Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: The Insert

Logline: Two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times, attempt to sell editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, but unexpectedly learn of his uranium trafficking scheme.

Synopsis: The Insert is a story inspired by historical events that unfolded during the rule of former Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila and true press industry practices. When two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times attempt to sell a glorified editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, they unexpectedly learn of a uranium trafficking scheme between the Congo and Iran. Haunted by the prospect of enriched uranium ending in Iran hands, they undertake to bring this dangerous affair to the world's attention. Nevertheless, they will have to re-evaluate their own morality, love and commercial interests in order to expose the true nature of the Congolese dictator.

Title: Forest Through the Trees

Logline: They came to divide us. Instead they united us.

Synopsis: Unknown to the small town of Piedmont, a series of coordinated terror attacks is underway throughout the United States. Chief Howie Winter, the newly appointed Police Chief of Piedmont tries to protect his town in spite of the greedy and narrowminded town administration who refuses to shut down the local college or cancel the upcoming town fair. Follow the action as Chief Winter risks his reputation, his family and his life to protect the close knit community from the sleeper cell who is now hiding in the mountains surrounding the town.


Logline: CHARITY is the story of how a simple act of kindness sends the lives of a young couple spiraling horribly out of control.

Synopsis: After winning the lead on a multimillion-dollar account, STANLEY BROOKS and his fiancee MARISSA leave a company function to celebrate. They encounter CHARLIE, a homeless man, who asks them for change. Stanley rejects him, ushering Marissa into his car and driving off. They cross paths with Charlie again the next day, but before Stanley can interject, Marissa steps in, offering Charlie a few spare bills. Stanley, to impress Marissa, decides to give him even more, cutting him a check for a large sum. He and Marissa go about their way, not giving Charlie another thought. But if only it were that simple. With the aid of a jealous co-worker, Charlie begins to harass Stanley, while appearing as a grateful friend to Marissa. The game continues until Stanley, losing everything else, finds his life -- and possibly Marissa's -- is in peril. Backed into a corner, it's now up to Stanley to protect himself and the ones he loves from someone he'd least expect -- a recipient of his charity.

Title: A Good Defense

Logline: Two attorneys seek to create the perfect legal defense before they commit their crime.

Synopsis: They say that the secret to a good defense is a good offense. Well, that is what Tess Meyer and Nicole Redmond are hoping for as they plot the defense of a lifetime. What starts out as a harmless discussion over lunch turns into a deadly game of chess for two women so fed up with being victims that they become killers. On February 14, 2009, high profile attorney Jared DeVoe is viciously murdered outside of an Atlanta Gay Club. While investigators dismiss it as a hate crime, rookie investigator Mildred Bremer thinks there is more to the crime. In time, her investigation leads her to Tess and Nicole, two of DeVoe's junior attorneys. However, because of their standing in the legal community, Bremer's concerns are ignored. Meanwhile, Tess and Nicole continue with their murderous agenda while mounting their defense. Eager to be caught so they can try their case, Tess and Nicole struggle to create the perfect defense before their anger threatens to destroy them.

Title: Crime Pays

Logline: A drug kingpin, his gun-nut sidekick, pill-pushing co-eds, and a kid sister with an axe to grind collide with a crazy-in-love couple who've just escaped from a prison for the criminally insane.

Synopsis: Loring de Troyes will torture as many employees as he has to to stay out of prison. He's come down to New York with Gomer, his trigger-man, for his monthly meeting. Ysa is supposed to give Loring his cut of last month's take in exchange for this month's pills. Trevor-who has secretly farmed out his work to college kids, Devin and Aysha-pushes the product. If anyone strays from the path, Loring will cut his losses, wrap them in plastic, and dump them in the Niagara Falls. It will not be the first time. Birdie and Jitterbug have been madly in love since the day they met at Grover Secure Psychiatric Institute. After their dramatic and homicidal escape from Grover, they find themselves in desperate need of cash. They learn of the drug-money exchange and see it as an opportunity to obtain funding for an impromptu honeymoon. They will stab, shoot, blow up, set ablaze, and eviscerate all who try to stop them; 'cause they love each other. And woe betide anyone who gets in the way of that.


Logline: Lynn only vaguely recalls brutally killing the man. Now she must figure out who he was and why she did it.

