Submission Samples from the Thriller Genre

Title: Choice

Logline: A gifted detective tracks down an arrogant killer who loves playing games and leave baffling clues.

Synopsis: A series of murders happens inside two movie theaters. No clues of any kind were left. As two detectives, Rob and Steve, investigate the case they find the identity of the killer and track him to his home. They find their suspect hanging from the ceiling dead. Upon looking around the apartment a bomb goes off killing Steve. He quits the force and isolates himself from his family. Years later a second set of murders it is brought to Rob's attention his sister was killed. This forces him back on the case and with a new partner. Alex and Rob start to find clues left by the killer. As the evidence is pieced together, Rob figures out the pattern of the murders. The killer is tracked down and captured. Leon, the killer, sets a trap and kills Alex and the captain. Tina, his niece goes missing and it is Leon who has taken her. Rob finally faces Leon. Soon there is a fight and Rob is asked to make a choice, either Tina dies or he dies. Rob saves Tina, last remaining family, and kills Leon.

Title: Survival

Logline: Will Hunt is a a dependable Italian mafia member. Will has to save his family who were kidnapped by police, all put on the Russian mafia. Will has to kill his boss, save his family.

Synopsis: Survival, is a story of five childhood friends working for the Italian mafia in New York. Will wants to quit the mafia. Just before he could quit, Will Hunt gets a call: his wife and four years old daughter were kidnapped, seemingly by the Russian mafia. The kidnappers forcing him to execute his boss, to set his family free. If he would not do so, his family will be killed. Will soon finds the police is behind the family kidnap not the Russians. The game is already irreversible. The police, the Italian and Russian mafia feels trapped, seeking their way out, topped with other troublemakers, all hitting back on Will. Each party tries its own way out of the lethal game through lies, betrayal, discipline, misleading and revenge, while everyone reacts differently to the same problems. What would the Italian and the Russian mafia leader, plus a reputable police inspector do if their sons were executed? What matters the most, business or family?

Title: Wolves at the Door

Logline: When an agoraphobic writer is the only witness to a murder next-door, she realize that there are some madness she cannot kep out and some secrets she cannot keep in.

Synopsis: Through dreams, Marcia Whorley is haunted by her past. As a writer Marcia is plauged by two things: a looming deadline and writer's block. As she struggles to find her groove, she makes an uneasy friendship with the neighbor-next-door, Jaymee. Slowly but surely, the two of them hits it off until a stranger visited Jaymee at her home and brutally slays her. As the only witness to the crime, Marcia must survive the killer's onslaught but most of all, survive her own past.

Title: The Warren Vendetta

Logline: After 45 years of being the world's biggest mystery, seedy D.C cop Warren Black finds a huge secret - a new film exposing the real assassin of JFK!

Synopsis: The footage was taken at Dealy Plaza that day in Dallas and it is not long before the real gunman and his "government" behind it want the film back. Only one problem: Warren is not giving it up without a fight! When they take his family hostage as ransom for the film, it becomes a non-stop battle of thrilling action and intrigue and the predators become the prey. They quickly realize the have messed with the wrong man and the exposure of the JFK conspiracy has now simply become Warren's vendetta! The script is fresh and exciting and already has a built in audience with the material of the JFK assassination. It is a new spin on one of the world's biggest mysteries and a story-line of this nature has never been touched. I am really looking forward to getting this script to your attention and am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I can easily be reached at the information below and hope to be in touch. Brendan Ethredge 919-967-9827


Logline: Logline: In dreams the mind sorts through the information gathered by the senses during waking hours and discards that which would be destructive to sanity. Suppose one man can not dream. Then what?

Synopsis: Thousands of warriors have returned from the Iraq War. Among them is Dan Gallatin, violent, bare knuckle fighter, studying for Doctorate Of Neuroscience. Many veterans show horrible wounds, missing arms and legs, disfigured faces. Not visible are the brains damaged by roadside bombs, or warped by the constant fear of being blown all to hell by a bomb, or killed by a sniper's bullet. This trauma causes terrifying nightmares. Anubis (an alias) can't dream and hitches onto the dreams of sleeping vets. He then kills the vet and hitches onto his journey into the afterlife. Each afterlife is unique, created by the dying man's mind. Colonel Granville has a terrible head wound and knows the savagery of war. His wound has given him the capacity to see human auras and to lead scores of veterans into dreams where he heals their afflicted minds. Anubis stalks Granville. Dan is thrust into danger to protect the Healer from the Hitcher. In the afterlife, the true Anubis,the Jackal God waits.

