Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: A Good Defense

Logline: Two attorneys seek to create the perfect legal defense before they commit their crime.

Synopsis: They say that the secret to a good defense is a good offense. Well, that is what Tess Meyer and Nicole Redmond are hoping for as they plot the defense of a lifetime. What starts out as a harmless discussion over lunch turns into a deadly game of chess for two women so fed up with being victims that they become killers. On February 14, 2009, high profile attorney Jared DeVoe is viciously murdered outside of an Atlanta Gay Club. While investigators dismiss it as a hate crime, rookie investigator Mildred Bremer thinks there is more to the crime. In time, her investigation leads her to Tess and Nicole, two of DeVoe's junior attorneys. However, because of their standing in the legal community, Bremer's concerns are ignored. Meanwhile, Tess and Nicole continue with their murderous agenda while mounting their defense. Eager to be caught so they can try their case, Tess and Nicole struggle to create the perfect defense before their anger threatens to destroy them.

Title: Ladybug

Logline: When terrorists plan to blow up a bridge with the President and thousands of innocent people, a police officer must choose between duty to country and the love of his son. But will he lose both?

Synopsis: We open at a refugee camp somewhere along the Afghan-Pakistan border. Relief worker TRACY DORR, 30's, attends to patients. Then she becomes the unfortunate witness as Military Police mistakenly shoot down a truck driver they believe to have a bomb. The incident passes, but unfortunately a bomb has already been planted in one of the camp's porta-potties. All are killed. Only the calling card of a mechanical ladybug is left behind. One year later, MIKE DORR, a veteran cop, is on vacation with his son at a popular island resort when he learns that the island has come under siege by home-grown terrorists. Making matters worse, several hostages have been taken including his son, and word quickly spreads that the terrorists intend to further draw attention to their cause by destroying the world's longest suspension bridge, and in the process, killing the President, the Governor, and approximately 60,000 spectators.

Title: Timeless

Logline: A small-time private investigator falls in love with the perfect man - until she learns he is the devious twin brother of the mysterious centuries-old criminal she was hired to locate.

Synopsis: Scientist Abe and retired Miami cop Sam, assemble a team of four to find Alexandros. Abe wants to examine him, as his family is reputedly blessed with unusual longevity. Sam wants him to help solve a criminal case that has baffled detectives for 300 years. The team? Carla Rosini a small time PI and daughter of Sam's murdered partner, is the hunter; Chuck, an obnoxious, 400-pound Southerner and FBI analyst, sifts data; and Bruno, a.k.a. Mr. Peepers, is a a CIA computer geek who breaks into databases worldwide. Carla finds Alexandros, but he turns out to be Maax-his twin-who makes Carla believe that he loves her, but actually, he has her in a deadly trap.

Title: Asunder

Logline: Two detectives deal with serious issues with their personal lives while investigating a series of deadly home invasion robberies.

Synopsis: Detectives Tavis Briggs and Nick Watson are investigating a deadly spree of home invasion robberies that are terrorizing the city. As they look to put together the clues and connections to the crimes, they discover a sinister plot which connects the robbery victims which could lead to the identities of the suspects involved. But Briggs is struggling to deal with the approaching two year anniversary of an unsolved murder...his own son. His assigned partner, Watson, is a husband with two children. But Watson, however, is coming to terms of an infidelity which produced a young child with a woman from a past case of his. As they get closer to breaking the case, their personal issues threaten not only tear apart their own lives, but over power their ability to solve one of the most deadly killing sprees the city has ever seen. All situations lead to an explosive showdown and tragic aftermath for all of those involved...

Title: The Dollmaker

Logline: A reporter who's cried "wolf" one too many times. A serial killer who's been dormant for 15 years. No one believes either man has any credibility or even exists. Who will succeed in their agenda?

Synopsis: Mike Broyles is a successful and arrogant reporter for the prestigious New York Examiner. Some of his stories are found to be made up and/or based on fraudulent information. He is promptly fired and returns to his hometown in Wisconsin. He plans on re-evaluating his life and trying to figure out how it all went so wrong. Little does he know that he's about to step into a mystery. The day after he arrives, the body of a missing 8 year old boy is found hanging from a tree. Yet the body dangles as if it were a marionette doll, his death having already been completed before being put up on the tree. This causes fear and panic in the little town, for 15 years ago, a series of 8 murders took place for a five year duration. The bodies were all found identical to this one but the killings stopped and the culprit was never found. Thus, Mike has found a story that could redeem himself and his career, yet the more he digs, the closer he may not live long enough to finish writing it.

Title: Karen and Willis

Logline: "Karen and Willis" - A Thriller: A journalist abandons her early retirement to investigate a series of increasingly violent attacks on a dangerous Southern California gang.