Synopsis: A feature length thriller: With no memory, LYNN finds herself in a lonely farmhouse standing over the body of the brutally murdered farmer. To her horror she has a vision of swinging the bat that killed the man. Lynn must somehow reconstruct her past from the fragments around her, all of them diaphanous ... her husband WILL, the town's only policeman, the 14-year-old girl MARTA who so desperately needs Lynn's help, and her own sister LEAH. As Lynn's memory slowly comes into focus, she recognizes the extent of her Will's brutality and how he has betrayed her. But now she must discover whether she herself is a murderer -- or whether the true murderer is still out there, someone close to her, and someone who intends to make her the next victim. Mistaken identity, complicity, and betrayal are woven into an unexpected ending.

Title: Jihad

Logline: An Al Qaeda assassin and his team settle on a small Texas town to kill a Senator who's vacationing there and it falls upon the local sheriff to stop them. Anton Chigurh meets a honed Andy of Mayberry

Synopsis: Jihad is a "clash of titans" story between ace assassin Abdul Latif Hassan (modeled on Javier Bardem) and Sheriff Joe Halladin (modeled on Josh Brolin). A murderous rampage, which begins on the Mexican border and continues in Washington DC, finally settles on the small town of Arlettsville in the scenic Texas Hill Country. The local sheriff there, Joe Halladin, who succeeded his father in the job and never lived anywhere else, is a family man and very well liked, but he leads a life of quiet desperation because he's bored with his life and feels stifled. But, that boredom ends quickly when the assassins unleash their savage plan, and there is more at stake for Joe than the life of the Senator. Ultimately, it comes down to a mano-a-mano confrontation between two men who are polar-opposite in every way except for their ability to fight.

Title: Positive ( )

Logline: Charley Koss is an addict murdering for redemption after contracting HIV at a rave. Positive answers the age old question of how would you spend your last days if you have already been through hell.

Synopsis: Charley was abducted by a family friend when he was young, and was forced to lure children to be slaughtered. Charley Koss grows up and develops a blatant disregard for morals and relationships. He goes to meetings to hook up with other sex addicts and score drugs. He is in multiple relationships with girls and boys but none that he would consider love, with the exception of a hooker who dies of an overdose. Charley goes to a rave party to forget about it. Charley ingests a large amount drugs and hooks up with a HIV carrier. After being infected his drug use excels and he contemplates suicide. In his darkest moment he notices a postcard stating that a sex offender lives in the neighborhood. Charley goes to the address and kills the pervert starting a chain of serial murders. In the end, Charley makes amends just in time to be chased by gangsters and cops to the edge of a roof, where he jumps to his death. In the background is a message from the doctor informing him he is HIV negative.

Title: Root of Evil

Logline: A lonely bus driver comes across 2 million dollars. His cautious nature, the police investigation, and unfortunate circumstances lead him down a dark path.

Synopsis: Frankie is a bus driver past his prime who is constantly surrounded by people but can't relate to. Day after day, he makes the same stops with the same passengers till a DESPARATE man leaps aboard his bus gasping for air and bleeding from a gunshot wound. He lugs a bag with $2 million on board and makes Frankie a desperate proposition, $1 million to take him to the hospital and hold on to his money till he heals. The mysterious man dies and Frankie isolates himself in fear as the police investigation draws closer. So Frankie hides the money in his ailing grandmother's attic, the perfect alibi. At the reading of her will Frankie learns of a cap with whatever "minor" remains going to her nurse Amanda, making the 2 million hers. Burning with greed, he befriends her to get closer to the money, ultimately leading him to do things he would never have done. With Amanda, Frankie has finally discovered the connection he has always longed for, too blind to see it or the horror to come.

Title: Brain Child

Logline: A female neuroscientist, who has invented a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen, must turn to this technology as her last hope for identifying her daughter's killer.

Synopsis: Dr. Nora Winthrop has discovered a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen. One evening, she returns home to find out her eight year old daughter has been mysteriously murdered. After a failed police investigation she has decided to take matters into her own hands. She will genetically recreate the little girl's brain in a desperate attempt to view her final moments of life and identify her daughter's killer. What she brings back, however, is not just the girl's brain, but her actual consciousness which, amazingly, she can communicate with via a computer. This incredible event sets off a series of frightening twists and turns as Nora attempts to come face to face with her deepest fears and emotions, not only in order to solve the mystery surrounding her daughter, but to also try and regain some kind of meaning in her own wounded existence.