Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre


Logline: Lynn only vaguely recalls brutally killing the man. Now she must figure out who he was and why she did it.

Synopsis: A feature length thriller: With no memory, LYNN finds herself in a lonely farmhouse standing over the body of the brutally murdered farmer. To her horror she has a vision of swinging the bat that killed the man. Lynn must somehow reconstruct her past from the fragments around her, all of them diaphanous ... her husband WILL, the town's only policeman, the 14-year-old girl MARTA who so desperately needs Lynn's help, and her own sister LEAH. As Lynn's memory slowly comes into focus, she recognizes the extent of her Will's brutality and how he has betrayed her. But now she must discover whether she herself is a murderer -- or whether the true murderer is still out there, someone close to her, and someone who intends to make her the next victim. Mistaken identity, complicity, and betrayal are woven into an unexpected ending.

Title: The Sword in Cellblock A

Logline: A black liberal Muslim sacrifices himself to save his native land, America.

Synopsis: A young UC Berkeley professor believes her husband is in Africa helping the poor improve their lives. While she leads protests against American policies, her husband is secretly a fifteen year veteran of a small CIA team known only as Molly. The story takes place in the Ile de Torue Prison where the American military maintains a secret cellblock to interrogate hi-level terrorists. Molly, unable to get information from several dangerous men caught trying to enter the States, slips Yuri into Cellblock A to learn why the men had traces of radiation on them when caught. He does all the right things to gain the leaders trust and learns that they wanted to be captured so they would be sent to the one place in the western hemisphere where spies and satellites could not detect North Korean nuclear bombs being assembled. On Mohammad's birthday the bombs will be delivered to the United States aboard passenger aircraft that will automatically detonate when landing.

Title: The Day of the Knights

Logline: The modern tale pits abused Italian savant Domenico, who alone sees Godsatan then slays gays for Him, vs. noble inner-city American Tank Tooley, a reporter and firefighter who becomes a hero of 9/11.

Synopsis: Domenico Patriani poisons abusive father Goro then runs away. He alone sees Godsatan thru the eyes of the Shroud of Turin and evolves into The Black Knight slayer of gays. The brilliant killer is ordained an Episcopal deacon in service to hated priest brother Marcello in New York City-in reality he plans to kill him! Tank Tooley is a champion athlete who becomes a disabled policeman then a volunteer firefighter, investigative reporter on the hunt with father Raymond, editor of The Harlem Journal, and lastly a hero of 9/11. The shocking climax occurs in Christ Church during the World Trade Center attack. Domenico thinks it Armagedden and confesses to Marcello that he is the serial killer, and that he murdered their father. The deacon tries to stab the priest but is instead shot dead. Firefighter Tank rushes in seeking refuge for WTC victims and sees Father Marcello commit suicide. Tank covers up the crimes but later tells what really happened, ever the "Knight in Shining Armor."

Title: Positive ( )

Logline: Charley Koss is an addict murdering for redemption after contracting HIV at a rave. Positive answers the age old question of how would you spend your last days if you have already been through hell.

Synopsis: Charley was abducted by a family friend when he was young, and was forced to lure children to be slaughtered. Charley Koss grows up and develops a blatant disregard for morals and relationships. He goes to meetings to hook up with other sex addicts and score drugs. He is in multiple relationships with girls and boys but none that he would consider love, with the exception of a hooker who dies of an overdose. Charley goes to a rave party to forget about it. Charley ingests a large amount drugs and hooks up with a HIV carrier. After being infected his drug use excels and he contemplates suicide. In his darkest moment he notices a postcard stating that a sex offender lives in the neighborhood. Charley goes to the address and kills the pervert starting a chain of serial murders. In the end, Charley makes amends just in time to be chased by gangsters and cops to the edge of a roof, where he jumps to his death. In the background is a message from the doctor informing him he is HIV negative.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: Detective Warren Black finds a film revealing the real killer of JFK and soon finds the CIA hot on his trail and one very dark family secret.

Synopsis: It is just days before the world is to learn the truth about the Kennedy assassination and the one man behind the promise is murdered and his body left on the steps of The Lincoln Memorial. Seedy detetecive Warren Black is handed the investigation. Only hours into his investigation, his powerful family background makes him the one man the victim could trust and Warren finds himself holding America's Holy Grail of mysteries - the film revealing the real killer of John F. Kennedy. Things quickly heat up and The Central Intelligence Agency find themselves fighting to the death against a man who will not let his family down - nor his country.

Title: Timeless

Logline: A small-time private investigator falls in love with the perfect man - until she learns he is the devious twin brother of the mysterious centuries-old criminal she was hired to locate.

