Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Mischief and Murder

Logline: A too clever child menaces society, and the President wants the boy vanished; failing that, the Commander in Chief might want to disappear.

Synopsis: Dylan Harmon, 14, a prodigy rare, is a bit of a loner. Next to the boy's widower dad, the kid's best friend is a dog dying of old age; a tragedy inspiring Dylan to research canine longevity. Genetic science can always use a faster computer, and Dylan's machine works at near quantum speed due to a worrisome math equation sired by the boy. Dylan's PC breaks encryption codes, mischief that could hurl our computerized world into the sun, and the President thinks the child, the boy's allies, and Dylan's algorithm should all share the same grave. As usual, the White House isn't thinking too clearly; a point Dylan, his heroes, and some villains attempt to drive home during a dangerous game in which no one's a sure winner.


Logline: An obsessed Twilight fan goes on a killing spree in Forks, WA, during the second annual Twilight convention. Caught in the middle, reporter Shirley Collins fights for her life... and her heart.

Synopsis: Los Angeles - Shirley Collins, diehard Twilight fan and freelance journalist, is sent to the tiny town of Forks, WA, to write an article on the upcoming Second Annual Twilight Convention. The event is a beacon for all types of Twilight fans from the benign to the fanatic, including Jared - an Edward Cullen look alike - broodingly good looking and dangerous. The search is on for a missing female tourist; the investigation led by fellow journalist and old college friend, Quilette Indian, Samuel Taaffe. In love with Shirley, Sam must rival Jared, who fixates on her as his own "personal brand of heroin." Shirley undergoes a terrifying abduction at the hands of a murderer. Hoping to find Shirley before it's too late, Sam must first investigate the brutal murder of a woman in the nearby wilderness; her body found with human bite marks on the neck. But something else is lurking out there; something old... and hungry.

Title: Root of Evil

Logline: A lonely bus driver comes across 2 million dollars. His cautious nature, the police investigation, and unfortunate circumstances lead him down a dark path.

Synopsis: Frankie is a bus driver past his prime who is constantly surrounded by people but can't relate to. Day after day, he makes the same stops with the same passengers till a DESPARATE man leaps aboard his bus gasping for air and bleeding from a gunshot wound. He lugs a bag with $2 million on board and makes Frankie a desperate proposition, $1 million to take him to the hospital and hold on to his money till he heals. The mysterious man dies and Frankie isolates himself in fear as the police investigation draws closer. So Frankie hides the money in his ailing grandmother's attic, the perfect alibi. At the reading of her will Frankie learns of a cap with whatever "minor" remains going to her nurse Amanda, making the 2 million hers. Burning with greed, he befriends her to get closer to the money, ultimately leading him to do things he would never have done. With Amanda, Frankie has finally discovered the connection he has always longed for, too blind to see it or the horror to come.

Title: The Panic of Hollows

Logline: Sadie is convinced by her friend Margo to assist in a kidnapping, which unleashes a series of events that forces her to confront a shocking truth: that Margo is dead and has been for almost a year.

Synopsis: Sadie Winston is a housewife who lives a comfortable life, with her husband Teddy, in the city of Hollows. Things become complicated when her friend Margo comes to visit, staying in their basement apartment. Sadie and Margo enjoy spending time together, but something about their relationship unnerves Teddy, though he does his best to hide his feelings. Eventually, Teddy's fears are manifested when he discovers that, as a way to achieve instant fame, Margo has convinced Sadie to assist her in kidnapping Jacob, the only child of a wealthy local family. This horrific crime puts all of Hollows in a state of panic as intense fear and false accusations begin to grip the locals. Soon, Teddy finds himself thrust into the middle of the mysterious crime, but it is Sadie's life that is changed forever when she discovers that Margo, the mastermind behind the crime, is actually dead and has been for almost a year.

Title: Catalyst

Logline: Two separate and passionate idealists from different world's embark on an unlikely journey, fueled by hate and revenge, to unleash the most destructive force the world has ever known.

Synopsis: Seth and Sahib are two disciplined and driven men who are hell-bent on filling inescapable voids in their lives for entirely different, albeit, conflicting reasons. While Sahib navigates his journey by land, sea and air, Seth prepares for his cross-country excursion, while tying up a few loose ends in the process. They seem to stay at least one step ahead of the FBI and CIA by demonstrating a mastery in deception, misdirection, and concealment. Three very important skills necessary when transporting a Nuclear Weapon. After Sahib penetrates the US Border under the cloak of darkness, while beating impossible odds, he meets Seth and they make their way to their target. When they arrive, they realize they are merely, "mules delivering a package", and must act before suffering the same fate as those they intend to harm. Whether Seth and Sahib are successful or not, entirely depends on one's vantage point. WGA Registration #I237531

Title: The Missing Dead

Logline: A corrupt detective believes she's on the brink of insanity when the body of an informant she murdered goes missing and she races to find it before a suspicious co-worker and mobster take her down.