Title: Adventus

Logline: If a supposed Second Coming of Christ occurred today, how would we as a modern society perceive it?

Synopsis: When an unidentified man who miraculously survives a two-hundred foot fall from a New York high-rise claims to be the Second Coming of Christ, society becomes divided by belief, compelling a pragmatic State Governor to expose the fraud or risk losing his family, and society, to a consuming religious hysteria.

Title: Jihad

Logline: An Al Qaeda assassin and his team settle on a small Texas town to kill a Senator who's vacationing there and it falls upon the local sheriff to stop them. Anton Chigurh meets a honed Andy of Mayberry

Synopsis: Jihad is a "clash of titans" story between ace assassin Abdul Latif Hassan (modeled on Javier Bardem) and Sheriff Joe Halladin (modeled on Josh Brolin). A murderous rampage, which begins on the Mexican border and continues in Washington DC, finally settles on the small town of Arlettsville in the scenic Texas Hill Country. The local sheriff there, Joe Halladin, who succeeded his father in the job and never lived anywhere else, is a family man and very well liked, but he leads a life of quiet desperation because he's bored with his life and feels stifled. But, that boredom ends quickly when the assassins unleash their savage plan, and there is more at stake for Joe than the life of the Senator. Ultimately, it comes down to a mano-a-mano confrontation between two men who are polar-opposite in every way except for their ability to fight.


Logline: An obsessed Twilight fan goes on a killing spree in Forks, WA, during the second annual Twilight convention. Caught in the middle, reporter Shirley Collins fights for her life... and her heart.

Synopsis: Los Angeles - Shirley Collins, diehard Twilight fan and freelance journalist, is sent to the tiny town of Forks, WA, to write an article on the upcoming Second Annual Twilight Convention. The event is a beacon for all types of Twilight fans from the benign to the fanatic, including Jared - an Edward Cullen look alike - broodingly good looking and dangerous. The search is on for a missing female tourist; the investigation led by fellow journalist and old college friend, Quilette Indian, Samuel Taaffe. In love with Shirley, Sam must rival Jared, who fixates on her as his own "personal brand of heroin." Shirley undergoes a terrifying abduction at the hands of a murderer. Hoping to find Shirley before it's too late, Sam must first investigate the brutal murder of a woman in the nearby wilderness; her body found with human bite marks on the neck. But something else is lurking out there; something old... and hungry.

Title: Witnessed

Logline: A white, racist ex-cop and an Arab-American FBI Agent turn to the Russian Mob for help in uncovering an FBI conspiracy.

Synopsis: WITNESSED is the pilot teleplay for a weekly dramatic series about JIM DAVIES, a white, racist ex-cop who witnesses an arms deal involving ALEXEY CHERNOV, the head of New York's Russian Mafia. As the key witness in a trial aimed at putting Chernov away, Davies puts his life into the hands of WALTER EL NASSER, an Arab-American FBI Agent assigned to protect him. When an attempt on Davies's life goes wrong, Davies and Nasser quickly realize that the order came from somewhere in the FBI, and they must now put their trust in the only man who can keep Davies Alive -- Alexey Chernov.


Logline: Lynn only vaguely recalls brutally killing the man. Now she must figure out who he was and why she did it.

Synopsis: A feature length thriller: With no memory, LYNN finds herself in a lonely farmhouse standing over the body of the brutally murdered farmer. To her horror she has a vision of swinging the bat that killed the man. Lynn must somehow reconstruct her past from the fragments around her, all of them diaphanous ... her husband WILL, the town's only policeman, the 14-year-old girl MARTA who so desperately needs Lynn's help, and her own sister LEAH. As Lynn's memory slowly comes into focus, she recognizes the extent of her Will's brutality and how he has betrayed her. But now she must discover whether she herself is a murderer -- or whether the true murderer is still out there, someone close to her, and someone who intends to make her the next victim. Mistaken identity, complicity, and betrayal are woven into an unexpected ending.