Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre


Logline: ENTER THE WILDERNESS OF FEAR- Fleeing the prospect of war torn Sudan, Marshall discovers the road to redemption is rife with terror when he rescues Star, a child prostitute and drives the AlCan.

Synopsis: Marshall had had it. His wife's current notion that they volunteer in war-torn Sudan is just another scheme to fill the deep void in their marriage. Marshall is out of there, headed nowhere, until Star, a child prostitute, provides direction. Their road to redemption becomes a terrifying journey up the AlCan Highway when forced to accompany an odd ensemble of fellow travelers, stalked by drug dealers set on revenge. Nigel, a burly oil field worker with a penchant for poetry, spins a chilling campfire tale, revealing his disturbing past and hints at their pursuers' motive. Adding to the impending sense of trouble round the bend, Star is assaulted by one of the men at remote Watson Lake. Raising more questions than answers is Athabaskan Indian and ex-con, Ozzie, and his earlier encounter with hardscrabble couple, Eugene and Rita. In command, is handsome Alaskan divorcee, Kiana. A suspense thriller with an unusual caste of characters and twist ending with an unexpected nemesis.


Logline: Lynn only vaguely recalls brutally killing the man. Now she must figure out who he was and why she did it.

Synopsis: A feature length thriller: With no memory, LYNN finds herself in a lonely farmhouse standing over the body of the brutally murdered farmer. To her horror she has a vision of swinging the bat that killed the man. Lynn must somehow reconstruct her past from the fragments around her, all of them diaphanous ... her husband WILL, the town's only policeman, the 14-year-old girl MARTA who so desperately needs Lynn's help, and her own sister LEAH. As Lynn's memory slowly comes into focus, she recognizes the extent of her Will's brutality and how he has betrayed her. But now she must discover whether she herself is a murderer -- or whether the true murderer is still out there, someone close to her, and someone who intends to make her the next victim. Mistaken identity, complicity, and betrayal are woven into an unexpected ending.

Title: The Casino Carpathian

Logline: An eccentric entrepreneur risks more than he realizes when he creates "Sin City's" first gothic-horror themed casino. From now on, "What slays in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Synopsis: Evan Eden, a brash young Las Vegas investment mogul, gambles on society's fascination with "things that go bump in the night". His casino-resort creation, The Carpathian, is part Victorian mansion, part Walachian fortress. Though it offers many standard Vegas attractions - at The Carpathian they appear in imaginative "dark side" variations. Even before the crowds descend upon it, tragic events suggest that The Carpathian may be afflicted by a deadly "curse". Both success and dangers seem to spiral beyond Evan's control. A particularly mysterious visitor, Lucas Stanley, makes Evan an incredibly generous buyout offer. Stanley, it is soon discovered, has a most sinister motive - one that must be resisted. Evan is forced to go beyond simply running his casino. He must ultimately defend it, and himself from a very powerful adversary. Lucas Stanley's true identity may be easily guessed, but never fully comprehended. Can you say "hostile takeover"? (WGA#1146674)


Logline: Unbeknownst to the people who call him friend, Sidney is a twisted serial killer playing them all against each other for his own demented desires.

Synopsis: Following Shakespeare's classic Othello, Sidney seems to be an ordinary man who deals with work, hangs out with his friends and tries to balance a relationship at the same time. Only Sidney also murders people. When he is passed over for a promotion by Julius, who considers Sidney to be his best friend, Sidney's murderous mind concocts a devious plot for vengeance. He uses Julius's jealous nature to convince him that his girlfriend has been unfaithful to him with the very man given the promotion. Sidney places himself as Julius's sole advocate, all the while waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Leading this near-perfect double life, this psychotic serial killer pits all his unsuspecting friends against each other in a deadly game of cat and mouse- until his web of lies began to crumble around him. When his plot is finally discovered, this psychopath is forced into a confrontation from which no one may get out alive. WGA Registered #1276704

Title: Manson vs JFK

Logline: Assassination can run in the Family.

Synopsis: It is summer of the year 1963. A small contingent of the radical right-wing is planning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy is set for a campaign trip on September 22 to Los Angeles to help heal the wounds of political party fallout in a state, California, which he barely won in 1960. The assassination plot hinges on the radicals finding a fall-guy; someone a little unhinged, who can be blamed as the lone-nut killer. By accident, they find someone who falls into their laps - an charismatic ex-con who has a dream of forming his own murderous commune someday. Their choice: Charles Manson. The plot is on.

