Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Repressed Memories

Logline: A horror novelist suffering from paranoid delusions discovers during therapy that she may have based one of her novels on a murder she witnessed her mother commit during her childhood.

Synopsis: Kristine Matheson believes her mother and three other women may be responsible for the death of a young girl who is the main character in her novel "The Rose Garden". While suffering from paranoid delusions, Kristine decides to return to her hometown to find out once and for all if her beliefs are delusions or reality. After arriving, Kristine finds her mother Mary has been in an insane asylum for the last 17 years. Mary recites Kristine's novel as if it were reality and teases her with cryptic clues of what really happened. Kristine finds a picture of her mother and Susanne who was also involved in the murder. Susanne sees Kristine and attempts to put an end to her investigation. She convinces another deranged patient from the asylum that he is the true murderer and he plays out scenes from her novel with deadly and horrific results driving Kristine to the brink of insanity. Are they delusions or reality, WILL KRISTINE EVER FIND OUT?

Title: Timeless

Logline: A small-time private investigator falls in love with the perfect man - until she learns he is the devious twin brother of the mysterious centuries-old criminal she was hired to locate.

Synopsis: Scientist Abe and retired Miami cop Sam, assemble a team of four to find Alexandros. Abe wants to examine him, as his family is reputedly blessed with unusual longevity. Sam wants him to help solve a criminal case that has baffled detectives for 300 years. The team? Carla Rosini a small time PI and daughter of Sam's murdered partner, is the hunter; Chuck, an obnoxious, 400-pound Southerner and FBI analyst, sifts data; and Bruno, a.k.a. Mr. Peepers, is a a CIA computer geek who breaks into databases worldwide. Carla finds Alexandros, but he turns out to be Maax-his twin-who makes Carla believe that he loves her, but actually, he has her in a deadly trap.

Title: Affair of Deception

Logline: A beautiful, young bank manager meets the man of her dreams, but the love affair quickly turns into a nightmare when he forces her to launder cash for a gambling ring he is involved with.

Synopsis: Karen Moore has everything a girl could want, a loving family, good friends and a rewarding career. The only thing missing is that special someone. One afternoon, while browsing through a local bookstore, she meets Bradley Peterson, a tall, handsome CPA who owns his own accounting firm. After a whirlwind romance filled with dinners, dancing and nights of passion, Karen feels she's finally found the love of her life. Unfortunately, Bradley has other plans. While wooing Karen, he secretly begins to conduct suspicious transactions at the bank she manages. An experienced teller becomes aware of these activities and informs Karen. Karen confronts Bradley, who not only doesn't stop; he uses threats, intimidation and violence to escalate his activities. Karen's dream world crumbles around her as Bradley forces her to launder larger and larger amounts of cash. Will Karen be able to overcome this devious adversary and protect her reputation, career and family and regain her once perfect life?


Logline: A young outcast with a strange supernatural ability is linked to a string of bizarre deaths.

Synopsis: When ROSA was ten years, her mother MARIA was crippled by a drunk driver leaving her unable to speak or move. Shortly after the accident, Rosa discovers she can have outer body experiences at will. Now at nineteen years old, Rosa is a dark and depressed social outcast in college. She is riddled with guilt from her mother's mistreatment in a nursing home and fighting to keep her loving father from getting to close to her. But Rosa is also tormented with her strange ability she feels she can't control and realizes she may be doing some horrible things. Rosa's aunt CHELA, is a medium that can channel into the spirit world. She can also feel other people's pain caused by an entity connected to either a relative of Chela's or a close friend. For nine years, Chela has sense and felt the unexplained deaths of strangers until she finally suspects that it's Rosa lashing out at the world for what happend to her mother. Now it is up to Chela to stop her troubled niece before it's too late.

Title: Project Gladiator

Logline: Three college girls awakening from stasis adjust to modern life while uncovering a conspiracy connected to their past: A project to create the Ultimate Fighter at the expense of humanity.

Synopsis: Saverio Gazzara, a good-hearted but prideful vigilante, inadvertently stumbles upon an underground chamber and rescues three cheerleaders - rich and spoiled but na´ve Captain Kate Redski, humble and sceptical Amanda Robinson, and iron-willed but compassionate Sarah Blake - from cryogenic stasis. During a girls' night out, Kate is lured into a trap and abducted under false pretences. Determined to reunite Sarah and Amanda with their friend, Saverio decides to plan and execute a rescue mission, and he embarks on a journey which takes him all over Europe, with his friends - Yuri Goranski, a pragmatic and rational sportsman, and Hans von Braun, a well-meaning but caliginous computer expert - as semi-reluctant accomplices, while Kate undergoes a radical transformation that will change her life forever. Both parties eventually make a shocking discovery regarding the genesis of the girls' capture and freezing, threatening to plunge the World into a dictatorship governed by machines.

