Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Ghetto Scandalous - Something You Forgot

Logline: 10 days make an hour, music makes them brighter. Deadly gangster rivalry and High School dramas are not enough to stop rapper, Curtis Jones, from changing his world and giving life to his girlfriend.

Synopsis: Hip pop superstar and gangster, Curtis Jones, finds himself socking in memories of the death of his true love, one that he caused. His joy is painful; his days are lit by darkness. He meets Jack, a sagacious old man, sent by a Higher Authority, who takes him back in time; with his music, in ten days, Curtis has to rescue Tanya, his true love, from emotional wreckage, before she commits suicide. She is in a school where students are ghetto scandalous yet potentially fabulous. If he succeeds, he will live happily ever after with Tanya. Back in time, Curtis is drawn into life threatening gangster rivalry and High School dramas. Judith, the lead singer in the school choir falls for him and becomes a threat to his mission. His mistakes are fatal; survival tactics from the ghetto and Jack`s mystic riddles become his aid. In the wake of hard earned victory, he finds himself back in the present world, to learn that is was a dream, harbored in an hour glass, preparing him for his destiny.


Logline: Logline: In dreams the mind sorts through the information gathered by the senses during waking hours and discards that which would be destructive to sanity. Suppose one man can not dream. Then what?

Synopsis: Thousands of warriors have returned from the Iraq War. Among them is Dan Gallatin, violent, bare knuckle fighter, studying for Doctorate Of Neuroscience. Many veterans show horrible wounds, missing arms and legs, disfigured faces. Not visible are the brains damaged by roadside bombs, or warped by the constant fear of being blown all to hell by a bomb, or killed by a sniper's bullet. This trauma causes terrifying nightmares. Anubis (an alias) can't dream and hitches onto the dreams of sleeping vets. He then kills the vet and hitches onto his journey into the afterlife. Each afterlife is unique, created by the dying man's mind. Colonel Granville has a terrible head wound and knows the savagery of war. His wound has given him the capacity to see human auras and to lead scores of veterans into dreams where he heals their afflicted minds. Anubis stalks Granville. Dan is thrust into danger to protect the Healer from the Hitcher. In the afterlife, the true Anubis,the Jackal God waits.

Title: Cabbages and legumes

Logline: A $1M cash prize for best crop pits friends, Dellbert, a cabbage farmer and Croft, a legume farmer, in a battle that ends their lives and mirrors the way cabbages and legumes exist in nature.

Synopsis: CROFT, a legume farmer with a talent for farming techniques and his neighbor, DELLBERT, a cabbage farmer with exceptional mechanical skills. For years, they work as friends until a local company announces a $1M cash prize for the best crop. Greed quickly consumes both farmers who plot to kill one another. Croft poisons Dellbert by sewing ergot seeds into his farmland. The poison slowly effects Dellbert causing him to hallucinate. Meanwhile, Dellbert loosens the gears on his combine before Croft borrows it. Suffering from hallucinations, Dellbert teeters along the edge of a watering hole until he falls in and drowns. After Dellbert's funeral, Croft borrows his combine and comes to a violent and bloody end as the blades break loose from the combine cutting him to pieces. While thriving, cabbages and legumes aid each other, but they steal each other's nutrients in times of need. Much like these friends who wind up buried next one another under a pithy epitaph.

Title: The First Banker

Logline: Peter is about to get married when CIA forces him to join a manhunt for his grandfather who is tampering with financial markets in the US, EU and Asia.

Synopsis: Peter thought his grandfather was dead but the truth is his grandfather and some old Army officers still run an operation that has suppressed Germany and Japan since the end of World War II. The secret operation tampers with financial markets in Germany and Japan to keep those countries economically linked to the US to insure they never fight the US again. But in 2008 his grandfather expanded the operation to create a worldwide financial crisis that might hurt the US, but would totally destroy Russia, which has yet again become too dangerous. His grandfather created the banking crisis being felt around the world and now CIA wants to stop the man who had been thier hero for the last forty years. So CIA tries to force Peter to join the manhunt, but Peter avoids CIA and Russian agents to find the truth on his own. And the truth is his grandmother and a renegade Colonel run the operation, and Peter must convince his grandmother to stop the Colonel before its too late for everyone.


Logline: Unbeknownst to the people who call him friend, Sidney is a twisted serial killer playing them all against each other for his own demented desires.

