Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Bestseller

Logline: A bestselling author suffering from writer's block finds inspiration for his newest crime novel by murdering people.

Synopsis: As bestselling novelist Richard Knight is feeling the pressure of finishing his latest crime thriller, his agent suggests to him a more direct form of research, to live among the serial killers and try to understand them. As tragedy strikes, opportunity also knocks on the door when the writer's wife and daughter are killed in a robbery, and he takes matters into his own hands by going after the man responsible. But what appears to be an act of revenge turns into much more. Knight soon becomes obsessed with describing in his book the thrills of taking a human life, only to go after other people this time, people he can direct his anger to.

Title: Degnared

Logline: A cop on the edge with psychic abilities is tormented by a past and present serial killer who he's investigating.

Synopsis: Dax Degnared a San Francisco homicide detective is called in to investigate a brutal murder, the worst in the history of the city. The murders persist and the killer keeps leaving similar clues to a past serial killer that was never caught, and lay dormant for over 20 years. This leads Dax to believe he's dealing with either a copy cat killer or the same killer from 20 years ago. As Dax immerses himself deeper into the investigation he finds out he has a strange psychological bond with the killer and gets more than he bargained for.

Title: Peeker

Logline: Thomas is a peeping Tom who turns his predilection for spying on people into a thriving security service. He has it all; wife, money and friends, until he witnesses a murder and his past catches up.

Synopsis: As a boy, Thomas O'Connor was a peeping Tom. In his early twenties, he has it all: money, success, love and friendship. He has turned his predilection for looking into other people's lives into a thriving security service. Life is wonderful until he and his partner Pat witness a murder while on stakeout. The victim is billionaire Leonard Batista, founder of the nutrition conglomerate, VitaFit. It seems that Thomas' involvement in the case is over since it appears the murderer is their client, Angela Batista. However, things are rarely as simple as they appear. The following morning he wakes to find that Angela apparently committed suicide. Since she was wanted for the murder of her husband, it makes sense to everyone except Thomas. When Pat is killed on a deserted road it becomes clear that the stakes have been raised. Thomas must discover who is behind these senseless murders and what it is they're trying to hide before they get to him and his wife. WGA #1256599

Title: Root of Evil

Logline: A lonely bus driver comes across 2 million dollars. His cautious nature, the police investigation, and unfortunate circumstances lead him down a dark path.

Synopsis: Frankie is a bus driver past his prime who is constantly surrounded by people but can't relate to. Day after day, he makes the same stops with the same passengers till a DESPARATE man leaps aboard his bus gasping for air and bleeding from a gunshot wound. He lugs a bag with $2 million on board and makes Frankie a desperate proposition, $1 million to take him to the hospital and hold on to his money till he heals. The mysterious man dies and Frankie isolates himself in fear as the police investigation draws closer. So Frankie hides the money in his ailing grandmother's attic, the perfect alibi. At the reading of her will Frankie learns of a cap with whatever "minor" remains going to her nurse Amanda, making the 2 million hers. Burning with greed, he befriends her to get closer to the money, ultimately leading him to do things he would never have done. With Amanda, Frankie has finally discovered the connection he has always longed for, too blind to see it or the horror to come.

Title: The Masking -WGA:1101954

Logline: She takes on a masked assailant who then cleverly seduces her. Not realizing who she used to be is the biggest mistake of a brilliant killer's life.

Synopsis: NOTE: Script was optioned. Michael Madsen attached and pre-prod noted in the Hollywood Reporter. Option was released. I am also adapting the story into a novel. Matthew Holland springs from shadows and savagely attacks a young man he thinks is gay. Years later he's still on the loose and attacking Samantha Hanson. Unfortunately for the Julliard scholar, there is something about Sam his research doesn't reveal: Matthew thinks Sam is the sister of the student he nearly beat to death, and that the student went missing after the assault. In actuality, Sam was that very same male college student Matthew attacked twelve years ago. In order to leave the past behind Sam took the necessary medical steps to become what she has always been in her mind and heart, a beautiful female. Having acquired a tip-top body, she's also honed excellent defense skills and escapes Matthew's murderous intentions. Now truly turned on by his prey, his seduction of Sam is the biggest mistake of his life.


Logline: Lynn only vaguely recalls brutally killing the man. Now she must figure out who he was and why she did it.