Title: Jihad

Logline: An Al Qaeda assassin and his team settle on a small Texas town to kill a Senator who's vacationing there and it falls upon the local sheriff to stop them. Anton Chigurh meets a honed Andy of Mayberry

Synopsis: Jihad is a "clash of titans" story between ace assassin Abdul Latif Hassan (modeled on Javier Bardem) and Sheriff Joe Halladin (modeled on Josh Brolin). A murderous rampage, which begins on the Mexican border and continues in Washington DC, finally settles on the small town of Arlettsville in the scenic Texas Hill Country. The local sheriff there, Joe Halladin, who succeeded his father in the job and never lived anywhere else, is a family man and very well liked, but he leads a life of quiet desperation because he's bored with his life and feels stifled. But, that boredom ends quickly when the assassins unleash their savage plan, and there is more at stake for Joe than the life of the Senator. Ultimately, it comes down to a mano-a-mano confrontation between two men who are polar-opposite in every way except for their ability to fight.

Title: Wild Rock Festival

Logline: Four terrorized teenagers strive to escape a murderer's drug induced mind control, while trapped with other brainwashed concertgoers at a three day outdoor rock concert.

Synopsis: Teenage siblings Dennis and Jackie attend a three day outdoor rock concert with their friends Damon and Sally. They start witnessing bizarre drug related behavior from other concertgoers, led by a notorious drug dealing murderer named Earl. Jackie, Damon, and Sally individually go missing. Jackie returns to Dennis, but with amnesia. Then, Dennis and Jackie find themselves unwillingly caught in a terrifying challenge to avoid having drugs forced upon them, escape the city alive, rescue their friends, and apprehend Earl. If you are interested in representing me, please contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Logline: An obsessed Twilight fan goes on a killing spree in Forks, WA, during the second annual Twilight convention. Caught in the middle, reporter Shirley Collins fights for her life... and her heart.

Synopsis: Los Angeles - Shirley Collins, diehard Twilight fan and freelance journalist, is sent to the tiny town of Forks, WA, to write an article on the upcoming Second Annual Twilight Convention. The event is a beacon for all types of Twilight fans from the benign to the fanatic, including Jared - an Edward Cullen look alike - broodingly good looking and dangerous. The search is on for a missing female tourist; the investigation led by fellow journalist and old college friend, Quilette Indian, Samuel Taaffe. In love with Shirley, Sam must rival Jared, who fixates on her as his own "personal brand of heroin." Shirley undergoes a terrifying abduction at the hands of a murderer. Hoping to find Shirley before it's too late, Sam must first investigate the brutal murder of a woman in the nearby wilderness; her body found with human bite marks on the neck. But something else is lurking out there; something old... and hungry.

Title: The Indigo Child

Logline: The story of one man's dream to search for the one child who will restore peace and hope to mankind, in a time of unrest and despair -- is it only a dream?

Synopsis: "The Indigo Child" is a thriller-drama set in the year 2019. Tomas, a reiki healer who lives in a small community in the forests of Brazil, has a dream one night, about a special child of unique ability. Tomas believes this child to be the key to healing the world which has been greatly devastated by war, economic turmoil, epidemics and incessant suffering. Later events lead him to decide to risk it all and embark on a perilous search for this special child, the one he calls "the Indigo child". With the help of two unexpected companions, Sean, a skillful (and ever-cynical) mercenary and Diana, a beautiful UN female missionary, Tomas has to face and survive the treacherous roads of South and Central America, the rampant diseases and the ruthless attacks of the private armies in order to ultimately reach New York City. Only then will he able to find out if the Indigo child truly exists, and if mankind will ever be reunited again.

Title: Cruise Crisis

Logline: A small fire in an engine room on board a King Cruise ship plunges 4000 people into a terror and horror. Can Captain Victor Nicola rescue them?

Synopsis: In defense of 4000 passengers, Captain Victor Nicolai turns defiant toward the King Cruise executives demanding emergency power supply and food. Lack of air conditioning, food, and sanitary services sends Emma into a diabetic coma. April, 32, a nurse rescues Emma Jack, 65, suffers a cardiac arrest following a heart attack. In the ship's lower decks, stinking smell and smoldering heat propels and drives most people, with their belongings to the top deck to set-up a make shift tent city. April finds herself hanging upside down from the ship's top deck, as she flips over during a romantic encounter with her fiance. Then, the only backup generator in the engine room starts emitting fire and threatens not only the power supply but a quick meltdown of the entire engine room, sending the top floors tumbling down like the twin towers did on 9/11. Can Captain Nicolai's frantic efforts avert a ticking time bomb from exploding 4000 people in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico?