Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Ghetto Scandalous - Something You Forgot

Logline: 10 days make an hour, music makes them brighter. Deadly gangster rivalry and High School dramas are not enough to stop rapper, Curtis Jones, from changing his world and giving life to his girlfriend.

Synopsis: Hip pop superstar and gangster, Curtis Jones, finds himself socking in memories of the death of his true love, one that he caused. His joy is painful; his days are lit by darkness. He meets Jack, a sagacious old man, sent by a Higher Authority, who takes him back in time; with his music, in ten days, Curtis has to rescue Tanya, his true love, from emotional wreckage, before she commits suicide. She is in a school where students are ghetto scandalous yet potentially fabulous. If he succeeds, he will live happily ever after with Tanya. Back in time, Curtis is drawn into life threatening gangster rivalry and High School dramas. Judith, the lead singer in the school choir falls for him and becomes a threat to his mission. His mistakes are fatal; survival tactics from the ghetto and Jack`s mystic riddles become his aid. In the wake of hard earned victory, he finds himself back in the present world, to learn that is was a dream, harbored in an hour glass, preparing him for his destiny.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: Detective Warren Black finds a film revealing the real killer of JFK and soon finds the CIA hot on his trail and one very dark family secret.

Synopsis: It is just days before the world is to learn the truth about the Kennedy assassination and the one man behind the promise is murdered and his body left on the steps of The Lincoln Memorial. Seedy detetecive Warren Black is handed the investigation. Only hours into his investigation, his powerful family background makes him the one man the victim could trust and Warren finds himself holding America's Holy Grail of mysteries - the film revealing the real killer of John F. Kennedy. Things quickly heat up and The Central Intelligence Agency find themselves fighting to the death against a man who will not let his family down - nor his country.

Title: Survival

Logline: Will Hunt is a a dependable Italian mafia member. Will has to save his family who were kidnapped by police, all put on the Russian mafia. Will has to kill his boss, save his family.

Synopsis: Survival, is a story of five childhood friends working for the Italian mafia in New York. Will wants to quit the mafia. Just before he could quit, Will Hunt gets a call: his wife and four years old daughter were kidnapped, seemingly by the Russian mafia. The kidnappers forcing him to execute his boss, to set his family free. If he would not do so, his family will be killed. Will soon finds the police is behind the family kidnap not the Russians. The game is already irreversible. The police, the Italian and Russian mafia feels trapped, seeking their way out, topped with other troublemakers, all hitting back on Will. Each party tries its own way out of the lethal game through lies, betrayal, discipline, misleading and revenge, while everyone reacts differently to the same problems. What would the Italian and the Russian mafia leader, plus a reputable police inspector do if their sons were executed? What matters the most, business or family?

Title: Small Town Girl

Logline: A dark and intriguing story of a murderous femme fatale, who's dead husband just won't leave her alone. Is she being haunted? Or is she going insane?

Synopsis: SMALL TOWN GIRL SYNOPSIS How far would you go to make it? For Linda Rogers, the answer is very simple. As far as she has too! Obsessed with shopping, superficial fame and the idea of easy riches, she will let nothing get in her way! Opening to the discovery that she is having an affair. We quickly begin to realize that she has no love whatsoever for her husband. Or anybody else for that matter! She's just there for an easy ride. And when she learns just how much her husband is worth dead - she decides to set a plan in motion to make him that way. Manipulating her foolish boyfriend into committing the terrible act, Linda thinks that she's finally going to get the life she's always dreamed of. But her dead husband has other idea's! Things start to get very, very scary! Is Linda losing her sanity? Or is she being haunted? The final twists to this tale will blow you away!

Title: Hollowed Ground

Logline: When a caretaker's late son falls prey in a series of perverse grave robberies, he sets out to unearth the ominous secret of those responsible in a spellbinding climax.

Synopsis: Caretaker of the Millwood Creek Cemetery, Seth Coleman works with sincere commitment. But when a series of unexplained grave robberies torment the public, he takes matters personally when his late son is exhumed. A conflict of man versus self, nothing can prepare Seth for what lies ahead. In addition to earning a B.A. from Binghamton University in film, I've also done extensive research on the dark history of British folklore, namely grave robbery. I have also written and directed several short films that won academic awards. Please let me know if you'd like to read the script. I look forward to your reply and thank you for your consideration.