Synopsis: Scientist Abe and retired Miami cop Sam, assemble a team of four to find Alexandros. Abe wants to examine him, as his family is reputedly blessed with unusual longevity. Sam wants him to help solve a criminal case that has baffled detectives for 300 years. The team? Carla Rosini a small time PI and daughter of Sam's murdered partner, is the hunter; Chuck, an obnoxious, 400-pound Southerner and FBI analyst, sifts data; and Bruno, a.k.a. Mr. Peepers, is a a CIA computer geek who breaks into databases worldwide. Carla finds Alexandros, but he turns out to be Maax-his twin-who makes Carla believe that he loves her, but actually, he has her in a deadly trap.


Logline: Logline: In dreams the mind sorts through the information gathered by the senses during waking hours and discards that which would be destructive to sanity. Suppose one man can not dream. Then what?

Synopsis: Thousands of warriors have returned from the Iraq War. Among them is Dan Gallatin, violent, bare knuckle fighter, studying for Doctorate Of Neuroscience. Many veterans show horrible wounds, missing arms and legs, disfigured faces. Not visible are the brains damaged by roadside bombs, or warped by the constant fear of being blown all to hell by a bomb, or killed by a sniper's bullet. This trauma causes terrifying nightmares. Anubis (an alias) can't dream and hitches onto the dreams of sleeping vets. He then kills the vet and hitches onto his journey into the afterlife. Each afterlife is unique, created by the dying man's mind. Colonel Granville has a terrible head wound and knows the savagery of war. His wound has given him the capacity to see human auras and to lead scores of veterans into dreams where he heals their afflicted minds. Anubis stalks Granville. Dan is thrust into danger to protect the Healer from the Hitcher. In the afterlife, the true Anubis,the Jackal God waits.

Title: Jihad

Logline: An Al Qaeda assassin and his team settle on a small Texas town to kill a Senator who's vacationing there and it falls upon the local sheriff to stop them. Anton Chigurh meets a honed Andy of Mayberry

Synopsis: Jihad is a "clash of titans" story between ace assassin Abdul Latif Hassan (modeled on Javier Bardem) and Sheriff Joe Halladin (modeled on Josh Brolin). A murderous rampage, which begins on the Mexican border and continues in Washington DC, finally settles on the small town of Arlettsville in the scenic Texas Hill Country. The local sheriff there, Joe Halladin, who succeeded his father in the job and never lived anywhere else, is a family man and very well liked, but he leads a life of quiet desperation because he's bored with his life and feels stifled. But, that boredom ends quickly when the assassins unleash their savage plan, and there is more at stake for Joe than the life of the Senator. Ultimately, it comes down to a mano-a-mano confrontation between two men who are polar-opposite in every way except for their ability to fight.


Logline: When scam artists operating out of Nigeria, a country notorious for incubating such people, dupe an ex marine of $400,000 in a fake contract scam, they kindle the marine spirit in him to seek justice

Synopsis: Mark Tice Fisher, a Wall Street investor and an ex marine receives an unsolicited proposal to partner in a deal to supply the Nigerian military with military use jeeps. Mark travels to Nigeria to meet with the originators of the proposal, a trio named Albert, Obata and Vincent. They introduce him to a fake army general who provides an official imprimatur of the Nigerian government in the deal. Mark returns to the States and wires $400,000 to the trio for use in contract expenses, especially bribe money for the fake general.The trio spends Mark's money. Later, Mark is invited back to Nigeria by the trio for a purported follow up meeting with the fake army general. While in Nigeria, the trio organizes Marks assassination. He survives the attack then embarks on a mission to obtain justice. It was a years long process, but Mark, aided by FBI Agent Dempsey, Mark's fiancee Beulah, investigators Newsome and Amobi, and many others, obtains justice when the trio is caught, tried and jailed.

Title: Dark Whispers

Logline: In this harrowing fictional story, tormented spirits of a secret Special Forces unit of Black US Union Army soldiers in the late 1800s, nicknamed Dark Whispers resurrect in 2009.

Synopsis: The tormented spirits of Dark Whispers supernaturally rise-up from the Chesapeake Bay region of Viginia and possess an American Bald Eagle. It was on the same day as the Presidential Inauguration of this nation's first black President, Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. The eagle is supernaturally guided to Washington DC to deliver the truth about Dark Whispers to a living descendent,65 year old US Army veteran retired Command Sergeant Major Keith Alan Jackson. The supernatural encounter between the eagle and Jackson reveals a remarkable story about a US government cover-up about the Civil War and the mysterious extermination of 2500 blacks on January 20, 1866. The execution order was given by Anderw Johnson,the 17th President of the US in the 1800s. While under hypnosis, Jackson reveals the truth of Dark Whispers to the nation's top military doctors and historians. His story telling goes back into time (like the movie Titantic)& challeges the history books and the government's truth.