Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Crossing

Logline: Unable to deal with the world Allison retreats into her dreams where her lost fiance still clings to this world, bringing her to the edge between our world and the next.

Synopsis: Allison had the life she always wanted, a great career, wonderful friends, and a loving fiance. All of which were pulled away when an accident takes her fiance Eric from her. Allison spirals into a depression, unable to deal with reality she chooses to stay with Eric in her dreams, but the Eric of her dreams is her deceased fiance. He escaped the soul reaper to stay with Allison even though it was only in her dreams. Allison begins to pull out of her downward spiral when she realizes she is pregnant but as life starts to get back together the reaper comes looking for the soul it was denied. It will take Eric or another to replace him whether it be Allison, her friends, or her child.

Title: Crime Pays

Logline: A drug kingpin, his gun-nut sidekick, pill-pushing co-eds, and a kid sister with an axe to grind collide with a crazy-in-love couple who've just escaped from a prison for the criminally insane.

Synopsis: Loring de Troyes will torture as many employees as he has to to stay out of prison. He's come down to New York with Gomer, his trigger-man, for his monthly meeting. Ysa is supposed to give Loring his cut of last month's take in exchange for this month's pills. Trevor-who has secretly farmed out his work to college kids, Devin and Aysha-pushes the product. If anyone strays from the path, Loring will cut his losses, wrap them in plastic, and dump them in the Niagara Falls. It will not be the first time. Birdie and Jitterbug have been madly in love since the day they met at Grover Secure Psychiatric Institute. After their dramatic and homicidal escape from Grover, they find themselves in desperate need of cash. They learn of the drug-money exchange and see it as an opportunity to obtain funding for an impromptu honeymoon. They will stab, shoot, blow up, set ablaze, and eviscerate all who try to stop them; 'cause they love each other. And woe betide anyone who gets in the way of that.

Title: Repressed Memories

Logline: A horror novelist suffering from paranoid delusions discovers during therapy that she may have based one of her novels on a murder she witnessed her mother commit during her childhood.

Synopsis: Kristine Matheson believes her mother and three other women may be responsible for the death of a young girl who is the main character in her novel "The Rose Garden". While suffering from paranoid delusions, Kristine decides to return to her hometown to find out once and for all if her beliefs are delusions or reality. After arriving, Kristine finds her mother Mary has been in an insane asylum for the last 17 years. Mary recites Kristine's novel as if it were reality and teases her with cryptic clues of what really happened. Kristine finds a picture of her mother and Susanne who was also involved in the murder. Susanne sees Kristine and attempts to put an end to her investigation. She convinces another deranged patient from the asylum that he is the true murderer and he plays out scenes from her novel with deadly and horrific results driving Kristine to the brink of insanity. Are they delusions or reality, WILL KRISTINE EVER FIND OUT?

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: Three college girls awakening from stasis adjust to modern life while uncovering a conspiracy connected to their past: A project to create the Ultimate Fighter at the expense of humanity.

Synopsis: Saverio Gazzara, a good-hearted but prideful vigilante, inadvertently stumbles upon an underground chamber and rescues three cheerleaders - rich and spoiled but na´ve Captain Kate Redski, humble and sceptical Amanda Robinson, and iron-willed but compassionate Sarah Blake - from cryogenic stasis. During a girls' night out, Kate is lured into a trap and abducted under false pretences. Determined to reunite Sarah and Amanda with their friend, Saverio decides to plan and execute a rescue mission, and he embarks on a journey which takes him all over Europe, with his friends - Yuri Goranski, a pragmatic and rational sportsman, and Hans von Braun, a well-meaning but caliginous computer expert - as semi-reluctant accomplices, while Kate undergoes a radical transformation that will change her life forever. Both parties eventually make a shocking discovery regarding the genesis of the girls' capture and freezing, threatening to plunge the World into a dictatorship governed by machines.

Title: Psychosexual

Logline: A psychiatrist with difficulties controlling his sexual lusts.

Synopsis: Richard Gilchrist is hunted down by a determined woman who is searching for her missing sister. He abuses his position with a vulnerable young woman and has an affair with a married patient. Knowing that they have all been used, they all set out to get even with him. Richard resorts to various dirty tricks to save his skin.