Title: Wolves at the Door

Logline: When an agoraphobic writer is the only witness to a murder next-door, she realize that there are some madness she cannot kep out and some secrets she cannot keep in.

Synopsis: Through dreams, Marcia Whorley is haunted by her past. As a writer Marcia is plauged by two things: a looming deadline and writer's block. As she struggles to find her groove, she makes an uneasy friendship with the neighbor-next-door, Jaymee. Slowly but surely, the two of them hits it off until a stranger visited Jaymee at her home and brutally slays her. As the only witness to the crime, Marcia must survive the killer's onslaught but most of all, survive her own past.

Title: Ladybug

Logline: When terrorists plan to blow up a bridge with the President and thousands of innocent people, a police officer must choose between duty to country and the love of his son. But will he lose both?

Synopsis: We open at a refugee camp somewhere along the Afghan-Pakistan border. Relief worker TRACY DORR, 30's, attends to patients. Then she becomes the unfortunate witness as Military Police mistakenly shoot down a truck driver they believe to have a bomb. The incident passes, but unfortunately a bomb has already been planted in one of the camp's porta-potties. All are killed. Only the calling card of a mechanical ladybug is left behind. One year later, MIKE DORR, a veteran cop, is on vacation with his son at a popular island resort when he learns that the island has come under siege by home-grown terrorists. Making matters worse, several hostages have been taken including his son, and word quickly spreads that the terrorists intend to further draw attention to their cause by destroying the world's longest suspension bridge, and in the process, killing the President, the Governor, and approximately 60,000 spectators.

Title: Dark Whispers

Logline: In this harrowing fictional story, tormented spirits of a secret Special Forces unit of Black US Union Army soldiers in the late 1800s, nicknamed Dark Whispers resurrect in 2009.

Synopsis: The tormented spirits of Dark Whispers supernaturally rise-up from the Chesapeake Bay region of Viginia and possess an American Bald Eagle. It was on the same day as the Presidential Inauguration of this nation's first black President, Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. The eagle is supernaturally guided to Washington DC to deliver the truth about Dark Whispers to a living descendent,65 year old US Army veteran retired Command Sergeant Major Keith Alan Jackson. The supernatural encounter between the eagle and Jackson reveals a remarkable story about a US government cover-up about the Civil War and the mysterious extermination of 2500 blacks on January 20, 1866. The execution order was given by Anderw Johnson,the 17th President of the US in the 1800s. While under hypnosis, Jackson reveals the truth of Dark Whispers to the nation's top military doctors and historians. His story telling goes back into time (like the movie Titantic)& challeges the history books and the government's truth.

Title: The Dolls

Logline: A twisted secret from the past returns and rears its ugly head in this unique gender-bending thriller.

Synopsis: The Dolls of Hayward High were the three most popular girls in school until one fateful night when a teenage boy that they knew and loved got sexually dismembered and mysteriously disappeared... Fifteen years later, an unknown killer begins to target them in a sick game of Double-Cross and Revenge! The mania culminates with the boy's shocking and unexpected return but to everyone's dismay, he is not the man he once was... And was he ever really gone?

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: After 45 years of being the world's biggest mystery, seedy D.C cop Warren Black finds a huge secret - a new film exposing the real assassin of JFK!

Synopsis: The footage was taken at Dealy Plaza that day in Dallas and it is not long before the real gunman and his "government" behind it want the film back. Only one problem: Warren is not giving it up without a fight! When they take his family hostage as ransom for the film, it becomes a non-stop battle of thrilling action and intrigue and the predators become the prey. They quickly realize the have messed with the wrong man and the exposure of the JFK conspiracy has now simply become Warren's vendetta! The script is fresh and exciting and already has a built in audience with the material of the JFK assassination. It is a new spin on one of the world's biggest mysteries and a story-line of this nature has never been touched. I am really looking forward to getting this script to your attention and am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I can easily be reached at the information below and hope to be in touch. Brendan Ethredge 919-967-9827