft, a legume farmer, in a battle that ends their lives and mirrors the way cabbages and legumes exist in nature.

Synopsis: CROFT, a legume farmer with a talent for farming techniques and his neighbor, DELLBERT, a cabbage farmer with exceptional mechanical skills. For years, they work as friends until a local company announces a $1M cash prize for the best crop. Greed quickly consumes both farmers who plot to kill one another. Croft poisons Dellbert by sewing ergot seeds into his farmland. The poison slowly effects Dellbert causing him to hallucinate. Meanwhile, Dellbert loosens the gears on his combine before Croft borrows it. Suffering from hallucinations, Dellbert teeters along the edge of a watering hole until he falls in and drowns. After Dellbert's funeral, Croft borrows his combine and comes to a violent and bloody end as the blades break loose from the combine cutting him to pieces. While thriving, cabbages and legumes aid each other, but they steal each other's nutrients in times of need. Much like these friends who wind up buried next one another under a pithy epitaph.

Title: Affair of Deception

Logline: A beautiful, young bank manager meets the man of her dreams, but the love affair quickly turns into a nightmare when he forces her to launder cash for a gambling ring he is involved with.

Synopsis: Karen Moore has everything a girl could want, a loving family, good friends and a rewarding career. The only thing missing is that special someone. One afternoon, while browsing through a local bookstore, she meets Bradley Peterson, a tall, handsome CPA who owns his own accounting firm. After a whirlwind romance filled with dinners, dancing and nights of passion, Karen feels she's finally found the love of her life. Unfortunately, Bradley has other plans. While wooing Karen, he secretly begins to conduct suspicious transactions at the bank she manages. An experienced teller becomes aware of these activities and informs Karen. Karen confronts Bradley, who not only doesn't stop; he uses threats, intimidation and violence to escalate his activities. Karen's dream world crumbles around her as Bradley forces her to launder larger and larger amounts of cash. Will Karen be able to overcome this devious adversary and protect her reputation, career and family and regain her once perfect life?

Title: The Dolls

Logline: A twisted secret from the past returns and rears its ugly head in this unique gender-bending thriller.

Synopsis: The Dolls of Hayward High were the three most popular girls in school until one fateful night when a teenage boy that they knew and loved got sexually dismembered and mysteriously disappeared... Fifteen years later, an unknown killer begins to target them in a sick game of Double-Cross and Revenge! The mania culminates with the boy's shocking and unexpected return but to everyone's dismay, he is not the man he once was... And was he ever really gone?

Title: Root of Evil

Logline: A lonely bus driver comes across 2 million dollars. His cautious nature, the police investigation, and unfortunate circumstances lead him down a dark path.

Synopsis: Frankie is a bus driver past his prime who is constantly surrounded by people but can't relate to. Day after day, he makes the same stops with the same passengers till a DESPARATE man leaps aboard his bus gasping for air and bleeding from a gunshot wound. He lugs a bag with $2 million on board and makes Frankie a desperate proposition, $1 million to take him to the hospital and hold on to his money till he heals. The mysterious man dies and Frankie isolates himself in fear as the police investigation draws closer. So Frankie hides the money in his ailing grandmother's attic, the perfect alibi. At the reading of her will Frankie learns of a cap with whatever "minor" remains going to her nurse Amanda, making the 2 million hers. Burning with greed, he befriends her to get closer to the money, ultimately leading him to do things he would never have done. With Amanda, Frankie has finally discovered the connection he has always longed for, too blind to see it or the horror to come.

Title: The Day of the Knights

Logline: The modern tale pits abused Italian savant Domenico, who alone sees Godsatan then slays gays for Him, vs. noble inner-city American Tank Tooley, a reporter and firefighter who becomes a hero of 9/11.

Synopsis: Domenico Patriani poisons abusive father Goro then runs away. He alone sees Godsatan thru the eyes of the Shroud of Turin and evolves into The Black Knight slayer of gays. The brilliant killer is ordained an Episcopal deacon in service to hated priest brother Marcello in New York City-in reality he plans to kill him! Tank Tooley is a champion athlete who becomes a disabled policeman then a volunteer firefighter, investigative reporter on the hunt with father Raymond, editor of The Harlem Journal, and lastly a hero of 9/11. The shocking climax occurs in Christ Church during the World Trade Center attack. Domenico thinks it Armagedden and confesses to Marcello that he is the serial killer, and that he murdered their father. The deacon tries to stab the priest but is instead shot dead. Firefighter Tank rushes in seeking refuge for WTC victims and sees Father Marcello commit suicide. Tank covers up the crimes but later tells what really happened, ever the "Knight in Shining Armor."