Synopsis: A feature length thriller: With no memory, LYNN finds herself in a lonely farmhouse standing over the body of the brutally murdered farmer. To her horror she has a vision of swinging the bat that killed the man. Lynn must somehow reconstruct her past from the fragments around her, all of them diaphanous ... her husband WILL, the town's only policeman, the 14-year-old girl MARTA who so desperately needs Lynn's help, and her own sister LEAH. As Lynn's memory slowly comes into focus, she recognizes the extent of her Will's brutality and how he has betrayed her. But now she must discover whether she herself is a murderer -- or whether the true murderer is still out there, someone close to her, and someone who intends to make her the next victim. Mistaken identity, complicity, and betrayal are woven into an unexpected ending.

Title: Desperate Men

Logline: In a struggling economy with budget cuts looming, Homicide Detective Daniel Nicoletti resorts to murder in a desperate attempt to save his job and his fragile life.

Synopsis: While pursuing a murder suspect, Det. Daniel Nicoletti mistakenly shoots and kills his partner. His mistake and guilt ridden conscience ultimately cost him his job, his family, and his sobriety. Six years later, Daniel's new job as homicide detective in the small, idyllic community of Greenlee, AZ is in jeopardy. The weak economy has crippled the county's budget and layoffs are eminent. As the newest member of the sheriff's staff, Daniel fears for his job and the fragile life he has desperately tried to rebuild since his partner's tragedy. A recent rash of prostitution murders in the neighboring county gives Daniel an idea. By murdering Zeus, a despised drug dealer, the department could not afford to lay him off. However, when Zeus is found shot to death, the sheriff barely raises an eyebrow and Daniel must strike again. But when Father Ortega, the town's beloved priest, is found beaten to death, Daniel may have finally saved his job but at the costly expense of his soul.

Title: The List

Logline: An NFL prospect stumbles upon a terror plot designed to publicly execute a list of well known celebrities.

Synopsis: A militant terrorist organization has begun an operation to hunt down well known celebrities. The Department of Homeland Security is using all of it's resources to stop the attacks, and to identify other potential targets. An NFL rookie prospect, that has yet to report to training camp, gets caught in the middle of an abduction attempt of the terrorist's number one target. The list is the first screenplay that I have ever written. It is polished and edited and I need representation to take the next step. My military background and extensive research lends a unique view to the story that I know you will enjoy. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

Title: Sudden and Untimely

Logline: LOGLINE: An insecure girl makes contact with the ghost of a boy accused of killing several high school students fifty years earlier. She sets out to prove his innocence.

Synopsis: Soon after a boiler room investigation of a 50 year old school fire, Annie McGreevy's mother is stalked. Annie is with her as a grave situation develops. She watches her die in a suspicious accident. Throughout the story Annie's quest is to find the killer. In time she meets Frankie Spiletto in that same boiler room. Annie thinks she's hallucinating, but soon realizes he's a ghost, the person blamed for the fire. The same killer who stalked her mother now stalks her. Several perilous incidents nearly take Annie's life. Later we learn that Annie is Frankie's granddaughter. He had relations with the grandmother. The grandfather is the culprit. His increasing bitterness and jealously are motives for murder. In the end the police are forced to kill him. Annie briefly sees his ghost and the revelation is made that Frankie is innocent. Annie is left alone to deal with her grief and newfound family secrets. (WGA #948147)

Title: The Devil Returns to Heaven

Logline: God has forgiven the Devil and he returns to the Heavens. God placed seven girls on earth to determine the fate of the world. Each girl is given a Protector who must kill all that tries to harm them

Synopsis: God forgives the Devil and allows him to return to the Heavens. The Devil must explain to Man how and why he was expelled from the Heavens. Now the Demons roam the earth and they are far worse than the Devil. God places seven young girls on the earth to determine it's fate in thirty three years. Each girl is given a Protector who must fight and kill all that tries to bring harm to them. A new Profit is sent forth to prove that God is a woman and that all religions lead to the same God. The Profit also teaches that the seven girls, who are placed on different continents, will decide that the world is too evil and should be destroyed. This causes the evil doers and the high church to try to kill the seven before the thirty third year. A demonic priest cons the President into believing the girl is evil and a trick by the Devil. They learn that the location of the so called Heavens on earth are beneath the glaciers and began bombing. God turns all animals against Mankind.