Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre


Logline: When scam artists operating out of Nigeria, a country notorious for incubating such people, dupe an ex marine of $400,000 in a fake contract scam, they kindle the marine spirit in him to seek justice

Synopsis: Mark Tice Fisher, a Wall Street investor and an ex marine receives an unsolicited proposal to partner in a deal to supply the Nigerian military with military use jeeps. Mark travels to Nigeria to meet with the originators of the proposal, a trio named Albert, Obata and Vincent. They introduce him to a fake army general who provides an official imprimatur of the Nigerian government in the deal. Mark returns to the States and wires $400,000 to the trio for use in contract expenses, especially bribe money for the fake general.The trio spends Mark's money. Later, Mark is invited back to Nigeria by the trio for a purported follow up meeting with the fake army general. While in Nigeria, the trio organizes Marks assassination. He survives the attack then embarks on a mission to obtain justice. It was a years long process, but Mark, aided by FBI Agent Dempsey, Mark's fiancee Beulah, investigators Newsome and Amobi, and many others, obtains justice when the trio is caught, tried and jailed.

Title: Sins of the Father

Logline: In a small New England town a priest receives a strange visitor in his confessional, then a gruesome discovery is made in the woods. Hate and guilt collide as two men face the demon that created them

Synopsis: A stranger enters a confessional clutching a memento from his past. His soft whispers and slow breathing fill the space like a cold mist. The next morning the church is desecrated. In the nearby woods detectives make an even grimmer discovery. A young man horribly murdered, his body elaborately staged. For seasoned veteran Pete Reynolds the scene is beyond anything he has ever seen, for his new partner it is just the dark side of human nature. An enigmatic man, Thomas Potter walked away from a promising career with the FBI's elite behavioral Sciences unit to escape his own past with his teenage daughter. Now, he is forced inside the mind of a man driven by rage. Fighting their own demons, and pushing the boundaries of trust, the detectives must forge an alliance, and fast. Another boy is missing.

Title: Psyche Queen

Logline: A young forensic psychiatrist-in-training is in a power struggle with a corrupt female Chair of Psychiatry after he suspects the involvement of the chair in the death of his Girlfriend.

Synopsis: A young handsome forensic psychiatrist,Ian Keaton, realizes the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry is involved in the death of his GF. The GF discovered problems in the nanite technology research which the Chair is trying to conceal. After her death, Ian is mandated into treatment by his training director. His grief and other demons are revealed. He investigates the GF's death and the same time, the US Attorney's Office investigates corruption and foulplay involving the Chair of Psychiatry, Dr. Van Klein. The Chair is involved in a cover-up with a powerful international company which has unlimited resources and questionable ethics. Ian finds out that the research involving the nanites causes brain damage in mentally-ill subjects. The Chair is cornered and commits suicide but not before revealing that the conspiracy involves a mentor close to Ian. The mentor attempts kill Ian with nanites. He life is saved after going throught an emergency procedures. wga# pending.

Title: Brain Child

Logline: A female neuroscientist, who has invented a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen, must turn to this technology as her last hope for identifying her daughter's killer.

Synopsis: Dr. Nora Winthrop has discovered a way to view images stored inside the human brain on a computer screen. One evening, she returns home to find out her eight year old daughter has been mysteriously murdered. After a failed police investigation she has decided to take matters into her own hands. She will genetically recreate the little girl's brain in a desperate attempt to view her final moments of life and identify her daughter's killer. What she brings back, however, is not just the girl's brain, but her actual consciousness which, amazingly, she can communicate with via a computer. This incredible event sets off a series of frightening twists and turns as Nora attempts to come face to face with her deepest fears and emotions, not only in order to solve the mystery surrounding her daughter, but to also try and regain some kind of meaning in her own wounded existence.

Title: Court of Love

Logline: A case of a husband, murdered by a killer whose signature is a naked Barbie doll ends on the desk of Becky Ward.

Synopsis: Becky Ward is a tough detective in an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend, Paul; Rachel, Effie and Antonia belong to privilege. How their lives cross and change at the time when the markings of time, children and marriage make women more vulnerable is at the core of Court of Love. This ruthless action, sensual, at times hilarious, highly insightful movie is a searing tale of contemporary life.

