Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Rogue

Logline: A detective loses his memory after an undercover operation goes wrong leaving him believing in his own criminal persona. He goes head to head with his former partner then his memory starts to return.

Synopsis: International criminal Donovan sets his sights on Glasgow, Scotland, as the latest city to add to his expanding trafficking empire. Decorated undercover detectives Nick Russell and Michael Otago have other ideas and they take on Donovan's operation. Russell goes undercover to try and infiltrate Donovan's gang but gets caught up in a brutal execution of an informant. The killer then turns on Russell leaving him badly beaten and with no memory. In his confused state he starts to believe in his own criminal alter-ego and goes on the rampage. Slowly he works his way into Donovan's confidence with the same flair that made him a good cop and he embraces the life of crime. Then his memories start to return. Meanwhile his former partner Michael Otago struggles with facing up to the events that robbed him of his partner. The net begins to close on Donovan and the paths of the two former friends begin to move back towards each other, heading for a dramatic showdown that neither man expects.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: A new film revealing the real killer of JFK is uncovered and a seedy detective will stop at nothing to save his family and give the truth to the world.

Synopsis: When the "Deepthroat" who claims to have this new film is murdered, he leaves his secret behind for Detective Warren Black, who's father may or may not have been part of the original conspiracy. The investigation is re-opened and the questionable detective suddenly finds himself fighting to keep his family and himself alive while at the same time keeping the film safe from those who wish to keep the truth secret at any cost. When his family is kidnapped as ransom for the JFK film, it becomes an all out war on discovering the truth about his father and his own background and the CIA quickly learns that they have met their match in "The Warren Vendetta". Thank you for reading and I hope I have interested you.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: After 45 years of being the world's biggest mystery, seedy D.C cop Warren Black finds a huge secret - a new film exposing the real assassin of JFK!

Synopsis: The footage was taken at Dealy Plaza that day in Dallas and it is not long before the real gunman and his "government" behind it want the film back. Only one problem: Warren is not giving it up without a fight! When they take his family hostage as ransom for the film, it becomes a non-stop battle of thrilling action and intrigue and the predators become the prey. They quickly realize the have messed with the wrong man and the exposure of the JFK conspiracy has now simply become Warren's vendetta! The script is fresh and exciting and already has a built in audience with the material of the JFK assassination. It is a new spin on one of the world's biggest mysteries and a story-line of this nature has never been touched. I am really looking forward to getting this script to your attention and am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I can easily be reached at the information below and hope to be in touch. Brendan Ethredge 919-967-9827

Title: When Lightning Strikes

Logline: There's something in the lightning. And that something is alive. It is an ancient creature that has taken a small town hostage and there is only one man who believes he can stop it.

Synopsis: This is a story told in the tradition of Jaws and Moby Dick. It is very much character driven while at the same time containing the element of the seemingly unbeatable antagonist as something that everyone is truly afraid of. Lightning. The sky is full of lightning, and something is in the lightning. In that tiny instant when the lighting races to the ground and flickers IT is visible. And only for that instant but that is long enough for it to kill. Now it has taken a small town hostage and only the crusty Donavon Keyes seems to have a handle on just what is going on. Because he has tracked this creature for his entire life and soon it will be time for the final showdown. Will his knowledge of this ancient devil help him defeat it or will his blind obsession and rage for this thing deliver him into the hands of the beast.

Title: Repressed Memories

Logline: A horror novelist suffering from paranoid delusions discovers during therapy that she may have based one of her novels on a murder she witnessed her mother commit during her childhood.

Synopsis: Kristine Matheson believes her mother and three other women may be responsible for the death of a young girl who is the main character in her novel "The Rose Garden". While suffering from paranoid delusions, Kristine decides to return to her hometown to find out once and for all if her beliefs are delusions or reality. After arriving, Kristine finds her mother Mary has been in an insane asylum for the last 17 years. Mary recites Kristine's novel as if it were reality and teases her with cryptic clues of what really happened. Kristine finds a picture of her mother and Susanne who was also involved in the murder. Susanne sees Kristine and attempts to put an end to her investigation. She convinces another deranged patient from the asylum that he is the true murderer and he plays out scenes from her novel with deadly and horrific results driving Kristine to the brink of insanity. Are they delusions or reality, WILL KRISTINE EVER FIND OUT?