Synopsis: Angela Frank, a morally bankrupt homicide detective, murders Lazar, a key informant to a case against a politician. She secures his lifeless body in her 1967 Chevy Chevelle. When she goes to deliver the dead snitch to a crime boss, Charlie Costellio , who's bankrolling the politician's run for Mayor, the body is gone. With time running out after a paranoid Charlie gives her a deadline, she frantically tries to find the body while clashing with Raymond Letroy, an uptight, overachieving detective who's been tipped off about her crime. Angela attempts to keep her life from falling apart as she deals with family issues, police work, and witnessing the deceased Lazar walk about in the living world.


Logline: When scam artists operating out of Nigeria, a country notorious for incubating such people, dupe an ex marine of $400,000 in a fake contract scam, they kindle the marine spirit in him to seek justice

Synopsis: Mark Tice Fisher, a Wall Street investor and an ex marine receives an unsolicited proposal to partner in a deal to supply the Nigerian military with military use jeeps. Mark travels to Nigeria to meet with the originators of the proposal, a trio named Albert, Obata and Vincent. They introduce him to a fake army general who provides an official imprimatur of the Nigerian government in the deal. Mark returns to the States and wires $400,000 to the trio for use in contract expenses, especially bribe money for the fake general.The trio spends Mark's money. Later, Mark is invited back to Nigeria by the trio for a purported follow up meeting with the fake army general. While in Nigeria, the trio organizes Marks assassination. He survives the attack then embarks on a mission to obtain justice. It was a years long process, but Mark, aided by FBI Agent Dempsey, Mark's fiancee Beulah, investigators Newsome and Amobi, and many others, obtains justice when the trio is caught, tried and jailed.

Title: Peeker

Logline: Thomas is a peeping Tom who turns his predilection for spying on people into a thriving security service. He has it all; wife, money and friends, until he witnesses a murder and his past catches up.

Synopsis: As a boy, Thomas O'Connor was a peeping Tom. In his early twenties, he has it all: money, success, love and friendship. He has turned his predilection for looking into other people's lives into a thriving security service. Life is wonderful until he and his partner Pat witness a murder while on stakeout. The victim is billionaire Leonard Batista, founder of the nutrition conglomerate, VitaFit. It seems that Thomas' involvement in the case is over since it appears the murderer is their client, Angela Batista. However, things are rarely as simple as they appear. The following morning he wakes to find that Angela apparently committed suicide. Since she was wanted for the murder of her husband, it makes sense to everyone except Thomas. When Pat is killed on a deserted road it becomes clear that the stakes have been raised. Thomas must discover who is behind these senseless murders and what it is they're trying to hide before they get to him and his wife. WGA #1256599

Title: Ladybug

Logline: When terrorists plan to blow up a bridge with the President and thousands of innocent people, a police officer must choose between duty to country and the love of his son. But will he lose both?

Synopsis: We open at a refugee camp somewhere along the Afghan-Pakistan border. Relief worker TRACY DORR, 30's, attends to patients. Then she becomes the unfortunate witness as Military Police mistakenly shoot down a truck driver they believe to have a bomb. The incident passes, but unfortunately a bomb has already been planted in one of the camp's porta-potties. All are killed. Only the calling card of a mechanical ladybug is left behind. One year later, MIKE DORR, a veteran cop, is on vacation with his son at a popular island resort when he learns that the island has come under siege by home-grown terrorists. Making matters worse, several hostages have been taken including his son, and word quickly spreads that the terrorists intend to further draw attention to their cause by destroying the world's longest suspension bridge, and in the process, killing the President, the Governor, and approximately 60,000 spectators.

Title: Jihad

Logline: An Al Qaeda assassin and his team settle on a small Texas town to kill a Senator who's vacationing there and it falls upon the local sheriff to stop them. Anton Chigurh meets a honed Andy of Mayberry

Synopsis: Jihad is a "clash of titans" story between ace assassin Abdul Latif Hassan (modeled on Javier Bardem) and Sheriff Joe Halladin (modeled on Josh Brolin). A murderous rampage, which begins on the Mexican border and continues in Washington DC, finally settles on the small town of Arlettsville in the scenic Texas Hill Country. The local sheriff there, Joe Halladin, who succeeded his father in the job and never lived anywhere else, is a family man and very well liked, but he leads a life of quiet desperation because he's bored with his life and feels stifled. But, that boredom ends quickly when the assassins unleash their savage plan, and there is more at stake for Joe than the life of the Senator. Ultimately, it comes down to a mano-a-mano confrontation between two men who are polar-opposite in every way except for their ability to fight.