Synopsis: Following Shakespeare's classic Othello, Sidney seems to be an ordinary man who deals with work, hangs out with his friends and tries to balance a relationship at the same time. Only Sidney also murders people. When he is passed over for a promotion by Julius, who considers Sidney to be his best friend, Sidney's murderous mind concocts a devious plot for vengeance. He uses Julius's jealous nature to convince him that his girlfriend has been unfaithful to him with the very man given the promotion. Sidney places himself as Julius's sole advocate, all the while waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Leading this near-perfect double life, this psychotic serial killer pits all his unsuspecting friends against each other in a deadly game of cat and mouse- until his web of lies began to crumble around him. When his plot is finally discovered, this psychopath is forced into a confrontation from which no one may get out alive. WGA Registered #1276704

Title: Ladybug

Logline: When terrorists plan to blow up a bridge with the President and thousands of innocent people, a police officer must choose between duty to country and the love of his son. But will he lose both?

Synopsis: We open at a refugee camp somewhere along the Afghan-Pakistan border. Relief worker TRACY DORR, 30's, attends to patients. Then she becomes the unfortunate witness as Military Police mistakenly shoot down a truck driver they believe to have a bomb. The incident passes, but unfortunately a bomb has already been planted in one of the camp's porta-potties. All are killed. Only the calling card of a mechanical ladybug is left behind. One year later, MIKE DORR, a veteran cop, is on vacation with his son at a popular island resort when he learns that the island has come under siege by home-grown terrorists. Making matters worse, several hostages have been taken including his son, and word quickly spreads that the terrorists intend to further draw attention to their cause by destroying the world's longest suspension bridge, and in the process, killing the President, the Governor, and approximately 60,000 spectators.

Title: 10 Days in Paradise

Logline: 10 Days in Paradise could kill you. On-the-edge, suspense/thriller rollercoaster ride into the dark world of drug trafficking. A cold-blooded drug dealer/loan shark sends a devoted couple to Columbia.

Synopsis: Carol Wilson an overworked,underpaid young waitress has become entangled with a vicious drug lord and is forced to smuggle drugs out of South America to pay back an outstanding debt. Her devoted boyfriend Steven insistance to find a way to protect her accompanies her and puts their love and lives on the line. This adventure set against the backdrop of the dangerous and exotic Columbian countryside, frames the unselfish power of love and the deadly consequences of money and greed.


Logline: A female cop who instead of issuing speeding violations sentences people to attend her weekly cocktail parties. Officer Stacy takes it too far with one violator that ends up in murder.

Synopsis: Imagine speeding down the road in your car with a beer resting on your lap. You then see the flashing blue lights pull out behind you. You pull your car over, begin to panic and try to act innocent. Officer Stacy approaches your car with a large flashlight and shines it in your face. You know your busted, now how can you get out of this situation? Officer Stacy then offers you a deal. You can be arrested for DUI and other various traffic infractions, or the entire ticket can be thrown out the window if you agree to attend eight of her weekly cocktail parties. Sounds like an easy choice, but sometimes the easy choices are the wrong choices. I mean how bad can going to a few cocktail parties be?

Title: From the Eyes of the Killers

Logline: A tale, from the eyes of the killers, involved in the famous Vancouver "Picton" murders, on how they fade away to start somewhere else, leaving a pawn to be sacrificed by society.

Synopsis: A midnight visit, forces a New York Judge and a Psychologist to immediately fly out to help a mass murderer cover his tracks. A retired New York policeman seeking vengeance, believes the Judge will lead him to the killer of his daughter, is in hot pursuit. I wish to express my thanks for considering my submission, W.G.A #1365002.

Title: The Devil Returns to Heaven

Logline: God has forgiven the Devil and he returns to the Heavens. God placed seven girls on earth to determine the fate of the world. Each girl is given a Protector who must kill all that tries to harm them

Synopsis: God forgives the Devil and allows him to return to the Heavens. The Devil must explain to Man how and why he was expelled from the Heavens. Now the Demons roam the earth and they are far worse than the Devil. God places seven young girls on the earth to determine it's fate in thirty three years. Each girl is given a Protector who must fight and kill all that tries to bring harm to them. A new Profit is sent forth to prove that God is a woman and that all religions lead to the same God. The Profit also teaches that the seven girls, who are placed on different continents, will decide that the world is too evil and should be destroyed. This causes the evil doers and the high church to try to kill the seven before the thirty third year. A demonic priest cons the President into believing the girl is evil and a trick by the Devil. They learn that the location of the so called Heavens on earth are beneath the glaciers and began bombing. God turns all animals against Mankind.