Title: The List

Logline: An NFL prospect stumbles upon a terror plot designed to publicly execute a list of well known celebrities.

Synopsis: A militant terrorist organization has begun an operation to hunt down well known celebrities. The Department of Homeland Security is using all of it's resources to stop the attacks, and to identify other potential targets. An NFL rookie prospect, that has yet to report to training camp, gets caught in the middle of an abduction attempt of the terrorist's number one target. The list is the first screenplay that I have ever written. It is polished and edited and I need representation to take the next step. My military background and extensive research lends a unique view to the story that I know you will enjoy. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,


Logline: During the 2002 DC Sniper Crisis, a young salesman has one week to close a deal or his addicted mother in New York will be killed by a heartless drug dealer.

Synopsis: A young COPIER SALESMEN caught in the middle of the 2002 DC Sniper crisis, XAVIER THOMAS' life altering dilemma begins on Monday, October 7th and comes to a violent end on Friday, October 11th. Financially strapped after squandering a string of sales deals, a frustrated XAVIER is on the verge of losing his sanity, apartment, and employment. His crooked Sales Manager TREAVA offers a way for him to stay employed at DIGI-TECH SOLUTIONS: traffic Heroin for her in his sales territory. For most of the week, there appears to be no alternative: if XAVIER refuses to traffic narcotics for his boss, her partner-in-crime KONRAD will kill XAVIER'S mother in New York City. Labeled as incompetent for not yet catching the SNIPERS, Rockville Police Chief CHARLES MOOSE continually questions his aptitude as a crime fighter. On Friday, XAVIER devises a way how to save his fragile mother's life while restoring the public's confidence in MOOSE'S ability to fight crime.

Title: Creatures of the Forest

Logline: A group of college friends on a summer camping trip find themselves in a fight for their lives against a mysterious creature, after being duped by the man they hired as their guide.

Synopsis: Lance, a college football star, arranges a summer camping trip which will take him and his friends deep into the forest of northern California. This is his last chance to repair his failing relationship with his highschool sweatheart, Michelle, and reconnect with his hometown friends. He hires a guide, Billy, to lead the group's week long adventure. Unbeknownst to Lance, Billy has alterior motives. During his childhood, Billy's family was killed by a blood thirsty creature which still prowls the woods that the group will be calling home for the next week. Billy leads the group into the remote backcountry in the hopes of drawing out the creature and avenging the death of his family. Before they know it, drinking around the camp fire and adolescent fun are replaced by sheer terror, as the friends realize they are the unwitting pawns in in a game of cat and mouse, with not only Billy, but the creature itself.

Title: Hollowed Ground

Logline: When a caretaker's late son falls prey in a series of perverse grave robberies, he sets out to unearth the ominous secret of those responsible in a spellbinding climax.

Synopsis: Caretaker of the Millwood Creek Cemetery, Seth Coleman works with sincere commitment. But when a series of unexplained grave robberies torment the public, he takes matters personally when his late son is exhumed. A conflict of man versus self, nothing can prepare Seth for what lies ahead. In addition to earning a B.A. from Binghamton University in film, I've also done extensive research on the dark history of British folklore, namely grave robbery. I have also written and directed several short films that won academic awards. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. I look forward to your reply and thank you for your consideration.

Title: Dark Whispers

Logline: In this harrowing fictional story, tormented spirits of a secret Special Forces unit of Black US Union Army soldiers in the late 1800s, nicknamed Dark Whispers resurrect in 2009.

Synopsis: The tormented spirits of Dark Whispers supernaturally rise-up from the Chesapeake Bay region of Viginia and possess an American Bald Eagle. It was on the same day as the Presidential Inauguration of this nation's first black President, Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. The eagle is supernaturally guided to Washington DC to deliver the truth about Dark Whispers to a living descendent,65 year old US Army veteran retired Command Sergeant Major Keith Alan Jackson. The supernatural encounter between the eagle and Jackson reveals a remarkable story about a US government cover-up about the Civil War and the mysterious extermination of 2500 blacks on January 20, 1866. The execution order was given by Anderw Johnson,the 17th President of the US in the 1800s. While under hypnosis, Jackson reveals the truth of Dark Whispers to the nation's top military doctors and historians. His story telling goes back into time (like the movie Titantic)& challeges the history books and the government's truth.