Synopsis: Karen Masters was living the California dream! But, being a retired journalist, she just had to find out why a local gang was suddenly the target of violent attacks. The attacks start with simple vandalism, but soon escalate to a rocket attack on a biker bar and multiple murders. Karen's snooping is fueled by the fear that her girl friend Willis is responsible. Because of her probing, Karen becomes a major pain to both the police and the gang. The gang does its best to eliminate Karen before she can foil its plans to level Los Angeles, but she is able to battle her way out of traps set by the bad guys. As the story unfolds, Karen is forced to face her own sexuality, and her relationships with both her husband and the wily Willis. Just before a dramatic final attack on the home base of the gang, the motivation for the attacks becomes clear. Even so, don't bet on the gang's future!

Title: Unholy Silence

Logline: A reporter working for the Vatican receives an exclusive that entangles him in a web of deception, and takes him beyond Church walls, into a ring of political treachery. WGA 2002-2007, cc.2001-2003

Synopsis: In 1929, Vatican City is born through the Lateran Accords, putting an end to the long-standing rift between the Church and the Italian government. A young, Catholic reporter, Anthony Cusac, is given the Vatican exclusive. Anthony leads a double-life, but he is not the only one. Everyone has secrets. Maria, his gorgeous girlfriend, has a mysterious past. Pointer is a traitor of Mussolini's party. Mussolini trains Germans on Italian soil without informing his military advisor. Even the pontiff has a few secrets. And the pontiff's doctor? He is the last one to see Pope Pius XI healthy, and alive. Suspicious circumstances surrounding the pontiff's death are overshadowed by the crowning of Pope Pius XII and the onset of WWII. Anthony joins the underground resistance movement in his continued effort for truth and justice. He comes across one document that could expose everything -- when the time is right.

Title: perfectlives

Logline: In an age where everyone seems to be looking for a short cut to happiness, how far would you go for your perfect life?

Synopsis: New Year's Eve. ·Elliot – late twenties. ·Carol and Tony – a married couple. ·Ishi – mid-twenties. ·Orson Glass – early forties, Ishi’s violent and powerful husband. ·Philip – late thirties, inventor of perfectlives. By chance Ishi, Philip, Elliot, Carol and Tony meet at a bus stop, where Philip persuades them to share a taxi. He makes an unscheduled stop on failing to return, they follow him into an abandoned warehouse and discover him, naked and unconscious, wired up to a computer. He has designed a computer programme that allows the user to live their perfect life, as a real or fictional character. For Philip to permanently remain in his perfect life, he must die; and needs them to kill him. In return he offers them their own perfect life. Meanwhile Orson Glass is hunting his wife and will stop at nothing to force her to return and pursues them through a series of nightmarish virtual lives. wga no. 1022727

Title: Out Of Control - (TL)The mind is a terrible thing

Logline: Consumed by lust. Tormented by fear. Destroyed by regret...he'll be the one to make them all pay.

Synopsis: One man's odyssey through a reality forged by his own lust, fear and regret - a place where what's occurring might actually be real. Forever haunted by the murder of his childhood sweetheart, Christian decides to unleash his own form of punishment on those who would bring harm to the weak, naive and innocent. Nurtured by the saintly Yori, ensnared by the dark vixen Lydia, Christian teeters along the line between repentance and self-destruction until his horrors become too much to bare. Ultimately, he's forced to accept the sad truth about his two unlikely companions and face the monster he's become. A black void that devours all in its path. A treasure chest filled with an endless supply of weaponry. Walking corpses with scores of their own to settle and oh yes...a celestial haven where all who enter find the peace they've long sought. All this (and much more) lay in store for you. Dying to see where this goes? So was Christian.

Title: The Indigo Child

Logline: The story of one man's dream to search for the one child who will restore peace and hope to mankind, in a time of unrest and despair -- is it only a dream?

Synopsis: "The Indigo Child" is a thriller-drama set in the year 2019. Tomas, a reiki healer who lives in a small community in the forests of Brazil, has a dream one night, about a special child of unique ability. Tomas believes this child to be the key to healing the world which has been greatly devastated by war, economic turmoil, epidemics and incessant suffering. Later events lead him to decide to risk it all and embark on a perilous search for this special child, the one he calls "the Indigo child". With the help of two unexpected companions, Sean, a skillful (and ever-cynical) mercenary and Diana, a beautiful UN female missionary, Tomas has to face and survive the treacherous roads of South and Central America, the rampant diseases and the ruthless attacks of the private armies in order to ultimately reach New York City. Only then will he able to find out if the Indigo child truly exists, and if mankind will ever be reunited again.