Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Brain Child

Logline: A female neuroscientist, who has invented a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen, must turn to this technology as her last hope for identifying her daughter's killer.

Synopsis: Dr. Nora Winthrop has discovered a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen. One evening, she returns home to find out her eight year old daughter has been mysteriously murdered. After a failed police investigation she has decided to take matters into her own hands. She will genetically recreate the little girl's brain in a desperate attempt to view her final moments of life and identify her daughter's killer. What she brings back, however, is not just the girl's brain, but her actual consciousness which, amazingly, she can communicate with via a computer. This incredible event sets off a series of frightening twists and turns as Nora attempts to come face to face with her deepest fears and emotions, not only in order to solve the mystery surrounding her daughter, but to also try and regain some kind of meaning in her own wounded existence.

Title: The Caretaker

Logline: The Archangel descends in the midst of murder and deception to help release a troubled spirit and to ensure the fate of one who shall someday rise to great power.

Synopsis: The mysterious Caretaker's arrival in this small town cemetery is no coincidence. His concerns: 1) the deceptive ones involved in a desperate search of an expensive heirloom 2) one of their victims - Nichole Cummings, now a spirit who refuses to leave her grave as she guards the heirloom her sister secretly buried in it, and 3) Rony Liggon, a victim of circumstance who has lost all faith. This supernatural thriller starts with a fatal car crash, the death of Ronny's grandfather, and the murder of a powerful psychic. During the funerals, Ronny is drawn into temptation which resluts in theft of the cemetery - all part of the master plan. The Caretaker uses unconventional ways with the help of his assistant, a black bird, and a few earthbound spirits to obtain his goals: To set Nichole's soul free by eliminating her worst fears, and to ensure the spiritual well being of the future Pope. In the end, we discover the Caretaker is Michael, the Archangel. Feature length. WGA 1008036

Title: Manson vs JFK

Logline: Assassination can run in the Family.

Synopsis: It is summer of the year 1963. A small contingent of the radical right-wing is planning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy is set for a campaign trip on September 22 to Los Angeles to help heal the wounds of political party fallout in a state, California, which he barely won in 1960. The assassination plot hinges on the radicals finding a fall-guy; someone a little unhinged, who can be blamed as the lone-nut killer. By accident, they find someone who falls into their laps - an charismatic ex-con who has a dream of forming his own murderous commune someday. Their choice: Charles Manson. The plot is on.


Logline: During the 2002 DC Sniper Crisis, a young salesman has one week to close a deal or his addicted mother in New York will be killed by a heartless drug dealer.

Synopsis: A young COPIER SALESMEN caught in the middle of the 2002 DC Sniper crisis, XAVIER THOMAS' life altering dilemma begins on Monday, October 7th and comes to a violent end on Friday, October 11th. Financially strapped after squandering a string of sales deals, a frustrated XAVIER is on the verge of losing his sanity, apartment, and employment. His crooked Sales Manager TREAVA offers a way for him to stay employed at DIGI-TECH SOLUTIONS: traffic Heroin for her in his sales territory. For most of the week, there appears to be no alternative: if XAVIER refuses to traffic narcotics for his boss, her partner-in-crime KONRAD will kill XAVIER'S mother in New York City. Labeled as incompetent for not yet catching the SNIPERS, Rockville Police Chief CHARLES MOOSE continually questions his aptitude as a crime fighter. On Friday, XAVIER devises a way how to save his fragile mother's life while restoring the public's confidence in MOOSE'S ability to fight crime.

Title: Stake with Blood

Logline: When Angelina, the seventeen-year student of institute, is transfused the blood of the anonymous donor after failure, she doesn't know yet that it will lead to full reorganization of her organism.

Synopsis: After accident Angelina is transfused the blood of anonymous donor. When she comes home after hospital, she notices that she has new habits and bents. Understanding that she has caught illness, girl decides to find donor to learn what the illness is. However somebody cruelly kills all people whom she addresses for the help. Soon heroine pays attention that she is pursued also. She makes conclusion that she is spied on by donor and he is the murderer. Her fears are confirmed by friend Nikita. Girl decides to stop murderer. Suddenly she learns that her donor is vampire from ancient Celtic legend. And he has a brother. Human consciousness starts to leave heroine. From girl's phantom Angelina learns that only The Sword of Prince Kiot can destroy the brothers-vampires. She steals The Sword but Nikita tells her the awful secret: the brothers-vampires are not the murderers of all innocent people. He says that the murderer is ... Angelina! In despair girl kills vampires, Nikita and herself...