Title: Sudden and Untimely

Logline: LOGLINE: An insecure girl makes contact with the ghost of a boy accused of killing several high school students fifty years earlier. She sets out to prove his innocence.

Synopsis: Soon after a boiler room investigation of a 50 year old school fire, Annie McGreevy's mother is stalked. Annie is with her as a grave situation develops. She watches her die in a suspicious accident. Throughout the story Annie's quest is to find the killer. In time she meets Frankie Spiletto in that same boiler room. Annie thinks she's hallucinating, but soon realizes he's a ghost, the person blamed for the fire. The same killer who stalked her mother now stalks her. Several perilous incidents nearly take Annie's life. Later we learn that Annie is Frankie's granddaughter. He had relations with the grandmother. The grandfather is the culprit. His increasing bitterness and jealously are motives for murder. In the end the police are forced to kill him. Annie briefly sees his ghost and the revelation is made that Frankie is innocent. Annie is left alone to deal with her grief and newfound family secrets. (WGA #948147)

Title: Manson vs JFK

Logline: Assassination can run in the Family.

Synopsis: It is summer of the year 1963. A small contingent of the radical right-wing is planning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy is set for a campaign trip on September 22 to Los Angeles to help heal the wounds of political party fallout in a state, California, which he barely won in 1960. The assassination plot hinges on the radicals finding a fall-guy; someone a little unhinged, who can be blamed as the lone-nut killer. By accident, they find someone who falls into their laps - an charismatic ex-con who has a dream of forming his own murderous commune someday. Their choice: Charles Manson. The plot is on.

Title: Project Human

Logline: Two humans regain their memories to realize they are aliens.

Synopsis: Darryl and Adelle wake up in a "hospital" where they are being treated for amnesia. As Dr. Whitmere struggles to do his research on them, Dr. Barton helps them to realize that they have been abducted and are experiments that will become less human by the day. Barton learns that he is never going to be released, so he plans on sabatoging the experiments and taking Darryl and Adelle back home to Earth. But before Barton can do so, Whitmere catches him. Barton, Darryl, and Adelle fight for their lives before it's too late.

Title: The Day of the Knights

Logline: The modern tale pits abused Italian savant Domenico, who alone sees Godsatan then slays gays for Him, vs. noble inner-city American Tank Tooley, a reporter and firefighter who becomes a hero of 9/11.

Synopsis: Domenico Patriani poisons abusive father Goro then runs away. He alone sees Godsatan thru the eyes of the Shroud of Turin and evolves into The Black Knight slayer of gays. The brilliant killer is ordained an Episcopal deacon in service to hated priest brother Marcello in New York City-in reality he plans to kill him! Tank Tooley is a champion athlete who becomes a disabled policeman then a volunteer firefighter, investigative reporter on the hunt with father Raymond, editor of The Harlem Journal, and lastly a hero of 9/11. The shocking climax occurs in Christ Church during the World Trade Center attack. Domenico thinks it Armagedden and confesses to Marcello that he is the serial killer, and that he murdered their father. The deacon tries to stab the priest but is instead shot dead. Firefighter Tank rushes in seeking refuge for WTC victims and sees Father Marcello commit suicide. Tank covers up the crimes but later tells what really happened, ever the "Knight in Shining Armor."

Title: The Chemical Drum Murders

Logline: All is not what it seems. This upscale ocean front community is hiding an evil presence, unknown, until now.

Synopsis: Seven missing girls, all from the White Rock South Surrey Area. No trace of the missing girls until now. A chemical drum turns up with human remains in it, another, and then another, all in the space of 2 days. The remains are so cleverly disposed of, only a jelly like substance is left for the Forensic Team. A Missing Persons Task Force is formed to handle the case. Avery Trask heads up the force and sets out to put his team together. The killer is buried deep in deception. The Task Force has yet to find one clue or have a suspect. They are racing against time before this monster takes another girl. When the Task Force and Forensic Team finally close in on the perpetrator, the knowledge of the fiend's identity is shocking.