Title: Mortality

Logline: A dark priest from India ritually kills decadent Western couples, to purify their future births.

Synopsis: What is the most wonderful thing in this material world? This is the timeless question posed by a madman to his horrified victims as he coldly prepares them for sacrifice, the correct answer to which is their only means of escape. Drawn into this shadowy realm, cynical L.A. detective Ray Seaton challenges his own perceptions of reality as the materialism and complacency of modern life collide inexorably with the wisdom and archaic practices of the world's oldest culture. Karma and reincarnation intertwine with mystery and suspense, and just a touch of dark humor, in Mortality, a spiritual thriller which dissects life at its most primal. A former law student and white Australian Hindu priest (!), I am currently a quarter-final contender in the International Screenwwriting Awards with this screenplay. I would like to submit this screenplay for your consideration and can be contacted as listed below. Thank you kindly.

Title: The Man With The Bullet In His Brain

Logline: A hardened ex-con returns from the future seeking retribution against the criminal underworld that framed him.

Synopsis: "This is undoubtedly a killer movie idea, somewhere between BACK TO THE FUTURE and THE USUAL SUSPECTS. It combines so many strong elements, including the time travel device, a film noir sensibility, the feel of a high octane revenge thriller and some interesting character development. This script rivals BLADE RUNNER for its nihilistic world view, complex characters and subjective moral viewpoint. You balance some of these bigger questions with a constantly-moving plot and a couple of impressive twists in the tail, which are of vital importance to fans of this genre... This project has every chance of finding a sizeable audience and, if the budget is kept tight, to be a good money earner. Comparable projects are MEMENTO or MULHOLLAND DRIVE, which mixed thriller elements with more intellectually challenging ideas." The Script Connection (UK Film Council's feedback service)

Title: Witnessed

Logline: A white, racist ex-cop and an Arab-American FBI Agent turn to the Russian Mob for help in uncovering an FBI conspiracy.

Synopsis: WITNESSED is the pilot teleplay for a weekly dramatic series about JIM DAVIES, a white, racist ex-cop who witnesses an arms deal involving ALEXEY CHERNOV, the head of New York's Russian Mafia. As the key witness in a trial aimed at putting Chernov away, Davies puts his life into the hands of WALTER EL NASSER, an Arab-American FBI Agent assigned to protect him. When an attempt on Davies's life goes wrong, Davies and Nasser quickly realize that the order came from somewhere in the FBI, and they must now put their trust in the only man who can keep Davies Alive -- Alexey Chernov.

Title: A Killer Like Me

Logline: An obsessed homicide detective becomes a murderer while chasing a serial killer in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Synopsis: My new crime novel, "A Killer Like Me," is set for nationwide release by Dorchester Publishing/Leisure Books in December 2010. I am looking for an agent to sell the film rights. In A KILLER LIKE ME, New Orleans homicide detective Sean Murphy battles his superiors, his troubled past, and his own dark impulses as he hunts for a serial killer who calls himself the Lamb of God. As the killer taunts the police and the press while committing a series of grisly murders, Murphy seeks to anticipate the killer's next move by trying to get inside his head, by thinking like the killer. But thinking like a madman presents its own dangers. I recently sold the screenplay "House of the Rising Sun" to veteran director and producer Dan Zirilli at PopArt Film Factory. The script is based on my novel of the same name, set for release by Dorchester/Leisure in June 2011. I am also the author of the Penguin true crime books "Killer with a Badge" and "An Act of Kindness."

Title: The Insert

Logline: Two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times, attempt to sell editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, but unexpectedly learn of his uranium trafficking scheme.

Synopsis: The Insert is a story inspired by historical events that unfolded during the rule of former Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila and true press industry practices. When two unethical Jewish journalists affiliated with the New York Times attempt to sell a glorified editorial coverage to Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, they unexpectedly learn of a uranium trafficking scheme between the Congo and Iran. Haunted by the prospect of enriched uranium ending in Iran hands, they undertake to bring this dangerous affair to the world's attention. Nevertheless, they will have to re-evaluate their own morality, love and commercial interests in order to expose the true nature of the Congolese dictator.