Title: The Power Elite

Logline: A brutal gangland slaying sets off a relentless investigation in pursuit of an elite hit crew, which will lead into the national and international political arenas.

Synopsis: On a drizzling Chicago night four men sit unsuspectingly in a coffee shop. Only a few feet away from them, within minutes their whole world is turned upside down as FBI agent Bruce Miller and his men gun down their boss Big Paul Crescenzi, Chicago's top organized crime boss, and his bodyguard in their car. Looking to eliminate any possible witnesses, Miller orders his men to fire on the coffee shop. Unbeknownst, the men he is about to open fire on are the elite killer hit squad known around law enforcement circles as the Vincent Mainieri crew. A horrible gunfight ensues. In the aftermath only Miller manages to get away. The hit crew looks in horror as they see who the intended victim was. Why the murder? That is the question veteran homicide Detective Will Mannon has to answer fast. Already skeptic of the evidence at the crime scene, when a fingerprint of one of the crew members is found Mannon senses the impact of bringing down the Mainieri crew and its effect on a career.

Title: Children of Immortality

Logline: A young Attorney's quest to find his missing uncle uncovers an eighty year old conspiracy for world domination.

Synopsis: When Attorney Jack Morrissey's uncle, a seasoned criminal defense attorney, disappears under suspicious circumstances, Jack unveils a secret Nazi conspiracy that spans three continents, invloves courthouse employees, and high level government officials all the way to the White House. While on his quest to clear his uncle's name, Jack discovers that the last client he represented holds the key to unlocking the mystery. The enemies of freedom have used the promise of, "immortality," as part of their plan to seize control of the oval office and achieve world domination. As the deception unfolds, Jack is faced with the question that haunts us all, "does the fountain of youth really exist," and if so, "is it really possible to get a second chance?"

Title: Degnared

Logline: A cop on the edge with psychic abilities is tormented by a past and present serial killer who he's investigating.

Synopsis: Dax Degnared a San Francisco homicide detective is called in to investigate a brutal murder, the worst in the history of the city. The murders persist and the killer keeps leaving similar clues to a past serial killer that was never caught, and lay dormant for over 20 years. This leads Dax to believe he's dealing with either a copy cat killer or the same killer from 20 years ago. As Dax immerses himself deeper into the investigation he finds out he has a strange psychological bond with the killer and gets more than he bargained for.


Logline: Logline: In dreams the mind sorts through the information gathered by the senses during waking hours and discards that which would be destructive to sanity. Suppose one man can not dream. Then what?

Synopsis: Thousands of warriors have returned from the Iraq War. Among them is Dan Gallatin, violent, bare knuckle fighter, studying for Doctorate Of Neuroscience. Many veterans show horrible wounds, missing arms and legs, disfigured faces. Not visible are the brains damaged by roadside bombs, or warped by the constant fear of being blown all to hell by a bomb, or killed by a sniper's bullet. This trauma causes terrifying nightmares. Anubis (an alias) can't dream and hitches onto the dreams of sleeping vets. He then kills the vet and hitches onto his journey into the afterlife. Each afterlife is unique, created by the dying man's mind. Colonel Granville has a terrible head wound and knows the savagery of war. His wound has given him the capacity to see human auras and to lead scores of veterans into dreams where he heals their afflicted minds. Anubis stalks Granville. Dan is thrust into danger to protect the Healer from the Hitcher. In the afterlife, the true Anubis,the Jackal God waits.

Title: Asunder

Logline: Two detectives deal with serious issues with their personal lives while investigating a series of deadly home invasion robberies.

Synopsis: Detectives Tavis Briggs and Nick Watson are investigating a deadly spree of home invasion robberies that are terrorizing the city. As they look to put together the clues and connections to the crimes, they discover a sinister plot which connects the robbery victims which could lead to the identities of the suspects involved. But Briggs is struggling to deal with the approaching two year anniversary of an unsolved murder...his own son. His assigned partner, Watson, is a husband with two children. But Watson, however, is coming to terms of an infidelity which produced a young child with a woman from a past case of his. As they get closer to breaking the case, their personal issues threaten not only tear apart their own lives, but over power their ability to solve one of the most deadly killing sprees the city has ever seen. All situations lead to an explosive showdown and tragic aftermath for all of those involved...