Title: Wolves at the Door

Logline: When an agoraphobic writer is the only witness to a murder next-door, she realize that there are some madness she cannot kep out and some secrets she cannot keep in.

Synopsis: Through dreams, Marcia Whorley is haunted by her past. As a writer Marcia is plauged by two things: a looming deadline and writer's block. As she struggles to find her groove, she makes an uneasy friendship with the neighbor-next-door, Jaymee. Slowly but surely, the two of them hits it off until a stranger visited Jaymee at her home and brutally slays her. As the only witness to the crime, Marcia must survive the killer's onslaught but most of all, survive her own past.


Logline: A young outcast with a strange supernatural ability is linked to a string of bizarre deaths.

Synopsis: When ROSA was ten years, her mother MARIA was crippled by a drunk driver leaving her unable to speak or move. Shortly after the accident, Rosa discovers she can have outer body experiences at will. Now at nineteen years old, Rosa is a dark and depressed social outcast in college. She is riddled with guilt from her mother's mistreatment in a nursing home and fighting to keep her loving father from getting to close to her. But Rosa is also tormented with her strange ability she feels she can't control and realizes she may be doing some horrible things. Rosa's aunt CHELA, is a medium that can channel into the spirit world. She can also feel other people's pain caused by an entity connected to either a relative of Chela's or a close friend. For nine years, Chela has sense and felt the unexplained deaths of strangers until she finally suspects that it's Rosa lashing out at the world for what happend to her mother. Now it is up to Chela to stop her troubled niece before it's too late.

Title: When Lightning Strikes

Logline: There's something in the lightning. And that something is alive. It is an ancient creature that has taken a small town hostage and there is only one man who believes he can stop it.

Synopsis: This is a story told in the tradition of Jaws and Moby Dick. It is very much character driven while at the same time containing the element of the seemingly unbeatable antagonist as something that everyone is truly afraid of. Lightning. The sky is full of lightning, and something is in the lightning. In that tiny instant when the lighting races to the ground and flickers IT is visible. And only for that instant but that is long enough for it to kill. Now it has taken a small town hostage and only the crusty Donavon Keyes seems to have a handle on just what is going on. Because he has tracked this creature for his entire life and soon it will be time for the final showdown. Will his knowledge of this ancient devil help him defeat it or will his blind obsession and rage for this thing deliver him into the hands of the beast.

Title: The Devil Returns to Heaven

Logline: God has forgiven the Devil and he returns to the Heavens. God placed seven girls on earth to determine the fate of the world. Each girl is given a Protector who must kill all that tries to harm them

Synopsis: God forgives the Devil and allows him to return to the Heavens. The Devil must explain to Man how and why he was expelled from the Heavens. Now the Demons roam the earth and they are far worse than the Devil. God places seven young girls on the earth to determine it's fate in thirty three years. Each girl is given a Protector who must fight and kill all that tries to bring harm to them. A new Profit is sent forth to prove that God is a woman and that all religions lead to the same God. The Profit also teaches that the seven girls, who are placed on different continents, will decide that the world is too evil and should be destroyed. This causes the evil doers and the high church to try to kill the seven before the thirty third year. A demonic priest cons the President into believing the girl is evil and a trick by the Devil. They learn that the location of the so called Heavens on earth are beneath the glaciers and began bombing. God turns all animals against Mankind.

Title: The Evil Powers That Be

Logline: A presidential candidate and FBI director uncover a conspiracy plot behind the assassination of cult members by an Army counterterrorism unit.

Synopsis: For 2012 presidential candidate Theodore Clark, politics become a deadly game when he takes on a sinister president and a shadowy intelligence agent. Clark's journey will plunge him into a atmosphere of political turmoil, paranoia and death. Pushed to the edge, Clark must decide if his chosen path is worth putting his life in mortal danger. When a group of cult members, led by an ex-CIA agent are assassinated upon the orders of the president, FBI Director Pat Hadley publicly raises his concerns. Chief among them, the president's possible complicity in the cold-blooded murder of American citizens. Clark forms an alliance with Hadley, using the controversy as ammunition against his political opponent. The lives of Hadley and Clark will be cut short when the vengeful President Roberts unleashes Jack Hannaman, a deadly CIA agent with telekinesis. Roberts makes the mistake of crossing Jack, and he suffers a shocking but fitting demise for a corrupt leader.